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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


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Tuesday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

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Friday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

J J (Source: Google)


This review is 12 hours after my tooth extraction and let me tell you, THIS PLACE IS GREAT! It was my first time going here, was in pain for weeks and broke down to get it taken care of. Dr. Rivero and his friendly staff took amazing care of me! It took them, what felt like seconds, to remove the tooth with no problems! You are getting what you pay for with this place. Affordable prices, fast service and they inform you how to make a speedy recovery with the least amount of after surgery pain. I have not felt even the slightest amount of pain since having my tooth pulled and I am mind blown on how good I feel after undergoing a tooth extraction. I will be going back to this place from now on and I suggest you do the same!

Gregory Alexander (Source: Google)


I was in soo much pain because of impacted wisdom teeth, and I have no insurance. Everyone that I called couldnt see me for over a week and then I would have to reschedule for the actual surgery. Extraction and Denture Center saw me the next day after i called and performed the surgery one day after the exam. The staff were very professional and friendly.

Jessaca LaFever (Source: Facebook)


A couple of my friends had recommended this place, so I got on Google and looked through the reviews and…. They were all correct. The staff was super friendly, and they definitely took away my anxiety.. Heather was super sweet, handled and took care of all my questions. My doctor did a fantastic job also!! Definitely 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Monica Magee (Source: Google)


OMG Dr. Rivero and his staff are awesome. I had three teeth extracted and I thought based on my previous experience that it would be horrible but to my surprise I DIDN’T FEEL NO PAIN. Dr. Rivero didn’t overmedicate with the anesthesia either which was a surprise to me. I thought I would have needed more but I didn’t. The anesthesia wore off after three hours which was another plus, usually when I goto other dentist it would take longer because they would overdo it. It has been exactly one day and I have taken one tylenol and one Motrin because I am breastfeeding and I am doing fine. I am so happy I chose this practice because I can fully heal without complications. Did I mention it was my first time having more than one tooth pulled.

Lisa Johnson (Source: Google)


Absolutely love this place. I have had horrible experience with dentist before. But these guys. They did an amazing job. 100% recommended to anyone looking for a quick and easy tooth removal. Will be going again to get any other removals done. They made me feel comfortable. More comfortable than I have ever felt with any dentist before.

Chris Sullivan (Source: Google)


I went to Orlando Urgent Dental after over 2 decades of neglect and without a single check up (largely due to my overwhelming fear of dental care) last week. After all of the neglect, I ended up with needing 13 extractions of what was left of my existing teeth to make way for dentures and partials (all in one day, mind you). As we went in for my appointment, the deceptively small facade of the store front made way for a gorgeous office with extremely friendly and professional staff that made me feel very comfortable and at ease as soon as I walked in the door. Dr Carlos Rivero was amazing! Not only was he careful to explain the entire procedure, and make said procedure as quick and painless as possible…I found out a week later that he was doing all of this on his birthday, no less! All in all I would rate my experience with Orlando Urgent Dental Inc. , its staff…and specifically, Dr Rivero nothing short of spectacular! I would recommend this office to anyone needing dental work in Orlando, and if you are from outside of Orlando, it would be well worth the consideration to make the drive! Thank You Orlando Urgent Dental!

Jeaniffer Marquez (Source: Google)


My experience with Dr Rivero and his assistant was nothing less then great! I came in a nervous wreck with a thousand questions. Both the assistant and Dr Rivero were both so kind and patient with me and answered every question i had. By the time i sat down in the chair all my nervousness was gone! He literally pulled my tooth out in 3-5 mins (lower molar, tooth # 19) i didn’t even know he pulled it out until the assitant put a gauze in my mouth. I was so shocked how fast and painless it was. I was in and out the office in less then 1 hr. On a scale of 1-10 i give him a 20. I Definitely recommend him to anyone who is experiencing any teeth issues and needs immediate care! ☺

Wayne Franklin (Source: Google)


I came to a conference from out of town and had a dental emergency. I looked up for places in the area for urgent dental care and saw all of the great reviews and frankly I was shocked at only great reviews. I went (I was desperate). The place is everything that everyone has said. Extremely professional. Extremely caring. Dr. Rivero was warm, non-judgmental, extremely adept and relatively pain-free. The pricing was better than I expected and you can see it right up-front! Receptionist (Jennifer) and dental assistants were great. I hope that I never am in a place where I need to do this again, but if I am, I hope that it is in Orlando!

