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E. Dean Azzeh, DDS, DMed Sc. (Orthodontist)

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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Clear aligners



Comprehensive orthodontics

Palatal expansion


Space maintainers

Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Tuesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am to 2:00 pm (by appointment only)

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Brandon W. from Laguna Hills, CA (Source: Yelp)


Where do I even begin with this review?!, I would not consider this a review but more like a thank you to Dr. Dean. I have been an ongoing patient of Family orthodontics for close to  3 years now and counting. I was told by a surgeon that my case was going to be very difficult due to my face structure and size of my jaw and more than likely I would have to have jaw surgery to correct my already straight teeth but misaligned bite. I was referred to Dr. Dean by my dentist who has been the only one I can trust with my teeth, upon my initial visit at family Orthodontics back in may of 2015 I was very iffy to see if braces would fix my jaw.  Dr. Dean greated me with the biggest smile on his face and showed me so much professionalism AND RESPECT during my exam. shortly after X-rays were taken and viewed I heard best 5 words I needed to hear at that time. Dr. Said I CAN FIX YOUR JAW and shortly after hearing that I asked when can we start!!! As each year has past and may different appointments I must say I am very pleased with my progress and the continued professionalism family orthodontics has directed towards myself. I must say Dr. Dean Azzeh is hands down the best orthodontist I have ever met let alone had the opportunity to be worked on by and will always recommend him to anyone. My long journey of not my first but second set of braces is coming to an end in just the perfect time for my wedding.  I cannot be more excited to see how the final product turns out. If you or someone you know is looking for an orthodontist DO NOT HESITATE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT AT FAMILY ORTHODONTICS. YOU WILL BE TREATED JUST AS IF YOU WERE A FAMILY MEMBER OF DR. DEANS  AND WILL BE PROVIDED TO BEST CARE AROUND.  I am forever grateful we found Dr. Dean because without him I would have never gone through jaw surgery and may still have a misaligned bite to this day. ONLY 7 MORE WEEKS LEFT AS A PATIENT BUT IT HAS BEEN THE BEST PROCESS OVER THE LAST THREE YEARS AND COUNTING. I take my hat off to you Dr. Dean, you are a lifesaver. Much respect,

Norma Ortiz (Source: Google)


I love everything about this place!  This office is clean and it has a welcoming ambiance. The staff is friendly, caring and knowledgeable.  Dr. Dean was recommended to me, and now that my son’s braces are off, I can say I never had a problem with the appointments or with billing. You can get a reminder card if you chose to get one, and they send you reminder texts a couple times before the day of the appointment.  My son had a great experience and really liked everyone here especially Dr. Dean.  I will be coming back with the rest of my kiddos! Thank you everyone!

Gabby G. (Source: Facebook)


The entire staff is super friendly and the environment is so warm and inviting, they treat you like family. Super knowledgable and they answer every question without hesitation. The prices and payment plans are great. Go see Dr. Dean and his staff, you’ll love them as much as we do!!

Todd C. from Newport Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was told a few years ago by my dentist and another orthodontist that I would require jaw surgery to correct my bite. (crossbite/edge to edge) Not wanting to undergo such an invasive process, I thought I would get another opinion and went to Dr. Dean at Family Orthodontics for a consultation. To my surprise, Dr. Dean was confident he could correct my bite and enhance my smile with braces. Dr. Dean is an extremely talented orthodontist and it is clear that he has deep expertise in both the mechanics and artistry of creating a great smile. His staff are especially friendly and patient also. Despite braces taking a little getting used to, Dr Dean and his entire office made the entire experience positive and fun! Just got my braces off (5 months early) and am thrilled with the results. I highly recommend Family Orthodontics! Thank you!

