Even28 Promoted Account

Advertise your Even28 Profile on Google, Bing & Yahoo


  1. THE PERFECT LANDING PAGE: In case you hadn’t noticed, your Even28 Profile is setup like the perfect advertisement landing page. Basically, everything your potential patients need to know to schedule their next appointment with you is right there on a single page: Treatment photos, 5-star reviews, list of services, hours of operation, online booking form, etc.
  2. PROCEDURE SPECIFIC PAGES: Send patients directly to your Braces Page, Porcelain Veneer Page, Dental Implant Page, etc. and get more more consults for whichever treatment you want to promote.
  3. ONLINE STORE: Send patients to your Even28 Online Store and sell them introductory items like new patient packages, consults and discount dental plans. Add high-end treatments at competitive prices and get more inquires about these treatments as well.
  4. EASY AS 1-2-3: We take care of your entire ad campaign for you: Setting up your ad campaign, monitoring your campaign’s progress, A/B testing to optimize your ads, setting negative keywords, etc. Let us take care of your online marketing so you can get back to focusing on delivering exceptional dental care.
  5. YOU’RE IN CHARGE: There are no setup fees for running a Promoted Account. Simply set your budget, choose which keywords and profile pages you want us to promote and we take care of the rest for you. Feel free to pause your campaign at any time, increase or decrease your budget or cancel your ad campaign with a 30 day prior notice.
  6. NO COMMISSION FOR 60 DAYS AND LOW COMMISSION AFTER THAT: We don’t charge a commission during the first 60 days while we’re optimizing your ad campaign. After that, our commission will range between 10-33% of your ad budget. Essentially, the vast majority of your advertising budget will go towards promoting your Even28 Profile on Google and Microsoft’s Search Engines.
  7. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We won’t promote your Even28 Profile unless we feel we can deliver exceptional results. If we feel that your account is not quite ready for promotion, we help you enhance your profile by helping you add more photos, online store items, etc. to prepare you for a successful ad campaign in the near future.

We know how hard dentists work for their money, which is why we never take your advertisement budget lightly. This is why our Promoted Accounts are only available to those dentists with enough content to support a successful ad campaign. Our goal at Even28 is to create a platform which provides all dentists a fair opportunity to acquire more patients. Your first step to success with Even28 is to setup an attractive Even28 Basic Profile. Add photos, gather quality reviews, list items on your online store and create a dazzling Even28 Profile. Click here to learn more about how to set up your free Even28 Basic Profile if you don't currently have a profile.

Those of you interested in maximizing their Even28 Profile potential can upgrade to our Premium Profile membership. Even28 Premium Profile unlocks tons of new features such as Procedure Specific Pages, ability to sell discount dental plans, commission free online store, website integration and many more awesome features. Click here to learn more about the benefits of upgrading to an Even28 Premium Profile when you are ready to do so.

The final step is maximizing your Even28 Profile potential is to get your profile pages in front of more patients. You can do this by promoting your Even28 Profile, which we refer to as a Promoted Account. We run ads to get your profile pages on page one of Google and/or Microsoft's Search Engine and attract more patients to your practice. Promoted Accounts are only available to those of you who have already created a stunning Even28 Premium Profile. Click here to view a sample Even28 Premium Profile (Dr. Jazayeri's practice promoted specifically for "dental implant" related keywords) to see what your Even28 Profile should look like before you run a Promoted Account.


How much does it cost to setup an Even28 Promoted Account?

.Example of a Google ad setup to promote your Even28 Profile.

Promoted Accounts are essentially ad campaigns designed to promote your Even28 Profile on Google and/or Microsoft's Search Engine. Setting up a Promoted Account on Even28 is similar to setting up a Google Adwords campaign for your dental website. However, there are two big differences between running an ad campaign for your Even28 Profile versus your practice website:

  • Even28 Promoted Accounts only promote your Even28 Profile pages and not your actual website
  • We are in charge of setting up and managing your ad campaign

There are no set up fees to create an Even28 Promoted Account. If you want, you can increase or decrease your ad budget or pause your campaign at anytime. There are no long-term contracts either (DSOs or dental practice chain owners require a one-year minimum contract) and you can cancel at anytime with a 30 day notice. The minimum budget to setup an Even28 Promoted Account is $500 a month. Plus, you must already be an Even28 Premium Profile member. Google (and Microsoft) advertising is not cheap, but it's ROI in the dental industry is unrivaled. Successful Promoted Accounts can expect an average of 3 to 7 times ROI on their advertising budget.

