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Dentistry is an ever evolving profession. Take clear aligners for example. When clear aligner technology was first introduced back in 1997, it was very exclusive and groundbreaking. Of course, that was more than 20 years ago. Most of Align Technology's® patents have expired and 3-D printing has become mainstream. As a result, prices of clear aligner have steady dropped. Still, things weren't all that bad up until a few years ago. After all, the only way patients could obtain clear aligners was by visiting their neighborhood dentist or orthodontist. Again, this is no longer the case. Do-it-yourself clear aligner programs have changed the clear aligner industry. Companies like Smile Direct Club™ and Candid Co.™ have effectively managed to eliminate local dentists and orthodontist from the clear aligner equation. What's worse, Invisalign® is an active participant in this direct-to-consumer business model. Not only is Invisalign® an active investor in Smile Direct Club™, but they're also the aligner supplier for Smile Direct Club.

Is selling aligners online the same as practicing dentistry without a license and in violation of dentist-patient relationship? Most definitely

Is aligning your teeth without direct dentist supervision risky and dangerous? Absolutely

Is there anything we can do about it? Not unless we come together and offer patients a better alternative to do-it-yourself clear aligner programs

Patients, or in this case customers, are increasingly turning to the internet to buy their clear aligners. The same can be said of many other custom dental accessories. People are buying custom night guards, whitening trays and even flippers (temporary dentures) online without going through dentists. Local dentists and orthodontists are paying the price. Large corporations like Smile Direct Club™ are spending millions a month convincing patients that skipping out on the dentist is not a big deal. And sadly, it's working! Each dentist is losing an average of 2 to 3 clear aligner patients a year to do-it-yourself clear aligner programs like Smile Direct Club™. This is profits that should stay in our pockets after years of education and labor, not some greedy internet company with no real dentist affiliation!

The only way we can regain control of the clear aligner industry as well as other custom dental products is to start selling our own products online. Patients still prefer to get dental products from their local dentists and orthodontists. Most patients are aware that they are gambling with their oral health when going online to seek dental care. It's just that patients don't want to spend $5,000 on Invisalign® any longer; They don't want to spend $1,000 on a flipper; and they don't want to spend $650 on a custom night guard.

Becoming an Even28 provider gives you the opportunity to put patients back into the dental chair where they belong. Creating your own Even28 online store allows you to sell custom dental products directly to patients. Not only will you generate revenue from your Even28 store, but you'll attract tons of new patients. Think about it: a patient who needs a night guard probably needs a few crowns; a patient who seeks custom whitening trays is probably interested in cosmetic dentistry; and a patient who needs a flipper also needs a dental implant at some point. Offering discounted custom dental accessories is a great way of generating some additional income as well as attracting tons of new patients to your dental practice.

Of course, we have an answer for do-it-yourself clear aligner programs as well. That is our Even28 Clear Aligner system. Offering Even28 at-home™ provides your patients an alternative program to Smile Direct Club™ with the added benefit of having access to their local dentist (that's you!). You get to keep the profit, the patient and the referrals instead of losing them to a Smile Store™ or Candid Studio™ near you.

7 Benefits of becoming an Even28 provider:

(1) More patients

(2) Even28 at-home™ – Offering a better alternative to DIY aligners

(3) Even28 at-dentist™ – Unlimited aligner program: no more counting aligners

(4) Selling custom whitening trays to attract porcelain veneer patients

(5) Selling flipper denture to attract dental implant patients

(6) Revenue from your Even28 online store

(7) Revenue from your Even28 Clear Aligner system

Become an Even28 provider today to stop your patients from relying on the internet for their dental care. Creare your own Even28 online store to sell custom dental accessories such as whitening trays, mouth guards, night guards and more. Plus, the next time a conversation about do-it-yourself clear aligners come up, you'll be prepared:

"Mrs. Jones I understand you're interested in straightening your teeth with clear aligner technology. Have you heard of Smile Direct Club? (Yes) Well, we offer a program that's similar to Smile Direct called Even28 at-home. This program costs the same as Smile Direct except it is offered through local dentists like me. The program is safe, dentist supervised and more effective than do-it-yourself clear aligner programs. I will be in charge of starting, monitoring and verifying the success of your clear aligner treatment."