Ebrahim A. from Anaheim, CA (Source: Yelp)


Ooh boy, where do I start to describe Family Orthodontics. I had the best experience with them. I was referred to Dr. Dean by my dentist. I came in with an open bite. My front teeth would not close even biting all the way down. Also, bottom teeth were a mess. Started around March 2014 and now that my braces are off I still can’t believe how amazing they look. Just unbelievable work by Dr. Dean and his staff. I will attach a photo to see the amazing result! I can’t deny the fact it was a struggle at certain point since mini implants had to be used to move my jaw and bring my bite together. At first I was skeptical of mini implants and their effect, but continuing with them actually paid off. The only thing I won’t miss though haha! Besides the treatment I loved visiting the office because of how friendly and lovely the staff is. They make you feel like you are home. I will for sure miss them all. I can’t thank Dr. Dean and his staff enough. I would like to send a special thank you to Christina!

Koji K. from Irvine, CA (Source: Yelp)


I read all the great reviews on Yelp before I came in so I thought I knew what to expect but I was still blown away the moment I walked into the office. When I went for a consultation I was really satisfied with how I was treated, from beginning to end. Every person who worked at the office was great. They took my pictures/xrays then had me sit back down in the room to wait for Dr. Dean. I waited for a few minutes and was apologized to because they were a little backed up and thought I was waiting for a long time. Dr. Dean was thorough with his diagnosis and was very professional. He gave me all of my options (without shooting down what I originally came into the office for), showed me examples of previous patients, and wasn’t pushy with going one way or the other. I was the one who ultimately made the decision with how to move forward without feeling any pressure, which was great! Fast forward to a couple months later and I now have Invisalign (it’s been 2 days now). Getting started was super smooth. Christina, the Registered Dental Assistant, was the one who got the process going and she was great. She made me feel super comfortable while she was attaching the attachments on my teeth, she was funny, and extremely thorough with what I need to do moving forward (I wish she wrote the instructions manual because she went into much more detail than the book did). In short, I would recommend anyone to this office if they’re looking for orthodontic services!

Jimmy C. from Long Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


What makes this office stand out from other orthodontic offices are not only their work, but how the staff makes you feel so welcomed from the front office to the back staff, especially Dr. Dean! From the beginning of treatment to the very end. You’re always welcomed back even after treatment! Office is immaculate, staff is friendly beyond belief and you just feel like family there!! You can feel that they genuinely care, everyone is willing to answer what ever questions you may have and that’s only fair because when selecting an Ortho office it’s only natural you’re going to have tons of questions, that’s not a problem here. All of the assistants are knowledgeable and very well trained. I’d recommend completely! If you’re doing research on an office, please give this office a chance and meet everyone! You will not regret it!

Michelle B. from Orange, CA (Source: Yelp)


No need to look any further for the BEST Orthodontist in town! From the moment you walk into the office, you will know your in the right place. The office is fun and pristine, the staff is attentive and friendly and Dr. Dean is professional and highly educated! They offer 3 different locations and the hours of operation can accommodate anyone’s busy schedule. Choosing an Orthodontist is a important discussion to make but after visiting Family Orthodontics you will see why they are the best in theOC!

Tomie Ortiz (Source: Google)


One of the cosiest places to go to! Most people have a deathly fear of going to any professional medical location, despite their health depending on it. I have friends upon friends that fear dentist check ups, doctor examinations, and so on. Family Orthodontics lives up to its name, with a warm and welcoming staff, complimentary sweets (typically coffee or cocoa), fun raffles, and very attentive and caring orthodontic nurses. I’ll happily recommend my friends to come to Dr. Dean for a better smile

Britt C. from Cypress, CA (Source: Yelp)


I chose to get my braces treatment here because of several reasons, the service, cleanliness, and the Doctor really knows his stuff. The environment here is not off putting which matters because it determines whether or not you’d want the service. The consultation was very efficient. The new machines really sped up the process. During the financial consult, I spoke to Bryson and he was the most welcoming person ever! He made the transition from the initial braces consult, to sealing the deal, in a very smooth manner. I appreciate that so much. If you’re skeptical about most orthodontists, you would not be if you chose this place.

