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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: Closed

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Brittney D. from Inglewood, CA (Source: Yelp)


All the five star reviews are true. Dr. Athari is amazing at making you feel comfortable and making sure you understand your treatments and and how to upkeep your dental hygiene. Ms.Cindy is an ANGEL. I haven’t been to the dentist in years and actually cried before my deep cleaning, just out of fear. She made me feel so comfortable and made sure I wasn’t in pain during the cleaning. I’m so appreciative of her understanding and care. Also, a huge thank you to the receptionist Nick. When I found out they don’t sedate I figured I’d have to go somewhere else due to the anxiety alone. But he talked me into keeping my appointment and ensuring I would not be in pain and he was right. While I have to go back for the extraction I’m sure there won’t be tears this time as I know what to expect and realize that they really do care about there patients and I’m in great hands. Thank you so much !

Fran C. (Source: Google)


Dentist Athari really Loves his Job! He’s the Very Best dentists in the world. I never feel any pain, when he works on my teeth. He is so gentle and caring, that it makes me enjoy going to the dentist. For anyone who hates going to the dentist, you should definitely go to dentist Athari, he is a Gem to Las Vegas. In addition Cindy, is Amazing and very knowledgeable when it comes to teeth cleanings. Thank you Cindy and Dentist Athari for taking care of my teeth. I will keep coming back,Thanks to you and your wonderful Staff! ~Francesca ~

Jackie B. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I’m excited to tell you about my new dentist, Dr. Athari! After months of research, I decided to visit his office – first for a cleaning with Cindy. She was thorough, painless & recommended products I was unaware of & now use daily. I was nervous to see Dr. Athari but all went well. I mean, who loves their dentist? During this Covid time he only sees one patient at a time, no running from room to room. Professional & attentive & again, no pain! Dr. Athari is current with everything from equipment to proceedure. Immaculate office and a great staff. A strong recommendation from JackieB!

Logan B. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Athari’s practice is as good as it gets. He takes patients one at a time and really takes the time to explain the entire process to you and walks through his procedure and analysis. I knew I had a developing root canal issue but I decided to changed dentist due to a rough root canal experience at my previous dentist. Dr. Athari was fantastic. The operation was super smooth and painless, especially for a root canal. He even called 3 days after the surgery to check up. Additionally, the facility is top notch. Clean and open. There were multiple TVs that he would use to address x-rays and photos with you, TVs to watch something and a TV on the ceiling that provided a great distraction during the process. Staff were great, procedural and responsive. Great experience, highly recommend.

Stephanie D. (Source: Google)


I work for Dr. Athari and have been treated by him. I bring my family and friends to see him. He provides one on one care for his patients, which is virtually unheard of in thw dental field! He dedicates a lot of time to his patients and ensures that they are very well educated. He allows the patient to be able to make an educated decision on their course of treatment. If you are looking for a good dentist, give us a call. We would be more than happy to assist in any way that we can.

Maribell H. from Henderson, NV (Source: Yelp)


The circumstances in which I came to Dr. Athari were less than ideal as I called in with a dental emergency. The office was very accommodating in getting me in the same day! I was very nervous going in since I have had very unpleasant experiences in the past with other Dentists. Dr. Athari tended to the emergency, scheduled an appointment for a check- up, then he laid out a plan for the remainder of my restorative dental work. My biggest fear has always been not knowing what to expect when I am in the chair. Dr. Athari walks you through every step of the way so there are no surprises. He has also repaired previous dental work done elsewhere. I truly appreciate the follow up calls he makes after having work done to see how we are feeling after the visit and gauge pain levels etc. He makes himself very available despite having a full schedule. It is so nice to know that he and his office are willing to go the extra mile to make sure patients are feeling well. During my visits over the past few months, I have gained his trust and I don’t fear going to the dentist anymore. He shows photos afterwards and provides guidance on oral hygiene. He is very dedicated and only sees one patient at a time which is beyond amazing because when you are there he is 100% focused on you. From the time you walk in the door, he takes x-rays, cleaning… everything! The office is very clean and has a nice ambiance. Since my first visit to Dr. Athari, he has also seen my husband and my 7 year old son which is now looking forward to his cleaning next month. Both of them are very happy with their visits. The staff is friendly and efficient. Dr. Athari is very charismatic and knowledgeable and I strongly recommend paying him a visit! Your mouth will thank you 🙂

Mona S. from Miami Beach, FL (Source: Yelp)


I fly across the country’s to have Dr Athari work on my teeth, and it’s worth the long trip! Dr Athari is an excellent dentist with outstanding expertise! He always does the very best work on my teeth to keep them healthy and beautiful! Not only does he have the highest skill but he also has an artist’s touch on top of it all…and he’s very honest and moral too unlike some other dentists. He only does the work needed and avoids unnecessary work that damages otherwise heathy teeth. He is smart, honest, moral, and extremely talented as a dentist and as an artist of teeth! He is a gem and I’m lucky to have found him and travel to him!!!

