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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Phillip C. from Adairsville, GA (Source: Yelp)


Saturday night I had a bad tooth ache and couldn’t sleep. Im here on vacation and checked yelp for emergency dentist and found Jacksonville Emergency Dental. I called to see if any openings to have the tooth looked at. Staff very courtesy and understanding. They do accept insurance or will give cash prices too. The Dentist was great and very informative. If you are in pain give them a call to get relief. Thank you again for seeing me on a Sunday. Phillip

Frank Tatum (Source: Facebook)


Very impressed.cost was no more than my regular dentist.Was able to see me right after calling and only a 5 minute wait time. Gave me my x-rays and referral to an 0ral surgeon along with an antibiotic.My regular dentist Northside Complete Denistry also recommended them to me since they were booked and I would have had to wait a few days for an appointment.They do’t recommend just everyone.Would I go back, yes I pould

Sharon Stensland Seltzer (Source: Facebook)


Wonderful staff. The best dentist ever. Talented, empathetic and you can tell he loves his art. It felt like it was like an art for him and he loved to make people feel better by fixing their teeth and making them feel better. They didn’t rush you through and spent a lot of quality time with you. Great about making sure you are not in pain. I feel like their prices were a lot better than most dentists. It was like they were a family and it was a good environment. I can’t say anything negative at all. I am so appreciative of them helping me. I was in so much pain. I waited so long to get teeth fixed, because of price and embarrassed and got to were I was in major pain. First day they spent 5 hours helping me. They are great. Love them.

Ashley R. from Atlantic Beach, FL (Source: Yelp)


I went into the office after years of pain and cracked wisdom teeth problems, every night I’d cry myself to sleep, it was awful and exhausting. One day I got up the courage to go to the office, as a walk in I waited about an hour, then was called back, after finishing up with another patient the dentist came in to see me with my X-ray results, in which he informed me 7 teeth needed to come out and were beyond repair. I was terrified to hear this, and asked what I should do. He quickly replied pull them all out, I almost passed out in the terror of this. He began to work on my teeth, even with the slightest pain he would shoot more novicane into my gums, making it quite painless all together, I can’t say that even one time was I in any pain. One by one the teeth came out. After I had no problems at all recovering and was eating regular food that same night, my gums healed up amazingly and I’ve had zero pain since. If it wasn’t for him I would still be in agonizing pain everyday. I can’t say enough just for the fact that he gave me the courage to just get it all over with, and now it is.

Jane Newhoff (Source: Facebook)


My daughter had a baby tooth that was causing her a lot of pain, I sent an e-mail on Thursday night and I was called early Friday morning and she was seen on Friday morning at 10:30. My daughter and myself had a very pleasant experience, the staff and dentist were kind and made sure she was not in any pain. We are considering changing our dentist to their office. Thank you, Jane

Erica Burns (Source: Facebook)


The people here are the nicest of any dentist office I have ever been to. They were super quick, polite, and made sure that I was fully numb before doing the procedure. I have never seen a dentist show so much respect to their patients before. 10/10 recommend

Angel S. from Jacksonville, FL (Source: Yelp)


I called this office in excruciating pain. Not only did they get me a quick appointment, they pulled my wisdom tooth fast & efficiently! From the front desk staff to the dental assistant to the dentist himself, everyone in the office was so sweet & kind. Thank you all so so so much! I highly recommend this place !

Ricardia Darlin Ricci Sharneé (Source: Facebook)


Omg they were so patient and professional with me. At a point during extraction I started humming a song playing in the background to kind of take my mind away for a spell. The dentist and his assistant hummed right along with me ☺️ I’ll forever go to these guys and so will my children. Very professional staff, clean and spacious waiting area and very comforting.

Alyssa Lamp (Source: Facebook)


The only negative was the wait. I got there 30 minutes before it opened and waited in line. It was about an hour till I was seen and then I waited in my room for about another 45 minutes. The doctor was AMAZING though. She came in and could tell I was kinda nervous and made me feel a lot better. Took her two minutes to remove a wisdom tooth and I felt nothing. Would definitely come back (hopefully I won’t have to!)

