Even28 Clear Aligners


Stay relevant in the new clear aligner market


Let's talk about clear aligners for a minute. When clear aligner technology was first introduced back in 1997 it was exclusive and groundbreaking. That was 20 years ago. Align technology patents have all but expired and 3-D printing is mainstream and inexpensive. As a result, clear aligner prices have steadily dropped. Still, things weren't all that bad up until a few years ago. After all, the only way patients could obtain clear aligners was by visiting their neighborhood dentist or orthodontist. Again, this is no longer the case. Do-it-yourself clear aligner programs have changed the clear aligner game forever. Companies like Smile Direct Club™ and Candid Co.™ have effectively managed to eliminate local dentists and orthodontist like you and I from the equation. Invisalign®, the undisputed leader of the clear aligner industry, is losing market shares at an alarming rate thanks to Smile Direct Club™.

Unfortunately, it appears that DIY aligner programs are here to stay. On average, each dentist is losing 2 patients a month to DIY aligner programs. Dentists must find a way to stay relevant in the clear aligner industry. If selling Invisalign® for $5,000+ is not working out for your practice, consider becoming an Even28 Clear Aligner provider. Our aligner system is simple, affordable and offers a new door to your patients. We offer two different programs:

  • Even28 at-dentist™, a clear aligner program similar to what you're currently using
  • Even28 at-home™, a program designed to compete directly with Smile Direct Club™

Even28 at-home™ has a fixed price of $1,995. The program is offered exclusively through local dentists. This is not a DIY program. The "at-home" is simply a reference to the fact that there are no mandatory dentist visits beyond the initial and final appointments. Continue reading to learn more about Even28 Clear Aligner programs. Contact us if you're ready to become an Even28 Clear Aligner provider at admin@even28.com and include "Even28 Clear Aligner provider application" in the title. One of our representatives will contact you to help you get started.


Benefits of offering Even28 Clear Aligners

As it stands, you're losing an average of 2 patients a month to online DIY aligner programs. Become an Even28 Clear Aligner provider and stop your patients from relying on the internet for their aligner therapy. Patients want affordable clear aligners and that's what you should offer them whenever they are a good candidate. Even28 at-home™ provides a safe and effective alternative to Smile Direct Club™. Keep the patient in your practice and give them the affordable clear aligners they demand. Attract more cosmetic dentistry patients, get more referrals and grow your practice by offering Even28 Clear Aligners to your patients.

Don't just stop at becoming an Even28 Clear Aligner provider. We also provide you with all the marketing tools you need to grow your practice and attract more clear aligner patients. Create your Even28 Profile to market your clear aligner program at no cost to you. Showcase your before & after clear aligner treatments on your Practice Profile Page. Add an Even28 Online Store and sell "Clear Aligner Assessment Kits" and "Even28 at-home™ Clear Aligners" directly online from your store! Include custom dental accessories such as athletic guards, night guards and retainers to your online store and increase your profit margins. Click here to go to our "Join Page" and create/claim your free Even28 Basic Profile today.


(1) MORE CLEAR ALIGNER PATIENTS: Get your patients back into the dental chair by offering Even28 at-home™ for a similar price ($1,995) to DIY aligner programs.

(2) MORE PROFITS: Stop your patients from relying on online aligner programs and keep clear aligner profits in your own pockets.

(3) ADD CUSTOM ACCESSORIES: Include custom accessories such as custom night guard, sport guard, retainers and bleaching trays to increase your bottom line and better serve your patient’s oral health. We make our custom accessories using patient’s initial impressions/scans so there is no need to take a second set of impressions/scans.

(4) MINIMIZE YOUR CHAIRTIME: Even28 at-home™ is an “at home” program which means that it doesn’t require any IPR or attachments. The only two mandatory visits are the initial and final appointment. Offering Even28 at-home™ does not fill up your chairtime like other clear aligner programs do. In fact, Even28 at-home™ requires about as much chairtime as making take-home whitening trays.

(5) PAY LESS FOR YOUR CLEAR ALIGNERS: Even28 Clear Aligners lab bill is 30 to 60% less than comparable Invisalign® clear aligner programs.

(6) STOP COUNTING ALIGNERS: Even28 at-dentist™ comes with unlimited clear aligners so you never have to worry about counting aligners again.

