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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: Closed

Friday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Andrew Bednarski (Source: Google)


Tony Lu and his team provide excellent care. Dr Lu is always very friendly and personable. He and his team take the time to talk to me, not as a customer but as a human being. They present options that are as minimally invasive as possible, and help you to understand them. I highly recommend them.

Aiya Elghaffar (Source: Google)


I am a new patient and felt very comfortable at Downtown Dental Services. The staff welcomed me, even before walking in for my appointment. The office manager provided me with directions to the parking garage and office. I was seen immediately and had an incredible kind and skillful dental hygienist, Brandi, who thoroughly answered all my questions and made great conversation. Dr. Lu is very pleasant and knowledgeable. He took his time to talk with me and made it a very positive experience!

Mohamed Kharsity (Source: Google)


To start, I have a sister who’s a dentist so i always use her opinion when i can. That being said, Downtown Dental Service is an excellent business. From the administrator at the front desk to Krissy, the Dental Assistant to Dr. lu, i received quality care. There was great communication, they let me ask anything and answered everything. Krissy was very personable, honestly they all looked like they enjoyed life which is a great atmosphere to walk into. They worked diligently and professionally as well to provide a great outcome on my teeth. It definitely shows that the dentist has operated plenty of times before in his confident affirmations while operating on me. I definitely recommend this Dental Practice to anyone living in Downtown or even outside the greater cleveland area.

Antoinette Lamar (Source: Google)


Downtown Dental is a great place to go for all of your dental needs, everyone in the office is very personable and goes out of their way to give the utmost assistance. A.J is the front desk person and she is always great and pleasant and ready to assist, Krissy is an awesome dental tech that can assist Dr. Lu with procedures and Dr. Lu is a great dentist that even has parking secured for you so that you are not driving around trying to find parking downtown, you can just pull into the Statler building garage and park and have your ticket stamped when you go to Downtown Dental. Again this is a great place for all of your dental needs, I am impressed!!

Teagan Batis (Source: Google)


I had an incredible experience here. They were gentle on my teeth but left them feeling squeaky clean! The dentist Dr. Lu was very kind and did a thorough exam and the dental hygienist was awesome and friendly giving me recommendations for restaurants downtown since I’m new to the area (she even wrote them down on a sticky note for me)! The new patient process was very easy and allowed me to walk in and be seen without any extra paperwork. I will recommend this to all my friends!

Shuya Lu (Source: Google)


I used downtown dental when I moved to Cleveland last year. The service is exceptional from day 1. Very friendly staff. I started my invisalign treatment with Dr. Lu last year. I feel safe to check my progress during the COVID. Now I have beautiful teeth! Really can’t say enough good things about this place. This is my family dental place now!

Vanessa Hudson (Source: Google)


I would highly recommend Downtown Dental, I will admit I was very apprehensive about coming for my required dental maintenance during this COVID Crisis, but my fears soon vanished from the moment I walked in the office. The staff was AMAZING!!! Every single one of them, they were kind and professional at all times, and Shelby the dental hygienist was “Second to none!! ” My teeth have never looked better, I’m looking forward to Dr. Lu assisting me with my additional dental needs. I found my family’ Dentist now. You should give them a call.

Inzer Mubashar (Source: Google)


First time going for a dental checkup here in the states and DDS was exceptional in taking care of me! From AJ scheduling everything so smoothly, Shelby being looking after me with great care, answering all my questions and being helpful and finally Dr. Lu with his professionalism my experience was a complete 5/5. Highly recommend the place.

k80 (Source: Google)


I have issues with my mental health and one thing I have a hard time keeping up with is my dental hygiene. After not visiting the dentist for 2 years, I decided to make an appointment at Downtown Dental with Dr. Lu and his team. I was pleasantly surprised when the pre-appointment questionnaire asked what some of my anxieties were at the dentist. When I arrived, I was greeted with friendly staff who made me feel comfortable and at ease. Dr. Lu did a great job explaining what was happening with my teeth and showed me a really cool 3D scan of my mouth to show where I grind my teeth the most. I had a few fillings this afternoon and I was absolutely amazed– this was the first dentist I’d been to that I didn’t have any pain during my procedure. (We even watched an episode of Friends!!) I’m going back for more work soon and I am so grateful that I’ve finally found a practice that values comfort and amazing patient care.