Complaining won't change things. Lawsuits have also failed. Online dentistry is here to stay. The only way to compete is by joining Even28. Become an Even28 provider today and start offering patients a safer and more effective alternative to do-it-yourself clear aligner programs. Start selling your patients whitening trays online and sell them porcelain veneers once you gain their trust. Give them that flipper for cheap and when they're ready, charge them for the dental implant. Creating an online store is an excellent way of getting patient's into your practice. Don't miss the opportunity to grow your practice and attract more patients while staying competitive and relevant in this online universe.


More patients, happier patients, more cosmetic dentistry


The best part about becoming an Even28 provider is that it's totally free. There are no sign-up fees, no monthly membership fees and no hidden fees whatsoever. Simply sell custom dental products online through your storefront, offer Even28 at-home™ as an alternative to Smile Direct and treat more complicated cases with Even28 at-dentist™ as a more affordable alternative to Invisalign®. Become an Even28 provider today. There are so many reasons to join Even28:

  • Regain control of the clear aligner industry by offering an alternative to Smile Direct Club. Start offering your patients a safer, better and more attractive alternative to do-it-yourself clear aligners.
  • Offer patients quality custom night guards and sport guards so they don't have to purchase them directly from dental labs.
  • Sell custom teeth whitening trays and flippers for cheap to attract cosmetic dentistry and dental implant patients.

Let's take a closer look at the benefits of becoming an Even28 dental provider:


Patients prefer receiving their dental treatment from their local dentists. Of course, that all changes once we start charging them double or triple what our competitors are charging:

  • For “60% less” many patients trust their mouths to the former barista who’s currently offering aligner treatment for Smile Direct
  • $500 for a custom night guard? Fine, I’ll just buy one online then for half the price
  • You want me to pay $750 for a temporary flipper? Well let me just go directly to the lab and see what he’s going to charge me.

Treating “patients” like “customers” is unacceptable. By becoming an Even28 provider you will have the opportunity to offer a competitive alternative to online dentistry. Patients will choose Even28 at-home™️ over Smile Direct Club™ if you take the time to explain the benefits of direct dentist supervision. They prefer buying their retainers, night guards and whitening trays from you if you offer them at reasonable prices on your Even28 online store. The end results is more patients, more revenue, more referrals and more cosmetic dentistry and dental implant patients for your dental practice.


It takes way long to become a dentist. We shouldn’t have to worry about competing with non-dentists. Sadly, this is no longer the case. According to Smile Direct Club™ and Candid Co.™, their smile experts are just as qualified as you and I are to treat patients. Once patients start going to stores and shops to fix their teeth, our entire profession is in serious jeopardy. We must join forces to stop these dangerous do-it-yourself dental products. We can’t allow this obvious professional misconduct to continue. Lawsuits and threats have not worked. Besides, shutting down one clear aligner program will only lead to a more experienced and dangerous successor and won’t solve our problem. The only way we can successfully fight back against do-it-yourself clear aligners is by offering better service for a comparable price. That’s exactly what Even28 at-home™️ does: it offers better service, better results and a comparable price. This is the only way to win over these patients. The same can be said of flippers, custom night guards and many other dental accessories. Unless you find a way to get in front of patients online for a competitive price, you will continue losing these patients to various online resources.


Most cosmetic dentistry patients start their search by searching for teeth whitening or straightening their smile. Selling custom teeth whitening trays on your Even28 online store is a good way to attract the first group. Offering Even28 at-home™ and Even28 at-dentist™ helps you capture the second group. Many of you are already existing Invisalign® providers. As an Invisalign provider, you’re probably aware of the confusing fee structure that Invisalign® offers its participating dentists. Invisalign’s® fee structure often times forces you to choose between quality patient care or saving on your clear aligner lab bill. So what should you do? Do you offer patients less aligners in order to cut down on your expenses? Do you give them huge discounts where your profit margins end up being next to nothing and only Invisalign® comes out as a winner? Or do you charge patient’s much more to give them the care that they deserve but risk losing them to Smile Direct? Well, Even28 has solved all of these problems for you:

