Even28 Aligner Box


Breaking down what's inside your Even28 Smile Box


We refer to your aligner box as Even28 smile box. Your Even28 smile box contains everything you need to straighten your smile with teeth aligners. Oh and there's tons of other goodies. Here is what you should expect inside your smile box:

(1) Your Even28 custom clear aligners

Even28's safe and nearly-invisible teeth aligners are custom-made to straighten your smile. Wear your teeth aligners as instructed by your dentist to safely and gently straighten your smile within months. Each set of aligner is labeled and you must wear them in order 1, 2, 3, etc. Don't forget the rule: 21 hours a day for 2 weeks per aligner set. Don't forget, open your aligners in order as you need them and don't throw old ones away (just in case your dentist has you going back to them).

(2) Your aligner case

Use your aligner case to store and protect your clear aligners when they're not in your mouth. Basically, you store them here when you're brushing, eating or drinking (except water). The rest of the time, the aligners should stay in your mouth!

(3) Outie

Outies are used to remove your teeth aligners. Not everyone has to use them and they are helpful for when your aligners are super tight. To use your Outie, simply engage the hooks and gently pry off your teeth aligners. Again, be gentle, and always pull slowly and away from your teeth. Don't pull aggressively or move the side-to-side or you could damage your teeth or aligners.

(4) Chewies

As opposed to Outies, Chewies are used to seat your aligners into place. Sometimes when you put in your new teeth aligners they don't fully seat onto your teeth. You use Chewies to fix this problem. Simpy chew on your Chewies for a few minutes, as if they are a piece of gum, until your aligners are fully seated. 

(Important Notice: Chewies are considered a potential choking hazard and they can also cause allergic reactions. Use with extreme caution and at your own risk)

(5) Whitening trays and bleaching gels

The only thing better than having straight teeth is having white, straight teeth. This is why all Even28 at-dentist programs come with a set of upper and lower whitening trays. You can purchase a custom whitening tray for Even28 at-home as well (talk to your dentist). Simply place the whitening gel in areas where you want your teeth to whiten and insert the trays into your mouth. Remove the excess gel and allow the trays to stay in your mouth for an hour. You should see noticeable results after just a few uses. Plus, you can always reuse your whitening trays in the future whenever needed.

(6) Dental accessories: Night guard or sport guard 

If you've bought a sport guard or night guard with your aligner program, look for it in your aligner box as well. Keep in mind, these are designed to fit your teeth at the completion of your aligner therapy. So hang on to them until your teeth are straight and then start wearing them as soon as your aligner program is complete.

(7) Refer-a-friend gift certificates

Be sure to look for our refer-a-friend gift cards. You give these to your friends who are interested in clear aligners. If they get their teeth straightened with even28, you both get a $50 gift card. That's right, $50 as a thank you just for referring a friend. To learn more about our refer-a-friend program, click here.

(8) Your Even28 aligner box

Keep your Even28 aligner box so you can store your goodies. Keep the box in a safe place, away from children and pets. Don't store your box somewhere too hot or cold, as it can damage your clear aligners. Store the whitening gel as per the manufacturer's instructions (they may have to be refrigerated).