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Yangpei Cao, DDS

EP Root Canal Specialists
El Paso (Zaragoza Rd), TX

EP Root Canal Specialists
El Paso (Viscount Blvd), TX














A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


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Saturday: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Sunday: Closed


Monday: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Steve B. from Cork, El Paso, TX (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Cao was compassionate, explained everything every step of the way, and was talented and resourceful. We had an urgent situation involving involving an infection and a loose tooth and were able to schedule quickly. The facility and staff was very good too! Dr. Cao took her time, saved the tooth and did it right and added a ton of value, because she cares. There was no pain and no anxiety. Without a doubt Dr. Cao will be our go to Endodontist from now on. Highly recommend!

Flor Delgadillo (Source: Google)


Everyone was extremely nice. Dr. Cao was very detailed when explaining what the procedure was and how it will help me in the future. She answered all my questions that I had concerning my root canal. She made me feel safe and in good hands the entire time I was under her care. The team was sweet and welcoming as well. I am very thankful for their excellent work.

Elizabeth Moreno (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Yangpei Cao is such an excellent dentist and the staff too! I was going in for my first root canal. She took the time to explain everything I was to expect during my visit and made sure I was always comfortable, I had no pain or problems during my procedure. She is a professional, gentle caring dentist with a wonderful personality. I would highly recommend Dr. Cao to anyone needing her services. Thank you!!

John W. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Growing up I’ve been through different dentists, but Dr. Cao was the best, most efficient, passionate dentist I’ve ever been to. She took her time, explained the procedure, and finished the root canal quickly. I had an emergency root canal that needed to be addressed since the pain was unbearable due to an infection and she was able to get me the same day. I always put it off because I hate getting dental work done but there was no pain and the root canal was finally done.

Antonio Lugo (Source: Google)


I had a molar with a bad cavity in it and I was told that I would have to remove it. I didn’t want to lose my molar so I decided to go to EP Root Canal Specialist to find out if it was possibly to save my tooth. After taking care of all the paperwork the dentist sat down with me and we discussed the possibility of saving my tooth depending on how deep and how bad the condition of the tooth was. He started to work on the tooth and told me that the tooth could be saved. I was relieved that I was going to be able to keep my tooth. He finished the root canal without a hitch and a couple of weeks later I got my crown done. Everything worked out perfectly. The professionalism, expertise and the care that they put in on their work is outstanding. Great job! Thank you!

Kim V. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve always put off going to get any procedures done because of the pain. In over 40 years of going to multiple dentist’s in my life, this doctor was the best. I didn’t feel the numbing process, nor the procedure. I didn’t have any swelling later that night. This doctor will spend the time to make sure you’re not in any pain and explain the procedure. The staff was very welcoming. I’m so glad I have found this dentist and won’t go to anyone else as long as I live in El Paso. I know you will be just as impressed as I was.  Thanks to the doctor and the staff. I wish the other doctor’s would take notes from this doctor because she has the right blueprint when taking care of their patients. Thank You.

Waltraud M P (Source: Google)


Dr. Cao is very reassuring towards anxious patients (like me☺) and she takes time to answer questions concerning procedures. She makes sure you’ll feel no pain during or after the root canal. The day after Dr. Cao did my canal, my swelling was gone, and everything healed nicely. Thank you Dr. Cao & friendly staff!

David Rangel (Source: Google)


I had a wonderful experience getting a retreat on my root canal with Dr. Cao. I went in for a consult and the Dr had time to do the procedure that same day. She has an awesome staff that explained everything to me before she performed the retreat. As the Dr performed the procedure, she kept me informed on what she was doing and afterward went over my x-rays to show me what she had done. I HIGHLY recommend this facility for the great work they do! I had no pain after she was done and the anesthesia had worn off Thank you Dr. Cao and staff

Angie Lomeli (Source: Google)


Dr. Cao is exceptional. Dr. was extremely informative and answered all of my concerns. She retreated a previous root canal that another endodontist failed to treat correctly. I appreciate her hard work and getting the job done right. I am extremely grateful. Please consider this office if you find yourself needing this type of treatment. Dr. Cao and her staff are amazing!

Myra Gonzalez (Source: Google)


EP Root Canal Specialists is Awesome!! The Dr.s here take the time to explain the procedure u will need to the T. They make u feel comfortable and at ease. I had a root canal re-done and I did not feel a thing!! I had a Great experience and will be revisiting if I need another (will not be going anywhere else) Thank u so much for everything!

Marcela H. (Source: Google)


I had an amazing experience as a first timer here. Dr. Cao is a master of her craft. She took the time to properly introduce herself, she walked me through the whole root canal process, explained in detail what she was going to do, and was explaining as she went along. She has the lightest hand when it comes to applying anesthesia, didn’t feel a thing! Great staff, soothing music in the background. Definitely recommend!!

Marie A. Conover (Source: Google)


No likes the notion of needing a root canal, but Dr. Cao and her staff made the experience bearable. Dr. Cao fully explained what was going on with my teeth and when I had a question, she wasn’t “bothered” by the question I asked. I hope I never need another root canal but if I do, I will most definitely go back to Dr. Cao.