  • Simple orthodontic cases receive Even28 at-home™️ for one fixed low price (currently $1,850). There are no IPR’s, no tooth contouring, no attachments and no periodic dentist visits with Even28 at-home™️. In fact, Even28 at-home™️ takes about the same amount of chair time as fabricating custom whitening trays would. In exchange, you get to keep the patient, offer them what they want (affordable clear aligners), not lose them to Smile Direct and grow your practice through word-of-mouth and referrals.
  • Complex orthodontic cases are treated with Even28 at-dentist™️ clear aligners. You get to set your own fees for Even28 at-dentist™️ as you please. However, Even28 at-dentist™️ has only one lab bill which includes an unlimited aligner program. Whether it’s 10, 20 or 40 clear aligners, your lab bill is the same! This means that you can stop counting aligners and start offering your patients the best possible care every single time.

Our fees are fair to both patients and dentists alike. Even28 programs are designed to make sure that your patients are never tempted by advertisements from do-it-yourself clear aligner programs like Smile Direct. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your clear aligner, cosmetic dentistry and dental implant patient pool with Even28.


Your Even28 online store is a great way to attract new patients. Take Mr. Jones for example. Mr. Jones hasn’t seen a dentist in a very long time and needs a ton of work. He can afford it too, but he doesn’t currently have a dentist he trusts. Mr. Jones simply needs an incentive to get started with his extensive dental treatment. He may start his search of a new dentist by looking for whitening options. If so, he may come across your custom teeth whitening trays on your Even28 online store. Or he may start by looking for a flipper to replace a missing tooth. Again, your online store could attract him with an offer of affordable temporary flipper. There’s a chance he starts his search by looking for a night guard which he hasn’t been wearing for a few years now. And once again, your Even28 online store will popup in front of him offering affordable custom night guards. Mr. Jones has seen your Even28 store several times and is now ready to come to you to start his dental treatment. Your practice profile page and online store are powerful tools to highlight your strengths to prospective patients. Showcase your 5-star reviews, cosmetic treatments and so much more. Offering affordable custom dental products is an excellent way to attract more patients. Plus, helping your patients save money on custom dental products allows them to afford more expensive dental treatments. Join Even28 today and start giving patients the option to buy dental products from you online. Attract more new patients, grow your practice and let the sky be the limit!


Even28 was designed by a dentist to help other dentists grow and prosper. As a dentist myself, I understand that there is nothing dentists hate more than surprise fees and recurring monthly expenses. With Even28, there are no setup fees, no monthly membership fees and no maintenance fees (these could change in the future). The only fee you will ever have to pay is your lab fee once you sell a case. Our lab bills for custom dental accessories are fair and comparable to Glidewell fees. Our clear aligner lab bills are much simpler than Invisalign® for the following reasons:

  • Invisalign® clear aligners are much more expensive than Even28 clear aligners (about 30-60% more costly)
  • Invisalign® has a confusing fee structure with multiple tiers
  • Invisalign® ranks general dentists poorly on its website and search results heavily favoring orthodontists over general practitioners
  • Invisalign® does not offer a program which allows you to compete with Smile Direct Club. Even28 offers Even28 at-home™️ to allow you to compete with do-it-yourself clear aligners. Plus, we offer unlimited aligner with our Even28 at-dentist™️ program so you’re never forced to think about the number of aligners.

I told you we have your back! If you’re not 100% happy with your current clear aligner program you should consider switching to Even28 Clear Aligners. Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed! We can even send a clear aligner sample to show what our aligners look like.


No offense, but we don’t want all the dentists to join Even28. Only a limited number of dentists and orthodontists are going to become Even28 dental providers. We only want the best dentists to join our network. Those with a passion for cosmetic dentistry, clear aligner therapy and the profession of dentistry. Join us today while we’re still accepting new applicants within your region. Start building your online presence and clear aligner program. Grow your practice profile page and attract more cosmetically-oriented patients. As it stands, you’re losing a few patients every day to online and do-it-yourself dental programs. Become an Even28 provider today and stay competitive. Many Even28 patients go on to become your permanent patients to receive porcelain veneers, dental implants and other cosmetic dental treatments. Offering affordable clear aligner treatment is a great way of attracting these new patients to your practice. Join today and see for yourself!

