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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm

Tuesday: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm

Wednesday: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm

Thursday: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Chris K. from Glendale, AZ (Source: Yelp)


These guys are the real deal. The staff is incredible. Every person is very genuine and they care about you. Dr. Hunter is knowledgeable, and he educates you on what he’s doing and what he’s doing it (if you are interested – and I ask a lot of questions! He is very patient :-). I highly recommend them!

Penny Fontana (Source: Google)


Very professional and extremely courteous staff. They were kind and gentle, and made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Hunter was also very kind and gentle. He took the time to explain my treatment plan to me which I really appreciated. My daughter is a dental hygienist and highly recommended Dr. Hunter. I am glad she did!

Gerald Benavides (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Hunter is great!! He has a wonderful staff. They have taken care of all three of my children and several friends kids too. Just can’t say enough about how great they are. Wouldn’t go any other orthodontist.

Jodi Poston (Source: Google)


The staff is always friendly, always professional, always kind. They made my daughter with Autism feel completely comfortable so that her anxiety flew away and she looked forward to gong. Dr. Hunter is an expert at his job making beautiful smiles by straightening teeth and letting spirits. The office always does extra things like optional incentives and little competitions to make your child feel like they are part of the “Hunter Orthodontics” family. If you want a top rate experience with a family of experts you can trust, this is the practice you should choose.

Suzy Jahn (Source: Google)


I was really pleased with the whole experience. Due to car issues, we showed up late and they were very gracious about it. The Treatment Coordinator, Tina, was so helpful and friendly and great with my figity 10 year old. Dr. Hunter spoke directly to my girls and made them feel comfortable and really a part of the process. The explanation of treatment and payment were clear and concise. I highly recommend them!

Ann Melgard (Source: Google)


Dr. Hunter always make time to connect and assures all your questions and concerns are answered. He also makes sure the child is comfortable and understands the goal and how we will get there. He is conservative and takes the safest route without compromising the best outcome. His staff is always very polite and accommodating. This is by far the best Ortho experience we have had. He is not after the highest billable outcome, but simply the best solution.

Leah Bachman (Source: Google)


Best and cheapest Ortho in town! I have had my braces off for 3 years, but sometimes I lose a retainer tray. Dr. Hunter’s office is always accommodating to my schedule, and they charge a shocking low fee for replacements. Like, $150 less than anywhere else in the valley. Everything is clean, and I actually really like their open floor plan instead of little cubicles–Dr. Hunter is always around all of his patients at the same time, so you never have to wait to talk to him if you have a question.

Angie Boone (Source: Google)


Dr. Hunter and his staff are absolutely amazing! They are extremely patient and encouraging, and I’ve been impressed with the quality of service as well as the pleasantness of the office. I even had an emergency after hours one time, and someone met me at the office to make sure my teeth were taken care of. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Hunter and his care for our teeth!

Jeff DeGolier (Source: Facebook)


What a great staff! Up-beat and friendly place and very attentive to the patients needs. They do an outstanding job of educating and providing great tips and details for a young kiddo apprehensive to this new life with braces. Made it seem like no big deal!

Jenn Florence (Source: Google)


We have had THE best experience with Dr. Hunter and his staff. They are not only professional and friendly, but have given me a fantastic smile. I couldn’t be happier with both my treatment and my results. My son is now seeing Dr. Hunter and we are looking forward to having another beautiful set of teeth in our family. Thank you Dr. hunter and staff!

Jennifer Perkes (Source: Google)


Dr. Hunter is amazing. We wouldn’t go to anyone else. Five out of seven in our family have been blessed by his great work. He is an honest, personable and hard working doctor who I would recommend to anyone. In the past I have had experiences where orthodontists will want to put a child in braces as soon as they see them and not necessarily at the best time to start orthodontics. I have also seen orthodontist play different pricing games where they don’t necessarily give everyone the same quote. Dr. Hunter doesn’t play those games. He has been in practice for a long time and he cares anout his patients. I’m so grateful to have found such a great orthodontist!

Sarah K. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been a patient here for 15 years and just had to go back to have some maintenance done on my permanent retainer. The staff was very friendly and kind and was able to get me in on a cancellation. Dr. hunter remembered me from 10 years ago and was very helpful and courteous as well. I live very far from here now but I’ll continue to make the drive!

