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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Amy F. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


TLC rings true of it’s name. Every person there genuinely cares and wants your smile to be as healthy as can be. There is nothing worse than not being able to smile! I had a specific problem and they got me in same day and then fixed the tooth in that same day! That never happens. I came back for a cleaning later in the month and I only paid $49!!! That never happens. It seemed like they wanted to make me as comfortable as possible first and foremost. Then, we talked about money and payment plans and all of the amazing options I had for treatment. I highly suggest this place…especially for kids and people with no insurance.

Kathy Hindle (Source: Google)


Have been going to this practice for many years….they are remarkable. Dr. Smith is not only a spectacular dentist, but I consider a friend. The staff have become like family to me. All the procedures I have had have been done with great care and exceptional work. If you need a a dentist with great skill and a kind and compassionate person, then TLC is the place to go!!

Lora Logan (Source: Facebook)


I highly recommend Dr. Anna Smith to anyone seeking exceptional dentistry work done at a reasonable price. Dr. Smith was judgment free despite the ugly mess she had to examine and very gentle with me. I was a complete emotional wreck due to extreme anxiety brought on by lousy and overpriced dental work done by a different dentist years ago and my fear of being judged/scolded for the condition of my tooth which kept me from seeking dental work sooner. She examined my tooth and provided me with several different treatment options and I was provided with the cost of each option. I selected the option I felt was best for me. Dr. Smith sent me home with a prescription for an antibiotic and we scheduled the work to be done the following week. While the work was being done, both Dr. Smith and her assistant were gentle and explained what was happening during the whole PAIN FREE process. Not only was Dr. Smith very efficient at performing the root canal, she also was able to put in a permanent crown the same day…at an extremely reasonable price compared to what some dentists charge for just a root canal. Actually, the root canal and crown cost me less than what a previous dentist charged for the root canal alone. I now have a lovely smile again and a better feeling about myself. I owe it all the Dr. Smith and the entire staff at Dentistry with TLC. I will be back to have more dental work done in the future. Thank you, Dr. Anna Smith!

Maggie D. from Alton, IL (Source: Yelp)


Great, Great, Great! I used to hate going to the dentist. That changed when I met Dr Smith. She has a great bed side manner and is always nice to me. I’ve had lots of work and I’ve never had pain. Her office isn’t cheap. But that’s because it’s great. She has all the best technology and has done great work for me and my family.

Aaron Fox (Source: Google)


My name is Lois Fox, not Aaron. I am pleased to rate Dentistry with TLC because I want everyone to know if you have a real problem, such as an abscessed tooth, they will get you in right away. I’m impressed with their knowledge and equipment. If you need a crown, they make porcelain crowns on site so you can have a new one in your mouth the same day. They were incredible!

Janice K. from Florissant, MO (Source: Yelp)


My daughter had traditional braces when she was younger by a different dentist. She just recently got her Fast Braces off. There was no comparison to traditional braces. She only had to wear her Fast Braces for one year and they were not painful like traditional braces. And a plus, LESS EXPENSIVE. I would recommend Fast Braces at Dentistry With TLC to anyone. They also are very friendly.

Allison R. from Wood River, IL (Source: Yelp)


I love this place! I was having problems at my current dentist office and didn’t feel I was getting the care I needed. I called Dentistry With TLC and they got me in for an exam in the morning and just a couple hours later they got me in and fixed the problem I was having with 1 of my teeth and was able to save my tooth when other places said I had to have it pulled. I recommend them to everyone. I will no longer go anywhere else for my dental work no matter what it is. They are kind, caring, and listen to you and are wonderful with working with you. Thank you Dentistry With TLC for the wonderful work you did for me and I look forward to my future dental visits with you! Allison R.; Wood River, IL

Stacey Heckrodt (Source: Google)


After dealing with a toothache and excruciating pain for over a week with a lot of lost sleep, I finally built up the courage to go to Dentistry with TLC. Everything was amazing from the time I walked into the door. Dr. Smith was very caring and took time to tell me the effects chemo therapy treatment had on my teeth and the assistant, Lisa, was outstanding. I ended up having an extraction. I felt no pain and felt right at home. I used nitrous oxide which was a huge help. I would recommend Dentistry with TLC to anyone who is wanting outstanding dental service. Each staff member that I came across was just a friendly as the next one. Huge thank you to Dr. Smith and Lisa. I am no longer in pain and look forward to getting all of my future dental work completed!

Jamie Bogart (Source: Google)


I took my son to Dentistry with TLC for his check up and cleaning. He came out all smiles asking when he was getting to come back because he loved Courtney and Dr Smith. Everyone made him feel very comfortable. It’s great experiences like this that will keep us coming back! Thanks Dentistry with TLC for the best care!

