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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


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Wednesday: 9:50 am to 5:45 pm

Thursday: 9:50 am to 5:45 pm

Friday: 9:50 am to 5:45 pm

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Tina D. from University City, San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Douglas Nguyen and his entire staff are wonderful, especially the front office assistant Sarah. She has been very helpful and always has a smile on her face. My siblings referred me to Dr. Nguyen because they have been treated here, and they were very satisfied with their care at the office and results. As an adult, it is daunting to start braces. However, I felt at ease at my initial consultation. Dr. Douglas is very knowledgeable and professional. He was thorough in his explanations about the entire process of braces and made sure he understood exactly what I wanted. He made sure I was comfortable and reassured me of any doubts I had. I am excited to embark on this journey and can’t wait to see the results! Dr. Nguyen has my full trust

Trinique Thanh Pham (Source: Google)


Dr. Douglas, Sarah, Abby, and Hieu were very friendly and helpful! I came to get my retainer replacement during Covid and they were very accommodating and went above and beyond to meet my needs/expectations! Also, the clinic is clean and adheres to safety precautions to maximize patient safety!!

Han H. from Garden Grove, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Douglas has led me through my entire journey with braces and I have no complaints! He is very careful and gentle, and I 100% believe it when he says his #1 goal is to keep you happy. To start, the front desk staff are so warm and welcoming! They are very friendly and clear with their instructions when guiding you into the office. The environment is well-lit, modern, and has always been incredibly clean (even before COVID-19) and recently, they’ve taken extra measures to make sure you are safe during your appointment by installing acrylic barriers to separate the spaces between the patients, as well as asking you to wear your mask while waiting. On days I didn’t get to meet with Dr. Douglas, I met with his assistants who were just as great and friendly! They know what they are doing and always make sure you are comfortable, never failing to reassure you that you are welcome to return if you are unhappy after your appointment. I am very satisfied with how my teeth look and would definitely recommend Dr. Douglas to anyone searching for a professional, determined orthodontist who loves their work and patients!

Alvin H. from Huntington Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


One wintery night (i.e. yesterday), as I was about to saunter off to sleep, I noticed that my top retainer (Hawley vintage back from when Dr. Douglas first opened his practice) did not fit my upper teeth and was loose. I was astonished as I have been wearing them diligently every night, having not drop them once since 2005 when I got my braces off. The next morning I made a call straight to Dr. Douglas’ office where the receptionist Amy picked up the phone promptly. I don’t know what it is but every time I call (no matter if it’s Sarah or Amy), it seems like the office already knows who’s on the line and greets me cordially like family! Without missing a beat, Amy told me to come to the office straight away even though it is busy as today is usually reserved for putting on braces, nevertheless she would find time for me as she worries that my teeth might shift out of alignment the longer I wait without my retainer fitting and being loose — with school starting next week, I wouldn’t even have the time to come here! As soon as I got there, both of the receptionists working that day greeted me warmly and said “Hi Alvin!” in unison. I am like HOW DID THEY KNOW? I only visit once a year or maybe twice, and so I was blown away. Sure enough, within 10 minutes, I was already welcomed into the familiar olive-mint green colored patient’s chair which brings back nostalgia of my younger days… True to Amy’s word, the place was so busy, with every patient chair occupied, I didn’t even have a chance to see Dr. Douglas — no matter though, as this was just a retainer check up. His associate checked out my retainer and bended it back into shape. Making sure it wasn’t too tight or too loose, constantly asking me if it was okay. Within 15 minutes (from when I stepped in) I was already out the door! The fact that Dr. Douglas’s office took the time to welcome me in due to my unexpected retainer emergency, despite the fact that the place was so busy, made me truly appreciate how special this place is. Attached are a couple of pictures I took when I saw Dr. Douglas and the receptionist Sarah a while ago. See original review below for a more literary content of my experience with Dr. Douglas Nguyen from 2 years ago.

Lylybeth Arambula (Source: Google)


The people and service here are stupendous! Abby always works with my schedule and is flexible when it comes to booking my consultations. Everyone is friendly and make you feel comfortable. Josue explains everything to you and does amazing work during my appointments. I’m getting my braces off soon and I can’t thank them enough for all the work they do!!!