Javier Jimenez (Source: Google)


I’ve never had a root canal, I saw Dr Cao who made a schedule adjustment to accommodate me. She explained the entire process before the procedure and told me what to expect, the entire process was smooth without any problems or pain, after the procedure she reviewed the results with me and provided further instructions to making sure I was I was fine.

Katia Rocha (Source: Google)


Best experience getting a root canal done. Didn’t feel any pain at all, Dr. Cao and the assistant Josh we’re both super amiable. Dr. Cao walked me through everything that I was going to get done. Showed me before and after pictures. I’m very pleased with her work. Definitely will be recommending her to friends and family.

Gail Aguilar (Source: Google)


I would highly recommend Dr. Cao . She is an outstanding root canal specialist. Actually the best dental experience I have ever had . Never thought I would say that considering I’m terrified of going to the dentist. I wish I could see her for all my dental needs. Hope to never have to have another root canal but if I do, I know who I will see. Thank you Dr.Cao and thank you to her wonderful assistant for making me feel I was in good hands. Outstanding work !!! I will share with family & friends .

 (Source: Facebook)


James Paatmag (Source: Google)


My provider was Yangpei Cao and I would like to say she is very gentle when giving me Anastasia before getting my root canal done. I’ve been to other places that was horrific. Keep up the good work and I’m glad they were able to get my situation taken care of. I’m barely in pain and I think the experience was overall awesome. I went in with little anxiety not knowing what was going to happen and left feeling that I made the right choice.

Ruthann Hercliff (Source: Google)


A first time visit as I passed through El Paso while traveling as a nurse. A pleasant overall experience during an otherwise really stressful situation. Everyone was very kind and helpful during their interactions with me. Dr. Cao was so friendly, knowledgeable, and was very thorough in her explanations of the treatment being provided. Having dealt with a variety of providers in many disciplines through my profession and practice, I have to say that the bedside manner and treatment given was what every practitioner and their staff should strive to. Thank you for a pleasant experience during a stressful and normally unpleasant process.

Rhetoricrabbit (Source: Google)


Dr. Cao was amazing. She was exceptionally thorough. She even provides patients with her private number for after hour calls. Now that’s service. I was made very comfortable during my surgery. I was even covered with a blanket as I mentioned I was cold. The assistant and the doc asked me how I was doing at several points during my root canal. It seems like my comfort was their priority. The office is high tech with phone texts and signing paperwork online. Very professional. I can’t recommend this office enough. Come here for your root canal needs.

J W. from El Paso, TX (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Cao was recommended by my general dentist to treat a cracked tooth. I’m so glad I did. Dr. Cao and her staff were very professional and explained all the procedures she was going to do. She and her assistant carefully made sure I was comfortable and protected during the root canal. All in all, a pleasant experience given the circumstances of getting a root canal. Excellent work, Dr. Cao.

M.L. M. from El Paso, TX (Source: Yelp)


I had a positive experience with Dr. Chen. He is very thorough and very careful and explicit in his care and also in his explanation before and after treatment. The only thing I would ask his assistant–Iris– to not talk during the procedure by asking Dr. Chen questions about sports, holidays, Christmas traditions, thanksgiving traditions, etc. Dr. Chen does a good job of not engaging too much in these conversations during surgery but still these questions and chats are a distraction. Dr. Chen is doing very complicated, delicate and detailed work and he doesn’t need his assistant to be engaging him in conversations that have nothing to do with the reconstructing of a patient’s root canal. Between my insurance and myself, I paid $1,336.00 for this procedure. I deserve Dr. Chen’s undivided attention.

Ron Hames (Source: Google)


Dr. Cao was a truly amazing professional. She worked efficiently, skillfully and quickly through a process that absolutely required sound experience and and top level expertise. At the age of 77, I have had a a whole lot of dental work. She was absolutely the best I have ever had. Visiting a root canal specialist is not what most folks put at the top of their bucket list, but if they are lucky enough to have Dr. Cao leading the way through the procedure they are extremely fortunate. I jokingly told her as I was leaving that I hoped not to see her again for a while. Bottom Line… I gave her five stars, she deserved ten!

Andrew Castillo (Source: Google)


Dr. Cao and her staff were the BOMB!!! Very nice and polite. Explained everything for me from the charges, to X-rays to the procedure. Dr. Cao was very informative on what she was going to do in terms of the root canal. Very gentle. I felt a little discomfort at first but I took the medication I was prescribed and I have no pain. For a root canal it was a GREAT experience. Thank you. Andrew Castillo

Suzy Martinez (Source: Google)


The staff was Amazing and so helpful, I was extremely nervous and a bit scared and the assistant was kind and funny the entire staff was great. Very welcoming and friendly. The dentist was very nice and informative. DR.Yangpei Cao made me feel right at home and as if I was a friend. She provided excellent service and I will be coming here for all my future dental needs!