Iman A. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


There are so many dentists/ orthodontists in the southern california area. How do you decide who the one is for you? I refer specifically to Dr. Dean for multiple reasons. Number 1 he knows whats he is doing. Board certified, and post grad at Harvard. Not all ortho education is the same. This man is dedicated to make sure he is up on current research. Laymen may not know this, but he runs a study club that helps educate half the dentists in the orange county area. Not only does he make sure he is up to date for his own sake, he is also committed to making sure the dentists in the area are furthering their own knowledge. Can only be a good thing for the people in this area right? Number 2 – patients love him and his team. I have never had some one come back to me disappointed by their appointment with him. No gimmicks needed, he genuinely treats everyone well. And I hear about it. Patients often make a point to thank me for sending them there. This is very important to me, anyone i refer to is a reflection of me. I personally put so much effort in to making sure that every one is treated well. NUmber 3 – he does what is right. Every patient is given a fair and honest assessment of their situation. So if you’re trying to make a decision regarding who to see for ortho, check him out. You will not be disappointed. I may go through braces again just so I can visit his office 🙂

Munz H. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


Love the brand new facility in Tustin. It’s super clean and spacious. The doctors are great and very knowledgeable and professional. My friend had her smile done here with Dr. Dean and I can’t wait to see mine. The Oral surgeon, Dr. Hassan, is very skilled , personable and talented. They are reasonably priced and fair with their pricing and promptly reply to inquiries. I’ve done my research and they are one of the very few that open all week including Saturdays. I like how much emphasis they have placed on safety. I feel safe and comfortable when I come here. They take patients’ temperatures on arrival and have decals placed in the office and limit the number of people they let into the office. The staff is friendly and still able to be on time during these times. I can’t recommend this place enough!

Megan N. from Garden Grove, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been with Dr, Dean and his staff for over two years, and I absolutely loved every minute of it. I felt apart of his dental family, because he and the staff would greet me with a smile. They would also ask me about my day and high school, which made the appointments more comfortable, especially when they were tightening my braces. Dr. Dean is honestly the best orthodontist there is! Before I met Dr. Dean and his team, my teeth were beyond ugly and messy, and I was self-conscious about them. Finally, when I met with Dr. Dean for the first time, I was nervous because I thought he would be disgusted, but instead he treated me with respect and with ease. He made me feel less ashamed of my smile by promising me the perfect smile. After two and a half years of braces and rubber bands, I finally got them off before my senior ID pictures!!! I AM IN LOVE WITH MY SMILE! One of the best part of my final days of my braces was that Dr. Dean, my mom, and I were reviewing my dental journey, from freshman year to senior year, and he would make funny jokes about using my freshman pictures as blackmail. In the end, I enjoyed every moment with Dr. Dean and his family. This is the PERFECT place if you want to be apart of a dental family, be respected, be treated fairly, be comfortable, and most importantly, have the PERFECT smile!Thank You Dr. Dean!

Andrew V. from Orange, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr Dean, Sabrina, Sarah, Trinda, Debbie  Angie and the WHOLE team at Family Ortho are amazing !! Not only are they a pleasure to be around, their service is TOP NOTCH. I am 35 and thought my dental work was hopeless. In the span of about a year the results are AMAZING !! I still have a year to go but I know due to Family Ortho and the team there, the results will be fantastic. If you want GREAT ortho work with the added benefit of being treated like family, come to this place, you won’t regret it! Update:Just have to add that the level of work and professionalism of the Dr and group here is great. There was a lot of work that had to be doe to my teeth and they are coming out looking great Update:2. These guys are still great. My teeth are looking great and the family feel and customer service is beyond amazing. Thank you all and Happy New Year Final Update:  Braces are off and I could not be anymore pleased with the results. I would like to add that Dr Dean is a perfectionist and will not leave your teeth half done. Even if you feel they look great, he will go for perfection. Throughout the years this office has never lost its fun or professionalism, and I am sad to say I will not come in with frequency since the braces are off. They truly do become like family and are genuinely interested in your well being. Thank you Dr Dean, Trinda and the rest of the staff !

