Iyad Bakdach Dentistry
Iyad Bakdach, DDS:
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Iyad Bakdach Dentistry
Iyad Bakdach, DDS
San Jose, CA






A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants



Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Sunday: Closed


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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:


I took my daughter here as they had a Saturday appointment available – that way she didn’t have to miss school. We haven’t been here before for dental work but it was pretty easy to find – it’s on the second floor in the plaza. The receptionist was very perky in greeting us – for Saturday 8am that’s impressive to me – lol! They cleaned my daughters teeth and showed me her X-rays on a large monitor in addition to showing me inside her mouth. Unfortunately, she had four cavities. Although they had other patients they were able to fit her in to address the cavities the same day. For me that is important as my daughter has a fear of needles and if there was a delay, she would have had anxiety leading up to the next appointment, which would make it a lot worse. I told the staff about my daughter’s fear and they very patiently explained every step of the process so she would know what to expect, she seemed to relax a bit knowing there was going to be topical numbing cream applied before receiving the Novocain. They also stopped and gave my daughter a break. I really appreciated the care and attention she received. My daughter was able to complete all of her treatment the same day and seemed to handle it pretty well. I’m really glad we came to EZ Dental.


Dr. Bakdach was very down to earth but professional. Listened to my concerns and took every scenario I threw at him into consideration. Procedures, finances, etc…My biggest take away was trust. I appreciated his honesty and didn’t feel forced to proceed with a specific procedure. Some Dentist just don’t care but Dr. Bakdach “gets it” – The cleaning itself was great, thorough, but easy. The extra little touches he added to procedure was appreciate. He added some filling to protect specific teeth. My wife and children see Dr. Bakdach and I’m glad I made the switch. His assistant is awesome. Excuse me for forgetting her first name but very professional and down to earth as well. They both set a good vibe in the office!


one of my best decisions to choose EZ dental, the staff is very friendly and professional, especially the person at the front desk if I’m not mistaken her name is Edrelin I love that woman, always with a smile, she is very kind and professional, she responds all my questions I have, it is the best of the best of the best of the best, thank you EZ dental for helping me maintain a cleaner and healthier teeth, I definitely recommend this place


My co worker referred me to EZ Dental. I must admit, I was hesitating coming here because she mention it used to be AZ Dental (I’m sure you’ve all seen those reviews) Decided to give it a try, and DON’T regret it! Great customer service from the second you walk in, check-in in the front, as well when you are getting your procedure.


After 10 years of neglecting my dental care, the team at EZ Dental got me back on track. We’re talking a deep cleaning, 2 crowns and a root canal. Talk about anxiety! Fear not….they took care of me and I got through all of those procedures without any pain. Shoot, we even had some pretty good laughs in between. They are professional, caring, and priced fairly. I’m never letting it get back to that point again…not after the miracles that they pulled off!


Just visited EX Dental. A great experience from beginning to end. Made appointment quickly and got service quickly. Very direct and complete. Consistent with my previous five star dentist, with whom I was a patient of for 15 years.  I made the change after moving. I was reluctant to find a new dentist. But EZ Dental looks like it will be very good.


Thank you Dr B! So grateful I found you and your wonderful office a couple of years ago. Rosie is just the sweetest and I feel very cared for in your office. I’m also grateful for your smart dentistry and the fact I had zero cavities!! I appreciate your preventative techniques to keep my teeth healthy. I highly recommend Dr Bakdach. Cheers!


My first appointment with Dr. Iyad and his staff went way better than expected. When going to dentists I usually expect to just be examined and then given a strict list of what needs to be worked on, but Dr. Iyad actually sat down and chatted with me about my teeth, what he saw, and asked what I personally would like to focus on fixing first/what my concerns were. He and his staff were very fast, professional, and super friendly! It was overall a great and refreshing visit.


I found the opposite of the most recent reviewer, that Dr. B was actually a very caring doctor. I was nervous about my first dentist visit in years and he was very helpful, making me feel at ease. He took his time, didn’t rush me out and explained my different options regarding insurance and costs. When I returned a few days later to start getting work done (nice and fast) I found it tough going but he was very sympathetic and reassuring, and the dental assistant was very friendly. Dr. B. Even gave me a number to contact me on, on Sunday, in case I was having any problems. The work I got done seems to a high standard, and I haven’t had any problems with my temporary crown. I would recommend him to any of my friends and family.