Sabrina J. from Deerwood Center, Jacksonville, FL (Source: Yelp)


I had an awesome experience at Jacksonville Emergency Dental. I broke an amalgam filling that needed replacement. The registration process was efficient and there was no waiting to get the work done! The dentist and staff were professional and very nice! The procedure was painless and successful! I highly recommend anyone whose in need of an emergency procedure and in search of a dentist to check them out.

Kelly Occulto (Source: Facebook)


Thank you so much for taking such good care of me yesterday. It was a wonderful experience and your office was so professional and caring. I was nervous when i walked in and everyone made me feel so much at ease and comfortable. I would recommend your practice to anyone that is willing to listen to me. Thank you !!!!!!

Denise Walker Charles (Source: Google)


I was in and out in about an hour. Such a smooth process. I was amazed how kind everyone was! I felt like part of the family there. They inquired and reassured me through the entire process. The were so kind and caring! Thank you so much Allie and Dr Thomasino for making a painful situation much better!

Alicia B. from Woodstock, Jacksonville, FL (Source: Yelp)


The wait wasn’t long even with me waiting for documents from my OBGYN. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I have a fear of the dentist as I was at ease and comfortable. The Dentist review my x-rays and thoroughly explained to me the issue and ensured I understood. My tooth was pulled and it was no pain… could feel a very minimal of pressure. Thank you Jax Emergency Dental, I will be back Alicia B.

Caroline E. from Jacksonville, FL (Source: Yelp)


I came in last week to see about getting my wisdom teeth removed. The front office staff was extremely courteous and helpful in every way possible. It was nice to be greeted with a smile and a good, positive attitude. First impression is everything and those ladies went above and beyond to make my experience a good one. Thank you for making my visit quick and easy!

Pam Marchini Joy (Source: Facebook)


My first visit there and I was pleasantly surprised at how caring and professional the dentist and the assistant was. I am not very good in the dentist chair and the dentist was extremely reassuring as was his assistant. It was an emergency tooth extraction and I was lucky enough that I was taken right in and taken care of. The cost of the entire procedure was more than fair.

Chelsey S. from Jacksonville Beach, FL (Source: Yelp)


I went to the JED about a year ago after my regular dentist told me all 4 of my wisdom teeth were badly impacted and needed to come out ASAP. They wanted to charge over $2k for the extraction and there was no way I could afford that. I wanted to get a second opinion and someone suggested Jax Emergency Dental. I showed up early one morning and fully expected to be there for a few hours at least. I explained why I was there, filled out the paperwork and was X-rayed and in a room within 15 minutes. Dr. T came in and explained the procedure and made sure I didn’t have any questions or concerns. We got started and he assured me throughout the procedure that I was doing great and everything was going smoothly. The procedure that my regular dentist told me would be extremely difficult and had me terrified about was done in about 30 minutes, with no pain on my end. Dr T and the entire staff were excellent and made what could have been a terrible experience very, very easy! I highly recommend them!

Polly Brian Gash (Source: Facebook)


I broke a tooth and needed it pulled. So when I got to the emergency dental place on Dunn Ave. they ask if I filled out paperwork online which I had done already. I got there a little after 8 this morning and was totally done by 9:15am. These people are super nice and helpful. I felt very comfortable there. The dentist was extra gentle in my opinion and staff seemed to go out of their way to make me feel welcomed. I definitely recommend this facility

Melissa Allen (Source: Facebook)


The doctor and his assistant were amazing. Had a decaying wisdom removed, some pieces wanted to stay behind and my dentist was determined he wasn’t going to leave them in my gums. I’m a uneasy person when it comes to digging around in my body longer than needed, and they both kept me calm. There was no pain, he made sure my extraction sites were nice and numb, which I’m thankful for. Walked me through some of the steps he was doing, also apologized for the noises I was about to hear (cracking of the bad tooth as he was trying to get it) Heard him talking with a patient before me during her procedure, when she gave the signal she felt some pain, he immediately stopped and apologized, and gave her more medicine. Its nice to know before he came to me, that he cares about his patients comfort. Nurse who took my xray was polite & so was the front desk receptionist, even for 8am. sorry so long of a review, hard to keep it short and informational at the same time. I will be going back there for my other two wisdom.

