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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Tuesday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

Friday: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Hillel G. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Green is a FANTASTIC orthodontist! He is extremely skilled at what he does and is very talented. He also has a great bedside manner and was a pleasure to deal with during the entire process. His staff is also great, always on the ball, and very friendly. Appointments were always on time, which is a rarity these days. Finally, his place is very clean and very professional. Fantastic experience overall. I would highly recommend him (which is why I signed up my kids for Dr. Green, after my own experience.

Karen Javits (Source: Google)


We had a follow up visit for both my girls this afternoon. We had not been in person since our first visit last November! The staff and Dr. Green are so kind. Sommer was patient and answered all of our questions. Dr. Green went over options with us and we decided on a treatment plan as a team. We go back next week to start braces for my older daughter. We all left happy and satisfied and will recommend this office to our friends. Thank you!

Sasha Butterball Gold (Source: Facebook)


Superb services from day one! I’ve had my braces for a year this month and I can’t believe how much my smile has improved. I feel so much better about my appearance and I started seeing improvements very fast! I use to be afraid of the dentist! I literally hated it! I Look forward to seeing Dr. Green and the staff! They are amazing and made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. I can’t say enough about how great my experience has been and to make it even better, my payments are so affordable also! Great place!

Lindsay Wolfgang Mast (Source: Google)


From my daughter, the patient: “Green Orthodontics is awesome! Everyone there is super friendly and nice. Instead of dreading them, I look forward to my visits there. They have a really cool rewards program too. You can get some really cool stuff, like Airpods or gift cards! Dr. Green makes everyone’s teeth his personal problem to fix. I would not go to any other orthodontist.” From me: I concur on everything my daughter said. We have been with Dr. Green for several years now and he has been so enthusiastic about my kids’ treatment that we have always looked forward to seeing him. He also has the heart of a teacher and explains all processes well. He gets kids and how they work but also uses technology across the practice in a way that has just made everything easy. His staff has been nothing but professional and friendly and go above and beyond. Highly recommend

Elizabeth Singh (Source: Google)


Green Orthodontics is truly extraordinary. My friends with braces often complained of pain and how they could barely eat anything because it hurt so much. But when I got my braces from Green Orthodontics, it was painless! I was scared for no reason. The staff was so easy going and comfortable; it felt like I was just at a regular old yearly cleaning. The orthodontist who put my braces on is literally the best! Dr. Green also personally checks every patient’s teeth and is involved with everyone. It truly feels like a family there.

Alexandra Tejada (Source: Google)


I have been going to Dr Green for a couple of months now. I was eligible for invisalign, so that is my treatment. My experience so far is great. They are friendly and helpful. Even in the midst of covid, I feel like they have an excellent process. From when they greet you until you leave, you feel in safe hands. Highly recommend them.

Danit Kutner (Source: Google)


Green orthodontics is the BEST place to get braces and any other treatment. They are so nice and kind to all their patients! In addition to being very kind, that also do very great work. I have been super happy with how my teeth are looking! overall, green orthodontics are so amazing and you should definitely go there for your treatment.

Jennifer Long (Source: Google)


We have been so pleased with Green Orthodontics from day 1. Not only is everyone in the office super friendly, but their use of state of the art techniques and technologies is ensuring an efficient and comfortable treatment plan for my child who has severe overcrowding. My child adds that it’s a “nice place to visit.” We appreciate the careful and professional care offered by Dr. Green and his staff.

Lisa Romero-Paul (Source: Google)


Dr. Green and his team are amazing! From our first consultation to getting braces, Dr. Green is thoughtful about our treatment plan and continues to provide excellent patient-centered care. Dr. Green and his team always take the time to provide relevant information, present different options, and answer all patient and parent questions. The office is taking excellent COVID-19 safety precautions, creating a safe environment for care.

Ben Fishbein (Source: Facebook)


As anothet orthodontist, I can say that Dr. Green is somebody I would trust to treat my family. He is somebody I recommend to my patients when they move mid treatment into his area. It is because I know Dr. Green provides high quality orthodontics and treats all people with kindness and respect. Highly recommend.

Yifat Koren-Katz (Source: Facebook)


We had an outstanding experience with Dr Green and his staff. Dr Green is very patient, kind and gentle. My daughter was really worried before we started her treatment but once she met Dr Green he explained to her the treatment plan and everything was done efficiently and without pain. Thank you very much!!

Alicia Simpson (Source: Google)


I have had nothing short of a fantastic experience. They are super friendly and having been very accommodating during the pandemic. Dr. Green explained my whole process and each step we’ll take to make sure I get the best outcome. Each visit has been very quick and easy and I can’t wait to see the final results when we’re finished.