Cheryl B. from Carrollton, IL (Source: Yelp)


I have been a patient of Dr. Smith for a year now for my 6 month check ups and my experience has been great every time I visit. I am currently in the FastBraces program so I have an appointment every 5 weeks. Every time I’m there I receive top notch service. The staff members are very friendly and professional, they have the latest technology and Dr. Smith is the most progressive dentist I’ve ever used. I highly recommend Dentistry with TLC…in my opinion, they are the best in the area.

Evangelist Rosa L. Thomas-Webb (Source: Facebook)


I love Dr. Smith and her dental assistants. They were very patient and understanding with me considering I have dentist anxiety. They calmed my nerves and constantly kept checking if I was okay. Most profoundly. .I now reside in Atlanta, Georgia. .but I was so impressed with Dr. Smith’ services that I preferred to travel back to Alton to have my dental work done. Honestly. .TLC Dentistry is the best…God answered my prayers. .Happy am I.♡♡♡

Robin Voorhees (Source: Google)


There are so many dentists between my house and Dentistry with TLC, but I would never go anywhere else! I choose to have my dental work done there because the experience is impressive, every time. It started when I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and couldn’t tolerate the CPAP, so I went to Dr. Anna Smith for an oral appliance, and then I kept returning for my regular cleanings and procedures! The staff is so patient with my anxiety (shout out here to Joey, Christy, and Dr. Meagan), and they truly went the extra mile to help me calm down enough to get my procedures done so I can have a healthy smile! You will absolutely receive above and beyond dental healthcare at Dentistry with TLC!

Carla Murphy (Source: Facebook)


I have had my Somnomed sleep appliance for 8 days and the difference in my quality of sleep is amazing. My husband says I barely snore and the energy I have during the day after sleeping well is great! The oral appliance has really made a big difference in my quality of life. Dr. Smith and her staff-from the women in the front office to all the dental assistants are super to work with. I would highly recommend them for any dental work. Traveling from Ste. Genevieve, MO to this office is well worth the time.

Tommy Allen (Source: Facebook)


I am a customer with dentistry at TLC and they are great. Every time I have been in they are always professional, friendly and great at what they do. One of the things that keeps me going back is the advanced technology they have, they use the newest equipment which is much more comfortable and quicker and I’m always in and out within an hour. Dr. Smith is very nice and knowledgable and let’s you know exactly what procedure is being done and how she is going to do it every time so there is no confusion and no surprises. Overall I recommend this office to anyone who wants very good dental work done and be treated very professionally!

Judy Dublar Moss (Source: Facebook)


I love TLC Dentistry! I move back to Illinois from Missouri in 2015 and was very apprehensive about finding a new dentist. TLC was great about making me comfortable. They found my gum disease in the early stages and now I am taking better care of my teeth. I love the people who work there. I used to see Reggie all the time until she left for a job closer to home. Now Joe does my cleanings and maintenance. He is a great person and very nice and friendly. I have already recommended TLC to friends.

Kathryn Parker (Source: Facebook)


I am a customer at dentistry with tlc. I don’t like the dentist in general but I like going here! Everyone is very professional and I don’t think I have ever had to wait past my appointment time. Dr Smith is always great and never pushy with treatment she tells you what you need and nothing more. She did a great job when I had cavities drilled and was very conscious of how much time I was spending and the pain level. Best dentist I have been to in a while!

Kelsey Anthony (Source: Google)


Recently had my cleaning and exam done at Dentistry with TLC. Tiffany was fantastic! Very professional and my teeth feel amazing! Dr. Armstrong was very gentle, informative and thorough. TLC is definitely a place to go if you want a one-stop-shop. Dr. Smith even does Botox! Who knew you could get your cleaning done and Botox all at one place! If you want the best- go to the best! Each staff member is beyond friendly and it is a great place to feel right at home!

Norman Hente (Source: Google)


Great service from the very first time that I entered the office of Dr. Smith. All of the personnel are friendly and knowledgable and take you through whatever steps are needed for your treatment. In my case, I suffer from Sleep Apnea, and I was struggling with the CPAP machine. I felt that I fought it more than I fought the apnea. Choosing to have oral appliances made especially for me was a big step but proved to be the solution to my problem. I use the appliances and my apnea has improved tremendously and almost disappeared. This was not the least expensive way to go, but when it works as effectively as it does, it is well worth the cost. In retrospect,any misgivings that I may have had, were quickly overcome and I am one happy camper!

James Turner (Source: Google)


Excellent customer service and great dentistry!! I’ve had multiple procedures done at this office and every single time has been top notch. I recently picked up my sleep appliance and I love it!! I have slept significantly better for the last 13 nights and am more well rested all through the day. Regardless of what the haters might say in their reviews of this business I won’t go anywhere else for my dentistry needs.

