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Elexis Elon Joffre, DMD (Orthodontist)

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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 7:30 am to 4:00 pm

Wednesday: 7:30 am to 4:00 pm

Thursday: 7:30 am to 4:00 pm

Friday: 7:30 am to 4:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Jaclyn Deshowitz (Source: Google)


Dr. J and his whole team were fantastic! I was so incredibly pleased with my Invisalign results. Dr.J walked through every step of the process with me and put me at ease from the very start. This one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and has boosted my self confidence tremendously. Thank you, DotSmiles!

Milena Hadzhieva (Source: Google)


Awesome place! I am so glad that from all of the dental services out there I picked the right one. Amazing results on my teeth – I was in Invisalign for the last 5 months and I am all done – my teeth are perfect, now I can smile as much as I want and show my beautiful teeth. Thank you so much to all of the people who took care of me at DotSmile. I also want to add that they are very cooperative- I moved out of state and couldn’t follow the whole process, but they made it easy for me. Really appreciate that favor, you are the best!

Ian Fitzgerald (Source: Google)


Great experience with DotSmiles… I started Invisalign treatment last May to correct movement caused by a disregard of retainer use as a kid. The process was simple, straightforward and completely worth it. Dr. J is great and was able to perfect my smile back to where I wanted it to be. I would highly recommend Dr. J and DotSmiles to anyone looking to begin Invisalign treatment.

Suzanne Morrison (Source: Google)


My children have been patients of Dr. Joffre since he opened in Dorchester. The whole staff make it easy from start to finish. My children look forward to their visits. The best part is how Dr. J takes a vested interest in all his patients’ lives inside and outside the office. My only regret is not being able to go in and see everyone with the COVID guide lines, but he is not going anywhere and we will see each other soon.

Virginia Hampton (Source: Google)


First visit today with my daughter for a consultation and Dr. Jay and Heather were amazing! Dr.Jay is hilarious and Heather is a sweetheart. The receptionist wasn’t inviting at all but Heather & Dr.Jay were unforgettable. It was really insightful to actually see my daughters teeth with live photos and go over it together. Super helpful! I left there with a lot of good info and fully understand what my nexts steps will be. Our family has found our orthodontist!!

Kayla Rodrigues-Lopez (Source: Google)


Came in my freshman year of high school with my teeth overlapping and being too close together. I am now about to be a senior in high school and I just got mine taken off. The process wasn’t as bad as I thought is was going to be. My teeth are straight and I love them. The staff and super nice and have nice conversations with me, which is a plus.

Siobhan O'Donnell (Source: Google)


You will absolutely love this practice!! Dr. Joffre and Heather were friendly and FUNNY! I brought my 4th child in as my previous Orthodontist retired some 6 years ago! The consult was great! Payment plans are very affordable and I love the idea of Invisalign as a course of treatment! I will say it was not as costly as I expected so very happy all around with the whole experience! Dot smiles is the way to go!

Patrice D. Gabriel (Source: Google)


Dr. J and the rest of his team are phenomenal! I felt that they were very professional and inviting. It was my first visit with them and by the end of it, I had no doubts that I wanted to come back allow them to lead my care. Dr. J was very personable and facilitated great conversation and patient care. The hygienist who helped me during my visit was named Heather and she was a delight. She made me feel comfortable, cared for and did a great job explaining things to me. Overall her and Dr. J made my visit feel fun and exciting. I am whole heartedly looking forward to going back!

Kimberly Hill (Source: Google)


The office is beautiful with state of the art equipment. The staff was friendly, professional and helpful. Dr.Joffre is amazing! He spent time with us explaining everything so we understood the treatment plan. He is highly qualified and very professional but he also has a great sense of humor! We highly recommend Dot Smiles.

Keisha Bailey (Source: Google)


I was really nervous for my sons braces and had canceled a few times due to this. My son went in alone, as he went during covid. He told me how down to earth the orthodontist Dr. Joffre was. He told him how cool his glasses were and spent the time explaining, until he understood, how to care for his braces to get the best result. I would highly recommended this place for all orthodontist care. Thank you DOT smiles ❤

Zipporah Griffith (Source: Google)


After looking at other orthodontists in the area I found dotSmiles and it was the best decision I could have made. The staff makes you feel welcomed right from the first day and the experience of getting braces has been the best that I could have ever asked for. I look forward to each appointment because I know that I will get laughs along with a full explanation of what is coming next with with my braces. I highly recommend this office to everyone!

