Even28 Promoted Account

Creating a powerful Even28 profile changes the way you market your practice online. There are 3 ways to advertise your Even28 Profile:

  • Premium Profile
  • Premium-Plus Profile
  • Promoted Account

Promoted Account is a step beyond Premium and Premium-Plus membership. When you set up a Promoted Account, we design a custom ad campaign for your profile. Promoted Accounts get hundreds, sometimes thousands, of views from potential patients each month. Before upgrading to a Promoted Account, be sure that you've successfully set up a Premium or Premium-Plus profile for your practice. Only profiles with enough content are eligible to upgrade to a Promoted Account.



Different ways to promote your Even28 Profile

We offer 3 different monthly membership programs: Premium, Premium-Plus, and Promoted Accounts. All of these membership programs include premium pages, commission-free online stores, discount dental plans, and countless other attractive features. The only difference between these plans is how aggressively we market your profile. Here's how it works:

Premium Profile

Premium Profiles are linked to a small-budget Google AdWords campaign. Our average Premium Profile member generates about 80 to 150 profile views per month.

Premium-Plus Profile

Premium-Plus Profiles are linked to a medium-budget Google AdWords campaign. Our average Premium-Plus members generates about 200 to 500+ profile views per month.

Promoted Account

Promoted Accounts are linked to a custom Google AdWords campaign. You can specify your own keywords, decide which pages to promote, market different online store items, and customize your entire ad campaign. If your budget permits it, we can promote your profile on Bing and Yahoo as well. The minimum budget for a Promoted Account is $500 with no maximum. We typically recommend a monthly advertising budget between $1,500 to $3,000 for most of our Promoted Accounts. Most Promoted Accounts generate between several hundred to a few thousand profile views each month, depending on your budget and market.

Preparing your Even28 Profile for promotion

As you know, success on Even28's platform is a step-by-step process. Your first step should be to create an appealing Basic Profile. Add photos, max out your reviews, earn badges, and create your online store. Once you've added enough content it's now time to upgrade your profile to Premium or Premium-Plus membership. You can now create premium pages, sell premium items, offer discount dental plans online, market your hygienists, and take full advantage of all the wonderful features available to our premium members. The final step in success on our platform is to set up a custom ad campaign, or as we call it, a Promoted Account. Here's a list of the things you should do in order to prepare your profile for a Promoted Account:

Create multiple procedure-specific pages

Create a Porcelain Veneer Page, Dental Implant Page, Invisalign® Page, etc. Add stunning before & after photos, write stories to accompany your photo series, and gather high-quality testimonials to beef up these pages. Most ad campaigns focus on promoting your procedure-specific pages, so it makes sense to make these pages as appealing as possible.

Optimize your Even28 Online Store

You want to make sure that you have an attractive online store that is appealing to patients. Come up with a few hot deals to attract the right type of patients to your practice. Optimize your store by experimenting with a few different items at different prices until you find a few items that attract patients to your practice. This way, we know exactly which items to promote for you when we set up your custom ad campaign.

Create multiple discount dental plans

Offering discount dental plans online is one of the best ways to attract cash patients. Create multiple discount dental plans for couples, families, and seniors. Come up with a few different discount plans and we will promote and sell them online for you. Every time you sell a discount plan, you earn a new patient and you get to keep all the proceeds to yourself. Plus, we automatically reach out to them in a year and encourage the patient to renew their discount plan.

Wait for your profile to flourish

Rome wasn't built in a day. It takes several months for your Even28 Profile to start showing up on Google and other Search Engines. Use this time wisely to build-up and strengthen your profile. We suggest waiting a minimum of 3 months before creating a Promoted Account.

Our goal is to make sure that you're 100% satisfied with your Promoted Account. We want you to continue advertising, growing, and remaining a satisfied member for years to come. This is why we sometimes don't approve certain Even28 Profiles for promotion and request that they add more content. If your account is not quite ready for promotion, we'll gladly assist you in ways to strengthen your profile. This way, you'll be prepared for a successful campaign in the near future. Also, if our inventory is full, which happens often in more competitive neighborhoods, we will add you to our waiting list and contact you once there's an opening within your region. To learn more about Promoted Accounts, please email us at admin@even28.com.

How to set up your Promoted Account

.Example of a Google ad setup to promote your Even28 Profile.

Promoted Accounts are custom ad campaigns that market your Even28 Profile on the world wide web. Setting up a Promoted Account is similar to running a Google AdWords campaign for your practice website. However, there are two major differences between running a Promoted Account versus an ad campaign for your practice:

  1. Even28 Promoted Account only promotes your Even28 Profile pages, such as your Even28 Online Store, Practice Profile Page, Discount Dental Plan Page, Implant Page, Invisalign® Page, online store items, etc.
  2. You can only promote your Even28 Profile through us and we will be in full control of setting up and managing your entire ad campaign for you.

