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Fielden Family Dentistry
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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Jannis V. from Winston-Salem, NC (Source: Yelp)


I just wanted to share that I had a great experience with this office. I was having some discomfort on a Friday afternoon and was told to come in that same afternoon to be looked at. Turned out I had small crack in a  tooth and they made an appointment for the following week to repair it. I had that work done today and received a phone call from Dr. Fielden this evening to make sure everything was OK. This is not my first experience with them. They definitely deserve a five star rating. I would highly recommend them.

Charles Nagy (Source: Google)


My wife and I relocated to High Point 2 years ago, and so we had no experience with doctors or dentists here. Thankfully a family member that lived in High Point recommended Dr Fieldon to us. We have nothing but good things to say about Dr Fieldon and his practice. Beyond his great professional expertise we have found Dr F and his staff, extremely accommodating, and attentive to our needs.

Rex Sokolnicki (Source: Google)


Since moving to the High Point area 6 years ago, Dr. Fielden & his office have given me excellent care & prices every single visit. The hygienists are always very pleasant & thorough. Every question or concern has been answered to my complete satisfaction. No procedure is ever forced. The pros & cons are given to me for all upcoming work, I I am able to make these decisions without pressure, which is kid of a rarity these days. I cannot recommend Dr. Fielden & his office enough. Thanx fr all your care & hospitality!

Steve Cosky (Source: Google)


Caring and Professional Staff – Very Patient Focused. My family and I have been visiting this practice for almost 20 years. First with Dr. Culp and then as the practiced transitioned to Dr. Fielden. The office and professional staff are both fantastic. Hygienists are very thorough and dedicated to their patients. Dr. Fielden is always very attentive to questions with answers that are very understandable and with clear recommendations for your oral care.

Chris Andrews (Source: Google)


Dr. Cody Fielden went above and beyond when I recently needed a root canal and crown. He is a very talented dentist with over 20 years of experience, I was told. The level of care I received from him and his office was top notch. If you live in or around the HP area, you better be going here for dental work! You won’t regret it. 🙂

JCH (Source: Google)


Based on many recommendations and reputation I had been going to this practice since Dr. Culp (junior) was running the place – at least 15 years. I can’t say it was ever a “pleasant” experience – it is still a dentist appointment afterall. However, I have always felt I was getting the best care possible. Then a few years back Dr. Fielden took over and I noticed a dramatic change! For the first time I felt comforted in the chair. I still would not call the experience one I would seek out but, as dental visits go this is about as comforting and caring you can expect. Dr. Fielden appears to truly care about how well you feel in addition to how well the job was done. Furthermore, I trust what he says, without question, is what he believes is best for me and not just another opportunity to make money. I plan to continue going to Dr. Fielden for many years to come.

Jennifer Pitts (Source: Google)


Dr. Fielden and his staff are incredible. I changed to their practice when I moved to High Point after several of my friends recommended him. I love my dental hygienist, she is absolutely wonderful. Attentive to my needs with TMJ and past experiences in other places that weren’t great. Most recently I chipped my front tooth on a Sunday and Dr. Fielden was so nice and easy to reach over the phone, got me in before 9am and did a beautiful job fixing it! And I never felt like an inconvenience for them. He along with his staff decreased my anxiety and worry about the tooth and how it would affect my appearance. Wouldn’t recommend any other practice. Thanks Fielden Family dentistry!

Kelly Carter (Source: Google)


My entire family sees Dr. Fielden for our dental needs and I highly recommend him and his professional staff. I never have to wait to be seen. Dr. Fielden has the latest technology and I got a permanent crown in one visit. My kids love that they can watch TV while they get their teeth cleaned. I am so glad I found Dr. Fielden when I moved to High Point!

Doris Welborn (Source: Google)


Awesome staff & Dr Fielden is so easy to talk with about things, giving you the best options to make decisions. When I had to make a decision about one of my molars, he said if it was my mother I would recommend you do this….. He cares so much for his patients. I drive 50 minutes to his practice because when you find a good dentist you don’t won’t let him go…. no matter how far you have to drive.

Ryan Sullivan (Source: Google)


As someone who avoided the dentist for two decades due to the shaming approach so many dentists to whom I have been, chose to employ, I truly appreciate the guilt free approach employed by this practice. Dr. Fielden seems to be truly concerned about his patients and their well-being. The support staff is friendly and professional and have taken great care of me and my entire family.

