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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

Thursday: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Lisa B. from Rolesville, NC (Source: Yelp)


The most caring, compassionate, professional and wonderful Dentists and staff I have ever experienced. Dr. Hardy is truly a gifted, special man and Dr. He is a hidden gem in a sea of millions of DDS and oral surgeons. My family and I are blessed to have found him. He restores hope in your dental needs and makes it possible to have quality, professional, excellent care. His demeanor and soul is so beautiful. He is truly one of life’s blessings. A very special and rare person in today’s crazy world. Not kidding. See for yourself.

Ann Smithjohnson (Source: Google)


Dr.Hardy and His Staff Are The Best!!! I became His Patient on October 21,2021. I have had The BEST SERVICE and EXPERIENCES in His Office ANYONE could EVER ASK FOR!!! My Bridgework was COMPLETED TODAY 1/11/22 and I am ELATED, AMAZED, HAPPY and Most of All BLESSED with The Work He Done for Me!! FROM THE MOMENT I made the Initial Phone Call to Come in for A consultation I KNEW and FELT He was THE ANSWER TO MY PRAYERS!! I went into His Practice A Broken Person, wearing A Mask, Not Only because of The Mask Mandate BUT because of “8” of My FRONT TEETH that had To Be Surgically Removed. I LITERALLY was Living A Nightmare. I was Told To Use My Upper and Lower Partials IN WHICH I COULDN’T They Made Me Gag and want to regurgitate the Moment I would try to put them in!! I Cried and Prayed To God to Please Help Me because I just Couldn’t Walk Around at 57 Year’s Old A Nice Looking Lady with NO FRONT TEETH!! NOR Could I walk around in A Mask for the Rest of My Life to Hide Me being Teethless. THEN LOW AND BEHOLD I seen A HARDY SMILES INFOMERCIAL while at Work One Day and Something Said To Me “HE CAN HELP YOU” and That Is Exactly what Dr.Hardy Did!!!I went to The Consultation on 10/21/21 and the VERY NEXT WEEK 10/28/21 I HAD MY TEMPORARY BRIDGEWORK Done!!! I NO LONGER was Walking Around Teethless!!Dr. James Hardy YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER to Me!!! I’m FOREVER INDEBTED TO YOU SIR!! THANKS FOR HELPING ME “SMILE AGAIN”” I am A Living Testimony!!! I’m Still In Shock that I Have A Mouth Full of Teeth and Can Eat Whatever My Heart Desires!! My Permanent Bridgework was Completed This Morning 1/11/22 and I Am So Happy and I Feel Complete Again!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! MAY GOD CONTINUE TO USE YOU TO HELP MANY OTHERS GET THEIR SMILES and LIVES BACK!!!

Tammy Harrelson Whitby (Source: Facebook)


This Is more than just a dentist,it’s family it’s a second chance at life, when you walk in the door you feel a hug of Love with compassion and faith that people truly do care about about you. You’re not just a dollar sign they will work with your budget so you will still look and feel beautiful. You walk in feeling defeated, depteated, but you don’t leave the same you leave changed with Joy and gladness. They care about you! They work as a team and want you to leave with you our best smile a place of 2nd chances!! Not just on the outside your true beauty radiates from the inside with your beautiful smile, Dr. Hardy, his daughter, and other Dentist along with all the others, everyone works as a team to build your confidence they encourage you and help lift you fears up and away and remind you of the end result a new beginning! I truly believe the Lord sent meet there. A new smile, a new confidence a new beginning. Yes there are many other places you go, but I I can say this you will not have the experience of, kindness, encouragement, courtesy. Kindness, caring, genuine people who want you to be the best you.

Shannon Taylor (Source: Google)


Hardy Smile is by far the best dentist I have dealt with. I came to see Dr. Hardy sad and broken and he didn’t hesitate to take me under his wing and correct what was wrong, he gave my smile one more chance. Since then we have established a wonderful relationship. I have come to trust Dr. Hardy very much. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this practice to anyone. A Hardy Smile is the Best Smile.

Jim Wynn (Source: Google)


My recent visit to following a broken tooth was the first dental experience that I have ever had in which I felt at ease and fully informed of the process. Dr. Hardy has an engaging professional and friendly demeanor coupled with cutting-edge experience that keeps up with the latest advances in dentistry. And I like the way that he interacts with his staff – with respect and appreciation.

 (Source: Yelp)


Ruby Williams (Source: Google)


Dr. J. Hardy and Dr. Alecia are very good dentist and work together as a team. He is gentle, easy going and a laid back dentist that certainly knows what he is doing. Dr. Alecia is a chip off the old block. I heard her quite a few times giving Dr. James a few pointers. They both know their jobs to the upmost. At this point l am extremely satisfied with my mini implants and they feel better than ever. They both had a lot of work to do with my teeth. I am great ful and know that l choose the best dentist firm with in this general area. I am recommending others to this firm that may need dental work of any kind. I therefore rate Dr. James Hardy and Dr. Alecia Hardy a five star for their firm. In my concussion l am proud and happy of my new beautiful teeth. Thanks to both of you. Ruby Williams.

