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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Zac H. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Honestly I love this place. I started going because a friend told me that Dr. Dloomy was great. And yes, she is, I’ve been going for 5 years. I realized the last time that I’ve never waited in the waiting room at all. I show up and they take me in. They stand by everything they do, they’ve made my Invisalign process really easy. They’re fun people, they do great work. I’m a big fan.

Audrey G. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


First, I have never written a review before.  I created this Yelp account just to post this review. I cannot say enough about Dr. Dloomy and her entire office.  Not only had I not been to the dentist in years, but I am also petrified of dentists.  Dr. Dloomy and Lori both went out of their way in every aspect to help me get through the work that I needed.  They are compassionate, caring, really genuinely kind people.  I am a horrible patient and they took it all with a sense of humor and never made me feel uncomfortable.  In addition, Dr. Dloomy does amazing dental work.  I am beyond happy with the results.  I will always be grateful.  If you are looking for a dentist with talent and heart, and a dental assistant (Lori, who is an incredible woman, and who really made this whole thing happen) who puts you at ease immediately, this is where to go.

C. from Cerritos, CA (Source: Yelp)


more than 5 stars! these people are so KICK ASS! they treat you like family or like they’re your friends. i got a couple of teeth out & i didn’t even feel it! on previous dentists, it would hurt like CRAP! but these people are so awesome. one of the assistants is called Lori (she is the best mom/ dentist assistant EVER! even though she’s not me mother, she is like an aunt to me!) the staff here have personality & don’t make you visit here a living hell or boring & wish you were out of there quick. the have both men & women magazines to keep you busy. they are kid friendly & down to earth. the doctor is so sweet & gentle. the staff is incredibly awesome! they chat with you while they are fixing you up. they even keep you entertained! we’re kids & we were starving one day & they fed us! the staff has true hospitality and sincereness.

Yi H. from Van Nuys, CA (Source: Yelp)


Thanks Anna’s and Kellis’s reviews — i felt positive before I decided to see Dr. Dloomy’s office for the emergencies. Dr. Dloomy is nice and thoughtful. She leaves her contact number for emergencies and she opens office on Sunday. She usually will give as many priorities to see you as she could even though you don’t have a previously scheduled appointment. Her waiting room is very cozy and you feels like in a living room. her staffs are kind and gentle. Especially her assistant (sorry i didn’t ask for her name. she wears eyeglasses and has blond wavy short hair), she is very caring and answers all your questions and you could tell directly she has a healing heart to the patients. You can park free behind the building in the monthly parking lot if you go there on a Sunday.

Brian W. from Chicago, IL (Source: Yelp)


The entire staff is the best. I love getting my teeth cleaned by Leela she is the best. Lori is the funniest and everyone else in the office has such a great personality. I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed a dental office and liked getting my teeth cleaned as much as I do at Dloomy DDS! Given my Yelp Elite status, I felt a review was in order for this place ha ha. Thanks for the years of great service everyone and if I didn’t spell a name right you can yell at me when I see you next time. I will gladly fix it on the review. Hope you’re all having a wonderful day today! See you soon and thanks so much for helping me to stay cavity free. Many thanks.

Ericka B. from West Hollywood, CA (Source: Yelp)


After a horrible experience at another practice, I cannot express how relieved I was to find Eva Dloomy’s practice today. From the minute I made my appointment with the receptionist Laurie, I was impressed. She had an extremely attentive, kind demeanor on the phone and was able to get me in for an appointment within a week. She recommended I park on the street to avoid parking fees. The office was clean and comfortable, and I was greeted and seated immediately. Back story- A week before visiting Dr, Dloomy’s office, I had gone to a shady office that tacked on unnecessary charges and was ready to charge me $1500+ out of pocket for work I need done. Today, Dr. Dloomy carefully examined each of my teeth, showing me pictures and explaining exactly what work I needed done. She had a calming and knowledgeable presence and I felt like I was in good hands. She let the receptionist run the anticipated charges through my insurance to see the total amount that I would pay out of pocket, which was $240. TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY DOLLARS! I was shocked, as I had previously been quoted $1500+. The receptionist was shocked as well, wondering what I would have been charged for at the previous dentist. They put me on the schedule to have the needed work done next week. I couldn’t be happier with this office and I am very grateful I found them. They are honest people and I highly recommend!

