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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Sandi S. from Broken Arrow, OK (Source: Yelp)


In the last 2 years I have had 2 partials & 3 sets of dentures none of them fit. I wore the last set of dentures for over a year. It finally came to the point that I couldn’t deal with this situation any longer. I began to research dentist again but this time I said a prayer and ask God to point me to a dentist that would be able to help me. This is where Dr. Lim comes into this story. I called his office and spoke with Joyce & made an appointment to meet with him. From the moment that I walked into his office I knew in my heart that I had made the right decision. Joyce greeted me with a beautiful smile, introduced herself asking if she could get me a glass of water, a blanket or if there was anything she could do for me. Bethany came and took me to the back; I received the same warm welcome from her. I began to tell Bethany my story she began writing everything down. When Dr. Lim came into the room he introduced himself and said “Sandi I am so sorry that you have gone through all of this I promise you that I will make you a set of dentures that will fit & that you will love,” I began to cry I was so desperate at this time I had given up on ever having a beautiful smile again. We began the process that day; I have never been to a dentist that even came close to making me feel that I was his main focus. He spent two hours with me that day making my impressions. He checked everything rechecked everything he was so detailed. He told me that I had TMJ and that on my next visit he was going to give me a treatment to help me. After the treatment I felt so much better, I had been having headache for a long time and now I no longer have headaches. I saw him several more times during the process of making my dentures. When I received my dentures I cried again not sad tears but happy tear Dr. Lim has given me my life back. My teeth are beautiful and so is my smile. I smiled more in the first day of having my new dentures than I have in 20 years. Dr. Lim and his entire staff go above and beyond to make their patients comfortable. Dr. Lim is the most caring person I have ever met. He called me the evening after I received my dentures to check on me and see if I was having any problems. If you want to have a beautiful smile and want a Dr. & staff that truly care for their patients don’t hesitate to call Dr. Lim’s office you won’t be disappointed. THANK YOU DR. LIM & STAFF

Michelle Pedigo (Source: Google)


One of the cleanest dental offices you will find w/ all the latest technology! Dr Lim & his staff are all super helpful & friendly! (Dr Lim came in sick when my daughter broke her front tooth at age 12. Pediatric dentists wouldn’t touch her & sent her to get a root canal done. He fixed her till she could get older for a more permanent solution cause she was too young for a root canal) Would recommend Elite Dental Group to anyone!!

Analiza Stockham (Source: Google)


I highly recommend this place Dr.Lim Is a brilliant dentist in owasso I’m so happy that I found this place an explainable, He fixed all my problems especially my cross bite I’m so happy of my smile now.Dr Lim and his staff are amazing very helpful.They are very professional.Dr Lim is the best dentist and very advance .

Dre Thomas (Source: Google)


I NEVER liked going to the Dentist. In fact, it was so bad I had not been in years! Yes, I am a big baby! However, my wife persuaded me that this place was different and she was correct! I have felt comfortable and had the best of service since my first visit. Haha, I am no longer afraid! My family and I love this office and every single staff member is awesome and genuine! God Bless!

Laurie Odum (Source: Google)


Dr. Lim and his staff truly are the best of the best. Dr. Lim not only gave me the gorgeous smile of my dreams but he also corrected my jaw alignment and bite. No more neck and shoulder pain that was constant, TMJ is a thing of the past and I don’t accidentally bite or chew my cheeks and tongue anymore. The office is beautiful and relaxing and the entire staff make you feel like your family. Elite Dental Group is THE place to go for all your dental needs.

Douglas Hall (Source: Google)


I have gone to one dentist or another for over 50 years. Dr. Lim and his group are unlike any dentist that I have ever used. The doctor cares about his patients and not just the bottom line. His staff is very friendly and will work with you to see that you have the best care. The group has a modern and efficient office and some of the latest devices which make going to the dentist so much easier. An example of this is the machine to make crowns. No more temporary crowns that fall off, which means another trip to the dentist to reattach it. In a period of about 2 1/2 hours I had a permanent crown. All done in one visit, not two or three, but one. I know that everyone that reads this will think that this is just another hyped up critique of a dentist, but this man and his staff are the real deal. A God fearing group that cares about people and wants to give back. Try them, you won’t be sorry. (And yes prices are competitive.)