C Chaine (Source: Google)


So thankful for downtown dental! Their office is in the best location if you live or work downtown it was easy to make an appointment and go on my lunch break. Also it’s beyond convenient that you can schedule your appointment and fill out all the paperwork entirely online. I did it and then was able to walk right in, head to my appointment, and then head back to work in a timely manner.

Allison McCall (Source: Google)


Dr. Tony and the staff at Downtown Dental are excellent. Came in for my six month check up today. Jessica cleaned my teeth and she was excellent. She also provided me with a lot of useful information and tips about taking care of my teeth while expecting and once baby is born. If you are looking for great service, Downtown Dental is the place to go!

Tainne Dallas (Source: Google)


My whole experience here was great! I broke my retainer and was not able to get to my normal dentist. Not only did they find time for me they were caring and kind throughout the whole process. Kelly answered all my questions beforehand and Krissy and Dr. Lu provided great services during the appointment. They made sure I knew exactly what was happening and that I was comfortable. I would highly recommend!

Missy DeCamillo (Source: Google)


Positive and informative dental experience! Dr. Lu and his staff, Megan, Kriss and Krissy are great! My first visit was an informative, no fee consultation. My next visit was a new patient exam and assessment of a tooth that may need restorative work. Dr. Lu was thorough in the exam and his staff were very kind and accommodating.

Mike Cermak (Source: Google)


I’ve been a patient of Downtown Dental since before Dr. Lu took over the practice, and I can say nothing but good things about him and his staff. Their attention to detail, care and concern for the safety and well-being of their patients (including a personal follow-up phone call from Dr. Lu one evening), and quality of their work are all outstanding. Dr. Lu has thusfar done a front bridge replacement for me, as well as a couple of extractions of broken teeth and replacement with implants in anticipation of crown placements. One of the implants involved an unexpected bone graft. This was within the last couple of weeks, i.e, well after the nationwide outbreak of COVID-19. Everything was handled professionally and with tremendous attention to necessary safety protocols. All of the above is in addition to the regular routine cleanings and “preventative maintenance” visits that are part of anyone’s dental health. At all times, and in all ways, Dr. Lu and his staff have been consummate professionals, and I would recommend their services to anyone seeking a dentist.

Joey Hegedus (Source: Google)


Downtown dental services provides quality dental care. Dr. Lu does a wonderful job and always ensures I am satisfied with his services. I have had multiple visits for various procedures and I am always satisfied. His staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They make me feel like family. I recommend their services for anyone looking for quality dental care.

Liping Liu (Source: Google)


Friendly environment, excellent work and patient oriented. They made time to treat my teeth pain immediately and relieve my pain. This is another big hospital could not do and make me wait for another week even I am in pain. I really appreciate their excellent work especially Dr. Lu. He is very kind, professional and put patient first. You could feel very relax when you get your treatment there. Dr. Lu is bilingual in Chinese and English. He is very patient to explain everything to you and make you feel comfortable but not scared of the treatment. It has been so hard for me to find a great dentist to take care of my teeth for more than 15 years. Now I find a great one for me and my family. I would like to recommend you have Dr. Lu to be your private dentist to take care of your teeth.

Bridget Sullivan (Source: Google)


I had a great experience with Dr. Tony Lu and and Downtown Dental! I made an appointment after experiencing pain in my mouth. Since it was my first time as his patient, Dr. Lu sat down with me to learn more about me and introduce himself. I ended up returning the next week for a cleaning and will now be a regular. Dr. Lu does a great job of explaining his plan and making sure you are comfortable at all times.

Vladimir Makarov (Source: Google)


My wife and I came to Dr. Lu (Downtown Dental Services) attention after almost 2-year-long interruption in dental service and required lots of care. Dr. Lu and his staff are very professional, friendly and helpful. For less than two months we have had all dental care we needed, from routine cleaning to filling and complicated bridges and crowns. All treatment options were clearly explained in advance. Appointments are very carefully scheduled; we have never had to wait an extra minute. Dr. Lu is also always available for emergency service as needed. I would highly recommend Downtown Dental Services to everyone.