Sera Anh N. from Garden Grove, CA (Source: Yelp)


My daughter had a really bad overbite and was teased a lot at school because of her “beaver teeth”. I researched for a month before deciding to reach out to Dr Douglas’ office for a consult. I mentioned it to my mom and aunts about getting it done here for my daughter and ALL of them were against it and to go another orthodontist further down the street because “its better” Well, it’s NOT. They’re shady! They dont care for the patients! The place is not cleaned and the staff are rude and unyielding. They’re not accommodating at all- it was their way or the high way. The orthodontist was basically- we shall slap the braces on and BAM, Wham! No more beaver teeth! Dr Douglas’s office- WOW. From initial phone call to consult- sheesh! It is what you expect from professionals. The office is clean, spacious and nicely decorated. You can tell that the staff makes an effort in appearance and that speaks alot to me. Abby, our financial guru, is the sweetest person ever. She remembers my daughter’s name and always asks her what book she is reading. She makes me sure to call and remind me of my appointments. She is very thoughtful and thorough. Michelle is another sweetheart and always smiling when helping with scheduling. Assistant Paul is awesome too. He is has great patience. Heck- all of the staff has a level of professionalism in that office. Oh, I cant forget about Dr Douglas. He’s thorough with his work. He knows what he is talking about. I just wished he spoke a little louder, my old ears can barely hear him. Overall, if you are going to be spending money, get your money’s worth. Not only gorgeous results, but also to be treated more than just a number. I’m paying out of pocket and is highly satisfied; hence, I scheduled a consult for my other kid. Thank you Dr Douglas and staff members.

Ryan T. from Anaheim Resort, Garden Grove, CA (Source: Yelp)


I really enjoyed my experience and the service the faculty provided here. I would like to thank Dr. Douglas and the staff members Sarah, Abby, Josue, and everyone else who worked hard to give me the best service. Sarah and Abby helped me schedule my appointments and were always very friendly and professional. Everyone tries their best to take care of you and I would definitely recommend people get their braces done here. The facility is very clean, festive, and emits a pleasant atmosphere. It may get busy sometimes but they always try to help everyone in a timely manner. Dr. Douglas and the staff did a wonderful job at giving me a new smile. I am beyond satisfied with the results.

Alvin Huynh (Source: Google)


Sauntering past the large communal parking lot plaza, under the hot July sun one fine summer evening, I walked past the newly opened Monster Boba Shop. “Hmm, I tell myself, this used to be a clothing store years past.” As I opened the idyllic glass doors, immediately I was greeted by the very nice receptionists working behind the counter. Bilingual as they are, they greeted me warmly by my name. One of the notable office assistant there, Sarah Nguyen, definitely made an impression on me with her outstanding courtesy and formality (as well as being hilarious at times), always making sure I feel comfortable. Within minutes, I was taken to the back of the inner sanctum where they had contemporary architecture in terms of layout and cool chairs! Moments later I was shown to my procedure chair, a chair I’ve kind of bonded over the years past, when I used to go to my monthly orthodontics appointment for tightening of braces. Sitting comfortable in my chair, I’ve noticed the stacks of magazines in a protective covers in the corner for my viewing pleasure, reminiscent of my earlier years when this place first opened. As a patient, it is always nice to have familiarity with a place to lower anxiety. Additionally, I noticed how clean everything was, with HEPA air filters in every corner — such an aseptic environment that even a molecular biologist would appreciate! Alas, Dr. Douglas Nguyen politely greeted me with a warm smile and even warmer handshake. His soft-tone immediately keeps me at ease, as he did when I first entered this office as one of his first patients… some 15 years ago! Hard to imagine but he LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME. Even YOUNGER, in fact. His ASMR-like tone of voice will put even the most anxious patient at ease. Always taking an interest in whatever I’m currently doing, he makes me feel like the most important person in the world. As you talk to him, with quick adeptness and even better dexterity, he manipulates my retainers while holding a conversation. It doesn’t take a professional to see that this healthcare provider comes across with qualities that are hallmarks of a professional such as, humility, courtesy, competency in the profession, and most importantly, compassion with his patient. It has always been a pleasure and joy to see him for my retainer check-up as it has been 13 years since my braces were taken off. I often get complimented on my teeth by my peers and teachers alike, such as “Alvin, has anybody ever told you, you have really great teeth” or “The first thing that struck me was your smile.” Therefore, I have always been grateful to Dr. Douglas for changing my underbite to a great smile over the course of 3 years. 😀

Andrew Le (Source: Google)


This place has extraordinary customer service and the environment is very clean and very friendly! Staffs really take their time to try and get to know you. You’re guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face. Sarah always greets and makes you feel very welcomed with her positive attitude and energy, as does every other staff at DDS!