Cargoldin (Source: Google)


My daughter got Invisiline and my son’s braces are coming off next appointment. We’ve always been taken back right when we arrive even if we were early. All hygienists have been very sweet and competent. Dr Green is exceptional: laid back, knowledgeable and a pleasure to visit. The office itself is cool/modern and teen-oriented. There are some evening/after work appointments which we love. Lots of integrity, I’m sure if we had an issue it would be addressed. A great experience all around.

Valeria Rangel (Source: Google)


Came in to accompany my partner in crime. Couldn’t believe how clean and cordial the staff was. They literally invited me inside. The staff and Dr. Green couldn’t have been nicer. Now I see why my husband took the courage to get his teeth done. Very encouraging and positive staff. Highly recommended!

Dimitri Tejada (Source: Google)


I was very skeptical getting braces at 29 years old and more than anything, not encouraged. Dr. Green was definitely helpful not only being transparent, but also providing me with the positive aspects of why I should. I am now 7 months in and don’t regret it whatsoever. I’ve already recommended my sister, brother in law and some close friends. I don’t give recommendations lightly to close friends and family Well recommended!

Laura M (Source: Google)


I came to see Dr. Green after an awful experience at another orthodontist. Dr. Green and his team surprised me with how much they care about their patients. Every question was answered and the first time I saw Dr. Green he listened to all of my concerns for an hour which was amazing. I just got my Invisalign on Monday and so far the process has been extremely easy and comfortable with zero issues! Everyone is really helpful and kind and I cannot wait to keep progressing with my treatment! Also, I was concerned about COVID but both times I’ve been here I’ve felt extremely safe

Cindy Michaels (Source: Google)


My daughter needed work at age 8 and was very nervous, but because Dr. Green (and all the other staff!) are so friendly, she hasn’t been anxious about a single visit since the first one. I also like that they are willing to explain anything you ask about, without making it seem like a stupid question or that they are annoyed to have to deal with you. They’re all really great people and we’re lucky our dentist referred us to them!

Preston Banks (Source: Google)


Dr. Green and his staff are amazing. Right when you walk into the office, everyone greets you as if you are a celebrity. My kids are always excited to come to his office to earn a golden nickel. Dr. Green made sure that we knew all of our options and that’s what I love about him. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a new smile for yourself or your kids. You will not be disappointed!

Jill Vaysman (Source: Google)


I highly recommend Dr. Green for your orthodontia needs. He is kind, attentive, and knowledgeable in all things orthodontia. He uses the latest technology to scan the mouth and assess treatment. His office is clean and his staff and assistants are friendly and welcoming. They practice all CDC required safety measures due to COVID-19. His prices are fair and reasonable and well below other practices. They run on time for appointments and are flexible with scheduling. They also do a lot of great customer appreciation things like the free dippin’ dots truck, king of pops, refreshments, and their coveted coin system. My son is excited to get his braces removed today and redeem a prize with his tokens. My daughter has her first appointment next week for treatment. We are happy to have found Dr. Green and will continue to use him for our family’s orthodontia needs and refer all of our friends.

Sofia D. from Decatur, GA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Green has been great for me! They are always nice and gentle and the facility is beautiful. I love coming to Greens because I have the bragging rights to my friends and they have all enjoyed coming to doctor green. Doctor Tiffany is my favorite because she is always super kind and gentle with my mouth. I love the nickel system because it motivates me more to wear my rubber bands and brush my teeth twice a day. Thank you Green Orthodontics!!!

Ivan A. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Green isn’t just a great professional with sheer passion for his craft; he’s so kind and friendly that makes you feel you are in good hands instantly. He also surrounds himself with staff equally friendly. Overall, he makes you reconsider what you’d expect from a visit to the orthodontist: he’ll make it as pleasant as possible for you.

Pamela Morse Garland (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Green is so kind and warm. He explains everything to my son, who wants to know every detail about how orthodontia works. Every single staff member is friendly and warm- the space is modern and inviting. I would recommend them to everyone.

Tia B (Source: Google)


Green Orthodonics is the absolute BEST. The staff are so amazing, friendly, and great at what they do. Every time I visit, I feel welcomed and at home. The environment is always friendly. Dr. Green is very skilled at what he does and let’s you know each visit, what it is that he is doing to better your smile! I am so happy to have found this office.

Jana O (Source: Google)


My son & I both went to Green Orthodontics for a consultation. Upon entering, we were immediately impressed with not only how beautiful the space is, but how friendly everyone is! Small details like a hand written welcome note up front and fantastic customer service definitely went a long way in helping us choose Green Orthodontics. The incredible technology used in the office also made an impression. No icky molds here, just some awesome high tech 3D scans! My son got his braces and I ended up getting Invisilign. I can’t recommend this practice enough! Close, convenient, wonderful atmosphere, and very welcoming staff! Also, their Covid protocols were very good! We felt very comfortable going in!

Marci Joel (Source: Google)


Dr. Green and his staff are amazing! They take the time to explain everything to both the parents and the kids. Dr. Green is always available for questions and easy to work with. We were dreading having to go through orthodontics with three kids – but Green Orthodontics has made it a pleasure.