Kissy D. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Athari is the best dentist in the world!! I was afraid of Dentists from past bad experiences. But Dr. Athari is very gentle and caring. I was in a rush to get braces so I had a few teeth pulled in one day, then I went back and had 6 fillings done in one day.. It didn’t hurt to get the numbing shots, to get fillings, nor did it hurt when he pulled the teeth.. I didn’t even need to take the prescribed pain medication afterwards cause I wasn’t in any pain. He talks to you and keeps you calm the whole time without rushing.. I also took my son here for his cleaning and fillings and he wasn’t in pain either.. Dr. Athari even calls you a day or two after the procedure to make sure you are okay. His staff is also wonderful and his office is beautiful with above average equipment.. You can really tell that he loves what he does and takes pride in it. He’s just wonderful. Lastly, I was once told that it would take $54,000 to get my teeth fixed. Dr. Athari got it done for WAY less than $10,000. So if someone gave you one of these outrageous quotes go see Dr. Athari and get a more reasonable quote. He even referred me to a good Orthodontist to do my braces afterwards. If not for Dr. Athari’s honesty, integrity, kindness and great customer service my smile would still look horrible.. Now I’m in braces with a beautiful smile starting to form. If you’re looking for a dentist Dr. Athari is the best, don’t even bother looking for anyone else.

Kissy D. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I feel like Dr. Athari is the best dentist in the world. No exaggeration. He’s really just that good. Before I went to him I received a quote for $50,000 to fix my teeth. I felt hopeless. Dr. Athari was substantially WAY less.  I also previously had a fear of the dentist because I was slapped by one as a kid. But Dr. Athari is so gentle with his patients. Even his shots to numb your gums don’t hurt like they do with other dentists.  I barely even feel them. Cleanings are a breeze, even when he pulled my teeth and my sons teeth, neither of us needed to use the prescribed pain medication afterwards. His office is also clean, immaculate, beautiful and located in a nice shopping complex.   Dr. Athari really seeks excellence and puts passion into his craft. He really helped transfer my smile and even referred me to a great Orthodontist to get braces after he got my gums back healthy again. He even called me and the kids after extraction to check and make sure that we weren’t in too much pain. I still go to him for cleanings and I take both of my sons there also. Everyone loves him. I can’t say enough good things about him. I wish everyone had a dentist as genuinely nice and amazing as he is. And his staff Nick actually greets me by name when I walk in. I think he’s so joyful and also does his job well.

Jo L. from Henderson, NV (Source: Yelp)


Great dentist! Nice office! Nice front desk lady! Dr Athari is either super anal or just excellent at customer service as he does everything himself (cleanings, extractions, etc.). He even calls a couple days after a procedure to check on you. He responds to text messages too. When I had to get Novocain, he started with a teney tiney needle so that I didn’t feel the pinch or painful rush of injection. Felt nothing. During my extraction he hummed a jaunty tune which strangely put me at ease. I truly have never had such a good dentist and I’ve been around, lol. My in-laws go to him too and like him a lot. Highly recommend!

Ali L. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I’m not sure how many people out there can honestly say for certain they love their dentist, but I’m willing to bet they are few and far between. I personally have never been more pleased with any healthcare provider than I am with Dr. Athari and happen to be one of those few! A new patient after neglecting my oral care for some time, I found Dr. Athari through a combination of Yelping research along with the fact my boyfriend used to see him years ago and had good things to say. Because Dr. Athari sees only one patient at a time and doesn’t jump from room to room as what is traditionally done, you are not passed to a hygienist upon entering and spend your time solely with him. You can also rest assured your appointment time is at or within a few minutes of the time you’ve scheduled it for- both visits he was ready for me nearly on the dot of my appointment time. Who has ever heard of such a thing in the industry! After having a standard cleaning and all four wisdom teeth extracted a few weeks later, I say with confidence you will not find another dentist in town both as thorough and gentle as Dr. Athari. I felt completely comfortable throughout a procedure no one ever looks forward to having due to Dr. Athari’s level of professionalism and care. In addition, I received follow up phone calls two days following my procedure to ensure my recovery was going smoothly. I am completely impressed and forever grateful for the care that was extended to me over the last few weeks. Definitely a patient for life! Thank you Dr. Athari!