Chauu V. from Garden Grove, CA (Source: Yelp)


I normally don’t write Yelp reviews or even check in but I just gotta do it for my favorite orthodontist place! I got my braces here so I’ve been in and out their office like tons of time over the past 4 years. Their office is modern and very clean. Dr. Douglas is definitely the most patient orthodontist I’ve ever seen. He spends time to fix every small details there are to make sure everything is perfectly in place. All the staff here are just so friendly and welcoming every time making my visits super enjoyable. I just have to give it to Sarah, Michelle, and Abby in the front desk for always giving me the flexibility in choosing my appointment times. They make it so easy every time because they’re very willing to work with my schedule. Josue is also one of my favorite there! He’s super nice, friendly, and gentle whenever he works on my teeth. My overall experience here for the past years is just awesome. I just love everyone’s energy and their willingness to work things out.

Teresa N. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I have been to Dr. Douglas’s office twice and I must admit, it’s quite unfortunate that I do not have children of my own just yet to have him fix their future crooked smiles. Why I’ve been here? Well, my niece actually got work done here and I’m fairly glad my sister opted this office vs the billion other offices in Little Saigon. The front looks itty bitty but trust me, there is no short coming from this staff. The staff here is absolutely amazing but the team members that made the most memorable impression and gave the best service for me, were Abby, Michelle, and Assistant Paul. What makes these three extra special? Well, let me tell ya. The ladies up front are super friendly and attentive. They’re kind hearted and work with parents and seemingly makes the process look smooth and easy. Assistant Paul, well he’s fantastic. He’s polite and gentle while working on the patient. He’s also witty and gets my cheesy jokes when he turns my niece into a transformer! If anyone out there who’s reading this, please do yourself the favor and look no further, Dr. Douglas is one of the best. Their office is clean and the staff is great BUT don’t wait too long as their availability slots gets booked. Thanks to Dr. Douglas, Assistant Paul, Abby and Michelle for turning my niece into a transformer! I can’t wait to have more of them transform.

Mike S. from Santa Ana, CA (Source: Healthgrades)


Dr. Nguyen literally changed my life. I thought I had celiac disease; anytime I gluten or corn, 6-8 hours later, I experienced severe discomfort followed by my body emptying everything (lots of toilet time). I visited 2 other gastro doctors, who told me just avoid those foods! Dr. Nguyen guessed that I had some type of bad bacteria in my digestive tract, and prescribed an antibiotic and an antiparasitic. I was cured. Life changed. I will never be able to thank him enough.

Aileen M. from Huntington Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


It took me few years before I decided to proceed with my son’s orthodontic treatment. It was such a struggle to find an orthodontist that you can entrust your child’s orthodontic needs/treatment. Until we were referred by another awesome orthodontist from Las Vegas to Dr. Douglas Nguyen who is just amazing! Dr. Douglas very well knows his craft, a true professional and to top it all he has a kind heart. I witnessed how he sincerely look after the best interest of my son. As a testimony to this my son had his teeth fixed year ahead of schedule simply because Dr. Douglas is willing to work with his patient by listening to ones concerns. On the other hand, all the orthodontist assistants are very supportive by helping and motivating the patient to finish ones treatment plan in order to achieve the goal you set for yourself. In addition, the front desk staff are very warm, friendly and accommodating. They always make sure that they attend to all your needs and address all matters that you bring to their attention. We express our utmost appreciation to Dr. Douglas and team. You guys rock!!!

Khanh D. from Westminster, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Douglas did an amazing job on my teeth! The office and staff are very professional, they made each visit very welcoming and efficient. As long as you show up to your appointment on time, there is usually no long wait time to your service. The front desk staff Trammy and Sarah are very pleasant, patient, and efficient in handle all of the paperwork and appointments. Dr. Douglas himself is very meticulous and will make sure your teeth are getting the right treatment. I highly recommend this place. I want to thank Dr. Douglas and all of staff for making my braces process so easy and pleasant!