Ray G. (Source: Google)


Very professional staff, and the dentists are upfront with you and not trying to sell you unnecessary services. Very knowledgeable doctors and they give you as many options as they can. I would certainly go there again if I have too, and they even have a sense of humor ….lol No laughing gas needed! Dr. Rivero is very pleasant to talk with and has good hands when that tooth needs to be pulled! I highly recommend!

Katie (Source: Google)


IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEF!! I had been dealing with an agonizing tooth ache for a couple of days that I knew needed to be extracted. I searched for emergency dentists in the Orlando area and came across Dental Extraction Center. I read their online reviews, all of which praised the facility. I also visited their website where they post their prices for all too see. I really liked that because I knew how much it would cost before I even walked in the door. I called to inquire when I could be seen and was greeting by a very friendly and compassionate receptionist. She told me that she could get me in that day (in a matter of hours) and provided me with directions to their location (I had already Googled it but I appreciated that she provided me with landmarks). When I arrived, I had to complete some paperwork and upon completion of that, I was immediately taken back to the examination/x-ray room (I didn’t even have time to open my Pokemon app, lol). Nicole, the dental assistant, introduced herself and explained to me how everything worked. She set me up with a panoramic x-ray (included in the cost) and within minutes confirmed which tooth was causing the pain. She was very professional and kind. She told me that I could have a root canal; however, they do not provide that service. She went over the pricing with me, which was exactly as it was on their website – no surprises. Dr. Rivero came in five minutes later; shook my hand; introduced himself; and, went over my health history with me. He also advised that I could consult with another dentist about having a root canal and that it was my choice if I wanted to have it pulled. In other words, there were NO high pressure sales tactics used. When I told him I wanted it extracted, he gently injected me with Novocaine, waited several minutes and then injected more to make sure I was completely numb (I didn’t even feel the second injection). It took him no more than two minutes to extract the affected tooth and there were zero complications. Dr. Rivero was very kind and compassionate as well. He prescribed an anti-inflammatory and some pain medication but encouraged me to try not to take the pain medication unless I absolutely needed to do so. I was in and out in less than an hour. The facility was clean and the staff was extremely nice. I do have two suggestions: 1) add something on the ceiling for patients to focus on during the procedure; and, 2) upload the patient information forms to your website as I could have filled that out prior to arrival. I know they are working on the latter. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone in need of dental extractions. They are wonderful! And to be pain free is the best feeling of all. Thank you, Dr. Rivero and staff!

Anne Anne (Source: Google)