Jamie Coffey (Source: Google)


I had the worst tooth pain ! Dr Hardy and his staff were so fast and friendly from seeing me at consult to scheduling me the next week for my wisdom teeth! I got 2 removed in less than an hr, and no pain! He made sure I was numb and comfortable start and finish! I would so recommend this office ! Plan on taking my daughter back for her procedure too!

Angelica Person (Source: Google)


Highly recommend this office. Best dentist office I’ve ever been to and I’ve been to a few. The whole staff was welcoming, polite, and great at their jobs. Dr. Hardy performed two extractions for me. I’ve had a tooth extracted before and it took about an hour. Dr. Hardy had me numb and both teeth out in about 30 min. Excellent excellent job. All of my visits have been pain free and very comfortable. Dr.Hardy is definitely a godsend. He is dedicated to his work and very experienced and you can tell in his work. Hands down the best of the best.

Donna Milligan (Source: Google)


I haven’t been to the dentist in 10+ years and was dreading the experience. The staff at Hardy Family Dentistry was awesome! Kind, courteous, polite and so very reassuring. I was anxious and nervous about the whole visit, and the staff and Dr. Hardy could not have done more to make me feel comfortable and safe. I am going back to have some work done and maybe I’ll take them a box of Krispy Kreme donuts as a ‘thank you’…or would that be the absolute wrong item for a dentist office? lol…perhaps a fruit basket would be more appropriate 🙂

Wendy Swartz (Source: Facebook)


I went to Hardy Family Dentistry for a consultation. I was very impressed. His waiting room and office are very clean and comfortable. The office staff was friendly and helpful. I did not wait long at all. They are very punctual . The actual procedure room was very clean . I had x-rays taken while in the chair and then Dr. Hardy came in and did a thorough exam of my mouth. He then explained exactly what I need done and an estimate of the cost. He spoke to me in terms that I could understand rather than the clinical terms that usually just confuse me. Dr. Hardy’s staff are all very nice friendly people. Dr. Hardy himself is a nice man that I found easy to talk to. He is understanding and kind and does not talk down to people. He is a very different Doctor than most that I have met. He actually took the time to listen to my concerns and help me to feel relaxed about the work he is going to do on my mouth. I feel like I will be more relaxed and confident knowing he will be the one doing it. I went in that office very scared and anxious but I came out feeling very good and safe. I would tell anyone who is afraid of the dentist that they need to go to Hardy Family Dentistry and they will quickly become more confident and less fearful. Thank you Dr. Hardy, and God Bless You for all of us that you have helped.

Pam Fuller-Smith (Source: Google)


I was in a lot of pain when I got to Dr. Hardy’s office on Monday. They didn’t have any available appointments but they worked me in the day I called. That tells me they care about their patients. My mouth and jaw are still sore and I have some pain as well but nothing like I had Saturday and Sunday! I thank them very much for seeing me and taking care of me!!!

Blanche Dean (Source: Google)


What a great experience – something not usually said about a dental visit. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and professional — a great combination. Dr. Hardy was great. My husband and I are on a fixed income and have private dental insurance. They worked with us to help us get the most out of our insurance and the least out of our pockets. We now have a plan of action for dental care and a great team to provide the care. I totally recommend these folks.

Sarah Hotte (Source: Google)


Dr. Hardy is such a caring dentist and I highly recommend him. He is especially attentive to you personal needs, you’re not a money sign for his practice and I love that he builds a caring relationship with you by showing your a individual. Some Doctors seem cold and display the “in and out”, “move on to the next person” and doesn’t stop to really see your needs beyond your dental routine. He really cares for his patients, their concerns and he sets a solid action plan if needed. Linda @ the checkout window gives you even more confidence on cost, billing and insurance. She is quick in her response if you have questions and does everything to make sure that you understand the process of billing.

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 (Source: Facebook)


Laverne Robinson (Source: Google)