Subi K. from Garden Grove, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’m so glad I found a nearby orthodontist office that I like so much! They responded quickly to my email and we were able to make an appointment for the same week I contacted them. I was surprised to see that a lot of their staff are on the younger side. They were friendly and I felt welcomed, especially by Abby! The waiting area is kind of small but once you enter the office, it’s pretty spacious. I thought it was clean and modern looking. Dr. Douglas is really nice and he was gentle when examining my teeth. I needed a new retainer with adjustments for some of my shifted teeth. They also put more glue on my permanent retainer since some of it had worn off and the wire was starting to poke through. I thought the pricing was good and they got to work right away. Josue took photos of my teeth, did my impressions, the bonding for my permanent retainer – basically all the work lol. He was easy to talk to and explained certain steps throughout the process and how I might feel. I picked up my new retainer two days later after the initial appointment and it’s great! I love it so much more than my old one. TLDR; great office and I highly recommend!

Kimberly H. from Newport Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


If you’re looking for orthodontic treatment, look no more! Dr. Douglas Nguyen is literally the best there is. When I first considered braces, I was very hesitant​. I’ve always been worried that my orthodontist would be too aggressive​. However, Dr. Nguyen literally walks you through every step with thorough explanations, always has a huge smile, never raises his voice, and is extremely considerate when making adjustments. He told me I would have my braces off in three years, and was overjoyed to tell me they would be off a month earlier (just in time for my birthday). He’s seriously the real deal. From the second I started the process, every person who I spoke to about him either had heard he does beautiful work or went to him themselves. Although I’m excited to finally have regained my confidence and have the best smile ever, I’ll honestly miss my monthly appointments. Also, besides Dr. Nguyen himself, his staff has always been so kind (hi Tammy and friends). And, for someone who values cleanliness, this office is nothing short of that! Thank you for everything!!

Ashley A. from Irvine, CA (Source: Yelp)


The staff here are all very friendly and outgoing. They go out of their way to make you feel welcome and small talk is natural, not forced. This place is well lit and the decorations give it a charming, modern feel to it. They also have a TV and video game room that can be quite entertaining if your phone dies and you are in need of some entertainment. And I saw some other posts on here that state that appointment flexibility is nonexistent. That is not true, at least for me personally. The appointment in which I was to get my braces off should have been a week after my senior portrait. I wanted my picture taken after my braces were off and they were happy to move my appointment to a couple of hours before the senior portrait. I thought that was great customer service! This office should definitely be considered if you are searching for orthodontic treatment! 🙂

Vivian T. from Fountain Valley, CA (Source: Google)


Dr Nguyen is the best orthodontist I have ever seen in my life. He explained everything for me for the first free consultation. He doesn’t mind either  you choose his office or not , he is working with profeional style. My family has 3 sisters and they are very happy with their teeth. I had consultation with 4 orthodontist and I chose him for my sister. The time wearing the braces is very important and I understand that why the price of Dr Nguyen always is a little bit higher than other offices. If you calculate how many months you come to his office to adjust the levels of baraces, you would compare the price is high or not. The time is safe for patients, 4 years or 5 years no more charge. My older sister done her brace and very statisfied with her clear retainer . Dr Nguyen always wants the best service for patient. Would recommend to everyone that cares about the quality than the price .Thank you Dr Nguyen. I love all of your staff from front desk and the back.

Lina Ha (Source: Google)


All I have to say is Dr. Douglas is the best!! This was my first time and most likely last time getting braces because he and his team did such a wonderful job. One of the most important things in healthcare is the way the patients are treated but this orthodontics office did everything right. From the way they treated their patients to how the treatment was performed. Even the facility was spotless! Right when you enter the office, you are welcomed and greeted by the best patient care coordinators Abby and Sarah! They are so friendly and organized which makes you feel at ease. You can tell all the ortho assistants are highly trained and capable of doing their jobs. On the first day, putting on my brackets were difficult because one bracket wouldn’t stay glued on but Paul and Josue were always gentle and they got it! I am proud to say not once in the few years that I had my braces did my brackets come off since then! I looked forward to seeing Dr. Douglas for my treatment status because he was always truthful and precise! He lets you know what he is doing and will answer all your questions. Other Orthodontists just try to get their work done but Dr. Douglas really gets to know his patients! I am Super happy with the results and will forever be grateful to Dr. Douglas and his team!