Keegan Mechels (Source: Google)


Phenomenal experience from start to finish. Very friendly staff, accommodating to schedule changes. I was in right on time for both my cleaning and procedure. They were all professional and Dr. Lu did a great job. I would recommend this place without reservation to family, friends, and anybody looking for excellent dental care!

Poppy Yiwei Yuan (Source: Google)


I newly started with Downtown Dental this year and had great experience here. Friendly and accommodating service. Professional and great job. I’m so glad I found a good dental place with walkable distance to both my office and apartment. Strongly recommend if you live in downtown!

Tonya Sorrell (Source: Google)


My Experience was Wonderful, Everyone was so Polite and Very nice, Krissy made my visit comfortable and welcoming, Brandi was welcoming as well, Dr. Tony explained things and made it easy to understand, and AJ was very polite and gave me hope in the financial planning. I recommend Downtown Dental Services for all your dental needs.

Melissa Stoerkel (Source: Google)


I dreaded going to the dentist before I moved to Downtown Dental. Dr. Lu is a fantastic dentist for those who haven’t had the best dental experiences. The staff is always so friendly and professional. AJ does a great job running an organized and on time office and Krissy is an exceptional assistant. I cannot recommend them enough!

Red (Source: Google)


I was searching for a new dentist and found downtown dental services. I have had two crowns , two fillings, and a retainer. The dental office does excellent work. Dr.Tony Lu and his staff takes the time to explain every procedure in detail. The staff members always greet you with a smile and are always joking and having a goodtime. When i go to the dentist i always feel like am visiting old friends who always goes out of their way to make me feel welcomed and happy. Krissy and kriss are great dental assistants. I would recommend the office to all my friends & family!

Ana G (Source: Google)


I highly recommend Downtown Dental Services with Dr. Lu and all of his staff. It is very rare to encounter such a professional, friendly and efficient staff. Dr. Lu and his staff are certain to make you feel comfortable, answer all of your questions and know what is best for all of your dental needs! I am pleased to have found my forever dental office!

Stacy Reid (Source: Google)


Wow, where do I started !!!! I have never had an amazing dental experience. When I walked in the door AJ greeted me with a smile and was so personable. She made me feel as if I was already an established patient. Then I met Shelby, she was so sweet and funny. I really learned a lot about how my poor habits affected my teeth. But most importantly she gave me great tips and explained my treatment in great detail. Then I met the doctor and he had great bed side manners and was so personable. I love how he told me a little about himself, instead of just jumping into my examine. I’m not a fan of going to the dentist. But I am so happy that I found this office. Looking forward to getting back on track with healthy teeth and gums. Thank you again Dr. Lu and staff 🙂 .

Brittany Bradford (Source: Google)


Dr. Lu is great! He’s fast, friendly, and precise. I needed an implant and every other dentist I visited for an estimate told me I’d need a bone graft. Dr. Lu was able to do the implant without the graft, which saved me the trouble and lowered the cost of the implant. His staff is also super friendly, I’ve had consistently great experiences there and highly recommend Downtown Dental!

Andy Blanchard (Source: Google)


Friendly and professional staff always make you feel welcome. Dr Tony has steady hands and is very knowledgeable and made sure my removal didnt cause more collateral damage than necessary. Krissys perfectly detailed instructions after my extraction made sure I was able to heal as quickly as possible.

Brian (Source: Google)


Glad I found Downtown Dental. Dr. Lu and his team have taken great care of me. A few examples of things they’ve done really stood out to me and make me feel confident in them. First was their approach to new patients. Instead of having me just fill out a form and then come back for a cleaning, they talked with me to understand my history and where I wanted to be and then reacted to my answers. For example, I told them I hadn’t had a regular cleaning for a while. They said the first cleaning will probably take longer, then, and it did. They’re always thorough, but they went above and beyond for someone who had fallen behind on cleanings. Second is the way they’re handling the coronavirus crisis. I think they’re doing everything they can to keep everyone safe. They nail the basics like PPE, hand sanitizer, temperature checks, and plexiglass, but they went so far as to buy a new system that allows the person who did your dental work to schedule your next appointment. That minimizes the number of interactions and avoids having people standing around in a high-traffic area. Third is how well they handle minor dental work. They take their time and I’ve never felt that they rushed to get to the next patient. Also, whenever Dr. Lu needed to numb me with an injection for the work he was doing, I barely felt it. Every other time I’ve needed to be numbed with an injection by another dentist it was pretty painful. And the first time I went to Downtown Dental was the first time I had any dental work done and didn’t feel like I was about to drown whenever water was used.

