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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Sierra H. from Toledo, OH (Source: Yelp)


I’ve had a teeth cleaning and wisdom teeth removal from here and my experience here has been very pleasant. They are very nice, they do your paperwork for you, they give you a tour and they send you text messages (They sent me a happy birthday message on my birthday and they text me to make sure everything was going well after I had my wisdoms teeth removed) I really like how they make you feel important. So far I really like my experience h

Kathy Zapf (Source: Google)


I had another positive experience at Dr. Finley’s office for a six month checkup and cleaning. The staff remains friendly and professional. Beverly is a delight and can make getting your teeth cleaned enjoyable; I know, hard to believe. But true. Dr. Finley is always professional and you really know he has your dental health as his top priority. I’m very happy to have found this practice for my dental care.

Cassandra M. Sieja (Source: Google)


Dr. Finley and his staff are amazing! I had a horrible fear of the dentist after a bad experience and I had avoided going for too long. When I decided to give Dr. Finley’s office a try, I was extremely grateful. I didn’t feel judged for not seeing a dentist in so long, and the staff explained everything they did, which helped to ease my anxiety. The office was very transparent with the cost information, which was helpful for me considering I currently don’t have dental insurance. I’m actually looking forward to returning and continuing to keep my teeth healthy and cared for.

Diana Trevino (Source: Google)


I had been going to Dr. Finley for 35 years. I decided to switch for a change and went briefly to another dentist. I quickly switched back to Dr Finley. He was the most experienced and nicest dentist I’d ever seen. I do not know what I will do someday when he retires. Hopefully that won’t be for a long time. I highly recommend Dr Finley’s office. Dr Finley and his staff are carrying in pleasant it makes going to the dentist a more positive experience especially for people who don’t care to go to the dentist.

Demetrius Ingram (Source: Google)


The dentist has always been my favorite doctor to go to, and Dr. Finley’s office has kept that alive for me. The staff is friendly, accommodating, and makes sure they keep you well informed or your status as a patient. Dr. Finley is a quiet man, but all-in-all pleasant to be around. I have always felt like they put my oral health on a pedestal 😀

Laura Kerste (Source: Google)


Everyone at Dr. Finley Dentistry are so nice. Always make me feel comfortable no matter what procedure is being done. Just wish it wasn’t so pricey on procedures. Some of us cannot afford to pay in full at time of procedure, so then we need to wait until insurance renews and anything can happen to your tooth or teeth in that time.

Denise Grant (Source: Google)


I needed 4 fillings. Dr. Finley asked if I really wanted to get them all done that day. I told him “as long as you have the time let’s get it done.” He was concerned about the pain I would be in. Well he began numbing my mouth in all the areas and went to work. I felt no pain when he numbed my mouth. The fillings look like my natural teeth. I couldn’t be happier! Thank you Dr. Finley and team for cleaning my teeth and for the fillings! I would recommend you to everyone!!

Katina Williams (Source: Google)


Dr Finley and his staff are amazing. I am one of those patients who does not like going to the dentist therefore I wait until it’s an emergency. Thankfully Dr. Finley is always there for me. No lectures or judgement they get me in quick and fix the problem. Don’t wait till it’s too late go to the dentist on a regular basis….I know I will be visiting Dr. Finley regularly now… only problem with Dr. Finley is all that Ohio State decorations in his office …but no one’s perfect. Thanks again to Dr Finley, Katherine for calming me , the front desk for getting me in so quickly and the entire staff for following safe procedures to keep me protected from the virus.

Denise Fulton (Source: Google)


I was always anxious about going to a dentist thus avoided them. Then my husband decided we should be responsible adults and go to a dentist he choosing Dr. Finley. Well, let me tell you… they are all great there. Everyone is friendly and the BEST part is you always get the same hygienist!!! I love mine, she is helpful, kind and even complimentary. Great place to have your mouth taken care of!!

Nancy Marcum (Source: Google)


I was a little apprehensive about going to the dentist with Covid-19. Dr. Findley and his staff are so professional they put my fears to rest. I was there being worked on for a couple of hours. Everything they did was explained to me. I felt very comfortable and reassured my dental needs were being taken care of. I highly recommend Dr. Findley and his staff.