Susan Belmonte (Source: Google)


My daughter got her braces of phase 2 off today, and what a beautiful smile she has! We were Dr. Green’s very first patients when he opened next door at the dentist office Frankel & Stein Family Dentistry in 2016 (?). His youngest daughter had only been a born a few days prior too! Watching him and his lovely wife Rebecca build up their practice and to be a part of it has been fantastic. We feel like family when we have appointments and continue to recommend Green Orthodontics to anyone we can. Dr. Green and his team are professional, knowledgeable and truly committed to the work they do. They understand kids and take joy in being around their goofiness, awkwardness and energy. Dr. Green has watched my daughter grow up, and I can’t imagine putting her smile in anyone else’s hand. He is a craftsman who constantly hone his skills and who believes that the body’s power to heal itself should be an integral part of orthodontic care. As a result, he kept my daughter in orthodontia for far less time that another practitioner might have required. We have always been given the honest answer – whether about cost, length of treatment, or anything else. I am not willing to drive long distances for doctors, but I would drive across town in 5:00 Atlanta traffic for every appointment to get to Green Orthodontics. Not to mention, Dr. Green plays a mean keyboard, has a great sense of humor, and is someone I would want to be friends with were we not his patients (Rebecca too). Do yourself a favor and make an appointment. You won’t regret it

Keunsha Upkins (Source: Google)


Exceptional service! State of the art technology! Staff is super nice and comforting. Beautiful establishment!! AKayla is the best! Very polite, and patient! I loved how Dr. Green acknowledged AKayla’s preciseness! He’s also very nice and straight to the point! I couldn’t have picked a better orthodontist!! Great place !

Kareema Jivani (Source: Google)


Best staff ever they all are so kind and friendly ,I started my treatment up here 8 months back I already see difference on my smile , and other staff answer all my questions very nicely I love how they work with me on all my appointments up here I highly recommend this place and I’m so happy that I’m a part of this family up here

Np Hang (Source: Google)


I love coming to see Dr. Green. All the staff are so nice and awesome! I use to have anxiety seeing my previous orthodontist due to bad mouth pain experiences I am left with, but here at Dr. Green, everyone who has adjusted my braces so far are so gentle and I feel super comfortable. Thank you for the great work you all do at Green Orthodontics!

Matthew L. Silverman (Source: Google)


We love Dr.Green for so many reasons: 1. Kid and adult friendly. Yeah they make you feel welcome. They make the little ones feel excited about coming. Every time. 2. The work is really good. Dr.Green and his staff are really good at what they do. 3. Love their offices. The setup is really nice. It was well thought out and it shows. There is a “very little kids” room. I think the only thing which is missing is maybe a “phone booth for adults on conference calls”. They have refreshments, nice couches to wait on, great lighting (lots of windows), and everything is clean all the time. Yes I would come back here

Bryn Bollins (Source: Google)


The entire Green Orthodontics staff is careful and caring. They get you in and out quickly but make sure that you are Informed on what is happening every step of the way. Dr. Green is so kind and always asks questions to make sure you understand your treatment and how your checkup is going. We love him and recommend him to all of our friends!

Michelle Hines (Source: Google)


I absolutely LOVE Dr Green and his team!!! They are so professional! They are always upbeat and friendly, especially Tiffany and Yashira! They always give me the care, time, and attention needed. I’m so excited to see my smile after treatment! And their office is so sleek and clean. They have a nice kid friendly play room and braces friendly snacks!

Susan P. Belmonte (Source: Facebook)


My daughter was one of Dr. Green’s first (or one of) patient in his first week. He makes me wish I could get braces again just to be his patient. He is a fantastic practitioner. His wife, Rebecca, and his team make for an overall top notch experience every time we go. My daughter actually gets excited when she has an appointment!

Riya Patel (Source: Google)


The entire staff at Green Orthodontics is SUPER caring. They make sure you are comfortable and inform you during each visit about the steps they are going to take to help with your treatment. Everyone is so kind and thoughtful. Dr.Green always likes to help out and makes sure to explain or answer any questions you may have along the way. Honestly, this is the best place to get your smile right! I love it here and I’m so glad I got my braces done at Green Orthodontics. 20 out of 10, I would recommend.

Katie Jones (Source: Google)


My dentist recommended I consider getting braces and referred me to Green Orthodontics. I went in for my consultation in December 2019 and decided to move forward with Invisalign in January 2020. Unfortunately, COVID-19 impacted my first check-in appointment, and my Invisalign got slightly off track. Green Orthodondics helped me figure out the best way to move forward and got me in as soon as they could once they reopened. Upon consultation, they decided to make new trays for me. I’m now back on track, and my teeth look and feel great! Dr. Green and his staff are all extremely friendly and organized. I’m so happy I chose to do my orthodontic work with Green Orthodontics!