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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Pediatric dental care

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Sleep apnea therapy

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: Closed

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Alana-Malia T. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Let me just start of by saying that I dislike anything pertaining to the word dentist, lol! With that being said, it took me 6 years of being away from the dentist along with not enough care on my part for my teeth, that prompted me to make an emergency visit to see Dr. Lim one morning. I had been in pain for 3 days with an aching tooth and finally made an appointment the night before on Zocdoc. That excruciating feeling was a little over a week ago and I just went in yesterday to do a follow up along with a cleaning. Let’s just say it’s been a great experience for me being back to a dental office. Not to mention, all of the staff that I have met here so far are wonderful! Sage, Denise, Nicole (I think that’s her name but I may be wrong and I do apologize) and Trish have been nothing but very caring and helpful. They have really made this transition back to the dentist a very pleasant and comforting one to say the least. Dr. Lim himself has a great personality too match as well and truly cares for the best interest of your tooth care and health. Initially when I was searching for a dentist, I based a big portion of my decision off of reader’s reviews and I noticed Dr. Lim was one of three that had very good reviews with in the area. What did it for me was reading how the staff were very excellent in caring for your needs within the office and also helping out with anything else whether it be financially, accommodating to your schedule, and so forth. I’m really glad I came here and am so thankful to have met such wonderful people in Dr. Lim and his amazing assistants. I couldn’t recommend a better Dental experience than this. On a side note, they do have a cozy and inviting waiting room and also a TV and refreshments while you are waiting. Once you’re in with Dr. Lim, they have a TV in the room as well that you can watch while Dr is on a break from his work with you. I thought that was pretty cool as that was a first for me and it also took my mind off of me actually being in a dental office.

Drew Goodell (Source: Google)


I have been seeing Dr. Lim for close to 15 years. I originally came to him in a panic because another dentist had failed to fix a cavity correctly requiring me to get a crown. He was professional and understanding of my situation and throughly explained what he had planned for my dental care. I have always enjoyed his staff and they all make the whole dentist process as painless as possible. Highly recommend to anyone. Also. The on-site crown is amazing. No 2 week wait for a crown its same day.

Teresa River (Source: Google)


I’ve been with Dr Lim for about 3 years , and I always brag to friends and family how mich I love his office staff and Dr Lims work . He changed my life 100% . Everyone compliments my teeth ! I didn’t like to smile before Dr lim fixed my smile . Dr Lim explained my entire treatment plan and I made it goal to accomplish all of the work needed . I love all the girls in the office they all know you by name greet you so kindly and follow up with all your information requested . The office is so clean and welcoming . Dr Lim is so talented ! Even though the location is a bit far from me I will not be changing my dentist.

Jose C. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I recently had an appointment at hillside dental due to a severe toothache that traveled through the side of my head. I learned that i needed a root canal on one side and to extract a wisdom tooth on the other. Dr. Lim and his super friedly staff will make you feel safe and welcome. I am extremely greatful and happy to say that the day after my procedure i had no pain. Thank you hillside dental!!

Anonymous (Source: Google)


This is by far the best dental office i have ever experienced, on both coasts. all of the staff are genuinely warm and welcoming and good-natured and highly competent & skilled, not as in most medical/office settings where you can tell it’s a psuedo facade, from the hygienists to the receptionists they exhibit expert level care & professionalism. Dr. Lim, aside from being a real cool, down to earth fella you can talk to, is like a savant wizard with teeth. I have been there for all kinds of treatments over the past few years, from regular checkup cleanings to whitening to root canal crown to wisdom tooth removal. When i had wisdom tooth issue, i was in so much discomforting pain for a few days, I told Dr. Lim to take out all of them (lol), after a quick numbing he deftly removed the throbbing culprit in 1-2-3 quick movements. When he said alright see ya in a couple weeks I thought he was joking, it was so fast i didn’t even know it was already out. Aside from the level of care and service, the office is always sprinkled with personal artworks and adornments and all the amenities you could ask for. I know it sounds like i’m writing an air bnb review, it’s like that. Flat screens with apple tv and netflix in every chair, espresso/tea bar, refrigerated water, etc., make it very charming and warm, welcoming space. some rustic notes coupled with all the latest modern dental tech. it doesn’t get any better in my opinion.

