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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Tuesday: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Wednesday: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: (By Appointment only)

Sunday: Closed


Dr. Sinaida Kniter, DDS





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Stephen G. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


My experience with Hollywood Smile and Dr. Sinaida Kniter’s office, happens to be one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with a dentist.  I have a short story here…. In late 2019, I went in for a cleaning, knowing I had some other issues much more serious, including a root canal.  My appt was on New Years Eve.  When I arrived, I had a really good vibe about the place (new location). Unfortunately, once the attending dentist began the procedure, I had a panic attack, which stopped the procedure.  They all were so nice and understanding about my situation. It wasn’t due to anything they did or didn’t do…. I was going through some other things. I rescheduled my procedure for  two months later. That appt time came and I rescheduled it again, afraid my panic attack would reoccur…. and then Covid showed up. We rescheduled it May and finally completed the root canal, a crown and a couple other minor things.  Bottom line…. my experience with Dr. Kniter’s staff was excellent. Everyone of them!  And Dr. Kniter was amazing and understanding about my situation every step of the way.  I am happy to call them my Dentists!  By the way, I’ve never been more happy with my smile! Steve G. Los Angeles

Kevin Gorin (Source: Google)


I’ve been coming to Dr. S for over 10 years. Everyone has always been friendly and very trustworthy. Dr. S stands by her work and never disappoints. Front desk girls have always been wonderful and sweet. They remember me by name and always ask about my family. This is a great family oriented place.

Oliver G. from Beverly Hills, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been seing Dr. Kniter for as long as I can remember.  My mom used to take me there.  She is great!  When it comes to cavities, I haven’t had many and the ones she fixed weren’t large enough to hurt.  Recently, though, I decided to get a set of veneers.  The enamel on my teeth is kinda yellowish, and I managed to get one of my front teeth chipped while ice skating.  I have been wanting to do something about it for a while, but was scared of the procedure. Anyway, after going back and forth on the issue I decided to do it.  What a change! I could never fully smile before and now!  OMG!  Every opportunity I get!  My confidence is through the roof and I am so greateful to Dr. Kniter for doing such a beautifule job.  It took two appointments with 2 weeks in between.  It didn’t hurt like I unticipated, and the temps were comphy enough to survive the 2 weeks that I had to wait for veneers to be made.  Dr. Kniter, thank you so very much for changing my smile and my life!

Paula R. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I love my new dentist! I have a fair amount of work that needs to be done. Dr. Kniter and her wonderful staff were kind, patient, and sensitive to my issues with pain but she still wanted to save me any unnecessary costs for nitrous. She asked me to give her a chance – to do one tooth without nitrous to see how it goes. I felt ZERO pain and was amazed it went so well. She promises to take it one session at a time and will have nitrous on standby but only if I need it. Dentistry is never fun, but I won’t be dreading it the way I always have in the past. Thank you Dr. Kniter and staff!

Andrei Gorbis (Source: Google)


Great experience for the whole family! Thank you very much to Dr. Kniter!! For doing outstanding job on my teeth!!! In 6 years all my dreams came true. Now, I have a true HOLLYWOOD SMILE 🙂 I had taken out wisdom teeth, did Invisalign for 4 years, had an implant, a crown, a root canal, teeth cleaning, whitening, fillings and finally a last touch up by Dr. Kniter was an excellent cosmetic work done on my teeth. Wonderful experience!!! Many thanks to the whole Hollywood Smile Family!

James H. from Scranton, SC (Source: Yelp)


I am very happy after visiting Dr. Kniter. I have already been to her twice and I think I would not get anyone better who could help me solve my dental issues. She is extremely polite and professional. She took all the details about my problems and then went about with the procedures that were suitable for me. Firstly my x-ray procedure was done and then it was explained to me that what all needs to be done. I even asked her quite a few questions and she answered them with patience. She even explained me the reasons for application of the different procedures. She had really good equipments and well experienced assistants to help her out. Am pretty sure that I will always recommend my friends and family to visit Dr. Kniter if they are looking for a good  dentist.