(7) UTILIZE OUR MARKETING TOOLS: Claim your Even28 Profile for free and attract more clear aligner patients to your practice. Showcase your before & after photos on your Even28 Practice Profile Page. Sell “Even28 at-home™ Clear Aligners” and “Clear Aligner Assessment Kit” directly from your Even28 Online Store. Want even more clear aligner patients? Upgrade to our Even28 Premium Profile membership program and create a Clear Aligner Page. Use your page to exclusively showcase your clear aligner photos, stories and reviews related to teeth straightening. Add sufficient content to your Clear Aligner Page and get your page to the top of Google’s search results. See more clear aligner patients than you could ever imagine possible.

Stop discounting your clear aligners more and more just to compete with Smile Direct Club™! Join Even28 Clear Aligners and start offering your patient's what they want. The next time a conversation about do-it-yourself clear aligners comes up, you'll be ready:

"Mrs. Jones I understand that you're interested in straightening your teeth using clear aligner technology. Have you heard of Smile Direct Club? (the answer is almost always "Yes") Well, we now offer a similar program called Even28 at-home. This program costs the same as Smile Direct Club except that it's offered through local dentists. The program is safe, dentist supervised and more effective than do-it-yourself clear aligner programs. I will be in charge of starting, monitoring and verifying the success of your treatment. Here's a pamphlet to help you learn more about Even28 at-home clear aligners. My office manager will come in to talk to you and see if you'd like to get started with your program today (expect another"Yes" shortly afterwards!)"


Offer your patients Invisalign® AND Even28 Clear Aligners


Becoming an Even28 Clear Aligner provider is simple: There are no sign-up fees and no monthly membership fees. Offering Even28 Clear Aligners alongside Invisalign® helps you sell more of both clear aligner systems. It's no different than offering patients the option to get a PFM crown or ceramic crown. Patients love having different options and making a decision about their own health. When you start offering patients different treatment options, it makes it easier to sell treatment. Reserve Even28 at-home™ for simple cases. Offer Even28 at-dentist™ for mediocre cases. Continue offering Invisalign® at a premium price to treat the most complex cases. Use all 3 clear aligner programs together to offer your patients the best treatment for their smiles and their pockets!

Apply to become a provider today and start offering Even28 at-home™ as an alternative to Smile Direct Club™. Treat more complicated cases using Even28 at-dentist™ as a more affordable alternative to Invisalign®. You don't have to stop offering Invisalign®, so feel free to continue offering Invisalign® alongside Even28 Clear Aligners. Email us at admin@even28.com with your name, practice name, city & State and include the title "Even28 Clear Aligners provider application" and one of our representatives will help you join our program.


More patients, happier patients, more cosmetic dentistry

Offering Even28 Clear Aligners in your dental practice can be a game changer. Let's take a detailed look at how offering Even28 Clear Aligners can help you grow your dental practice:


Obviously patients prefer receiving their dental care from their local dentist. That all changes once we start charging them double or triple what our competitors charge. For “60% less than braces” many patients are trusting their mouths to the former barista who’s now a “smile concierge” at Smile Direct Club™. Treating “patients” like “customers” is unacceptable. By becoming an Even28 Clear Aligner provider you will have the opportunity to offer a competitive alternative to these teledentistry programs. Patients will choose Even28 at-home™️ over Smile Direct Club™ every time as long as you take the time to explain the benefits of direct dentist supervision. The end results is more revenue, more referrals and more cosmetic dentistry patients for you and your dental practice.


Many cosmetic dentistry patients start off their journey by researching how to straightening their teeth. Offering Even28 at-home™ helps you get in front of these patients. Many of you are already Invisalign® providers, which is great. Adding Even28 at-home™ and Even28 at-dentist™ gives your practice another dimension. You can now offer your patients another solution to straighten their smiles. We’ve simplified the whole process to keep things simple:

  • Simple orthodontic cases are treated with Even28 at-home™️ for one fixed low price of $1,995 (2020 price). There are no IPR’s, no tooth contouring, no attachments and no periodic dentist visits involved in Even28 at-home™️ to minimize your chairtime. You get to keep the patient amd offer them what they want (affordable clear aligners). Stop losing patients to Smile Direct Club™️ and grow your cosmetic dentistry patient pool through word-of-mouth and referrals.
  • More complex orthodontic cases are treated with Even28 at-dentist™️ or you can continue using Invisalign®. There is no set fee and you can charge whatever you like for Even28 at-dentist™️. Also, Even28 at-dentist™️ has only one lab bill and comes with unlimited clear aligners. Whether it’s 10, 20 or 40 clear aligners, your lab bill will be the same. This means that you can stop counting aligners and start offering patients the best possible treatment every time.