Ken A. from West Hollywood, CA (Source: Yelp)


Been going here about 10 years.  I can’t take the electric drill thing they use for dental cleanings. Leila gives me a manual cleaning.  Bless her for that.  Lori is a gem – not sure what her role in the office is, but she makes it fun to be there – whoever would think going to the dentist is fun?  Guess I’ve been cheated out of the free toothbrush each visit…where has mine been??!  Other than that, high recommendation here.

Sean C. from Central LA, West Hollywood, CA (Source: Yelp)


When I first arrived in Los Angles, I had a chain of bad dental experiences with bad dentists (or their staff) who either didn’t know what they were doing, had bad customer service, or tried to up-sell you procedures or etc that you didn’t need.  Dloomy was one we happened to try after those.  Since then, I’ve never gone to anyone else besides her.  I recommend her like crazy to people I know.  Her staff are on top of it and customer friendly; her ethics are of the highest order, and she tries to work with each patient according to their situation and needs.  I can’t say enough.  She’s a gem.  Her and her staff treats us like family.  Its like we’re back in the small town I grew up in… where everyone is happy to see you and they treat you like the only patient they have when you are there.

Michael G. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I found Dr. Dloomy through my dental insurance.  I first went to her because I was having some pain prior to a trip.  The staff as well as her were so accommodating and nice to me.  They got me right in seeing I was leaving in a few days.  After doing an X-ray found out it was grinding causing my pain.  She adjusted my bite and after some pleasant talk I was off pain free. I went back for a full exam and cleaning 3 weeks later.  Dr. Dloomy was so thorough and answered all my questions.  They let me see the X-rays and explained everything to me in detail.  The hygienist did an amazing cleaning seeing I hadn’t had one in over 2 years and didn’t guilt me too much.  She was very sweet and never felt anxious during the cleaning. I would highly recommend Dr. Dloomy to anybody who has a fear of the dentist.  Only downside is the parking but there are options nearby.

Amanda J. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been seeing Dr. Dloomy for about 5 years now. Let me first say, I have great looking teeth, but pretty poor quality teeth. I had my first root canal at age 12 and I think every tooth except my 8 front ones have had some work done to them.  There was even a point where I was so broke I had to go to the free dental clinic for tooth pain. So yeah, I was not blessed with the good tooth gene. The staff  at Dr. Dloomys is always super friendly and they always make time to see me, because my schedule is usually a mess. I have never had a problem getting a same day appointment. Laurie is the best, and so personable, and she even hold my hand when I have to get numbed. And Dloomy has always been so caring and gentle with me and my teeth. About three years ago I was bushing my teeth and noticed a very large black spot on my tooth that is furthest back. I called the office and made an emergency appointment! I just knew it was a huge cavity! I sat down in the chair, Dloomy came in and I opened my mouth to point it out. Turned out it was not a cavity, but rather a silver filling I had gotten done (at the clinic) a few years before. I felt so silly, but she she told me it was a nice to see me and we were both happy it was not a cavity. In 2010 I started the invisalign teeth straighteners, and for two years I was in the office every month. After loosing one of my trays, oops, my bad! They even re-submitted my case (no extra charge to me) just to be sure I was completely happy with my teeth. In 5 years I have had three bouts with extreme tooth pain, which sent me running to their office. The first one I needed a root canal and they sent me to a very nice lady in westwood. The second time the pain was coming from under a crown I got many years ago, they took the crown off temporarily and the pain stopped. No root canal needed! woot woot. They simply put the crown back on and I was on my way. The third and most recent time, after days of hurting I went to see them and it turned out I needed another root canal, this time it was the other side of my mouth. They hooked me up with an endodontist just a floor above and an hour and a half, and another root canal later, I was feeling so much better! I love that they always show me the x-rays and they take the time to explain my options . They have never recommended a procedure I did not need, and they have always worked with me as far as how much is covered by insurance and how much it will cost me. Yes, they recommend I get a cleaning every six months, and teeth whiting, but that’s their job right? I simply tell them not today and we move on. Of course if I kept up on my cleanings I probably would not need as many root canals! Oh, and I parked in the structure one time, and never again. There is usually lots of free (2 hour) parking a block up the street. 🙂