Dan L. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Even though after all the reviews I read made me confident to go to Dr. Lim for the first time, I was still skeptical after reading the only two negative reviews I saw from Nos D. and Peggy T. Even though I have insurance it is not full coverage and I still have to pay a decent amount of my dental bills out of pocket. Part of the reason I changed dentists was to save money because of the type of insurance I have. So I was nervous to find out how much the bill was going to be even though I was just having a deep cleaning. Peggy’s review made me concerned because I am in the customer service industry and it is my pet peeve to feel dismissed, put off, and not paid attention to when I am a customer somewhere especially a patient at a hospital or dental office. I needed to have a cleaning done today for my reserve military unit and they were able to get me an appt today when I called them this afternoon. I went in today and although I can’t speak for what happened with Nos D or Peggy T, my experience was nothing like they described theirs to be. The building was in a nice area and the inside was clean and had a great atmosphere. It didn’t feel bleak like many dentist and doctor’s office do. When I first walked in for my appointment I was greeted immediately by the receptionist. i did not have to wait for someone and did not any awkward moments standing around looking for where I am supposed to go or who I am supposed to speak with. They greeted me promptly, were very polite and courteous, and explained the paperwork clearly. After I completed the paperwork they told me I would be taken back in 5-10 minutes. 5 minutes later a dental assistant came out and brought me back. I had x-rays taken and to me those plastic things always hurt to some extent because you have to bite down on them, but it wasn’t any different than any other place I have been to. I would say it was slightly less annoying and painful having my x-rays done with Hillside. I have always been nervous of dentists, especially during cleanings because I have sensitive gums and some dentists and hygienists I have had in the past are too rough and make the process of cleaning painful and I typically leave with a canker somewhere in my mouth or on my lips. This time that was not the case. My teeth have never felt so clean and pain free after leaving a dental office. They hygienist was great and Dr. Lim came in about 15 minutes after she finished and did some final touches. They were both great. Dr. Lim was very polite and personable. I could tell he was taking precautions to do a deep clean on my teeth while not doing it in a painful and rough manner. Now the insurance, there was an issue with my insurance on my end. Apparently my new dental insurance did not get my enrollment paperwork during my open enrollment period. I didn’t know this until just before I left when the receptionist told me, but when I first went to the appt i told the receptionist about my high deductible plan I thought i had. they told me that they offer assistance and financing which would help me from having to pay the full amount up front. Because in the end I didn’t have insurance after all, they were still very helpful and understanding. Even though the total bill I had to pay was just over a few hundred dollars, they still offered me assistance and financing which made my life much less stressful knowing they would work with me and help me out paying it over time instead of all at once. In summary i will be returning to hillside dental. Their staff is very friendly and personable. I felt cared for and listened to. Dr. Lim is very skilled and knowledgeable as well as friendly. The entire establishment fosters an environment where you feel that your well being is genuinely cared for. I enjoyed my experience there and am happy to have found a regular dentist.

Joseph C. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I normally don’t write reviews, however I always had a positive experience with this dentist. The staff are very friendly to the point they are like family seeing how you are doing and curious about anything new. When it comes to appointments, the staff are very flexible in finding the best schedule to do everything in one go instead of coming back multiple times. They are very clean with their procedures using PPE, using air purifiers, and constant wiping down equipment, which makes me feel safe. Despite Dr. Lim having a busy schedule for that day, he was willingly to squeeze me in to have a filling done. Dr. Lim is very friendly and willing to hear your questions/concerns which he addresses thoroughly. I highly recommend this dentist to family and friends.

Thomas Polier (Source: Google)


With a great experience!! Went in with the whole family, wife and 4 kids, Denise, Linda and Saige worked with me to get exams and cleanings scheduled and Dr Lim was fun and a pleasure to deal with!! Great with the kids and the big kids, so happy to call them our family dentist and if you’re looking for a dentist, this is your office!! Great waiting room and the hygienist are extremely friendly and do an amazing job!! Can’t remember all the names, but what an amazing experience, from scheduling to xrays to the exam and cleanings, by far the best!! Thank you to Dr Lim and his entire staff for treating my family!!

Francine Huffman (Source: Google)


Whenever I am asked if I know of a good dentist, I reply that I know a GREAT one and his name is Dr. Christopher Lim! I invariably recommend him and his friendly, helpful, and professional staff based on my own personal experiences and those whom I have referred to him. Dr. Lim is a perfectionist who specializes in beautiful dental work and painless procedures. He takes the time to thoroughly explain what treatment is needed, to answer any questions which may arise, and does exactly what he says he will do. In addition to being a fabulous dentist, he is an accomplished artist and his own canvases decorate all the examination rooms and the waiting area. He also designed the interior decor of his office. Dr. Lim and his entire staff make a visit to the dentist’s office a pleasant and positive experience! Sent from my iPhone.

Heather L. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Lim and his staff impressed me and I’m not easily impressed! 🙂 My husband and I just moved to Vegas and we were looking for a dentist that had great reviews and a reputable online presence. What we found was not only that, but a dentist who genuinely cares about his patients. (in addition to an amazing supporting staff who went the extra mile to get additional information from our insurance to discuss any possibility that was presented to us during our visit!) My husband has told our former dentists about some pain in one of his teeth and they said it was okay but after coming in to see Dr. Lim, he dug a little deeper and found a huge cavity that he not only filled on the spot, but saved my husband from a root canal! He also saw a crown that I got about 20 years ago was deteriorating and replaced it with a permanent porcelain crown that day as well!! We are making him our dentist while we live in Vegas, absolutely no question! Thank you Dr. Lim and staff for taking care of us!!

