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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm

Friday: 7:00 am to 1:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Sabrina N. from Mobile, AL (Source: Yelp)


I have two children , Bryanna and Jaycee, that are being treated by Dr. Hicks. Dr. Hicks is a great orthodontist. He makes sure to have your smile perfect at the end of his work. The staff is always helpful and nice. There is no long waiting at your appointments. The atmosphere is very nice. I would recommend Dr. Hicks to anyone in need of orthodontic work.

Forrest Reed (Source: Google)


As soon as I walked into the doors at Hicks and McMurphy Orthodontics office at the age of twelve I knew I would like it. They started off by giving me a tour of the office and their mini movie theater. They treated me like they would treat their own children. I felt like I was just at home. Now at the age of 17 and on one of the final visits there, my experience has been great. I would tell anybody looking for braces to come here. They treat you just like family and take care of you just like family. I will defiantly be recommending Hicks and McMurphy for a very long time.

Lesleigh Nurse (Source: Facebook)


Absolutely Thrilled with our daughters teeth! Dr.Hicks was always inviting and very informative throughout the entire 3 year process! Couldn’t have had a better experience anywhere else,hands down the best Orthodontist EVER!!! All of the staff there were always kind,courteous and very helpful,we never once had an issue with scheduling,appointments or problems with the dental assistants that worked there. I truly loved the fact that through the entire process over the years,we always dealt with the same familar faces kindly greeting/assisting us when we came in or called. I truly cannot say enough good things about Hicks and Mcmurphy Orthodontics. We have two other children right behind our oldest daughter getting braces. I’m over the moon excited about the new location being built in the West Mobile area.It is going to be so great having them even more close to our home…right across the road from where I live.

Jerri W. from Satsuma, AL (Source: Yelp)


VERY HAPPY PATIENT AND MOM I would like to thank Dr. Hicks for doing a great job on my oldest daughters braces her teeth are absolutely beautiful now but my 14 year old just had her set put on and once again thank you Dr. Hicks for the job you are doing on her and making her feel so comfortable and being so patient with her you truly are a great orthodontist but it doesn’t stop there everyone in his office from checking in to the wonderful assistants in the back and bookkeeping to checking out EVERYONE in his office is so polite and understanding if we have any questions they answer them until we understand completely. We recommend Hicks and McMurphy to all of our friends! Thank you, Jerri Wallace and Bailey Wallace

Christina Maples (Source: Google)


My daughter has had her braces on for a few months now and I couldn’t have picked a better office! From the moment we made our first appointment they have been so kind. The office is so beautiful and clean, the staff so sweet and gentle, and the doctors are very professional. I used Dr. Hicks when I had braces as a teenager! We highly recommend using Hicks and Mcmurphy.

Andrea D. from Mobile, AL (Source: Yelp)


Dad went w/daughter for consultation and he was super impressed. I went w/daughter to be fitted for her braces. She was nervous…beyond nervous, but the staff was sooo accommodating. Making sure she knew everything that was going on. I watched the entire process and MANY times I was offered a chair..I guess I too was nervous. All and all the visit was great and daughter was reassured she would be okay. It has been 24hrs and so far sooo good. She is getting use to her look and the new look is “cool”

Sherlyn S. from Mobile, AL (Source: Yelp)


Matthew and I enjoyed his visit today. The staff was very pleasant, thorough and understanding. Matthew has anxiety issues which the staff took into consideration, explained every step they were going to do to take the molds, pictures and measurements for his teeth. When his visit was over he didn’t want to leave. He was relaxed, never had an anxiety attack and remained calm. He’s looking forward to his next visit and getting braces to correct his teeth. Thank you so much for making his day.