Jackie B. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


This was the most wonderful dental experience I’ve ever had! I had been with my dentist my entire life until she retired recently. Finding a new dentist for this scaredy cat was terrifying! I kept yelping each dentist in my network and was horrified by each– until I found Dr. Dloomy and her amazing staff! Laurie, Fatima and Yasmine were the first people I met to clean my teeth. They are hilarious and so incredibly sweet and patient. I initially went for a cleaning and x-rays and later found some small cavities from old fillings that needed to be replaced. They told me to take my time and break up my appointments which was the best advice ever. Each visit with them and the amazing Dr. Dloomy was actually fun! I know it sounds crazy, but the entire experience was so enjoyable! As much as no one likes to go to the dentist I actually felt welcomed and always came and left with a smile on my face! Dr. Dloomy is so kind and gentle. She’s sweet and soft spoken which should really be a requirement for any dentist I think! I can’t stress how taken care of I felt with her. I was never left in any pain or with any problems. The office is beautiful, clean and new and the view from each dental chair looks into a lush landscape of the Hollywood hills. Seriously, I am so grateful to have found her and I’ve already been referring my family and friends. I HIGHLY recommend her!

Jenny I. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr Eva is absolutely the best dentist I’ve ever been to. The staff is so kind and always nice… Even though I hate the dentist, she’s just the best! I never have any pain or aches after I visit her. I have been coming to see her the last almost 5years. And I just cant say enough good things about this doctor. I would absolutely recommend her. Very clean and wonderful location!

Alex G. from San Pedro, CA (Source: Yelp)


I still don’t understand why this dentist is getting less than 5 stars. I took my son in for a cleaning, and the hygenest (I think her name was Mallory) was outstanding.  I love this whole dental office.

Elaine J. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been going to Dr. Dloomy for about 10 years.  I can’t say enough about this wonderful lady – or about Laurie, her assistant.  Their kindness to me is something I will never forget.  And Dr. Dloomy’s work is flawless.  I love them all!

Emily W. from West Hollywood, CA (Source: Yelp)


There aren’t too many people who enjoy the prospect of the scrape-scrape of that shiny little tartar hook or the whir of a drill… but Dr. Dloomy’s kind and gentle manner and her excellent office staff make the entire process of going to the dentist a pleasure. Well, at least the part not involving scraping and whirring. The office is comfortable, the staff is caring and competent and Dr. Dloomy explains things thoroughly when asked. I referred a friend to her after my first pleasant visit.  Another dentist had told my friend she needed 4 fillings “changed because they were getting old”. Dr. Dloomy said her fillings were in great shape, her teeth were beautiful and not to worry- though was honest and explained that fillings do have a “lifetime”- her’s just hadn’t reached the end of theirs. All in all, a great dentist experience. **PARKING in the building is $$$$$. Drive west from the office building down Doheny Rd [NOT Doheny Drive]  ~3 blocks (Sunset bends slightly left/south right in front of the 9201 Sunset building where Dr. Dloomy’s office is; Doheny Road V’s off to the right when Sunset bends left). There is usually ample free street parking in Beverly Hills on Doheny Rd or Hillcrest St w/ 2 hour limit. Or try your luck w/  a Sunset meter.

Havah J. from Valley Village, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Dloomy is the best dentist in the universe! Our kids actually ENJOY coming here, since she is so gentle and fast. There are no words to describe how intuitive her skills are. I do not even need anesthesia when I have fillings! We love you Dr. Dloomy!

Audrey Golding (Source: Google)


I cannot say enough about Dr. Dloomy and her entire office. Not only had I not been to the dentist in years, but I am also petrified of dentists. Dr. Dloomy and Lori both went out of their way in every aspect to help me get through the work that I needed. They are compassionate, caring, really genuinely kind people. I am a horrible patient and they took it all with a sense of humor and never made me feel uncomfortable. In addition, Dr. Dloomy does amazing dental work. I am beyond happy with the results. I will always be grateful. If you are looking for a dentist with talent and heart, and a dental assistant (Lori, who is an incredible woman, and who really made this whole thing happen) who puts you at ease immediately, this is where to go

Carey E. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been going to the office of Dr. Dlommy for some time now. I love going to the dentist because of the team in the office. I feel very cared for and they do a wonderful job of helping me keep my mouth healthy. Thank you Dr. Dlommy, Laurie and Leela for your caring attention and skill.

Ken Alan from Los Angeles (Source: Healthgrades)


Been going here for about 10 years. I have sensitive teeth and can’t tolerate an electric cleaning. They do manual cleanings for me, fortunately. Lori, who seems to run the office, is a treasure. Dr. Dloomy and staff have all been great. High recommendation.