Dr. Rivero is the epitome of brains and brilliance. He’s sincere. He’s a compassionate genius!! I wouldn’t let anyone else ever perform the intense procedure of extracting any of my teeth!! My words to you reading this: If you need a tooth out, this Angel, oops I mean Doctor, will make sure you are taken care of. My story: He extracted my broken and infected root canal in 2013. The care, patience, persistence and confidence it took for him to take my tooth out gently, without breaking my jaw and without letting me know just how difficult of a job it was during the process was incredible. I didn’t feel a thing and I wasn’t nervous — generally speaking Im a little nervous when it comes to major work. Now in 2016, I came in today to receive another extraction (which would lead to another implant…$3,000+) and instead of jumping straight into my mouth to retrieve the big money payout, he instead studied the referring doctor’s images and questioned whether or not I needed the extraction against their recommendation. He said that what I have within my mouth is not an infection, rather it’s a periapical scar! Which means that no extraction surgery was necessary! How did the other doctors (one being an endodontist from the prestigious University of Florida!) miss this when Dr. Rivero called it out easily? Mind you — all forces were ready to go — I have payment waiting — I have two referrals saying the tooth needs out — I have a plan in place for receiving the implant work — I’d meditated on it profusely and was ready to completely surrender to the extraction!! ALL systems go!! How did he do it? He’s like a compassionate and brilliant heart-centered monk who went to dental school that took the time to use his training to actually care about what is best for me and my situation instead of just blowing me over, charging me money and looking at me like I’m just another disenfranchised-western-medical-insurance pawn. This doctor is what makes America beautiful. He’s what makes being a human being beautiful! If you ever have the opportunity to have work done by him (hopefully not! I hope everyone’s teeth are healthy!) please don’t pass him up. He could be successful in any path of dentistry, or doing anything he wants to I’m sure, but I know in my soul that he chooses to work with extractions bc it’s the most extreme and intense dental surgery one could experience — he has compassion for all of God’s beautiful children, even if they have the misfortune of needing a tooth out. He knows we deserve to be treated with respect, care, thought, kindness and compassion. He’s in this work bc he knows there is a need for it to be done right… You won’t regret his careful assistance. ::all my gratitude:: Sincerely, Leslie

Raymond Laroche (Source: Google)


Two years ago when I chipped my tooth on a beer bottle in an unfortunate incident at Tootsies Exotic Dance Lounge in Satellite Beach, Dr. Rivero fixed it for me. Still going strong today! I did learn that I have an inset tooth as well. I guess I’ll have to get that fixed one day as I now am aware of what a hideous monster I actually am. Seriously though, go see them, they will take good care of you!

 (Source: Yelp)


Randy Schultz (Source: Google)


I was referred to Dr. Rivero by my regular dentist. I needed to have a tooth removed because I was feeling a lot of pain. From the moment I called the office to the moment I left, all I got and saw was complete professionalism. They were very nice and they all seamed to have a good sense of humor. For a patient having a tooth pulled, it can be a very stressful event. This team made me feel very relaxed. With my procedure there were a few more challenges then most. And Dr. Rivero explained what was happening as he went. This made the process seem to go much faster. Before I knew it l was done andon my way. I can’t be anymore pleased with the whole experience. I have already recommended them to a friend of mine. Great job everyone. And thank you very much.

Cheerice Glasgow (Source: Google)


In and out, the young lady Xiomara at the front desk was very nice very patient and very kind she walk me through the whole procedure Dr. Carlos A. Rivero was the best dentist ever if you ever need your tooth pulled he’s very gentle I had a very great experience and I will recommend this place to anyone.

Orey Robinson (Source: Facebook)


I recommend this place 100% I had 2 wisdom teeth removed on 5/31/19 Dr.Rivero & the assistant was super nice and did a great job They both made sure I was comfortable and relaxed before and during the procedure The assistant was AWSOME & did a great job at taking care of me I felt 0 pain during the exstraction I recommend anyone who needs teeth extracted to go here

Karina Rivadeneira (Source: Google)


I got my wisdom teeth extracted here. It was a fairly fast and easy process! They were one of the only extraction centers that accepted lending club in the Orlando area by UCF, and I was using my mom’s lending club which is why I chose this office. I called to make an appointment and was pleased to know they could do it the very next day! Upon my arrival, the staff was very friendly and helping me to fill out the appropriate paperwork for lending club even though my mother is in Miami FL and couldn’t sign in person. It was very affordable compared to many other places. They had great special of $999 for all 4 wisdom teeth extractions all inclusive of sedation. Dr. Carlos Rivero was very professional and although I was skeptical at first since he seemed so young, he did an excellent job. The process was fast, easy and painless (….well except now, I’m currently in pain because of the soreness to be expected afterwards). They also provided me with the proper drugs to fill and gave me an ice pack to take home for the swelling.

