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Yolanda Cintron, DMD
Fort Lauderdake, FL






A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Holistic dentistry

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants

Sedation dentistry



Monday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed



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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:


I needed extensive dental work a few years ago and chose Dr. Cintron because she practices “holistic” dentistry. I have been extremely satisfied with every procedure and the care that she and her staff take to treat not just my teeth, but also my whole self. Before one procedure I admitted that I was apprehensive about dentistry in general and Dr. Cintron took the time to pray for me and that made such an impact on me and eased my care. I also appreciate that Dr. Cintron takes the time to fully explain each procedure in understandable language. The caring attitude is evident among her entire staff, from front office to the technicians.


The best people you could ask for!! The entire staff is personable while still professional. They are all very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, patient, and kind!! I have never felt like I am bothering them when I ask questions –even when I have a lot or call in back to back. They create an environment of acceptance and encouragement –caring about the whole person, not just the mouth– and I love how they foster a community of growth amoungst each other as well. Dr. Cintron has been the most helpful person in my health journey and always has something uplifting to say to me every time I see her.


I thought I had the best holistic dentist when I lived in Nor Cal, I was wrong. Dr. Cintron provided the most thorough and complete oral exam I’ve ever had. Her team took their time explaining all the good and bad points of my situation to me and answered all my probing questions. The cleaning provided afterwards was probably the best cleaning I’ve ever had, conventional or holistic, my mouth was completely made over after and she educated me every step of the way on what she was doing and why. My husband received his cleaning from Robert and said it was amazing, I got my cleaning from the doctor and the results were outstanding, I will say her style was a touch rough but I also did not say anything I’m sure she would have gone easier if I brought it up. I take part responsibility for my discomfort. Having said that, I am 100% going back to Dr.Cintron, the quality of care is outstanding and she is highly educated in holistic dental care.


So I had an abscess/infection on an upper front tooth and unfortunately it was mobile so therefore, non salvageable. I’m very young so this to me was traumatic but my experience with Dr. Cintron preformed the removal of the tooth and used her laser and piezotome to gently remove the tooth and I didn’t feel a thing. The recovery shocked me because I wasn’t swollen, I didn’t get bruised and there was no pain at all so it was an amazing recovery. The area healed amazing and she gave me a cosmetic appliance the same day of the surgery and it looks perfect. She is not only skilled when it comes to dentistry but she takes a holistic approach when treating a patient. She has helped thousands of patients feel better. She practices at such a high level and treats her patients like she would treat her family, with love, thorough and detailed care. I have recommended many people to see her and will continue to do so, because I know that they will be in great hands. The one thing I love about her the most is that she puts all her trust and faith onto God, the true healer. This and many other things is why she is as successful as she is. Thank you Dr for taking care of me!!!


When you step in the door to the office, the vibe is immediately welcoming: the clients visiting that day are welcomed with their name on the board. A bible verse or uplifting message is displayed under the reception desk and there is coffee, fresh water and granola or breakfast bars at your disposal. Staff friendly and efficient; it seems everyone works together as a well oiled team. Not to mention state-of-the-art equipment , and concern for the environment and overall health of the client as a biologic dentist. Glad I found her.


I have had a cleaning and all four of my wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Cintron. During my initial consultation and cleaning I felt very cared about and listened to which is why I ultimately decided to get my wisdom teeth extracted with them as well, something that I had been putting off for years. Both Dr. Cintron and her wonderful assistant Eileen are a wealth of knowledge and really understand oral health, especially as it relates to overall health, as well as the concerns and fears that come with having dental procedures done. When I left after my first consultation I felt so educated about my teeth, how to care for them, and about the relationship between oral health and the overall health of the body. Before my wisdom teeth extraction surgery, I called a bunch of times because I was very nervous about it and each time I spoke with Eileen and she very patiently and understandingly eased my worries. During my surgery, I felt very safe and cared for by Dr. Cintron, Eileen, and Camille (another wonderful assistant of Dr. Cintron). I decided to only have a mild sedation so I was awake during the procedure but felt very relaxed and they all talked me through everything and I had no pain! Dr. Cintron used a laser to extract my wisdom teeth, and filled the hole with my own platelet rich plasma to speed healing, which they spun in house from my blood. I also got Intravenous Vitamin C after my surgery which also aids in healing. The equipment and knowledge that Dr. Cintron has is top notch, and she takes many steps to ensure that the procedure is the least stressful that it can be and that everything heals quickly. I had spoke with many dentists and oral surgeons about my wisdom teeth prior to meeting Dr. Cintron and none of them were going to do the procedure in such a mindful and holistic way that I felt comfortable with. I think Dr. Cintron and her staff really pride themselves in really caring about the work that they do and in really caring about patients. I am so grateful to have found Dr. Cintron and her wonderful staff and I will continue to be a patient with them for my oral care needs. If you are wondering whether or not you should make an appointment, you definitely should!


