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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Love S. from Medford, MA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Share saved my life!! 😀 I was crying when I visited Dr. Share’s dentist office for the first time. I had a skateboard accident; one tooth was chipped in half and the other one had clacked. Even though they have so many patients, they squeezed me in since it was an emergency and I really appreciate Dr. Share for that!! I am forever grateful!! Bobbie at the front desk was so sweet from the beginning. I have never felt so welcomed at a dentist or any doctor’s office. I felt better after talking with Bobbie. You can tell she is a hard-working excellent lady who does everything thoroughly. Then I met Dr. Share’s assistant Maya, who is so gentle, you feel like she is your forever friend. She takes great care of you. Then Dr. Share entered the room. His super warm smile made me feel much more comfortable. He is always full of positive energy and in great shape who goes to gym everyday after work. He told me all the steps we will be taking and recommended me to a great orthodontist to take out the root canals. I came back to Dr. Share’s office for a crown and a veneer. I was shaking because I was so scared! Dr. Share explains everything to you; you know what he is doing and doing it perfectly!! I am not a kind of person who likes to visit a doctor’s office because I imagine painful procedures but Dr. Share changed my perspectives completely. You know you are in superb hands when you can just sit back and make yourself relaxed on the chair. He won’t give you any pain. On the side note, Dr. Share has a great collection of DVDs and you can watch anything you like with a headphone so you don’t have to hear drilling sound! What a great idea! I don’t know why this is not common yet. I wish my dentists in Japan and New York had this. Looking at any nature related DVDs makes me feel relaxed 😀 Watching fish swimming seems to be most effective so far 🙂 After several months, my teeth look so perfect and I can smile big again! The quality of crown and veneer is amazing, you can hardly tell the difference from the original teeth! I even sometimes forget I have a crown and a veneer when I see myself in a mirror! Dr. Share is My Real Hero who saved my smile and my life!! Dr. Share is the perfectionist, the most wonderful dentist I have ever had in my life!! 😀 Once you visit his office, you will love Dr. Share and all the crew there!! I actually look forward to visiting there, which is so new to me!! I strongly recommend Dr. Share to anyone who wants to LOVE your dentist!!! Big LOVE & RESPECT to Dr. Share!!!

Brett Morse (Source: Google)


Outstanding experience with Dr. Share and his office. I have been seeing Dr. Share for over 2 years now and it has changed my life! (read on for more details). First off, the offices are beautiful and clean with an amazing staff (especially during these COVID visits) for those sensitive to visiting the dentist. Secondly, Dr. Share is personally responsible for sharing observations (and advice) that no other dentist or doctor was able to recognize or historically help with (and this may have saved my life). A quick overview for those interested- for years I was having trouble with indigestion, general stomach pain and other issue related to acid reflux. After visiting other dentists in the Boston area, I was getting frustrated with their consultations, dental advice and prices. After speaking to a close colleague about my experiences he immediately recommended Dr. Share. During my initial visit to Dr. Share, he was able to provide me a solid plan to getting my teeth back in top form, as well as, he shared with me that he has seen similar traits in clients that have Metaplasia (I had never heard of this prior to the visit). He recommended that I speak to a GI doctor asap about this observation. I booked an appointment for ASAP and never mention this new Metaplasia observation to the doctor. After a consultation and an Endoscopy, I was diagnosed with Metaplasia. Metaplasia is defined as the conversion of one cell type to another and can include conversions between tissue-specific stem cells in the stomach (this is considered a pre-cancerous condition). Since being diagnosed with Metaplasia, my life has been changed for the better. I now need to focus on a low-acidity diet, taking anti-acid medicine throughout the day and I need to avoid high salt foods, caffeine and processed meats (to name a few) while being monitored by the GI doctor for years to come. I am now on the road to recovery at the early age of 32! Thank you Dr. Share!! Dr. Share is absolutely the best in Boston and I recommend visiting this awesome team asap to get your teeth checked out!

Jonathan s. from Boston, MA (Source: Yelp)


When my tooth was chipped off, I was quite nervous because I work a 14 hour day job, and needed it to be fixed immediately.  I read the reviews here on yelp, and decided to give Dr. Share a try.  I had a great experience at Dr. Share’s office.  He is great and his staff is great.  And he did not scam me.  Price was very reasonable.