Constance B Waller (Source: Google)


Let the nicest, kindest, friendliest, gentlest staff take care of you and your oral health at Fielden Family Dentistry. They’re very concerned about how your oral health affects your overall health. They have the most state-of-the-art equipment which gives you the best oral care, while saving you both time and money. There’s no reason to let anyone else take care of this gift that gives us so much potential joy: Fielden Family Dentistry

Jacklyn Cannon (Source: Google)


I absolutely loved my experience at Fielden Family Dentistry!!! I recently had an extraction and was taken care of beautifully. The atmosphere is friendly, comforting, and beyond what anyone could imagine. My dentist even followed up on me to see how I was doing!! I will continue to do all my business now and in the future with Fielden FAMILY Dentistry.

Bonnie Goe (Source: Google)


Fielden Family Dentistry is the place to go if you need a dentist. The offices are clean and the staff is friendly and helpful. Equipment is updated on a regular basis. I have been going to Dr. Cody for the 10 years I have been in High Point and I have never been disappointed thanks to Dr. Cody, Dr. David and the dental assistants.

Amy Braica (Source: Google)


Words cannot express my gratitude for the excellent service each of you provided in receiving my new porcelain crowns. I am so happy and feel more confident with my new smile. They look beautiful and natural. Thank you for taking time out to consult and answer my many questions. Specifically to Dr. Fielden, Glenda, Kathy and April…I sing your praises to all who care to listen!

Marshall Dean (Source: Google)


I’ve been going to this dental practice ever since Dr. Culp started it over 30 years ago. When he retired and sold the practice to Dr. Fielden, he said he would not have sold it to him if he wasn’t a good guy. I have been very pleased and just as satisfied with Dr. Fielden as I was with Dr. Culp. The same office staff and hygienists are still there and they are all very friendly, welcoming, and good at their jobs. I highly recommend this practice for any dental needs.

Sue Duncan (Source: Google)


Love Dr Fielden & his staff. They are always pleasant, do a great job taking care of our teeth, never do unnecessary procedures that aren’t necessary, which saves the patient cash. They use autoclave procedure to sterilize all their tools. Something very important. If you don’t have a trustworthy dentist, give them a call. You will be happy with your visit.

Erik S. from Greensboro, NC (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been coming to this dentist office for well over 25 years, starting with Dr. Culp and his associates and now moving to Dr. Fielden and his. Have always received prompt treatment, never waiting for very long, and the staff gets you in and out while doing a thorough job. The hygienists know me pretty well by this point, and generally the reception staff can recognize me too, always very friendly. If you’re looking for great dental services in our area, you can’t go wrong here. Added bonus… you can go to Biscuit Factory after your appointment a few minutes down the road for one of the best biscuits you’ll ever have.

Samuel Bartlett (Source: Google)


I am a dentist. I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Fielden and his staff for about 6 weeks while I was in between two jobs so I had the chance to understand how their office works. I also had the chance to look at hundreds of fillings and crowns that Dr. Fielden did and to see his quality level of work. These are my unbiased thoughts – I have not been asked to write this, but I think that you should know this. 1) Dr. Fielden (and his staff) actually care about people. They will treat you like family. They will not try to “sell” you work that is not needed. 2) Dr. Fielden does excellent work. His fillings and crowns look great both esthetically, but more importantly, functionally. They look great in the mouth and on the x-rays (which is not always the case with some dentists). 3) If you are a patient of Dr. Fielden’s know that you are in good hands. If you live in the Highpoint area and need a dentist, this guy will take good care of you and your family. 4) Also, I meet and talked with Dr. Stafford while I was there and I think you are going to love him too.

Syphax08 (Source: Google)


I took my son yesterday for a baby tooth extraction! the dentist is amazing! I am so pleased with the outstanding services. Everyone is so polite, friendly and helpful. was nervous to change dentist after moving to high point, but i am so glad i chose them. This is by far the best dentist practice in town!! we are moving miles away in few months but will for sure keep our favorite dentist. The whole family is pleased, nothing more to ask for:)

Emily Morales (Source: Google)


What a wonderful and friendly staff! I feel blessed to have been recommended to Fielden Family Dentistry! Very understanding and compassionate staff! Cody and Ashley treated me like a family member! Thank you all for helping me move forward with my life! Truly have put a smile back on my face!

