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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Tuesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Valerie W. from Meridian, ID (Source: Yelp)


I transferred to Dr. Guymon and his team when we moved here from Georgia and I could not be happier with my treatment and my results. It’s difficult to find an orthodontist that treats adults and I was fortunate enough to find 2- one in Georgia and then in Meridian. I am in the medical field and I found Dr. Guymon and all the staff and office folks to be extremely knowledgeable, helpful, pleasant, encouraging, and supportive. I enjoy the upbeat ambience and smiling faces in each and every office visit. When I was due to complete my last trays I asked Dr. Guymon to extend my treatment another few months to “tweak” a couple teeth and he was 100% on board. He made adjustments to my next trays and that did the trick! I am so happy with my results as well as glad I made the decision to get my teeth corrected! If you are an adult struggling with your self confidence because you feel your teeth are out of line and not at their best get a consultation from the experts. That was the first step in my journey and I am glad I did it

Robi Wynia (Source: Google)


Super friendly and very knowledgeable orthodontal assistants. They always greet you with big smiles and heartfelt hello. We even had to contact the on call assistant after hours to help make an adjustment do to eating some sticky food. They willingly came in on a holiday weekend and helped us out. Dr. Guymon is very knowledgable and worked his magic to get my son’s teeth straightened out in only 18 months. Would highly recommend heading in for a consolation if you or your family is in need for any teeth straightening.

Aundrea Friedley (Source: Facebook)


100% this place was AMAZING! They have it down to a science and their customer service was top notch 100% of the time. I used another office for one child and the experience was so different with GUYMON. Even with the crazy pandemic, we have been able to complete/get the braces off/retainer fitting and final appointment. I recommend them having experience with three separate offices/three kids. I wish I had found Guymon first. One other thing, they have great events they take the time to plan for their patients each summer. AND when there is no pandemic, you can get an ice cream cone on the way out. It’s all about the patient at these offices. Thanks Dr Guymon and staff!!

Tonya J. from Eagle, ID (Source: Yelp)


Our family has been part of the Guymon orthodontics family for around 10 years now. They really are like a family! I’ve see the same smiling faces who greet me and each of my 6 children like friends. So far 5 out of 5 have kept their beautiful straight teeth. If there has ever been an issue of shifting teeth they’ve addressed it right away and my children have maintained their great smiles over the years! It’s a great environment with great quality orthodontics! Worth every penny for a lifetime of perfect teeth!

Olivia W (Source: Google)


I’ve had a wonderful experience with Guymon orthodontics. Both Dr Guymon & Dr Morris are perfectionist. They’re very personable and always welcome you with a warm smile. They pay very close attention to detail. They both have great personalities and take interest in your life. The staff in this office are all very friendly. Any questions or concerns I had they would listen and work with me. Huge shout out to Sammy and Trudi in the back. At my very first appointment Teresa did a great job at explaining the financial part of the treatment. During my consultation Dr Guymon offered a variety of options for correcting my teeth at a affordable cost. Overall my experience with Guymon Orthodontics has been a 10/10. Highly recommend them to anyone! Thanks Dr Guymon, Morris & Staff for helping me achieve my beautiful smile!

Kaylee P. from Nampa, ID (Source: Yelp)


Words cannot describe how amazing everyone is at Dr. Guymon’s!! Everyone made me feel so welcomed. As an adult getting braces I went in feeling very awkward. Halfway through my first visit I was already so comfortable! They made my dreams come true with the smile I’ve always wanted. I will recommend Dr. Guymon and his team to everyone I know!! I left with an amazing smile and feeling like I had made so many new friends. Thank you guys so much!!

Jeff Lobato (Source: Google)


Very impressed with this Orthodontics office. Every member of the staff is very friendly and amazing! Just today I had a appointment two weeks out from now but I had to reschedule for a later date but they took me in today even though they were really busy! If you need to go to a orthodontist this is a place. If I could give more stars I would! Amazing people. Keep it up you guys!