Jeffrey B. from Saint Louis, MO (Source: Yelp)


I have been a patient of Dr. Anna Smith for several years now and have absolutely no complaints. I am not afraid of going to a dentist and I have been to quite a few, most good, a few lousy. Dr. Smith and her Staff are caring and courteous. Because of my lack of attention over the years to my teeth, some of the treatment I have received has been a bit costly but I blame myself, not the dentist. If you enjoy pain free dental treatment, Dentistry With TLC is the place to go. And no, I am not being paid to say this.

June S. from Alton, IL (Source: Yelp)


I have been a patient with TLC Dentistry for almost 30 years. Started going there when Dr. Larry Crocker had this practice. I remember when Dr. Anna Smith was brought on staff. After Dr. Crocker retired I became Dr. Smith’s patient. I have had nothing but excellent care from her. I have needed several root canals, my teeth were never strong. I even opted for a dental implant after a tooth had to be pulled after another dentist cracked the tooth during a root canal. This was not Dr. Smith who damaged the tooth. They have always presented cost information after having conferred with my insurance company before I was asked if I wanted to go ahead with treatment. And their calculation of my out of pocket cost has always been accurate. I have never felt pressured to have a procedure that day, except for when I had severe tooth pain and I knew I needed something done to relieve it. There have been several times when I chose to postpone or refuse treatment and all that was said to me was that when I was ready or if I change my mind I was welcome to call them. I have been offered the oral cancer screening with the special light equipment and have never felt pressure to proceed after I decline it. The word NO is an acceptable answer in this practice. If you have a young dependent or a young adult that you are concerned about agreeing to an expensive procedure without your knowledge please let that individual know to include you in that decision, and also the staff, so you have control over what gets done. Yes the patient is treated without anyone else in the room, but you can be included in deciding what needs to be done and what expense you are able to accept. This statement is made in response to other posts on this site that were extremely negative.

Madlin Carol Shows Steinhauer (Source: Facebook)


AWESOME! I have been TRYING to use a Cpap for several years. I hated it and just could not adjust to it. My best friend in St. Charles, MO told me about TLC and an appliance that fit in the mouth for sleep apnea. I live in MS and made an appointment to see if I was a candidate for this…thank goodness, I was. I have had my appliance for three months now and am sooooooooo glad I made the decision to switch. My Cpap is now in Cpap graveyard!!!! Thank you TLCAWESOME! I have been TRYING to use a Cpap for several years. I hated it and just could not adjust to it. My best friend in St. Charles, MO told me about TLC and an appliance that fit in the mouth for sleep apnea. I live in MS and made an appointment to see if I was a candidate for this…thank goodness, I was. I have had my appliance for three months now and am sooooooooo glad I made the decision to switch. My Cpap is now in Cpap graveyard!!!! Thank you TLC

Kryptonite166 (Source: Google)


From the time I walked in, I was warmly greeted by Kim. She was patient and friendly with me, even though, I didn’t want to fill-out any paperwork. My hygienist Angie, did a great job and I experienced minimal discomfort during the procedure. Abi, also did a great job polishing my teeth and keeping me at ease. The part we all hate “paying the bill.” Jessica did a great job explaining my payment options and giving me all the information, I needed to make a decision. To the whole team great job!

Emily Carter (Source: Google)


I have been attending Dentistry with TLC for years now and couldn’t be happier with their service. They are friendly, hard-working, and do their best to make the experience as stress and pain-free as possible. They have the kindest and most affective staff I have met. They try their very best to make sure you are healthy, calm, and happy when you walk out of the building at the end of your appointment. I recommend it to anyone!

Jayna L. from Glen Carbon, IL (Source: Yelp)


I go to TLC for EVERYTHING! Dr. Smith did my wisdom teeth, and I was super nervous about it at first. Once I was there for my appointment, everyone at the office did such a great job making me comfortable. Dr. Smith did awesome and I can actually say I had a great experience having my wisdom teeth extracted. I also have my cleanings done there, and I even had Fastbraces. I have been able to do everything with Dr. Smith and it has really made going to the dentist a much easier experience. I would tell anyone to go to TLC, everyone there is awesome!

Sally S. from Godfrey, IL (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been going here for years because it’s the best! Dr. Anna is so patient with me. She lets me take breaks and she asks me if I’m doing okay. The staff are always happy and they answer all my questions. You can tell they love their jobs and appreciate working for a great dentist. A few years ago I had an emergency on the weekend and Dr. Smith answered the phone and helped me early on Monday morning. All my friends to go to TLC!

