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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Tuesday: 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Friday: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Bill Z (Source: Google)


Outstanding service from the first call to the appointment. Very accommodating working with my dental insurance and removing ALL the roadblocks. Very professional and polite. Add the fact they have late appointments during the afternoon/evening AND Saturday scheduling options is the perfect option for me. The entire staff makes everything simple and uncomplicated. An added bonus is they even have an office that can see you on Sundays if you are in pain or needed

Willie Allen (Source: Google)


This is an awesome dental office. Called early during the week and got the whole family seen that same week. The staff members are very friendly and the dental doctors are very good. I’ve also recommended this dental office to a few of my coworkers. Their hours are flexible and I can’t easily fit them into my schedule.

Joana Molina Sorrels (Source: Facebook)


Thank you to Dr. Khodabakhsh and the staff at Fairview Dental for doing an amazing job bonding Brady’s teeth after his bike accident. We are forever grateful for getting us in so quickly on a Friday evening and for taking the time to do a great job. #FairviewDental

Kay D. from McKinney, TX (Source: Yelp)


Had mostly great experiences getting work done here; the dentists and technicians are especially kind and understanding of anxious patients. I had no pain during my cavity filling procedure. In addition, they are very accommodating if you need to bring kids along. They have a designated area for them to play in the waiting room, but will also allow your child to come in the room with you. They put a kids show on the monitor they usually use to broadcast your x-rays so you can see them from the patient chair. And the weekend receptionist even babysat my son behind the front desk a few times. Having said that, I took off one star because their pain management is not great after your procedure is done. When you are getting an extensive procedure done, such as tooth removal, you need real pain medicine to deal. I understand with the opioid epidemic in our country we should be careful about prescribing pain meds. But tooth removal is a valid reason to prescribe them. My husband had to go to work in severe pain after a procedure. To their credit, when we called and told them the extra strength Tylenol wasn’t working they called in something stronger. But his next procedure was on a Saturday afternoon right before they closed, so calling in afterwards to tell them he needed something stronger was not an option. He had to wait till Monday, at which point the worst of the pain was over anyway. But that was a rough weekend. In addition, one of the techs here (not a dentist) turned up my gas way too fast so that I was not getting enough oxygen. I immediately became dizzy and confused and asked them to turn it off for the remainder of the procedure. This was just one tech, the rest are good, but they need to make sure they train their techs who will be administering laughing gas because it is dangerous to increase it at the speed she did. I’m not sure if anyone but the dentists are supposed to be administering it anyway.

Kitty Price (Source: Facebook)


My family of five has been going to Fairview Dental for many years. The front office is great and the doctors and staff are wonderful, too. I highly recommend this office for all of your dental needs. Although going to the dentist is not usually high on most folk’s list of fun things to do, I can honestly say going to Fairview Dental is a pleasant experience. They are fun and knowledgeable and I highly recommend their caring and attentive staff for anyone looking for a great dental experience. Thank you Fairview Dental!

Stephen W. from McKinney, TX (Source: Yelp)


Have been seeing this dentist for about 6-7 years now. He has always been brutally upfront and honest with me. In my own experience, he has even gone beyond the money factor to help me out a bit when in between jobs. I chose this one in the beginning after having visited a few dentist in the past who just didn’t seem too interested in the person. I have had an extraction, a root canal, 3 cavities and 2 crowns that the Dr took care of, plus teeth cleanings of course. I recommend him to my own wife, but she has the one she prefers. To each their own.

Jatch9865 (Source: Google)


I came in to have a bridge repaired that was starting to separate on one side. The first person I met was Grace at the front desk. She was very courteous and helpful throughout the entire process. When I saw Dr K. he was professional and caring taking time to listen to my concerns and answer questions. He did a thorough check of my existing bridge and came up with several options, walking me through everything I needed to decide. Ultimately, we replaced my old bridge with a new style that should last many years. The fantastic experience and friendly staff made it an easy decision to move all my dental appointments to Fairview. I recommend giving them a call for any of your dental needs.

Eva Linke (Source: Google)


I was looking for a new dentist in the area and purchased a Groupon for a checkup, cleaning and whitening as a way to try one out. Well, I am glad I did. The cleaning was great, the technician was very gentle. Dr. Khodabakhsh was also very nice and after three different scans (lots of technology over there) he saw that I had fillings missing and also an infection under my root canal. He took care of the fillings right away and provided a referral for the root canal issue. Everyone at the office was very nice, the office itself was modern, clean and organized. They took my insurance and I paid out of pocket way less than I thought I would! Overall, I cannot be happier and I would highly recommend Dr. Khodabakhsh and his staff.