Amanda Gallup (Source: Google)


I cannot say enough about this office. Every experience has been top notch. My teenager had a trauma that caused her to lose a front tooth. Her teeth needed straightened any way so i made an appointment with Guymon. He saw her quickly and made payments affordable. He fitted her with a fake tooth attached to her braces so she wouldn’t feel self conscious and made her teeth absolutely perfect. They made her a retainer with a tooth attached and later a flipper so she can be a “normal” kid. Her smile is perfect and their friendliness and attention to detail is phenomenal. Then my younger daughter had a severe underbite and he has pulled out all the stops to get it fixed. We are still working on her smile but i can’t even believe all of the things he’s done to “get it right”. When i didn’t think i could afford both girls to be in braces they worked some magic that i didn’t think was even possible to get them taken care of. We have had emergencies and they have stayed late to take care of us. Honestly there is not a better place to go. They treat every patient like a person and they care, not just a number they have to push through the day. If i could give more than 5stars i would

S. Cable (Source: Google)


Everyone here is the very best at what they do; from the front office staff, to the hygienists, to Dr. Guymon himself. Very professional, always on time, and just a wonderful place to be. There’s something about being in a workplace where you just know that the employees truly love what they do. I would recommend them to anyone looking for the best orthodontic care in the area!

Naomi W. from Star, ID (Source: Yelp)


We have been so pleased with Dr. Guymon and his staff! Instead of dreading a visit to the orthodontist my son looks forward to his visits. Dr. Guymon and his staff are very friendly and always greet you with a smile. I love that they have made their office into a fun place for all who visit and they definitely go out of their way to let you know that they appreciate you. We highly recommend Dr. Guymon and his amazing staff!

Joy Spencer (Source: Facebook)


My daughter has been a patient of Dr. Guymon’s for the last year and seven months (she just got her braces off today) and we have had nothing but the BEST experience in that office. From the very first time we walked in and had our consultation to today, every single staff member was AMAZING! So kind and very knowledgeable. Their payment plan worked great for our family’s budget and my daughter now has a gorgeous smile (almost 3 months ahead of schedule too!) I will continue to recommend Dr. Guymon for years to come! Thanks again!!

Jose Sanchez (Source: Google)


Dr. Guymon is highly recommended. Dr. Guymon and the staff are very helpful and friendly. My daughter said, “she has enjoyed her experience with braces”. She is even a little sad, but happy to get them off. I will definitely be coming back if my son needs braces. Thank you Guymon Orthodontics for making my daughters beautiful smile!

Jared M. from Eagle, ID (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Guymon is one of the nicest and friendliest Orthodontist I have met. His years of experience and expertise has helped with the treatment of our family. Our experience with Dr. Guymon and his team has been the best. From the moment you walk in, you are greated with a warm, friendly, smiling face and will receive the best treatment.

Katie Ripplinger (Source: Google)


I was blown away by our experience at Dr. Guymon’s! Not only did my twins come out with beautiful smiles, but they greatly anticipated each appointment. From retro video games before the appointment to ice cream cones after. Even the staff acts like you walked into a party. My daughter just got her braces off at “Deband Day” and they had balloons, cookies, prizes and pretty much treated her like a celebrity. She’s constantly bragging to her friends about “her orthodontist”. My husband and I chose Dr. Guymon for his skills and experience, but are grateful they were able to turn something most teens dread into something they will always remember as an awesome experience. Thank you Dr. Guymon and team!

