Discount Dental Plans


Buy a discount dental plan directly from your dentist


We all know that dentistry is not cheap. So what do you do if you don't have dental insurance? We recommend that you consider buying a discount dental plan from a local dentist. Purchasing a discount dental plan is a great way of saving money at the dentist. Discount dental plans are basically membership plans that save you money at your dentist. Most discount dental plans cover two exam & cleaning a year, offer you great discounts and are good for one whole year. It's important to purchase a discount dental plan that's right for your needs. Here are some things you should consider when shopping for a discount dental plan:

  • Are the procedures you need (fillings, crowns, dentures, etc.) covered by your discount dental plan?
  • How much do these treatment cost and how much discount do you get?
  • Does your dentist offer more than one discount plan option? If so, which plan best suits your needs?

Dentists sell discount dental plans directly on their Even28 Online Store. Take your time to do your research and a dentist and discount dental plan that fits your needs. Then simply buy your discount plan online. You have one-year from the date of your first appointment (not date of purchase) to enjoy savings on your dental care! It's that simple.


2 Dental cleanings + Savings for 1 whole year

Buying a discount dental plan on Even28 Online Store means you are buying directly from your dentist. There are numerous benefits to purchasing a discount dental plan from your dentist's Even28 Online Store, such as:

  • Time to do your research: Take your time and do your research. Learn more about your dentist, which services they offer and what type of discounts they offer. Take your time to find the right dentist and the right discount dental plan for your needs.
  • Better service: When you purchase your discount dental plan on your dentist's Even28 Online Store you pay your dentist, not some middleman insurance company. And guess what? Happier dentist = Better service! Purchase your discount dental plan directly from your dentist on their Even28 Online Store and support your local dentist instead of a middleman.
  • No gimmicks, real discounts: Each dentist sets up his or her own discount dental plans based on what they feel works for their patients. Buying discount dental plans directly from your dentist means you're actually getting discounted prices that your dentist will honor when the time comes.
  • Rating your purchase: As with every other purchase from your dentist's Even28 Online Store, you get to rank your discount dental plan experience. Grading your experience will motivate your dentist to offer you better service.

Stop delaying your 6-month checkup and get back to taking care of your teeth. Find a dentist near you and purchase their discount dental plan today. No more excuses!