How we rank our top-ten dentists?

Searching for a great dentist online can be quite a challenge. At the same time, it’s also a very important decision. The difference between a good and a not-so-good dentist can be huge! You can search for a dentist on Google or Yelp, but these websites don’t specialize in dentists. Instead, start your search for a great dentist on Even28 – the dentist search engine. We know our dentists better than any other website could. We invest a lot of time into creating each dentist’s Even28 profile. We invest even more time into generating our top-1o lists. So how do we rank our top-10 dentists? Here are a few criteria we use to rank our dentists:

Their online reputation

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We research each dentist across the world wide web. We don’t just rely on one or two sites, we go through their entire social media profile. This includes their Google page, Facebook page, Yelp site, and more! Each dentist is assigned an internal score based on their online reputation. This grade factors into our top-1o ranking.

Their body of work


We consider which dental services each dentist offers. Generally, dentists who offer a greater variety of dental services, such as braces and dental implants, are better dentists. These dentists have a better understanding of how the whole mouth works and functions. We also pay close attention to each dentist’s photo gallery. Naturally, dentists who take the time to create a dazzling photo gallery, are likely to be better dentists as compared to ones who don’t bother showing off their treatment photos online.

Even28 online store


Let’s be honest, having reasonable and fair prices is an important part of choosing the right dentist. We pay close attention to each dentist’s online store. Dentists who create an online store are more transparent about their fees, thus they are more likely to rank higher. These dentists are more likely to make it on our top-1o dentist lists.

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Other ranking criteria

We take our time to do the research so you don’t have to! Our algorithm takes dozens of important criteria into consideration when generating our top-1o dentist lists. We look at many different things, such as the dentist’s background, awards, accomplishments, how long they have been serving the same community, whether or not they have any disciplinary actions, etc. Out top-1o dentist lists are a genuine ranking of the best dentists in your neighborhood. Use them safely to choose a great dentist next to you.

Your feedback matters!

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Let us be the first ones to admit it – We don’t always get it right… Sometimes we miss a great dentist simply because it slips through the cracks. Other times we rank a dentist on our top-1o list, but there are other more deserving dentists who belong on that list. If you feel like you, or your dentist, is a top-1o dentist, please email us at and tell us why. Similarly, if you feel that a top-10 dentist should not be ranked where they are, email us and explain your reasoning. We read all emails very carefully and adjust our top-10 rankings based on your recommendations. Thanks for assisting us in creating the world’s most comprehensive and thorough dentist search engine!

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