Cindy T. from Anaheim, CA (Source: Yelp)


This review has been a long time coming, but better late than never! I got my braces off in June 2019 and have no complaints about my experience. Dr. Douglas and his team were very nice and accommodating during all my appointments back then, and I’m glad to see that hasn’t changed after visiting the office recently for a retainer replacement (never leave your retainers in a napkin you will highly regret it when you accidentally throw it away). Dr. Douglas is good at what he does and there’s a reason why he’s a popular ortho choice. Also wanted to give a special shout-out to Sarah for always trying to help me out to the best of her abilities! She really goes out of her way to make sure you get the assistance you need. Some other people I can recall interacting with and who were amazing during my visits back then include Michelle, Paul, and Josue. My availability was sometimes difficult to work with as a college student living on campus, but Michelle always tried her best to find an appointment that would work for me. Paul and Josue were really nice and always carried positive vibes, although this can definitely be said for everyone who works there as well! If I could remember everyone’s names I would mention them since you can’t go wrong with anyone you meet there. Thank you Dr. Douglas and your team for all that you do! So glad that I decided to come here.

ThomaS T. from Westminster, CA (Source: Yelp)


For the doc: Office is spotless clean. Love how the tooth brushes and mouth wash are accessible. Getting braces on is expensive and this spot will cost a few more bucks than other spots in the local area. We only have this one mouth and these last pairs of teeth. Make it worth it and choose a doc that will do their best to keep the original teeth. Doc Douglas got skills. Glad I went with him. Thank you for your time doc. There was a 15% or 20% discount for full payment upfront. Usually it’s not a good idea to pay in full because you never know. Here it is an exception, dr Douglas is here to stay. He’s been at this same office since I can remember (2005?). I’d pay in full, if only I could turn back time 5 years @_@ I remember coming by his office when I was younger but couldn’t not afford it and didn’t have the cosmetic dental insurance at the time. His office was cool as f. They worked out a-lot of things with me. Payment things. Super helpful and super easy on the payments (thank you so much). Like super easy with payments/payment plans. If you have a dental assistant you like, ask for them. Otherwise, enjoy the ride ! Thanks Doc I have one more appointment. Hopefully i can come in before the year ends .

Bali H. from Westminster, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve had the greatest opportunity and pleasure to have worked with Dr. Douglas Nguyen and his staff in goals of having the perfect smile! Before braces, I had a pretty bad underbite and crooked teeth. 5 years later, I now have the straightest, brightest set of teeth and I’m completely in love with the results! I highly recommend scheduling a consultation with Dr. Douglas Nguyen to have him go over the in-depth process to obtain that perfect smile. Not to mention, his staff and personnel are highly professional and they are happy to answer any questions or concerns during your visits. Their office is always spotless and the environment is super friendly! Although other appointment times might overlap with one another which then results in a later office visit or more waiting time, please keep in mind that the staff is doing their very best with trying to uphold and maintain their policy of professionalism. They are very thorough with their work and want to make sure that every patient that goes through their doors comes out satisfied and happy with their treatment. Going through the process of having braces was definitely worth the time and money because having a perfect smile for the rest of your life is truly something else! I cannot thank Dr. Douglas and his friendly staff enough for my own perfect smile.

Jun K. from Garden Grove, CA (Source: Yelp)


This place is a very friendly and professional orthodontist. The workers here are extremely nice and you get to feel connected personally. I’ve been here for about 2 years for braces and throughout the whole time I’ve loved it. If anywhere throughout the process you feel uncomfortable whether it’s for tightening or impression, just give them a shoutout and they adjust accordingly. I strongly recommend anyone considering to get braces to come here as I’ve personally loved my stay at this orthodontist. Dr. Douglas Nguyen is a wonderful doctor as he inspects your teeth for how long it takes until it’s perfect straight without any problems. Steve is a super friendly and caring guy who helped me tremendously throughout my stay here; he’s very professional at the same time while connecting to his patients at a super friendly level. Everyone here is especially nice from receptionist to doctor and I’m just super glad I came here to get a nice, perfect smile.