Once you choose to setup a Promoted Account, you will be assigned to one of our ad specialists. They will work closely with you to ensure the success of your ad campaign. Here are just a few things we take into consideration when setting up your Even28 Promoted Account:

  • Discuss your goals - Our ad specialist will go over your campaign goals to help you decide which one of your Even28 Profile pages you should promote
  • Target audience - We define your target audience and help you select Keywords to bid on
  • Negative keywords - We add more than 1,000 negative keywords to your campaign so that you're not bidding on irrelevant keywords (such as "breast implants", "wood veneers", etc.)
  • Advertising on Bing & Yahoo - This is a good time to decide if you should also advertise on Yahoo & Bing (choosing to run ads on Microsoft is actually very simple but few dentists ever get it right!)
  • Analytics - We add analytics to your Even28 Profile pages to monitor your progress and track your leads and conversions
  • A/B testing - Periodically, we run A/B testing to continue optimizing your ad campaign
  • Port your existing ad campaign - Already have a Google Adwords campaign you're happy with? We can simply transfer this data to your Even28 Promoted Account. All you have to do is decide how much of your advertising budget you want to allocate to each campaign.

Essentially, we take care of everything from A to Z to make sure that your ad campaign is going to be a success. Don't let a previous bad experience with Google advertising deter you from running an Even28 Promoted Account. There's a good chance your landing page or ad campaign wasn't setup optimally. Let us manage your ad campaign for you to give you the best possible results. Remember, you can only promote your Even28 Profile directly through us. Let Market Even28 market your practice so that you can get back to focusing your efforts on delivering the best dentistry possible and putting a beautiful smile on your patient's faces (and be sure to take a photo of that beautiful smile and add it to your Even28 Profile!)


How do I prepare my Even28 Profile for promotion?

Success on Even28's platform is a step-by-step process. Your first step should be to create an appealing Even28 Basic Profile. When you add enough content to your Even28 Profile, it's time to upgrade to an Even28 Premium Profile. Once you've created a stunning Premium Profile, it's finally time to promote your Even28 Profile. Here's a list of things you should do in order to prepare for running a Promoted Account:

Create stunning Procedure Specific Pages: Create a few pages dedicated to treatments which you want us to promote for you. For example, create a Porcelain Veneer Page, Dental Implant Page, Inlays & Onlays Page, etc. Add stunning before & after photos, write stories to go along with your photo series and gather high-quality testimonials (we help you with this last one once you upgrade to Premium Profile). Setup attractive Procedure Specific Pages filled with photos and testimonials and we will promote them for you.

Buildup your Even28 Online Store: Add introductory items such as new patient packages, teeth whitening treatments and consults to your Even28 Online Store. Come up with a few introductory items to attract the right type of patients to your practice. Don't price items so high where you can't sell anything online. At the same time, don't price them too low either or you're likely to attract the wrong type of patients. Test selling a few different items at different prices until you find a few that sell well and we will promote them for you.

Don't forget to add Discount Dental Plans: Add one or more discount dental plans to your online store so you can attract cash patients. Create discount dental plans for couples, families and seniors to attract the right type of patients to your practice. Come up with a few discount plans which sell well on your Even28 Online Store and we will include them in your ad campaign.

Let your profile sit for a while: It takes a few months for your Even28 Profile to start showing up on Google, Bing and other Search Engines. Use this time to build up your Even28 Profile. Add photos and reviews to build an attractive Even28 Profile, come up with a few items that sell well on your online store, create stunning procedure specific pages, etc. Get your Even28 Profile ready so that we can promote it for you when you are ready.

To learn more about setting up a Promoted Account, please email us at admin@even28.com. Be sure to include your name, practice name, city & State and mention "Promoted Account" in the title. We will reach out to you to see if your account is ready and help you setup a successful ad campaign. Our goal is to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your Promoted Account. We want you to continue advertising, growing and remaining a satisfied customer for years to come. This explains why we sometimes don't approve certain Even28 Profiles for promotion. If your account is not quite ready, we will assist you in strengthening your Even28 Profile to prepare you for running an ad campaign in the near future.


Your Even28 Profile can easily outperform your dental website

There's no question that the internet loves photos and testimonials. This is why Google's Search Engine favors high-quality content which include lots of photos and testimonials. Plus, Google prefers its content displayed in an organized and uniform fashion. Google always favors "profile pages" as part of an organized search engine over "small business" websites. Create an appealing Even28 Profile to get found on Even28's Dentist Search Engine. Add photos and reviews to your profile, include a few items for sale on your online store and allow some time for your profile to gain traction. Your Even28 Profile will gradually start to show ahead of your dental website on Google's search result page and outperforms your practice website.

