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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Tuesday: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Wednesday: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Thursday: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Friday: 7:00 am to 2:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Chris D. from Minneapolis, MN (Source: Yelp)


After 20 years of neglecting my teeth for fear of dentistry Dr. Graham and his team have restored my trust in dentists.  The staff are very kind, welcoming and efficient.  The facilities are very clean and pleasant designed.  I had some difficult restoration work done and my fears and concerns were taken seriously and addressed professionally and effectively.  I am now back on track with just routine care and actually look forward to appointments.

Jared Olson (Source: Google)


Fiant Dental is AMAZING. The wonderful people working here (despite the fact I see them only every 6 months) some how know who I am and remember details about my life. Even the people I do not know are extremely kind and good-spirited. The facility itself is very clean and comfortable. I have nothing even remotely negative to say about them in the few years I’ve been going. Highly recommend.

Ray Anderson (Source: Facebook)


I’ve been going to these guys for God only knows how long! I’m not a fan of dentist’s but I am much greatful we have them! Brush away your anxiety, because they will make sure your comfortable & pain free. They do high quality work , very friendly , & Gram is the best ever! As long as I’m in this state, I won’t go anywhere else.

Bobbi Jo K. from Minneapolis, MN (Source: Yelp)


I have had the unfortunate luck of having two past dentists retire on me in a short period of time.  It worked out for the best though, because after doing some sleuthing online for a good dentist and I found Dr. Graham two years ago when they were at their old office.  I have been going there ever since. Their office is amazing; it seems clean and sterile as it should, while still feeling welcoming and fun.  The staff there is fun while being professional. I am terrified of needles, so doing a cavity filling is really a miserable experience for me.  Well, I can’t say it was fun, but it was much less painful and scary than in the past when getting a filling taken care of by Dr. Graham.  Their staff is great and talked me through exactly what was happening rather than having painful surprises.

Mark Cohn (Source: Google)


This group of dental professionals are the most competent and joyful people anywhere. We’re ex-pats living abroad and travel back to the Twin Cities, Covid-permitting, several times a year. One of the Top 5 things always on the return home list: a visit to Fiant Dental. It is a genuine pleasure to be a patient of this clinic. Anyone looking for a respectful, happy, and qualified group for dentistry, look no further

Shannon E. from Minneapolis, MN (Source: Yelp)


I love Fiant! I recently transferred to them after going to the same dentist for over 20 years. The location of the old dentist couldn’t beat the two block walk to the new Fiant Dental location. The staff are super friendly and relaxed. The new office is beautiful and their equipment is top notch. I also love that they are a sponsor for the Minnesota RollerGirls!!

B T. from Minneapolis, MN (Source: Yelp)


Incredible!!! I had so much anxiety leading up to my root canal appointment, that I was losing sleep. Not because I can’t deal with pain (which it turned out there was NONE) I just hate being in a dentist chair for a long period of time. Dr. Jamie Graham made me so comfortable, I almost fell asleep! During a root canal!! I don’t even fall asleep during massage appointments! Anyone who is afraid to visit the dentist, this is the place for you!!!

Thomas “Tom” Olson (Source: Google)


I had not gone to the dentist in a few years, but my wife has gone to Fiant Dental since college. My wife recommended that I try them out and so I made an appointment. I was pleasantly surprised that I could make an appointment within a few weeks for a checkup and cleaning. When I arrived I was pleased that their location was conveniently located and had a parking lot. Also, I was happy to see that the waiting area was set up in a way that made me feel comfortable waiting for my appointment during the pandemic. The receptionist warmly welcomed me and after filling out a couple of surveys, I was welcomed by an equally friendly hygienist. During my visit, I needed to get x-rays because I haven’t been to a dentist recently but because of their technology the x-rays and the results took only a couple of minutes. After reviewing my teeth, the hygienist determined that I needed a deep clean on my molars before she could clean my teeth. However due to my appointment being only an hour, I needed to make another appointment, which they were able to do again within 2 weeks. At the end of my appointment, a very personable, knowledgeable dentist evaluated my teeth and answered a few questions I had about potentially using a nighttime mouthguard. During my next appointment my experience was largely the same for my cleaning, which again took about an hour, and like my first visit I was warmly welcomed by the receptionist and my hygienist who were different but also equally friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I would certainly recommend this dentist office to anyone looking, especially if you live in the western suburbs or Minneapolis uptown area. Thanks again for your help and I look forward to seeing this team again in 6 month.

