Even28 vs. other dental marketing tools

The internet is continuing to overtake traditional marketing in dentistry. More than half of dentists spend greater than half of their advertising on the internet. Sure, running ads in the paper, radio, mails, etc. can be an effective way of attracting patients to your practice. However, most people turn to the internet at some point before choosing you as their dentist. They either find you on Google, have spoken to their friends about you on Facebook, read your reviews on Yelp, or have visited your practice website. Now,  Even28 combines all the tools dentists need into one easy to access website. Your reviews, photos, office information, even online deals, they can all be found in one single convenient location. Here is how Even28 compares to other marketing tools when it comes to promoting dentists and their services:

Even 28 vs. Facebook/Instagram

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Facebook and Instagram are fantastic tools for sharing photos and taking to potential clients. However, when it comes to posting your photos and getting credit for them, Even28 is the place you want to go. First off, social media posts have a lifespan of 2 hours. That means that every time you post a photo, your 20 to 30 followers may see the photo, like them, and they move on. this does not get you actual patients. Plus, Google does not crawl Facebook and Instagram feeds. That means that if you put 1,000 photos of porcelain veneers on your social media, Google has no idea that you are good at porcelain veneers. Finally, photos on social media are not tagged with your information. Adding a hashtag helps Facebook and Instagram give you credit for the photos, but Google does not acknowledge your photos. In contrast, when you post photos to Even28, you get full credit for them. Every photo is tagged with your name and procedure name so Google can give you credit for them. Your photos are organized on a profile where they sit until patients who are searching for those treatments find them. So when it comes to posting photos, Even28 is the place to go. Also don’t forget, we can pull your photos from your social media pages. That means if you email our team and tell us where to find your before & after photos and we will take of the rest for you.

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Even 28 vs. Yelp

Yelp is a great place to study up on different business to see what customers think of the business. However, there are a few problems with Yelp. The most obvious problem with Yelp is the bad reviews. It’s almost impossible not to get a few bad reviews and customers, patients in our case, tend to focus a lot more on bad reviews than they do on positive ones.

Even 28 vs. Your Website




Even 28 vs. Groupon


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