Elizabeth Riggs Dentistry
Elizabeth Riggs, DDS:
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Elizabeth Riggs Dentistry
Elizabeth Riggs, DDS
New Orleans, LA






A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants



Monday: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Tuesday: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Wednesday: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Thursday: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed



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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:


I’ve seen over 15 dentists in my lifetime dealing with an accident, causing many oral procedures, and Dr. Riggs, by far, the best I’ve seen! I always have a great experience seeing Dr. Riggs and her terrific staff. She is so patient and explained my procedure in-depth and made me very comfortable. The office is warm and cozy, decorated beautifully. I highly recommend people come here.


This was the most amazing experience. The office was warm and inviting and very homey. Dr. Riggs’ staff is the nicest group of professionals I’ve ever seen. As soon as you walk in, you’re acknowledged and greeted with a smile. The waiting area is comfortable and beautiful. It made my short wait very nice. Dr. Riggs dental experience is evident immediately. She was able to answer all my questions and concerns and take care of my dental issues painlessly. That’s very important to me. I would definitely recommend Dr. Riggs and her office to all my family and friends. For those who have problems going to the dentist, this could be life changing! Don’t hold off any longer. Make an appointment ASAP. You’ll be glad you did and wonder why you waited so long!


A fantastic dentist! Love her work and her staff. I have been to many dentists over the years and I highly recommend Dr. Riggs as a standout in her field! She really cares about her patients and her energy and enthusiasm is always apparent in her work. One of the very best!


I have been using Doctor Riggs for YEARS! Not only is she the top rated cosmetic dentist in the city (by locals), but she also is a fantastic person. Her office is beautiful, and her staff is extremely friendly and professional! Doctor Riggs has repaired a broken veneer for me in the past (her work was PERFECT), and she does a little facial cosmetic work when I need it. She does my botox injections and she does my lip fillers (Juviderm). I don’t think I will ever let anyone else touch my face. I’m in love. I’d give her 10 stars if I could!


I became a patient of Dr Riggs last year. I find that she is very professional as well as friendly and I respect her tremendously. Her staff is kind and courteous and I couldn’t be happier with the service I have received in her care. I look forward to many more years as her patient and am so delighted with the new smile I have thanks to her. I feel like a new person… I can’t even imagine with “Andrew” is talking about…sounds a bit bitter to me. I would highly recommend Elizabeth to all my friends and family.


Dr. Riggs is a dentist with a solo practice on Magazine Street near to Louisiana Avenue. She has been my dentist for a number of years. Product: They have stuff like Invisaline and the like, but I don’t really purchase product from them. (N/A) Service: I have found service here to be excellent. I’ve used the same hygienist since I started there, and she is both proficient and very friendly. I have had to wait a couple of visits for up to 30 minutes, but that is to be expected sometimes in a clinic, due to unforeseen emergencies, such as a cracked tooth. The front desk staff will contact you when your next appointment is due. Although they can be a bit enthusiastic about upsales, such as semi-annual radiographs and whitening services, as long as one doesn’t just say okay to such, they won’t push it. Dr. Riggs herself is quite congenial and informed, and she has referred me out the one time I required an orthodontic procedure to a competent surgeon. They take the insurance provided through my work, which has covered everything except radiology to this point. 4 stars (above average) Facilities: A converted old home directly on Magazine Street. It is quite beautiful inside and out; relaxing as one can expect for a doctor’s office. The inside is sparklingly clean, and the furniture is comfortable. 5 stars Overall: I would suggest Dr. Riggs to adults needing regular dental care in the Uptown area, but the place really isn’t suited for children. 4 stars


I’ve been afraid of the dentist ever since I was little, but Dr. Riggs has cured me of this! She and her staff are so friendly, I actually look forward to my appointments. I’m a huge baby, so I’m always offered a blanket when I go in and her assistant has held my hand during injections. Not only is the bedside manner great, but the work itself is wonderful. I’ve been self conscious of my smile since getting braces in middle school and now I love it! I had a cavity on a front tooth that always bothered me but no dentist wanted to fill because of cosmetic reasons. It was the very first bit of work Dr. Riggs did, and even my husband can’t pick out tooth it was. I’m looking forward to continuing treatment with Dr. Riggs and I recommend her to everyone I know.