Neil G. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I came here recently after a few years at a dentist whom I felt wasn’t the most, shall we say, honest of people. Since I had been burned once, I came in with my guard up. After my cleaning, however, I left with my guard down and trust up. First, they did x-rays, after which Dr. Kniter came by and went over every single one with me. She showed me some areas that they’d be “keeping an eye on” but luckily I had no cavities. I appreciated her explanations she gave me when examining the pictures. After which, my very nice hygienist gave me a quite thorough cleaning and that was that. I know that mostly people only share bad experiences at the dentist, which is why every dentist seems to have a low rating, but I feel it’s only fair to share a pleasant one.

Maura Hooper (Source: Google)


I have been working with this office for dental implant care. I feel extremely taken care of. Dr. Kniter secured me a very good shade match for my temporary, which I am so grateful for. Dr. Paz is an amazing oral surgeon – great work and put me at ease – highly recommended! The whole office made me feel like a valued patient.

Micky Marz (Source: Google)


Dr. Kniter & her staff have been exceptionally understanding of my special requests. They can repair a damaged tooth quickly with their new methods. You can even eat or drink right after you leave the office! Their prices are so much more reasonable than any other dentist in this area. I’m so happy I called them. They are also just very kind people. I highly recommend their services for realigning teeth, repair, whitening, crowns, cleaning, extractions, bone grafts & implants. Their prices can’t be beat for the quality they offer! Don’t hesitate. Call them now! Sincerely, Michele H

Natalie A. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Overall great experience! This dental office is nice and crystal clean. Everybody is friendly and very sanitary. I have lots of sensitivity so they made it as comfortable as possible and I barely felt the needle go in when they numbed my mouth. It was quite uncomfortable to sit in a chair with my mouth open for about an hour and a half but the whole process was quick and efficient for all the work that was done. Dr. Kniter is super professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend ! 5 stars!

Katia M. from San Pedro, CA (Source: Yelp)


Oh, so many years passed and I am still Dr Kniter’s patient and still love her, ladies from her office are like “family” to me and my husband. I had my cosmetic dentisrty done by Dr Kniter and it’s perfect, I have compliments on my smile almost every day. Being a life coach, beautiful smile is my top priority.
My teeth are taken care of. Coming to my dentist a lot during last 11 years I never saw unhappy patients. I cannot even imagine that Aubrey can “yell” or Dr Sina could “intimidate”. I have no idea where all this negatives come from.

Steph F. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was honestly so scared by the other reviews that I almost cancelled my appointment. I’m so SO glad I didn’t because I had a very pleasant experience at this office. The receptionists were kind and friendly and cleared up an issue with my insurance company quickly and efficiently. All of the hygienists were incredibly nice and helpful. The dentist went over my pictures and x-rays with me to discuss exactly what needed to be done and made sure I understood everything. Nice clean office, completely up-to-date facility, no waiting (literally, patients didn’t have time to walk from reception to a seat before a hygienist came and got them), and extremely professional and pleasant doctors. Absolutely coming back for my next cleaning.

Masha V. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Knitter has been my dentist for over 10 years and the reason for that is the excellent level of service that her office offers. The office is clean and modern, the staff is professional and sweet, they always follow up with reminders for your appointments and try to fit you in when you need an emergency visit. The dental hygienist is amazing, love her to death! Her name is Yana. Not to mention of course the most important reason why we go to see the dentist, is the doctor! She is truly amazing, kind, understanding, honest and best of all, a perfectionist! She will make sure you leave happy and love your teeth! She always takes her time with you. Doesn’t rush you out. I only trust Dr. Knitter with my teeth! Prices are reasonable, not cheap, but they do great work!

Suchka L. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been a patient for quite some time now and I am very happy with their service. I have never had issues nor have I had any bad experiences from this office. Dr. Knitter really has all the knowledge needed for her clients, I would never believe she would do unnecessary procedures nor her work is horrible.  I have referred many clients to this office and would continue to refer my friends and acquaintances to her. She is phenomenal, keep up the good work Dr. Knitter. I can’t believe all these 1 star reviews, they should be removed immediately, it’s bizarre.