Corsefire (Source: Google)


Had a problem with my wisdom tooth and the office were willing to see me right away. After an X-ray, I had a consultation with Dr. Riviero who was super thorough and knowledgeable. I would recommend this office with the set of dentist to anyone and all of the prices were extremely affordable compared to any of the other practices Ive been to or spoken to about price quotes. Also the receptionist were very kind, and helpful.

Savannah Rose (Source: Google)


If you’re scared of getting oral surgery this is the place for you! Professional people and a calm atmosphere. Dr. Carlos Rivero was so soft spoken and kind to me when it was clear I was having anxiety before my surgery. He had my IV in before I knew it and immediately calming down. All four impacted wisdom teeth + twilight sedation for $1200 with one of the best dental teams I’ve ever worked with is well worth the drive from Brevard county to Orlando for my care. The assistant, Andrew was great (super friendly, good conversation) from scheduling me a same day consultation on Monday to taking my x-rays and making sure everything was set up for my surgery Friday. No pain after the surgery either (except for numbness of my bottom lip but that only lasted 8 hours and then all feeling came back). I’m so grateful for this place and the staff for taking my pain away.

Dwayne Ferguson (Source: Google)


If you have an immediate need to get help with your mouth these are the one’s to see. They are friendly, very professional, and the most important, FAST. The dentist name is Dr.Rivero, this dude knows his job. He llistens and is attentive to your needs. I only wish I could have him do all the work I need. But it is an urgent care facility, and they do limited procedures. But what they do accomplish is take of the problem and send you on your way. Reasonable in pricing too. I highly recommend.

Matthew Crespo (Source: Google)


Well now….we’ve got quite the lifesavers here at Orlando Urgent Dental. Just a brief story on what happened today. I went to the dentist where I was supposed to have a tooth extracted. Well they succeeded in loosening my tooth, but not getting it out. After calling 6 to 8 dentists, my wife found me this one. I spoke to Jennifer Garcia, the front desk person, and I explained to her what was happening and told her I needed this extraction but I needed to be sedated. After convincing me that the Dentist was so skilled in his profession, she urged for me to come in given the circumstances. Packed up the family and drove to the place. Sat for some time, spoke with the hygenist until finally getting to have Dr. Rivero. He administered the anesthesia, 3 minutes later that tooth popped right out. No nitrous, no sedation. I laughed when I saw how quickly it came out. I couldn’t thank these guys enough. Now I will say the price is a bit steep, but compared to some of Florida’s best dentistries, nothing can beat the price of being liberated from pain. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you Orlando Urgent Dental!

Savannah Brown (Source: Facebook)


If you’re scared of getting oral surgery this is the place for you! Professional people and a calm atmosphere. Dr. Carlos Rivero was so soft spoken and kind to me when it was clear I was having anxiety before my surgery. He had my IV in before I knew it and immediately calming down. All four impacted wisdom teeth + twilight sedation for $1200 with one of the best dental teams I’ve ever worked with is well worth the drive from Brevard county to Orlando for my care. The assistant, Andrew was great (super friendly, good conversation) from scheduling me a same day consultation on Monday to taking my x-rays and making sure everything was set up for my surgery Friday. No pain after the surgery either (except for numbness of my bottom lip but that only lasted 8 hours and then all feeling came back). I’m so grateful for this place and the staff for taking my pain away.

Lillian Verkins (Source: Google)


I’m always so scared to go to the dentist. But last month when one of my teeth broke and I needed urgent care I went to Orlando Urgent Dental. They were so nice and treated me with care. The tooth had to be pulled out. Dr. Rivero and staff did their job with the utmost importance. I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure. I even went back for more work today. My experience today was as great as last month. I would recommend them for any urgent dental needs you have.