Rhee O. from Maple Valley, WA (Source: Yelp)


I was recommended to Hillside Dental by my sister. I have always been afraid of the dentist … so afraid that I have avoided it for years (25+ years) !!! My teeth gets a lot of plaque build up and I couldn’t postpone seeing the dentist any longer. I was searching for a dentist that would put me at ease … be understanding of my fear of the dentist … be patient with me … and let me understand the process while it occurs. HILLSIDE DENTAL DOES IT ALL !!! I have never been one to post any comments or do any reviews … never !!! But Dr. Lim and the entire staff of Hillside Dental ABSOLUTELY deserves it. If you’re in search of a dentist who will be there for you and listen to your needs, he is the one. I guarantee that you will never regret choosing HILLSIDE DENTAL!!! Rhee.

Zenya G. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Lim Best Dentist in Las Vegas….. I met Dr. Lim back in april of 2010. After a few bad encounters with a many dental offices, I stood away from the dentist until one day I could no longer take the pain I had with a molar.. I drove by Hillside Dental & just walked in. I was welcomed with a smile by Linda Dr. Lims wife was so sweet and took care of me right after I told her about the pain I had. Dr. Lim took care of me right away, he was so professional and made me feel comfortable during my visit. After my x-rays he told me what I need done and asked me what I wanted to do.. unlike the other dentist who told me I had to take care of other things before addressing the tooth that was giving me pain. I ended up having to get a root canal and I was So terrified. I must say I felt NO Pain what so ever from getting a root canal done on my molar, that i even went to work that same day. The next day I received a phone call Dr. Lim wanted to know how I was feeling. That right there did it for me. Not only was he a fast painless Dr. But he actually cares about his patients, and his staff is very welcoming and Friendly. Since then I have continued going to him every yr. I bring my entire family to him, my kiddos which at that time were 3, 4 and 10. All three of my kiddos love visiting Dr. Lim & with Gayle who they call ((Tia/Aunti)) They are like family to us.. I also brought my brother & his Daughter, Aswell as my Sister and her entire family as well. . I literally lived across town from his office but the fact hes such a great dentist & makes me feel like family, makes my drive worthwhile. . I ALWAYS RECOMMEND Him and his staff to EVERYONE.. They are Awesome and Are Truly Concerned about meeting they’re patients needs. . I can’t forget to mention Gayle She is such a wonderful person Very Very helpful with all my billing/ Scheduling/Plan needs for me and my family. . Thank You guys I’m blessed to have found you.

Norma G. from Rhodes Ranch, Spring Valley, NV (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Lim has to be best dentist I have had the pleasure of meeting! Let me tell you all this Dr. is simple amazing, I suffer from severe anxiety. At first my anxiety was over the top, it literally hindered me for a minute. His staff was absolutely amazing as well and were willing to hold my hand which wasn’t necessary, it made me feel good that they would go above and beyond to make my appointment as easy for as possible. I had to get a root canal got a temporary crown and had to return a week later for the permanent crown. This visit was a lot easier, got my permanent crown and he also fixed my two front teeth. OMG I feel like a new person and I owe it all to Dr. Lim!!!!!! If you are afraid of the dentist, suffer from anxiety or have phobia of the dental chair this dentist will make your forget your problem! Give him a call and meet one of the best dentist in Las Vegas!! Thanks Dr!!

Tara T. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Dr Lim and his staff are completely wonderful! I am so glad that I found them. Being new in the area a couple years back, I didn’t know who was good and who wasn’t. And when it comes to teeth, you need someone good. I lucked out working in the same medical plaza as this office. Before going here, I went to a small town dentist in Colorado. You hadn’t been to the dentist in 5+ years and when I finally went to one in Colorado, half of my mouth had cavities. They did filled them in, problem solved! Not! Made my first appointment with Hillside and found out that I had to get them all replaced and I had the beginning stages of periodontal(I think?) disease and was recommended to do deep cleanings every 3 months. When I was first asked if I ever had a deep cleaning I told them no, and they had to divide my cleaning into two separate appointments, which I didn’t mind at all. Getting cavities filled here is probably one of the best places I’ve ever experienced. Dr Lim treats you’re teeth like they are a work of art. He is very detailed oriented and has the lightest of hands when working with your mouth. You guys are my saving grace and I love each and everyone one of you guys! Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and for others!

Amanda J. from Manchester, NH (Source: Yelp)


I’ve spent more hours in a dentist’s chair this year than any sane person should, so my sensitivity to “bedside manner” and general competence is pretty sharp right now. Why? I got veneers put on outside of Nevada about a month ago, and came home only to experience weeks of misery. Pain with eating due to improper bite, plus the big one — my teeth were too damn long and big. Enter Dr. Lim. I decided to receive a consultation in his office based largely on the fact that he is also a painter, which I saw on his website. Just having come from a dentist who obviously didn’t pay attention to fine detail, an eye for the subtle and the aesthetic was now top on my list. Not only did Dr. Lim re-shape my veneers to look more natural and attractive, but he also did something else that gave me more confidence in him than anything — he asked me to observe his work throughout the entire process by holding up a mirror. He stopped the work every 10 – 20 seconds to ask me to evaluate to make sure we were on track. A handful of times he even stopped me from my immediate approval of his work, encouraging me to instead get up, go walk around, and get feedback from my husband before giving approval. This all, as you can imagine, takes time. And there’s nothing that causes me to make worse decisions in a medical setting than feeling like the practitioner is rushing me. That was clearly not the case at Dr. Lim’s. He’s a true artist, and just as importantly, he realizes that the patient’s smallest preferences must be steadfastly attended to, even if it takes a bunch of time and effort. Consider this guy for your cosmetic dentistry needs.

Nick (Source: Facebook)


The staff is outstanding and they take time to answer all your questions so you understand. Dr. Lim is the best he always ensures your comfortable when working on your teeth. Plus where can you go to get excellent dental work done and watch some great movies? Hillside Dental.

Melinda L. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Thanks to Covid19, the world is upside down and you never know when or where the germs are going to get you. BUT….. Hillside Dental has gone above and beyond the protections mandated to ensure that while you are in their office, the air you breath is thoroughly sanitised and that everything touched or used is either disposable or is covered with protective plastic. In each room has air purifiers and this really cool hood that hangs down by your head and it has powerful suction to whisk away any particulates. They told me that when they watched the info video about it, the suction was powerful enough to hold up a bowling ball! Anyone who comes in contact with a patient is fully gowned out with double masks and face shields. Everything they’re doing is far more than is mandated and it all makes you feel very safe and clean. Until now, my experiences with dentists have generally left me so stressed out and in physical pain and mental distress that for almost a decade I stopped going. Then a wisdom tooth decided it was time to leave and out of sheer dumb luck I stumbled across Hillside Dental one day while crossing through a car park. From the moment I walked in I was made to feel so welcome, and not the fake kind of welcome most business plaster on their faces. Every cost is clearly explained before I agree to any procedure and they work well with my insurance carrier. Dr Lim put crowns on my front teeth as well as two implants and I have to admit that my smile looks great!! He explains everything he’s doing, he doesn’t mind answering questions, and to top it off, every room has a beautiful painting in it that he has done! Just looking at them relaxes you. His hygienists are careful, gentle and nice to talk with. Plus, they’ll use a tooth polish other than bubblegum or banana!!!!!! I much prefer mint!! The office staff are warm and friendly and make you feel glad you came in. I would recommend Hillside Dental, Dr Lim and all his staff to the Tooth Faery herself!!!!

Laraine E. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Hubby and I love Dr. Lim and his great team at the office! I have been going to Hillside Dental for about 2 years now and the service is consistent and great each time. I am always greeted with a smile, and they are always punctual with appointment times… I never waste time waiting to be seen. Dr. Lim is everything I can ask for in a dentist – he is approachable, funny, efficient, and what I love most is that he always explains everything in a way that I can understand… very professional. His skill is also top notched, I had a really tough cavity and he was able to fix it and saved me from a root canal. I can tell Dr. Lim really cares about his patients, and he does what is best for the patients. Also shout out to the great dental hygienist and Gayle at the front desk! I love all of them and they always make my visits so pleasant. Thanks again for all that you guys do!

Ariana Seaver (Source: Google)


Dr. Lim & his staff are amazing!! They are all so sweet & take the time to know you & will remember the smallest details about you, it’s always so comforting & welcoming when you walk through those doors. I recently just got all 4 of my wisdom teeth out & I was having really bad anxiety & was so nervous but they made me feel so relaxed & calm. Dr. Lim did incredible, he got my top two out within 5 minutes of me not even knowing & was always making sure I was okay. My bottom two were a little stubborn but he was still so gentle getting them out. I was beyond scared for nothing! He even took the time to fix a chipped tooth with out even charging me. Im so sad to be moving & not having him as my dentist anymore because he really is one of a kind & truly cares about his patients!

Cella R. from Henderson, NV (Source: Yelp)


I found the most caring, calming, friendly, modern and state of the art dental office in Vegas. I went with my gut after reading all the 5 star reviews on ZocDoc about this office, and I am so happy I did. From reception, to 3D scan/Xray techs, and exam with Dr. Lim, I am not anxious at all, like I usually am. I would dread going to the dentist, but I thought I broke a molar, instead a piece of my filling broke off. I still had 2 metal fillings that needed to be changed, and I was told by my previous dentist that my current crown needed to be changed, too. Dr. Lim said my current crown is still good, but I do need a crown for the opposite tooth. Dr. Lim was able to do all three fillings, and my crown in one visit right after his assistant did my cleaning and laser treatment for my gums. I am impressed with everyones bedside manner, and the pleasant family feeling from the entire office. Thank you Hillside Dental

Sandra T. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


If you want a 5 STAR Dentist with patience, professionalism, kindness and not to mention he knows what he’s doing then you need to go to Dr. Lim. This past Friday I called his office after hours and told his lovely wife who also works with him that my tooth broke and I had a business meeting on Sunday. The dentist met me at his office at 10:00 pm and I ended up having to have a root canal. I did not have to take one pain pill for my root canal. Honestly I would not go to another dentist in Las Vegas. He is with no doubt the top of the line 5 STAR DENTIST. Don’t believe me – try him and see for yourself and I bet you’ll never go to another dentist ever. I’m sure he’s one of God’s professional angels and I am so blessed to have found Dr. Lim. Dr. Lim – THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU.

Justin C. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Updating my review because this time, i had a bigger procedure done. I am a person who pays attention to details and if you are good with the small things, you tend to be better with some bigger things. Same thing applies to Dr. Lim and his staff at Hillside…i started out with a simple cleaning, to deep cleanings, crown of an implant i had way back in highschool, invisalign, to veneers, and now to whitening…i was extremely scared as to what i was getting myself into…but as this was a long process, i am finally seeing the fruits of their work and patience. I just completed invisalign, got some veneers done, and the last phase is getting my teeth white. I know what everyone is thinking…don’t get me wrong, the process was not cheap by any means…but compared to other places, their prices were standard, but what’s important is the outcome. You get what you pay for…Dr. Lim is an artist (literally) and he knows what he is talking about. the doc here are soo skillful with his hands, makes me re-think about my occupation. Nonetheless, thank you Hillside for your patience, kindness, consideration of my finances, and the services you provided. We can’t please everyone, but your services definitely changed my smile and appreciate you guys. Take care.

Nancy L. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Nancy L. A few years ago I was referred to Dr. Christopher Lim and his professional staff at Hillside Dental. His office is beautifully decorated with colorful landscape paintings done by Dr. Lim; it’s also immaculate, modern and comfortable, with state of the art equipment. His staff members, especially Gail and Gayle, who warmly greets you as you enter the office, are very caring, upfront and honest with their patients regarding cost of procedures, and offers alternative payment methods. I’ve had numerous cleanings, fillings, crowns and other extensive procedures done in his office and Dr. Lim is always kind, gentle, thorough and patient. He takes his time explaining and showing his patients what damage has been done, and what he needs to do to repair that damage. He also explains preventive measures to avoid future problems. Dr. Lim reassures his patients that they’re in good hands and everything is going to be just fine. Dr. Lim is the only dentist I know, who will take time away from his family, on his day off, when he’s in town, to accommodate his patients, in an extreme emergency. His staff demonstrates their concern for their patients by following up with repeated phone calls during their recovery period, and offers additional assistance if needed. I highly recommend Dr. Lim and his staff for all of your dental needs, especially those of you who are seeking a good dental experience!

Rachel J. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


My fiance (Danny) and I have been coming to Dr. Lim for almost 5 years now. Every person in this office is friendly and treats you like a million bucks. We have had our fair share of doctor’s offices over the years and this is one of the few that we actually look forward to coming too. My dental hygienist (can’t remember her name) is also very kind and has done an amazing job with my teeth after a deep cleaning almost a year and a half ago. On a side note, Dr. Lim is also a very talented painter and it has been very enjoyable talking about Southeast Asia with him, when we traveled there a few years back. Overall, I would rate this office 5 out of 5 stars for their kindness, great dental work, and friendly staff. They also recommended Oral B electronic toothbrushes that have changed how my teeth look and keeps them much cleaner, much longer. Thank you Dr. Lim and staff – you guys are the best!

Mary Mason (Source: Google)


Dr Lim has been the only dentist I have trusted on my journey to a new smile. The cosmetic work is absolutely beautiful. I had Major issues with teeth arriving at Dr Lims business. I was afraid because I needed so much work that is very detailed. Bridges, crowns, a lot of cosmetic stuff. We are over halfway finished with the process. 3 bridges, front 7 teeth crowned. If you are afraid to get this kind of work done, try Dr Lim. His work is beautiful, and I didn’t have to wait for my crowns. He personally constructs them himself. Like I said earlier, I came here with horrible teeth. I am over halfway done with all teeth, but in the meantime I have been able to smile again without being embarrassed. The main reason I am writing such a long review is because I know a good cosmetic dentist is hard to find. Look no further. Thank you Dr Lim and your wonderful staff.