Well. where do I begin??? This practice is TOP NOTCH. I have been looking for a good Cosmetic Dentist for approximately 2 years now. Unfortunately, I had no idea it was so difficult to find a very competent – reasonably priced Dentist. I do not mean cheap because I am well aware of – you get what you pay for. However, Dr. Hardy has proven he and his staff is 5 steps above one’s expectations. I could not understand why I was having such a hard time finding a Dentist to do corrective actions to my mouth. In which, I did not think it was very bad at all but ran into one crazy Dentist after another. Either they were somewhat incompetent in my opinion or extremely pricey. My first consultation with Dr. Hardy, the intake process was very smooth and short – I was impressed from the beginning. However, it got much better as I was seated in a picturesque room with all of the slow old school jams playing at the perfect pitch. In addition, there was a bird feeder at the window – with all kinds of birds making their debut as I relaxed waiting on Dr. Hardy to arrive. I thought I was at a spa. Dr. Hardy’s assistant was very good and thorough at explaining what would happen from beginning to end. She was extremely professional, not to mention pretty. Just as I thought, this is the Dentist for me, his assistance began to serenate me with live vocal from the old-school-jams playing. In walks Dr. Hardy, very confident and began my initial consultation, after minutes, he asked me, “what do want me to do for you?” Before I could finish articulating what I wanted – he said, “YOU JUST WANT YOUR MOUTH FIXED – RIGHT?” and I immediately said YES. Finally, I felt a Dentist listened to me and Dr. Hardy and his assistant immediately began to prepare a full treatment plan for me and to my surprise – was able to give me exactly what I have wanted for years but no Dentist was listening to me. I felt they were only giving me the text book of their training without any deviation and it was not working for me. Thank God for this EXTREMELY CONFIDENT DENTIST OFFICE, it is definitely a ONE-STOP-SHOP. Dr. Hardy (also has a voice like LUTHER VANDROSS – can you believe you get all of this from a DENTIST) and his staff does it all – with a SMILE and I must add, his entire staff is very easy on the eye (perhaps a step above) – RARE FIND.. I was so impressed after my second visit, I brought my sister up for service last week from South Carolina. I have been trying to get my sister entire mouth serviced for almost a year and have been to 3 dentists and to date still don’t have a plan/cost of service. Dr. Hardy gave us everything we needed with one hour – treatment plan/reasonable cost and scheduled my sister a second appointment for next week to get started working on your mouth. THIS DOCTOR AND STAFF IS THE REAL DEAL. If you are unhappy with your dentist or having trouble finding one – you must visit his office and I assure you – YOU WILL BE SATIFIED. By the way, this may seem like a paid advertisement but it is not – I am just so happy to find such a COMPETENT COSMETIC DENTIST – I want to share it with everyone. DR. HARDY IS THE MAN.

Janice Muchere (Source: Google)


Everyone I spoke to was very professional & well mannered & the receptionist help me with my information, I went there to get an second opinion well it didn’t turn out as well but the explanation was discussed well.I would have considered switching to them to fix my problem if only things were comfortable But I am pleased to say him ( staff) are very pleasant people down to earth.Thank each one for their services.

Angela Brown (Source: Google)


When I began my internet research for a skilled professional in the areas of restorative and cosmetic dentistry, the name that continuously resurfaced was Hardy Family Dentistry. I decided to send an online inquiry in March (2016). In less than 24 hours, both Dr. Alecia and Dr. James contacted me. They were out of the state at a conference and took the time to personally respond to my inquiry. The level of customer service and responsiveness impressed me. Dr. James made my appointment for the consult and when I arrived at the office the next day, the entire staff greeted me like I’ve long been a part of the family. The entire team works in harmony and the atmosphere is relaxing and inviting. I am grateful that my internet search led me to Hardy Family Dentistry. They are NC’s best kept dental secret! If you visit their office, you will not be disappointed and like me, you’ll look forward to each visit. It’s my “spa” time. I don’t even feel like I’m at the dentist.

Avontae Bullock (Source: Google)



Moses High (Source: Google)


Dr. Hardy did a great job as she usually does. Both father and daughter strive to do excellent work. The entire staff also compliments the quality you get at Hardy Family Denistry. So far 2 of my 3 children are now getting their dental care at Hardy Family Denistry. I recommend Hardy Family Denistry to anyone for their dental care

Toki Holden (Source: Google)


I am a current patient and I absolutely love the staff and Dr Hardy is easy to talk to and listens to my every need and questions all the time. I come to the office once a week to complete my ongoing implants and caps needs. I fully understand the process and Dr Hardy takes time to explain anything I have a question about. I can’t believe my pleasant experience with the entire dental staff and dentist at this unforgiven time due to the pandemic . I actually look forward to seeing the staff on Mondays and Dr. Hardy due to having such a pleasant atmosphere and dental experience. I don’t know what I’m going to do on Mondays next month where as my implants and caps will be completed after three months of gum repair and other necessary dental work . I really really really recommend anyone near or far to visit the very very friendly staff at HardySmiles in Louisburg NC. It’s the best dental experience I have ever had in my 56 years of going to the dentist. I will write another review showing the complete work once done and then the world will see how awesome Dr. James Hardy and his staff really are that amazing . Sincerely Toki Holden

Lisa Heaton (Source: Google)


From day 1 Dr Hardy & the rest of the staff took great care of me! I needed extraction of all of my teeth & Dr Hardy made sure there was not a single bit of pain & his years of experience ensured that the appointments were swift & I was sent home in quick time. It’s a long process to get full upper & lower dentures & the staff put up with my impatience with grace & humor. I would highly recommend Dr Hardy to all my friends & family – you just can’t do wrong by trusting them with your dental needs!