Even28 Aligner Box


What's inside your Even28 Smile Box?


Your clear aligners come inside a box which we refer to as "Even28 Smile Box". Your Even28 Smile Box contains everything you need to straighten your smile using clear aligners. There are a ton of other goodies included in your box as well. Here's what you should expect to find inside your Even28 Smile Box (click on each item to learn more about them):


Even28's clear aligners are safe and effective. Our aligners are custom-made to straighten your smile for maximum comfort level. Wear your aligners as instructed by your dentist to safely and gently straighten your smile. Your aligners come individually packaged in little plastic containers. Each package is labeled with a number. Wear your aligners in correct sequence in order #1, #2, etc. There are 3 different methods to wear your clear aligners. Click here to learn more about the different methods to wear your clear aligners. Also, be sure to never throw away any of your old aligners. Put your old aligners back into the correct package and store them away. If your teeth ever move again in the future you may want to wear your old aligners again (especially the last few aligners). It's always best to hang on to your old aligners just in case (always consult your dentist before reusing your old aligners).


Use your aligner case to store and protect your clear aligners when not using them. Store your aligners here when you're brushing, eating or drinking (except for water). If you're using the daytime or nighttime wear method, then store your aligners in its case during the period when you're not wearing them. The rest of the time, your aligners belong in your mouth not in the case!


Outies are used to remove tight fitting aligners. Not everyone needs to use an outie and they are reserved for when your aligners are super tight and impossible to remove! To use your Outie tool, simply engage the hook onto your aligner. Pry off gently by removing the back portion first and then removing the front segment. Be gentle and always pull slowly and away from your teeth. Don't pull too aggressively or move side-to-side or you could damage your teeth or your clear aligners.


Chewies are the opposite of Outies. You use your Chewies to seat your aligners into their place. Often times when you put in a new set of aligners they don't fully seat onto your teeth. Chew on your Chewies to fix this problem. Simply chew on them as if they are a piece of gum until your aligners start to seat in place. It usually takes about 2-10 minutes to get your Chewies to seat your aligners. Chewies are especially helpful for the first 2-3 days of wearing your new clear aligners. Beyond that, your aligners should seat well by themselves and you shouldn't have to rely on using Chewies any longer.

Important Notice: Chewies are considered a potential choking hazard and they can also cause allergic reactions. Use your chewies with extreme caution and at your own risk.


The only thing better than having straight teeth is having a straight, white and healthy smile! Purchase one of our custom accessories to protect your teeth and make them whiter. There are four common custom accessories we sell alongside our clear aligner programs, which are:

  • Night guard
  • Teeth whitening trays
  • Removable retainers (Clear retainers and Hawley retainers)
  • Athletic mouth guard

All of our accessories are custom made to your smile. Note that all accessories are designed to fit to your teeth at the end of your clear aligner therapy. We 3D print your final model and use it to fabricate your custom dental accessories. This means that you won't be able to use your night guard, whitening trays, etc. until you've completed your clear aligner program. Of course this makes sense, you wouldn't want your accessories to fit your constantly moving teeth! Talk to your Even28 Clear Aligner provider to learn more about custom accessories which we offer. Purchase them alongside your clear aligner program to get them at the best possible price. Plus, this will save you a visit to the dentist and there's no need to take additional impressions or scans of your teeth. Save time and money by purchasing your custom dental accessories upfront alongside your Even28 clear aligner program.


Use your refer-a-friend gift cards to refer a friend and earn $50 for both you and your friend. Give these gift certificate to your friend and family members who are interested in Even28 Clear Aligners. If your friend or family gets their teeth straightened with a participating Even28 Clear Aligner provider you both earn a $50 gift card. That's right, we give you each $50 as a thank you just for your referral! Click here to learn more about our refer-a-friend program.