Highly recommend! Dr. Cintron is knowledgeable and explains everything to you in understandable terms. She took the time fully go over my dental health, and presented several options on how to improve my teeth . I was even given the option of sedation. Her holistic approach and bedside manors made it a no brainer to make my choice to go with her.


Dr. Cintron is an experienced professional who cares deeply about her patients. I learned of her from my daughter-in-law who really does her research before going to any medical professional. I, too, was impressed by how thorough and informative Dr. Cintron and her staff  were when first meeting with me. I thought about replacing my teeth with pristine porcelain crowns and finally did so about a month ago. The results are beautiful and the entire office is as happy for me as I am!


I came to Dr Cintron for a consultation regarding removal of my amalgam fillings.  She and her team were wonderful!  They spent over 2 hours with me, reviewing my medical history, taking images of my teeth and then Dr Cintron  sat down with me, reviewing in detail the issues I have with my teeth and then explaining what she thought would be the best treatment for me.  Dr Cintron and Eileen gave me time to ask questions and I never felt rushed.  She seemed very knowledgeable and I left feeling very confident that Dr Cintron would provide exceptional care for me.  I will be making another appointment for her to remove my amalgam fillings.


Dr. Cintron is truly holistic and thorough with the procedures she performs. In my case, I had a root canal that was infected and needed a knowledgeable biological dentist who knew how to remove and clean out the bone cavity, preparing it for a future implant. Dr. Cintron did such an amazing job in thoroughly cleaning out and preparing the bone cavity site and made recommendations for self care after. Hamilton, her Dental Hygienist ,did a great job too with taking care of my peridontal issues


Originally, I went to Dr. Cintron for mercury removal of my fillings. She was very professional, comforting and confident. That goes for her entire staff, too. Everyone answered all my questions with kindness and patience. Since that time, I have been having regular deep cleanings, gum grafting for periodontal disease and recently an abscessed tooth removed. At all times, I am treated gently and confidently. Dr. Cintron has a wealth of knowledge of whole body health which she shares.


Where do I begin? First, I’ve done so much research on holistic dentistry in the US because with these types of procedures you want the best. All of my searches have led me to Dr. Cintron and her team as the best in the business. I want my whole family to live a long healthy life and I paid for my mother to go first. She had root canals, mercury fillings, decay and a lot of work. The price tag was an initial shocker but I would pay 10x that to spend more healthy years with my mom. And then, when I actually saw all of the work that they did, all of the follow ups and how they treated us as if we were family I realized the amount we paid for as pennies compared to the value we received and I booked my dental work next. My wife is on deck. I can’t refer Dr. Cintron and her team enough. They are an amazing group and I consider them family at this point. We love them and love the work they are doing to heal their clients.


They are always very concerned about my wellbeing. This was an emergency call. They made a spot for me immediately. They devoted themselves for several hours to fix my problem. No one even hinted that I was an imposition. I was blessed and very grateful for their loving kindness. Their skill and wisdom turned a catastrophe into something good.


Dr. Cintron and her dedicated team are 2nd to NONE. I trust her with my personal care, the care of my family and the care of my patients. She is skilled, dedicated to excellence and above all she is a blessing to all of us who love her. Dr. Cintron is rooted in purpose and the pursuit of health. She is my personal hero! And I am not alone. Her team would follow her anywhere because they believe in her mission and above all, they believe in her integrity as do I.


From the moment I became a patient of Dr. Cintron I felt I was part of the family. Everyone seems to work together for a very positive outcome. From the front desk to others…Robert who is the best deep cleaning expert to Joe who explained everything to Dr. Cintron herself. I am truly grateful to be a a patient and will continue for my quarterly cleaning. I never have to wait longer than five minutes and that would be excessive. Your time is equally important as theirs. That in itself is impressive. Thanks to all who welcome me each time. I have no reservation in recommending Dr. Cintron and her caring staff!


I searched a long time for a bio dentist with whom I could feel comfortable to do my dental implants. From the very first tele-appointment with Dr. Cintron, I knew I had found a dentist with the integrity and care I was looking for. She spent an hour and a half with me, going over my individual case and all the possible options. I am now almost halfway through the process, ready to get my implants, and I can honestly say that everyone in Dr. Cintron’s office has been wonderful. These are caring, compassionate, knowledgeable people who do their very best to give you the best possible care. I recommend them without reservation.


Dr Cintron is a genuine maverick in her field of dentistry. Her bio / holistic approach and medical expertise qualifies her to be a leader and a pioneer in modern dentistry. Dr. Cintron is at the forefront of the most innovative advanced techniques and technologies, and her office looks like the inside of a spaceship – clean as a whistle and cutting edge modern. Not to mention the overall experience – enjoyable and supremely comfortable. The staff is friendly and go above and beyond to make your appointment seamless, from the moment you step inside. I had 3 teeth pulled as a result of a pernicious and painful infection along w cavitation surgery and I didn’t miss a beat, totally pain-free by the following morning. Just the best of the best.


The one negative review on this page was written by one of my IG stalkers who dislikes me and is now trying to discredit Dr.Cintron. As you can see in their review– they’ve never actually been treated by her! This is an online bully with too much time on their hands so please disregard their review. Now let’s talk about Dr.Cintron. She’s a light worker. Someone who goes above and beyond for the health of her patients. She is someone who truly cares!!! Honestly I feel so so blessed to have come across her practice. She makes me feel safe and her whole staff is very invested in each client. I absolutely love Dr.Cintron!


If you come to see a holistic biological dentist Dr. Y. Cintron, You are in a good hands. Dr. Cintron and all her staff are very knowledgeable, professional and they care. Doctor Cintron answered all my questions and explained all treatments available in my case. The cleaning was done by hygienist Hamilton and it was Excellent. I was on the phone with Front desk a few times before and after appointment – very positive experience, they are nice and professional too. Thank you. Alla Z.


Amazing Dr., with knowledgeable staff! From the time I entered the office I was kindly greeted by the front office. Eileen took me back and was amazing. She treated me like I was the only patient in the office. Dr. Cintron came in and gave me her undivided attention and professional opinion. Eileen re-explained everything the Dr said in great detail, to make sure I understood. I made a call to my husband and we decided to move forward with Dr. Cintron’s recommended treatment. Her main assistant, I think his name was Joe, was just so kind and constantly made sure I was comfortable during the procedures. I am so happy I made the choice to have Dr. Cintron do my treatment! I am finally pain free and my teeth look absolutely beautiful!! Thank you Dr. Cintron’s and team!!! I can finally smile again!!


This is a big shout out to anyone who is looking for dental care that is truly holistic! Dr Cintron uses natural methods and materials. She is highly educated in her understanding of so many things that were important to me, as someone who endeavors to live a natural holistic lifestyle. Because of circumstances in my early years,I’ve had extreme situations with my teeth.I am so grateful that Dr.Yolanda Cintron was able to use my own DNA to rebuild gum tissue which really makes a difference in a multitude of ways. At first I was shocked at the price of Dr Cintrons work but then, after going to another dentist a few months later and seeing the alternative for cheaper, as well as doing a lot of my own research, I realized I had found a dentist like no other. A very beautiful lady inside and out, I highly recommend Dr Yolanda Cintron. The best dentist ever! Bianca Rose PS: The staff are also over the top caring and wonderful! Hamilton really is the greatest hygienist as well!


I went to Dr. Cintron for a consultation to get veneers.  I was very nervous about the whole procedure but she was very compassionate and made me feel comfortable in what to expect. She took the time to go over the process and I will be scheduling an appointment soon for my new teeth! Very excited!


I had my second oral surgery yesterday with Dr. Cintron. The first was 3 months ago. She extracted a molar, removed an abscess and had a bone graft put in. My experience was phenomenal. Yesterday I had an implant put in to that same space. Again a wonderful experience. I had no swelling either time and didn’t feel the need to take pain meds after the anesthesia wore off. Twice before I had very traumatic oral surgeries with two butchers and I was very nervous going in but there was really no need for me to be nervous. I wish I had learned of her years ago


Fort Lauderdale FL is home to a premier dental practice known as Go Natural Dentistry. This holistic dental practice is well known among the residents of the area for providing personalized, comprehensive care. The dentist, Dr. Yolanda Cintron and her team are highly skilled and qualified individuals who take pride in providing patients the best care. Combined with state of the art tools and technology available, patients can expect nothing short of a top quality dental experience provided in a comfortable environment.

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