Dr. Riggs is by far the best dentist I have ever been to. Her cosmetic work is impeccable and she is extremely personal. she offers full service for dental, as well as Juviderm (fillers for lips or face) injections and Botox. I will never let another dentist touch my teeth again!


An implant, done about 10 years ago by another dentist, literally fell out of my mouth when I was on vacation. As soon as I returned from vacation, I went to see Dr. Riggs. It turns out the titanium screw that holds the tooth in place broke; just broke. How a screw up in the gum breaks is beyond me, but it did. Dr Riggs examined the situation carefully, and with her assistant, managed to remove the broken screw that was still up in the gum.  Imagine this:  the screw was broken; it did not have a ‘head’ where a screwdriver could be placed to turn the screw. Clearly extracting the screw was an accomplishment, and had she not been able to do that, I would have been in for the price of a full new replacement!  The next step was to order a new screw to replace the tooth. The screw came in, and went to work, and stopped. She determined the factory sent the wrong size. She said she would send everything back and we would schedule another visit. That happened today. I was in and out in 30 minutes with a perfectly replaced implant.  Dr. Riggs has done cosmetic work for me (chipped front tooth).  Simply put, I would not go to anybody else.


I realize that it is impossible to please everyone. However, how anyone could write a negative review of Dr. Liz Riggs is beyond my comprehension. I have never had a more accommodating, caring, patient, compassionate, gentle, PAINLESS dentist. Her work is cutting edge and perfection! Her skills know no boundaries. Anyone who would choose not to have her as their dentist is making a huge mistake!!!


Dr. Riggs and her staff are 100% perfection. I recommend her to all my friends and family. They are professional, courteous, and make every visit a pleasant experience. I live hours away and still go back to see her because I love her work and she is the best dentist I have ever seen. I highly recommend her for any cosmetic dentistry work. I love my new smile too!


Another wonderful visit to the dentist. Yes, I said dentist! I had never said “I love going to the dentist”, until I became a patient of Dr. Riggs. Keeping a nice smile and healthy happy teeth is very important to me. Her office is not only the epitome of professionalism but you feel like part of their family. Dr. Riggs and her amazing staff treat you as they would treat themselves, with great skill and care. I can’t recommend Dr. Riggs enough. If you are new in town, or just looking for a dentist, please do yourself a favor and make an appointment now. You’ll be glad you did. I contacted her office after a friends recommendation and I’m so happy I did!


I moved to New Orleans in 2011 and discovered Dr. Riggs’ practice due to its proximity to a business I owned on Magazine Street. I have always received a professional, courteous and most times, fun experience–the later being something you wouldn’t expect in a dentist visit. I have been complimented a lot for my smile and in honesty, I’ve taken it for granted. I haven’t kept up with my oral care as much as needed over the years, mostly due to the hassle, unpleasant nature and cost of having to deal with it. I’ve been lucky. But due to my good experiences at Dr. Riggs’, the “task” is much easier. I’ve had x-rays, oral exams, teeth cleanings, teeth whitening molds/trays made, and bonding done at her office. I’ve found her patient-doctor report to be top-notch. She takes time to get to know you, and remembers your last visits. She checks up on how life is going (we often joke) and frankly, to say it best: she invests time in her clients. You get the impression she runs a tight ship and all of her staff are very attentive, professional and eager. I admire this greatly. When the dentist is confident, it puts the patient at ease. I witnessed her once just giving instruction to staff that was very thoughtful, educational and I’m sure appreciated by staff. It appeared to be a healthy and happy work environment. I have never been bothered by an up-sale. It is expected and comes naturally, and with no pressure. I have never felt bombarded there. And honestly every recommendation has been for the betterment of my health care. As far as her pricing: I find it competitive in today’s healthcare/dentistry environment. Nothing is cheap, but when it comes to health, for me, I don’t mind putting money toward this investment. And furthermore, speaking to the instances of cosmetic work, one really should be interested in getting quality over cost. And to really hit it home about how well she treats her clients, I once chipped a front tooth the very next day after having had visited Dr. Riggs for a teeth cleaning. Having a chipped front tooth is like having a bad hair cut. Everyone notices and it’s embarrassing. To add to my bad luck, it was the weekend and a holiday. I called the office/answering service and would you believe that Dr. Riggs came to the office on her holiday, just for me to repair my tooth outside of normal business hours?! I’ve gone back for additional chipped teeth (I know!!…horrible of me, but it’s life), and every experience I come out looking like nothing happened. These experiences make me happy to refer Dr. Riggs to friends, family, and anyone looking for a dentist.