Jonathan Chau (Source: Google)


The environment here is clean and friendly compared to other places I’ve been to originally. The staff is friendly and will always treat you like their number one priority making sure you leave the office with a bright smile. When it comes to the front office staff, A B B Y has been the most helpful. She greets everyone with a smile when you first enter the orthodontist. In the back, Josue is gentle and is able to get the job done quickly. He’ll take the time to make sure that what he’s done is perfect. Overall, I feel that this is the best place to go if you’re looking for a healthy and clean environment with welcoming staff.

Jackie H. from Madison Park, Santa Ana, CA (Source: Yelp)


i recently got my braces off like three days ago and the staff were being so cool and nice about it, especially sarah and abby. sarah always is on it with my appointments and abby makes me feel welcomed there. at first when my mom told me she was gonna take me there, at first i was skeptical because it looked like such a small space and i was having doubts but when i walked in it was so pretty, they decorate very well and it’s nice to look at while you’re waiting for your turn. not gonna lie they’re bathroom looks really good too props to them. the tv room is vibin too, the movies are interesting to watch. i love how it just fits with the chairs and it’s not just awkwardly there. they respect requests too, the appointment before i got my braces taken off, i asked dr. if he could get me takis and he actually got them for me! i’m gonna wait for you to name better orthodontist that make teeth look fresh and buys you chips, he’s a real one. all in all for the past three years i’ve been going i enjoyed all my appointments and i’m kinda gonna miss going there every other month.

Thuy T. from Westminster, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Douglas is simply the best. He’s kind, professional, and very gentle with my teeth. I felt very comfortable every time he worked on my teeth. I’m very sensitive but was never in pain. His staff is also very nice. Steve is my favorite, he’s great at what he does and is very gentle with me. Almost all of the staff has worked on my teeth and Steve is by far the best. The office is very modern, new, and clean; even the bathroom is always clean. Appointments are always scheduled a month in advance. I’m very pleased with the result from my braces. I had braces on for 2.5 years and had the ceramic braces. In my opinion it looks better than traditional braces but a little bit more maintenance, there are some foods you need to avoid so it doesn’t stain the rubber bands. My face is not symmetrical and jaw surgery was recommended to correct my jaws. Dr. Douglas worked his magic and I didn’t have to get jaw surgery. I got my braces off early for a wedding but my teeth still came out great. I wear the clear retainers, only at night. For the longest time, I didn’t feel comfortable smiling or laughing, now I’m not afraid to show my teeth and I love to smile. The struggle of having braces is totally worth it. I live in Riverside but I’m still very glad I decided to go with Dr. Douglas.

Leslie H. from Cleveland Heights, OH (Source: Yelp)


This review is long overdue but I just had to say I would not wholeheartedly recommend anyone else in SoCal but Dr. Douglas for orthodontics. He is meticulous, precise, caring and really prioritizes quality and comfort in every interaction. I had a relatively complicated case with a tight timeline and Dr. Douglas went above and beyond in maximizing every session we had together to make sure that I was able to finish treatment before I moved out of state. He has a very gentle, kind and calming demeanor that makes you feel instantly reassured and each and every one of my concerns were always fully heard and addressed. He is hands down the best orthodontist in OC, which is clearly reflected by how far booked out he always is. Nonetheless, his office was also extremely accommodating in scheduling my appointments around his totally packed schedule, working around both my narrow time frame for treatment and limited availability due to attending school in LA by pre-booking most of my appointments and squeezing me in on weekends. Unlike many of the medical offices in the Westminster area, his office is clean, modern, comfortable and well-stocked with an extensive variety of magazines and movies to keep you entertained while you wait. I always love the seasonal decorations that he puts up to make your visits feel festive around the holidays! The front desk staff and assistants (Amy, Sarah, Tramy, Steve, Josue are the ones I remember off hand) are all friendly and great at what they do. As an aspiring health care professional, I would definitely say Dr. Douglas embodies the way I hope to practice one day and you absolutely can’t go wrong with choosing him for your treatment. I have multiple family members and acquaintances who we’ve recommended him to and they are all beyond satisfied with their care. Nobody likes having braces, but it was honestly a pleasure to have mine done by his office. Thank you, Dr. Douglas!!