Liana K. from Malden, MA (Source: Yelp)


I’m ashamed to admit this is probably my 5th visit to a dentist in my 22 years of living, and my first one in 5 years, but whats the point of being employed and having dental insurance if you don’t use it. My wisdom teeth started growing in so I figured its time to see that my teeth aren’t breaking my face. The nurse reminded me of a nicer version of the russian dentists i had in my childhood, but who can complain getting x-rays while watching the poppy seed episode of Seinfeld? Overall I felt reassured and better about my relationship wih my teeth and dentists. Dr. Share unlike most doctors was very personable. The receptionist was very sweet and answered all my billing questions without any sign of impatience and annoyance you get in other healtthcare industry offices and dealings.

Jeremy M. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


I went in today for a regular cleaning, my first after moving to Boston. This is my first visit to Dr Share, but I’ve always taken decent care of my teeth and received regular checkups. The experience reminded of the dentist I grew up with — yelp.com/biz/de-maso-ala… — an entirely positive experience. Firstly I was impressed with the competence and professionalism of everyone in the office. The receptionist made every effort to get me an appointment as soon as possible; two weeks later I had a lunch time appointment. Jim, the hygienist, was excellent. While performing a very thorough cleaning he gave me all kinds of useful information and took time to answer all of my questions. Then Dr Share stopped in to chat with me and answer more questions. I will be returning to see him for a full exam soon, after his office receives the x-rays from my previous dentist (no need to duplicate the work), and I already have an appointment for my next cleaning in six months.

Sarah G. from Quincy, MA (Source: Yelp)


I grew up in the suburbs, and stuck with dentists in that area until i got rid of the car and had to find something T accessible. I was at a loss initially, but I also grew up with a Jack B Share, DDS tooth shaped magnet on the fridge – my dad had gone there because it was convenient to his office. Of course I looked him up and gave him a call! I knew about the TVs, but was still pleasantly surprised by how fun it was to watch Third Rock while I ignored the droning of Jim (some folks love it…this folk doesn’t). Bobbie is fantastic and knows her job so well that you can tell her the name of your company and she’ll tell you who you’re dental insurance is with. Both she and Dr. Share also clearly care about their patients – my dad went there for 27 years and has since moved out of state after retiring. They ask me for an update on how he’s doing every time I’m in (or call) and tell me that they miss him. Hello?! Who wouldn’t love a dentist office like this?? People, go see this man. You will NOT be sorry!

Melissa R. from Santa Rosa, CA (Source: Yelp)


You know this place is good when I tell you that I hadn’t been to the dentist in THREE years, don’t floss enough and had to have a “full mouth debridement” (don’t ask), but yet I’m still head over heals in love with Sharon, Bobby and Dr. Share after only one visit. Not only that, but I have to go back in a few weeks to finish my cleaning and exam because I have been SUCH a bad girl. These people are exceptionally nice, non-judgemental and very, very good at their jobs. My mouth has never felt cleaner, Sharon taught me the “right” way to floss (who KNEW there was a right way??) and for the first time in my life, I realize how important and serious oral health is. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Share’s office.

Antony D. from Boston, MA (Source: Yelp)


When I lived in Boston, Jack Share was thee best Dentist I ever had, and I tried other offices. Everything about his operation was professional and friendly. He makes the various processes EASY.Only because I’ve relocated to the North Shore did I leave his practice. Separated at birth, Jack Share – Paul Farsai(Swampscott). Between these two Dentist, you will not go wrong! I’m certain there are others but for me, it’s these two.