    Even28 excels at creating amazing profiles for dentists and promoting them on the internet. After all, dentistry is all we do! Here are a few other benefits of setting a Promoted Account to advertise your Even28 Profile:

    • There are no set up fees, no long-term commitments, and no surprises
    • Increase or decrease your ad budget at any time
    • Pause your campaign and don't pay for promotion if you need to take a break (minus your Premium/Premium-Plus fees if you choose to remain premium status)
    • There are no long-term contracts (DSOs and dental practice chains with 6 or more practices will require a contract)
    • Cancel at any time with a 30-day prior notice

    The minimum budget to set up a Promoted Account is $500 per month which includes your Premium/Premium-Plus upgrade fee. Google, and Microsoft, advertising is not cheap, however, it's ROI within the dental industry is simply unrivaled. Successful Promoted Accounts can expect 3 to 15+ times ROI on their advertising budget (depending on your location, profile strength, store fees, photo galleries, and other factors).

    When you choose to set up a Promoted Account, you'll be assigned to one of our online ad specialists. Your ad expert will work closely with you to ensure the success of your ad campaign. Here are just a few things your ad expert takes into consideration when setting up your ad campaign:

    Discuss your goals

    Discuss your campaign goals to help us decide how to allocate your budget. It will also help us decide which keywords to bid for, how much to bid on each keyword, and which keywords to avoid bidding on.

    Target the right audience

    Your ad specialist will define your target audience to target the right patient pool.

    Set negative keywords

    Our average ad campaigns have more than 2,000 negative keywords. Setting negative keywords helps us ensure that you're not bidding on irrelevant keywords (such as "breast implants", "wood veneers", etc.)

    A/B testing

    Your ad specialist will set up A/B testing to experiment with different ads and optimize your best-performing ones.

    Decide if you should advertise on Microsoft as well

    If your budget permits it, you can advertise your profile on Bing and Yahoo. Your ad specialists will discuss your goals to see if Microsoft advertising is suitable for your needs. They will periodically evaluate your Microsoft ad campaign to see if it's performing well and make adjustments as necessary (or terminate the campaign if it's under-performing).

    Continuously optimize your campaign

    Your ad specialist will use analytics to monitor your campaign's performance periodically. They track your leads and conversions to continuously optimize your ad campaign for better performance.

    When you set up a Promoted Account, we take care of everything from A to Z for you. This way, we can be sure that your ad campaign is going to be a complete success. By managing your entire ad campaign in-house, we give you the best possible results. Let us market your dental practice online so that you can get back to delivering beautiful smiles on your patient's faces (and be sure to take a photo of that beautiful smile and add it to your Even28 Profile!)

    Promote your Even28 Profile

    When you run ads on Even28 we manage your Google Adwords account for you.

    There are two general types of online advertisement that most small businesses use:

    1. Branding advertisement
    2. Search ads

    Branding is where you spend money on newspaper, radio, TV, social media, etc. to get your name and brand out there. Search advertisement is performed on websites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing where patients are actively searching for a service or product (aka dentistry). Search advertisement is far more targeted and effective than branding, especially when it comes to dentistry. The challenge here is that Search advertising is also much more expensive and way more complicated. There are many factors that go into running a successful Search ad campaign. One simple mistake can ruin your whole campaign. Here are some of the things you need to take into consideration when setting up a Search ad campaign:

    • How to write a compelling ad
    • Which keywords to bid on
    • How much to bid on each keyword
    • Which keywords to exclude
    • What type of bidding strategy to use (hint: What the big companies tell you is not always in your benefit!)
    • How to create a powerful landing page that converts potential leads into actual patients
    • How to A/B testing different ads to find the best performing ones
    • How to optimize your campaign to reduce your CPC (cost-per-click), increase your CTR (click-through-rate), and improve your lead conversion

    Your odds of running a successful Search ad campaign by yourself are slim-to-none. First off, it's very complex to set up an effective Search ad campaign. Secondly, promoting your practice website is not as effective as promoting your Even28 Profile. This is primarily because your practice website is a very poor landing page. Practice websites have so many pages that they typically fail at converting leads into actual patients. By the time patients are done navigating through your services, hours of operation, reviews, treatment photos, etc. you've lost most of your leads due to the short attention span of modern internet users. To succeed, you need both a powerful ad campaign as well as a great landing page. Otherwise, you're likely to waste the bulk of your advertising budget. This explains why the large dental chains continue to spend thousands-of-dollars each month successfully promoting their practices on Google, whereas most small private practice owners fail to create an effective ad campaign and give up sooner or later.

    When you set up a Promoted Account, Even28 takes care of everything for you. We set up custom ad campaigns that guarantee your success. After all, we have thousands of dentist ad campaigns, so we know how to set them up. Plus, your Even28 Profile is already designed as the perfect landing page. Everything that patients need to know to choose you as their dentist is right there on a single page. As a result, advertise your Even28 Profile produces significantly better ROI as compared to advertising your practice website. Email us at admin@even28.com to learn more about how to set up a Promoted Account. Start seeing more patients and grow your practice by advertising your Even28 Profile on the world wide web.

