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Rebecca M. Bockow, DDS (Orthodontist/Periodontist)

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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Sleep apnea therapy

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Friday: Closed

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Sunday: Closed


Monday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Vanessa S. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


Vanessa S. Seattle, WAWe’re so lucky to have found Dr. Bockow. My son was diagnosed with sleep apnea at 8, and the sleep specialist recommended that we consult with an orthodontist and an ENT for treatment options. The first orthodontist we went to did not recognize the problem, but when we told the sleep specialist he recommended we have another consultation with Dr. Bockow. She saw that his palate and jaw development were impacting his sleep quality and set up a treatment plan. It felt a little overwhelming at first, because there were a lot of steps, but everyone in her office and everyone she recommended have been absolutely fantastic. My son had a lip bumper, palate expander, myofunctional therapy, and a frenectomy. His sleep issues are resolved–so his mood, energy, and health have improved remarkably–and his facial development is clearly back on track. I’m really grateful to Dr. Bockow and her team.

Amy Helland (Source: Google)


We have loved our experience at inspired Orthodontics. My son is having expansion work done to help improve his obstructive sleep apnea & we are seeing tangible results. Flexible appointments times, kind staff and Doctors, short wait times, clear, inclusive treatment plans. When my son has lost/broken his equipment, which has happened a few times, Dr Bockow and her staff have gotten him in right away to ensure he isn’t losing progression in treatment. Our family highly recommends checking out Inspired Ortho!

Kathryn Webb (Source: Facebook)


Seriously can not thank everyone on staff here enough for amazing customer service and kindness. I just got my braces off today and my teeth are amazing. I had braces for four years when I was younger and then unfortunately had to go through medical treatment that prevented me from wearing my retainer. That said ….my teeth did not look even close to this amazing then. Thank all of you soooooooo much for everything. You guys are amazing and I would recommend you to everyone I know.

Matt N. from Edmonds, WA (Source: Yelp)


I was very apprehensive about doing orthodontics due to all of the horror stories that I had heard. However Dr. Bockow and her staff put my fears to rest quickly and got me into a treatment plan that was relatively painless (I did Invisalign). It was amazing to me how quickly I began to see results and also how much better things were looking! I had no idea how much of a difference it would make. My teeth are now perfectly straight and my smile is bright. All of the people at the office provide a professional service and are friendly. It doesn’t have a “clinic” feel but rather a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. I think that individual treatment plans may vary but the ultimate result will be excellent. It is surely worth a consultation to find out!

Fiona C. (Source: Google)


This is the best in Seattle!! My boyfriend and I both chose Smile Design. They are super professional and friendly. I’m originally from China and my boyfriend from Chile, we don’t know much about orthodontics here in the US, but the doctors explained us all the things patiently and in details, like what we care, what the suggested plan, etc. They always give us the best advice to fit our needs instead of adding everything to our plan. They are always nice and make us feel comfortable on braces. The location is also perfect and super convenient for Amazon employees! We had a wonderful experience there and I love my teeth now!!

Leigh K. from Raleigh, NC (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Bockow and her team are simply outstanding. I’ve been a patient for just over three months and can’t say enough good things. I feel listened to and heard, and that I’m in great hands, no matter which member of her team is working on me that day. Scheduling is easy, and they are flexible. Making the decision to move forward with orthodontic work as an adult can feel scary and overwhelming. All those feelings stopped the moment* I slid into Dr. Bockow’s chair. I recommend her practice to anyone considering braces as an adult. *If I’m being honest, those feelngs stopped once the braces were actually on my teeth and I started seeing movement. Regardless, the sentiment stands.

Patrice S. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Bockow is a perfectionist. I went to her with a smile that badly needed rejuvenation. My teeth had grown very crooked over the years. In photographs, it looked like half of them were missing because of shading. It took 2 1/2 years to straighten my teeth and properly align my bite. I so appreciated her attention to detail. It is my opinion you are never too old to correct your smile. I was extremely happy with her treatment plan and my outcome. I would highly recommend Dr. Bockow and her wonderful staff. Patrice S.

