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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Pediatric dental care

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed


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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Israel G. from Chula Vista, CA (Source: Yelp)


Amazing service. All the staff was amazing! Dr. Johnson was incredible everything was explain in detail and I was able to fully understand my dental needs. She is very thorough and provided me with all the answers i needed to make my decisions for my dental woek. The dental assistant Kassandra was very professional on her work she took my full set of xrays in no time and very gentle .Very professional and great experience. the office  smells amazing and was very clean and appeared to be a well oiled machine. When it was time to get my teeth cleaning the hygienist Christina was very informative about every step she was doing also was very gentle. Props to this office including the front desk Annalee! amazing experience!!!!!

Madison Moreno (Source: Google)


Absolutely LOVED this office!! From the moment I walked in everyone was super friendly. It had been a few years since I had gone to a dentist, so I was a little nervous but the doctor and staff all put me at ease. The doctor explained everything she was doing before she did it and explained why I needed certain treatments. She didn’t make me feel “dumb” for asking simple questions and was open to any questions I had. Also, loved that there was little to no wait time. Would highly recommend!!

Michelle Pappalardi (Source: Facebook)


Dr Johnson and her crew (including her sister) are very friendly and accommodating during appointments. They also provide comfort items like a blanket to keep you warm and earphones with music during dental procedures. You get to see your X-rays onscreen instantly, and Dr J shows you where areas of concern are. There’s a kind, personal touch at Great Smiles that makes going to the dentist much more bearable.

Gabriella A. (Source: Zocdoc)


Everyone was very welcoming and super nice throughout the entire visit! I absolutely love their team and they took great care of me. It was my first visit to a dentist and I’m so lucky that it was such a positive experience. They take the time to explain everything and never make you feel bad about asking questions. They’re also very easy to talk to, and very understanding. They’re also very efficient and careful, and take great precaution to make sure you’re safe and comfortable. 

Richie E. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


For several years I had been wanting to fix my smile.  My wife had seen Dr. Johnson and her team and highly recommended I make an appointment.  When I finally did I explained to Dr. Johnson exactly what I wanted and in just a few short weeks I had the smile I once had before.  After a minor accident I had as a kid my smile was one I wasn’t happy with.  Dr. Johnson fixed that for me.  I can’t believe it took me all these years to finally make the decision to have the smile that I don’t have to hide and I thank Dr. Johnson and her team for making it happen. She’s was gentle and kept me well informed as I sat in for my appointment.  I hadn’t had anesthetic administered since I was a kid and she was extremely gentle.  It was actually quite awesome.  I was so numb and felt like I had Kyle Jenner lips.  *Tip:  Don’t try the cup suction method for plump lips.  Just see Dr. Johnson. Side note:  They have tablets handy so you can listen to music while you sit in for your appointment.

Jenniffer C. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I use to be so scared of going to the dentist, numbing was NEVER for me. Today while getting a few fillings done, I was so nervous but Dr. Johnson did such a great job.. I did not even realize that I was given a shot. I was probably worked on for about 2 hours but it flew by Dr.J and Daisy sure did distract me that before I knew it my seat was going up. After my appointment I spoke with Jess at the front about doing those clear braces and turns out they had a special and she would honor it. I’m actually so excited to start, my teeth moved a lot after not wearing my retainers the first time that it’s about time I start taking care of myself. Thank you ladies so much !

A. S. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


From reading the other reviews: Yes scheduling is tough but that should be expected. Yes I was quoted incorrectly after a couple of phone calls this was corrected.. Once I got scheduled in and correctly quoted – which was really not a problem. The experience was THE BEST EXPERIENCE  I have ever had in my life! I was traumatized since I was about 11 yrs old and because of that I have terrible teeth, I am 57 now. I could go on and on about my experiences with bad dentists but I was treated SO WELL here that I will be back to fix the rest. I even recommended them to my daughter and this was also a first. I was extremely nervous but was treated so well I handled the rest of the appointments pretty good. They talked me thru all the procedures, treated me like I was their only patient not like a number. I really really recommend you try them.

Steven T. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been to a lot of dentists in my life and this place was the best. I went 4 times over one and a half years. The specific dentist I saw is no longer there, but the office administration and dental assistants were all superb as well. They worked with me to give me exactly what I needed and didn’t attempt to add on any procedures that I didn’t. The assistants were beyond compare with the amount of attention, time and communication they provided. The dentist gave me the best cleaning I have ever received, tips that I hadn’t considered before and free samples. Going to this dentist provoked me to take better care of my teeth and when I came in on subsequent visits, the dentist would always let me know which parts of my mouth weren’t getting as much attention. Even though the dentist I saw is no longer there, the core group is extremely solid and I would suggest them to anyone.