Inacia1984 (Source: Google)


I cannot say enough nice things about this place. Upon arrival, I signed in and waited for the go head to enter. When I was given the Ok, I was greeted by Melissa at the door, who was chipper to see as if we’d met before. She was polite and extremely professional. I then met the hygienist Heather who immediately made me feel extremely comfortable. Next comes Dr.J himself. You can tell the staff loves what they do and the people they help. Dr.J, while making me laugh, examined my teeth without that whole “your fingers are in my mouth “ awkward feeling. A lot of laughs but a lot of professionalism. Also shout out to Jalisa (hope I spelled that correctly). She walked in looking for another colleague but stopped to introduced herself to me (I also saw her next day for pictures and she put my at ease as well). First impressions are everything to me and they did not disappoint. I cannot wait to start my journey with this team. I know I am in good hands/chairs 🙂

Michaela Henry (Source: Google)


Dr. J. is absolutely amazing at his craft! He makes you feel right at home and treats you like family from the moment you step into in his practice. The office is beautiful, clean, and has the most up to date technology to make everyone’s experience AMAZING! Dr. J. did Invisalign for me and I am so beyond happy with the results. It was painless, easy to care for, and the treatment time went by so fast. I have received so many compliments on my teeth since I have seen Dr. J. and I now recommend DOT SMILES and his staff to everyone. Thank you DOT SMILES for everything 🙂

Lekeisha Jefferson (Source: Google)


Dr. J is very passionate and caring. He is very understanding when it comes to a patients wants vs. Needs. His staff are friendly and always smiling. I would recommend every child or adult to choose a Dot Smiles over any place in New England! Thank you team for making me confident to smile and laugh again!!!

Mohan Pahari (Source: Google)


My daighter Trisha( 13 years) due to premature birth, her tooth was not in great shape and needed orthodontist corrections. We were so happy to find Dr. J to help Trisha’s condition. It’s been almost two years with Dr. J and out come is fantastic which I can’t describe in words. Whole experience with Dr. J and his wonderful team was phenomenal. All staffs here at dotSmile office are very friendly, full of humorous and most importantly very skillful. Office is very clean, and welcoming. I will highly recommend to everyone who needs orthodontist expert Again thank you Dr. J. You Rock

Shantae Barnes (Source: Google)


I love this place! Great customer service, they remember your face and the conversations you’ve had over the course of your visits. They are very personable which I love! Not to mention I needed my braces off in time for my best friends wedding (8 months from my start date) and I let Dr. Joffre know that in the beginning. He exceeded my expectations and had taken them off sooner. My teeth are PERFECT!

Tayja Wright (Source: Google)


My experience at Dot Smiles was amazing! I’m completely shocked by the outcome. I didn’t think my gap could be closed with Invisalign but Dot Smiles proved me wrong. I’m so glad I came here! I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone who is looking to get braces or Invisalign. I promise they’ll take good care of you and you’ll feel more confident after your treatment.

Candice Caines (Source: Google)


My smile had been waiting for a place like this. I can’t say enough about how fantastic my experience was. Best customer service from all members of the staff. I always looked forward to my appointments. My treatment plan was clear and well explained. I felt valued, like they all cared about me as a person.

H. Randolph Scott III (Source: Google)


This office is state of the art! I was searching for a good orthodontist in Dorchester/Milton area and Dr. Joffre and his staff came highly recommended by several people and after receiving treatment I now know why. He takes ample time to go over your concerns and explains exactly how he will reach he will address them. I highly recommend this practice you will not be disappointed!

Kevin Depina (Source: Google)


From walking into the door to being seated and having my entire visit explained to me it was all priceless and the experience I would want with with every establishment I visit. I would give this 10/10 if I could but it was an amazing experience and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this office. Can’t wait to begin my Invisalign Treatment.

Grace Young-Jae (Source: Google)


I, as a parent came away with a better first-time experience beyond my expectations. The staff and doctor seemed very sincere and excited about their work and what they have to offer for my child. They wanted me to know the WHY, WHAT and HOW of the proposed diagnosis for treatment for my child. This was more than what I received when I was a child, but then I draw a blank there when it came to any information about WHY, WHAT, HOW. This wasn’t about me, but then again, I’m the parent, so it’s really about me understanding how this treatment is going to be a great decision and investment for my child. I already had a hunch that doing this treatment would benefit him later on to reduce further intense treatments, if any. So starting early in this treatment is to help his teeth get back on track and straighten out for the adult teeth to come out nicely. I’m looking forward to the treatment and hopefully my son’s experience will not be as painful and damaging as my own. It’s also reassuring to know that this doctor is not in it for the money and would only give the treatment that he thinks is the best course of action as though he was diagnosing for his own children.

NaNa Kalua (Source: Facebook)


Very friendly environment plus staff makes you feel comfortable. They are concerned with your mouth health not money. They will work around your financial needs, different choices of paying. Most importantly parking is available at least for me and best if Right in Dorchester!!!! Thank you Dr. E. Elon Joffre

Laura Bleyendaal (Source: Google)


I had a terrific experience at dotSmiles. I came in as an adult looking to get my teeth straightened. Dr. Joffre and his team helped me get a great smile in a little over a year and a half with traditional braces. I am extremely happy with the results. The whole process was very smooth from the scheduling to the actual visits and adjustments. All the staff were very welcoming and efficient. I highly recommend this well-organized practice. A big thank you to the dotSmiles team!