 (Source: Google)


Tanya Jackson (Source: Google)


This is a great Dentist I highly recommend him!! I was soooo nervous to go to the dentist and it has been a long time since i have seen one. I had so much pain and had to get a tooth out .Dr. Rivero was so patient and understanding. He took his time and explained everything to me. I felt no pain, and he got the tooth out!! His staff is very friendly. His prices are great!! Im so glad I choose him! !!

Samantha Wohlmuth (Source: Google)


I simply can not say enough positive things about this dental office. I called at exactly 9:00AM and the receptionists were so pleasant and understanding of my situation. I live an hour away and was told to come right away and that the hour for me to arrive was not a problem, even without an appointment. Upon my arrival, the receptionists treated me with kindness and tried to quell my anxiety. I’ve never had any kind of surgery before and was coming out of my skin, and I think that was rather evident. Even without an appointment, I was seen within 30 minutes, which is utterly unheard of in any medical field. My nurse was so kind and really took the time to speak to me about how I was feeling and my history. Before the Dr. even came to see me, I began trembling in fear. She stayed with me the entire time, except for maybe 20 seconds to go over my history with Dr. Rivero Dr. Rivero was also very understanding of my anxiety. He discussed his findings with me, explained the procedure thoroughly, listened to my concerns and answered all my questions honestly – no sugar coating. When it came time for novocaine, his technique was flawless and the injections themselves were nearly painless, despite my extreme discomfort in the area. He adjusted his medication administration to my needs and truly took the time to make sure I was comfortable before beginning. Despite his busy lobby, he made sure that I knew that he was focused on my care, which helped tremendously with my fear. After finishing, he reiterated everything he had said prior to the procedure. I’m sure he knew that I was so shaken before that I may not have retained everything he said. Most doctors that I’ve met simply have nurses discuss post operative instructions while they move on to their next patient. Dr. Rivero discussed post-op care twice himself – that speaks volumes of his character and his level of care for his patient . This is by far the best dental facility that I’ve ever been to and will recommend them time and time again. Thank you folks so much for your impeccable service and care in my time of need. I’m very appreciative.

Kim Stack (Source: Google)


I was in pain from an infection in a tooth that needs removed and Dental Extraction Center got me in for x-rays and an appointment with Dr. Rivero right away. Dr. Rivero took the time to review my x-rays and the cause of the immediate problem I was having. I was reluctant to pull the tooth right away so he prescribed an antibiotic for me with hopes it would provide me some time to make a decision. Dr. Rivero also took the time to discuss with me my overall dental obstacles and options for problems in my mouth that I will need to resolve soon and gave me a couple of good referrals. I was very appreciative of his time and information, especially knowing he does not provide those services so his opinions were both professional and objective. I have high anxiety with dentists and His nurse was also very patient and caring with me. On my way out Jennifer, the Manager gave me even further options to consider and she has already called to follow up with me. I must say this was the easiest and best experience I have ever had at a dentist.

Nikki Rose Sims (Source: Google)


Dr.Rivero and his staff was amazing from the time that I walked in. I’m not a huge fan of the dentist by any means but upon the time of my arrival to have my wisdom teeth pulled, they gave me all the fees upfront and all of the detailed information beforehand. Jennifer at the front desk was very sweet in answering all of my questions and I was very pleased with their customer service. Because my teeth were impacted, I got the general sedation (laughing gas) and Dr. Rivero assured me that he would also numb me very well. I’m very happy that he gave me different options as I was very nervous to have the procedure done, and he constantly reassured me that everything would be ok. During the procedure he was very gentle and gave me very good bedside manner, his assistant even played music that I listen to on Pandora to keep me calm and in my comfort zone. They gave me all instructions and meds following the procedure and I have been healing just fine, even went for a free post op appointment with the dentist and everything looks great. The recovery was very painful but they made it worthwhile because they took such great care of me. I wish Dr. Rivero could be my general dentist, I’d be thrilled to see him again. My only request for the dentist to include the syringe (once the procedure is done) to clean out the sockets from the wisdom teeth procedure. I live over 35mins from this location and couldn’t go back to pick one up. Thank you guys for your hospitality and for making my experience a pleasant one.