Silvia Surunis (Source: Google)


I highly recommend Downtown Dental! Dr. Lu and all other members of his team are super attentive, professional and friendly. As an autistic adult, my experience here was stress-free and comfortable. They went above and beyond to help me with my sensory differences. I was a little nervous but they explained everything with clarity and made sure I was okay the entire time. I cannot thank them enough. I will definitely keep coming back in the future!

Lianqiao Zhang (Source: Google)


Dr. Lu is knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Always he is available for emergency service as needed. I used the emergency service twice because of toothache. Every time I got the same day appointment! Dr. Lu truly cares about his patients! His job done is excellent! His staff Krissy, AJ and Kelly are all great! I am very happy to have Dr. Lu as my dentist. I would highly recommend Downtown Dental Services to anyone.

Claire Blajsczak (Source: Google)


I highly recommend Dr. Tony and his team. They are extremely professional, caring, on time and fast. I’m a nervous dental patient and Dr. Tony helped me to relax and explained things every step of the way for my new crown. Their free parking is right across the street, and in crowded downtown Cleveland, this is a plus. I live out in the suburbs and coming downtown to Dr. Tony is worth the drive for the level of care I receive.

Ashley Ribando (Source: Google)


The BEST dental care I’ve ever received. Dr Tony is extremely knowledgeable and uses the latest technology to provide top-notch preventive care (including digital x-rays and digital photos of your teeth). He spent a good deal of time going over the results and answering my questions. Plus, Dr. Tony and his staff are SO NICE! He addressed issues that my other dentists brushed off. 5 STARS

Krista Berry (Source: Google)


To say that I was apprehensive to go to the dentist is an understatement. I had just recently visited an urgent dental care facility to have a wisdom tooth extracted and four small cavities filled. I have never had issues with my teeth (let alone having cavities) so I didn’t know what to expect with how the fillings would feel. Not only did I have an overall awful experience at that dental office, but it turned out that something wasn’t quite right with the way my fillings were done. It hurt to chew anything or feel any sort of temperature even two weeks after my fillings were put in. After having gone back to the urgent dental care office twice and some months later, the pain was worse than ever. I finally, FINALLY sought out Downtown Dental Services, which had the best reviews of any other dentistry I looked into. I needed a good dentist who would take the time to understand the hesitation and fear I felt because of a terrible experience. Dr. Lu is honestly this and more. Not only did he help to repair my original issue, but all of the fear and anxiety that came with needing to go back to the dentist completely disappeared. I truly look forward to coming back to see him and the wonderful team behind him (I seriously love you guys). I genuinely enjoy their company and the experience is something that I look so forward to because I know they all just want to take care of me. I even got my husband to see him and he’s just as happy as I am! It’s the best feeling when you know that you don’t have to hate or dread going to the dentist. If you’re as uneasy or as afraid as I was, or maybe just on the fence about going to the dentist in general, go see Dr. Lu. He is exactly what all of us deserve in a dentist.

Dorrian Hawkins (Source: Google)


After getting my wisdom teeth taken out a few years ago, I didn’t feel confident about my next dental experience, but I ended up giving Downtown Dental a try. Since my first scheduled appointment, it’s been a pleasure getting my dental work done here. The staff, from the front desk to Dr. Lu, are kind, sociable, and communicate with you throughout the entire dental process. Hopefully, when I move away from Cleveland I can bribe them all to come with me. But seriously it really has been great. I plan to go to Downtown Dental for the foreseeable future. Its nice to not feel anxious about the dentist anymore.

Shane Karas (Source: Google)


First visit with Dr. Lu. Tony and staff were incredibly friendly and thorough. A quick and pleasant visit. Update: I have been a patient at Downtown Dental Services for several years, and the transition to Dr. Lu, who took over the practice, has been very smooth. He and the staff are extremely friendly, and I always receive great care. Moreover, my appointments are always on-time, quick, and efficient. As a brief aside, I also appreciate that Dr. Lu has a particularly strong background in the sciences, having earned a PhD in biology before getting his DMD from CWRU.