Gayle Cronin (Source: Google)


Dr. Lim, Holly my hygienist and the entire staff are so caring and knowledgeable. From cleaning to tough dental cases, TMJ, braces, implants. The focus here is not just your teeth but holistic care for a healthy you! Dr. Lim and his staff are constantly studying and learning, applying their knowledge to bring excellence care. I have entrusted their care for me and my family since 2001.

Darlene Lindsey (Source: Google)


Dr. Lim is a light in this dark world. He truly seems to care about his patients. He knows his stuff and does everything in his power to make me smile every time he sees me. The ladies who work with him are just as kind and gentle and caring as he is. Every one in his office is amazingly professional and I look forward to every appointment.

Sean Farnsworth (Source: Google)


Our family absolutely loves Dr Lim and his staff! They go above and beyond to make my girls comfortable! Dr Lim is amazing at what he does and is also so patient with young children. He sincerely cares for each patient and helping them achieve the best possible result. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a dentist and/or orthodontist! -Brandi (mother of girls age 4, 7, and 8)

Cheryl Tullis (Source: Google)


Not only is Dr Lim and his staff incredibly competent and professional they are also personable and courteous. They listen and I feel comfortable explaining my nerve pain. Dr Lim outlined a treatment plan and I am pain free for the first time in 8 years. I no longer need daily pain medication. As an extra bonus of Dr Lim’s treatment to correct my bite to relieve my nerve pain I also breathe better and do not wake gasping in the night. It is hard to find words to share my appreciation that I found Dr Lim. He truly has changed my life.

Sharon Martin (Source: Google)


Dr Heng Lim at Elite dental has been my dentist since early 1990’s. His practice has evolved over the years to adapt to new industry tools and techniques. He made my porcelain crowns IN-OFFICE, creating the perfect fit and “bite” during the visit. Dr Lim invests his attention and concern towards me at EVERY visit. I appreciate his staff. And I trust his hygienist Holly to help keep my teeth/mouth healthy.

Tony Jordan (Source: Google)


I had a broken crown from a previous dentist. Dr Lim got me in right away and fixed it properly despite his full schedule. I was in pain so he promptly stopped the pain and replaced my crown. Elite dental is a top notch facility with State of the art equipment and technology and a well trained staff. If you need a dentist… This would be a good one.

Debbie Willey (Source: Google)


Typically when you are looking for a family dentist you ease into the relationship. Cleanings, checkups, multiple visits help to develop a rapport, a trust. In my situation my family dentist suddenly quit. I had invested two months in root canals with a specialist and desperately needed my crowns. With so many dentists in Owasso I did not know who to choose. My husband and I made appt with three for consults and the first one was Dr. Lim. He was AMAZING. Needless to say I had my two crowns made by Dr. Lim, in the office while I waited. Each crown only took a total of 12 minutes to create while I watched and they fit perfectly. Dr Lim is extremely intelligent and well versed in his profession. His staff are highly and Continually trained. There truly are not enough words to express my sincere appreciation for his expert care, dedicated caring staff and his unwavering devoted Christian Faith. It was such a wonderful experience I truly hope you call Dr Lim, you won’t regret it.

Tim Rabbitt (Source: Google)


I have had a great experience every time I have went in to have work done, the do all they can to make your visit as comfortable as it can be. polite, friendly and helpful is what I would say about all the staff there. I would recommend to anyone that needs dental work to make an appointment. I have enjoyed the hard work they have done for me.