Offering Even28 Clear Aligners alongside Invisalign® will help you grow your dental practice. Patients are more likely to make a purchase when given more than one option. For example, you wouldn’t buy milk from the grocery store if they only offered one brand of milk for one price. Instead, the grocery store offers organic milk, 2%, skim, etc. and they let the customer decide which option best suits their needs. Similarly, offering Even28 Clear Aligners alongside Invisalign® helps you sell more of both clear aligner programs. Additionally, there are a few benefits Even28 Clear Aligners have over Invisalign®:

  • Invisalign® lab bill is about 30-60% more than Even28 Clear Aligners.
  • Invisalign® has a complex fee structure whereas Even28 offers just two programs: Even28 at-home™ and Even28 at-dentist™.
  • Invisalign® does not offer a program that competes with Smile Direct Club™. In contrast, Even28 at-home™️ is designed to go head-to-head with do-it-yourself clear aligner programs.
  • Even28 at-dentist™️ comes with unlimited clear aligners so you never have to worry about how many aligners it takes to complete a case again.


It takes way too many years of hard work to become a dentist! We shouldn’t have to worry about competing for dental patients with unlicensed individuals or big companies. Sadly, this is no longer the case… According to Smile Direct Club™ and Candid Co™, their “smile experts” are just as qualified to treat patient’s smiles as you. Our profession is in serious jeopardy if patients start trusting the former barista to straighten their teeth. We simply can’t sit back and allow this obvious professional misconduct to continue while doing nothing about it. Lawsuits have failed. Besides, shutting down one clear aligner program will only lead to a more experienced and dangerous successor and it won’t solve our problem. The only way we can successfully fight back against the big corporations is by offering better service for comparable price. That’s exactly what Even28 at-home™️ does. Start offering Even28 at-home™️ and get patients back into your dental chair where they belong before they become “customers” of the big corporations.


Even28 is much more than just another clear aligner system. We’re also in the process of building a national database on dentists and the internet’s most comprehensive “dentist Search Engine”. We can provide you all the marketing tools you need to promote your clear aligner program. Create or claim your Even28 Basic Profile today and showcase your before & after clear aligner treatment photos. Let patients see the awesome results your clear aligner patients are achieving so they choose you as their clear aligner provider. Add an Even28 Online Store and start selling “Clear Aligner Assessment Kit” and “Even28 at-home™ Clear Aligners” directly online.

Your Even28 Practice Profile Page and Even28 Online Store are powerful marketing tools available to all dentists. Use them to attract new patients to your practice and grow your clear aligner patient pool. Take Mrs. Jones as an example. Mrs. Jones hasn’t seen a dentist in a long time and she needs a ton of dental work. She can afford the work too, but she doesn’t have a dentist she trusts at the moment. Mrs. Jones simply needs an incentive to get started with her extensive dental work. She starts researching new dentists by looking for ways to straighten her smile. Mrs. Jones comes across your Even28 Profile where she sees the life transforming before & after photos of your clear aligner patients. She navigates to your Even28 Online Store, sees that you have fair prices for new patients and also offer custom dental accessories that she needs. Mrs. Jones likes what she sees and is now ready to start her dental treatment with you instead of your competitors. She submits an appointment request right from your Even28 Profile, or better yet, purchases a new patient package from your Even28 Online Store. You now have more than just another clear aligner patient, you have a high-quality patient, possibly for the rest of the patient’s life!


We only want the best dentists to join our clear aligner program. We’re looking for providers who have a passion for clear aligner therapy and cosmetic dentistry. Join us today while we’re still accepting new applicants in your region. Become an Even28 Clear Aligner provider to stay competitive in the clear aligner industry. Allowing patients to spend less on clear aligners results not only in more referrals, but it also allows more room in your patient’s budget to get additional dental work from you.

As it stands, you’re losing 2 patients each month to do-it-yourself clear aligner programs like Smile Direct Club™. Get these patients back into the dental chair by becoming an Even28 Clear Aligner provider. Offering affordable clear aligners is a great way to grow your practice. Many of these clear aligner patients will go on to become permanent patients of yours. They will receive deep cleanings, bonding, porcelain veneers, dental implants and more. They’ll also refer their family and friends to your practice.