Leslie Delisle (Source: Google)


Dr J and his team run a tight, effective ship! My daughter loves going to her appointments and has found the experience of orthodontics fun! In just 4 months, my daughters teeth that made her incredibly self conscious, are PERFECT, all due to the recommendation to try Invisalign. She is so much more confident, and can’t wait to show Dr J and staff her progress each time. I would give dotSmiles a 5++++

Michelle Crawford (Source: Google)


Getting smile correction at my age can be scary. I work with kids all day and don’t necessarily want to look like one. The staff at DotSmiles are friendly, well informed and open to numerous questions. Dr. Joffre is definitely the person to work with if you might be afraid of dental procedures. He could put wild beasts at ease with his demeanor and humor.

Cindy Guzman (Source: Google)


Dr. J and his team are the absolute best! They strive to provide their patients with the best service possible. What I love most is that Dr. J explains every detail about your treatment plan at each visit so you know where you stand and what to expect as your teeth shift. I highly recommend DotSmiles to anyone in need of orthodontic services, you will not be disappointed!

Phuong Nguyen (Source: Google)


My previous review was negative, but I can’t seem to find it, so I’m making a new one. DotSmiles is a wonderful place, with top notch staff members (in terms of personality as well), and physical design. Yes, the the scheduling can get quite tight, but its a detail that grows miniscule as you consider a larger perspective of DotSmiles and how you’re only trading a day for an appointment. (As what already may be obvious)

Pamela Carver (Source: Google)


Incredible customer service from the staff and the office is spotless. Felt so comfortable going as a 50 year old! Such a welcoming environment and Dr. J is simply the best ortho hands down in Boston! I could not be happier with my teeth! Gave me a free consultation with thoughtful explanation of my options with no pressure. Convenient to get to whether driving or taking the MBTA! Would give 10 stars if I could! I HIGHLY recommend!

Amy Monks (Source: Google)


Just WOW!!!! By far the friendliest most welcoming dental office I have ever been to. My son needed braces and I was referred by a friend and to say I was impressed is an understatement. From the receptionist, to the dental assistant to Dr.Joffre- everyone on this team was caring, thoughtful and communicative. I can’t say enough about Dot Smiles and just how fantastic they are!!!

Jack Fraser (Source: Google)


Dr. J and the rest of the lovely crew at Dot Smiles will do everything they can to make you feel welcome, comfortable, and safe, especially during these weird times! They are incredibly hospitable and accommodating, genuinely wanting the best for anyone and everyone who comes through the doors of their office! Couldn’t recommend them more to anyone looking to fix up their pearly whites.

Andrea Dunlap (Source: Google)


If you are an adult seeking clear braces (aka i Invisalign), I highly recommend you seek Dr. Joffre for a free consultation. He and his staff made the process simple and affordable (zero interest financing). While I’d imagine traditional braces are the most affordable option, personally, Invisalign was well worth the price. The doctor and his staff couldn’t have been friendly, caring and accommodating. I was always able to get an appointment that worked with my busy schedule and my wait time was minimal. All my questions were answered at each appointment and I never felt rushed out the door. Hands down, Dr. Joffre and the Dotsmiles team are the BEST! I received near perfect results and I didn’t take the most difficult (but considered the most sucessful) option (palette restructuring).

Tenesha Thomas (Source: Google)


I felt welcomed and very comfortable from the first day that I walked into dotSmiles . Everyone there is very friendly and remembers you. Dr Joffre is very straightforward and makes sure that he has his patients best interest at heart.Thank you very much Dr. Joffre and your amazing staff, for such great services, experience and most importantly, for improving my smile.

Bryant Gaspard (Source: Google)


I have had great treatmemt at dotsmiles for the past 5 years (I am old and my teeth move slow!). Dr. Joffre and his staff have been a pleasure to visit on every appointment. I feel they always cater to my needs and questions. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to get braces or any other orthodontic treatment.

Erin DeCurtis (Source: Google)


Our 7&8 year old daughters were referred to Dr. Joffre to develop an early assessment of what may be needed and at every appointment Dr. Joffre and the staff at dotSmiles are warm and friendly and take the time to explain everything to make sure we understand our options. I truly cannot imagine a better experience!

Celia C (Source: Google)


Whenever I come in for an appointment the staff at DotSmiles have always been welcoming and authentic. Their personable and knowledgeable demeanor puts my mind at ease every time. Dr. J is great at making sure I understand every aspect of my care plan, ensuring that I am happy with the end results.Truly a great place and a wonderful team!