Sara Harvey (Source: Google)


Dr Bokow and her amazing team are hands down, some of the best dental professionals I’ve ever worked with. And I’ve had a lot of dental work in 33 years – 2 implants, braces as a teenager that didn’t fix much, root canals on mouth injuries on root canals, hereditary weak enamel and cavities and reconstructive cosmetic work to address childhood issues – (side note, take your vitamins when you’re pregnant, please!) I am almost through my invisalign treatment, and have not only found my quality of life (snoring, mouth breathing, jaw pain) improved by having a correct bite for the first time in 30+ years, I also think that my profile looks a little more graceful as well without tense jawline and pushed out upper teeth that I didnt realize I had. Her recommendations about specialists for myofunctional therapy have been a huge help as well with treating my breathing issues (known) and tongue placement, another issue no one had ever addressed. The office is comfortable, the free chap stick is actually awesome, all the assistants an office managers are pleasant, well trained, and highly respectful. I love the ability to communicate with the office in a variety of methods, phone/text/email – and the super fast response. If you have any sort of orthodontic issues, questions, or treatment planned – do yourself a favor and go see Dr Bokow.

Meghann D. from Federal Way, WA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Bockow is amazing. I was hesitant to go see Dr. Bockow after my previous experience with orthodontia. Dr. Bockow took the time to understand my individual needs. She is highly knowledgeable and skilled at what she does, ethical and provided excellent communication with me throughout my treatment. I highly recommend Dr.Bockow. I have felt like I have been in good hands after coming to her clinic. The staff there are also very professional and compassionate about helping others.

Will Hebard (Source: Google)


Dr. Bockow and her staff are miracle workers! My original treatment plan was to align my jaw for orthognathic jaw surgery. A few weeks into the plan I started to have second thoughts about the surgery – Dr. Bockow quickly pivoted and was able to give me the desired result only using steel wires and rubber bands! Four months into treatment my bite was aligned, I was sleeping more soundly, my jaw pain subsided and my teeth were straight. One and a half years later I could not be more pleased with the work she did. Everyone in the office is friendly and accommodating – I always felt welcome and that they had my best interests in mind. Thank you all!

Kristen Kosidowski (Source: Google)


Dr. Bockow was immensely generous with her time and knowledge as we discussed a complex decision that may involve surgery. She was kind, clear and patient as we explored different routes and alternatives, and ultimately she provided her best professional recommendation and explained why she could not take another approach. I really appreciated her willingness to consider my case and work with me on a timeline that I can commit to and afford for the work ahead. Dr. Bockow is a true professional and very knowledgeable in her area of practice. Have a tough ortho or jaw issue? Talk to Dr. B and the Inspired Ortho team.

Julie S. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Bockow and her entire team at Seattle Smile Designs are sensational. The periodontal procedure I had was not only smooth and easy, but from an outcome standpoint could not have been better for me. She and her entire team are above-and-beyond thoughtful, considerate, friendly, smart, and communicative, and I felt at ease the minute I walked in until the moment I walked out (which is saying something). I cannot think of a medical provider of any kind out there who comes across as more passionate, knowledgeable, or naturally talented in their field than Dr. Bockow does in hers. Easiest five stars I could ever give.

Laura R. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Bockow is wonderful! I had an appointment today and it was the first time we had met. She has a calm, gentle nature about her that immediately made me feel comfortable. I feel that she went above and beyond to answer my (many) questions and provided great service. (I am pretty picky so this says a lot). 🙂 I will definitely recommend her to anyone looking for an orthodontist.

Rob N. from Lake Forest Park, WA (Source: Yelp)


When I was considering orthodontics at age 59 my Dentist recommended that I see Dr. Bockow. The recommendation did not disappoint. Dr. Bockow gave me treatment options that suited an adult life style. I went forward with treatment and continued to be rewarded with excellent service and ultimately a fantastic outcome. I couldn’t be happier and highly recommend Dr. Bockow for anyone considering adult orthodontic treatment.

Lise Martin (Source: Google)


I am a nurse practitioner and IBCLC (lactation consultant), so based on my medical experience and training, found it extremely important to find the leading expert to treat my 5 year old daughter and we DID, Dr. Becca! Dr. Rebecca Bockow has not only provided us the BEST orthodontic care I could wish for with an evidence based approach that is innovative and effective, but has shown such kindness and patience to my daughter. She even sent a personal email a few days after my daughter’s 2 retainers were installed to see how she was adjusting. In addition to Dr. Becca being outstanding, all the administrative and dental assistants are so professional, kind, and happy – it seems they really enjoy what they do and who they are doing it with (feels like a cohesive group). I would recommend Seattle Smile Designs to any friends and family, but also to my patients as well. I feel so grateful that this specialist is in Seattle, as she’s worth traveling for! In gratitude, Lise Martin, ARNP, IBCLC.