Shannon S. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have only awesome things to say about Dr. Jack Share. I found Dr. Share’s practice when I checked out Dr. Oogle for dentist reviews. I didn’t have a dentist in the Boston area yet (hadn’t even visited a dentist in *GASP* a year and a half) so I finally took the plunge. I had my first visit with him about a year ago–I was impressed by the location by his practice–right near the Government Center T-stop and my internship on State Street. Secondly, the woman at the desk is totally sweet, organized and helpful–months later when Dr. Share canceled due to a family emergency she felt terrible about the reschedule and had Dr. Share come in early the next week so that I would get in my appointment and not have to wait or get time off from class or work. I also felt pleased that she never discriminated against me because I was a student without dental insurance–she made me feel as at home in my jeans and t-shirt as the other button-up worker bees who frequent Dr. Share’s practice. The office is small but comfortable and I was super impressed by the flat-panel screen TVs on the walls while you get work done. He plays a lot of concert DVDs—but if you’re getting serious work done on your teeth and are going to be in the chair awhile he lets you pick out of his 100+ DVDs what you get to watch while getting your teeth worked on. Awesome! Seriously, how cool is it to check out Best in Show while having your gums scraped? Much better than staring at the ceiling that’s for sure. His dental hygenists are the the bomb, they clean your teeth super well and if you haven’t been flossing they make sure that you start–they give stern but helpful warnings to inspire you to take better care of your teeth and gums. Very cool but not abrassive and rude like some hygenists can be. They’re firm, honest, and very helpful people. The price isn’t through the roof–I didn’t have insurance for the past year and I didn’t feel like the cost for a cleaning was unreasonable–his work can be a little pricey but he does EXCELLENT work–and if you want stunning teeth, he’ll make sure you have them. However as soon as I got insurance it was totally covered to keep seeing Dr. Share, which I am very, very stoked about Also, I had a problem with my permanent retainer and Dr. Share was able to fix it the very day that I complained about the problem. He doesn’t wait if you’re having discomfort. He’s an awesome guy, and apparently a true athelete. He often shares stories of climbing mountains and exciting trips he’s taken. He’s an awesome dentist and he’s won me over for as long as I have teeth and live in Boston.

Laura G. from Newton, MA (Source: Yelp)


I first came here in November of 2011 after probably 7 years without dental insurance or so much as a cleaning or single X-ray. Dr. Share promised he would fix up my teeth, and one extraction, root canal, crown, and about 8 fillings later he made good on his promise, and then some. I have never felt a single ounce of pain while in Dr. Share’s office. He even saved one of my teeth from being extracted and replaced. I recently had my first cleaning done there, after about 8 years, and was given a clean bill of health! My hygienist, Jim, was also AMAZING, and totally gentle. He also explained everything he was doing step by step which helped put me at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Share and his team!

Shell M. from Boston, MA (Source: Yelp)


I can’t recomend them enough.  I have been going here for about 5 years now, and absolutely love Bobby, Jim and Dr. Share.  They are an amazing practice and make you completely comfortable while you are there.  I’ve referred many people here and will continue to do so.  I work right in the area so it is very convenient for me… but I make my husband travel from the North Shore to come to him as well because they are so good.  I’ve always gone to the dentist twice a year, and have gone through a few different places.. happy to say I’m not moving.  They never suggest work that is unnecessary and I completely trust what they say.  When you do have to have work (i.e. cavities, etc), they make it as easy as possible.  I also never wait more than a couple of minutes for my appointments after checking in.  If you are looking for a new dentist, definitely go here!

Eliza Butts (Source: Google)


I truly can not recommend Dr. Share and his practice more highly. Dr. Share is professional, highly skilled, meticulous in his work and care, but most of all he has a genuine investment in you and your dental health. I have high standards when it comes to my dental care and his office is impeccably clean, offers a welcoming environment, and most of all Dr. Share is someone that I trust fully. I’ve been a patient for 12 years. From normal filings, to a much more involved replacement of a crown on my very front tooth, I am someone who is incredibly particular and the quality of the finished product and comfort during the entire experience is what sets Dr. Share’s office apart. You get the quality skills and resources of an urban dentist, in what feels more like a small town practice where the staff truly knows and cares about you. I give Dr. Share and his office my highest recommendation.

Brandon W. from Boston, MA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Jack Share is a first class dentist! He fixed a filling for me on short notice and I am forever grateful! A friend of mine received a crown and veneer from Dr. Jack Share and they are so perfect you cannot even tell which teeth he has repaired! Bobby, the angel who answers the phone at Dr. Shares office works magic making you feel emotionally better from the moment you call. Dr. Share is also on the teaching staff at Tufts University and when you come in to his dental office and ask all the questions and concerns you have, he will explain everything to you in crystal clear fashion, just like a great professor. You are likely to leave Dr. Share’s office feeling healthy and wise 🙂

Stephen G. from Middlesex, MA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been a patient of Dr Share’s since a coworker recommended him over 3 years ago after having not seen a dentist for over 12 years. Been meaning to write this great review for awhile and after today’s appointment, I just have to. I have some phobias/anxiety issues in many medical situations, especially around injections. Today I had to have a cavity filled and got a little freaked out when I realized the procedure. Fortunately for me, I did not need an anesthetic for such a shallow cavity, but Dr Jack and the hygienist assisting were very understanding and supporting… and amazingly fast! What could have become a full blown panic attack was handled very considerately and professionally. I thank them so much for doing such a great job and helping me retain a certain level of comfort in these delicate situations. And Jim, one of the hygienists I see for check-ups, has always been very wonderful and gentle, gives great advice and always explains what is going on. Thank you, Doctor Share and your staff! Much appreciated, truly I am. -S