Kevin Murray (Source: Google)


I’m so grateful to Dr. Fielden and his wonderful staff for all they do for my family and I. The moment you walk in you are greeted by the warm friendly staff at the front desk, and before you can sit down they are bringing back for your appointment. No waiting, love that! Then you get to experience what I consider the most professional gentle care I have ever had in a dental office by Dr. Fielden and his phenomenal assistants. Should you be looking for quality dental care or thinking about changing from your current dentist, I as well as many others highly recommend Fielden Family Dentistry.

Mike Hennen (Source: Google)


Many thanks to the office staff and Dr Fielden for their persistent efforts in getting a recent claim paid through my insurance…2-3 months of back and forth with the insurance company and I didn’t have to get involved!!!…we don’t always realize the “behind the scenes” work being done there…again, appreciate your efforts!!!…Mike and Judy Hennen

Paige Mone' (Source: Google)


I can’t say enough about how much we appreciate the opportunity to be patients of Dr. Fielden and his wonderful staff. Each of them is warm, professional, and extremely caring – from the nice folks who answer the phone to the skilled hygienists to the doctors themselves. They use top notch dental technology but still know the value of the “simple things,” especially maintaining strong relationships with their patients. My 7 year old actually loves going to the dentist, thanks to them! We have complete confidence in the outstanding care we receive from Fielden Family Dentistry and recommend them highly!

K&W Cafeterias (Source: Google)


I have been coming to this practice even before Dr. Fielden started. I am so happy that when Dr. Culp retired someone as competent as Dr. Fielden now runs the practice. The staff are amazingly organized and professional. My time is respected and I’ve never waited over 10 minutes in the waiting room. The hygienists are gentle and well trained and have never hurt me. Their offices have the very latest in dental technology to make procedures quicker and easier. Dr. Fielden is compassionate and very concerned with your comfort. He even calls to check on you in the evening after a procedure. We moved to another city, but my husband and I still make the drive to Fielden Family Dentistry because they have earned our trust and loyalty.

James Cass (Source: Google)


After starting with a different Dentist in High Point (I’m very picky when it comes to Dentists), I asked around for a new one, and found very enthusiastic recommendations to go to Dr Fielden. It was the right choice for my family and I. Hygenists make you feel like family, and did an amazing, gentle job, while Dr Fielden is very friendly and down to Earth, and seems extremely competent. The entire office seems very up-to-date, organized, and extremely clean. I would certainly recommend this practice to anyone.

Laura Bradford (Source: Google)


Many people have anxiety about going to the dentist. But not here. Dr. Fielden and his entire staff always make my experience a pleasant one. I never wait more than a few minutes to get into my appointment. The support staff and the hygenist especially are extremely friendly and courteous. They’re always proactive and making sure that I get the best care!

Jasmine Logan (Source: Google)


This dentist office is the best dentist office I have ever had. The fact that they care so much for each of their patients is a big plus. I went in for a fill in and when I woke up the next day my doctor had called to check on me. I have never heard of that being done and it made me feel great to know they care. I definitely recommend everyone to come here for their great services. Thanks Fielden Family Dentistry!!

Sue D (Source: Google)


I’ve been going to Dr. Fielding as my dentist since he joined Dr Culp many years ago. Dr. Culp retired and Dr. Fielding took over the practice. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. They are always on time, very friendly and have always taken excellent care of my teeth. The office is exceptionally clean and sterile. They never suggest doing work that isn’t necessary to simply pad the purse as the saying goes. Dr. Fielding is honest as well as a great dentist and I highly recommend Dr. Fielding and his entire staff.

Susan Koontz (Source: Google)


I started going to Dr. Culp 25 years ago. Before he retired, he brought in Dr. Fielden, who later took over the practice. I have been just as happy with Dr. Feldon. The staff knows me by name. My same hygienists still takes care of me. They are all very friendly, welcoming, and good at their jobs. I have made a few recommendations, who are also as pleased as myself. I recommend this practice for any dental needs, with high confidence.

Amy Braica (Source: Google)


Words cannot express my gratitude for the excellent service each of you provided in receiving my new porcelain crowns. I am so happy and feel more confident with my new smile. They look beautiful and natural. Thank you for taking time out to consult and answer my many questions. Specifically to Dr. Fielden, Glenda, Kathy and April…I sing your praises to all who care to listen!