Robert G. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Do your teeth hurt? Are they rotting away and or falling out? Well look no further because Dr. Christopher Lim will have you smiling with a fresh set of pearly whites! All pain free and amazing results. When it comes to dentistry this man knows his art, and speaking of art he is a phenomenal painter. He displays his exquisite art in his office so that your eyes have the pleasure of admiring such such talent as he repairs that ugly/ damaged set of old decaying teeth. In all my history of visiting the dentist, no one is as clean/ smooth/ efficient/ and friendly as the staff of Dr. Christopher Lim. The staff is made up of mostly women, all being very very beautiful, especially Leila! Now like I said, if your teeth are in agony then give Hillside Dental a call and I promise you won’t regret choosing Dr. Christopher Lim as your dentist.

Maria Cecile S. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


If I can put 100 stars in this rating, I would! My experience at Hillside Dental Clinic was SUPERB! I commend Dr. Lim for his great job! Not to mention the courteous staff especially Gayle for her assistance through the process… As I write this review, I’m beside my bed and ready to enjoy the comfort of my pillows and sheets and get a good night sleep that I missed for two weeks now. Yes! I bore the pain for that long and did everything to relieve the toothache simply because I have no insurance and had no budget to go to the dentist. But last night was the worse! My pain from the scale of 1-10 is a perfect TEN! I was practically sleepless! Every 5 minutes the pain recurs and will only be relieved by gargling cold water from the faucet. I watched and tried all the recommendations and home remedies on youtube : baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, temporary filling, eugenol, warm water with salt, orajel to name a few… nothing just seemed to work! Maybe my tooth was extremely infected! If only I could pull out my tooth, I would! I told my husband I could not bear the pain anymore and that I would want my tooth pulled out the following day at Hillside Dental where he had his tooth extracted a year ago. I borrowed some money for the consultation and tooth extraction. When we arrived at the clinic, I was so ready to have my tooth extracted ( I even printed out the patient forms online and filled it out at home to expedite the process). They called me right away to have an x-ray and in a few minutes, Dr. Lim came and asked me what he can do for me… I immediately replied, ” Please pull out my tooth to take away my pain”. He checked on me and said that he does not want to pull out my tooth because though it was broken almost into half, the tooth is still good and he wants to save it. He suggested restoration or root canal to save the tooth but I told him my budget was only for tooth extraction (and I know that root canal and restoration is very expensive so that never occurred in my mind as an option) he said there are various ways to pay the procedure and told me that Gayle will explain to me what my options are. So Gayle told me that I could apply for a Care Credit and if approved I will only pay a minimal amount each month for 24 months without interest! It was affordable so I said yes! When Dr. Lim came back, he asked me again, “so you want the pain out right?” I said yes. (But in my mind, I was little bit nervous because my first root canal experience was painful). I closed my eyes and he told me to open my mouth wide, after a few minutes he told me to wait for a few minutes until my gums were numb. I thought he just applied topical anesthesia, I did not even feel he already gave me a shot! Whew! That was painless! When it was time to do the root canal, I was expecting it would take a long time but with Dr. Lim’s expertise, he did mine in less than 10 minutes! Drilling, cleaning, sealing in just one sitting. That was AMAZING! I’m glad I listened to him. If not, I will go back to work tomorrow as a server in a restaurant smiling with a missing tooth! That is not nice to look at. THANK YOU SO MUCH DR. LIM! Now I can sleep tight, pain free with my first pre-molar still intact. I will definitely recommend your clinic to all my relatives, friends, customers and aquaintances. GOD BLESS!

Taylor C. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Incredibly nice staff and a beautiful office! I went in to schedule my wisdom teeth to be pulled and my oral hygienist, Danny, did a fantastic job preparing me. The X-rays were done quickly and efficiently with barely any wait-time like you encounter at other offices. The doctor was very polite and friendly – the entire office has a great atmosphere and energy! They take time to explain what your insurance covers and answer all questions you have. Overall great experience and I’m not nervous about my extractions because of how comfortable they made me! Will definitely be recommending! **UPDATE** I went in today for my wisdom teeth to be removed and get a few cavities filled and I’m so happy with my experience! I had jitters about extracting my teeth without being put to sleep, but when it came time, I didn’t feel a thing! All four of my wisdom teeth were out in about 5 mins; it’s a bit uncomfortable because I was awake and it freaked me out a little, but honestly all I felt was the slightest amount of pressure and when the teeth were taken out I couldn’t even tell. Dr. Lim and the entire staff did an awesome job! I couldn’t imagine an easier, simple experience than what I had with this office!

Ariana Decastro (Source: Google)


I’ve been going Hillside Dental for 10 years & I refuse to go anywhere else. They’ve been taking such good care of my teeth & they don’t ever force you into special treatments (like laser treatments) unless you ABSOLUTELY need it. They’re honest in their work and care about their patients so much. I’ve never had a bad encounter with the front desk or the hygienists! They’re all so pleasant and make you feel so comfortable. Dr. Lim and Linda are the best. They genuinely get to know each person that comes through their door, which I really believe lends to their exceptional patient care. My entire family goes here, and I mean the ENTIRE family. Uncles, aunts, grandma, parents, siblings, cousins… It’s a family affair! And it helps that Hillside Dental treats us like family too. Best dental clinic ever. & Tricia’s THE BEST! I have to personally thank her for taking such good care of my teeth and gums & being relentless at telling me to floss! 