Nancy Riesterer (Source: Google)


I moved to Minneapolis almost two years ago. I first noticed their building, very different from most dental practices. It gets even better inside. And the music they play is amazing! I called and it was the best thing I ever did. My hygienist, Margaret, is wonderful and all of the dentists are friendly and take the time to listen. I don’t feel like I’m being taken for a ride with care that’s not necessary.

Joan W. from Minneapolis, MN (Source: Yelp)


I felt so lost when my dentist retired. This is a very personal partnership. With hesitation of starting with a new professional I chose Fiant. Now having completed my second appt and procedure I feel great ease and confidence to continue and enjoy the skill and professional considerations in having my questions well answered by both Dr Graham and his assistant. Now I’ll see how the insurance part goes.

Katie P. from Scottsdale, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I kind of don’t want to tell you how awesome this dentist is – I don’t want the secret to get out! This place is chill and relaxing. Everyone acts relaxed, competent, happy to see you. It makes for an atmosphere where you, as the patient, feel comfortable asking questions, asking to take breaks, revealing any fears or pains. I’m fairly fearless at the dentist (luckily, no trauma in my past!), but I can see how the way they approach dentistry and patient care would put even the most nervous patient at ease. I can’t wait to go back! It was very easy to schedule an appointment within a reasonable time frame. Other pluses: They have a parking lot, and are easy to find.

Hunter Hiemstra (Source: Google)


I recently had a crown done by Dr. Graham and DA Antje (Sorry if I butchered your name dear!). As you might imagine it can be a very anxious feeling any time you need to have dental work done. However, the level of professionalism and care I received put all my thoughts of anxiousness aside. The moment when you walk in the door you are instantly greated with a warm welcome from the lovely ladies at the registration desk. Don’t get too comfortable in the lobby though (Although you certainly could with those chairs) because the staff are prompt to get you back in time and on schedule. When I sat down in the dental chair like many of you I had a million questions and concerns, rest assured the Dental Hygienist and Dr. Graham went above and beyond to explain the procedure and post care (I.E. flossing with the crown and foods to avoid). Also, like most people I HATE getting nummed up with anesthetic. But I do have to say Dr. Graham is pretty amazing when it comes to this, I didn’t feel a single thing when being administered anesthetic. Dr. Graham even offered me head phones to listen to personal music of my choosing. The crown prep work went as planned and was done quickly with a meticulous level of care. I am very pleased and impressed with the work Fiant Dental has provided me. I would highly recommend Fiant Dental to others. They are a small practice with big hearts and phenominal A+ grade staff. They take the time to get to know each patient and accomodate their needs. If you’re waivering on wether or not to go here for dental work or even a simple cleaning give them a call you will not be disappointed! Respectfully, Hunter J. Hiemstra

Brandon L. from Minneapolis, MN (Source: Yelp)


Fiant is amazing.  I really appreciate the attention they pay, how they explain what they are doing, and their professionalism.  They have definitely been the best dental experience I’ve had in my life.  The positive culture they cultivate is very appreciated.  Jenny is amazing!  I never dread going to the dentist anymore, and that counts for something!

Dan K. from Minneapolis, MN (Source: Yelp)


This place is the bomb! I had been going to the same childhood dentist into my late twenties before tiring of driving out to the ‘burbs. When I arrived at Fiant I thought, “Why did I wait so long?!?” Dr. Graham is so wonderful to be around – a genuinely happy guy who’s always taken the time to explain all the technical jargon in language I can understand. His assistant is fabulous and the gal at the desk always knows my name when I arrive and has things ready to go. Peggy Lee, Frank Sinatra or Johnny Cash serenade you while in the chair and there’s no harsh lighting to speak of. The new office they just moved into is the icing on the cake. The place is REALLY remarkable.