Sara F. from Boston, MA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Share is obviously a top-notch dentist as well as a businessman who employs superior efficient and friendly staff. As busy as he is, he saw me for a problem tooth the same day I called though my first appt. with him was scheduled for a month later. They concentrate on education and prevention here as well as the “mechanics” of great dental care, and you won’t leave without feeling that you’ve learned something important about how to take better care of yourself and your oral hygiene. Jim the hygienist has me flossing daily-wow!

Shawn S. from Natick, MA (Source: Yelp)


I have been to many dentists.  They all charge about the same, but the similarity ends right there.  Dentists differ greatly in their education, ongoing training, depth and breadth of experience, level of skill and craftsmanship, and chairside manner.  There are many adequate dentists, somewhat fewer good dentists, and a very few truly great dentists.  Jack B. Share is a great dentist.  I know of no one else as good at the science and art of dentistry.  That is why I travel 450 miles to Dr Share’s office, twice a year, and why you should go there too.  Why not have the best?  It does make a difference.

Brock T. from Boston, MA (Source: Yelp)


I would highly recommend Dr. Share and his team. I switched to Dr. Share from another dentist four years ago and have had a great experience at this office, both for dental work and whitening. I switched to Dr. Share because I got a second opinion on an expensive surgery. Another dentist tried to recommend that I get a dental procedure that I did not need. Dr. Share told me the real reason I was having a tooth issue and fixed it for me at a fraction of the cost. Over the last several years, I went to multiple routine appointments and they all well. I got honest advice on what I needed to do better. Recently, I got my teeth whitened after Dr. Share mentioned it as an option. He gave me a candid overview of the process and the likelihood of success, and due to my past experience with him, I took his advice and went for it. He did not disappoint and the teeth whitening worked beautifully. I had previously tried tooth whitening products in the past to no success. To Dr. Share, and his team – Bobbi, Maya and Thao – thank you!

Christina S. from Boston, MA (Source: Yelp)


First of all…. I was hesitant to review Dr. Share because I wasn’t sure I wanted even more people hogging the time of MY favorite dentist ever…. he’s mine I tell ya! Mine all mine! For months, I put up with a pain in my tooth every time I bit down, until finally an up-coming cruise forced me to find a new dentist. My old dentist was kind of a gypper and his partner was just crabby– they were quite the team. After searching online and reading reviews from various locations I found Dr. Share. The first meet up didn’t go that well, but that was because of me… so here’s the story: I called to make an appointment and was excited to get in so quickly, which I figured was because of my situation. But apparently I didn’t realize there was a miscommunication and I was put down for a cleaning. The day of my cleaning was my last chance to get my passport before I left the country, so I had to stop by the office in downtown Boston before my appointment. Unfortunately it took so long I was VERY late to my dental appointment. But because I was in such pain, I went anyway, at least hoping to drop off my information and beg for another one. The receptionist was not happy with me and basically said they don’t usually give second chances to new patients who blow them off without calling. Which, I did try calling but kept getting the answering machine and wanted to talk to a real person to explain my sitution and find out my options. So, said receptionist was reluctantly taking my info., and then said I would need to wait three months. I was thinking… wow, three months with a toothache?!…while she still thought I only needed a cleaning. “Oh well, I guess I’ll just take fist fulls of Advil until then.” Lucky for me Dr. Share happened to be standing right next to me when I said that and asked what was going on. When I explained, he said I could come in tomorrow. Yeee-ha! (I felt bad about the miscommunication, but hey I didn’t even realize it until that moment myself). Anyway… I was nervous to see any dentist, let alone a new one, and hadn’t been to one in quite awhile. I tend to have a bad reaction to pain killers, so perhaps you can see my hesitation. I was obviously nervous and explained to Dr. Share about my reaction to pain killers, and how it had been a long time so I wasn’t sure how Novocain would affect me, and added something about my giant, sausage fingered, evil dentist I had as a child who never used Novocain….ever! He stepped out for a moment and when he returned, he had a little stufffed bear with him. “Look who I’ve got!”, he waved the bear at me. “Doctor Share! Don’t you think I’m a little old for that?”. (he said something cute and reassuring, and I was basically like… okay, just gimme the bear). Doctor Share is AMAZING! He is THE BEST DENTIST, I’ve ever had! I like someone who explains things while they are doing them, or will answer my questions and not brush me off. He could probably tell I was still a little nervous by the way I was twisting that poor little bear’s head, so he went out of his way to make me extremely comfortable, and explained everything as he went along. I thought it was really cute how he would say things like….. “I’m about one quarter done…… now I’m about halfway done…. I’m about three quarters done….. almost done….. there… you’re done… that wasn’t so bad, was it?”. He would check to make sure I was doing okay or wanted him to stop, and was always very conscious of how I was feeling. He put me so at ease after my first appointment, I haven’t had to twist any little bear’s heads since. Oh, I almost forgot, as a bonus Dr. Share has huge flat screens in his exam rooms and you can pick from various movies, tv shows, and music videos. And if you’re really nervous, you can always twist the head of a little bear.