Offering patients affordable custom dental products is a game changer. Having your own online store is also a game changer. First off, you get to keep all of these patients. Grow your patient pool and gain additional referrals through family and friends. Plus, these patients always have leftover funds for the rest of their treatment. Spending less on a night guard or clear aligner means you can afford to fix the rest of your mouth without having to hold off for a couple more years.

Even28 patients consistently go on to receive additional dental treatments such as ceramic crowns, porcelain veneers and dental implants. In contrast, most patients who spend $5,000 on Invisalign® can't really afford much more treatment for a good while. This affects your bottom-line and postpones your patients essential dental work. Join Even28 today and start attracting more quality patients and performing more quality dentistry.


Reclaim patients you're losing everyday

Two-Thousand U.S. Dollars

This is the magic number do-it-yourself clear aligner programs use to take your patients away from you. So long as Smile Direct Club keeps its advertised price below $2,000 they don't have to worry about competing with local dentists and orthodontists. Market research has shown that at this price point patients are willing to let someone without any formal dental school training work on their mouth. For "60% less" many patients are willing to gamble with their oral health in favor of the savings. The same can be said of other dental products such as custom night guards, whitening trays, retainers and flippers. This leaves dentists like you and I with two options:


You can sit back and do nothing. Let patients buy their flippers directly from online labs. Let them go online in search of whitening options and custom sport guards. Continue offering Invisalign® at steeper and steeper discounts while your profit margins continue to shrink. All of this while trying unsuccessfully to dissuade patients from using do-it-yourself clear aligner programs.



Go in the opposite direction and take a proactive stance. Become an Even28 provider and have the ability to offer your patients discounted custom dental products. Let them buy their night guard or retainer online and come and pick it up from you. Offer Even28 at-home™️ for the same price as Smile Direct Club to make sure you don't lose a single patient to Smile Direct. Will patients choose their beloved local dentist over questionable online stores? We're willing to bet that they will.


Why should you offer Even28 at-home™️ clear aligners?


Even28 has simplified the teeth aligner process for patients and dentists alike. Our treatment approach, price structure and treatment programs make sense to patients and dentists. Here's how it works: If treatment is simple, offer your patient Even28 at-home™️. Despite it's name, Even28 at-home™️ is not a do-it-yourself program. You will still be accountable for performing the initial workup, diagnosing and approving the EvenCheck animation. The "at-home" is a simple reference to the fact that patients receive all of their clear aligners upfront. They don't have to see you after the initial visit until their their treatment is complete. This minimizes your chair-time and simplifies the aligner process. There are no pointless IPRs, tooth contouring or attachments for treating these simple cases. Even28 at-home™️ is simple, affordable and convenient for you and your patients.

Even28 at-home™️ is the same price as do-it-yourself clear aligner programs. The big difference is that patients now have the option of receiving their treatment from their beloved local dentist (that's you!) or from a greedy corporate ran by non-dentists. You now get to keep these patients, grow your practice and earn a healthy profit at the same time. Plus, Even28 patients are cosmetically oriented patients. Many of them will become permanent patients of your practice and go on to seek additional cosmetic dental treatments upon completing their clear aligner program. This results in more patients, more revenue and more cosmetic dentistry for you and your practice.


Even28 at-dentist™️ clear aligner program

As dentists, we can easily distinguish between simple and complex orthodontic cases. Patients can't. Therefore patients assume every aligner case is simple and can be treated with at home clear aligners. Smile Direct Club™️ knows this and has built their fortune on this premise. Once you start offering Even28 in your practice, you can resolve this problem. Offer Even28 at-home™️ for simple cases and Even28 at-dentist™️ for more complex cases. This gives your patients the option to choose the treatment that is best for them.