Todd C. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to Dr. Dloomy for years.  I am amazed at some of the reviews that I’ve read and I must say that I have had nothing but a wonderful experience with her and the staff.  She has done amazing work for me and yes, its not cheap – but I would like to think that my mouth and health is worth the expense.  Clearly dentistry in general is more expensive these days and if you don’t have to good common sense to check with your insurance company to understand what is and is not covered, well then whose fault is that?  The parking costs are high, but I find that to be the case in any medical building.  So, if that’s your concern then simply find meter parking.  Dr. Dloomy, Lorrie and all of the other staff members are quite honestly the nicest group of people I’ve ever met and they do everything they can to accommodate your requests.  This doctor has almost completely rebuilt my entire mouth through neglect on my part for many years and I receive compliments daily on my smile and I owe it all to her.  She gave me back the confidence to smile “BIG” again and for that I will be indebted to her for the rest of my days.  When you read these reviews, please pay attention to what the complaints are about and you will discover that it’s nothing they’ve done – but more a lack of what her patients have done to know where they stand with regard to coverage, etc.  Also remember, she’s in business and of course they will encourage you to “whiten” and get “night guards” – but, if you choose not to do a more expensive treatment you have the option of purchasing over the counter whitening products and you can no purchase night guard that you can form yourself.  So again, if you are looking for an exceptional dentist who listens and cares about her patients, then this is the dentist for you.

Paul B. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Very professional, reassuring, caring, friendly and efficient. I needed emergency treatment today and Dr Dloomy’s office was able to accommodate me at extremely short notice. I’m very grateful to Eva, Lori and the staff on the front desk who all worked so hard to resolve my issues. Thank you so much.

Jen L. from Raleigh, NC (Source: Yelp)


I was referred by a friend, and I am so happy with my results. I had a chipped tooth and my first dentist did a sloppy job, and I came to Eva’s assistant, Lori, and she fixed it completely. Her voice is so calming and welcoming, she felt like a friend. Their office is very clean and welcoming, and I immediately felt at home. Thank you so much to the entire staff, I am very grateful for your kindness and help in fixing my smile.

Ray L. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr DLoomy & staffs are professionals, friendly & gentle when it comes to do your teeth. Moved from out of state, I got great recommendation from co workers to see Dr.DLoomy since she accept our insurance. I was a bit cynical when it comes to dentist, due  to bad experience. From x-ray to cleaning & filling, all had been done with caring & gentle.Laurie made sure everything running smoothly. I recommend Dr.DLoomy if you care for your teeth.

Carlos S. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr Dloomy and her team have been my dentist for 12 years. They’re pretty much family. The Doctor is one special lady, so caring and wonderful, her heart is in her work and her hands I call “hands of silk” because you don’t feel anything. Laurie from her team is a hoot. On a recent visit while my mom was in town, she commented on how odd it was that all she could hear from the dentist waiting room was my laughter. They make every visit a great memory instead of a regular tooth nightmare. Fatima is like a mom, maybe because she is one, she makes you feel special every time. I can’t say enough about this team. I would never leave Dr Dloomy and hope to one day take my kids to her.

Dona S. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


It def takes a few bad dentists to get to a good one & I am soooo happy I’ve came across Eva Dloomy! Sweetest ladies work in that office & they’re all super honest and helpful when it comes to suggestions to make your teeth healthier.

Matt B. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had to choose a new dentist due to a change in my insurance and I didn’t know where to go.  I searched the plan’s network, read reviews and decided on Dr Dloomy. Changing a health provider of any kind can be stressful and risky.  My first visit for cleaning and examination was very thorough and done with care.  My dental health was clearly explained by the two hygenists and Dr Dloomy, each of whom all examined me and spent sufficient time.  No additional work was suggested or pushed (upselling), however Dr Dloomy did advise to keep an eye on something which may need to be addressed down the road. I appreciated the friendliness, clarity, and honesty.   Based on my first visit, I would definitely recommend Dr Dloomy.

Lina C. from Park La Brea, CA (Source: Yelp)


Highly, highly recommend Dr. Dloomy. She and the rest of the staff are incredibly professional, honest, and kind. After a different dentist tried to majorly up-sell me, I came to Dr. Dloomy for a second opinion. I am so happy and relieved that I did, since I only needed a *fraction* of the procedures that were originally quoted to me. In short: Dr. Dloomy is saving me a lot of pain, hassle, and expense. Thank you and to the rest of the great team at the office! Very trustworthy and appreciated.

Kimberly Z. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have never experienced such a wonderful office of delightful people. I have had a few dentist nightmares and wanted a GREAT dentist. Dr Dloomy came highly recommended by a friend who would visit her even after she moved out of LA because she’s that great. She is so kind patient and gentle. A dentist who is caring. It makes all the difference.