Jason Garrett (Source: Google)


Dr. Lim and his staff are friendly, and they are providing excellent orthodontic care. I had a hybrid bite. The braces I was given, which I currently still have, are correcting it. My TMJ, neck and shoulders are feeling more aligned and sturdy from the results. I have less pain and popping in those joints, and I have fewer headaches as a result. I highly recommend them.

Robin Wall (Source: Google)


Dr. Lim and his staff are caring professionals with kind chair side manners. Their skills in treating my family and me are excellent. We have been so very happy with the dental care we have received from Dr. Lim. The most valuable help we have received has been in our bite adjustment and care. I personally have noticed a marked improvement in my health since Dr. Lim treated my bite with an orthotic appliance and neuromuscular shock therapy. The cutting edge equipment and procedures bring patients from far and wide to Elite Dental Group.

Keith Wagnon (Source: Google)


Excellent experience with Dr. Lim! I am very well pleased with the Elite Dental Group. Holly did a excellent job cleaning my teeth. She also took my X-rays and was able to explained everything very well. Dr. Lim is on a whole other level of dentistry. I been to an orthodontist in the past about fixing my teeth and my bite, and the recommendations I got was to get a few teeth pulled because they were too crowded, along with breaking my jaw to reconstruct it. Yikes! It didn’t sound too good to me. However, one visit with Dr. Lim and he explained the cause for my bite and tells me how it can be fixed without breaking the jaw or removing any teeth, other than the wisdom teeth of course, but not any of the front. I am excited and looking forward to getting braces here. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Today I had an appointment with Dr. Lim to have my mercury feelings removed. He did it in the cleanest and safest way possible. Mercury is a nasty substance and I’m so glad he was able to remove every last bit of it. I am very happy with the way my teeth looks now! I enjoyed the whole experience and the good conversation Dr. Lim and I had. The staff is very friendly and the place has a great atmosphere.

Michelle Moss (Source: Google)


Dr. Lim is the most caring dentist I know. He wants the very best for his patients. He does an excellent job at trying to educate his patient. He does the best dentistry that I’ve ever seen, takes great pride of his work. His staff is also very kind and helpful. What a wonderfully blessed office. They are the best.

Tim Lail (Source: Google)


I went to Dr Lim for a second opinion on some Dental work. Dr Lim did an extensive exam, he pointed out some issues that I wasn’t aware of. I was very impressed with Dr Lim, his staff, and the facilities. I’ve decided to make Dr Lim my Primary Dentist. Today I had three implants and a total rebuild of my upper denture. Dr Lim completed all the work in one session. Due to his high level of expertise and the use of the latest technology the procedures went very smoothly and virtually pain free. I’ve been blessed that I found Dr Lim

Charlie Cruce (Source: Google)


When you drive up to the office of Dr. Heng Lim, you immediately notice a well-kept office building with appealing landscape that is uniquely different. Such impressions are confirmed even more when you open the door and enter an inviting reception room and you look up into the warm, gracious smile of the friendly receptionist, Ms. Joyce. She will go out of her way to welcome you and to help you in anyway that she can with your appointment. If you happen to have an appointment with the dental hygienist, you could not be under the care of anyone any more capable, caring, or professional! Holli is the best hygienist that I have ever had. . . she is simply incredible! When it comes to the one who will provide your dental care, Dr. Heng Lim is a cut above! We moved here 15 years ago from the Dallas-Fort Worth area where we had excellent dental care and frankly I was worried about the kind of care we would find in Tulsa. I’m gonna be honest! Dr. Lim is the best dentist we have ever had and that is the honest truth.He is worth the drive from Tulsa & from surrounding areas and even if you have to fly in to see him, he’s worth it – this dental staff is the best and they will provide the excellent care you and your family deserve! Charles Allan Cruce, PhD TULSA, OK.

Melissa McKinney (Source: Google)


Dr Lim, Holly, and Joyce are the very best at what they do. They’re professional and personable. I know that I’m getting the best dental care possible and with no pain. Several years ago I suffered from TMJ which caused me horrible headaches. Dr Lim corrected my bite with braces… no more headaches. I’m scheduled to have my crown replaced, the current crown in 17 years old. I won’t go anywhere else.