Patients are willing to pay more for treatment so long as they understand what it is they're paying extra for. Even28 provides you the opportunity to explain to these patients why they are in need of more extensive dental treatment. Treatments which require IPR, attachment placement or bite calibration must be completed with Even28 at-dentist™️. Explain to your patients why receiving all of their aligners upfront is not going to give them the results that they are looking for. This way, your patients will understand why they have to spend the extra bucks to have their treatment completed by you instead of through Smile Direct Club™️. Patients who choose Even28 at-dentist™️ understand the benefits of having a dentist involved in their aligner treatment. This results in happier patients, more referrals and growth of your cosmetic dentistry patient pool.

Another benefit of Even28 at-dentist™️ clear aligners is that it is an unlimited clear aligner program. This means that you pay the same whether you use 10, 20 or 40 clear aligners. With Even28 at-dentist™️ you never have to count aligners again. You never have to cut corners when it comes to patient care or worry if your price is too low. Think about it, you don't charge your patients more to prepare a hard to reach crown? You don't charge them more for a root canal that has a steeper canal? So why should there be so many different fees for what is essentially one treatment: dentist-delivered clear aligners?

We like to keep things simple at Even28. This is why we charge one lab fee for Even28 at-home™️ and one for Even28 at-dentist™️. Our patients appreciate this and so do our dentists! After all, our goal is to finish straightening your patient's teeth so that you can move on to other work: porcelain veneers, dental implants and other cosmetic dentistry procedures.


A better alternative to do-it-yourself clear aligners


Have you noticed the recent hesitation in your patients' voices when you discuss Invisalign®? Their hesitation is not a coincidence. It's because they are considering going with do-it-yourself clear aligner programs like Smile Direct Club™️ instead of straightening their teeth with you. It's just that most are too embarrassed to tell their beloved neighborhood dentist the real truth. This will all change once you become an Even28 provider. By becoming an Even28 provider, you're demonstrating to your patients that you want to be competitive and relevant in the clear aligner industry. You're telling them that you're willing to straightening their smile without making compromise or overcharging them. You're giving them the chance to choose the real at-home program they desire, Even28 at-home™️ and not Smile Direct Club™️!

Naturally, Even28 at-home™️ is a far superior aligner program to those risky and dangerous do-it-yourself programs. With Even28 at-home™️, your patients won't have to self-diagnose or treat themselves. They can now have their local dentist perform their initial workup, monitor their progress and evaluate the final results. You will be present throughout their entire treatment to guide them and ensure their success. Start offering your patients Even28 Clear Aligners and get back into the game before it's too late!


Grow your dental practice one patient at a time

Every Even28 provider gets their own practice profile page (click here to see an example). Your practice profile page is an excellent tool to attract more patients. Here are some of the main features which you can highlight on your practice profile page:

  • Before and after photos to showcase your various treatments
  • Online appointment booking feature
  • One-click direct calling feature
  • Link to your dental practice website
  • Your mission statement where you get to tell prospective patients a bit more about yourself and your practice philosophy
  • Services menu to attract even more patients to your practice
  • 5-star reviews from satisfied patients

Your practice profile page is an excellent tool to attract prospective patients. Plus, it's all at no cost to you. There are no setup fees, no monthly maintenance fees and no hidden fees to join Even28. The only payment you'll ever have to make is for your lab bill. That's it! In addition to your practice profile page, you'll also be given your Even28 online store. Here, you can sell all types of awesome custom dental products. Here's a list of a few items currently being sold on Even28 online stores:

  • Custom night guards
  • Custom teeth whitening trays
  • Custom athletic mouth guards
  • Flippers (temporary dentures)
  • Clear aligner assessment kit
  • Many more items to come

You get a cut of every item sold on your online store. We just subtract the lab bill and service fee and pay you the rest. More importantly, each new purchase translates into a new patient. Keep selling custom dental products and continue to attract more and more new patients to your dental practice. It's that easy!


Become one of our exclusive Even28 providers today!

Join Even28 and start getting your clear aligner patients back from Smile Direct and Candid Teeth today!

We only want the best dentists to join us. We invest heavily into each and every one of our dental providers. Therefore, we only want the best dentists to join our program. Consequently, we can only accommodate a limited number of dental providers within each region. If you're interested in becoming an Even28 provider you should contact us immediately. Send us an email and let us know that you're interested in becoming an Even28 provider today. Better yet, fill out the form below and one of our representatives will help you get started: