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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Tonya V. from Westlake, Westlake, MD (Source: Yelp)


Dr Gerlein and his team made my daughter’s experience with braces a pleasure. She actually loved visiting the orthodontist! As a teen with ASD, they made her feel welcome and comfortable at all times. I have never been to an office where everyone is so happy all the time and so accommodating. My daughter got her braces off and she has a perfect smile! Thank you Dr Gerlein, Barbara, Anna, Gabby and everyone else whose name isn’t listed!

Dorothea Wolfson (Source: Google)


Dr. Gerlein has treated 3 of my children with great results. Not only are the results amazing, the kids actually enjoy going to see him as the office is filled with friendly staff (starting with Dr. Gerlein himself) and fun incentives to take care of your braces. Great combination of professionalism and fun. Dr. Gerlein does a high quality and thorough job on the teeth. We’ve had no issues, no problems, just the best results and beautiful smiles.

Marci R. from Bethesda, MD (Source: Yelp)


I can’t say enough about how much we love Gerlein Orthodontics. I’ve had two daughters who completed their orthodontics with Dr. Gerlein, and it’s been a pleasure. Dr. Gerlein and ALL the staff are always kind and caring. There is a very positive atmosphere in this office, and I will miss going there. My daughters actually liked going to the orthodontist! A plus: For those in the waiting room, free coffee, tea and water are available as well as iPads with games for the kids.

Jocelyn Silva (Source: Google)


If you are searching for the perfect orthodontist and the perfect team, look no further! Dr. Gerlein and his staff are beyond amazing! I had my last visit today and I cannot believe how great my smile looks now! Dr. Gerlein, thank you so much for providing me the best orthodontic care possible. I am extremely grateful. And also thank you to Greta, Gail, Sahel, Alex, Gabby, Ana, Claudia, Sarah, Jessica, Connie and Barbara! All of you ladies are beyond wonderful! Thank you for helping me each step of the way. Keep up the great work Team Gerlein!

Elizabeth O. from Bethesda, MD (Source: Yelp)


I have just completed my Invisalign treatment by Dr. Gerlein and have never been more pleased with any other medical experience. The office is immaculate and gorgeous. Coffee machine and plenty of up to date magazines if you’re running early, because they never keep you waiting. I was greeted at every appointment by my first name. Had reminders before every appointment and at no point experienced any pain or discomfort. Every single staff member was warm and welcoming. My teeth look perfect and with my last visit was given a surprise gift certificate to Starbucks as a way to thank me for being a patient! Plus, he’s very professional drop dead good looking as well!

Ava-Chan M. from Virginia Highland, Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Gerlein is one of the kindest orthodontist I’ve met. he was the one who first put me in my braces when I was in fourth grade. he’s been very kind and gentle this whole time! once my mom had to fix my braces while we were in the car and he talked to her and called her and helpfully taught her how to do it. he is always on call and he was always very helpful. his staff is also very sweet they make of the office a more inviting place. His hygienists are also very kind and have a great relationship with the patients. I highly recommend this orthodontist

Liliya E. (Source: Google)


Gerlein Orthodontics is a very professional and friendly practice. Management and personnel are welcoming and are always happy to see their patients. They are easy to communicate with and I am so glad I chose them to help me obtain a beautiful smile. Now I don’t need to keep my lips tight when smiling 😉

Liz Yee (Source: Google)


Just WOW. The moment you walk into Dr. Gerlein’s office you feel comfortable, cared for, and welcomed. Every staff member is delightful, kind, and clearly capable. My Invisalign treatment went exactly how Dr. Gerlein predicted: relatively painless and quick. And now I have a perfect smile. I will send all my family and friends your way, Dr. Gerlein!

Aimee D. from Arlington, VA (Source: Yelp)


My dentist referred me to Dr. G after having several years of dental work and even more years of pain in my jaws and at 40, I was facing 18 months of braces and surgery. I can’t tell you how fantastic this office is! If I could give it 10 stars, it wouldn’t be enough! The very moment you walk in the door, you’re greeted by nothing less than a wonderful smile by either Jessica or Molly and always with a warm hello. And the girls in the back are no different – courteous, friendly, professional and most of all, fun!! And Dr. Gerlein – where should I even start. He’s amazing, wonderful, dedicated and above all, cares so very much about his patients. I’m in retainers now and as much as I hated having braces at 40, wish I still had them so I got to visit their office more often! I recently broke my retainer and had to go in for a replacement. I got the replacement and just a couple of short weeks later, I broke it again. They’re now convinced that I’m only breaking them so I can go back and see them. Of course it’s not true LOL…but I’d like nothing more than to think that’s it 🙂 You absolutely CANNOT go wrong here. I’ve mentioned Dr. Gerlein several times in my blog (my journey through jaw surgery) and recommend him to anyone I know. 🙂

Jeanne M. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Gerlein is really wonderful and his office is super friendly and efficient. He’s always smiling and up beat and a pleasure to interact with. I think for patients (mostly kids) and the parents. He saw both our kids through braces and one palate expander. We shopped around a bit first and he was competitively priced. I highly recommend.

Constantine Hristopoulos (Source: Google)


Dr. Gerlein and his staff are amazing! They are all very friendly and passionate about what they do. Before my invisalign treatment, my teeth were very crooked and the bottom sides were caving in. After one full year of invisalign treatment, I can confidently say that my teeth are now extremely straight and my bite has improved significantly. If anyone is looking for an alternative to braces, look no further than the invisalign treatment with Dr. Gerlein. The work was outstanding and I couldn’t be any more satisfied with the results. It was worth every minute. I highly recommend!

Susan B. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Gerlein is the best. He was recommended by Dr. Everett Schneider aka the best dentist on Earth, which reminded me that rock stars tend to know each other. Dr. Gerlein explains everything, is gentle and thorough, and does an elegant job of reading a 15 year old the riot act about wearing her retainer, without ever losing his own pearly smile. Gerlein’s entire staff is also warm and competent, so the whole office has an upbeat air about it. My kid has had her braces taken off now and I miss Caroline, the delightful and efficient office manager, and her British-accented greeting, “hello, my love!”

David F. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Gerlein and his office staff are great! As an adult patient, it is awkward enough to have braces, but the relaxing caring environment of their office really helps make some of that awkwardness go away. I had braces to prep for a jaw advancement surgery and Dr. Gerlein was always in lockstep with the surgeon as well. I really appreciate their sincere caring attitude, not only since my surgery, but with each and every visit to their office. They have the ability to actually make people want to smile when they walk into the office – an achievement I think VERY few dental/orthodontic offices can claim. I look forward to finishing my treatment within the next few months and although I know that I will not miss my braces, I will miss Dr. Gerlein and his staff.

Magdalena B. from Santa Fe, NM (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Gerlein and his staff are completely awesome! I have lingual braces, and he and his staff have been the most professional, accommodating and friendly people you can imagine. The whole process thus far (5 months in) has been relatively painless and smooth.  I highly recommend going to see him if you need any orthodonture whatsoever! He did not try to sell me the most expensive option, and pushed me toward what he thought was the BEST option (though not necessarily as fast as the most expensive one).  All in all, a great orthodontist for my first bout with braces!

John Hill (Source: Facebook)


From the very beginning of the evaluation through every step of the treatment process this office is professional, friendly, caring and dedicated to the success of your treatment. It’s a pleasure having my teeth straightened by Dr. Gerlein and his staff. Very Highly Recommenced!

Jonah Roark (Source: Google)


i am a patience at gerlein and I love every thing about it. as soon as you enter the room you are greeted by people at the desk. Doctor Gerlein is so kind a funny he all ways makes me laugh. If you are a parent the staff is so welcoming and if you have a young child you can bring them and they ca nplay on the ipads on which they have so many fun games. If i ever have kids i will most definitely bring them here.