Valentina M. from Irvine, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Dean not only is one of the top Harvard trained orthodontists around but also has the utmost integrity with his business. I was extremely comfortable and trusting with him when he told us we didn’t need to put braces on my son’s baby teeth whilst most of his peers at school were getting them on their baby teeth. Somehow he remembers every child and parents name and is immaculate with his work. I’m so thankful for his expertise and kindness. I highly recommend him. I would also like to mention that his front desk staff are absolutely lovely and his technicians who work in the back with him are also all lovely and immaculate with their work. We are having a happy and great experience.    Thank you

Sandy Negrete (Source: Facebook)


It’s a fine place for kind and professional staff. I do have some concern for the delay time for 6 week notice on re-visit appointments. I constantly struggle with dates that work within the 6 week timeframe because they are so booked with kids needing their adjustments. The administration informs me that any delays, cumulatively speaking, may cause consequential delays in removal date, but I’m ok with that. My kid isn’t since she wants her braces out before her freshman year…which seems unlikely. Per our consultation and subsequent acceptance of a contract, Braces were initially scheduled for removal before freshman year. Oh well

Jeanette C. from Temple City, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had pretty straight teeth before my braces but I didn’t like how flat it looked when I smiled and the way my bite was … I went to so many different orthodontics before deciding to proceed with Dr. Dean as no one was able to understand what I wanted because I specially asked for a curved smile. He let me know the different options I had and I decided on clear braces (which I highly recommend for adults!) Every time I went in and let him know what I didn’t like, he always accommodated to my requests and now it’s finally off and I have never been happier ! During my appointment before the removal of braces, HE asked me whether the triangle gaps bothered me near my gums and I never knew it could be correct till him!! Thank you Dr. Dean for my perfect smile!

Whitney Gaines (Source: Google)


I am so glad I chose Dr Deans office for my braces. After a few consultations with other offices I felt discouraged going through with it. Dr Dean makes you feel at ease and especially a big thank you to his office. Front office girls are always nice and accommodating with my schedule, Dr Dean takes his time explaining whats going on with the treatment, and very thankful for Laurie the dental assistant, she always goes above and beyond every single visit

Jeanette C. from Temple City, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had pretty straight teeth before my braces but I didn’t like how flat it looked when I smiled and the way my bite was … I went to so many different orthodontics before deciding to proceed with Dr. Dean as no one was able to understand what I wanted because I specially asked for a curved smile. He let me know the different options I had and I decided on clear braces (which I highly recommend for adults!) Every time I went in and let him know what I didn’t like, he always accommodated to my requests and now it’s finally off and I have never been happier ! During my appointment before the removal of braces, HE asked me whether the triangle gaps bothered me near my gums and I never knew it could be correct till him!! Thank you Dr. Dean for my perfect smile!

Jas P. from Irvine, CA (Source: Yelp)


The only words that come to mind when I think about my experience with Dr. Dean is “LIFE CHAINGING”!!!! I was always conscious about my smile, always hated showing my teeth and most of all I was consistently having to pick food out of my mouth because of my crooked teeth. Before choosing Dr. Dean I interviewed 9 other places, the treatment options were all over the place. From having to undergo surgery, to extractions and worse of all cosmetic dentists trying to sell themselves as orthodontists. When I went into Dr. Dean for a consult I felt no pressure. The kind and understanding staff treated me as if I was already their patient. Upon examination Dean took a full pano x-ray to properly assess my teeth and pointed out my TMJ issues before I even had a chance to mention it to him. This was wayyyy different than any other offices I visited. The rest of them did just a visual and the x-rays were going to be taken once I signed and started paying! Additionally if I knocked off a bracket the price ranged from $45 to $60 for them to replace the bracket. Where in Dr. Deans office it wasn’t going to be an issue. And he gets to take a look at how things are going. Whenever I would drop on to get my braces tightened Dr. Would always take the time for a friendly chit chat, (which is a big deal for me) and assess any issues I would have if any. Allowing Dr. Dean to give me the smile I always wanted was one the best decision I have ever made. Now I am so confident, happy and pain free from my TMJ. It is so easy flossing and brushing my teeth it is sometimes unreal compared to before!!! Dr. Dean will always have my business and I am really looking forward to bringing my kids here. Special shout out to Aileen, Bella and especially Shay I always enjoyed visiting her. About 4 months after I got my braces off, I had to go back to Dr. Dean to get my permanent retainer fixed. I was met with the same warm, kind, welcoming staff and Dr. Dean that I knew when he was doing my treatment. Hands down, one of the best decisions I have ever made!!

