Reviews Optimization

The subject of online reviews has been a very sensitive topic, especially when it comes to professionals such as doctors and dentists. There's no question that in this day and age, dentists and patients are both reliant on reviews to help them connect with one another. A potential patient's decision to choose you as their dentist can be significantly impacted by just a few positive or negative reviews. Even28 has elected to only permit positive reviews on its website. This is in stark contrast to most other popular websites, like Google, Facebook, and Yelp, which allow for both positive and negative reviews to be displayed on their website.

Why only display 5-star reviews?

Our belief is that 2 or 3 bad reviews should not determine your faith as a dentist. After all, the ratio of happy patients who leave a positive review as compared to upset patients who leave a negative review is 1:100 (without any external manipulation). Since this ratio is extremely unfavorable, we've decided that it's best to leave those 2 to 3 bad reviews out of Even28 altogether. Additionally, we don't date our reviews, we only choose the most flattering reviews to display, and we limit each profile to a maximum of 35 reviews.

How are these rules impacting the way that patients perceive you as their dentist when they come across your Even28 profile?

First and foremost, potential patients will not be deterred from choosing you as their dentist due to bad reviews, as there are no negative reviews on Even28. However, this does not mean that any patient that lands on any Even28 profile will automatically call or book an appointment with that dentist. When it comes to Even28 and reviews, we're all about the quality of your reviews instead of the number of reviews. What sets profiles apart from one another is the quality of the reviews posted to the profile, since all dentists are restricted to a maximum of 35 reviews. Profiles with genuine, in-depth, and detailed reviews consistently overshadow profiles with fake, short, and vague reviews.

Basic versus premium profiles

We treat Basic Profiles and Premium/Premium-Plus/Promoted Accounts exactly the same way when it comes to compiling their reviews. Our team searches the world wide web and posts your top 35 5-star reviews to your Even28 Profile. If you disagree with our selection, simply email us at and we will remove and replace your reviews as per your desire. Having said that, there are a few ways in which we assist our premium profile members to improve their chances of converting potential leads to actual patients. Here's a list of exclusive services reserved for our premium providers when it comes to displaying their Even28 reviews:

Reviews optimization


The order of your reviews has a huge impact on how viewers perceive you. Naturally, the reviews that are located near the top are the most important reviews, as they are by far the most read reviews. Similarly, the reviews near the bottom receive more views than those in the middle. Reviews on the left column get significantly more views than the ones in the right column, as they show up higher on mobile devices. What we have done is we've created a formula that ranks the significance of each position from 1 to 5. When you upgrade your profile, one of our team members reads and ranks your profile reviews, again on a 1 to 5 scale. Then, they reorganize your reviews to place the most attractive reviews in locations that receive the highest amount of views. This process is known as reviews optimization which helps increase conversions by as much as 5o%! Reviews optimization is a premium service reserved for our premium profile members only.

Remove redundant and irrelevant reviews

Our team scans the web to find your best 5-star reviews. They pull these reviews from reliable third-party websites, which include:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Yelp (both recommended and non-recommended reviews)
  • Healthgrades
  • Zocdoc
  • Groupon

Collecting your reviews and displaying them all in one place is no easy task. One of the issues that we occasionally come across is redundant reviews. For example, if your patient posts the same 5-star review to Google and Facebook, we may accidentally display the same review twice on your profile. Unless you let us know, we have no way of knowing that this has happened. Premium profile members have all of their profile reviews carefully reviewed and assessed. As such, all redundant reviews are promptly removed, making room for fresh new reviews in their place. Additionally, our team looks for any reviews that may not be relevant to your practice. This could be a review of a staff member who is no longer there, a dentist who has since left or retired, etc. Again, these irrelevant reviews are removed and replaced with more relevant and appealing reviews.

Proof-read your reviews

Naturally, Yelpers and social media commentators aren't professional writers. Most reviews posted to these websites are filled with spelling and grammatical errors. When you upgrade your profile, we proof-read your reviews and correct any such errors. Correcting spelling and grammatical errors make for a smoother and more pleasant read. This improves engagement and hopefully, enhances your chances of converting potential viewers into actual patients.

Continuous addition of new reviews

There are more than 150,000 dentists in the U.S. alone. Naturally, we can't keep checking 150,000 Facebook, Google business, Yelp, Healthgrades, etc. websites every month! We do however preview premium profile review sites periodically (once a quarter). When we come across a stellar review, we replace your lowest ranked review with this amazing new review. This continuous monitoring of your profile reviews allows us to further enhance your profile and increases your chances of converting potential leads to actual patients.