Taylor Dean (Source: Google)


Dr. Finley and his staff are simply amazing. I never wait long for my appointments, he cares about your teeth and explains any touching-ups they might need and will even check up on you with a phone call if you’re having tooth trouble. The advice he’s given me to take care of my teeth has been great and I plan on sticking with his office as long as possible. He also made getting my three wisdom teeth ripped out a painless and quite fun experience.

David D Riley (Source: Google)


It was one of the best experiences I had In along time. Very nice people and the service was right now, not wait and make another appointment type. I went in with alot of questions and came out with all answered and a workable plan and quite affordable which is a plus with everything that’s going. They check your temp at door wear masks Only One person allowed inside waiting room, they really care about your safety aswell as thiers… Very nice place…

Michael Shoup (Source: Google)


I love coming here. Everybody is super friendly, I feel great before going in knowing what is going to happen and after I leave with a freshly cleaned smile. I’ve been postponing my cleaning until I could finally get back on here even though it takes me close to an hour to get here. Been going for years and can’t imagine going anywhere else. Even after having all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled, there is no resentment haha.

J Blevins (Source: Google)


Dr. Finley is an incredibly kind individual. My wife has a lot of apprehension whenever she visits the dentist. Dr. Finley and his staff were entirely devoted to making her comfortable. It was as if she was the only person there. What made our time together even more special was when Dr. Finley brought in his wife before my wife’s appointment to help calm her down. What an awesome thing to do for somebody. My wife and I were so impressed. First class dentist and first class staff.

Kenneth Wines (Source: Google)


A patient of Dr Finley’s office for the past few years. Wasn’t to the dentist for about 8 years prior, because of bad treatment from a different provider. I’m nervous about doctor and dentist appointments, and know this to be so. Explained that to Dr Finley and his staff. They are top notch! I’m to the point where I’m comfortable with them. My whole family goes there, and we’ve referred close family friends, too. Now if I can find a doctors office that will treat me this way.

Kelley Robinson (Source: Google)


The care I received at Dr. Finley’s was beyond my expectations. The detailed explanations of procedures and suggestions were comforting and reassuring. The staff were helpful and friendly, making me feel quite welcome. A very pleasant experience. Remarkable for a dental visit!

Mary L. from Toledo, OH (Source: Yelp)


I received a promotional post card from Dr Finley last year and it was a really good deal.  I’m new to Toledo and needed a dentist.  I didn’t find any negative reviews and he was very close to home, and again, the coupon was a really good deal.  The office is clean and nice.  The staff are awesome and professional.  Dr Finley is concerned and listens to what I have to say.  And I had no cavities!  I’ve been there three times now, very happy, and hope to keep Dr Finley as my dentist for a long time.

Tim Sherman (Source: Google)


Dr. Finley Dentistry we’re very nice and professional the whole time during my visit there. Any questions I may have asked were answered, everyone there seemed to be like-minded people caring for each patient there being seen. The waiting period wasn’t long at all, I was in and out within one hour and on my way to work afterward. If you’re looking for a Dentistry that will take good care of your needs and be honest with you and treated you like a customer/patient and not just a number, set an appointment today and see for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

Yasss Queen (Source: Google)


I love Dr Finley!! I have been a patient of his since I was a kid and his office was on Lagrange! Now I bring my children to him and the entire staff did wonderful with two children that has never been to a dentist before! Kudos to Beverly for being so patient with my son when he was scared of the X-ray machine haha!

Paul Wilkinson (Source: Google)


My teeth were once again cleaned by a wonderfully practiced hygienist. After a year and a half( my covid paranoia) my teeth needed attention and she tidied and polished them with absolutely no discomfort. Doc and his crew are the best! I’ve been going there for years and I’ve not one complaint.

Natalie Hood (Source: Google)


Dr. Finley and his team have provided outstanding dental care for my whole family, including my children, for the past 10 years. In our recent visit during the COVID-19 pandemic, they demonstrated their commitment to quality care by providing us with a safe, clean environment and the same friendly atmosphere that we’ve appreciated over the past decade. We have nothing but thanks to this team for all they do to prioritize our dental health. Outstanding!