Gloria Cain (Source: Google)


Each visit to this office has resulted in my complete satisfaction. Today Jacqueline cleaned my teeth, took xrays, treated my gums with laser and applied fluoride on my teeth. I was impressed with her efficiency, as she quickly completed each phase of the treatment. I have had had unpleasant experiences in other offices, but only comfortable, complete care with Dr. Johnson and all her staff. I highly recommend Great Smiles. New year, new treatment! Returning to Great Smiles today, I had my teeth cleaned again but by a different dental hygienist. She was so soft-spoken and gentle, it was a pleasure to be with her. I also had an old silver filling replaced with amalgam. No pain, just quick, kind and caring dentistry done by Dr. Sharin Johnson. I love that I am greeted so warmly, treated like a friend, and hear pleasant conversation and laughter here. Once again, I highly recommend Great Smiles of La Mesa.

Billie Y. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


My experience at Great Smiles of La Mesa has been amazing. Veronica the office manager has went above and beyond for me in many ways and explained the process so well. Dr. Johnson is so down to earth yet so knowledgeable and really cares about your concerns.The staff are amazing and kind from the moment you walk in till it’s time for you to leave. I highly recommend Great Smiles of La Mesa to anyone looking for a dentist in the San Diego area.Thank you Veronica and to the entire staff for making me not dread going to the dentist!

Micah N. from San Carlos, San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)



Before coming to Great Smiles of La Mesa it had been over a decade since I went to the dentist and had a huge fear of going, I can now say my fear is gone thanks to the incredible service from DR Sherin Johnson and Kassandra! They are super friendly, very knowledgeable and personable. They made my experience great I would recommend them and this facility 10 out 10 times and will be continuing to use them for a long time! What if the best things about them is how they explain every detail to me and I always know what’s going on! I highly recommend!

Jaime M. from El Cajon, CA (Source: Yelp)


Awesome, the whole crew was soooo polite and very helpful. I was in and out faster then expected. The Dr. , assistants, receptionist, and especially the manager. She was very sweet and is beautiful outside and in. Kudos to all of you. Keep up the great work. You guys definitely earned a life time customer. I will never go to a different dental office. Thank you all.

Barbara White (Source: Google)


I had a very positive experience with this office. This was my first appointment with Dr. Sherin Johnson. When I first walked in I was s little warly), I was greeted by name by Veronica. The whole staff was very nice and welcoming and very friendly. I really liked everyone there. Dr. Johnson went over my x-ray with me and discussed with me what the plan would be. Veronica went over the cost of everything with me and gave me a print out of all the charges. So far I am very happy that I decided to go with Dr. Johnson. Thank you to everyone there for a positive experience.

Nadia M. from Alpine, CA (Source: Yelp)


Great Smiles of La Mesa hands down is the best dental experience you will encounter!!! Both Dentist Patricia Hyg and Dentist Johnson and extremely detailed throughout dental cleanings and genuinely care about their clients. Recently, my husband had chipped his tooth and Great Smiles got him in an extremely fast manner and made sure his experience and outcome was exactly what he wanted. My work family all comes to Great Smiles and have referred this place to several friends and family. I’m telling you, they’re the real deal!!! I also really appreciate the courteous text messages notifying when you what time your next appointment is. Thanks a billion Great Smiles!

C. from La Mesa, CA (Source: Yelp)


I am a registered nurse & had not gone to a dentist in over 20 years because I seriously could not find one I trusted or liked.  We were assigned to Dr. Johnson for my son’s dental needs and we instantly liked & trusted her expertise.  I observed her enthusiastic professionalism as she preformed the needed work on my apprehensive son with Aspbergers.  He was at ease with her!  Well- that won me over.  I then trusted her to revise a couple of crowns & treat a cavity.  I am highly critical as a nurse, but Dr. Johnson & her staff have been amazing.  Her work is precise & quality.  I cannot recommend her enough!.

Mark B. from La Jolla, CA (Source: Yelp)


What a wonderful staff!  Dr. Johnson made me feel so comfortable when conducting my dental work.  She just has a wonderful way, kindness with her patients.  A innate quality so valuable in her field. Her professionalism is unmatched, in regards to all dental professionals I have experienced In over 40 years. She is quite funny too!  I highly recommend her, and trust my teeth and smile with her! Veronica is amazing at the receptionist counter! She went so well out of her way to ensure my insurance was in place and that I was taken care of. She called me multiple times throughout the week to ensure my provider covered me. Daisy and Kassandra were really great assets for Dr. Johnson during my procedures. They are really kind and helped to calm me prior to and during the procedure.  Mark.