Charfrom W. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I am so very pleased with my experiences at Dr. Kniter’s office. I had a sudden emergency yesterday and called to say I was running late and they were so understanding and kindly rescheduled my appointment later in the day. Dr Kniter has such a gentle touch and was so concerned that I was comfortable.She made sure that I felt no pain whatsoever. I put my complete trust in her and I know that I am in good hands. Everyone in the office is so lovely and kind. I truly look forward to my visits to the office!

Tom O. from Palm Springs, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve used Dr. Kniter for 3 years and had excellent experiences.  I’ve left every appointment feeling like the staff bent over backwards to provide the best care possible. After several years with this office, my hygienist finally recommended a “deep cleaning” appointment.  I’m in my 60s and I figured it was probably due. I had the deep cleaning work done today.  Because of the detail involved in this type of dental work, I knew there could be some pain involved.  I’m delighted to report that the whole process was perfect. No pain at all. My next appointment is in May and I’m looking forward to going right back. I’ve used 9 dentists in my life and Dr. Kniter’s office has been the best.  I recommend Dr. Kniter.

Santara F. from Old Fourth Ward, Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


She and Dr. Daniel are PERFECTIONIST I absolutely love the both of them and their ENTIRE STAFF! I came in as a new patient and they made me feel really good! They did not treat any differently as opposed to being wealthy and rich, which is very rare living in Hollywood! I’m extremely confident when I smile now and I’m truly happy. I will be returning for all check ups . On the financial side, Dr Kniter kept her word and continued to work on my now beautiful perfect smile! Both doctors made sure I was comfortable and did not experience any pain!! I felt like a million bucks after I left!! My teeth are ABSOLUTELY PERFECT !!

Khaim K. from Beverly Hills, CA (Source: Yelp)


Highly recommended! Been going here for years! I’ve had lots of work done, from bonding and root canals to crown and implants. My son just completed Invisalign. It really doesn’t get more simple than this place. The quality of care is outstanding.I’m a physician and while attending a 2 weeks long study in NY went for a dental cleaning to a local dentist.He had nothing but high praise for the dental work I had in my mouth.Which only confirmed my belief. The excellent and courteous staff treats us as a part of a family and knows each patient’s mouth individually. A common misconception with dentists is that they are always going to be painful. Not so here. In fact I don’t remember what is tooth pain and her shots are painless! As to the prizes,they are in the middle range ,whereas a quality is outstanding.If somebody shops for the cheapest dentist -good luck somewhere else,but if you’re looking for the best and reasonable as well- this is the right place. I’ve recommended Dr.Kniter always to my colleagues and now I pass it on to Yelper

Bridget F. from Hollywood, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had a cleaning and a filling here. Dr kniter has a very calming bedside manner. She was willing to work with me on price since I don’t have dental insurance. She helped me keep the cost low and took the time to perfect the bite on my filling. It was very quick too. Also, Simona was very gentle with me when I was getting xrays. I will go back again.

Angelika S. from Studio City, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been a client for approximately 18 years now and I would not change this dentist for the life of me. I have been to several dentist and this one was my last stop. I have been treated with respect and the girls who work there are very friendly. Out of 18 years yes people change jobs but majority have stayed with Dr. Knitter. I have never experienced extra work that needed to be done nor ever over charged. So I don’t know how these negative reviews for this office even exist. I come on regular basis which is every 6 months for cleaning and any thing else maybe I between. But majority of the time, my teeth are pretty much healthy, thanks to Dr. Knitter and of course me for taking care of them. I solute Dr. Knitter for her excellency and respect her clean and honest work.

The Paleo Queen (Source: Google)


Overall great experience! This dental office is nice and crystal clean. Everybody is friendly and very sanitary. I have lots of sensitivity so they made it as comfortable as possible and I barely felt the needle go in when they numbed my mouth. It was quite uncomfortable to sit in a chair with my mouth open for about an hour and a half but the whole process was quick and efficient for all the work that was done. Dr. Kniter is super professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend ! 5 stars!