Asia H. from Irvine, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Douglas is the absolute best of the best! He knows what he’s doing and he does not rush the process. I love how family oriented his staff are and how Dr. Douglas treats everyone that steps into his office. Sara, Michelle, Abby, Paul, and a tall guy with nice eyebrows are my favorite! Sara, Michelle, and Abby are usually at the front desk and they really try to accommodate your every need. Paul and the tall guy with nice eyebrows always make sure you know what’s going on while they’re working on your teeth– they tell you what is happening and why it’s important, which is super important to me during the braces processes because I’m one of those people that feel like if my teeth don’t hurt then they’re not working lol. I love this staff and would recommend them to anyone and everyone!!

Samantha Chau (Source: Google)


This place is Stupendous, the staff workers are friendly and helpful. A big thanks to Dr. Douglas he’s very sweet and kind. Shoutout to Sarah, Michelle, and Abby in the front office, they are the cutest and fun to talk too. The place looks very lovely, clean, neat, and comfy. I love ya’ll, Thank You for all the help.

Jun Kim (Source: Google)


As a second timer getting braces at the same place, I couldn’t be any more happier to jump right back into the hands of Dr. Douglas Nguyen and his wonderful staff. Originally, I lost my retainers after having a perfect smile from this place which I foolishly waited weeks to come and pick up another set of. This short time span drastically shifted my teeth, but thankfully, the receptionist to the line of doctors and just everyone there exudes vibes of professionalism and are great to be around so I got my second experience of having braces/retainers to be a breeze. I normally don’t find myself as an extroverted talker, but the comfortability these guys provide is unparalleled compared to other orthodontic offices. I truly felt connected in a personal level and was very pleased with the care this place provides and they make sure you leave happy alongside packing you home in due time with a perfect, straight and clean smile. P.S. For anyone considering braces, don’t hesitate to come to this office as it even has a TV lounging area located on the inside for patients with newly relevant movies they stream so as not to bore the waiting time, if rarely any, they possess. Once again, thank you to all the people in this office for a 5/5 star experience from a lifelong customer who will probably be back for my third time seeing as how my clumsiness gets the better of me always misplacing my retainers and what not. 🙂

Candice L. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


I began my braces process in 2007 and got my braces off in 2010. I’m writing this review today because 1. I just went back to get another pair of retainers and 2. I am still in love with my teeth/ smile! 🙂 I noticed that a lot of these less than 5 star reviews pertain his staff and availability, I’m sorry, but these reviews negate the purpose of coming to an orthodontist, and that’s to get the smile you want. Honestly, I love Dr. Douglas because I still remember how wonderful my experience was at this office- the cleanliness, the staff, the waiting rooms were always stocked with things to keep you busy, he even had a game cube back then (Not sure if it’s still there)! The timeliness and flexibility of this office is amazing, and Dr. Douglas’ standard of perfection can be seen with every smile which goes through his process. I still get a ton of compliments on my smile and this man is the one to thank. As a UCLA alum, I also respect that he did his residency at my school because it is competitive as hell, and that proves he damn well knows what he’s doing! At the end of it all, through the head gear, poor rubber band color choices, and an overdue retainer replacement, I’m just really really happy he had a way to give me this smile without pulling out any of my teeth! I wish I had before pics to show you the amount of work that took me to where I am today. Go here, you will not regret it, it took me an hour to commute to this office and another hour back for every visit, and my parents felt that it was and still is worthwhile. I am so very appreciative that he was the ortho that they chose for me!