Cierra Michelle (Source: Google)


Dr. Gerlein and his staff are the absolute best in the DMV Metro Area! I’ve been trying to find an ortho that really takes the time to help me and he’s surpassed my expectations greatly. Gail is the sweetest and I even had a welcome sign with my name when I walked in. I’ve never had a more pleasant experience as I’ve had with Dr. Gerlein and his staff. I’m so excited to see my new smile in 6 months!!

Lou Morsberger (Source: Google)


Our son and daughter both had braces placed and managed by Dr. Gerlein and his team. Dr. Gerlein’s practice is exceptional. The entire team is very caring, friendly, and professional. They are very responsive to patient needs, including the unexpected: when either of the kids would have a loose wire or any discomfort, Dr. Gerlein and the team wanted to see them right away to make adjustments (that even included a holiday weekend when Dr. Gerlein opened the office to see us and ensure the concern was addressed). Both our son and daughter have had wonderfully pleasant experiences along the way to their really terrific smiles. We recommend Dr. Gerlein without any hesitation or qualification. He and his team are great.

Ellen M. from Alexandria, VA (Source: Yelp)


Should you (as an adult) or your children need orthodontia, RUN, do not walk, to make your appointment for assessment and treatment by Dr. Gerlein.  I could write a treatise on Dr. Gerlein, his staff, his office, and his outstanding work.  He strives for perfect outcomes with each patient — I can only attest to my results and the results for my cousin, but he obviously achieves his goal.  I cannot more highly recommend this orthodontic practice.  What a thrill it was to get my smile back after only 6 months of Invisalign!  Many, many thanks, Dr. Gerlein and staff.

Lynn P. from Northwest Washington, Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Gerlein and his staff sound too good to be true…but all of the five-star reviews are spot-on! The entire team is incredibly warm, friendly, efficient and capable. Dr. Gerlein is always upbeat and makes the whole process as pleasant for kids as possible. He and his staff do a great job explaining all of the procedures, and the quality of their work is outstanding. I wholeheartedly recommend Gerlein Orthodontics!

Marci Ruderman (Source: Google)


I can’t say enough great things about Gerlein Orthodontics. I love everything about this practice! Dr. Gerlein, the technicians, the front desk staff are always happy to see us, to see all of their patients—and it is not phony. They care. I think Dr. Gerlein’s warm and energetic personality makes this office so fun and inviting. The kids love it too. Who can say that about going to see the orthodontist? Besides being nice people and having a fun office, Dr. Gerlein and his staff are highly professional and the office stare of the art. Also of note is that this practice is excellent with patients with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.

Claudia D'Andrea (Source: Google)


My daughter had braces from another orthodontist that messed up her bite. Dr. Gehrlein, always cheerful and super competent, explained that he needed to replace her braces and correct the alignment. Such a cheerful and competent staff. Always ready to accommodate and explain the plans. The whole place gives you confidence and an awesome waiting room. Appointments are always on time. Great experience.

Nicole F. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


Dr.Gerlein is very cool and the staff there is amazing! I got my braces off a couple of months ago and it was truly an amazing experience. I could pick the colors and if I had any complaints I would schedule and appointment with them and they would fix it. After I got them off they gave me a transparent retainer to put on at night to keep my teeth straight. I also love going there because they have iPads and drinks available. Overall it was an amazing experience and he’s the best orthodontist out there.

Marilyn M. from Chevy Chase, MD (Source: Yelp)


First, everyone in Dr. Gerlein’s office was totally professional from the start when I walked in the door for my initial appointment. They took photographs of the inside of my mouth & Dr. Gerlein checked out my mouth &, then, he and P Kaye & I sat at a three-cornered table together in front of a computer. I asked a lot of questions, & they explained what my specific treatment would entail, how long it would take, & what it would cost. Then they gave me a detailed written printout to take home & refer to when I needed to. At checkout, they gave me a completed form for me to send to my dental-insurance company–All I have to do is mail it. These guys have a streamlined, very personal & interactive way of relating to patients, unlike any other doctor’s office I’ve ever seen. Finally, who knew orthodontics & the prospect of undergoing a year of treatment could turn out to be so fun?! Dr. Gerlein & his staff surprised me in unexpected ways. Thanks to all, Marilyn M

Phil F. from Bethesda, MD (Source: Yelp)


3 totally professional and successful jobs! Both of my kids had their teeth straightened by Dr. Gerlein. We got his name from parents we know and they uniformly praised him. After seeing what a great job he did with my kids and hearing them praise his office team,I decided to have my teeth aligned too. In sum, 3 patients and 3 successes.