Reclaim patients you're losing everyday to DIY programs


This is the magic number that do-it-yourself clear aligner programs use to steal clear aligner patients from your practice. As long as DIY clear aligner programs keep their advertised price below $2000, they don't have to worry about competing with local dentists and orthodontists. Market research has shown that at this price point patients are willing to let someone without any formal dental training work on their mouth. For "60% less than braces" many patients are willing to gamble with their oral health in favor of saving a few bucks. This leaves you with two options:


One option is to sit back and do nothing in hopes of patients choosing you over Smile Direct Club™. Unfortunately, that's not working out too well for most dentists we know. Smile Direct Club™ has been growing steadily year-after-year and they sold more than 150,000 clear aligners in Q4 2019! Sure, patients with more complex orthodontic conditions still require Invisalign® or braces. However, it's becoming increasingly more difficult to sell clear aligners to treat simple orthodontic cases. More and more patients with simple-to-moderate orthodontic conditions are choosing to pay less than $2,000 to straighten their teeth with Smile Direct Club™. You can continue offering Invisalign® at steeper and steeper discounts while your profit margins continue to vanish. Or you can choose to do something about it...


The other option is to take a proactive stance and become an Even28 Clear Aligner provider. You now have the ability to offer your patients Even28 at-home™️ clear aligners for nearly the same price as Smile Direct Club™. Become an Even28 Clear Aligner provider and never lose another patient to DIY aligner programs. Will your patients choose their beloved local dentist or orthodontist over a questionable do-it-yourself online "club"? We're willing to bet that most patients will choose you in a heartbeat!


Even28 Clear Aligner programs


Even28 has simplified the clear aligner process for patients and dentists alike. Our programs, prices and treatment options are simple and easy to understand. Here's how it works:


For simpler orthodontic conditions offer your patients Even28 at-home™️. Despite it's name, Even28 at-home™️ is not a do-it-yourself aligner program. You, the dentist, are still in charge of the initial workup, diagnosis, taking impressions/scans and approving the EvenCheck 3-D tooth movement animation. The "at-home" is a simple reference to the fact that patients receive all of their clear aligners upfront and you don't have to see them again until the program is complete. This makes treatment more convenient for patients and at the same time, it minimizes your chairtime. There are no pointless IPRs, tooth contouring or attachments for treating simple orthodontic cases. Even28 at-home™️ is simple, affordable and convenient for both you and your patients.

In order to compete with DIY online programs we have to set a standardized fee for Even28 at-home™️. Charge your patient $1,995 for Even28 at-home™️ (2020 pricing) which is nearly the same price as most other do-it-yourself clear aligner programs. The big difference is that patients now have the option of receiving their treatment from their beloved local dentist (that's you!) instead of some greedy corporate ran by non-dentist owners. Also, don't forget that your clear aligners patients are cosmetically oriented. Many of these patients will go on to become permanent patients of your practice and receive additional cosmetic dentistry treatment upon completion of their clear aligner program. The results is more patients, more revenue and more cosmetic dentistry for you and your practice.


For more complex orthodontic conditions offer your patients Even28 at-dentist™. Even28 at-dentist™ is similar to Invisalign® in that it requires frequent monitoring of your patient's progress as well as possible tooth contouring, attachment placement, occlusal adjustment, etc. Even28 at-dentist™ has one set lab fee and comes with unlimited clear aligners. So whether you need 10, 20 or 40 clear aligners, your lab fee is the same. There is no set fee for Even28 at-dentist™ so feel free to charge whatever you have to in order to cover the chairtime required to treat these more complex treatments.


Different clear aligner programs for different orthodontic conditions

As dentists, we can easily distinguish between simple and complex orthodontic conditions. But guess what? Patients can't! Patients automatically assume that every orthodontic case is simple and can be treated with at home aligners. DIY aligner programs are tricking patients into thinking that every case qualifies for at home clear aligners. Obviously, this is not true. But if you can't get these patients into your dental chair, you'll never have the opportunity to educate them on what's best for their needs. The patient ends up getting subpar treatment from one of these DIY aligner programs and you've lost a potential patient.

The minute you start offering Even28 Clear Aligners in your practice, you get these patients back into your dental chair. Use this opportunity to educate patients on their orthodontic condition and help them choose the best course of treatment for their condition. Most patients are willing to spend the extra time and money as long as they understand what it is that they're paying extra for.