Kristina Goins (Source: Google)


My kids and I go here. The staff is amazing. I had to have my wisdom teeth extracted and I was concerned about the pain during and after the procedure and Amber and Dr. Khodabakhsh were very reassuring. I received a call later the next day after my procedure to make sure I am feeling better. I can’t say anything but good things. If you’re looking for a dental office that is family friendly, I suggest Fairview Dental.

Hawkins Iceola (Source: Google)


Typically the visit to the dentist can be a dreadful. However, Fairview Density exemplified great customer service and knowledge. With their usage of state of the art technology, they were able to give me a comprehensive plan of action in resolving my previous dental issues. They provided, great affordable payment options as well as a detailed statement that was transparent and easy to understand. They eliminated the stress factor of going to the dentist, all in on visit. Thank you, to the staff at Fairview Dental.

Jessica Treuthardt (Source: Google)


So friendly and reassuring! I am so lucky I found them, they dropped everything to fix a completely broken tooth that also needed a root canal, in the middle of a pandemic! They kept calling me everytime the state reopening got pushed back, reassuring me I wasn’t forgotten and that they were looking forward to having me back so they could finish my procedure. Working with them to take care of myself was the most amazing dental experience I’ve had. Any anxiety I had about anything, they were quick go reassure me without making me feel dumb. The staff was caring and attentive, quick to put me at ease. The office isn’t stuffy and as a bonus, their prices are insanely reasonable. I couldn’t believe that I could afford to fix the tooth that had been falling apart for so long. Thank you Fairview Dental!

Morgan Caldwell (Source: Google)


Fairview Dental in Allen is the best!!!! I was in so much pain and I called to make an appointment and they fit me right in the same day I called. With no dental insurance they were able to give me their special they had going on for people who has no insurance. I’m not sure how long the special will last but you can always call. The special was $59 for cleaning, X-Ray, and exam. My experience was awesome. I think I found my dentist!

Rene Perez (Source: Google)


Hands down the Best Dental experience I have ever had! From the front desk personnel that took my appointment and checked me in to Emily, Belinda, Ebonie and Dr. Khodabakhsh everyone was so friendly and accommodating. I was so nervous and they really calmed my nerves. I just felt so comfortable there. They gave me lots of treatment options and helped me decide the best treatment for me at this time . I didnt feel bullied into the treatments we selected like I have been in the past. They were patient and kind with me (on a busy Saturday no less) and made sure I was comfortable and not in in any pain. I can’t thank them enough for changing the way I feel about visiting the Dentist now!!

Tabitha Stewart (Source: Facebook)


I cannot recommend Fairview Dental enough. As someone who has severe anxiety about going to the dentist I’ve avoided necessary treatment for several years. I had a root canal done on my front tooth yesterday, the process was quick and painless and they really took the time to make sure I was calm and ready before they began. I strongly recommend going here for all your dental needs. Now, I don’t mind going to the dentist, yesterday’s root canal was a breeze!

Mark Sharrock (Source: Google)


Any dentist willing to stay late, work with me on pricing for emergency dental care, and all of this with a kind and caring attitude definitely earns 5 stars from this reviewer! After Jefferson dental left me hanging when I was in pain with a broken tooth, these guys stepped up and treated me like family. From the guy answering the phone, my amazing dental assistant Victoria, to Dr. K himself providing awesome, customer friendly care, I am literally stunned there is still a small town dentist located in the DFW area. I HAVE A NEW DENTIST AND YOU GUYS HAVE A NEW PATIENT FOR LIFE!

Daniel Alvarez (Source: Google)


You will not be able to find a kinder, more efficient, or considerate doctors and team. They go above and beyond the expectations of a patient; these people live for their patients and love their work. They are crystal clear about the options both medically and financially available to you. They have the latest of tools to ensure the work that they do is the finest. They make certain that you are comfortable and never in pain under any procedure. Highly recommend them!

Kina Carmichael (Source: Google)


I broke a crown on my front tooth on a Saturday, and after calling countless other dental offices(including my regular dental office that has multiple locations)…I finally called Fairview Dental and they worked me in. Not only were both office representatives very friendly and helpful, they took the time to answer all my questions and were extremely patient with me. The Doctor was very knowledgeable and actually expressed that I might want to go to my regular dentist first to see if it was covered under warranty. He also did not charge me for the visit!!!! The other patients in the waiting room were explaining similar stories, and that’s why they switched to Fairview dental as well. That is the kind of customer service I love to see. I will be making Fairview dental my home dental office from here on out. They were outstanding!!! Also practiced safe covid practices for those concerned with that.

David Sotelo (Source: Facebook)


Fairview Dental: Many people dred going to the dentist however I look forward to my visits at Fairview Dental and here is why: 1) they greet you immediately with a smile 2) they know your name 3) wait times are generally short 4) they are gentle and try to be as unobtrusive as possible 5) they provide you with easy to understand ways to improve your dental health and last but certainly not least 6) everyone there from the office staff, the hygienists and the dentists are great!