I was pleasantly please with my visit and interaction with Dr B. H made a point to make sure I was comfortable and answered all my questions and concerns, unlike my previous dentist. He explained what I needed done and made sure that the biggest issues were being addressed first. He described what was best to do first and why. Also worked with my insurance. Think I will be very happy at EZ Dental.


The day after Christmas, at the dentist. And it was just the thing to start my week off right. I slogged into their office, was greeted by a cheerful assistant who somehow managed to give me a bit of a smile, handed over to a tech who asked about my kid and remembered all sorts of details that made me feel like I was a real person, not just “patient 4379828” on the accounts payable sheet. Then Doctor B came in, and any remnants of my bad morning were washed away Ever get tired of medical professionals who give you the impression that they’d rather be golfing, that your mortal corpus is a minor irritant that they’re willing to withstand if the pay is right? (Editor’s Note: No ZocDoc, that’s not a pricing specific) Well, Doc B is the antithesis of that image. Sure, it’s how he makes a living, but his rates are amazingly reasonable and he comes off simply as a great person who just happens to have god-like dental powers. Want to talk about cars, food, pool, or anything, and he’s all over it. Want to just sit back and get things over with in silence, he’s good with that, too. But either way you’re going to walk out of there with clean teeth and an appreciation for what good dentistry should be like. Oh yeah, and a free tooth brush.


Cottle Rd EZ Dental’s super RDH Maria recently did my check up after my deep cleaning. Everything is vastly improved including my flossing frequency: Maria is a great motivator and an awesome hygienist! I’ve mentioned my dentist, Dr Bakdach, before: he is absolutely the best dentist ever! And Letty, his assistant, is super attentive & on it! Finally, Edrelin, the office manager, is organized, competent, friendly and (rightly so) proud of everyone who works here. I am so grateful to go here!


Edrelin, insurance administrator, was very helpful showing me my fees. She gave me a good discount too. I had a deep cleaning done with a laser procedure  with Maria. She explain the benefits of getting deep cleaning done with laser. The process was less painful then I thought. I’m very happy with this office. I change dentist after 15 years of going to my old dentist; I’m glad I chose EzDental.


Excellent service today by the dental hygienist Maria. I had a deep laser cleaning done, which in my mind was going to be completely unpleasant, lol, but she made it as comfortable as possible. She even took the time to fully explain why and show me what she was doing. It was very helpful! Also, wonderful service by Jessica! I have braces and she was there to remove the wires and rubber bands and properly put them back on again. I can tell a lot of time and consideration was put into making sure the environment is clean and safe for the patients. Great service all around!


I have a deep fear of the dentist and haven’t been in for years. I was greeted at the front  by Ederli . She is so kind and helpful! Maria did my cleaning.  She was so gentle and thorough. Dr B did my exam and I was so happy that I didn’t have cavities, but was wearing down my teeth from grinding, which I already knew.  I was fitted for a nightguard No pain today!! Yay. This is my new office


My husband and I have been under Dr. B’s care for about seven years. We live really far from Dr. B, but we would never get another dentist. He really cares about our health and teeth and charges really reasonable rates. His is very meticulous with his work and extremely gentle, which is very important. His assistant Ericka does a great job to make you feel comfortable. It is a cute little place, and you don’t sit with a hundred patients in the lobby, which is always exhausting, especially if you have tooth pain. It is a quiet, homey setting.


Dr. Iyad Bakdach grew up in the Los Angeles area. He also had the chance to study Spanish and became very fluent with the language. He then attended dental school at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco, and graduated in 2005. After working in a few dental offices he felt it was time that he did what he had always dreamed of, to open his own practice. Dr. Bakdach has an excellent chair-side manner always putting his patient’s happiness and comfort first. The one aspect of dentistry he enjoys the most is cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Bakdach or as everybody calls him “Dr. B” enjoys spending time with his wife and two beautiful children. Among spending time with his family they enjoy many activities such as exploring new restaurants from different cuisines, and adventure road trips. Dr. B also enjoys comedy and all kinds of music. Dr. Iyad Bakdach, the leading cosmetic dentist in Sunnyvale. He has the skills needed to provide a wide variety of procedures such as Dental Implants, Zoom! Teeth Whitening, Invisalign or Porcelain Veneers. If you are searching for any of these Dental Services in Sunnyvale or the surrounding areas of Cupertino and Mountain View, there is no better option than Dr. Bakdach.

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