Chelsea Rae A. from El Cajon, CA (Source: Yelp)


When I went into the office today I was greeted with such fast pace and kind service! I am extremely grateful for how fast and efficient the dentists were at providing their care! They really take the time and effort to not only get to know you on a personal level, but find the ROOT of any problems you have and provide the services and solutions to fix them! Thank you for the great visit and very thrilled to be coming back this Thursday for the things needed to make my smile brighter and better!! Extremely pleased!

Asunta A. from National City, San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


So I just wanted to say I’m so happy that for my first time back To The dentist in a while was Great Smiles! I found them through my insurance and since they were less than a few minutes from my house I decided to give them a try. I didn’t know  what to expect but when I walked in the place it was very clean and I was greeted with great positivity and energy from the staff. I was taken back right away after filling out a few forms and my cleanings and x-ray process started. They were on time and professional. And when I sat down they even had a personalized welcome sign for me which shocked me and made me like the place instantly. The staff is very friendly and they always smile making all tour worries go away. I would recommend them to anyone I know. They should be your new dentist office for the future:)

Pietrina Day (Source: Google)


I have been a patient of Great Smiles of La Mesa for quite a few years. I have received nothing but the best treatment from the entire staff and absolutely love Dr. Johnson. She is extremely personable and understands the importance of your dental needs. Dr. Johnson is very welcoming and has a great sense of humor. I feel very fortunate to have a dentist that is concerned and does her very best to meet your needs.

Billijin Yako (Source: Google)


My experience at Great Smiles of La Mesa has been amazing. Veronica the office manager has went above and beyond for me in many ways and explained the process so well. Dr. Johnson is so down to earth yet so knowledgeable and really cares about your concerns.The staff are amazing and kind from the moment you walk in till it’s time for you to leave. I highly recommend Great Smiles of La Mesa to anyone looking for a dentist in the San Diego area.Thank you Veronica and to the entire staff for making me not dread going to the dentist!

David B. from Northwest, VA (Source: Yelp)


I am always scared coming into the dentist but as always they always reassure me that everything will be fine. Just had some recent work done on my mouth and Mrs.Johnson did a great job on time and making sure I was comfortable while doing my crowns and fillings. When I first did a review it was just to say how happy I was with the service and how they made my wife feel at ease. I got a gift basket out of it! It had an amazing toothbrush that I use today worth 200 dollars. They make sure you always have a travel case to take care of your teeth on the move. Highly recommend the staff and of course Mrs. Johnson. I am glad we choose them as our primary dentist.   Just FYI, your teeth are one of the most important things you can do for your body, I have double insurance because of the high cost of dental work. They only want the best for you and I agree. By having double insurance I would have paid 1700 but ended up paying 400 for my crowns and fillings.

Justin B. from La Mesa, San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I don’t normally write reviews but the doctor and her staff are top notch and I have to give credit where credit is due! I have been coming here for almost 2 years and I have had nothing but amazing experiences. From my initial visit, Dr. Johnson put all my fears to ease and continues to everytime I see her! She fully explains everything to me and is very efficient. The hygienist, is amazing and very thorough. The front office is extremely helpful and always makes the check in process a breeze. Kassandra and Daisy, the assistants are awesome and always friendly! I no longer dread going to the dentist, I almost look forward to it! I HIGHLY recommend Great Smiles of La Mesa!

Juan Ornelas (Source: Facebook)


I’ve been coming here for years. Dr’s Johnson And Johnson are so knowledgeable and so fun! Entire team is so friendly and understanding. They make each visit a breeze. They have headphones and iPads so I can listen to music when I’m having work down to ease the stress of being there. I recently moved to LA and always make the drive for my dental treatment. Wouldn’t change them as my dental family! Have always recommended to family and friends.

Keri Belisle (Source: Google)


Today I had the absolute best experience at my new dentist. From the welcome I got from Daisy May to the checkup by the other Daisy and explanations about my teeth and gums from Dr. Johnson and then a very thorough cleaning by her sister Dr. Johnson. All around a very caring staff. When I was going through my purse looking for Vaseline, they had some. When I was searching for my headphones to listen to music while my teeth were being cleaned, they had headphones and asked what my favorite Pandora station was. They offered a desensitising paste to help my sensitive teeth during the cleaning, and used a laser on my teeth after. I’ve never had that offered before. I am super happy my previous doctor stopped taking my insurance. If not, I would never have found Great Smiles of La Mesa. Thank you!