Chelsey M. from Bend, OR (Source: Yelp)


As a 25 year old woman braces were the last thing I wanted to have. I had braces when I was younger but as an adult, the idea of going through that embarrassment again was not appealing. I met with Dr. Dean and explained to him that I had one crooked tooth that really bothered me on the bottom. He suggested that I do a full set of braces for 12-18 months. I explained to him how awkward it was going to be for me to have metal brackets on my teeth again. Dr. Dean then went in depth of how metal brackets actually move the teeth the fastest. He recommended that I do clear top braces and metal on the bottom (since that was my most complicated crowding). In the consultation, he even showed me previous treatments to show me what the possibility of my end results were. As a single mom the price of having a full set of braces really caught me off guard! I had been to a consultation at a different office a couple week prior and Family Orthodontics was  almost $2000 cheaper. I explained to the treatment coordinator, Trinda that I wasn’t capable of paying in full. She told me no problem and broke down what my monthly payments would be and what range I was comfortable spending a month. They were very understanding of my situation and I felt like they listened to me to get the quickest, best results without breaking the bank

Leticia Arellano (Source: Google)


My experience at family Orthodontics’s was over all excellent great stuff , Dr. Dean is amazing always takes time to see each and every one of his patients he definitely help me change my life im Really happy with my results so far I have brought 3 of my daughters and my niece for there braces and will definitely trust Dr. Dean with two more of my kids, I highly recommend Dr.Dean thank you so much for everything family orthodontics ❤️

Anh Trinh (Source: Google)


I just finished my 14 months of Invisalign treatment here and really enjoyed my experience. As a nerdy girl, I researched a lot on tooth straightening and then “interviewed” about 5 orthodontists before choosing this clinic. Dr. Dean Azzeh is knowledgeable and friendly. The office is well organized and managed – I rarely had to wait and when I did, it was not more than 15’ I think. Staff and nurses are also nice and friendly. I also really enjoyed being taken care by my nurse Aileen. She’s highly-skilled, nurturing, and very details-oriented. One time when my appointment ran overtime (my fault as I was late), all the staff incld. Dr Azzeh had already left for lunch break, she stayed with me patiently installing my permanent retainer and making sure the metal wire was perfectly lined up with everyone of teeth so that it wouldn’t bother me even a single bit in the future. I was very impressed! We normally get to choose our doctors, but not nurses although they actually made a significant impact on our treatment experience. So this is a big plus!

Jaclynn Cipriano (Source: Google)


Highly recommended!!!!  At the age of 25, getting braces is a BIG step. With the help of Dr. Dean and Heather, I was able to move forward and decided to get braces. Within the first few months, I’ve seen a difference in my smile and with every visit, progress was being made.  Dr. Dean is very gentle, friendly, and cares about the well being of his patients. The staff is always smiling and there is always laughter in the air. It’s very uplifting and sort of therapeutic…  If you are in search of an Orthodontist, Dr. Dean is the one for you! You’ll get to meet his staff and see friendly faces like Chelsea & Amy. Keep in mind, Dr. Dean is very popular & scheduling is pretty tight so don’t skip out on appointments!

Maureen T. from Newport Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr Dean and his office is just fabulous. So thankful for Dr Dean for all he has done for my daughter Maddison she has been his patient since 2014 and looks just beautiful. He has given her a smile and corrected her bite and given her confidence she never had before and now me, I will also be a patient to do some corrective work and would not trust anyone else but him for the job.  He is just the best and highly recommend for all your orthodontic needs… You will definitely  leave with a smile

Kimleang L. from Tustin, CA (Source: Yelp)