Liz Y. from Silver Spring, MD (Source: Yelp)


Just WOW. The moment you walk into Dr. Gerlein’s office you feel comfortable, cared for, and welcomed. Every staff member is delightful, kind, and clearly capable. My Invisalign treatment went exactly how Dr. Gerlein predicted: relatively painless and quick. And now I have a perfect smile. I will send all my family and friends your way, Dr. Gerlein!

David Leary (Source: Google)


Both of our daughters have seen Dr. Gerlein and we think he’s an outstanding orthodontist. He is a creative problem solver who carefully thinks through all options and his results are amazing. Our daughters now have perfect and healthy teeth. His staff is also fantastic, warm and great with kids. We can’t recommend Dr. Gerlein more highly!

Addie Lowenstein (Source: Google)


My experience at Gerlein Orthodontics has been amazing. They are always very helpful and kind, and have a very welcoming environment. At first I was nervous about coming to orthodontist appointments, but after my first appointment I felt totally at ease. I always look forward to my appointments here and definitely recommend to all.

Eman R. from Rockville, MD (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Gerlein is always in a pleasant, friendly, and high energy mood.  His staff are extremely friendly, and the office is very organized.  And, most importantly, he is an artist at what he does–he will carefully monitor the progress of your teeth and make adjustments as needed until things are near perfection.  He could have wrapped up my invisalign treatment after the first set was complete and I would have been happy.  But, there were a few minor adjustments he wanted to make and so we continued the treatments (at no extra cost to me).  Note that he has periodontal training which is helpful if you are seeking orthodontic treatment to assist in treating periodontal issues. Also, I am an adult, and his office is set up to cater to adults as well as children (even with a separate waiting area and work area so that you don’t feel out of place with the children who are there).

Joshua V. from Arlington, VA (Source: Yelp)


I worked with Dr. Gerlein for over two years in preparation for and following oral-maxillofacial surgery.  Getting braces as an adult was a bit scary, but the entire staff went above and beyond to accommodate my work schedule and make me feel comfortable.  Dr. Gerlein is so warm and kind and his care is top notch.  His staff is superb, always smiling (I give them bonus points because I usually saw then before 8 am) and willing to explain what they are doing (which is something that you do not always see).  Dr. Gerlein is a perfectionist and provided a final result that exceeded my wildest expectations.  He is honest, affable, and takes the time to get to know his patients.  By the end of my treatment, I actually looked forward to going to my appointments, which surprised me.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends or family!  He and his staff are the best!!

Jake Fife (Source: Google)


Gerlein Orthodontics is probably the best orthodontics someone could go to. When you walk in, you are greeted by nice receptionists and you can sit in the lobby and watch cartoons on the television. If you don’t like watching cartoons, you can play on the iPads they provide you. Once it is time for appointment, you can walk in to the room and lay on one of the chairs. Don’t forget to brush your teeth first! The appointment goes by swimmingly and fast, if you behave and don’t move of course! Once you are done you go over what points you get. If you gain enough points, you can get awesome rewards. A lot of people are obsessed with points. POINTS!

Karen T (Source: Google)


Three family members (my two children and myself) are patients of Dr. Gerlein. Our experience has been A+ so far. Dr. Gerlein is very knowledgeable and approachable. He took a lot of time to explain the procedures and the and the anticipated timeline for the treatments. In fact, we are ahead of schedule. It is easy to schedule appointments, and Dr. Gerlein is very accessible if you are having a problem with your treatment. Dr. Gerlein’s staff is very friendly and gets to know the patients. Everyone is greeted by name! The offices are conveniently located and very modern. Highly recommended.