Whitney P. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had the best appointment at Great Smiles of La Mesa! Jessica greeted me when I walked in and was really friendly and made me feel welcome (even though I’m terrified of the dentist). Dr. Johnson was absolutely great – there was no pain and she made the whole experience comfortable. She recommended that I get an implant, so I met with her associate who does implants. Dr. Cunningham did an amazing job, and I’m super happy with the way my smile looks now. I’ll definitely be continuing with all my dental needs at this office!

Rita G. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have had bad experiences with dentists and this office made me feel so welcome, at ease, and took my fear and anxiety away. I can’t thank the staff enough and will be seeing them often. Thank you for giving me hope and that there is light at the end of the tunnel for my dental problems! You guys are the best from start to finish!

Cynthia H. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I started going to Great Smiles of La Mesa when I discovered my daughter (9yrs old) needed braces because she didn’t have enough space to grow out all of her adult teeth. I have heard this from 3 different dentist all with outstanding prices. One of the dentists I knew personally wanted to charge me over $300 a month. When I met with Dr Johnson we connected instantly. Her main focus was that I was concerned for my daughter. She explained to me the pros and cons of not starting treatment while she’s young and discussed my financial obligations. She sat and made it easy to understand. My daughter loved her visit and we will definitely be switching dentists.

Terry A. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


The staff at Great Smiles is caring and competent. My mother scheduled at appointment there for me because it is near my house. I suffered an anoxic brain injury in May 2019 and had first time seizures in November 2019. Besides all that, I have MS. I am a mess, and my mouth is only part of the picture, but it needs attention right now! Dr. Johnson carefully explained all of my dental issues to my mother and me. She referred me immediately to an oral surgeon to take care of the most pressing problem. The hygienist was super nice and made me laugh. She and all of the staff felt like family, and I am actually looking forward to my next visit to the dentist! Thank you to one and all at Great Smiles! Tasha Albritton.

Patrick S. from Lemon Grove, CA (Source: Yelp)


Don’t listen to these other reviews. I dont know what they’re talking about. Just went here for my first initial exam and to have a tooth extraction and my experience here was awesome to say the least. Receptionist was very welcoming and friendly, dental technician was very nice and intelligent and the actual dentist was great. Did a thorough exam and was very informative about what types of treatments I should pursue.  I will not be looking for another dentist as long as this location is open. Paid way less than what was expected as well. Don’t bother reading these other reviews. I was very skeptical because I looked Great Smiles up on Yelp and saw the negative posts. I figured I’ll try it out and if it was unsatisfactory I would change what practice I go to. That’s not happening. Go on in and feel comfortable with knowing your in great hands.

George Ohnesorgen (Source: Facebook)


I can’t say enough about my new dentist and office staff! Dr. Johnson. It starts as soon as you walk in to a very welcoming and helpful staff!! Very technology savvy staff as sign-in is paperless. Staff did everything via use of state of the art technology. In meeting Dr. Johnson for the first time she made me feel at easy as she asked a few questions to get to know me personally. She then went over my teeth pictures and X-rays to give me an idea of what work I needed on my very old teeth. She came back and did my first teeth cleaning then I worked with office staff to set up next visit. Dr. Johnson and staff did an excellent job with my teeth, explained everything that needed to be done and eased my anxiety of being in the dentist chair. Highly recommend her!

Edward O. from Lemon Grove, CA (Source: Yelp)