Christy M. from Allen, TX (Source: Yelp)


I had gone to this facility for a few years when it was Eden dental. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the new owners but was pleasantly surprised. I had pain in my teeth for over a week so I made an appointment. They got me in quickly, took Xrays and did an exam. It turned out to be pain due to sinus pressure. The doctor was refreshingly honest and suggested Claritin or antihistamine to help the pain go away. She didn’t even charge me for the visit! I really appreciate everything they did and will continue seeing them for my dental needs.

Kina Carmichael (Source: Facebook)


I broke a crown on my front tooth on a Saturday, and after calling countless other dental offices(including my regular dental office that has multiple locations)…I finally called Fairview Dental and they worked me in. Not only were both office representatives very friendly and helpful, they took the time to answer all my questions and were extremely patient with me. The Doctor was very knowledgeable and actually expressed that I might want to go to my regular dentist first to see if it was covered under warranty. He also did not charge me for the visit!!!! The other patients in the waiting room were explaining similar stories, and that’s why they switched to Fairview dental as well. That is the kind of customer service I love to see. I will be making Fairview dental my home dental office from here on out. They were outstanding!!! Also practiced safe covid practices for those concerned with that.

Jamie Richmond (Source: Google)


I brought my daughter in for a cleaning and check up. First of all, the front desk staff was so very nice ! Welcoming us in and helping us through the Covid protocol. The dentist and assistant could not have been kinder. Explaining everything in detail, and were so friendly! The staff was excellent at explaining our plan and payment options. I highly recommend this office! So much better than the cattle call chains!

Rambo 007 (Source: Google)


The Staff was very knowledgeable and very helpful. They made me feel right at home and it was no pressure or rushing me into doing anything that I didn’t wanna do. I felt like I could trust them with the advice that they had given me and before I even knew it……snap! The tooth was out of there! 🙂 (Extraction) Would definitely recommend anyone with pain in their mouths to go to Fairview Dental. Thank you for everything

Nancy Busby (Source: Google)


From the minute I walked in today for my checkup, I sensed a welcoming and friendly presence…nothing cold and hard about this place. The front desk crew were kind, patient, and ready to answer any questions all the while getting me thoroughly checked in. My dental hygienist Ruby was truly a jewel. Xrays, cleaning, and teeth discussion all handled in a very competent and friendly manner. The dentist, Doctor K, was thorough, friendly, and gave me a great report which is always good to have.

Lindsay Penn (Source: Google)


Fairview Dental is my go to dentist for everything! They worked with my financial concerns and they care more about my physical comfort than any dentist I’ve ever had. They also always tell me how nice and fun to have around I am, and who doesn’t love that?? If you are sick of dentists forgetting that you are a human, give these guys a shot!

kat71795 (Source: Google)


Went in on a Saturday with extreme tooth pain because my regular dentist was not open. They got me in quickly, eventhough they were busy and I was a walk in but could not have been nicer or more attentive. The assistant I had was super nice and informative as well as the dentist. They immediately got me numb so I was not in pain any longer. A root canal was the last thing I was wanting on a beautiful Saturday but they made it such a pleasant experience. I’ll be switching 🙂

Sonja Linsley (Source: Google)


I went in expecting to be told there was a great deal of work to be done. I thought I would be making appointments for the next few months. I was sure I would be paying for the next year. Surprise, surprise. Ruby and Dr. K fit me into their schedule and did all the work in one afternoon. They went over the expenses and gave me the option to come back another day. The fees were less than half than my previous dentist. The entire office staff was honest, upfront, kind and understanding.

Daisy Preciado (Source: Google)


Was in severe pain at 3am and I had to make an appointment right away for an extraction. I’m glad I was able to find this office open on a Saturday and especially with everything going on with the virus. As soon as they opened they were able to book me for a morning appointment same day. Went in and from the beginning the staff was so friendly. When I went to the back they made me comfortable and prior to procedure dentist walked me through everything. The dentist asked me several times during extraction if I was okay. Which made me feel at ease. It took 45min for everything. I will definitely be going back for other dental check ups. In regards to pricing I paid $369 for everything. Everyone is amazing here and I highly recommend it! Thank you

Iman Mussa (Source: Google)


Fairview dental has an incredible team that work diligently to ensure every patient is taken care of to the highest degree. I’ve been a customer for almost a year now and have brought my whole family in. During these unprecedented times, they have implemented ADA’s recommendations to guarantee the safety of their staff and patients while exuding superior customer service. I highly recommend their services to friends and community members.

