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Fourth Ward Dentistry
Raghav Sundaresh, DDS
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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Patricia Schwabacher (Source: Google)


What a great experience I had at your office today. Each and every person I encountered was very professional as well as personable. I look forward to having Dr. S. provide all the dental needs I require. If you live uptown it is conveniently located as well. If you don’t live uptown it’s worth your while to make the trip for care.

Scott Grody (Source: Google)


Great experience! Kayla at front desk provided excellent service. She was very helpful with scheduling and sorting out insurance. They have TVs on the ceiling of each room that you can watch Netflix on while getting your teeth cleaned! Everyone was very friendly! I’ll be back soon (to get a cavity filled)!

E Maney (Source: Google)


Being new to the city, I didn’t have any referrals so I went out on a limb. Thankfully I’ve found a great place, and it’s downstairs from my apartment. Schedules/availability as early as 8:00 am which is helpful, especially with being in education. The location is clean, modern, staff is friendly, and TV’s everywhere no matter the position. Happy Cleaning!

Alisha Moore Driggers (Source: Google)


This place is absolutely amazing! The staff is great, they r so friendly n make u feel at home! I had to get a tooth abstracted n the dentist was the best… I have seen a lot of different dentist in my 34 years of life but none compare to this one, he was great at what he done n was very quick, and caring! I took my son with me he is 3 he sit in the lobby with my husband n the nurses would check on him and see if he needed anything! Everything about this place was amazing! I would recommend if ur looking for a dentist to go here!!!

Meera Patel (Source: Google)


First time visiting this office after switching jobs to an office in Uptown and was very pleasantly surprised! Very new, clean, and bright office. The front desk staff and hygienist were extremely friendly and accommodating. Dr. Sundaresh was knowledgeable and explained all information regarding my appointment thoroughly. Truly happy with my decision to join Fourth Ward Dentistry, not to mention I left with some FWD swag! Ask about free teeth whitenings too!

Brittany Neill (Source: Google)


This is by far THE BEST dentist in the greater Charlotte area! Leslie that works the front desk was absolutely exceptional with her customer service. I called on Monday 1.11.2021 and she made room for my fiance to come in early the next morning for a tooth that had been giving him so much pain. We had previously went to another dentist that said they couldn’t do anything (truthfully didn’t want to be bothered with the pull in my opinion), but Dr. Sundaresh came to the rescue. We got to the office, which was beautiful and clean (they also validate nearby parking which was AWESOME), and everyone was COVID appropriate and so pleasant. The doctor was professional, very nice, and very fast. This will definitely be our forever dentist. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

J. Dotson (Source: Google)


Before visiting Dr. S at Fourth Ward Dentistry, sadly, I had not been to the dentist in 5 years. Prior to Dr. S, I had some horrible experiences with dentists and decided I just wouldn’t go to anyone. Thank you to Dr. S and the staff at Fourth Ward Dentistry for making my experience exceptional and restoring my confidence in dentistry. The customer service was warm and welcoming before stepping foot in the office. As a customer service professional, that means a lot. The service I received was superior to any dentist that I have experienced. The dental hygienist were gentle yet effective. They were very knowledgeable and provided great care. Dr. S took time to walk me through my dental needs and goals. He did not make me feel like I was just another patient. He carefully went through my x-rays and pictures and answered all my questions. I am happy and relieved to know that I can go to someone who is not only skilled, he is someone I can trust. Thanks for everything Fourth Ward Dentistry! I am looking forward to my upcoming appointment.

Colton Park (Source: Google)


This dental office is great. From check in to checking out they are friendly and give you the price breakdown before any cleanings or procedures. The best part is I had a wisdom tooth pulled and I was in and out within 25 mins. The office went one step further to check in on me to see how I was feeling and healing. Would highly recommend them for any of your dental needs.

Arjun Patel (Source: Google)


Why would you even go to another dentist? I personally don’t like going to the dentist, but Dr. Raghav Sundaresh has the confidence and professionalism that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. The front desk and the assistants are warm and engaging. I absolutely love the office; all of the equipment is brand new. I feel much more calm and relieved going to the dentist now. I highly recommend this dental practice.