Leye T. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Cao is amazing! She is so gentle and sweet. She explained everything very clear and told me what’s next before every procedure. That helps a lot! She has the best anesthesia skill I ever know! After two shots it was totally pain-free. With the help of the bite-block, I slept through the root canal, when I woke up, it was almost done. The best endo treatment I ever had.

Jennifer Tucker (Source: Google)


I was referred to EP Root Canal Specialists by my dentist for a root canal that had gotten infected. I was accommodated quickly with an appointment due to the pain I was experiencing and while making my appointment the staff was super nice. I saw Dr..Cao a couple days later. She was so professional and knowledgeable. She explained all my options and gave me hope that these options would solve the problem. The day of the procedure she went over everything again and made me feel so comfortable. She saved my crown and I have absolutely no more pain. If I ever need a root canal specialist again I will definitely be returning to EP Root Canal Specialists.

Angela Piedra (Source: Google)


I went to see Dr. Cao for a root canal and I had the most wonderful experience. She was very gentle and took the time to explain everything that was happening! While it took sometime to get my tooth numb she took the time to make sure I didn’t feel any pain. I will forever be grateful for the service she provided and if I ever need another root canal I will be seeing her again!! Thank you Dr. Cao you restored my confidence in dentists!!!

Anna Olivares (Source: Google)


I was referred to EP Root Canal Specialist by my dentist and I had as good of an experience as one can have getting a root canal. Dr. Cao and her staff were very friendly and informative. She explained each step of the procedure in detail. I’ve had quite a bit of dental work and this visit was the first time a Dentist gave me hand gestures I could use to inform her if I needed suction, to remove the bite block, or if i needed more anesthetic. I experienced zero pain. The Dr. numbed the area with a topical anesthetic before administering the injection to numb the tooth. They were very efficient. My appointment was at 8:30am and I was on my way home by 9:45 am. The actual procedure lasted 45 minutes. It’s now 12 hours later and I still have zero discomfort. I live on the westside and dental work costs seem a bit inflated on this side of town. The cost was fair and transparent and I actually ended up paying less than I was quoted when I arrived. If I ever need another root canal I would not hesitate to head back to Dr. Cao.

Elizabeth Moreno (Source: Google)


Dr. Yangpei Cao is such an excellent dentist and staffing too! I was very nervous going in for my first root canal. She took the time to explain everything I was to expect during my visit and made sure I was always comfortable, I had no pain or problems during my procedure. She is a professional, gentle caring dentist with a wonderful personality. I would highly recommend Dr. Cao to anyone needing her services. Thank you!!

Alfredo Pantoja (Source: Google)


I would just like to take this opportunity and express my experience. First of all everyone was friendly and professional the environment was comfortable. As we all know route canals in general are not the best experiences in life. Just like everyone who goes through this situation concerns anxiety attend to overtake you. I really felt comfortable At ease when consulted with everyone here at this establishment I highly recommend it great customer experience. Have a good day be safe and God bless

Yolanda De Jesus (Source: Google)


I had to get my first root canal and was nervous going into this appointment. Everyone at EP Root Canal Specialists were so caring and reassured me I would be ok. Dr. Cao was amazing. I didn’t feel pain and she explained every step as she went along. She was very patient with me. I would definitely recommend them.

Kim Vasek (Source: Google)


I never thought it was possible, to have a pleasurable experience going to a dentist. In over 40 yrs. going to a dentist, I left giving gratitude for finding this doctor. I didn’t have any pain during the numbing process, nor during the procedure. I didn’t have any swelling later that day. I worked a mid shift the night before and almost fell asleep in the chair. The staff is great there also. This doctor explained every step and didn’t leave my side to work on someone else, like other doctor’s had. I promise only the best results for your visit. Thanks again, Doctor

Veronica Serrano (Source: Google)


I recommend this clinic! I had my root canal done yesterday. I was terrified! However, staff was kind & professional. I had researched options and I found it most affordable as well. Today I woke up with slight soreness but I have not had pain. I would recommend anyone needing a root canal to have it done here. Dr. Yangpei Cao was great!

Mark Victor (Source: Google)


Amazing! I highly recommend Dr. Cao and her entire staff. The professionalism and high quality of care is unsurpassed. I filled out some forms online prior to the visit. Upon arrival, I was greeted, seated, and they were ready for me. Once X Rays and vitals were done, Dr. Cao provided a timely and detailed explanation, even explaining what she was doing while in-progress. The procedure was painless, quick, and thorough and she showed me the follow up X Rays and post-procedure instructions. Great place. Great service. Exceptional provider to-patient care from Dr. Cao. Superb technical skills and professionalism from the staff. Thank you!

Steven Burman (Source: Google)


EP Root Canal is great! Nice location, plenty of parking. Dr Cao is a caring talented and compassionate Endodontist. It was a very tough assignment. My Dentist wasn’t sure the tooth could be saved or needed extraction. EP Root Canal Staff got us in quick. We took advantage of filling out the paperwork online which was pretty cool. Dr Cao saved the tooth! She explained everything as we went and showed exceptional kindness and no pain! Dr Cao really cares and takes the best care of your tooth. Without a doubt, Dr Cao made all the difference! Highly recommend.