Dennis McMickens (Source: Google)


Very professional positive experience. A well run practice. Dr. Finley and staff are awesome! My dental needs are being well taken care of by Finley Dentistry. I like the fact that all procedures are reviewed and discussed with you in advance by Dr. Finley and staff. They also give you great guidance and information on the proper care of your teeth. I would highly recommend Finley Dentistry to anyone in need of professional dental services. You will not be disappointed!

Becca Woodward (Source: Google)


We always have a great experience at Dr Finley’s office. Terrific staff; friendly and thorough dentist. During our most recent visit, Dr. Finley was able to offer first-rate palliative care to our 7-yr old with a cracked permanent tooth and then recommend further treatment options for another dentist to follow-up with. Thank you Dr. Finley!

Bradley Hall (Source: Google)


Called in with some serious tooth pain and got booked for the same day. When I came in, I was super nervous and had boatloads of anxiety – I literally cried in the chair lmao The dental hygienist was incredible. She was super comforting and helped with my mindset tremendously. The dentist had a similar vibe – very informative and honest. In fact, after looking at my x-rays, he considered referring me to an oral surgeon. When I was visibly disappointed (another week of pain and anxiety? Ya boy was sad ) he took another look in there and told me that he could handle it, but it might suck. I told him I was down if he was, just for the sake of getting this whole ordeal over with. I threw my ear buds in, tried my best to disappear, and 30 minutes later, I was leaving with a numb face and a much less painful smile! Found my go-to dentist!

James Bosinger (Source: Google)


I have been a patient of Dr. Finley’s for many years. Dr. Finley and his staff take excellent care of me, and I do highly recommend his practice to friends and family. If I have a dental issue, and we all have an occasional problem, Dr. Finley gets me right in and gives me the treatment I need. The preventative care is excellent as well. I have nothing but good things to say about both the dentist and his staff.

RoShona P. (Source: Google)


I was in the worst Excruciating pain with my wisdoms tooth. My mom told me to go back to my childhood dentist because he does everything and she still goes to him to this day. Call to set up an appointment and they got me in as quickly as they could. Not knowing that they were going to be in the position to remove it that day. Dr Findlay got right to the root of the issue and I was feeling much better! I highly recommend you guys check him out! The staff was very professional and nice and made sure I was comfortable!

Kimberly Gravelle (Source: Google)


The staff and Dr. Finley were able to fit me in to the schedule right away as a emergency appt. From beginning to end everyone was welcoming and professional. Being a sissy when it comes to the dentist, they were kind and patient. I had a root canal without any pain or discomfort! I am confident that I’ve found a new Dentist!

Kathy Wiechman (Source: Google)


I wish I had found Dr Finley years ago! I have a terrible fear of dental work. One visit with Dr. Finley and he changed my mind about dentists. He and his staff are kind, courteous and very efficient. I feel very relaxed and comfortable during my appointments. I even drive an hour to get there!! It is well worth the drive!

Candy White (Source: Google)


Clean, bright, sunny office in quaint older building. Front office staff was super sweet and cheerful, not just with me, but with all other patients in office on the phone including a “difficult” elderly patient. Got in on time, no hassles and my hygienist was amazinhg. Bev was friendly, kind, funny, informative, and good at what she did. The Dr. was also very friendly and kind, as well as making sure I understood what needed to be done as well as any financial costs that would be up to me to take care of. All around great experience, very happy.

Craig T (Source: Google)


have been a patient of dr. finley’s for a couple of years. i have recommended him to family and friends. he and his staff are great-very friendly and professional. best of all, they are very punctual- they actually bring you back at your scheduled appointment time! can’t say that about other dentist/doctors i’ve been to.

R Standridge (Source: Google)


I had always heard that having a root canal done was one of life’s most painful and hated experiences. It was a statement I fully believed, and was scared when I was told that I needed one. But, I can honestly say that I felt absolutely nothing while I was having the procedure done. Dr. Finley truly knows the meaning of pain free dentistry.