Imagine that your Even28 Profile is filled with high-quality content. Google is loving your profile and you're getting new patients from your profile each month. It's now time to promote your profile. Come up with a reasonable advertising budget and you'll hit a home run with Google. Some of our promoted profiles are averaging more than 10+ views a day on a budget as little as $20 a day. Accomplishing similar results using your dental website and Google Adwords campaign is very challenging and costs nearly double. Let us do the marketing for you. Your ad money stretches further on Even28.


Let patients see your Even28 Profile pages first

Imagine that you're researching a restaurant. Would you trust 100 reviews posted to the restaurant's company website or 5 reviews posted to their Facebook or Yelp page? Third party websites are more reliable and trustworthy. Patients don't trust (or even bother reading) reviews posted to your own website. Everyone knows that you can post whatever you want here. In contrast, patients care a lot about reviews posted to credible third party websites. This explains why patients typically start their research of you by going online to websites like Google, Facebook and Yelp instead of visiting your actual website.

The big risk here is that when patients research you online they come across negative stuff about you or your practice. Unfortunately, there are always some few negative comments mixed in with all those positive ones. Sadly, patients tend to focus more on these negative comments than they do on the positive stuff. A few negative reviews is all it takes to destroy your online reputation and deter dozens of patients from your practice.

Dentists need a place where they can simply showcase their best self online. Even28 has solve this problem for you once and for all. We have created a strictly positive environment by compiling your top reviews from reputable sites all-in-one place. Your negative reviews? Well they can just stay where they are as they're not welcome to your Even28 Profile! This explains why your Even28 Profile is the best place to send patients when they research you online. The same thing goes for when you run online advertisement. Create a stunning Even28 Profile and send patients to your profile pages where your best online self is displayed.


Let patients research you twice

There's a lot of competition for acquiring high-quality dental patients. We're talking about patients with cash and/or great insurances who care about their oral health and are willing to spend the time and money required to perfect their oral health. High-quality patients don't just walk into your office at random. These patients always research you, your reputation and your body of work prior to selecting you as their dentist. Send high-quality patients to your Even28 Profile pages and allow them to research you as their future dentist. Everything a high-quality patient needs to know about you is available on your Even28 Profile:

  • A photo of you
  • Your body of work (before & after photos)
  • Your most compelling reviews
  • A list of procedures you offer
  • Option to book appointment online or call your office
  • Your Even28 Online Store
  • Discount dental plans on your online store (Premium Profiles only)

Send patients to your Even28 Profile so patients can do their independent research of you. Add a link back to your dental website to allow patients to continue their research on your dental website. Let your Even28 Profile and dental website work together to maximize your chances of converting potential leads into actual patients. Most patients are now likely to end their research of you at this point. This could prevent them from ending up on any other dangerous website which contains negative or unpleasant comments about you, which is always a nice bonus!


Your ad budget stretches further on Even28

When you run ads on Even28 we manage your Google Adwords account for you.

There are two general types of advertisement methods that dentists and most other small businesses use:

(a) Branding

(b) Search ads

Branding advertisement is where you spend money on newspaper, radio, TV, social media, etc. to get your name and brand out there. Search advertisement is performed on websites like Google, Yahoo & Bing where patients are actively searching for something (a dentist in your case). Search advertising is more targeted and much more effective than branding advertisement. Of course, Search ads are also more costly to run. Plus, setting up a successful Search ad campaign is very complicated. There are so many things that go into running a successful Google or Microsoft Search ad campaign, such as:

  • How to write a compelling search ad?
  • Which keywords to bid on?
  • How much to bid on each keyword?
  • What type of bidding strategy should you use? (hint: What the big companies tell is not always in your benefit!)
  • Which negative keywords to include?
  • How to create a powerful landing page that converts potential leads into actual patients?
  • A/B testing different options to see which ads produce the best results
  • Optimizing your search campaign to reduce your CPC (cost-per-click), increase your CTR (click-through-rate) and improve your lead conversion

The odds of running a successful Search ad campaign on your own is slim to none. You need a powerful website plus an awesome ad campaign in order to succeed. Otherwise, you're likely to waste the bulk of your advertising budget. Most dentists are not qualified to run their own Search ad campaigns. You need someone to manage your advertising campaign for you to get the best results. This explains why the DSOs and large dental chains in your neighborhood continue spending thousands-of-dollars a month on Google advertising with 3 to 7 times ROI, while the small private practice owner fails at running an effective Google Adwords campaign.