Nina S. from Bothell, WA (Source: Yelp)


I highly recommend Dr. Bockow for those who are interested in outstanding client oriented service and great result in smile correction. Before meeting with Dr. Bockow I was seen by another orthodontist, Dr. Moor, who is well know for his talent and impressive history of successful cases. However, in about a year from the beginning of my treatment I was gradually transferred under supervision of Dr. Rebecca Bockow. I was also thrilled to work with her! She answers on my questions regarding treatment very thoughtfully; provides with rational of her actions and demonstrates care by providing with emotional support during visits. I have been her patient for almost six months and look forward for every new visit! Nina S.

Thuy An Tran (Source: Google)


I have worked with Dr. Bockow and her staff for the past 3 years and cannot be more satisfied. I am from a foreign country, and when I first came to Dr. Bockow office, my English was not so good to communicate properly, I didn’t really understand how the insurance system worked, and most of all, my teeth were in a, literally, very bad condition. I had not have my teeth taken care of earlier, and they suffered from crowding, underbite, and some other things I’d like not to mention. There’s a lot of anxiety at those first moments, especially when I didn’t know what to expect about the whole procedure. Dr. Bockow and her staff worked with me through all the problems. They were very patient and kind for the whole time. They explained to me step by step in the kind of language that I- not a professional in the field- could understand. They also recommended the payment method that actually saved me a considerable amount of money. And overall, the outcome is terrific. Can’t say how happy I was the day I got the braces off, which was just 10 days back. My teeth now align perfectly in a healthy condition, and I can’t stop smiling. It’s really a work of art. I would definitely recommend Dr. Bockow to anyone who wants to make a change, not just a smile, but for life.

Brandee Collins (Source: Google)


We have been seeing Dr. Bockow for Pediatric Orthodontic care for about a year now. We started our long journey with discovering through speech therapy that our son had a tongue and lip tie. That led us to a dentist to do the release procedure and she referred us to Dr. Bockow to work on his Orthodontic needs. Dr. Bockow is so friendly that both of my kids are at ease when coming to the office. The office is impeccably clean and all the staff are welcoming. We have lots of options for care but I will continue to make a 30 plus minute commute to this office because of the top notch care! Thank you for taking care of my kids Inspired Orthodontics.

Mari-Ann Cleaver (Source: Google)


Almost 2 yrs ago, I was referred Dr. Bockow because my bite had shifted dramatically after the extraction of one of my molars. She created a treatment plan and explained every little detail of the upcoming process. I have been a dedicated patient all these past mo.s and am now free of the braces and now wearing retainers – with a beautiful smile too! Dr. Bockow is truly amazing in every way – she’s sensitive and kind and very knowledgeable. I have always felt that I was in the best place and in the best hands with her! To really top it off – her staff is also amazing – so friendly and knowledgeable. I really couldn’t have asked for a better orthodontist/and staff. And….I highly recommend Dr. Bockow for any age group – I am 72 and worked with my husband (a dentist) in our office for 22 yrs.

Rick F. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


I did my homework to find the best Orthodontics in Seattle and my final results/smile is the proof. I am in my fifties and my smile says it all….I am so happy that I found Dr. Bockow. I actually enjoyed going in, the staff is truly amazing and they made me feel like family. I travel quite a bit and they were most gracious about accommodating my travel schedule. The staff works well together and very efficiently….it starts at the front desk to the adjustment to Dr. Bockow review. Thanks everyone at Seattle Smile Designs!

Claire Jones (Source: Facebook)


I was a patient of Dr. Bockow’s while she was student at the University Of Pennsylvania. She was very friendly and always made me feel comfortable. She allowed me to schedule my visits during my lunch breaks and was always very informative. I was a little nervous at first about getting braces. Being in my forties and planning a wedding didn’t make the matter better but Dr. Bockow’s caring personality had me wearing a new smile all the way to the alter. Thank you Dr. Bockow. You are awesome.

Dorothy Nelson (Source: Google)


Thank you to Dr. Bockow and team for helping my patients with so much care and compassion. I spoke to the mother of a child who I referred and we shared some happy tears with each other when we celebrated the outcome of his treatment on his quality of life. When we see our patients as a whole and get to the right diagnosis, magic happens! His mother and I shared a deep mommy-to-mommy connection in appreciation for how Dr. Bockow has changed her child’s life. So thankful for Seattle Smile Designs! 

Jodi Petty (Source: Google)


Dr. Bockow is very cutting edge and she is very kind. She has transformed our daughter’s breathing, sleeping and now smile! Thank you for your desire to improve the patients overall health, and not just a straight smile. Thank you for traveling and teaching other professionals out there about your research and findings. It was because of you speaking at a conference in Arizona, that another dentist recommend you to us. We will be forever grateful to Dr. Kirk Rathburn, D.D.S., of Boulder, CO and to you Dr. Rebecca Bockow of Inspired Ortho in Seattle, WA! We love riding the train up to see you! Thanks.