Josh B. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have a terrible fear of the dentist but Dr. Dloomy and her team made that go away.  The cleaning was so gentle yet thorough.  The staff couldn’t be more friendly or helpful.   Other practices should use Dr. Dloomy and her team as a model.

Liz M. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


How many people can say they love their dentist? After seeing Eva Dloomy, I can honestly say I do! First came to Dr. Dloomy about 6 years ago on a friends recommendation. I’ve always feared the dentist, but Dr. Dloomy and her staff are incredibly friendly, gentle when they do work and make scheduling an appointment a breeze. Lella (not sure how to spell it) always does my cleaning, and she is thorough! You definitely get a great cleaning from her and she always reviews flossing techniques and lets you know if there are any areas you’ll want to pay more attention to in your daily care. She does great work and is very nice! Dr. Dloomy is the only dentist to ever make me feel relaxed in the chair. She’s gentle, works quickly and always smells good (I know it’s weird, but it’s true. Her perfume always smells good). Parking can suck. They do have a garage for the building, but it will cost you a lot. Parking can usually be found on the street meters, but they’re for 2 hours so bring change and let the staff now if you’re running out of time on your meter and they’ll make sure you get out in time. If you want a GREAT dentist then come see Dr. Dloomy.

Lauren H. from Miami, FL (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Dloomy is very honest, professional and great at what she does. She genuinely cares for her patients and you can see that in her work. I never wait for my appointment and the entire staff including Lori and Alex are super sweet and helpful every time!

Biddy K. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Dloomy for many years, and now our 3-year old is seeing her too. We’ve had great experiences with the doctor and the hygienists and office staff. They are very friendly and extremely knowledgeable about their field. What blew my mind today was that my daughter had a cavity, and when we went to the dentist to fill it, my daughter was laughing and happy the whole time. Afterward, she told me she loves going to the dentist. I couldn’t believe it. I was sure this would be the beginning of her starting to be afraid of going to the dentist, but instead she had a great time AND got a toy, which she thinks is amazing. Like other posters, I agree that the parking kind of sucks. I usually try to find parking on the street, but today I had to park in the lot. It was almost $9 for less than an hour, which isn’t the most I’ve ever paid for parking, but still more than I’d like to pay. However, I complained to the receptionist, and he suggested a lot down the street that I didn’t even know about. I can’t recommend this dentist enough. If you’re looking for a dentist, definitely check her out!

Aaron S. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been going to Dr. Dloomey’s office for years, and even when I moved out of LA for a while I would schedule visits when I was back in town.  I’ve always found her and everyone in the office to be professional, knowledgable, and very nice (although I do get scolded sometimes if I don’t take good care of my teeth between visits ;-). I would definitely recommend Dr. Dloomey to anyone!

Kellis L. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I generally consider myself a guy kind of guy that doesn’t get easily rattled. But when I hear that drill whirring I don’t actually hear the words “fuck this” go through my head, I just suddenly realize there’s something important I have to do somewhere else. Like Latvia. As a result I had a few cavities to fill last year. My previous dentist was assigned to me through the insurance company and that guy was exactly the kind of hack you’d excpect an insurance company to recommend. So when I needed a dentist this time around, I did what I do to find out anything local (this was in the dark ages before yelping), I posted a myspace bulletin. As you can imagine, severall people responded to me just to laugh, but a friend of mine respond to me that she had the coolest dentist ever. Low and behold, she was absolutely right. I went to Dr. Dloomy and she turned out to be the sweetest lady ever. She is the first dentist I can remember going to that hasn’t scared the shit out of me as soon as I sat in the chair. She accidentally scheduled me for my birthday, so she bought me a cupcake and had the staff sing happy birthday to me. It was pretty stupid, but really sweet. Thanks for helping me overcome my fear of dentistry doc. Ten stars.

Audrey Golding from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Healthgrades)


I cannot say enough about Dr. Dloomy and her entire office. Not only had I not been to the dentist in years, but I am also petrified of dentists. Dr. Dloomy and Lori both went out of their way in every aspect to help me get through the work that I needed. They are compassionate, caring, really genuinely kind people. I am a horrible patient and they took it all with a sense of humor and never made me feel uncomfortable. In addition, Dr. Dloomy does amazing dental work. I am beyond happy wit


Dr. Eva Dloomy is a warm and caring dentist. She has served the West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area for over 20 years. Experienced in General and Cosmetic dentistry. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.