Photo Gallery Optimization

Posting photos is an extremely powerful way of conveying your work, especially when it comes to dentistry. Since dentists are tooth artists, it's very helpful to create photo galleries to display your work to potential patients. Posting photos of your work help bring your artistic skills to fruition and makes them enduring. You can post your treatment photos to Facebook, Yelp, or Instagram. However, none of these websites are designed exclusively to display dentistry photos. This means very few people will ever see your photos, photos can be easily stolen, and there are no real rewards for posting additional photos to your social media sites. Posting photos to your website is far more effective, however, less than 1% of dentists have a meaningful photo gallery page. Web developers don't encourage photo galleries, and honestly, your website is probably not the best place to create photo galleries.

Why post your dental treatment photos to Even28?

Even28 is the only website designed for posting before and after photos of dental treatment. There is no better place on the internet to post your dental treatment photos than to your Even28 profile. First, we protect all photos from image theft by shrinking and watermarking them. Second, we tag every photo with your name and procedure name to give you full SEO credit for your work. Your photos sit on your Even28 profile until patients who are looking for a dentist come across them. Lastly, there are no limits as to how many photos you can post to your Even28 profile. Keep sending us more and more photos and watch your photo gallery grow and grow!

Basic versus premium profiles

We treat Basic Profiles and Premium/Premium-Plus/Promoted Accounts exactly the same way when it comes to posting photos to your profile. Send us your before and after photos and we will crop, tag, watermark your photos and post them to your profile. Email us original, high-quality before and after treatment photos to and we'll add them to your Even28 profile. Having said that, there are a few ways in which we assist our premium profile members to improve their photo galleries. Here's a list of exclusive services reserved for our premium providers when it comes to displaying photos on their Even28 profile:

Procedure-specific pages

Whether you're a basic or premium member, all of your before and after treatment photos are posted to your Practice Profile Page where they remain forever. As you add more and more before and after photos, it becomes difficult to browse through hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of photos. When you upgrade to a premium profile, we create procedure-specific pages to better display your treatment photos. For example, we will create a porcelain veneer page, an Invisalign® page, a teeth whitening page, etc. Now, all of your photos related to each treatment will be reposted to the appropriate pages. Procedure-specific pages help organize your photos for a better viewing experience. They also improve your SEO for related keywords, meaning that your profile is much more likely to show up on Google's search results when patients search for these procedures.

Photo gallery optimization

Photos submitted to Even28 are posted in no particular order. This means that your teeth whitening treatment may show up on top of your photo gallery, whereas your full mouth reconstruction may show up at the bottom. However, the order of your photos has a significant impact on how patients perceive you and your body of work. Once you upgrade your profile, one of our photo experts examines your entire photo gallery. They go through all of your photos and organize them for an optimal viewing experience. This means that your highest quality photos and photos of more complex treatment will be placed on top. Lower quality photos and photos of simpler treatment will be placed at the bottom. Optimizing your photo galleries helps make your photo galleries more attractive, at the same time prioritizing your complex treatment. This improves your odds of attracting patients from your profile and converting leads to actual patients.