Scott Berenyi (Source: Google)


Dentistry on a whole new level!!! Dr. Sundaresh is excellent. The offices are nice. The dental suites are awesome with large flat screen TV’s and Netflix. You will be AMAZED at how well they go out of their way to treat you and comfort you while you are there. I for sure will stay with Raghav as my dentist. Excellent bedside manner to make sure you are comfortable as well as communicating to you what is going on. Really this is a top notch outfit. Thanks for a great experience!!!!

Santu Patel (Source: Google)


Great experience at this dental office .I have been suffering with sleep apnea issues and when I mentioned to Dr Sundaresh, he recommended a night guard and that has helped me sleep better. All of the staff were friendly and they went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable.

Jan Meyer (Source: Google)


New praxis, great equipment, competent personnel. Efficient process overall. In and out in about an hour including xray, cleaning and consultation with Dr. Sundaresh. Nothing to complain. Doctor took time to answer questions and to look at the results. No doubts this will become a hotspot in uptown.

Amir Batson (Source: Google)


I relocated from New York and was in need of a dentist. It took a while because I normally experience a little anxiety when I visit the dentist but the staff here was friendly and went out the way to make me feel comfortable. The ambience is very relaxing. Dr Raghav was patient and took the time to answer all my questions and concerns. I would and already recommend 4th Ward Dentistry. Thanks for all your help, I truly appreciate it. Oh and location is a +. It’s right next door to the best pizza spot in the city!!!

Nickki Mead (Source: Facebook)


I had my first visit at Fourth Ward Dentistry today and it was great! I have a major dental phobia and they went above and beyond to make me completely comfortable. The doctor was great. The dental assistant and front desk assistant were super friendly. I highly recommend this practice.

Tre Draffin (Source: Google)


I went to fourth ward dentistry today, and I must say my visit was fantastic the staff was amiable and Dr. S to was patient with me and is a very detailed description type of Doctor. I love that the only issue I had was not knowing were to Park, but once inside, they explained the parking, and they do validate. I must say give this place a try you will not be disappointed, and they due accept different types of payment.

Leticia Blocksom (Source: Google)


It’s the first time I go to the dentist since I got here, I was a little nervous, specially because I knew I would have a couple of things to fix, but this place made me feel very comfortable, they have a great team of workers. I know they will take good care of my smile and help me to keep it healthy. I recommend it a hundred percent!

Clay Higgins (Source: Google)


I used to have a lot of anxiety related to going to the dentist and I’ve never felt comfortable going before, but the people, and the service I’ve had here has helped to relive almost all of that. They know my name, what I do for work, and they seem genuinely interested to know how I’ve been. I cannot say enough good things about this place. If you’re looking for a new dentist to actually take care of you and not just make you a number in a system this is the place to go.

Zoe B. (Source: Google)


Dr. Sundaresh and staff are exceptional. They treated me with kindness and respect the entire time that I was there and helped me out when I was in a lot of pain from my wisdom teeth. Getting scheduled was super easy, and wait times weren’t bad at all either time that I went. The extraction, while not fun, was made as comfortable as possible and was an altogether quick and smooth process. I highly recommend this practice for your dental needs! 🙂

Josiah Mcbryde (Source: Google)


I absolutely love this place and Dr. Sundaresh. He was able to fit my son in for his root canal, even though he already had a full schedule. When I walked in the room, it felt like home. The staff were very friendly and very patient which is important to me. They always reassured myself and my son that everything will be ok. The dental assistant offered me water and snacks because we were there for a while. They made us feel comfortable. They were able to ease some of the anxiety my son had before getting his root canal. They even have TVs in each room to make the patients feel comfortable. That really helped my son to calm down, too. I would definitely recommend Fourth Ward Dentistry to anyone who is looking for a dental office to go to or a change of dental offices. Truly amazing people!

L G (Source: Google)


The staff here is amazing! They were able to get me in as a new patient immediately for a cleaning and repaired my broken tooth the same day! The dentist is very gentle and the office staff is very accommodating. The atmosphere is crisp & clean. Convenient location for Uptown residents along with validated parking. I would highly recommend this office to anyone looking for great quality dental care. LG

Jennifer Carpenter (Source: Google)


I was very impressed with the care and compassion that Dr. Sundaresh and his wife showed me. I had never been a patient of this office. I was in excruciating pain the day before and even though the office was closed the next day, they opened the office to see me. I can’t thank them both enough for their kindness because that truly helps make others feel more comfortable when we are already nervous about being there. I will be going back because I have found my dentist.