Laura Cooper (Source: Google)


My daughter (10) was referred to Dr Bockow for an orthodontist and periodontist evaluation by our dentist. When Dr Bockow did her eval she asked quite a few questions about sleep. I have never connected sleep with orthodontics so I found the questions very interesting. Dr Bockow not only specialized in periodontics and orthodontics, but also works with patients to improve sleep when applicable. In all honesty, I was highly impressed with Dr Bockow, her knowledge and expertise, but was hesitant about the sleep part. My daughter has seen many specialists for tonsils/adenoid removal, speech therapist, ENT, etc for several issues. Dr Bockow assured me she could help with some of the sleep issues (along with ortho and perio). My daughter got a bottom bumper and expander. Within 6 months my daughters whole face has changed structurally, she breathes better, and says she sleeps much better, not to mention her teeth are going where they need to go. I highly recommend Dr Bockow, she has been life changing for our family!

Bill B. from Bremerton, WA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Bockow and her team are consummate professionals and made the experience of having braces (again) tolerable. Best of all – I have been so pleased with the results. Dr. Bockow is a perfectionist – an artist in orthodontics. She is also extremely personable and kind. I miss seeing her and her team (not enough to have braces again). But they all made the treatment bearable. I would definitely recommend Dr. Bockow and the team at Seattle Smile Designs.

Keely F. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Bockow made me feel beautiful! Ever since I can remember, I have had a lot insecurity surrounding my gummy smile. At the age of 30 i finally did something about it. Dr. Bockow was not only understanding and sensitive to my needs, she was genuine. I came in for a gingivectomy procedure to reshape my gums so that more of my teeth would show when i smiled instead of so much gum. She numbed me, did the procedure, which i felt nothing, and then i was on my way! Literally went to work right after. I was upset with myself for not doing this sooner since it was seriously so quick, and i wasn’t in pain after. No blood or stitches. I was healed after a week and now i don’t hide my smile anymore. Thank you Dr. Bockow for all you do!

Kristen K. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Bockow was immensely generous with her time and knowledge as we discussed a complex decision that may involve orthognathic surgery. She was kind, clear and patient as we explored different routes and alternatives, and ultimately she provided her best professional recommendation and explained why she could not take another approach. I really appreciated her willingness to consider my case and work with me on a timeline that I can commit to and afford for the work ahead. Dr. Bockow is a true professional and very knowledgeable in her area of practice. Have a tough ortho or jaw/airway issue? Talk to Dr. B and the Inspired Ortho team.

Katharine Christian (Source: Google)


As a dentist I knew that I had lots of choices for my double jaw surgery. We are lucky to have Dr Bockow in Seattle. Her knowledge and skill convinced me to get a surgery that I knew I needed since dental school but had been too nervous to do. Immediately after the surgery I could breathe better. Now, at 6 months post op, my sleep has improved, my migraines have lessened and all my teeth touch. I highly recommend Dr Bockow and the entire team at Inspired Orthodontics. Bonus – she treats my kids so they don’t end up in the same boat as their mother in 30 years!

Meghann Delaplaine (Source: Google)


Dr. Bockow is an amazing orthodontist After having so many unfavorable experiences with dentists, I was beginning to wonder if knowledgable, competent and ethical dental professionals, like her, exist. Dr. Bockow really takes the time to listen to her patients in order to understand their unique and holistic needs. She is extremely knowledgable in her field and goes out of her way to ensure that her patients have the best experience possible. I recommend her and her staff without reservation. Dr. Bockow and the staff at Inspired Orthodontics are fabulous!

Emma L. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Dr. Bockow and her team. I began seeing Dr. Bockow for Invisalign. I had braces previously and stopped wearing my retainer, my teeth had moved quite a bit. From the initial consultation to my last appointment Dr. Bockow and her team were clear on the timeline/progress and friendly. Most importantly they were always punctual with seeing my at my appointed time. By the end of my visits my teeth looked amazing! I would hands down recommend visiting Doctor Bockow for any orthodontic needs.

Lori K. from Vineland, NJ (Source: Yelp)


You will not find a better orthodontist than Dr. Bockow. She treated my three daughters who are as cowardly with doctors as the cowardly lion! She set them right at ease. They LOVE her! She is very intelligent and did an impressive job with each of them. I am sad that she is no longer on the east coast! My daughters had complex cases and she managed to do a top notch quality job with keeping them at great ease. She made them each feel equally special and confident in themselves and in her! They trust her. Seattle area is lucky to have her.

