Even28 Clear Aligners

The clear aligner industry has changed drastically. When clear aligner technology was first introduced back in 1997 it was exclusive and groundbreaking. Fast forward 20 years, and most align technology patents have expired and 3-D printing has become mainstream and very inexpensive. As a result, clear aligner prices have been steadily dropping.

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Still, things weren’t all that bad up until a few years ago. After all, the only way patients could obtain clear aligners was by visiting their neighborhood dentist or orthodontist. Again, this is no longer the case. Do-it-yourself clear aligner programs have changed the clear aligner game forever. Companies like Smile Direct Club™ and Candid Co.™ have effectively managed to eliminate local dentists and orthodontists from the equation.  On average, every U.S. dentist is losing 2 patients a quarter to DIY aligner programs. Dentists must find a way to stay relevant in the clear aligner industry.

If selling Invisalign® for $5,000+ is not working out for your practice, we suggest that you consider becoming an Even28 Clear Aligner provider. Our clear aligner system is simple, affordable, and offers a new way to straighten your patient’s smiles. Even28 at-home™ has a fixed price of $1,995. The program is offered exclusively through local dentists and orthodontists. Note that Even28 at-home™ is not a DIY program. The “at-home” is a simple reference to the fact that there are no mandatory dentist visits beyond the initial and final appointments. Offering Even28 Clear Aligners helps you generate more patients, sell accessories, and improve your orthodontic program. Continue reading to learn more about Even28 Clear Aligner programs. Contact us if you’re ready to become a provider at admin@even28.com and one of our representatives will help you get started.


A better alternative to DIY clear aligners


As it stands, every dentist is losing about two patients each quarter to online DIY aligner programs. When you become an Even28 Clear Aligner provider, you stop patients from relying on the internet for their aligner therapy. Patients want straight teeth at an affordable price, and that’s what you should offer them!

Even28 at-home™ provides a safe and effective alternative to Smile Direct Club™. Attract more cosmetic dentistry patients, get more referrals, and grow your practice by offering Even28 Clear Aligners to your patients. We also provide you with all the marketing tools you need to grow your clear aligner program. Use your Even28 Profile to promote your clear aligners at no additional cost to you. Showcase your before & after clear aligner photos on your Practice Profile Page. You can even create your Even28 Online Store and sell “Clear Aligner Assessment Kit” or “Even28 at-home™ Clear Aligners” directly on your online store.

Benefits of becoming an Even28 Clear Aligner provider

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When you start offering your patients Even28 Clear Aligners, they have no more reasons to cheat on you with DIY clear aligner programs! The next time a conversation about do-it-yourself clear aligners comes up, you’ll be prepared: “Mrs. Jones, I understand that you’re interested in straightening your smile using clear aligner technology. Have you heard of Smile Direct Club? (the answer is almost always “Yes”) Well, we now offer a similar program called Even28 at-home. This program costs the same as Smile Direct Club, except it’s offered through local dentists like me. The program is safe, fully dentist-supervised, and more effective than do-it-yourself clear aligner programs. I will be in charge of starting, monitoring, and verifying the success of your treatment. Here’s a pamphlet to help you learn more about Even28 at-home clear aligners. My office manager will come in to talk to you and see if you’d like to get started with your program today (expect another “Yes” shortly afterward!)”

More clear aligner patients

Get patients back into the dental chair by offering Even28 at-home™ for a similar price ($1,995) to DIY aligner programs.

More profits

Stop your patients from relying on online programs and keep clear aligner profits in your own pockets. Of course, these patients need other work aside from clear aligners, and they will gladly make you their new dentist if you give them a straight smile at an affordable price!

Sell custom devices

Feel free to include custom accessories such as a custom nightguard, mouthguard, retainers, and bleaching trays to increase your bottom-line and better serve your patient’s oral health. We make most custom accessories using your patient’s initial impressions or scans, so there’s no need to take a second set of impressions or scans.

Minimize your chair-time

Even28 at-home™ is an “at home” program which means that it requires minimal IPR and rare use of attachments. The only two mandatory visits are the initial and final appointment. Offering Even28 at-home™ doesn’t fill up your chair-time like other clear aligner programs do. In fact, most Even28 at-home™ cases require about as much chair-time as take-home whitening trays do!

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Pay a lower lab bill

Even28 at-home™ lab bill is just $595 for up to 20 aligner pairs (upper and lower). Refinement aligners cost just $35 for each additional pair.

Free marketing tools

Claim your Even28 Profile and attract more clear aligner patients to your practice using your profile. Showcase your before & after photos and sell “Even28 at-home™ Clear Aligners” or “Clear Aligner Assessment Kit” directly on your Even28 Online Store. Want even more clear aligner patients? Upgrade to our Even28 premium profile membership programs and create a custom Clear Aligner Page (Invisalign Page or Even28 at-home™ Page or both). Use your Even28 Profile to exclusively showcase your clear aligner photos, stories, and reviews.