Kegan Townsend (Source: Google)


Great experience, friendly staff. All new equipment and TVs in every room. This is right across my office building and it made my annual checkup quick and easy. TVs were a nice touch, they pulled up my X-Rays and showed me what was going on and what to watch out for. After that, I watched “The Office” during my cleaning.

Sonya Harris (Source: Google)


Great staff. I enjoyed meeting the whole team! Kudos to Denise who entertained my talkative self. She was very professional as well as knowledge! Thumbs up to Katie who cleaned my teeth..oooh they feel so smooth and clean! I would definitely recommend this location..oh yeah thanks to the dentist u were on point to!!

Lorraine Billo (Source: Google)


I too was impressed, but the front desk receptionist, and I do not know her name did not disseminate information properly to the dentist. I sent screen shots for an implant brand and stock number thinking that it might be looked into- addressed during the visit. I was shocked to learn that the dentist apparently did not work with this company for implants. Also he told me he had never done the procedure. Fair enough but I needed this valuable information to formulate an educated decision. I spent a good ten minutes explaining my concern and needs when calling initially. I was assured that something could be done, by the call screener Nothing was done. To make matters worse, I brought in the crown from my implant and left it on the tray in examining room. When I returned home, I realized and called. The receptionist answered and informed me that it had mostlikely already been discarded, and to go through the receptacle bin would mean putting ones hand in the trash bin to find it. Well, that was my crown to my implant that could have been used-possibly- when I have it repaired. I have never been so shocked as I was by that receptionists reply to my concern- need of discarded crown. Does she know the cost? Oh my. The front desk person is the face of an establishment. When working as a quasi- medical employee one had better inform self of proper medical protocol. When working as a quasi- medical employee one had better realize they are in dealing with living things needing transparent answers. Potential patients call and are in need of accurate information. If the dentist does not do this type work it needs to be made clear. If the dentist does not deal in a particular brand it needs to be communicated to the person calling in for information. Potential Patients are those who conduct research, make phone calls, ask a list of obvious questions, yes-no questions and such. We are in essence shopping for a good fit. It’s not that difficult a job. 1. I now have spent 650.00 on an extraction which should have been postponed in light of my greater need- 2. Am minus a crown due to disposal and noncompliance of the request made to feel absurd for even asking for retrieval. It is wrong and highly unprofessional, done to me even after gathering iformation and makinf inquiry. I am at a loss and truly see the degradation of the medical profession. I should be refunded my 650.00 for my displeasure. Now, I am 3 months in front of that needless event, having to once again go through the process, only now I have complications because I had to wait. I do not backout 1500.00 per month for dental work. I don’t know many who do. The greater need was tending to the broken abutment in the implant and not extracting a tooth exacerbating that entire area. It has complicated things as the abutment is imbedded in the tissue, and I cannot even show the oral surgeon the part of abutment left on crown to give him an indication of the likelihood of success. I may now have to have the perfectly fine implant removed for 500.00, and if replacing 2100. This is due to the fact that I already spent 650.00 extracting a tooth that should have remained, and exhausting my dental budget. Due to this I researched so as not to be caught in this nonsense again. Something is very wrong. It will never be correct – what transpired at that office. The unprofessional practice of taking information and the nonassessment of a callers needs verses what could be offered- and to indicate it could be done- the very strange response when requesting the search for the crown thrown in the bin, with no avail is exceptionally- exceptionally poor. It is wrong. This would not take place in most practices. I want my money back. The girl who took the call does not belong in the medical field. The dentist is nice. He was careful. He is a fine dentist. It simply was not what I needed. I am out loads of money, a crown and have suffered with constant pain. No- it is not good. Sorry for this, but I am more sorry for myself and do not understand such.

Raphael Bennett (Source: Google)


I’ve been coming here for 2 years now. The staff is amazing every single person. I always have a new dental assistant helping me and every single one of them has been so nice and friendly. So that really speaks to the culture that Dr. S has established at his practice. Thanks everyone for always being as helpful as possible.