The first time I had braces was not with Dr. DEAN. At first I was pleased with my results, but after a year I felt the work was not complete.  I decided to go in for an opinion and chose Dr. Dean’s office for convenience. My first visit was really pleasant, they answered all of my questions and focused on my main points.  I picked them bc they were professional and took their time with my consultation.  I felt their dedication so I decided to stay with Dr. Dean.  Of course, the first Ortho did not complete their work (West Covina Family Dentistry)! I loved going in for visits (never missed a visit) bc they were quick and gentle.  I had my braces with Dr. Dean for about 22 months and oh mmm geee it’s amazing.  2 weeks ago today, I completed my braceface phase… I cried in the restroom bc I’ve never imagined my teeth to look so great.  If I could, I would’ve picked him up and bear hugged him to death.  But that would’ve been sexual harassment. You will not regret going to Dr Dean. I sure didn’t

Natalie M. from Tustin, CA (Source: Yelp)


I love Dr. Dean and his staff! They are always so welcoming, and friendly!! My 12 year old is a patient there. They are so kind, I have a 3 year old daughter, and she was getting  too antsy, one of the receptionist printed out some coloring pages, and gave them to her to color, after 30 minutes she started again… (my daughters appointment  was 1 1/2 hours long…) and if you have toddlers you know how it is… so the same receptionist brought her out a balloon!! Thank you so much for that!! Makes me and my daughter feel good!! Definitely  recommend them! The assistants are always thorough when explaining the process, and instructions!

Maureen Harrold (Source: Google)


At age 59, I was a bit nervous about the thought of going into braces at my age. Once I met Dr. Dean and his treatment coordinator Michelle, I knew I was ready to get started. They explained the process step by step which was so comforting for a women my age. The entire staff is great and you can tell they all love what they do. Once I’m done with my braces I am going to have a beautiful and healthy smile for many years to come. Thank you Family Orthodontics from the bottom of my heart

Erika Olmedo (Source: Google)


Great staff, the treatment was a little over two years long for my daughter because she had an under bite besides a few misplaced teeth. The payment plan was easy to follow up with. Everyone at the office is alway nice specially doctor Dean, he always made sure we understood what was going on with the procedures and what the next step would be. We are very happy with the results and would recommend them to friends and family 100%

Jessi Allen R. from Newport Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


We are fairly new to Dr Azzeh Family Orthodontics. My 13 year old daughter and I visited a couple of different orthodontic offices before we chose Dr Azzeh. On our first visit/consultation, I realized his office was not only friendly and welcoming but very organized and thorough with their treatment. Dr Azzeh explained what his recommended treatment would be and why. He was open to any of my questions and gave a greater understanding than what we had heard from any of the other Orthos we had seen. After her consultation I met with the financial coordinator Michelle Bouras. She was extremely detailed in what the treatment would be, expected timeline, and explained she would touch base with our insurance company and put together an outline of our financial commitment and what payment options there would be. Within 24 hours I received an email describing our options… pay in full, payment plans, etc. We booked the appointment to get my daughters braces put on. While they started her appointment, I was taken to a private office to sign all the forms and make payment arrangements. Our credit card was put on file so rather than worry about making the monthly payment, it is charged every month on the 20th. Seems silly, but it’s one less bill to have to worry about. We have only been back to the office for one more visit… or tune up. Like before, we were greeted sincerely when entering the office. The gentleman checked us in, offered me a cup of coffee (they have a coffee bar!) and said they’d be with us shortly. My daughter was called back almost immediately. In the office, there are a few computers and whatever game devices for the kids to play on. Towards the end of the appointment, I was called back by one of the technicians to go over what changes were made, and to see the new set of head gear. Both my daughter and I were showed how to put it in, take it out, and how to clean it. Dr Azzeh came over and complimented what a good patient my daughter was (it’s nice to hear any compliment of your children) and he too went over the head gear and what to expect. On a side note, it is even more convenient that there is two locations Dr Azzeh offers his services at. We primarily use the Newport office. We did visit the Tustin location when my daughter needed a spacer replaced. It too was very clean, the staff was very friendly, and they had us in and out of the office in less than 5 minutes. All in all, the staff is very pleasant to work with. I feel they are all equally knowledgeable and sincere in their treatment. I would absolutely recommend Dr Azzeh and Family Orthodontics to family and friends!