Aaron Coleman (Source: Google)


My experience with Hicks & McMurphy Orthodontics has been great. They have a great building with child-oriented equipment like video games and a mini movie theater while you wait for your appointment. They also have great staff who are extremely nice and who make you feel comfortable during your appointment. Dr. Hicks and McMurphy care so much about their patients that they make sure they do their jobs very carefully, and they’re really nice as well. Anyone need braces? I definitely recommend that you consider Hicks & McMurphy Orthodontics. Wearing braces is a really wonderful experience at this office!

Amber Campbell (Source: Google)


My little girl started her journey with Hicks & McMurphy as a 7 year old. We have been amazed with the steady progress and excellent service with each visit. Dr. Hicks genuinely cares about her, and the staff is second to none. They have always made her feel special, down to little details like changing her colored bands often. Those things matter to a little girl, and they are great with her.

Kayla C. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


I met with Dr. Hicks about Invisalign. I had Invisalign with a dentist in Colorado, but the course of treatment didn’t resolve my issues. Therefore, Dr. Hicks is taking over to give me the smile I’ve been wanting. His approach is extremely tedious, very thorough, and his expertise is unparalleled. He communicated measurements and a course of action without ever relying on a tool; everything was determined by his trained eye. I return soon for my scans to have trays made, and I am referring anyone and everyone considering orthodontic or surgical needs to come here.

Lisa R (Source: Google)


I am so impressed with the professionalism of this office. Everyone single associate that I have dealt have been welcoming and open to all of my questions and concerns. After a consult with another clinic I choose Dr Hicks as my orthodontist because of his attention to detail and the customized plan they have for me.

Josiah Coleman (Source: Google)


I will be getting my braces off next month, but in the four years I’ve been a patient at Hicks and Mcmurphy Orthodontics, I’ve see them continually take care of their patients the best they can. Their office is extremely clean and they have entertainment for all ages. I get so excited when I have an appointment coming up. I highly recommend this office!

Melinda Hamilton (Source: Google)


I was having issues with my bite and space opening up on my lower anterior teeth due to my bonded retainer having been broken for a while unknowingly. My upper and lower teeth would hit sometimes while talking and, I would have difficulty saying some words at times because of my bite not being correct. I had gone through ortho before at another office at the age of 45 and really wasn’t sure that I wanted to go through braces again at the age of 52 but at the same time I was worried about breaking a tooth from my bite and the spaces really bothered me. I had gotten to the point that I really didn’t want to smile because I didn’t want the spaces between my teeth to show. After consulting with Dr. Hicks I decided to give the SureSmile aligners a try per his recommendation. Both Dr. Hicks and Dr. McMurphy were confident that the SureSmile aligners would be the perfect option to getting my smile back. After only 3 months I was amazed at the change. My teeth no longer hit while talking and my spaces closed up. I am once again happy with my smile and I’m not afraid to show it. I would recommend Hicks & McMurphy Orthodontics to anyone who is interested in having a beautiful smile.

Charlotte Craig (Source: Google)


Dr.Hicks and McMurphy the entire staff is outstanding!!Customer service is off the chart from start to finish everyone is so perfessional and all about the patient!!!Dr.Hicks has the best demeanor I have ever experienced at any Dr.office Anywhere ever!!!I absolutely recommend you go to this office!!!They did a fantastic job on my braces!!Truly and example of what a office visit should feel like !!You guys rock!!❤

Bailey Wallace (Source: Facebook)


I would first like to think DR. Hicks he is so understanding. Second, I would like to think his wonderful, caring and sweet staff everyone in the office makes sure you are ok they do not want u to be uncomfortable at all they go out of their way to make sure you are feeling ok I will recommend Dr. Hicks to all my friends and family❣ Once again THANK YOU Dr.Hicks and a wonderful staff❤️

Jerri Wallace (Source: Google)


I would just like to thank Dr.Hicks and his wonderful, extremely, sweet staff for making my daughter feel comfortable and safe. I can’t say enough about the sweet and caring staff, they are so friendly and made sure she was comfortable at all times. I will refer everyone I know to Dr. Hicks and McMurphy they take lots of pride in their work and also do excellent work. Thank you again, Jerri Wallace (Bailey Wallace)

Chelsea Crigler (Source: Google)


Where to begin with this group….they are WONDERFUL! They always work with me no matter what I need or what my children need! I work at Knollwood Dental Group and refer all my patients to them because I know Hicks and McMurphy and staff will do their very best! Very thankful for their hard work and time!

Callie Grace A. from Saraland, AL (Source: Yelp)


My experience with Hicks and McMurphy orthodontics was amazing! Everyone there is very kind and shows you a lot of respect no matter what age you are! To summarize my experience everyone their treats you like family! I recently had my braces taken off and my teeth look phenomenal! Hicks and McMurphy don’t just deserve five stars they deserve way more! If you want your teeth to look perfect go to Hicks and McMurphy and they’ll give you that and more!

Tina P. from Chunchula, AL (Source: Yelp)


I cannot say enough great things about Hicks and McMurphy and there office staff! They have treated both of my boys with braces! What a beautiful smile they both have. They are so professional but yet personable. They treat you like family and i like that. After my last son had his braces off I had mine put on the same day. I am 50 years old so you are never too old to have braces. I too have beautiful teeth now. So to say the least i have been with them for many years now. Love them!

Beverly Diana Stabler-Mcalpine (Source: Facebook)


Reserving rating office until after service! I only had a consultation to discuss implant procedure. Everyone, from the intake receptionist to the Doctor was very kind and extremely professional in their actions and verbal skills! Office was very clean with a pleasant aroma! Lobby seating was comfortable as well as building temperature! Personnel presented well in attire and fragrances! I would definitely recommend to family and friends! Implant procedure scheduled for July 2017!

Kimberly Wiggins (Source: Google)


I am blessed to have so much of an AWESOME ORTHODONTIST AND TEAM at Hicks/McMurphy that I, actually, look forward my appointments!!! There is nothing like going into an establishment and being greeted, warmly and sincerely, each and every time, and, consequently, developing a caring and personal relationship with the personnel. My son and niece have received their orthodontic care from Drs. Hicks/McMurphy and, now that I’ve been going for my Invisalign treatments, my sister has just started going for her orthodontic care!!! This speaks volumes for the OUTSTANDING WORK that is rendered from the staff at this stellar facility and these amazing orthodontists! I know if I have the slightest issue, I can call and be seen and/or if I just want to inquire about what I have going on, someone will call me back, very soon, to address my concerns! You can’t ask for better care, a more personable/friendly environment, and more knowledgeable orthodontists than you will encounter at Hicks and McMurphy Orthodontics!!!

Stephane Foots (Source: Google)


I was with another orthodontist in the past, I knew I didn’t finish the treatment I needed but I felt like I wasn’t making progress at the other office. So I found Hicks and Mcmurphy and I was blown away! They were very professional and explained all my options to me. When I got the braces on about 3 months into it I actually started seeing a difference! I know all Doctors are not the same, but I had an amazing feeling from day one with this practice. From the staff, to the overall feel of the office to the doctors. They are truly amazing, and they make me feel like I’m a respected patient. I would recommend them to anyone!

Olivia L. from Mobile, AL (Source: Yelp)


As a patient for a little over two years, I have fell in love with the staff here. They are very patient and willing to help however needed. Appointments for emergencies are created for the next day. They know everything about care and upkeep for braces and retainers. They exceeded my needs and went beyond what I was expecting. After having braces for the second time, first with a previous doctor, Dr.Hicks has done amazing on my teeth.