Rosemary j (Source: Google)


My husband was in a lot of pain due to a tooth that had been bothering him for some time and it was time to have it removed. He told me Carlos Rivero is the first dentist that ever cared to make sure he didn’t feel the needle or extraction of his tooth. He said he didn’t feel either. He also mentioned that he isn’t young either. Support Staff was very nice & helpful too. Best Dentist & Group ever.

Susan Holmes (Source: Google)


I am the biggest baby when it comes to the dentist. I was referred by another dentist that we trusted. I needed 11 extractions, 10 on the top, 1 on the bottom. Needless to say I didn’t know what to expect, but from the moment I entered the office, I was greeted by a very warm young lady. From there, I went with another fantastic lady who took my x-rays and finally to the examing/procedure room. I was always given clear, concise instructions with that add a bit of southern charm mixed in. I felt as though I had nothing to worry about and I hadn’t even met the doctor yet. When I finally me Dr. Rivera, I was quite taken back by his youthful appearance. But he to was wonderful, very informative and very knowledgeable. All my fears by now we’re pretty much gone and with the IV sedation about to start, I knew things were gonna be dandy. It seemed like only moments after the IV was placed, I was in a very calm set of being. I was still aware of things but I wasn’t. At one point I think I said, “I didn’t know Antonio Banderas was my dentist. After the procedure I was given my post op instructions, prescriptions, and was walked to the car by the two nurses. I applaud Dr. Rivera and his fantastic staff. What could have been a traumatic experience, turned in to be one of the best dental experiences in my ENTIRE life. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP. Sincerely Susan Holmes

Kim (Source: Google)


I took my 88yr old mother Peggy Bledsoe,in for an exam today. We had already been to 3 other Dentist who wanted to fill her teeth, which she couldn’t tolerate or pull 2 teeth. They quoted over $600. Dr.Rivero examined my mother and treated her with dignity and kindness. He did not see a reason to pull her teeth. She was thrilled as was I. He cleaned her inflammed gums and said this would provide relief. $99.00!!The staff is helpful and friendly. The facility is spotless! This Dr. is an honest and great tribute to his profession. Thank you!!

꧁Serenity Moon꧂ (Source: Google)


Dr. Rivero is amazing…..! He got in there and gave that evil tooth a knock out. He made sure that evil critter would never harm me again. His personalty is very caring towards his patients. I never really write reviews but logged in today to say I would recommend him to anyone that needed an EMERGENCY EXTRACTION! You can call his office the same day and be seen the same day.

Jessie Mullis (Source: Facebook)


after going and calling several other places I called made an appointment no other place would pull my teeth cause they wanted to fix them but this ace did what I wanted now 1 yr later needed an adjustment went and took care of me have recommended them to a few people I would give them 10 stars

Lydia Vega (Source: Google)


It was a great experience and very professional. The ladies in the front office were very helpful, polite and friendly. The doctor and assistance where awesome no judgement and to the point. Also informative. I would recommend it to anyone. Very up front so you know exactly what you are there and what you are paying for. Thank you Dr Rivero and staff.

Patrick Amalfi (Source: Google)


This place is amazing! I HATE GOING TO THE DENTIST OFFICE!! But while in the waiting room a patient, who had obviously had a procedure done, left the office all happy and thanking everyone. Whaaat! These folks have changed my perception of dentistry. I was only waiting for a short time when I was invited into the office. I was impressed with all the high-tech equipment. (The office didn’t look like much from the outside, but like they say, never judge a book by it cover.) Dr. Rivero explained their use of cutting edge technologies and materials; I needed a bone graph in addition to an extraction. His compassionate “chairside” manners placed me totally at ease. I told him that for me, “no pain was all gain,” and he said it was going to be fine, and I was. His assistant, Heather, was awesome! When I was leaving, here I was all happy and thanking everyone, LOL. Amazing…