Robin H. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


My daughter referred him to me. I had been suffering for over a year with a severe pain in my face, went to another dentist and a very prominent Oral Surgeon in town and was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia while all along I was convinced I had a bad tooth. Neither Dr. before seeing Dr. Athari had seen my suffering By X-Ray or MRI. The suffering continued for many months. And this was excruciating pain. Medication was given to me to for the Neuralgia and I accepted the diagnosis. In going to see Dr. Athari for another issue for the opposite side of my mouth, (a small cavity), he found the infection I was complaining about for what seemed to be forever. Unfortunately he was not able to save the tooth, and said the others should have been able to see this infection. Thank goodness for his knowledge and professionalism. I no longer have to put that poisonous medication in my body, nor am I suffering the pain. Thank you Dr. Athari for your expertise.

Azi N. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


In 2012 I had a major tooth infection. I had extreme phobia and I mean extreme phobia from dentistry. All my past experiences were excruciating from childhood all the way to very recent. Have been to several dentists here they themselves were ok people or at least they seemed that way but the experiences were really horrific. As a result I never go until I get severe pain and infection and swelling which makes the pain even worse. he spent over an hour with me educating me and tried telling me what type of discomfort I should be noticing with the numbness medication and the subsequent extraction. He told me he would stop if I asked him to and told me that I would be in control. I was ready to jump the gun at first on anything he did but I realized that besides the psychological trauma I was going through because of past experiences that I really did not feel the kinda pain I had felt before. I stopped him a few times to just cope with all the mental drain but I was able to let him do the extractions and drained the swelling. After going home all my initial pain had disappeared and I was considerably much better. He called me and was inquisitive about my well being. That was nice for a dentist to call me. When I called him off hrs he had my cell number saved up and greeted me. Made me feel important to him and at ease. Unfortunately I waited for another emergency to arise in 2013 and went back and was the same story. I was worried and afraid as the first experience seemed too good to be true but the same approach and same gentleness and I could really see in his eyes that he really cared for helping me out of the misery I was in. He felt my pain I thought. It bothered him to know I was suffering. Very personable person. I recovered fast from this as well and felt i could start trusting this. I had terrible teeth still in my mouth and they needed to be cared for sooner or later. I was loosing one at a time and it didn’t take long to figure out that I would end up in dentures if I did not do something about it. My crowns were nearly 35 years old and I hated my smile and had lost half of my adult teeth nearly. One of the most embarrassing issues in life is a smile that attracts the attention of others because of damages or gaps. I decided that if extractions were not bad anymore that how much worse would be fixing my own teeth. Spoke to him about a new smile makeover and he showed me cases and educated me about it all. He takes so many pictures and has so much saved up on all the cases he has done that it was easy for me to envision myself and my future smile. I decided to start the journey. I won’t bore you all with it but my friends always mention my smile. My family from overseas has noticed it in close up pictures which I have never even had in my adult life. Coworkers notice it too. The amazing feeling that I get from being myself the way I have always wanted to be is so precious to me. I don’t have to cover my smile. I can have laughter again. My self confidence has been positively affected. My relationship with my own husband has been rejuvenated. It is part of being young or staying young. I always knew how important teeth were because from the beginning I did not have what I wanted to have so when I got it I realize what I have missed in my life for so long. I know I still have to maintain them and that it will be a constant struggle but such is life and getting older. I can not imagine not having teeth anymore and my biggest fear of becoming toothless and not being able to do anything about it has been diminished. It was all for one dedicated person to want to help me out because he genuinely cared for me and I never thought that his motivation was financial. He told me that our relationship is a mutually beneficial one 50% for me. It seemed very fair to me as he never left my side to another patient all these years and saw me fully alone to care for my teeth. Thank you Dr. Athari you have changed my life

Rachel R. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I highly recommend Dr Athari! In a city with mostly fly-by-night businesses, it is refreshing to find an honest and reliable dentist that truely cares about his patients. He is a very nice person and he provides excellent service. After my surgery, he was always there to answer any questions I had. Oh and one more thing…he has flatscreens on his ceiling so you can watch TV while you have the procedure done!! Great way to take your mind off things, lol. Really though, amazing Dr!