Lesli R. from Minneapolis, MN (Source: Yelp)


Search no more–you have just found the perfect dentist! The entire staff at Fiant Dental are professional, friendly and extremely competent at what they do. I’ve never had such painless cleanings! The real reason for coming to Fiant for your dentistry is Dr. Jamie Graham. This is a man with a great sense of humor and interesting stories; when he works on your mouth, he’ll keep you engaged and somehow finds a way to let you be part of the conversation. Before you know it, the work will be finished and you won’t have spent a single anxious moment thinking about it. While good bedside manner is a plus, rest assured that Dr. Graham’s practice offers much more than that. His clinic offers basic services using the latest technology, plus cosmetic dental services including veneers, whitening, and even “smile makeovers”. This is a dentist that knows what a smile is worth, and how good you’ll feel with a healthy, happy one.

Anjali C. from Minneapolis, MN (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been going to Fiant for about a year and a half now and I’ve had wonderful experiences. I’ve had the same hygienist each time I’ve been in, and have had great customer service over the phone and in person. Their new location is much larger, with better hours and a dedicated parking lot. If I ever need to move out of uptown, I’ll still come to Fiant. Best dental experience I’ve had! Of note, I haven’t had to have any work done here other than regular cleanings, but I’ll update this review if I do.

Breanne K. from Minneapolis, MN (Source: Yelp)


Fiant has continued their legacy of great dentistry services. They’ve moved a few blocks south and now have parking and a big, fancy office. My sister and I both come here regularly and love the special attention we get. The dental assistants pick up your conversations from 6 months ago without a beat. I feel like a valued person while I’m there and that they care about my health. Based on personality alone, I’d recommend Fiant. Each and every single person acts friendly and sincere. I know I’m in good hands with Dr. Graham. He mentioned they are expanding with more dentists and staff. I trust them to be top quality also. They have extended appointment slots on Monday evenings, so I don’t have to miss work. They’ve become so popular though, that appointments book out months ahead. I was a huge derby fan and found Fiant through MNRG. So glad to have connected with them. Worth a trip to Uptown to receive quality care.

Tera (Source: Google)


Highly reccommend! Really knowledgeable team & always beyond friendly. Haven’t been to the dentist in years, they helped me with getting a root canal set up & getting cavities filled. I am finally up to date with my dental appointments & it feel amazing. So glad to have come across a dentist that was helpful & not judgemental like my previous dentist.

Patrycja Puchalska (Source: Google)


I joined the clinic probably around 2018. I have also some experience as a dental assistant so I look at his clinics with different eyes. Not only the visits are always very pleasant, in addition Dr. Graham is very talented, and knowledgeable professional. His clinic is up to date with technology, while personnel is very nice and accommodating. Above all now I have the best smile since ever. Highly, highly, highly recommended.

Mark C. from Excelsior, MN (Source: Yelp)


This group of dental professionals are the most competent and joyful people anywhere. We’re ex-pats living abroad and travel back to the Twin Cities, Covid-permitting, several times a year. One of the Top 5 things always on the return home list: a visit to Fiant Dental. It is a genuine pleasure to be a patient of this clinic. Anyone looking for a respectful, happy, and qualified group for dentistry, look no further.

Donte C. from Saint Paul, MN (Source: Yelp)


I’ve never felt so, at home, and I know that sounds funny, but…wow. The receptionist should receive the peace prize or something. Her light and energy is so calming and genuine, which is so important for me (being the nervous wreck I am lol) & ANGIE!! (My Dentist) is a constant golden sunset. A consistent warm glow. And I haven’t even talked about how beautiful the space is! Almost like a salon! Yeah, just like one.