Great dentist. Great staff. Highly recommend. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Riggs for over 3 years now, and I confidently refer her to everyone I know who is ever looking for a dentist. She and her staff are extremely competent and have great bedside manner. They clearly explain what they are doing and what my options are. They have given me great advice for home care that has improved my oral health and actually reduced the amount of work they have to do on me. I have always been extremely satisfied with each visit.


Best dental practice that I have ever used. Dr. Riggs is an exceptionally talented cosmetic dentist with a national caliber reputation and we are lucky to have her in the New Orleans area. She and her staff follow the highest standards of patient service and professional care. If you are looking for a quick, cheap, cookie-cutter “mall” dentist, this is probably not your kind of practice. If you want top-notice dental care and exceptional patient service, you will like this practice.


It is very hard to say the things i am about to say about a dentist, the penultimate modern semiotic for pain and suffering, and quite honestly i never thought them possible. But here goes. Dr. Riggs and her entire staff are walking luminescence deserving not only sainthood and your entire devotion and prayers, but of all of the wonderful holy praises you will be singing to all of your friends and family after a single visit to her office. That was a thick sentence, but so is my adoration and worship of these wondrous delightful Muses and the undeniable better my life has become since maw pain forced me to crop the coward and begin my (personally arduous) journey at the hands of the beautiful doctor. I want to stop with the church analogy but i don;’t know if i can. Every one of my smiles are Gospel, now. I found her through a friend who went from peasant-in-pain to model before he was through. My first visit was forced by hurt, but when it was over, before i ever left the chair, i knew that all of the loving my mouth would need “in the future” was going to happen “now,” and that whatever path Dr. Riggs and her team deigned best to direct was the path i would take. There was something about her eyes; her irises bursting as her eyes and fingers opened a new mouth; the smile like a batman villain: this woman was born and sanctified to make your mouth and heart happy. I arrived defeated that morning, suffering. I left the office a super soldier, waving a flag, heart made of gold. My dental hygienist/technician/artist is Ms. Jackie, who never ceases to amaze me with her firm tenderness, even with all that ruckus she’s making in there, and even with me flailing around like a lil bitch. And then, after my visits with her she usually busts up with some crazy oral hygiene contraption (or grill-tility, if you will) or technique like Q or Giles. I love that she doesn’t hurt me. It’s been over a year now, since my fun began and my smile and overall health began to become a better best more vibrant me. Dr. Riggs has done magic for me, over and over again. My friend sent me there because he loved me. Take the levity of my words as proof that i love you.


Everything about Dr. Rigg’s practice was top notch!  The location is great for Uptown residents.  While waiting for my cleaning and checkup, I felt like I was in the lobby of a day spa.  Staff was very couteous, and other than the deserved lecture I got about not flossing enough, the cleaning was as painless as it gets.  Though I had not planned on it, I ended up getting fitted for bleaching dams and have been extremely satisfied with my newly whitened teeth.  This is my new dentist!



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