Offer your patients Invisalign® + Even28 at-home™


Offering Even28 Clear Aligners alongside Invisalign® helps you sell more of both clear aligner systems. This is no different than offering patients the option to getting a PFM crown or an upgraded ceramic crown. Patients love having different options and making a decision about their own health. When you start offering patients different treatment options, it makes it easier to sell either treatment:

  • Reserve Even28 at-home™ for simpler orthodontic cases that don’t require much supervision
  • Continue offering Invisalign® at a premium price to treat more complex orthodontic cases

Use both clear aligner programs to offer patients the best treatment for their smiles as well as their pockets! Apply to become a provider today and start offering Even28 at-home™ as an alternative to Smile Direct Club™. Even28 at-home™ comes with up to 20 clear aligners per arch and it offers a much more affordable alternative to Invisalign®. You don’t have to stop offering Invisalign®, so feel free to continue using Invisalign® to treat more complex cases. Email us at admin@even28.com with your name, practice name, city & State and include the title “Even28 Clear Aligners provider application” and one of our representatives will help you join the program.

More patients, happier patients & more cosmetic dentistry

Offering Even28 Clear Aligners can be a game-changer. Let’s take a detailed look at how  we help you grow your dental practice:

More clear aligner patients

Patients prefer receiving their dental care from their local dentist. However, that all changes when we start charging them double or triple what our competitors are charging. For “60% less than braces” many patients are trusting their mouths to the former barista who’s now working as a “smile concierge” at Smile Direct Club™! Treating “patients” like “customers” is unacceptable. By becoming an Even28 Clear Aligner provider you will have the opportunity to offer a competitive alternative to DIT aligner programs. Take the time to explain the benefits of direct dentist supervision to patients and they will choose Even28 at-home™️ over Smile Direct Club™ every single time. The end result is more referrals, more cosmetic dentistry patients, and more revenue for your practice.

More options for your patients

Treat simple orthodontic cases with Even28 at-home™️ for one fixed low price. The price is $1,995 (2020) for up to 20 clear aligners and just $35 for refinement aligners (if required). There is minimal IPR, rare use of attachments, and no mandatory periodic dentist visits involved with Even28 at-home™️. Treat more complex orthodontic cases with Invisalign®, or whichever aligner system you prefer to use.

Protect the profession of dentistry

It takes way too many years of hard work to become a dentist. We shouldn’t have to worry about competing for dental patients with unlicensed individuals or big companies. Sadly, this is no longer the case. According to Smile Direct Club™ and Candid Co™, their “smile experts” are just as qualified to treat patient’s smiles as you. If patients start trusting the former barista to straighten their teeth, our profession is in serious jeopardy. We simply can’t sit back and allow this obvious professional misconduct to continue while doing nothing about it. Lawsuits have failed. Besides, shutting down one clear aligner program will only lead to a more experienced and dangerous successor and it won’t solve our problem. The only way dentists can successfully fight back against the big corporations is by offering a better service for a comparable price. That’s exactly what Even28 at-home™️ offers! Get patients back into the dental chair by offering Even28 at-home™️ before they become “customers” of the big corporations!

Access to our free marketing tools

Even28 is much more than just another clear aligner system. We’re also a powerful “dentist Search Engine”. We can provide you with all the marketing tools you need to promote your clear aligner program. Create or claim your Even28 Basic Profile today to showcase your before & after clear aligner treatment photos. Let patients see the awesome results your clear aligner patients are achieving so they choose you as their provider. Add an Even28 Online Store and start selling “Clear Aligner Assessment Kit” and “Even28 at-home™ Clear Aligners” directly online. Even28 Practice Profile Page and Even28 Online Store are powerful marketing tools available to all dentists at no cost. Use them to attract new patients to your practice and grow your clear aligner patient pool.

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We only want the best dentists to join our clear aligner program. Therefore, we’re looking for providers who have a passion for clear aligner therapy and cosmetic dentistry. Join us today while we’re still accepting new applicants in your region. Allow patients to spend less on clear aligners so there’s more room in their budget to get additional dental work from you. Many of these clear aligner patients will go on to become permanent patients of your practice. They will receive deep cleanings, bonding, porcelain veneers, dental implants, and much more. They’ll also refer their family and friends to your practice.

Take Mrs. Jones as an example. Mrs. Jones hasn’t seen a dentist in a long time and she needs a ton of dental work. She can afford the work too, but she doesn’t have a dentist she trusts at the moment. Mrs. Jones simply needs an incentive to get started with her extensive dental work. She starts researching new dentists by looking for ways to straighten her smile. Mrs. Jones comes across your Even28 Profile where she sees the life-transforming before & after photos of your clear aligner patients. She navigates to your Even28 Online Store, realizes that you have fair prices, and notices that you offer custom accessories that she also needs. Mrs. Jones likes what she sees and is now ready to start her dental treatment with you instead of your competitors. Besides, why should she go to Smile Direct Club™ when she can have you, a trusted local dentist, straighten her smile for nearly the same price? She calls your office or submits an appointment request directly from your Even28 Profile. You now have more than just another clear aligner patient, you have a loyal patient who is ready to fix her smile with you.