Jamie D. from Grand Bay, AL (Source: Yelp)


I cannot say enough good things about Hicks and McMurphy Orthodontics. My 3 daughters were all patients and were thrilled with the results. Dr. Hicks is a wonderful Orthodonists but also an honest, caring , christian man. If you must see and Orthodonist, please go to this group. They will work with you and you will be completely satisfied with your results. Jamie Davis

Roxanne V. from Saraland, AL (Source: Yelp)


I began my first son’s orthodontist treatment with another doctor, because my insurance company would pay a higher portion of my out of pocket expense. That was a BIG mistake, we ALL were miserable. My son and I both dreaded going. We finally decided that the money wasn’t worth the torment and moved to Dr. Hicks and McMurphy’s office. My second son is now under their care and we couldn’t be more pleased. From the doctors, the care, and the staff, it is awesome! We wouldn’t settle for less than the best for our childrens education, so why would we settle for less than the best in orthodontic care? An education and their smile are for a lifetime! This is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, so I suggest that you, “put your money where your mouth is”. Don’t waste your time and money going anywhere else. Who knew some of my chores in life would be so easy and stress free?

Joseph Sikes (Source: Google)


The staff at Hicks & McMurphy Orthodontics is amazing! There was hardly any wait time at all. They were extremely friendly and helpful. They took their time to reassure my daughter, who was a bit nervous about the visit. While we were there, the Dr. was kind enough to look at another issue, which wasn’t part of the visit. They all seem to enjoy what they do, and it shows! Absolutely wonderful and highly recommended!

April Brockmiller (Source: Google)


So far we have seen Dr. Hicks for my daughters assessment exam at the Saraland location. I was very impressed with the over all experience. He was very nice and gave us more than adequate information on the process. He made my daughter feel very comfortable and he made it easy for us to understand by using terms that we could actually understand. I was very impressed and I would recommend them to anyone.

Gloria Landi (Source: Google)


This is a review of my experiences at Drs. Hicks and McMurphy Orthodontics. In 2004 I was diagnosed by Dr. Michael Ledet following a sleep study with sleep apnea caused by an injury to my neck. Since that time I have used a cpap machine during sleep. It made a huge difference in the quality of my life and I have used it consistently. In March 2015 I learned about an oral appliance that could help with sleep apnea and spoke to Dr. Ledet about that possibility. He referred me to Dr. Stephen Hicks for a consultation and evaluation. I saw Dr. Hicks and had xrays done that showed I could be helped with this appliance. Impressions of my teeth were made and within a few weeks an oral appliance was delivered to me. Over the next several weeks I returned to Dr. Hicks and adjustments were made to allow maximum benefit for my breathing. Dr. Ledet ordered an at-home sleep study that showed I was breathing even better than with the cpap machine. Out of town travel has become much simpler for me as well. There have been a few issues to work with and at one point the appliance’s setting was a little too forward on my lower jaw. This caused some pain which I dealt with by going back to my cpap for a few weeks and allowing the jaw to rest. Now I am using my oral appliance and feel the adjustment is just right. No pain at all from use. I also want to say that Drs. Hicks and McMurphy and their staff have been incredibly helpful and supportive throughout this experience. I have been able to go in for adjustments and seek advice whenever I have needed to do so. This process has taken a year to get adjusted both psychologically and physically to using an oral appliance. It is a great improvement over the cpap and I am very glad I made the choice to make this change.

John Hancock (Source: Google)


Completed orthodontic treatment with amazing outcome exceeding my expectation. From my initial consultation, evaluations/recommendations and throughout my scheduled appointments , I appreciated the extra efforts and genuine care Dr Hicks and entire staff provided. After initial brace adjustments Dr Hicks evaluated my alignments using Sure Smiles computer system. After required braces adjustments’ slowly shifted/aligned my bite, Dr Hicks continued extra efforts each office visit before scheduling jaw surgery. Surgery experience required a few weeks of healing AND outcome was worth it. Post surgery, braces were continued several months to reach optimum results. I would highly recommend anyone needing an orthodontist to meet him for consultation. Gratefully appreciate all that Dr Hicks did going the extra effort for me. He genuinely cares about his patients. I now smile a lot every day.