Let Even28 take care of your online advertising so you can get back to practicing dentistry. When you set up an Even28 Promoted Account, we design and manage your entire Search campaign for you. Keep in mind that your Even28 Profile is already designed to resemble a high-quality landing page. Everything your patients need to make their decision about choosing you as their dentist is right there on a single page without the need to click on multiple different links. In contrast, your dental website is not setup as a landing page. By the time users are done navigating through your services, hours of operation, reviews, treatment photos, etc. you've lost most of your leads due to the short attention span of internet users. Promote your Even28 Profile and make it easier for patients to research you and book their appointment with you right from your Even28 Profile.

Not only is it more effective to advertise a high-quality Even28 Profile than your website, but it's also more cost effective. We help you reduce your cost-per-click by increasing your conversion and click-through-rate. On average, you'll experience the same ROI spending $1,000-1,500 promoting your Even28 Profile as you would spending $2,000-2,500 promoting your dental website via a Google Partner Adwords specialist. Keep in mind that you can only promote your Even28 Profile directly through us. Email us at admin@even28.com to learn more about setting up a Promoted Account. Start seeing more patients and grow your practice by advertising your Even28 Profile.


Sell introductory treatments online to attract more new patients

Another benefit of promoting your Even28 Profile is that you can actually sell dental treatment online. Obviously, you can't do that with your own website. When we setup your Search advertising campaign, you can opt to send patients to your Even28 Online Store. Patients can now purchase dental services or discount dental plans directly from you. Sell items like new patient package, whitening treatment, consults and discount dental plans to attract new patients to your practice.

Patients who make a purchase from your Even28 Online Store have an estimated 75% show rate. This is an incredible statistic as compared to the 3-5% of your ads which convert into new patients. Once you sell a treatment on your Even28 Online Store there's a pretty good chance that the patient will show up to redeem their purchase. They might not show up right away, but sooner or later they'll call and schedule their appointment. They may forget your online ad or mailer, but they'll never forget the $99 they just spent buying your new patient exam & cleaning package online!

This is a good time to remind you that Even28 Premium Profile members don't pay any commission on their sales. This means that you get to keep nearly the entire proceeds from each sale (minus credit card and transaction fees of course) plus you acquire a new patient for your dental practice. Talk about a win-win!


Bidding for competitive keywords

Before we close out this section, we should mention that our advertising inventory is limited. There are so many dentist related searches performed every day. Google and Microsoft offer 3 to 4 valuable ad spots (the ones on top of their page one search results) for these keywords. Therefore, there are only so many advertising spots we can offer our clients. In order to prevent too much competition, we designate each one of our markets for a limited number of advertising spots based on each keyword. Once those spots have been filled, there will be a wait list for new advertisers who want to bid for these valuable keywords.

Let us explain this in simpler terms: Imagine we have 10 advertising spots in your city for "porcelain veneers". We don't want to run ads for 50 dentists and have them compete with each other and waste their ad budgets. Therefore, we limit the number of advertisers for "porcelain veneers" in this particular region to 10. This way, we can ensure that all of our advertisers see a great ROI and get patients for porcelain veneers into their dental practices. The remaining dentists who are interested in "porcelain veneers" keyword will be added to our wait list until a spot opens up.

Once you setup a Promoted Account, one of our ad specialists will reach out and help you figure out which keywords are available in your market. Keep in mind, high-end treatments like clear aligners, braces, porcelain veneers and dental implants are highly competitive. We recommend practitioners interested in these valuable keywords to contact us and place their name on a wait list. This way, you can continue building up your Even28 Profile and reserve your keyword for when you're ready for promotion. Email us at admin@even28.com to learn more about keywords available in your market or to reserve a keyword for an upcoming Promoted Account.


Grow your practice alongside your Even28 Profile


Growing your practice with Even28 is a step-by-step process. Your first step is to create a Basic Profile. This is a free service, so click here to setup your Even28 Basic Profile if you haven't done so already. You can now add before & after treatment photos, gather high-quality reviews and showcase what an incredible and unique dentist you are. Don't forget to signup for an Even28 Online Store so you can sell dental services directly online for a low commission.

The next step to maximizing your Even28 Profile's potential is to upgrade to a Premium Profile membership. Upgrading your profile allows you to categorize your treatment photos, acquire treatment specific reviews and sell discount dental plans online. There are plenty of other perks such as a customizeable header, removal of ads from your profile pages, linkbacks to your website, integration with your appointment booking software, commission free online store, etc.

The final step in acquiring more patients is to get your Even28 Profile in front of more people searching for a dentist. You can do this by setting up a Promoted Account with us to advertise your Even28 Profile on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Let us know when you feel like you're ready to promote your profile. Email us at admin@even28.com and one of our ad specialists will reach out to assist you. Let us do your marketing by presenting your best online self on your Even28 Profile.