Mike Brown (Source: Google)


I had the privilege of getting my braces done with Dr Guymon and his staff awhile ago and I have to say I was one of those people that really didn’t think I needed them as an adult. Through the treatment they were awesome to work with on scheduling around my busy life. It was a professional yet extremely fun office to be in. I looked forward to being there every time I went. I have never been to a Dr office and had them be on time consistently, but at this office, they were always on time, I wasn’t sitting there forever wondering if I was going to make it back to work on time, and the appointments really did take the amount of time they said they would!! They proved just how wrong I was, I REALLY did benefit from them. I was able to actually floss and clean spaces I didn’t know were possible, and I was more comfortable in public and actually smiled with my teeth. No more feeling like I had to fake smile to hide them. It wasn’t super painful like people tried to make it seem, a little uncomfortable for a day after the appointments and that was about it. I can’t thank them enough for the new look!! …oh and the promotional things he does are crazy awesome!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!

Suzy Dilkes Hutteball (Source: Facebook)


I first went to Dr Guymon’s office, barely being able to open my mouth anymore. 10 years of pain, slowly being able to chew less food, a struggle to brush my back teeth and more. Several tmj specialists, physical therapists and other orthodontists telling me nothing can be done, 10 mins with Dr Guymon and a referral for surgery to fix my overbite, along side his orthodontic work and I’m now a new woman, with a new life. I finally had someone tell me YES we can fix this. Dr Guymon truly knows his field. In every single aspect. His work is incredible. The whole team are patient and kind and responsive. This is the only place to go. Truly truly grateful for these people.

Kurt A. from Meridian, ID (Source: Yelp)


There are a few ways I view our experiences at Guymon Orthdontics: the quality of work and care, customer service, and facilities. We felt from start to finish that Dr. Guymon and all the technicians were top shelf – everyone is well trained and experienced. They are efficient and took the time to explain everything as we went never leaving a question unanswered; a reassuring experience we appreciated. We couldn’t ask for more and my son’s teeth are simply spectacular! I’m big on customer service and at no time were staff anything less than friendly and engaging. We always felt welcomed and it felt more than a patient/Doctor relationship. To say it was truly outstanding understates the quality of care and customer service. The office is clearly kid friendly and in the midst of all the fun things for kids to do, there is an orthodontics business. It truly is something to see and experience. Top to bottom Guymon Orthodontics is truly incredible and my son’s teeth look fantastic! If it isn’t the model for amazing orthodontia care it should be.

Jen J. from Meridian, ID (Source: Google)


We visited two choices and Guymon won hands down. Professional courteous staff who easily made us feel comfortable. Love the friendly and welcoming office. All of the assistants are so friendly to my daughter and to us. They are great at answering questions and making us feel confident in our choice. Payment options are also very much appreciated. After visiting the other ortho, even though that office was closer it was no comparison to Dr Guymon’s.

Eddie Parker (Source: Google)


Guymon Orthodontics has been an incredible experience from the very beginning. The staff is very friendly and helpful, and they are very good at their jobs. Any problems and/or concerns that I’ve had have been solved immediately by the folks here at Guymon. I am very thankful for how well they did on my smile. I would not and will not ever hesitate to recommend Guymon Orthodontics to anyone looking to get any type of teeth alignment. My experience has been strictly positive and they deserve even more than five stars. Such a positive community that I’m happy to have been a part of. They are great people who do their work well! 🙂

Andrea G. from Nampa, ID (Source: Yelp)


My daughter was so insecure about her smile before braces. She begged for braces! My husband and I couldn’t pass up the low payment plan! A year and a half later, my daughter is getting her braces off and she is so blown away by the results! She looks even more beautiful, if that’s even possible! Thank you Dr Guymon and staff for your expertise and professionalism! We couldn’t be happier with the results!

Chryssi Hague (Source: Google)


Dr Guymon and his staff are absolutely incredible! From the consultation to the aftercare, we’ve had nothing but a positive experience. Everyone is friendly, the atmosphere is fun and inviting for the kids, the office(s) are clean and inviting…I can’t say enough!! My son can now smile with confidence, and Dr. Guymon has given him a priceless gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Mary Robinson (Source: Facebook)


Just finished with my appointment with Guymon Orthodontics and I am so happy I found them! My permanent retainer (placed by another dentist) broke and they were able to get me in the next day to place a new one! Everyone from the front to back was super friendly and I was taken back quickly after finishing my paperwork. The retainer was placed easily and I was out and had an hour to burn before returning to work! I’ll be bringing my 11 year old for treatment to them soon! Thanks everyone!