Jonathan T. from Newport Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Dean and his team continue to impress! I got my teeth straightened via Invisalign from Dr. Dean about three years ago, they look fantastic if i so say so myself, I’m very happy with how they’ve turned out and I often get compliments. I have a permanent retainer and one of the attachments came loose (normal thing to happen once in three years) and needed replacing, the Family Orthodontics team came to the rescue! They were able to fit me in for an appointment within two days of calling (called Monday, had appt Wednesday) and had me in and out within 20 minutes. Incredible efficiency and professionalism from the staff. Seeing Dr. Dean is like seeing a family member you haven’t seen in awhile, always makes you happy! They truly put the Family in Family Orthodontics!

Heide Santa Cruz (Source: Facebook)


The entire staff is super friendly and the environment is so warm and inviting. Their name alone totally suits them because they definitely make you feel like family. They are all very knowledgable and answer every question without hesitation. The prices and payment plans are great. I would absolutely recommend Family Orthodontics and Dr. Azzeh to anyone

Thúy Huỳnh (Source: Google)


I have been coming here in 10 months and I’m very satisfied with the doctor and this place. This was my right decision ever to come here to get my braces done. The doctor is very nice and of course he is very good at his field. I don’t suffer in pain on every visits. I still feel pain in 1 or 2 days, but after that it goes back to normal. I’m so scared to get braces because everyone told me that it is very painful, you can’t eat, you will lose weight,… but it doesn’t happen to me. I think it depends on the orthodontist’s technique. My teeth got straight after 3 visits. The staff is very friendly too. This place is very clean. It is a perfect place to get braces. It’s also easy to make appointment because they have 4 locations. Therefore, you will get your braces done on time

Nikolaus D. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Azzeh saw my son today for a consultation about getting braces. Every single person at this office was warm, not putting pressure for us to spend a ton of money or sign up today, but treatment options were recommended with some different options of how we could make payments so it was affordable. I really felt like I could trust the people at this office, not that we were being conned into unneeded things, or hooked with tricky hidden costs. I wish I could find a regular dentist that was this easy to deal with! We will certainly be back for my sons braces

Magdy S. from Lake Forest, CA (Source: Yelp)


I would highly recommend Dr. Dean. He is an awesome orthodontist. I had tons of extra teeth. My treatment took 3 years, that is how bad my teeth were. I have taken off my braces today and there is a huge difference. Dr.Dean and his office did a great job. Now my teeth look very normal. Dr. Dean’s office staff are very well trained and they really love what they do. For all the time I have been going to the office, I never had any issue at all. If you are looking for a great orthodontist, you got the best here


Dr. Dean Azzeh comes to Southern California from Harvard University. His excellence in orthodontic practice is a result of a four year rigorous training program, twice the time frame an average orthodontist is trained in. His training in orthodontics was concurrently paralleled by his scholarly endeavors which earned him a Doctor of Medical Sciences Degree/Phd in Growth and Development from Harvard Medical School. Upon graduation, he was awarded the most prestigious degree amongst his peers, the James Shaw award. Dr. Azzeh is a board certified orthodontist, an honor earned by less than 25% of all orthodontists in the United States. To become a member of the American board of Orthodontics, one must pass rigorous tests and take re-certification exams. One must also strictly adhere to the highest standards of care and abide by all the laws and regulations of the board. A dentist who graduates from a specialty program becomes an orthodontic specialist who is eligible to become board certified through the voluntary examination process of the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO). His philosophy accentuates the importance of remaining at the forefront of the advancements in the profession which he’s been contributing to by his publications since 2002. He is the editor of the two premier journals in the field. He is also an interviewer for Harvard College admissions. Dr. Azzeh’s professional affiliations include: The American Dental Association, American Association of Orthodontics, the California Dental Association, the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists and the Harvard Society for the Advancement of Orthodontics. Dr. Azzeh is committed to being a leader in his profession. His relentless pursuit of excellence and his use of special appliance systems and memory wires allows for fewer visits and faster treatment for his patients. His emphasis on keeping up-to-date with the latest advancements in orthodontics and on patient care and comfort enables him to provide the best quality of care for his patients.