Sherry Thompson (Source: Google)


Dr Lim and his staff are always so nice, the place is calming and beautiful. I was in an accident over 50 years ago and have had ongoing dental issues so I know a good Dentist and Dr Lim isn’t just good he’s great. Professional, through, kind and funny. He has state of the art equipment and the nicest staff. Highly recommend.

Isaac Tills (Source: Google)


This must be the finest dental/orthodontia establishment I’ve ever been to, hands down. And trust me, I’ve been to numerous practices for both dental and orthodontia work. Dr. Lim is a great conversationalist and he makes you feel like a friend rather than a dollar sign that walked through the door. Not to mention the top notch staff that works with him. They make you feel welcome and relaxed unlike a lot of practices that just try to get you in and out. But let me explain why the praise I give to this practice comes from the heart: I’m currently on a work assignment in Awasso for the next week and a half when last night, a piece of my permanent retainer broke. Now, I do not live in the state in which my braces treatment was performed so I’m already at a loss if anything were to happen, coupled with the fact that I’m in Oklahoma for work – double yikes. However, after my retainer broke I quickly searched for a local practice that did orthodontia work and that’s when I found Dr. Lim’s. I emailed their administrator, Michelle, at 9:28 PM in a panic to see if I could get in the next day for an emergency operation and got a response 30 minutes after they opened the next morning! All she said was “Can you come in today at 3:00?”. And the rest is history. I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am to this practice. If I ever need any sort of dental workin the future, I honestly might just fly to Tulsa and pay another visit to Dr. Lim’s office. Thank you Dr. Lim and all of your colleagues for saving the day and for bestowing upon me new knowledge of my teeth. Ciao.

Kelly Hall (Source: Google)


Dr. Lim’s services have been a blessing for us. He is the most knowledgeable dentist we’ve ever worked with. Explains everything as if he has all the time in the world just for you. He loves talking about dentistry and my husband has the highest respect for his knowledge and that he takes time to discuss issues in great detail. His approach is gentle and kind. He values his patients as fellow humans and cares about getting to know them. His bedside manner is comforting and he appreciates the opportunity to assist his patients with the smallest to the largest of dental issues. The office staff is outstanding as well. Joyce is very knowledgable with insurance and greets patients with a calm demeanor and very sweet disposition! Dental assistant Bethany, is as gentle and kind as they come. The hygienist, Holly, is top notch and has been with Dr. Lim for 15-20 years. Thank you Elite Dental Group for taking such good care of us!

Hannah R (Source: Google)


Dr. Lim is passionate about helping people. He truly cares for his patients and doesn’t just treat the symptoms but looks for the underlying cause of the problem. He takes the time to listen and explains things in a way that is easy to understand. We discovered Dr. Lim at a time when my husband was experiencing extreme pain in his face and had been told it wasn’t a tooth. Dr. Lim spent so much time with him and did all sorts of tests and discovered it was indeed a tooth problem and he took great care of my husband. I was so impressed..that I became a patient as well. In the past I have been very anxious when going to the dentist but Dr. Lim and his staff go through great lengths to make you feel at home and comfortable. I have never felt so peaceful when visiting a dentist. Thank you Dr. Lim! You’re awesome!

Debra Cruce (Source: Google)


I have nothing but positive words to share about my visits to see Dr.Lim and his staff. I never question that he and his staff are well trained and professional. They are conscientious and looking out for my best interest whether it’s a routine dental cleaning, or diagnosis/treatment of a problem. His office is always pristine and very clean. I would highly recommend Dr. Lim and his staff. He and his staff provide excellent dental care. I would highly recommend his dental practice to the person needing routine care and to the person trying to address their dental problems.