Dan Z. from Licton Springs, Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


This is the best in Seattle!! My boyfriend and I both chose Smile Design. They are super professional and friendly. I’m originally from China and my boyfriend from Chile, we don’t know much about orthodontics here in the US, but the doctors explained us all the things patiently and in details, like what we care, what the suggested plan, etc. They always give us the best advice to fit our needs instead of adding everything to our plan. They are always nice and make us feel comfortable on braces. The location is also perfect and super convenient for Amazon employees! We had a wonderful experience there and I love my teeth now!!!

Yvette Porter (Source: Google)


I am an adult over 50 yr old and I have had braces three times in my life before I actually went to Dr. Bockow – that made the 4th time. Prior attempts to get my teeth straight was not handled correctly and I had to keep having repeating the procedure. I tried with 3 different dentist and none of them could get it right. I was absolutely frustrated. I had made up my mind that I was not going to try anymore. My teeth were mobile and extremely sensitive. I hated going to the dentist for ANYTHING. I was advised to try one more time with the braces and was promised it would be done correctly this time. I was put into the hands of Dr. Bockow. The first thing she asked when I met her was “what is most important to you – what do you want out of this procedure?”. I replied “a beautiful smile – that’s all I’ve ever wanted”. Then she got to work. Dr. Bockow was extremely cautious and thorough when handling my teeth. She first referred me to a special Periodontist that took care of my gums and made them stronger. She didn’t put the braces on until she knew that was taken care of first. I also see a hygienist 4 times per year as she advised. Dr. Bockow also showed me exactly how I had to clean and maintain them on my own. If the teeth are kept clean the sensitivity will eventually go away. For the first time in my life my teeth are not sensitive anymore, I look forward to going to the dentist, my teeth are not sensitive anymore because I know how to keep them clean, I don’t cover my mouth or put my head down when I laugh, I don’t have an angry face on anymore because I don’t want to smile and most importantly – I FINALLY HAVE A BEAUTIFUL SMILE!!!!!!! Every time someone compliments me on my smile (and they do) I think of Dr. Bockow. Dr. Bockow thank you so much for getting it right and forever changing my life!!!!

Omri Bahat (Source: Google)


This is a voluntary / non-solicited review. Our son was always sick with runny nose, hard time sleeping, and general cold and just feeling meh. From the time he was born until he was about 3.5 years old. I was lucky enough to run into Dr. Bockow one day when she suggested that he might have breathing problems and blocked airways. Fast forward a bit with some great recommendations from her and referrals and one surgery, our son’s quality of life went from OK to Amazing. He stopped being sick, he became a much happier boy, and he sleeps very comfortably. I am forever indebted to Dr Bockow for her help for what she has done for us.

Sandra F. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


I just finished with 2-1/2 years of braces as an adult. Even though it was long and sometimes uncomfortable, Dr. Bockow and her staff made it tolerable, and I am thrilled with the results! Dr. Bockow was always careful not to set expectations about when I was done, but was always encouraging about my progress so far. Her staff is very friendly and accomodating, making even the most uncomfortable of procedures seem not so bad.


A boutique orthodontic practice specializing in braces for children and adults. We offer an array of treatment choices including Invisalign, metal and clear braces, treatment for sleep apnea, early intervention for growing children, adult braces, and fast braces. Dr. Rebecca Bockow is a dual trained orthodontist and periodontist – the only dual trained provider in Seattle and one of only a handful in the country. She grew up the Greater Seattle area and attended University Prep for High School. She received a BS in Biology with Honors at Haverford College, where she also played Soccer, Squash, Tennis, and ran Cross Country and Track. She completed her DDS training at the University of Washington Dental School in 2007. Dr. Bockow practiced as a general dentist in Seattle for two years while simultaneously teaching at the UW dental school. Dr. Bockow completed a highly selective dual-specialty program combining Orthodontics and Periodontics at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a board certified orthodontist and periodontist. While simultaneously enrolled in two residency programs, she also received a Masters in Oral Biology, focusing on intranasal Ketorolac for post-operative implant pain management. Dr. Bockow lectures nationally on periodontics, orthodontics, interdisciplinary orthodontics, airway, and skeletal growth and development. She contributes to multiple professional journals as an author and editor. Dr. Bockow is also resident faculty at Spear Education. “Many of my patients think that braces and tooth alignment is only about a great looking smile. Orthodontics includes this, but an attractive smile is also a healthy smile. My goal is to provide all of my patients with optimal dental health and the fortunate benefit that their smiles will look terrific.”