Linnea Shaw (Source: Facebook)


I am not a big review writer, but I had an awesome experience here. I was able to get in quickly for a checkup last week, and just had a filling today. It had been far too long since I’d last seen a dentist, but there was no shame. Both Dr. Seime and Dr. Graham had very warm and professional demeanors, and all other staff were friendly, kind, and efficient. I feel like I experienced a very high level of care, and will have no anxiety about returning!

Hevyn Haugen (Source: Google)


i hadn’t been to the dentist in longer than i’d care to admit and have been hesitant to go because of poor experiences in the past. i told the staff that and they went above and beyond making me comfortable and talking me through every aspect of the care plan. everyone that helped me was genuinely kind and had great conversations with me. i’m looking forward to my next visit!

Maia Tarrell (Source: Google)


I have recently moved away from the Twin Cities and it’s been hard to face finding a new dentist after my excellent experience with Fiant — they are, no joke, one of the biggest things I miss about living in Minneapolis! I never thought I’d miss a dentist (!) but the staff there are so kind and joyful and they make you feel really great about looking after your teeth. Every visit was a calming, comfortable, and supportive experience. I’d enthusiastically recommend this practice to anyone looking for a dentist!

Jeremy S. from Minneapolis, MN (Source: Yelp)


Best dentist and staff ever!!! I’ve been seeing Dr. Graham and team for several years and couldn’t imagine going to another dental practice. The staff is awesome! They are professional, knowledgeable, and make going to the dentist a fun experience. Dr. Graham has been great over the years and has made time to see me for dental emergencies as well as general cleaning and maintenance all with a smile on his face and keeps dentistry fun. I’d HIGHLY recommend Fiat Dental for all your dental needs!!!

Rachel H. from Minneapolis, MN (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been meaning to write this review for years. Growing up I, like most, learned to fear the dentist and avoid it at all costs. I can’t really believe I’m saying this, but I actually like going to Fiant. I know, crazy talk. The staff here is kind, professional, and fun to talk to. They genuinely seem to care about me and my health. They never shame me into feeling like I need to do better with my oral care, instead I feel they gently guide me in the right direction and give sound advice. I always feel visit here are quick, clean, easy, and painless

Eric Friday (Source: Google)


A positive, supportive, and quality staff make this practice stand out from the crowd. I’m usually uncomfortable going to the dentist, but after my first session here I was actually excited to go back to complete the rest of the dental work that was required. I had previously had a very negative experience with a different dental clinic that left me nervous and fearful of going to another practice. Fiant Dental has made my anxiety and fear disappear through their excellent bedside manner and efficient work.

Kereie B. from Fontana, CA (Source: Yelp)


Okay if I  could give them 10 stars I would. So to state the obvious,  beautiful and unique office, very clean and modern. Then also wonderfully welcoming from the front desk staff to the dental staff and ofcourse the DDS was even more wonderful I got exactly what myself and 9 year old needed . I will be a customer for life and my 9 year old loved them too. I highly recommend you book an appointment because pretty soon this place might have a year long waiting list that’s how amazing they are. Thank you Fiant Dental you arent just top 10 you are number 1 to myself and family!

Kareem Hasan (Source: Google)


Fiant cured my crippling fear of Dentistry and nurtured and redeemed my oral health. They take extreme care, make you feel safe and comfortable and extremely knowledgeable. My wife is a patient now as well and she swears by the place. She had a traumatic and painful experiences at another clinic. We recently relocated from Minneapolis to the Northwest Metro, but, we’re not changing dental clinics.

Z w (ZW) (Source: Google)


I have never dealt with anyone in this office that was not kind, helpful and thorough in their job, be that the front desk people or the hygienists or Dr Graham himself. I understand that insurance, especially dental insurance can be especially confusing, so perhaps some of the people that had issues might need to think about how they handle their dental insurance. More importantly I leave the office after every appointment knowing my teeth are in the best shape possible.