Kevin L. from Westlake, Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I actually take pride in taking care of my oral hygiene but turned out i had a cavity on one of my tooth, so sadly enough i had to deal with the anxiety from the machine noises and I gotta thank Dr. sinaida for helping me feel comfortable and helping me relax through the process, especially when she gave me the shot of amnesia on my gums i was super freaked out but she helped me relax and gave me great advice to better my oral hygiene afterwards. Hands down one of the best doctors I’ve had!

Kristina Y. from North Hollywood, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Sinaida Kniter, DDS is a compassionate and amazing dentist that forever touched my heart and reduced any anxiety I ever had towards the dental office. She puts her heart, mind and soul into every treatment. Every visit I ever had with Dr. Kniter (I had been her patient from 7-14 years of age ) had been a very pleasant one, whether it was through her kindness or a play of words to scare away my animosity about a treatment. She was always aware of my body language and would reinforce that I was doing just fine throughout the procedures. Dr. Kniters care is probably the main and most important reason why I personally wanted to jump full force into the field myself. Her kindness towards me during my treatment definitely taught me how to be fearless when attending the dental office. And it really saddens me reading all these terrible reviews about her. She is AMAZING. I still have my composite fillings and have never had problems with them and I have had them for over 13 years. I’ve had other RDA’s look at my filling in a mouth mirror inspection in school (I am currently studying to become a Registered Dental Assistant) and everyone was amazed at how great they looked! You could barely even tell they were fillings. What a lot of people in the previews reviews do not understand the fundamentals behind dentistry. First of all, DENTISTRY is not just a place to go when you have a gaping hole in your tooth, it is a place for PREVENTIVE care, meaning they catch a problem before it becomes a really serious one. Second of all, those people complaining about how expensive it is to fix teeth, just so you know, you get charged not by how many teeth you’re getting fixed but by how many surfaces the dentist has to drill and fix in the process and these combinations can be mixed and matched in a 100 different ways (mesial, distal, occlusal, buccal and lingual ) so if the dentist has to fix more than one area, then that is when you get charged more, it’s not her fault you allowed for it to get that big in the first place. Third, just because you are VEGAN does NOT mean you can not get cavities…in order for cavities to be present, you need bacteria to form in your mouth ; Lactobacillus being one of them and when it is present in the mouth they have been associated with cavities and tooth decay (dental caries) along with Streptococcus mutans. So let’s say you shared a drink with your friend and they had that bacteria in their mouth, well guess what it has been transferred over to you. Diet is a huge part of your teeth as well, if you have a high intake of acidic food, well guess what, most likely your teeth have erosion on them because the acid wears away the enamel that protects your dentin and if your dentin is exposed, that’s when the real pain kicks. ANOTHER important aspect of dentistry is more than one person can do one type of job according to the California Dental Board. You can receive different types of licensing and permits to be allowed to perform certain duties so that the dentist can focus on more severe cases. (Teeth cleaning is one of those things.) FINALLY It is important to listen to post operative instructions given to you by the dental assistant because if you do not follow the directions that they give you, chances are you’re going to crack or break your filling, cause damage to the area and have to come back. I’m not saying that all of the previous comments were false, but a lot of it does have to do with educating yourself about what dentistry is and the purpose of it, but then again you don’t have to take my word for it I’m only a Dental Student.

Jon G. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I find all these bad reviews crazy.  I have had nothing but a great experience with the doctor and the staff.  They are very helpful and they really want your teeth to look great.  Now if they offer something extra, you may have needed it and they are working to make a living.  Would you work for free.  They are good people.  Give them a try you will like them.  My teeth have never looked better!

Y. P. (Source: Zocdoc)


Dr. Kniter and her staff were fantastic and helped me a lot during my last visit to the office. Doctor took plenty of time to explain all the the details of my treatment plan. She seemed to really have my best interest in mind. Ladies at the front desk were super competent and friendly. I can’t say enough good things about this dental office.