Ben C. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Every experience I have had at Dr. Athari’s office has been excellent.  His facility is awesome.  It has a very hip feel which is refreshing considering that most dentist offices have an atmosphere that turns you off.  It is extremely clean and all of the equipment is top notch.  On top of all of that he also has flat screen tvs set up that you can see when your chair is propped up and when you are laying horizontal getting work done, very impressive!  Dr. Athari and his staff are all very nice and pleasant to be around.  He has very good knowledge of his profession.  He works with his patients one on one and is very thourough in his procedures and explantions.  I have also had the pleasure of having Dr. Farnaz Athari do some work on my teeth at his office.  She is also very skilled and knowledgeable in her field.  She has the gentile touch that you would want from a dentist.  She takes her time to make sure the job is done right the first time.  After having a few cleanings and several cavities filled at this office, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

Andre H. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I have been a satisfied patient of Dr. Athari for several years. Previously I used the services of many local dentists and at best they were okay. During my first visit with Dr. Athari I was impresssed with the innovative technology, elegantly furnished lobby and friendly staff. My appointment begin on time and I was not forced to wait a long time as is an often occurence in other doctor’s offices. Dr. Athari did not rush my appointment and took out his time to answer all my questions and explain everything to me in a way that I can understand. The service that I received far exceeds any services that I have ever received from a dentist or medical professional. Now my parents, friends and employees have all made Dr. Athari their exclusive dentist because he gives everyone the same great service and fair prices. It is impossible not to consider Dr. Athari a friend after you have experienced his excellent and superior services. Dr. Athari is not just a great professional but he is also a great individual and his personal integrity has created a foundation for his business to operate with the same morals and values. Make Dr. Athari your dentist and I promise that you will be overjoyed that you did.

Tara F. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Athari is probably one of the only health professionals I know that exclusively sees one patient at a time, focuses on that patient’s problems, and truly devotes the time and attention needed. Not only me, but my family is proud to have Dr. Athari as our dentist. I also appreciate the fact that he explained everything to me in details in an easily understandable manner, and that not only fixed the dental problems I previously had, but also enabled me to make a conscious effort to take better care of my teeth. Rest assured that you will be in good hands!

Yiorgo A. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Athari is hands down one of the best dentists in Las Vegas. not only is his knowledge and skill of his trade impeccable, but he offers something that not many in this town do… HE CARES!!! He truly takes the time to learn you, and gives advice based on what he truly feels is best for you, not just trying to sell you some product or service. He takes the time to do all of the work himself, even if it’s just a simple cleaning. You always see him. That kind of hands on service shows that he cares about his patients, and it shows. A long time ago a friend told me that he was fabulous, and so i gave it a try. have been a patient of Dr. Athari’s for around 7 years as of date of this post. so glad i tried him. An absolute diamond in this town. Do your mind and mouth a favor and go to Dr. Athari!

Samantha V. from Henderson, NV(Source: Yelp)


Like many others, I had an extreme fear of going to the Dentist.  I was specifically terrified of having my wisdom teeth removed, especially under any type of sedation, and I avoided the Dentist because I did not want to be told that they needed to come out.  I had delayed care for many years and my overall oral health became very poor.  It was only until my wisdom teeth pain became absolutely unbearable that I finally started researching Dentists and Oral Surgeons.  It was such a nerve wracking process because there were sooo many Providers to choose from.  I read what seemed like every single Yelp and Google review and looked up countless Dentists’ websites in an attempt to identify the advantages of seeing one over the other.  I came up with nothing.  I was so discouraged until I came across Dr. Athari.  His website stated that his practice focuses on providing care to one Patient at a time and reading all of his Patients’ reviews confirmed this for me.  I filled out the required paperwork online and called his office and they were able to fit me in first thing the following morning.  I remember starting to cry from anxiety and embarrassment when I met Dr. Athari but he immediately calmed and reassured me.  He reviewed my x-rays with me, gave me thorough explanations to my questions, and educated me without being judgmental.  I will never forget the kindness he showed me when I needed it most.  That day Dr. Athari removed my right-sided wisdom teeth under local anesthesia in a matter of minutes.  He called me that evening to check on my recovery and reinforced that I could always call/text him with any questions/issues.  I went on an overseas trip a few days later and was able to enjoy my vacation by following his post-procedure instructions.  A few weeks later Dr. Athari removed my left-sided wisdom teeth under local anesthesia and again, recovery was a breeze.  Since then he has done several crowns and fillings for me and all were virtually painless.  As a Nurse I recognize the struggle to do/be everything for your Patients, provide excellent care in hopes of the best outcomes, and somehow be efficient so that you can help as many Patients as possible.  Dr. Athari has mastered all of this.  He has designed his practice to prioritize the individualized needs of his Patients which takes sacrifice and discipline.  I have been a Patient of his going on three years and my appointments have always began on time and the care I receive is consistently exceptional.  Dr. Athari has wonderful chairside manner.  He is always personable, professional, and attentive to my concerns and I know he provides the same attention to the rest of his 6200+ Patients.  Even then, he makes time for those desperate for emergency care and pain relief like he did for me.  He stays current with the latest technology and is an educator to fellow Dentists.  His high standards are reflected in his staff as Shawnee and Jennifer are down-to-earth and always welcoming.  There are a million Dentists out there but Dr. Athari’s dedication to his Patients is beyond compare.  I can never repay him for transforming my oral health and eliminating my fear of seeing a Dentist.  Dr. Athari has earned my full trust and confidence and I am grateful that my care is in his hands.