Joseph L. from Minneapolis, MN (Source: Yelp)


Like many others I absolutely hate going to the dentist, so much that I didnt go for 7 years and needed a lot of work done. Dr. Graham and crew are FANTASTIC very little to no pain during all procedures and they let you control the pace.  The office is clean and everyone there is so nice! Very easy to get appointments and you never have to wait more then 5 min to be seen.  By far the very best dentist i’ve ever been to, will never go anywhere else!!!!

Michael (Source: Google)


I absolutely hate going to the dentist so it is very difficult for most dentists to prompt me to rate them higher than 3 stars. Fiant Dental is the exception. The entire staff is kind, helpful, and takes the time to listen to my needs. I have never felt judgment for waiting too long between cleaning appointments or received lectures about how frequently I floss. The entire attitude of this office is one centered around patient care and doing their best to help. If you are looking for a dentist in the twin cities area this is the place to go.

Chris A. from Minneapolis, MN (Source: Yelp)


I have had the best experience with Fiant. In my past, I have had some really poor service with other dental clinics and can say I am pretty leery now about anyone. The problem I went to Fiant for was actually a result of another dentists’ greed and unprofessionalism 20 years ago and I am still dealing with it (that dentist has since lost his license and moved out of state). Further complicated by my previous clinic who had ‘revolving door’ of dentists working for them. Finding Fiant is like a dream come true. I found Fiant through a friend who raved about his experience with them and also their sponsorship of the Gay Men’s Choir in town. My first appointment was nothing short of amazing, it was first thing in the morning (7:30am) nice because I could get it in before work. The dentist (Dr. Anna Seine) We talked about the ‘history’ of the tooth in question, she x-rayed and looked closely at it. She determined that the tooth (with all of its history and tragedy) is cracked (it has a root canal and crown on it) she wanted and Endodontic to review it just to be sure. We also talked about options to ‘replace’ it if needed (didn’t want a hole in my smile). The density whipped up information on implants and bridges on the screen and we talked through both options, high view of process and expected costs and who she would refer me to for the procedures needed. So nice to finally have found a dentist that actually looks out for her patients.

Claire I Milldrum (Source: Google)


Had a great first experience. Angie was great and I Iove how didn’t judge me for whatever dentists seem to like to do. While not excited to go back for fillings, if they need to happen, I’m glad to have them do it. Also I love how they sent me the forms in advance so i felt very relaxed going in. Also thanks for putting your bike racks front and center! I love those little reminders to bike more.

Dragan C. from Minneapolis, MN (Source: Yelp)


Beautiful office, extraordinary dental care and planning combined with outstanding customer service gives life to the best dental team in the cities. Now with that said, let me tell you more about my experience and background. Before becoming Dr. Graham’s patient, I did some “dentist shopping”. Three made the cut based on experience, location, flexible hours, what type of procedures are done in-office. I’ve called all three dentist offices and had specific questions about the practice, doctor, claims handling. However, only Fiant Dental stood out from rest of them. From the moment I called, professional, warm and courteous voice was on the other line. Receptionist answered all my concerns and offered to send me all “first visit forms” pre-filled based on my answers to my home address or if I wish I can obtain the same forms from their website. I choose to go with website route and returned those forms via email. Yes, people. This office operates on 21st century principles. Breath of fresh air. Now onto my first visit. From the moment you walk into the office, you feel warm welcome. Dental hygienist is not some nag that scolds you for flossing once a day or skip brushing and flossing altogether. She asks meaningful questions, engages in friendly conversation and in most gentle way does her magic that yields a beautiful smile. Then Dr. Graham walked in. He radiated confidence and warmth. We started conversing and for the first time, I was in hands of a dentist who was actively listening and asking questions. We agreed on a short term plan that maximizes my dental insurance benefits and works with my budget. HUH! I told you, he listens. Ohhh, almost forgot to mention. He did an oral cancer screening as part of my exam. They know their business and are very effective and efficient. My claim was submitted the same day and paid by my insurance the next day. I am all similes 🙂 If you are still reading this and have not reached for your phone to get an appointment, now is the good time. P.S. If you are looking for a stuffy, lifeless and angry looking dentist Fiant Dental is not for you.