Makenzie Baird (Source: Google)


I recently needed my retainer glued back on to one of my front teeth. My orthodontist retired so I needed to find another office to go to. I called around a few places in the Valley and Guymon office was the nicest to me over the phone and was the only onewho could give me an approximate price estimation. My appointment was so fast and when I was done they told me I didn’t need to worry about paying! This was AWESOME customer service! I didn’t even get my retainers through them and they were so kind to fix it for me. I would highly recommend this office! Thank you so much again Guymon Orthodontics! It was truly exceptional service and did not go unnoticed!

Katy Reynolds (Source: Google)


I am loving my new smile! This was my second round of orthodontics. I am now 34 and since having braces as a teenager, due to natural and medical causes, my teeth shifted and needed to be repositioned and straightened out again. My journey with Dr. Guymon and his staff began about a year and a half ago. Here are my pros and cons: Pros: Dr. Guymon and his staff are extremely kind and caring. Their office in Meridian is very clean, comfortable and welcoming. I am LOVING my new smile. When Invisalign didn’t properly do the job, Dr. Guymon then put braces on for no extra charge. Cons: The estimated amount of time for my care ended up being more than double what Dr. Guymon initially told me. This wasn’t that big of a deal, because ultimately I was willing to put in the amount of time necessary. Communication and consistency were the main frustrations for me through my treatment. I felt like I had to constantly be my own advocate. It felt like perhaps Dr. Guymon rushed through appointments a bit, cycling through the many patients in the cue. It felt like he started every appointment unfamiliar with my teeth and the main issues we had been tackling, and his approach seemed to change from what we had previously discussed. However, when I reminded them of the approach we had discussed he would switch back to that initial plan. What I’m not is an orthodontist but what I am is assertive, a bit picky and somewhat skeptical. Overall, like I said, I LOVE my teeth. Ultimately, Dr. Guymon ended up doing a great job. Thank you!

Kristine M. from Boise, ID (Source: Yelp)


We came in today for a consultation and ended up getting braces on my daughter today! They work with your financial situation and set up affordable payment plans. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. There are a lot of fun things to do here for everyone, video game room for anyone to play while you wait, todler play room etc. If you are looking to find a great orthodontist definitely come in and get a consultation here!

Nicole A. from Boise, ID (Source: Yelp)


The first thing my fiancé said the day I got my braces off was “so when are we going to do MY teeth???”. I am SO HAPPY I chose Dr. Guymon’s office! My dentist recommended him based on his expertise with newer types of braces. I selected lingual braces which go behind the teeth. No one even knew I was wearing them! I would casually mention ‘my braces’ to people and they would look at me like I had lost my mind. In order to keep up my professional appearances, it was important to me to not look younger than I am. In fact, I had been wanting braces for years but had put it off. I’m getting married this summer and now my teeth are straight and I am SO glad I did it! The office staff was super friendly and SOOO accommodating; I had to reschedule more than typical due to my job, and everyone was so sweet. Go to Dr. Guymon, you won’t regret it!

Jaron Hill (Source: Google)


I feel the the thing that separates Dr Guymon’s office above all others other than Dr Guymon himself and his impeccable eye for perfection, is his staff! They are very personable and make it a point to create a relationship with their customers. They know their name and they remember the things about them from previous visits. Awesome Awesome individuals and amazing results.