Mike P. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


After googling dentists in Boston, I came across Dr. Oogle’s website, and the reviews were all great; however, I was still curious, so I googled some more and I stumbled upon the Yelp reviews by Shannon B. and Sarah R. (which are both great) and then add the fact that Dr. Share’s office is directly across the street from my office and I was sold. I called on Wednesday of last week, and I was in that Friday for my initial consultation. Dr. Share was extremely helpful and informative in explaining any problems that he found and made sure that no question went unanswered. He told me that I needed a real good cleaning to start, but the following week (this week) he already had 200+ appointments, but would do what he could to get me in this week to see his hygienist. Monday morning at 9:00 AM I received a call from his assistant/receptionist (Bobbie) and she told me that there was an opening Thursday and that it was mine if I wanted it. Later that afternoon, I received another call from Bobbie asking me if I would like to change the appointment to Wednesday. She went above and beyond all around to ensure that she could accommodate my schedule. Dr. Share’s hygienist (Jim) made today’s visit the best dental experience of my life. In the most (truly) fascinating way, Jim explained what he was doing, why he was doing it, why plaque and tartar build up and what your body does to fight them. Plus, we watched My Cousin Vinny, how cool is that? So, in closing, if you’re in the Boston area and you’re looking for a new dentist, don’t hesitate, go see Dr. Share right away!

Sarah R. from Somerville, MA (Source: Yelp)


Based on Shannon B.’s recommendation, I went to Dr. Share for a routine teeth cleaning. I hadn’t been to the dentist in 2 years! Yes, I’m bad. Anyway, Dr. Share is totally awesome. I went in for a Saturday appointment, since it seems that he books up pretty quickly. I was able to watch Shrek while having my teeth scraped (one of the least pleasant experiences ever, but Shrek made it a little better). I learned that my top canine teeth are my baby teeth, which my previous dentist in NY had never mentioned, despite having seen me for about 10 years! Dr. Share is a very cool guy and very professional. Best of all, everything was covered under my dental insurance. I’ll definitely be coming back here!

K E. from Somerville, MA (Source: Yelp)


I. Wub. Dr. Share!!! The HR rep at my new company, of all people, basically ordered me to go see him, not because my teeth are bad but because I was new in town, and also newly insured, and she wanted to hook me up with the good stuff. Oh, Dr. Share, you have the really good hygenists who can actually educate you about home care without being bossy or annoying about it. Plus they are thorough and friendly. And then you give me my last little once-over, nice as pie but very thorough. I’ve always thought the majority of dentists end up secretly drinking in their offices or recreationally gassing themselves with nitrous after hours, just to survive the tedium of decades’ worth of people’s mouths. Dr. Share is one of the only dentists I’ve EVER encountered who, despite his years of experience, still really likes his work. And that alone can make or break a place. Two big thumbs up for Dr. Share.

Stephanie D. from Foxborough, MA (Source: Yelp)


I have to agree with those who didn’t want to review Dr. Share because we like to keep him to ourselves, but since I found him through Yelp, I thought I should share the wealth. He is great. I had to have a lot of work done in the first few months I had been a patient because my past dentists had been horrible. I felt comfortable, enjoying my time watching whatever they had on the TVs that day. I have recommended him to 2 of my friends who have had the same experience as I have. For the first time, I am not dreading my semi-annual cleaning this year!