    Promote your online store and items

    When you set up a Promoted Account you can actually promote your services for sale online. This is something you can't do that with your practice website, since it doesn't have an e-commerce store. We analyze your Even28 Online Store carefully before setting up your Promoted Account. We look at data gathered from the past few months to see which items have been drawing the most attention. Then, we link your best performing items to your ad campaign. When you set up a Promoted Account, we literally promote your porcelain veneer deal, dental implant special, or Invsialign® package on the world wide web. Patients love purchasing discount dental plans online, and we can promote your discount plans aggressively for you. By getting your services and prices in front of patients, we attract more and more new patients to your practice.

    How effective is it to advertise your actual prices? Extremely! First off, price is the most significant barrier to getting quality dental care. Displaying some of your prices online helps patients choose you over your neighboring dentists. Additionally, patients who make a purchase from your Even28 Online Store have an incredible 75% show rate! This is an incredible statistic, especially when compared to the 1 to 2% conversion on most ad campaigns. Once you sell a treatment on your Even28 Online Store, there's a pretty good chance that the patient shows up to redeem their purchase. They might not show up right away, but sooner or later they'll call and schedule their appointment. People may forget about your online ads and mailers, but they never forget that they spent $99 buying your new patient exam and cleaning package online!

    Customize your ad campaign to your liking

    You can set up your Promoted Account any which way you want. There are a few different ways to set up your ad campaign for success, for example:

    1. Focus on promoting your brand by showcasing your treatment photos and testimonials
    2. Emphasize more on promoting your online store items and discount dental plans if you offer competitive prices
    3. You can do both and distribute your budget to promote yourself and your online store items

    Promoted Accounts can set up ad campaigns to bid for high-value treatments like clear aligners, braces, porcelain veneers, and dental implants. Of course, bidding for high-value keywords can be very expensive. We help you optimize your ad campaign to bid separately for each keyword. Your ad specialist will continue optimizing your ad campaign until it delivers phenomenal results. Email us at admin@even28.com to learn more about how we assist you in setting up a successful Promoted Account.

    Benefits of creating a promoted account

    Your profile is the perfect landing page

    In case you hadn't noticed, your Even28 Profile is set up to be the perfect landing page. Basically, everything potential patients need to know to choose you as their dentist is right there on a single page. This includes your treatment photos, 5-star reviews, list of services, hours of operation, online booking form, etc.

    Promote your procedure-specific pages

    Send patients directly to your Braces Page, Porcelain Veneer Page, Dental Implant Page, etc. and get more consults for these high-value treatments.

    Promote your Even28 Online Store and individual store items

    Send patients to your Even28 Online Store and sell them introductory items like a new patient package or teeth whitening. Add a few competitively priced deals, known as hot deals, to get even more patients.

    Promote your discount dental plans online

    Offer a few discount dental plans and draw in more cash patients to your practice. We will create ad campaigns to sell your discount dental plans to cash patients looking for a discount dental plan, or alternative to dental insurance, in their neighborhood.

    As easy as 1-2-3!

    We take care of your entire ad campaign so you have nothing to worry about. From setting up your ads to monitoring your campaign's progress, to A/B testing and optimizing your ads and everything else. Let us take care of your online marketing so that you can get back to focusing on delivering exceptional dental care.

    Adjust your ad campaign

    Pause your campaign at any time, increase or decrease your ad budget, or cancel at any time with a 30-day prior notice. We are flexible and will work with you to guarantee your success.

    Best ROI in the dental industry

    Promoting your services, photos, and actual prices is the single most powerful online marketing tool that the internet has ever offered dentists. We want to make sure that you will enjoy marketing on our platform. This means that we won't promote your Even28 Profile unless we know that we can deliver exceptional results. If we feel that your account is not quite ready for promotion, we'll help you enhance your profile by adding more photos, online deals, etc. to prepare you for a successful ad campaign in the near future.

    Grow your practice alongside your Even28 Profile


    As mentioned above, growing your practice with Even28 is a step-by-step process. Your first step is to create a Basic Profile which is a free service for all dentists. Add before & after treatment photos, gather high-quality reviews, and showcase what an incredible dentist you are. Create an Even28 Online Store and start selling dental services directly online for a low commission. Click here to learn more about Even28 Basic Profile.

    The next step is to upgrade to a Premium or Premium-Plus membership. Premium members can categorize their treatment photos, enhance their online store, create hygienist profiles, integrate with your appointment booking software, etc. Click here to learn more about Even28 Premium and Premium-Plus membership programs.

    The final step is to get your Even28 Profile in front of as many patients as possible. You can do this by setting up a Promoted Account. We will create custom ad campaigns, promote your online store and specific items, sell your discount dental plans online, bid on specific keywords and promote whichever pages you prefer, etc. If you're interested in learning more about Promoted Accounts, please email us at admin@even28.com and one of our ad experts will reach out to help you get started. Feel free to contact us if you have any general questions about marketing your profile or anything else we can assist you with.