Walter S. from Henderson, NV (Source: Yelp)


Outstanding dentist! If you’ve been at the dentist you probably know how the system works: you walk in a corridor to sit in one of the many chairs available and an assistant/drone works on you. At some point the “diva” doctor might check in, give a quick and expensive assessment coupled with warnings about how dire the situation is and then hit you with a huge bill. None of the above applies to Dr. Athari. For one, Dr. Athari does all the work himself, and focuses fully on each patient. You won’t find tens of dental chairs with other patients waiting for treatment with drones attending while the big “diva” doctor jumps from patient to patient. Second, Dr. Athari explains everything in detail and presents all options and solutions without pressing the patient into choosing the most expensive (and least bothersome for the doctor) solution. He explains every step as he works on you and is very precise and thorough in his work. The equipment and dental materials used are all top notch. Prices are below the average of most dentists in Las Vegas and you’ve probably seen some of his billboards advertising the prices. Overall I think Dr. Athari (his office is also called “Pleasant Smiles”) is a breath of fresh air in the dentist arena of Las Vegas. He focuses on one patient at a time and does all the work himself-no assistants or drones, gives an accurate and objective assessement and presents all possible options. Couple all the above with good prices and you get 5 stars, I think he deserves more . Highly recommended.

Hossein B. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


DR.ATHARI A TRUE DENTISTRY PRODIGY! Hi all. I am a 39 years old Cirque performer. In one of my stunt routines, I perform a very dangerous skill involving my teeth! Basically I balance myself upside down by bitting on a mouthpiece and holding my weight using nothing but my teeth. Recently I had several tooth that needed to be crowned. I was very unsure about undertaking this procedure and was scared that if the dental work is not done properly, It could cost me my career! I consulted several dentists before I met Dr.Athari and did not feel confident and comfortable toward their approach! Dr.Athari has an elite and non-invasive philosophy, his philosophy always favor the patients and he is all about the most efficient and last longing solution. I have travelled the world with my act in the last 20 years and I always looked for the best dentists who are skilled, seasoned and have lots of experience. Dr.Athari by far is the most well-versed, proficient and super honest dentist I have ever met and let me tell you, I have the best dentists worked on my teeth on my entire career time. He uses the most cutting-edge yet patient-friendly technology as well as dental supplies. He loves what he does, he is super patient, explains every step as he goes along with the procedure. The staff are amazing. Very kind, caring and professional. Dr.athari, thank you for your artistry work and professional approach. You saved my career. I am one extremely satisfied patient and am grateful of your meticulous treatment ineffably. H.B Aval

Alexis C. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had two fears going in: it would cost too much or I’d still be in pain at the end of the visit. It was a great experience- we discussed possible payment options and it wasn’t outrageously expensive! Dr. Athari listened to what I wanted, he told me the options, and he took care of it! I’m so grateful to not have tooth pain anymore. Everyone there was so kind. I’m definitely coming back and recommending it to my family and friends. ALSO: The whole office was extremely clean and sanitary (worried about COVID-19)! Thank you for caring about your workers and customers!