Allie Jensen (Source: Google)


This is my 3rd visit to Fairview Dental. They are timely and professional. I LOVE that they are open Saturdays. This is extremely rare for dental offices. I have only had my apt delayed once, and it was a very busy Saturday. However, the hygenists managed my expectations and let me know there would be a delay because one patient ahead of me needed some additional time to complete their treatment(s). I really appreciate this. They are very thorough and will tell you exactly what treatments you need, but they don’t guilt you into doing expensive dental work that isn’t urgent. I think this is a huge plus! I hate being patronized for holding off on dental work, and Fairview Dental doesn’t make me feel this way. Overall I would recommend! They are affordable, the office is clean and the staff is professional.

Roy Bogan (Source: Google)


The dentist at Fairview Dental are wonderful and extremely knowledgeable. The office was clean and I was greeted with a smile. I had cosmetic work done where two teeth had the roots exposed due to gum line receding. The teeth where filled and no more roots exposed. The dentist in the past at other places just cleaned my teeth; and kept asking me to come back. Nevertheless I can now smile when confidence!!!

Michael Irvine (Source: Facebook)


I had to have my dentures replaced after having them for over 20 years and had had a very bad and recent experience with another dentist who sized mine wrong and made my life miserable every single day. My dentures spent more time in my pocket than in my mouth. At Fairview Dental’s office in ALLEN, TX their Dr “K” (Everyone calls him that because of his hard to pronounce last name) took over my problem and situation and did an absolutely fantastic job of taking the time of sizing and making my new custom fit dentures and went way out of his way to make sure they were done correctly and customized to fit me perfectly and at the same Time listened to everything I had to say about what I wanted. Even though he is a big guy his bed side manner is extremely gentle and very patient and I never was uncomfortable at any time at all every visit with him. He is obviously an expert at his profession and never cuts corners at your expense. He is a great guy just to talk to and makes you feel right at home with him. It’s more like a great partnership than a doctor patient relationship. He and the entire staff there are so fun to work with and bent over backwards to take care of me during every visit there. They always remembered me and would even ask about things I had mentioned during my last visit such that they are personally involved in making sure you are right at home with them. My wife gets her dental work done there as well and they make you feel like part of their family and remember you every time you need to see them. Dentures are one of the hardest things to find someone who really knows what they are doing to get them to fit properly. It’s a process that the dentist has to orchestrate over a period of time and not making any misjudgments that will effect you the rest of your life. Dr “K” went out of his way many times to make sure I wouldn’t have any more problems with the end product. You have to live with dentures every day of your life and believe me there is nothing worse than having some that don’t fit correctly and give you pain constantly and even effect your diet because you have so much pain and trouble with so many kinds of foods. It’s terrible knowing that every time you eat it’s going to hurt. Fairview Dental were the answer to my dreams by giving me back a pain free life and able to eat anything I want without worrying about how much it was going to hurt in doing so. They make sure you have a pain free experience every time and have created an environment where you actually feel completely comfortable and look forward to getting any dental procedure done without any hesitation. Unlike many other dentist where I dreaded going to knowing it was going to be a very uncomfortable experience. I can’t recommend them high enough to anyone who is anxious about seeing a dentist or needs simple or extensive work done to themselves or a family member. Once you go to them you will see exactly what I mean. You won’t want to go anywhere else ever. They go way out of their way to make you right at home and perfectly comfortable and explain everything that needs to be done in great detail in advance and take care of you as if you were family and make sure you have a great experience at every visit to the point where you won’t hesitate any longer about going to them as your personal dentist for any problem no matter how big or small to get taken care of. They are a rare and great bread of people who take all the scare and pain out of what many people avoid and dread to the point that they wait to long to get their teeth taken care of. Don’t let that happen to you. They are really that great to be with that you will wonder why you waited so long. Just give them a chance at showing you what they can do for you in an atmosphere of complete comfort and love in a way you will never regret. We will never go anywhere else even if we had to drive all day to get there. They are just that great. By the way my teeth look great too and I love to smile at people all the time. Thank you Fairview Dental for giving my life back to me !!!

Melchia Stockton (Source: Google)


Dr. K has been my dentist for many, many years since his work is incredibly thorough, and his bedside manner is nothing short of caring and compassionate. When he moved to Fairview Dental, I knew I was following this wonderful and trustworthy practitioner, and I was pleasantly surprised when I met the rest of the Fairview staff, especially the hygienist working by his side. They have been very kind and reassuring.

Cee Cee (Source: Google)


What I love most about Fairview Dental is they are consistent! Always professional, efficient and thorough. They respect my time by being ready when I arrive for my appointment. I feel like the doctor spends adequate time answering my questions. I pass many dental offices on my way to Fairview but this location is certainly worth the drive!