Amit C. from Henderson, NV (Source: Yelp)


What a wonderful experience at the dentist. Yes I said I had a great experience and it all started at the front desk. You walk in to an amazing, very comfortable and homey waiting room. Brandi, Denise and Linda at the front desk are very, VERY friendly, kind and always have a smile on their face. They were very polite, very easy to talk to and very friendly. Once you walk into the back office, each section has beautiful paintings and photographs which are all personal works of Dr. Lims, and I got to say they are extremely amazing pieces of work. Ok, enough about the office. Dr. Lim… Very kind, friendly and an easy to talk to doctor. He is very forthcoming, kind, and actually spends time with you and treats you like an actual human being. I got my routine teeth cleaning done there by Tricia, Erin and they does amazing work, she was very nice, sweet and does amazing work and were very diligent about asking if I was ok, or if there was anymore pain. I also recently got some cosmetic work and wisdom tooth pulled and it was painful but overall a fantastic experience. He does all the cosmetic work in house an it is amazing work. And the tooth extraction only took a couple seconds and the pain was minimum. Chanel and Karina, Dr. Lims assistants were extremely professional an kind. They really did a good job of taken care of me and my teeth. And last, is Linda, she sat down with me after everything talked to me about the experience, making sure I was ok, if there was any pain or something that could be done to help. You could tell she genuinely cared more about me, the patient then anything else. The one thing I can say about this office is that the staff and especially Dr. Lim, they put the patient’s needs above everything and everyone. Thats what matters the most to them. I know for a fact that I will be going here again for my next cleaning and the cleaning after that and even after that

Nikki-Mark Valenti (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Lim has been my family dentist for over 8 years now. He has not only handled my immediate family, but also any extended family I have here in Las Vegas. From basic cleanings to Invisalign to root canals, Dr. Lim has served the needs of my family. As a mother of five, it is hard to find a Dentist that you completely trust with the care of your children. I not only trust Dr. Lim’s dental experience, I value it and have always been able to reach out to him with any concern whether a minor problem or major dental work. He never tries to oversell or suggest treatment that is not in the best interest of the patient. A visit with Dr. Lim is more like a visit with a friend rather than a dentist as he has a very good personality and always remembers family details. He never ceases to make my family or I laugh on our visits which makes a normally dismal trip to the dentist a more pleasant experience. From my 5 year old to my 18 year old, he never fails to make them feel comfortable and eases the apprehensive associated with a sometime fearful experience. On top of the great service provided by Dr. Lim, is the added benefit of his friendly and professional staff. Many of the staff members of Hillside Dental have been there for years so it is nice to see familiar faces that you get to know more and more with each visit. The staff as well always remembers family details and never fail to ask how everyone is doing and with a hectic and ever changing schedule that comes with raising a large family, they are always very helpful in accommodating last minute scheduling conflicts. My experience through the years has been a win win in all areas and I can just not say enough about the care my family has received over the years. I HIGHLY recommend this office and Dr. Lim!

Nicole Valenti (Source: Google)


If you want a qualified dentist you can trust and that treats you like your his only patient, then go to Hillside Dental and Dr. Lim. No matter how long between visits, he always greets my family like we saw him yesterday. The office is immaculate and the staff is so friendly. I recommend Hillside Dental to all of my friends and family and after 5 years, every single one of them has thanked me for referring them to Hillside Dental. A few years back, I decided to do Invisalign at 41. It has been awesome and I can’t say enough about how much time and care Dr. Lim has put into giving me a great Hollywood smile. You just can’t do any better for a dentist!

Pricella Reed (Source: Facebook)


I found the most caring, calming, friendly, modern and state of the art dental office in Vegas. I went with my gut after reading all the 5 star reviews on ZocDoc about this office, and I am so happy I did. From reception, to 3D scan/Xray techs, and exam with Dr. Lim, I am not anxious at all, like I usually am. I would dread going to the dentist, but I thought I broke a molar, instead a piece of my filling broke off. I still had 2 metal fillings that needed to be changed, and I was told by my previous dentist that my current crown needed to be changed, too. Dr. Lim said my current crown is still good, but I do need a crown for the opposite tooth. Dr. Lim was able to do all three fillings, and my crown in one visit right after his assistant did my cleaning and laser treatment for my gums. I am impressed with everyones bedside manner, and the pleasant family feeling from the entire office. Thank you Hillside Dental.