Jamie R. from Camarillo, CA (Source: Yelp)


I absolutely dread going to the dentist , I saw some reviews for Athari and thought it would be great to try a dentist that was one on one. I was expecting him to be pretty decent because of all the great reviews however I could not have guessed that the entire office staff was also pleasant and welcoming . The last dentist I went to gave me such high anxiety I was almost in tears when I left . Dr. Athari explained everything and did not make me feel like I was just another case nor did he make me feel like everything was my fault . He explained step by step what he was going to do and made a perfect dental plan. I wasn’t sure when I made the first  appointment if I would be returning but knew I needed to have a tooth extraction and figured it wouldn’t matter who did it , I just needed to get it taken care of . I have heard some horror stories on how unpleasant getting a tooth removed can be and that it takes quite a while . I don’t think it could of been longer then two minutes . Other then some slight discomfort and pain a couple hours afterwards it was so quick. I am so grateful I chose this dentist , I am so glad I have a plan that makes sense and can honestly say I made a appointment without dread and fear . I had a terrible experience when I was younger and have gone to many dentists and generally even at my age had someone accompany me because of my fears and now I feel confident and proud that I can walk in and know it’s going to be okay. Thank you so much dr.athari ! Please try this dentist if you have fears and anxiety!

Sara G. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I have been neglecting my tooth for almost a year now. It’s like never the right timing to pay my dentist a visit, even though I received 2 reminders that my visit was due. The other day I was at work when my left side of the head started hurting and pulsing so bad! I wasn’t able to concentrate or even think. I have never experienced a pain like that. I reached out to Dr. Athari and he said that was an infectious pain and to come straight to the office. Dr. Athari took care of my emergency situation within an hour the pain was gone! I was amazed by the efficiency of the work. It is a blessing to have a dentist like this in our community and our lives that you can rely on him along with your entire family.

Eddie A. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I met Dr. Athari in 2011 because of a sensitive side tooth decay I had. Ever since then I have referred my mother and father and sister to him as well as some of my friends. I needed extensive fillings because of large decayed teeth. He fixed them all over a short period of several visits and I see him regularly to prevent any more headaches for myself. What I love about him is the fact that he takes so many pictures from whatever it is that he is doing in my mouth and shows them to me afterwards. He explains all of it in detail and a few years later another tooth had been bothering me so we both could go back in time and look at the tooth that he had worked on before we initiated a new fix. He even says it is hard to remember every case and writing detailed notes is not a comparison for actual pictures of each stage. each picture speaks a long story by it self. As a result of the dental education I received I have become a better more informed patient and have learned that caring for my teeth is a “lifestyle” as he says it. My treatment was easy compared to my mothers case which was far easier than my father’s case. My mom had old crowns from decades ago that had failed and created a major cosmetic nightmare for her. She would always cover her smile and her pictures her hand was always covering her smile and laughter. She was so conscious about this that all of us knew this. She would not even hide the fact and she always mentioned how embarrassed her teeth and gaps and smile were. On top of that she was very anxious about the dentist and was deathly fearful because of her past experiences. An emergency swelling and situation brought her in. He had to work very hard reprogramming her fear and anxiety before she allowed him to even get close to numb her up. Long story short many visits and many years later finally my mother was comfortable enough to allow him to do a full mouth reconstruction for her and cosmetically fix her crowns and veneers. She goes out of her way in pictures with her smiles. She cried of happiness when the crowns were delivered and she could see herself in the mirror without the major gaps and the wide teeth. She too is very careful about her teeth now and not a day goes by that I don’t see her beautiful smile. My father has also experienced major dentistry from Dr. Athari. He had to first remove all of his top teeth and most of the bottom teeth. Had dentures for a while. This year Dr. Athari placed 5 implants for him on top jaw. I was there and he had a videographer video the whole thing and take pictures as well. All I know was that he said it was a very hard case due to lack of bone. I saw parts of the surgery too. And it is beyond me how this happened but my dad had absolutely no swelling or pain. Took some days off from work but the next day called in and told them he wanted to come to work. the implants have been solid ever since and he is awaiting the next phase. all in all I am happy we met Dr. Athari. He calls after every appointment to see how we are doing. I think to write about any practice or doctor it is better to be able to show a time frame experience as opposed to write what it was like the first appointment, but thats just me. i recommend him for anyone who needs a real dentist and someone who will be by their side as he only does one patient at a time.

Shirley N. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Athari was recommended to us by a friend, and I’m glad she did! He is thorough, efficient, skilled, warm and caring. More than all that, he actually listens to the patient. My previous experience with dental care had been very unsatisfactory, so I was reluctant to go until I had to. But no more! My filings and crown placement produced zero pain. If you need a superior Dentist who is excited about what he does everyday, call Dr. Athari at Pleasant Smiles. For me, there no one better!