Lisa A. from East Alton, IL (Source: Yelp)


I love this dentist!  All the people here are so friendly and welcoming.  Everytime I come in the front door I am welcomed with a smile and that continues with each person I meet.  Dr. Smith is just the way she appears on TV.  She’s kind and takes the time to talk to me.  Last year my son wanted to get his teeth whitened and she told him that she thought it would be a waste of money because she didn’t think his teeth would get much whiter.  I really appreciated her honest opinion.  My family is very satisfied with TLC and we recommend Dr. Smith to our friends.

Vengst H. from Godfrey, IL (Source: Yelp)


If you have severe dentist anxiety (like I used to) this place is the solution. I have broken dental chair arms because of poor anesthetic and awful dentists and have lots of teeth issues from dentist avoidance as a result. I wish I had always had Doctor Megan and her excellent, competent staff from day one as I would have never dreaded the dentist and would have saved myself a lot of money and torment. They work with you on payment plans and are always patient, friendly and considerate. Best of the best.

Melanie Tinnon (Source: Google)


The technology at Dentistry With TLC is years ahead of the other dentists I have been to in the St. Louis area. Last time I had to have a tooth fixed it took my old dentist 2 appointments to do the root canal, one appointment to make my temporary crown and 2 more appointments to set my permanent crown. I took 5 days off work all together. Dr. Smith did this all at ONE appointment in just about 2 HOURS!!! I just can’t believe it, and she cost LESS than my last dentist. I’m taking my daughter to Dr. Smith to get fast braces because Dr. Smith is the best in the St. Louis area and the fast braces cost LESS than my sons regular braces. Why would you go anywhere else when it cost less, saves me time and Dr. Smith is beautiful, kind and smart to boot! My whole family drives from St. Louis to Godfrey to see Dr. Smith and I recommend you give TLC a try!

Kitty Ree (Source: Google)


Everyone here does everything in their power to make sure you are absolutely as comfortable as possible at any given moment! They go above and beyond to give you great treatment and make the office seem homey. Hygienist Angie even got some residual glue from my braces off my teeth even though that is not something she even has to do! 100% consider coming here!

Amanda Atkins (Source: Facebook)


My experience was awesome from hello to goodbye! Benny at the front desk was very sweet and made sure I understood all paperwork. No standing in line here! She comes out and sits with you to explain. My hygienist, Reggie, was amazing! We all know the dentist is not always a pleasant place to be but she was very considerate and took time to explain everything as we went along. Dr. Smith was just as sweet and helpful as everyone else. Even Rick the finance guy was very pleasant. I felt no pressure at all and he gave me very clear options. No surprises at check out or big bills in the mail. And the cherry on top is the hours. I work bankers hours but I do NOT like to use vacation or sick days for things like this. I get how important they are but let me be honest; MY vacations days are for toes in sand and sick days are for playing hooky! Lol. A 6p appointment was a very pleasant surprise! I’ll definitely be back…and not just because I have more cavities to get filled

Brenda Lynch (Source: Google)


My husband hates to go to the dentist, but when a local dentist messed up his crown for the THIRD time and wanted to be paid AGAIN to fix it, we said “Enough!” Dr. Anna Smith came to the rescue! She worked my husband into the schedule and removed the poorly made crown, cleaned up the decay that had already started, performed a root canal, and put on a porcelain crown – all in one appointment. He never hurt! The staff was very kind and helpful and called to check on him the next day. Dentistry With TLC will take care of all of our future dental needs. You should schedule with Dr. Smith today!

Kathy Pemberton Hindle (Source: Facebook)


I cannot say enough about this place. Dr. Smith and her staff are excellent! They are all kind, and treat you as family. Their compassion is outstanding! Angie my hygienist is gentle and so sweet. I love all those girls in the office. I like others hate going to the dentist…however these wonderful people make me actually enjoy my time there. My husband was recently injured and they reached out to me to offer support and prayers. They sent a card, and when I called to reschedule my appointment, they asked how he and I were doing, and when I came in for my appointment, they actually came into the waiting room to see me personally!!! If you aren’t going to this dentist…YOU SHOULD BE!! Love you guys and thank you for taking such good care of me!

Linda Beck Franklin (Source: Google)


Wow! Talk about impressive! Not only is the entire staff friendly and welcoming, but they all seem to genuinely CARE about their patients. The technology in dentistry and orthodontics is incredible; very current and cutting edge. Dentistry with TLC even has help options for patients with sleep apnea! Who would have guessed!?! Their extended hours make it easy to find an appointment time that works best with my schedule, too. By far, the BEST in the St. Louis area!

Jamie Bogart (Source: Facebook)


My kids are no strangers to going to the dentist. They had their first visit with the team at Dentistry with TLC and Dr. Smith. When it was all over they were all smiles and said that they loved their hygienist that took care of them and they loved Dr. Smith. On our way home my son asked when his next appointment was going to be because he really wants to come back. Thanks everyone and Dr. Smith for making their visit amazing! Everyone should go to Dentistry with TLC!