Different clear aligner systems for different orthodontic conditions


As dentists, you can easily distinguish between simple, mediocre, and complex orthodontic conditions. But your patients can’t! Patients automatically assume that every orthodontic case is simple and that it can be treated with Smile Direct Club™ aligners. DIY aligner programs are tricking patients into thinking that every case qualifies for at-home clear aligner therapy. Obviously, this is not true. But if you can’t get these patients into your dental chair, you’ll never have the opportunity to educate them on what’s best for their oral health. Consequently, your patient ends up getting subpar treatment from one of these DIY aligner programs and you lose a patient in the process.

The minute you start offering Even28 at-home™, you get these patients back into your dental chair. Use this opportunity to educate patients on their orthodontic condition, and help them choose the treatment best for their orthodontic condition. Most patients are willing to spend the extra time and money, so long as they understand what it is that they’re paying extra for. Here’s how it works:

Simple orthodontic conditions

When a case is simple, offer your patient Even28 at-home™️ clear aligners for $1,995 for up to 20 upper and lower clear aligners. Be sure to see if they want to purchase custom accessories, like retainers and nightguards, to go along with their clear aligner program.

Complex orthodontic conditions

Complex orthodontic cases don’t qualify for Even28 clear aligners. Treat them with Invisalign®, ClearCorrect™️, braces, or refer out to your local orthodontist (if you’re not an orthodontist yourself!) Feel free to charge a higher fee now that your patient understands the need for IPR, bite block, palatal expansion, rubber band, etc.

Becoming an Even28 Clear Aligner provider gives you the opportunity to put patients back into the dental chair. Take your time to explain to your patients their orthodontic condition and they will understand why they have to pay more for dentist-delivered clear aligners. Get better results, keep patients happy, and grow your clear aligner and cosmetic dentistry patient pool by offering Even28 at-home™️ alongside your other ortho programs.


Because you’re no longer just competing with the dentist next door


By becoming an Even28 Clear Aligner provider you’re demonstrating that you want to be competitive and relevant in the clear aligner industry… That you’re willing to straightening your patient’s smiles without charging them an arm and leg. Give your patients the option to choose the program that best suits their needs. Treat simple cases with Even28 at-home™️ as an alternative to do-it-yourself clear aligner programs. Reserve Invisalign® for more complex treatments. That’s what your patients really want and you should offer it to them.

Naturally, Even28 at-home™️ is a far superior program to those risky and dangerous do-it-yourself online programs. By offering Even28 at-home™️, your patients no longer have to self-diagnose and screw up their bites. Instead, they can now choose their local dentist to perform their initial workup, monitor their progress, and evaluate the end-results. Start offering your patients Even28 Clear Aligners and get back into the clear aligner game before it’s too late!

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Use your Even28 Profile to promote your clear aligner programs

As an Even28 Clear Aligner provider, you get immediate access to your own Even28 Basic Profile. This includes a Practice Profile Page and an Even28 Online Store. These are both excellent tools that help you attract more clear aligner patients to your practice. Plus, they are at no additional cost to you. The only payment you’ll ever make is for your clear aligner lab bill once you sell a case. Here’s how you can leverage your Even28 Profile to sell more clear aligners and grow your dental practice:

Even28 Practice Profile Page

Use your Even28 Practice Profile Page to attract more patients to your practice (click here to see an example). Here are some of the main features which you can highlight here:

  • Before & after treatment photos
  • Your top reviews compilation
  • Badges to highlight your strengths
  • Your mission statement, where you tell prospective patients a bit more about yourself and your practice philosophy
  • A list of dental services you offer
  • Online appointment booking and one-click phone call feature

Even28 Online Store

Your Even28 Online Store is basically your dentistry e-commerce. Use it to sell all sorts of dental products and services directly to patients online:

  • List “Even28 at-home™ clear aligners” and sell it online commission free (only pay your lab bill)
  • Include dental accessories such as a custom night guard or whitening trays to increase your margins and better serve your patients
  • Sell “Clear aligner assessment kits” to attract new clear aligner patients to your practice

Create your own Even28 Online Store to sell dental products and services online and attract more patients to your dental practice. Even28 Basic Profile members have a small commission subtracted from each item and get to keep the rest. Even28 Premium Profile members don’t pay any commission on their online sales. Plus, they can create dedicated pages to showcase their clear aligner treatments to rank on top of Google’s search results.

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Become an Even28 Clear Aligner provider today

dentist-orthodontist-even28-provider Join Even28 and start getting your clear aligner patients back from Smile Direct and Candid Teeth today!

We understand that clear aligner treatment is not for everyone. This is why we only want the most passionate dentists to join our program. We invest heavily into each and every one of our providers by giving them the tools they need to sell our clear aligner programs. Therefore, we only want the best dentists, those interested in cosmetics and teeth straightening, to join our program. If you’re interested in becoming an Even28 Clear Aligner provider, we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email at admin@even28.com and let us know that you’re interested in becoming an Even28 Clear Aligner provider. We look forward to helping you grow your practice alongside our clear aligner program.

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