Alex Y. from Henderson, NV (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Athari has been my dentist for many years (and a family friend for several decades). Although I live in another state now, I still fly to Vegas to visit him for ALL of my dental needs. I have referred friends to him throughout the years who also would rate his dental services 5+ stars. Seeing a doctor or dentist sometimes scares people, but Dr. Athari’s extensive experience and impressive skill set should dissipate any fear or concerns. He is extremely attentive and caring towards all of his patients, and he provides an individualized one-on-one service. Dr. Athari’s office is always clean and the staff is very friendly. He uses modern dentistry techniques and stays informed of new ways to improve dental health. He even takes the time to explain in detail information related to your teeth, the procedure/service for that day, and general areas of improvement of your dental health, if any. In sum, Dr. Athari is a reputable professional and very knowledgeable in all areas of dentistry – he is a reliable doctor you can trust!

Jeffery A. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr Athari is by far one of if not the best dentist I have seen in my adult life. After searching for a good dentist on Yelp after relocating to Las Vegas to continue my dental care I could not be happier with choosing Dr. Athari. He is not only respectful, knowledgeable and caring he really takes time to get you involved in the process so that you now exactly how your treatment is progressing during your office visits. His office is the most calming dental office I have ever experienced and by far the most professional. The fact that he only sees one patient at a time truly makes you feel like you are top priority along with after visit communication to see how your doing are those little touches that set him aside. During my treatment I had to relocate back to So California and as I was prepared to travel back to Las Vegas to continue my dental care. Dr Athari took it upon himself to refer me to one of his colleagues in San Diego to which he new I would be in good hands and wouldn’t have to start all over.. I will say that I’m very pleased with Dr. Nick, but he still isn’t Dr. Athari. There are many great a nice things I can say about him, but one that will sum it up is that has become my friend! Go see him you wont be sorry…….

Alex S. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I had an excellent experience with Dr. Farshad Athari. As a new patient in extreme pain I was so thankful that his helpful and friendly receptionist went out of her way to squeeze me in, just a few hours after I called in need of an immediate extraction. The Dr of course tried to talk me out of losing the tooth, but he could tell I didn’t want to hear it (and though he was looking out for my best interests) he immediately backed off the typical root canal hard sell most dentists will give you and took the tooth out as I had asked without a long lecture about the value of saving the tooth. He had very modern equipment with a camera attached to his head, enabling the HD monitor above the patient chair to provide a revealing look into your own mouth from the dentists perspective…very cool. I would recommend him to anyone. He obviously knows (and seems to love) his craft, earning his degree at the prestigious Northwestern University. He takes pride in seeing one patient at a time so he can devote all of his attention to each patient individually. His upscale office mirrors the high level of care provided and Dr. Athari’s quality shines through in this city full of questionable medical professionals who probably got their degrees online. Thank you Dr. Athari for elevating Las Vegas and I hope this review helps someone end their search for a great dentist here..Dr. Athari is your man! AS

Bob K. from Lake Forest, IL (Source: Yelp)


Just moved here from Chicago and needed to find a new dentist. My homework led me to Dr. Athari and I was especially impressed with the reviews and perfect 5 scores he received on Yelp. I called and made an initial appointment for last Friday. All of the reviews were true, this guy is phenomenal! He is smart, caring, professional and highly committed to his patients, unlike any dentist I have ever been to. His exam was thorough and he explained everything in detail. He did my cleaning himself and there was no pain, no bleeding. He is meticulous and a stickler on cleanliness. But here’s the real kicker: he said that he would be calling me to follow up on my visit. Well I was pleased anyway so a follow up call for a routine cleaning really wasn’t necessary. But he called me ON SUNDAY to thank me for the business and asked if I had any questions or problems! He said he was looking forward to seeing me again in six months. I have never in my life had a dentist call me to follow up on anything, much less to thank me for a simple office visit and cleaning. And I never had any doctor print their cell phone number on their business card in case of emergency. Don’t freak out at the decorating or lack thereof. He’s all steak and not much into sizzle. I am thrilled to have found him thanks to you fellow Yelpers! And I am honored to add my 5 rating to his already impressive list.

Richard W. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Just started with Dr Athari last month. I cracked a molar and waited way too long. Infection. After three days I stopped using the pain meds he had prescribed for me. Did not need them any more. My mouth has not felt better in years. Have my follow up cks and cleanings set thru the to next year already. I give 5 STARS ***** for this Office, Doctor and Staff. Its nice to be able to chew again, with out pain. He explains every thing to you. What he is doing as and before he does it. Why the office is set up the way it is. His methods. If you have any questions your not paying attention. He has already explained it to you. But ask any way he will tell you again. He is not only the Dentist, he is your advocate and BEST friend for your mouth and your health. YEA DR. ATHARI. My mouth also thanks you.