Ashley (Source: Google)


I’ve been a patient of Dr. Lim and staff for 10+ years. I was lead to the office after my mom watched him on a TBN broadcast. I was a teen at the time and needed braces—he was a Godsend. This is the only dental provider I’ve seen since the start. Dr. Lim has done great work to improve my teeth and bite. He is intentional and very detailed in his practice. I would recommend Elite Dental Group to anyone!

Keath Storm (Source: Google)


What an amazing experience! From the minute you walk in the door you can feel the difference in this place. Very nice and professional people throughout the entire office! I have never received such a high level of both dental work and compassion at the same time. They care about their patients and provide the highest level of professional dentistry! I highly recommend Dr. Lim and his team. You will not be disappointed!

Walter Moore (Source: Google)


I have been going to Elite Dental Group for many years and have always had good experiences with every procedure Dr Lem has performed on my teeth. Today’s root canal was no different. Dr Lem always explains what Problems he sees and what the best remedy for the problem. During any procedure Dr Lem always talks through every step and I always know what is happening. Always concerned about my comfort during and after any procedure. Even calling the evening of the same day of the procedure to check if I am experiencing any discomfort. Holly is my dental hygienist and does a great job cleaning and spotting any problems I may not know about. Thanks Elite Dental Group.

Del Heng (Source: Google)


I’m so thankful for Dr. Heng Lim! He’s the most extraordinary dentist I’ve ever had, and I’ve traveled a lot for volunteering and work around the world where I got to experience many outstanding dentists. He fixed my teeth on January 25th, 2019. Dr. Heng Lim gracefully extracted 4 infected teeth, did a jaw bone graft, surgery, and dental implanted 6 screws in my jaw. It was some serious work- he did such a great job. I didn’t feel any pain. I never had a dentist so good like him! On top of that he and his wonderful staff are so friendly and kind. I highly recommend Dr. Heng Lim if you need a dentist who’s completely reliable, enthusiastic in performing everything, and listening to your concerns. He even prayed with me before working on my teeth! I’ve already introduced my family and friends to him.

Christina Standifer (Source: Google)


After visiting other local orthodontist seeking treatment for my daughter we were very disheartened by the response that we received. The other orthodontist gave us only two options, break my daughters lower jaw for movement or remove teeth to achieve the desired results we were seeking. After using Dr. Lim and his qualified staff for routine dental needs we sought his opinion regarding our daughters orthodontic treatment. He gave us a treatment plan and procedures that we had complete peace moving forward with Dr. Lim and his team. We have had a positive and professional experience thus far with everyone at Elite Dental Group. My daughter is progressing beautifully in her orthodontic work with new and innovative ideas as Dr. Lim seeks the best direction of treatment and results for my daughter minimizing time and pain throughout the process. Within my daughters first hour of receiving step 1 of our action plan she had immediate results and relief of lower jaw and neck pain as well as an ease with breathing better and swallowing. We are very pleased with Elite Dental and recommend Dr. Lim and his qualified staff to anyone young or old seeking superb dental treatment for every need routine or specialized.

Marilee Nies (Source: Google)


I did a little prayerful research when searching for a dentist to help me with my TMJ and incorrect bite. I knew immediately from the first appointment that Dr. Lim and his staff not only have a heart passion for dentistry, but also a passion for people. Dr. Lim truly cares about your health as a whole. Always smiling with gentleness, he takes the time to explain your needs and answer questions. His knowlege and experience as a professional are state of the art. His office is comfortable, beautiful and kind. His care is immaculate and beyond expectations. It is a blessing to have him and his staff improve the health and beauty of your smile. Thank you, Dr. Lim.

Victoria Garrett (Source: Google)


I’ve gone to Dr. Lim for about 20 years. He’s handled all of my dental needs all of these years. I’ve had TMJ for most of my life. It has gotten worse as I’ve aged. It was getting to the point it hurt to open my mouth. I’ve been very happy with my TMJ treatment. Ive been pain free for over a year now and would refer anyone having dental problems to go to Elite Dental Group.