Michele B. from Kuna, ID (Source: Yelp)


1st let me say I am over 40 years of age and decided I wanted to be confident with my teeth and smile so I started with Guymon Ortho a year ago and I am so impressed with the entire Guymon team, everyone is friendly and best of all great SMILES!! Thank you to all the staff, although most of my visits I had Anita, technician and she was always so friendly, I will miss the staff, because I graduated and my braces are off! Thank you for an awesome SMILE!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! If you are young, adult, any age…you owe it to yourself to have a happy smile and call Guymon Orthodontics, they will take care of you!!!

Carol Plott (Source: Google)


Megan got her braces off today and looks GREAT! Dr Guymon and staff have made all of our experiences so awesome. We’ve had 4 family members get braces. We fully recommend Dr Guymon to anyone looking to get braces. They are so friendly and accessible. We are all finished with braces now, but it’s been the easiest experience ever. I used my flex spending medical account and it wasn’t painful at all!

Kimberly Peevler (Source: Google)


Hands down this is the best dental office I have very been to. The staff is extremely friendly. Dr Guymon has been extremely fun ya I said the dentist is fun. My teeth were so bad and his treatment got my teeth looking perfect in 1 year and 2 month. I even bring my 2 kids here. Best experience I have ever had and it truly has been a pleasure. You guys rock!

Kat D.  from Meridian, ID (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Guymon’s office is AWESOME! Two of my children needed to get braces and I spent a good deal of time finding the perfect orthodontist. After 4 or 5 consultations with other orthodontists, I went to see Dr. Guymon. The office is conveniently located across the street from Meridian Middle School. The office is super fun! They have a small arcade with video games from the 80’s that you can play while you are waiting for your appointment. There are phone chargers in the waiting room for just about any phone. They even have a step & repeat that you can use when taking a selfie! Next to the step and repeat is a question of the month. When you answer the question you are entered into a drawing for different prizes (gift cards, for example). Once your kids are done with their braces Dr. Guymon gives you a delicious gourmet caramel apple & you get to sign the wall. The walls in the treatment area is covered with writing from everyone who completed their braces treatment. It’s super cool! Another nice bonus is that they have a soft serve ice cream machine & the kids (and parents) are able to grab an ice cream cone on their way out when their appointment is done! The pricing & financing options are very fair and flexible. Dr. Guymon’s office is great! I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.

Wendy Brinton (Source: Google)


Our 4th and last child is getting her braces off today. What an exciting day! We have been coming to this office for so many years in a row now – it is strange to think we are at the end. Dr. Guymon and the staff are so fun and feel like friends. All 4 kids have come here and received fantastic treatment and fabulous results. Thank you, Guymon Orthodontics for your kindness, professionalism, and dedication to great smiles. What a great investment!

Nicole H. from Meridian, ID (Source: Yelp)


My son just got his braces off and we are SO happy with the results! Dr. Guymon and his staff made it such a great experience. We looked forward to every appointment. The atmosphere was fun-from the video games, earning coins to buy something cool, to the random contests. Not to mention writing on the wall and getting a head shot to display on their wall when the braces come off! I would recommend Guymon Orthodontics to everyone!

Stephanie Sevigny (Source: Google)


Today, my son got his braces off! We’re very excited, of course, but it’s the end of an era. We’ve been seeing Dr. Guymon and his wonderful staff for years now, first with my daughter and now with my son. The people at Guymon Orthodontics are so friendly and professional — we’ll miss them! They’re perfectionists, too. Both of my children have beautiful, straight teeth now! We are so pleased and happily recommend Guymon Orthodontics.

SAMANTHA JONES (Source: Google)


Dr.Guymons office is truly the greatest I have ever been to. Sammie has worked with me for the past few years and does everything in her power to go above and beyond to make each visit personal to fit my needs. I have been out of my braces for a year and a half and they have stood behind the work that was completed and have bent over backwards making sure I am happy even after my treatment has been complete. I would recommend Dr.Guymons office to anyone looking for personalized one on one care. I have never received better customer service then I have since walking in their office for the first time. I look forward to every visit as all employees are warm and welcoming.