Mary Ann S. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Athari is a fabulous dentist! The service at his practice is exceptional. Modern equipment and technology are utilized and the wait time to see him is minimal if any at all. Dr. Athari practices his philosophy of proper dental hygiene with detailed, straight forward and honest communication in a fashion that makes you want to take better care of your teeth! His one-on-one approach allows time for answering questions and getting procedures completed without feeling you’re being herded through the office. Dr. Athari is terrific!

Paul L. from North Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


The other day a front tooth that had been damaged in sports broke apart right during a supper with a client. Obviously I was extremely embarrassed to have an empty hole right in the front so I phoned Dr Athari’s office immediately the next morning. Dr Athari was kind enough to open up a time for an initial consultation immediately. He then asked about timing for a replacement crown and I told him “immediate” because I am a salesman and a pleasant smile is extremely important in the selling profession. Dr Athari saw me that same evening and he worked on my mouth and repaired everything, working until 8:30 pm especially and only for me. He has that interesting machine that made the replacement crown right in front of my eyes and the crown machine was only 15 minutes. I have decided to use Dr Athari for all my periodic check-ups and all my dental needs. Regards, paul N. L. residing in North Las Vegas

Bud S. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I have been seeing Dr. Athari for a number of years and as a patient I am made to feel special and respected during every visit. Dr. Athari’s technique and knowledge are top notch and his technical setup is unsurpassed by any office I have ever visited. Dr. Athari has helped me with some very complex problems and in truth I would have been in serious trouble without his help. He takes time to listen and to clearly explain your condition and options. He is driven by a concern for his patients as opposed to a concern for his bank account which seems to motivate so many doctors these days. If I was to move away I would still travel back to Las Vegas to continue seeing Dr. Athari for my dental issues. And that is to say nothing of Natalie who is a sweetheart of a receptionist/office mgr. Liked: Disliked:

Lucy C. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Athari, is the best dentist in Las Vegas,very professional very sterile with all equipment and most important he lets you know what is going to happen ,what your going to feel and the best bed side manner. i work for a Dr. and my Dr. was looking for a dentist and now the entire office only goes to Dr Athari.believe me i am a picky person and he will be my dentist to the end of time.and the only one that i will refer patients too. also always their when you need him . We love you Dr.


Exclusive One on One Dentistry, where the dentist is only attending to one patient as well as the hygienist, and we will not go from room to room. All the dental services will be done in this fashion. Before any dental work is done all fees are discussed with our patients in order to better inform and plan for their oral health. Remember Having Good Teeth Is A Lifestyle! Let us introduce you to that... Dental Clinic located at the border of Las Vegas and Henderson NV. Dr. Athari DDS | I like to spend as much time as possible, in a One-on-One, exclusive encounter. This is the only way to really get to know the patient, as well as, have an opportunity for the patient to get to know me as well. This allows us to fully understand your needs, in order to deliver the kind of care that you deserve as a patient. I am a Las Vegas Dentist mindful of excellence and precision with time and patience on my side. I care for one patient at a time without going from room to room. I like to prioritize the more urgently needed dental care of my patients with a moderate approach and a sensible tactic. Dr. Athari moved from Phoenix Arizona to Las Vegas in 2007 to be near family. Prior to that he was in Phoenix and had graduated from the prestigious Northwestern University Dental School in Chicago in 1999. In 2013 he moved to the current location from his previous office in North Las Vegas. He is passionate about dentistry and primarily deals with cosmetic and comprehensive and complex cases as well as full mouth implants and restorations. He only see's one patient for treatment at a time and will not go from room to room for multiple treatments. His hygiene department believes in the same approach to delivering care when cleaning their patients' teeth and allocating enough time to make sure that patients get adequate time for their cleanings. Dr. Athari personally checks all the patients who see his hygienists. Located in a really beautiful shopping complex his practice is conveniently located near all other businesses. I like to spend as much time as possible, in a One-on-One, exclusive encounter. This is the only way to really get to know the patient, as well as, have an opportunity for the patient to get to know me as well. This allows us to fully understand your needs, in order to deliver the kind of care that you deserve as a patient. I am a Las Vegas Dentist mindful of excellence and precision with time and patience on my side. I care for one patient at a time without going from room to room. I like to prioritize the more urgently needed dental care of my patients with a moderate approach and a sensible tactic.