Troy Dalmasso (Source: Google)


I’m super picky with choosing my dentist–in the same way I would be with choosing a surgeon. At almost 50 years of age, and having lived in cities all over the US (and overseas) I’ve seen my fair share of dentists. Some great, some not-so-great. And some who shouldn’t even be in practice. So, I feel my judgement comes from much experience. First off, I need a dentist who doesn’t try to oversell me on procedures that aren’t required. But more importantly, I need a dentist with steady and precise hands. I have a missing tooth in the back from about 12 years ago where my former dentist messed up what should have been simple, routine, procedure. This was mostly, I feel, due to her over-gentle, clumsy, grip on her tools. I went through several dentists near me in DTLA and had lackluster to poor experiences with all of them. Finally, I decided to check out the WEHO area in the hopes that since it’s a more affluent area the quality of service may be better on that side of town. And, I was right. I found Hollywood Smile (Sinaida Kniter, D.D.S.) and I’ve been going back to her for about five years now. Making the 30 minute drive each way is worth it. She has a firm grip, both in a metaphoric sense–her office is full of competent, professional, and friendly staff that all operate together like a well tuned machine, but also in a literal sense– she has great hands and my procedures always go smoothly. And the advise Dr Kniter gives me always feels honest and expert. I highly recommend her. She is moving her office to Santa Monica since her office building is being demolished for a new condo going into that place. But I’ll happily make the drive from DTLA to Santa Monica to see her.

Peter S. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to Dr. Kniter for 10 years, and I’m very pleased with the dental care she provides. Her staff is very professional and efficient. I always ask a lot of questions, and she is very patient and explains her advice clearly and thoroughly. They have state-of-the-art equipment, and she always shows me what she sees and explains why she’s recommending work. I never felt pressured to get any work that I didn’t need. I think with any dentist, you have to question whether something needs to be done immediately or if it can wait, and I’ve always thought she was honest and forthright with me. I’m puzzled by the people who have written such angry reviews. Occasionally they do suggest cosmetic work or try to sell me a product, but I’ve never been offended and they’re very gracious when I politely decline.

Jordan H. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Not sure why there have been some negative reviews about this place.  I was a little wary about going here after reading some of the reviews on Yelp, but I decided to go in for a dental cleaning in spite of these reviews.  I thought the staff at the front desk was very friendly and I only waited a few minutes in the waiting room before they called me back.  I was immediately made to feel at ease from Myrna, who handled my x-rays and impressions.  She was very friendly and extremely helpful.  When I met with Dr. Kniter, she patiently explained everything to me in detail regarding those x-rays and I thought her diagnosis regarding my teeth was right on.  The equipment is up to date and the facility was clean and comfortable.  Overall, I had a very positive experience here and I would definitely recommend going to see Dr. Kniter

Gabby F. from Beverly Hills, CA (Source: Yelp)


My review is lengthy but definitely worth the read. I have two fears. Two MAJOR fears. One is flying and the other is visiting the dentist. I know many people have fears of going to the dentist but I never knew anyone else’s reasons for it. Mine have to do with the noises of the dental instruments and just over all the uncomfortableness. It was time for a check up. A check up really means it was time for me to go to the dentist and hear everything that’s wrong with my teeth and everything I need to fix. This time was different… The best decision I ever made was to go to Dr. Sina. I came into the open shopping plaza and found parking in .02 seconds. I went up the stairs towards the office. There’s an elevator right next to the office in case you can’t take the stairs. I walked in and was greeted by the sweetest receptionist, Lana. Receptionist/boss (the kind of people you don’t mind speaking to, hearing from, the ones that get to the point and make sure your visit is superb and most importantly, efficient. Lana was amazing. She knew I was coming in and was ready with my paper work. I sat down in this cozy waiting room, filled everything out and gave it back to Lana. I emailed my insurance card since I only had a picture of it on my phone–and was escorted to the back to have my x rays done. I’ve had x rays taken before but this was something else–no uncomfortableness and it was quick and easy. I’m telling you, they get things done fast and most importantly, proficiently. Dr. Sina came in, sweetest, kindest, most gentle soul. Beautiful! Truly nice to look at. Some of you don’t care about that but I personally do (sorry not sorry). Dr. Sina is the type of person you want to keep talking to. She cares. She cares more than you would care about your own teeth. She looked at the x rays and made sure to tell me exactly what was going on with my teeth. She told me my problem areas and the parts that were good (that’s nice to hear too). I got to see all my pictures and x rays on the screen in front of me. I had cavities, dental crowns needed replacement, my grinding situation needed to be fixed and much more. Dr. Sina gave me options of different ways to handle it all and every possible approach in order to get my teeth back on the right track. After I heard everything and felt good about the path I decided to take. Usually, an appointment like this would take double the time but I was in and out, feeling great! Dr. Sina walked me back to the receptionist, stood with me while I scheduled my next appointment and I left! With a goody bag of things 🙂 I found the perfect dentist, everything you want in the person who truly cares about your teeth and invests effort into the future of your teeth. I left extremely pleased and even excited. I’m happy to say I have no fears about coming back to this cozy caring dental office! Thank you Dr. Sina, Lana and everyone else who took care of me!