I don’t usually rate different business place I go to unless they are really horrible and I want to save others from the experience. But this was far far from a bad experience! I retired  from the Army in 2009.  I have PTSD and it has been nearly impossible  for me to be able to sit in a dental chair without having a panic attack.  A while back  I went to a dentist for a  check up and even had some sedation prior to sitting in the chair. It was a grueling experience, not that they did anything wrong as far as treatment.  It just felt  like I was at aa military dentist in which I was just a peice of meat that needed to just get done, so they  could move on to the next person. My wife’s insurance changed so we had to go to another provider.  I have some serious dental issues since I have avoided the dentist so long. Finally I believe the Lord allowed one of my teeth to crack in half, forcing me to call the dentist. I called up and spoke to Daisy Mae, to see about getting in for an appointment. Since we had new  insurance through my wife’s work, I didn’t have the new ID number and company name. First Daisy was very friendly and accommodating on the phone. She stayed  on the phone and listened to my concerns about treatment. I didn’t feel rushed and didn’t feel she just wanted to get the information and move  on. This was the first step in making me feel llike this might work out. She went the extra mile in sending me the new patient forms so that I could fill them out at home instead of on a clipboard on my lap, trying to remember dates and other info while being worried about what was yo come in the dental chair. She was able to get the forms taken care of and pull up the new insurance with little effort on my end. The day I came in for the procedure, she was nice and pleasant at the front counter and that really helped me to relax. All the staff that day were awesome!  I even  saw a little welcome board on the wall with my name on it. That really made me feel like I was more than a number. They went over all the options  of treatment anD worked with me on  what  I could afford and a plan to take care of the issues in a timely manner. The day of the  big procedure, was to be a deep cleaning. I expected pain as the cleanings I had had before were not pleasant. Mt hygienist Shiva did a super job. She explained to me what  as going to happen and constantly  checked to make sure all was good. If  i needed a second or two, she would let me have it and I didn’t feel like I was being rushed or on a time crunch. I felt no real pain, I was pleasantly surprised and it was very easy to relax. Then onto the heavy stuff, root canal and other work. Dr. Johnson  did a super job. Her and her assistant ( sorry forgot her name) did a great job. They made sure I was doing  good through the entire  process. If I needed something they would stop right away and make sure all was good. I never felt felt rushed at all. I know this is a long review, but I wanted to make sure that if anyone deals with  issues like I do that you really consIder this practice. You are put to ease from step one with Daisy Mae to all the technicians, Office Manager, and Doctors. I got many followup  calls afterwards. If you are looking for a dental office that  cares and makes you feel special. This is it!

David R. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


Because my usual dentist (Dr.  Sharin Johnson, who I also adore) went on maternity leave, I had lots of work done by Dr. Neena Patel and her assistant Kassandra.   I was extremely impressed by both of them and felt I was in the best of hands.  The anesthesia was so perfect that not only did I not have any pain during the procedure, but I wasn’t even sore from the shots afterward.   The work was too-notch in every other way as well.  They were very professional, pleasant and caring.  Would highly recommend them to others and I am going to continue to receive care there.

Isaac M. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


Great Smiles of LaMesa is great from start to finish. Dr. Johnson is by far the best dentist I’ve ever seen. She always thoroughly explains what she is going to do before she does it. She is gentle and precise. My children also see Dr. Johnson. They are so much more relaxed when it’s time to see the dentist. Patricia the hygienist is excellent. I have never had my teeth cleaned so well. She was thorough and takes the time necessary to educate and make suggestions for better oral hygiene. Jessica at the front desk is always so helpful. She is so knowledgeable about my insurance. She calls for any clarification and always keeps me up to date. Scheduling our appointments is a breeze.

Jenna Kirmes (Source: Google)


I haven’t been to the dentist is 7+ years. After a very traumatic dental event as a child I have always in other terms “hated” the dentist. I decided I needed to get myself together and go. After some research I found Great Smiles in La Mesa. Dr. Johnson and her entire staff was absolutely amazing and non judgmental, they talked to me like I was an actual human and not just a number. Maria was fantastic and very sensitive to what I have been through in the past. The whole experience from when I walked in the door was nothing short of comforting. I highly recommend Great Smiles of La Mesa to anyone who might have a fear of the dentist or really just needs to get back into the swing of things.

Sharon C. from Midway District, San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


Today was one of the best days of my life! My first visit to great smiles was incredible, I had to bring with me my 3 year old granddaughter of which is very busy, all the staff helped entertain her while I had X-rays done, she even had hidden treasures box full of toys for kids. Today I had my cleaning and it was a absolutely wonderful experience! Christina the hygienist was very thorough, gentle and she communicated  every step of the way. Kassandra  one of the assistants was very friendly with a great smile! Dr Johnson is wonderful I recommend going to her and know that you will be 100% happy with the services that she provides along with the staff! Thanks for making me smile again !!.


The office has had new ownership since 2008, and the focus has been patient care & education. The office is now trained & equipped to do most proceedures in house, so patients do not have to be referred out for most proceedures. Dr. Johnson is recently a mother of identical twin girls. When not practicing dentistry, Dr. Johnson enjoys baking with her girls and traveling to as many new places as she can. It is my pleasure to present the advantages and successes of modern dentistry to my patients. My goal is to work at each patient’s pace and to ensure they have a comfortable, positive experience. My patients are an extension of my own family, and I highly value their priorities, health, and happiness.