Samara A. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


It has been 7 years since I had braces holy cow I’m feeling real old right now! Went back here to get my retainer since I decided to loose them and not replace them in about 2 years ( I know, shame).  It has only gotten better; the decor, staff, and services.  I didn’t feel goofy going in there as a 23 year old and sitting next a soon-to-be sorority girl texting away like mad.  I’m thinking is all the metal in her mouth interfering with her signal? :p Dr. Hunter is not as personal as he use to be, but is expected when you want to get the maximum in and out.  He keeps that last star because his staff is so well trained to think for themselves when he’s away.  I got my strawberry impressions done and was quoted for a new set of wire retainers…and in what color? Pink duh! I think it is important to keep a little bit of your childhood, even if it’s hidden in your mouth at night.  Cost for a set of wire retainers, $450! Pretty good, saying that if I had gone to a completely new orthodontist they would try to put me in some $5,000 plan that I didn’t need.  If you live in this area or are willing to make a drive to get yourself a new grill..this is your guy! Very professional, and if you need he works with you with payment plans and more.  Did I mention the crap load of candy they give you upon getting your braces off? Not that you want to eat any of it cause you’ve been so long without haha

Diana Umbricht (Source: Facebook)


Hunter Orthodontics was a wonderful experience each appointment. I had a 10 year old that had to have braces 3 years ago and was terrified. They made the appointments engaging for her and really treated her with a lot of care and concern. Very warm and friendly atmosphere and payment plan worked out great! Today we just had our last appointment and had to say good-bye to what became our extended family their which was bittersweet. Dr. Hunter himself just very heartfelt with the patients and great sense of humor! We will miss them but totally recommend them to anyone if you want a fabulous experience throughout.

Sue Demeter (Source: Google)


Everyone in the office is always professional and very friendly and upbeat. We have never had a bad experience while receiving orthodontic treatment. Love that fact Dr. Hunter didn’t just put braces on my kids when we walked in the door. He waited until he felt they were ready. I recommend anyone needing orthodontic treatment to Dr. Hunter!! I believe he is the best of the best along with his staff!

Halle Gordon (Source: Google)


Hunter Orthodontics is very organized and attentive to everyone who walks into their office. Their lobby is welcoming and their office is clean. I was a first time patient, and they took all sorts of pictures and x-rays, providing me with a portfolio with all the copies. Dr. Hunter himself is very friendly and pays close attention to detail. He communicates well, making sure you, the patient receiving treatment, are aware of all your options. They focus on what you want at this office and have an efficient system. Highly recommend.

Maria Olivella (Source: Google)


Dr. Hunter took over my care after moving from Indiana. I was only 3 months into my in Invisalign correction. His price in comparison in taking over my care was the best offered (I went to several orthodontist to get quotes). Not only did my teeth get optimal results but he also reshaped (filed down) several teeth to have them all the same shape. I am thankful this move has placed me in good care as I was very nervous with switching over in the middle of treatment. After great teaching of caring for my permanent and removable retainers. I am confident to refer anyone to his care. He has a great team, very knowledgeable and polite.

Frances Derieux Schieman (Source: Facebook)


Love Dr. Hunter and his staff. They are so friendly, knowledgeable and honest. He took the time to answer my questions and never made us feel rushed. My daughter got her braces off today and her teeth look great. He is always joking with the kids and staff which makes it such a friendly environment and always clean. He’s very honest with the time frame, if and when the kids need braces and cost.

Barbara Becker (Source: Google)


I had a wonderful experience at Hunter Orthodontics. I felt warmly received with beautiful smiles from the moment I walked into the office. Every part of the intake new patient process went like Swiss clockwork, and I enjoyed every bit of it. Dr. Hunter greeted me as if I were an anticipated friend from long ago. Thank you everyone! I look forward to my orthodontic experience.

Brianna Ramsey (Source: Google)


I have been down a long road with my teeth and Dr. Hunter and his staff have helped me so much along the way. They have been nothing but amazing, friendly, and helpful. I am more confident now than ever with the transformation of my teeth. I appreciate the dedication and work that Dr. Hunter puts into his patients. I enjoy the environment and the staff is just so easy to talk to. I love it there!

Carlee Nielsen (Source: Google)


From the moment you walk in you are greeted by the friendsly staff and well taken care of the entire time you are there. They know you by name and always ask how you are doing and make you feel like you are apart of their family. The environment is very clean, warm, and welcoming. I am always recommending people to Hunter Orthodontics. They will take great care of you and give you the best smile around!!!!

Michelle Doolittle Abbate (Source: Facebook)


My daughter had her last appointment today and got the all clear, retainers only from here on out unless an issue arises! Dr. Hunter was in the middle of something but made a point to stop and say goodbye to us even though he was busy! Thank you all so much for helping my daughter achieve a beautiful smile and to the whole staff for being caring and amazing!

Suraya Lima (Source: Google)


I absolutely love Dr. Hunter! He did my sister’s braces 20 years ago and she has a perfect, beautiful smile. When it came time for my kids to get braces I didn’t even bother to shop around and went straight to him. The staff are really friendly and always there to expain everything. They make taking your child to their appointment a fun experience. I definitely recommend going to Dr. Hunter for any orthodontic needs.