Soner G. from West Hollywood, CA (Source: Yelp)


Excellent Dental Office! Dr. Kniter is an extremely concerned, loving, friendly, cost-effective, and professional dentist. I had 5 fillings, 1 crown and 2 teeth cleanings in the last two years in her office and I am upset at myself for not finding this office sooner for fear of expensive dental care. She wrestled with my insurance company to keep costs very low and she charged me half the price of other dentists for work not covered by my insurance. The office staff is very friendly, efficient and hard working. The parking in the front is free with abundance of empty parking spaces. If your teeth hurts a lot, you can visit the Oasis massage store downstairs after your work. Do not wait and allow her office to take care of you.

Marie Todd (Source: Google)


Hollywood Smile has a great group of professionals that function as a team providing excellent dentistry & highly efficient service quickly & effortlessly. I had a multitude of problems that were taken care of without endless appointments. This office is very professional,& pleasant. I am grateful for their services & highly recommend them for any & all dental needs.

Madeleine Buisseret (Source: Google)


I was really impressed by Dr. Kniter and her office on Sunset. I got to my appointment on time, the staff were helpful and nice and they identified important things I would need done with my teeth my last dentist neglected to do. The hygienist was also great, gentle but really thorough and careful. Happy so far!

Tammy H. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


I had a business appointment in Los Angeles and while on the plane from Atlanta, lost a crown after biting into something. I quickly googled dentists that were near my hotel and found two within close proximity. I emailed them both, explained my situation and asked if they could work me in once I landed. The other dentist never responded; I received a prompt reply from Dr. Kniter’s office and they were fabulous! They made me feel like a regular patient that had been there numerous times. They quickly worked me in, took care of me, and got me out on time for my business meeting that afternoon. They were friendly, explained everything they were going to do and made me feel welcomed instead of like the out of town intrusion that I felt like. If I lived there I can promise you…this would be my dentist for life! Great service, friendly staff and they go above and beyond!

Mikayla M. from West Hollywood, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Kniter is a healer. I was terrified of going back to the dentist after getting sober. I had four broken teeth one falling out and stabbing pains all the time. I was concerned that my teeth were unsalvagable – but she saved them and im so grateful I can smile with confidence today. No uncessary rooy canals. Completely feasible dental treatment plan. 2 years later and I am so going to Kniters office. Very kind staff here.

Maggie Meath (Source: Google)


If you have dental anxiety, come here. My experience honestly couldn’t have been better, despite it being my first trip to the dentist in a few years. Everyone was really friendly and warm, especially Dr. Kniter. She kept checking to make sure I was comfortable throughout the process. I had to have a wisdom tooth removed, and she was able to have it done right then and there. I have to add that the team had me laughing throughout my appointment. Seriously… top notch.


Dr. Kniter is part of a West Hollywood tradition of dental comfort and care. A 1983 graduate of Freie University of Berlin, Germany and licensed in California since 1989. She has completed courses in cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, TMJ (jaw pain) Therapy, occlusion and full-mouth rehabilitation. She is a member of the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Kniter has dedicated her professional career to providing you with the best that dentistry has to offer. She is continually educating herself and her staff on the newest techniques to provide you with advanced, comfortable and personalized dental care. "I am proud to provide my patients with the best in dental technology, treatment options and patient comfort. It is my pleasure to address all your questions and concerns."