Sarah W. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


During this pandemic, many small businesses and the community are having to learn and adapt to all the new changes. Hillside Dental has gone beyond my expectations! There is the standard plexiglass at the front desk, signs posted reminding patients to keep social distance and where to sit which is more than 6 ft apart. I’m going to list the remaining increased sanitation I observed: 1. Front staff wiping frequently touched areas and restrooms – every hour per staff if not more. 2. Clean and dirty pen containers. 3. Hand sanitizers located through out the office. 4. Every employee wearing N95 masks. 5. Medic Air Filter in the waiting area and in EACH dental station. 6. Greeted by Hygienist who was wearing PPE from head to toe! (Bonnet, safety glasses, N95, face shield, gown, gloves, and even shoe covers). 7. At the station, patients are required to use an oral rinse for 1 minute. 8. After x-ray, the hygienist wipes down the handles, lead apron, counter, and thoroughly washes her hands and dons new gloves. 9. A vacuum, head hood vent is positioned above the patient and is used during all oral treatment. 10. At the end of the treatment, the hygienist washes her hands again. Dons new gloves and I am given my usual new toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste but this time it’s in a paper bag instead of the typical plastic bag – Hillside Dental is thinking about everything! 11. As I leave the station, it is properly prepared for the next visitor. I am thoroughly impressed with the level of sanitation Hillside Dental has taken to provide a safe and clean environment for its staff and patients. And of course, the high level of care and friendly staff is what brings me back every 6 months…except I hadn’t been back in over a year since they could only see emergent cases. Thank you Hillside!

Candyce S. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


If I can give this office more than 5 stars I would in a heartbeat! I’ve been having extreme tooth pain for quite some time now and just have been trying to avoid it. I mean come on I HATE GOING TO THE DENTIST!! Well..I guess you can say I learned the hard way. The pain was beyond unbearable! I called the office as a brand new patient requesting to be seen asap. I actually asked for the next day, and they offered me the same day appt. I know how freaking awesome right? Mind you this was already during lunch hour when I called. They got on the phone with my insurance stat to check coverage and eligibility. Love it! When I arrived I was greated so well! They acknowledged everyone by name and made sure we were all comfortable and happy. Dr. Lim was a cool funny doctor. I’m not a fan of the dentist. And I think Dr. Lim got the hint of that during our first conversation lol. But he made sure that everything was going to be fine and that him and his staff will do everything it takes to make this a comfortable experience. Me in my head was like ” yea sure buddy that’s what they all say” Well.. because I waited years to get this treated, a root canal was in serious need. Although I already knew it..I still wasn’t happy, but knew it had to be done. Linda was amazing as can be. She called my insurance again, got a verbal about my coverage and worked on payment plans with me. All I can say is that Dr. Lim, Charmaine, and ALL the staff is by far the most amazing crew I’ve ever come across with. They squeezed me in, did the first part of my root canal as smooth as I ever had in my life! You can say that I’m not nervous for once, to return back in a couple weeks for my next treatment. So thank you to each and everyone of you for all that you did. If you’re in search of a new dentist… THIS IS THE ONE!!


Dr. Christopher Lim founded Hillside Dental in 2005, but he has been an artist all of his life. Since early childhood, he has been developing a natural eye for symmetry, color, balance, and design that is invaluable in the field of dentistry. Hillside Dental is a family practice, welcoming patients of all ages. The atmosphere is clean and comfortable. Patients are treated with respect and friendliness, from the first telephone call to the lengthiest procedure. Dr. Lim is committed to bringing the benefits of gentle, modern techniques to the people of Las Vegas, NV. He has invested in technologies, training, and equipment to deliver pleasant dental experiences. Dr. Lim and his team offer a broad range of services so that patients rarely need to be referred out. They handle routine hygiene visits and preventive care, and restorative treatments such as fillings, root canal therapy, dentures, and dental implants. Dr. Christopher Lim attended the University of California, Irvine, where he completed his undergraduate studies before moving to Philadelphia to complete his education at Temple University. Here, his outstanding clinical abilities were recognized by colleagues and professors alike. Since earning his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree, Dr. Lim has continually expanded his extensive knowledge, earning his Doctorate in Dental Medicine to enhance his expertise. Committed to patient care, Dr. Lim advances his skills through continuing education courses in which the latest techniques and technologies are discussed and demonstrated. Hillside Dental was founded by Dr. Lim in 2005. Since we began serving residents of the Las Vegas area, we have remained focused on the provision of gentle, compassionate care and the use of the highest quality materials and proven techniques. Feedback from our patients confirms that our practice is well designed and our methods comforting. Dr. Lim has been regarded by his patients as attentive to their needs, caring, and professional. Creating healthy, beautiful smiles is something Dr. Lim is very passionate about. Additionally, he finds great joy in creating works of art. His love for and talent in artwork provide him with unique skills in patient care in which the preservation and enhancement of natural beauty are carefully considered. Dr. Lim is married and has three daughters with whom he and his wife, Linda, love to spend time in a city they have called home for more than a decade.