Picky Eater S. from Riverside, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Douglas offered to make another retainer after learning about the loose one. There were few hiccups during imprint process. Both Paul and I were so happy when the 6th imprint came out good. If I were him, I would get frustrated and impatience after the 3rd or 4th failed imprint, but he didn’t. He was patience and persistence when it came to getting the perfect imprint. Paul was nervous when he put on the new retainer for fitting today. He did an EXCELLENT job with the imprint so I knew this retainer would fit without doubts XD I don’t understand all the complaints against Dr Douglas. Obviously, he’s not doing this because of the money. If he did, he wouldn’t offered to remake so many retainers just to have one that fits correctly for me. Every time I come here (this is my 5th time coming in?), I would get showered with pleasantness and courteous as though I’m a new customer who would generate income for the office, but I don’t. I recall being treated like a criminal at different orthodontist office because the staff messed up during the imprint process, leading to ill-fitted retainer. The Dr. at that office refused to take responsibility. Instead, he shifted all blames on me and made it like I was trying to score free retainer. The retainer couldn’t even clip into place on the day of fitting because it’s too tight. He had to exert a lot of effort to push it down. You know what he told me? “Hmm it’s a little too tight. Go home and wear it until your mouth adjust to it.” I returned 9 times for him to do something about the retainer because I got extreme discomforts. Even though I showed Dr. & manager a series of pictures proving my gum got cut & bleed. Also told him it’s too tight that I got migraines but they didn’t care. His staff would whispered to each other about me when I came in and treated me as if I was about to rob them. Thankfully, I didn’t experience any negativeness at Dr. Douglas’ office. Didn’t even have to show proof. Dr. Douglas would take my words for it and tries his best. Right now, I’m 200% satisfied with the new retainer. This office & wonderful staff deserves 10 stars. My friend (finicky in everything) who lives in Inland Empire drive all the way down here to get her braces done. That’s why I trusted her recommendations. You wouldn’t regret your decision if you choose Dr. Douglas as your orthodontist.

Jocelyn N. from Westminster, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Douglas Nguyen did a wonderful job with my teeth and runs a very professional, welcoming office. I’ve never had a bad experience here since the receptionists are always kind and patient, and the assistants are very gentle and meticulous. They truly know what’s best for you and will make sure you have a good experience while you are under their care. Paul removed my braces, and it was a very gentle and efficient process (there was no discomfort whatsoever!). Overall, the office is very well organised (and clean), and the staff are very welcoming. If you’re looking for an orthodontics office, I would highly recommend this one!

Lina H. from Westminster, CA (Source: Yelp)


All I have to say is Dr. Douglas is the best!! This was my first time and most likely last time getting braces because he and his team did such a wonderful job.  One of the most important things in healthcare is the way the patients are treated but this orthodontics office did everything right. From the way they treated their patients to how the treatment was performed. Even the facility was spotless! Right when you enter the office, you are welcomed and greeted by the best patient care coordinators Abby and Sarah! They are so friendly and organized which makes you feel at ease. You can tell all the ortho assistants are highly trained and capable of doing their jobs. On the first day, putting on my brackets were difficult because one bracket wouldn’t stay glued on but Paul and Josue were always gentle and they got it! I am proud to say not once in the few years that I had my braces did my brackets come off since  then! I looked forward to seeing Dr. Douglas for my treatment status because he was always truthful and precise! He lets you know what he is doing and will answer all your questions. Other Orthodontists just try to get their work done but Dr. Douglas really gets to know his patients! I am Super happy with the results and will forever be grateful to Dr. Douglas and his team!

Christine V. from Stanton, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve gone to Dr. Douglas for my braces for the past 4 years and I couldn’t be happier with my new smile!  The staff, the service, even the movies they play in the waiting rooms are of top quality.  Everyone in this office always makes sure that u feel comfortable and confident as they take their time in creating the best smile for u, I would highly recommend for everyone to go to Dr. Douglas for their orthodontic needs!


As member of the American Association of Orthodontists, we take pride in providing exceptional orthodontic treatment. We strive to create a positive experience for our patients and their families. Our team of Certified Orthodontic Assistants go the extra mile to provide comfort and always make themselves available to our patients for any questions or dental emergencies. Our friendly treatment coordinators (well-versed in Vietnamese or Spanish) can help provide financial options to accommodate your needs. At Douglas Nguyen DDS, A Professional Corporation, we strongly believe everyone deserves a beautiful smile, for a lifetime of enjoyment. We look forward to helping you plan the next step towards a more radiant smile. Call us today for a complimentary consultation. Douglas Nguyen, DDS, A Professional Corporation is an established orthodontic specialty practice with 2 decades of experience in excellent patient care. Loma Linda University, School of Dentistry: Doctor of Dental Surgery degree, 1993 UCLA, School of Dentistry, Section of Orthodontics: Orthodontic and Dentofacial Orthopedic specialty degree, 1995.