  • Simple orthodontic conditions: When a case is simple, offer your patient Even28 at-home™️ clear aligners for $1,995. Be sure to see if they want to purchase custom accessories, like retainers and night guards, to go along with their clear aligner program.
  • Mediocre orthodontic conditions: Explain to your patient why their case is more complicated and why receiving all of their clear aligners upfront is not going to give him or her the best end results. Go over why you have to perform treatments like IPR, attachment placement and/or bite calibration and how at home treatment could lead to bite problems and orthodontic relapse. Help your patient understand why they have to spend the extra bucks to have their treatment supervised by you instead of going with Smile Direct Club™️ and other do-it-yourself aligner programs. Treat your patient with Invisalign® or Even28 at-dentist™️.
  • Complex orthodontic conditions: Don't bother treating complex orthodontic cases with clear aligners. Treat them with braces or refer them out to your orthodontist (if you're not an orthodontist yourself).

Becoming an Even28 Clear Aligner provider gives you the opportunity to get patients back into the dental chair. Take your time to explain to your patients their orthodontic condition and they will understand why they have to pay more for dentist delivered clear aligners or braces. Get better results, keep your patients happy and grow your clear aligner and cosmetic dentistry patient pool by offering Even28 Clear Aligners.


Because you're no longer just competing with the dentist next door


By becoming an Even28 Clear Aligner provider you're demonstrating that you want to be competitive and relevant in the clear aligner industry. That you're willing to straightening your patient's smiles without charging them an arm and leg. Give your patients the option to choose the program that best suits their needs. Treat simple cases with Even28 at-home™️ as an alternative to do-it-yourself clear aligner programs. Reserve Even28 at-home™️ and Invisalign® for more complex treatments. That's what your patients really want and you should offer it to them.

Naturally, Even28 at-home™️ is a far superior program to those risky and dangerous do-it-yourself online programs. By offering Even28 at-home™️, your patients no longer have to self-diagnose and treat themselves. Instead, they can now choose their local dentist to perform their initial workup, monitor their progress and evaluate the end results. Start offering your patients Even28 Clear Aligners and get back into the clear aligner game before it's too late!


Showcase your clear aligner treatment photos on your Even28 Profile 

As an Even28 Clear Aligner provider you get immediate access to your own Even28 Basic Profile which includes a Practice Profile Page and an Online Store. These are excellent tools that can help you attract more clear aligner patients to your practice. Plus, they are at no cost to you. The only payment you'll ever make is for your clear aligner lab bill once you sell a case. Here's how you can leverage your Even28 Profile to sell more clear aligners and grow your dental practice:


Use your Even28 Practice Profile Page to attract more patients to your practice (click here to see an example). Here are some of the main features which you can highlight here:

  • Before & after treatment photos
  • Your top reviews compilation
  • Your mission statement, where you tell prospective patients a bit more about yourself and your practice philosophy
  • A list of dental services you offer
  • Online appointment booking and one-click phone call feature


Your Even28 Online Store is basically your dentistry online store. Use it to sell all sorts of dental products and services directly to patients online:

  • List "Even28 at-home™ clear aligners" and sell it online commission free (only pay your lab bill)
  • Include dental accessories such as a custom night guard or whitening trays to increase your margins and better serve your patients
  • Sell "Clear aligner assessment kits" to attract new clear aligner patients to your practice

Create your own Even28 Online Store to sell dental products and services online and attract more patients to your dental practice. Even28 Basic Profile members have a small commission subtracted from each item and get to keep the rest. Even28 Premium Profile members don't pay any commission on their online sales.


Become an Even28 Clear Aligner provider today

Join Even28 and start getting your clear aligner patients back from Smile Direct and Candid Teeth today!

We understand that clear aligner treatment may not be for everyone. This is why we only want the most passionate dentists to join our program. We invest heavily into each and every one of our providers by providing them the marketing tools they need to sell our clear aligner programs. Therefore, we only want the best dentists, those interested in cosmetics and teeth straightening, to join our program.

If you're interested in becoming an Even28 Clear Aligner provider we'd love to hear from you. Send us an email at admin@even28.com and let us know that you're interested in becoming an Even28 Clear Aligner provider. Include your name, practice name and city & State. Also, if you haven't created your Even28 Profile as of yet, be sure to do so now. Click here to go to our "Join Page" to create your free Even28 Basic Profile. Thank you for your interest in Even28 Clear Aligners and we look forward to helping you grow your practice alongside our clear aligner program.