Imthatone MsElkins (Source: Facebook)


I was there not even 2hours as new patient… i finished my paperwork and automatically went to the back once he got me good and comfortable to where I couldn’t feel anything the work was quick fast and easy no pain before or after.. two days later and I’m still pain free I highly recommend this dental office.. I was a walk-in no appointment at all..

Mia Wallace (Source: Facebook)


My Experience Was So Funny & Entertaining ! Having A Toothache Was Beyond Painful ! But Walking In at 830 & Walking Out By 930 Was Professional ! Staff took care of me very well from calling the day before , to registration upon arrival , Teeth exams , MOST CORNY JOKES to distract me from being sedated and even more funny but corny jokes during my extraction ! I was well taken care of and my little one ! I love the tapping on the shoulder to distract me during sedation as well ! OFFICE SMELLED SO NICELY as well ! Insurance covered the entire procedure but they are still affordable!

Alex O. from Jacksonville, FL (Source: Yelp)


Wish I would have known about this place sooner! 2 years back I had my 2 upper wisdom teeth removed by a local oral surgeon, total price exceeded $1000 with anesthesia, I couldn’t afford to have the other two taken out at the same time so I elected to save up and do them another day. Found out about this place from a friend, they charged less than half of what the other office quoted me and were able to get me in immediately. They cannot put you to sleep but the Dr was patient and understanding and made the procedure a cake walk. I don’t know why anyone would go anywhere else these guys are by far the cheapest when it comes to wisdom teeth. The waiting room was packed by the time I got there but the Dr and staff were quick and before I knew it I was out the door. Highly recommended!

Karen S. from Jacksonville, FL (Source: Yelp)


I was very pleased with Dr. Thomasino when i had to see him about having a tooth pulled. He was not only nice on the eyes but before i knew it, he pulled my tooth out. I do not like going to dentist but I must admit he sure did it painlessly. So thanks doc! The girls he has on staff are very polite and courteous. They kept me very calm and even made me laugh. I would definitely recommend Jacksonville Emergency Dental. No appointment needed either. They do walk ins.

Angie Morton (Source: Facebook)


Saw me within 3 hours of calling ( would have saw me earlier but I couldn’t get there ) waited less than 5 minutes to go back for X-rays. By the time I got to the room the doctor was waiting on me. Very friendly , knowledgeable and gentle. From x-rays to scripts in my hand to leave was maybe 20 minutes. I didn’t feel a thing as the tooth was removed. When the dumbness wore off my mouth was not killing me either. Filled everything with my insurance no hassle for me at all. Recommend 100%!!!!

Corinne C. from Jacksonville, FL (Source: Yelp)


I had pain in one of my teeth and my dentist told me I had a cracked tooth and was going to need a crown. I decided to go to Jacksonville Emergency Dental to get a second opinion. Dr. Thomasino checked my tooth and did several tests to determine what was causing the pain. He said he did not detect a crack in the tooth. He didn’t think a crown was necessary and the pain would resolve on it’s own.. He was right, it did. I was happy with his honesty and great second opinion. I was grateful for the polite and professional staff as well, they made me feel very comfortable.

Kristina Maerz (Source: Facebook)


The staff is absolutely amazing! I had both upper wisdom teeth extracted, and I was a nervous wreck. However, the staff talked me through the entire process and made me feel relaxed. I loved the fact that the dentist let me know exactly what was going on during the extractions. I will be going back to get my lower wisdom teeth extracted.

Amy Kornbau (Source: Facebook)


I was in a great deal of pain they are very friendly & a caring team. They took my fears & everything to heart & knew that I was very uneasy about the whole pulling teeth thing. They were very patient with me if I said 1 min plz they stopped & gave me a min. I would totally recommend these guys. Thank u so very much & great prices also.

Joshua L. from Jacksonville, FL (Source: Yelp)


I’d had abscessed teeth in the past, and this most recent one was a doozy. I saw Dr. Thomasino on Tuesday in hopes of receiving a script for some antibiotics and a pain killer. I arrived without an appointment, so I figured (from my working in the medical field for 14 years) that I’d have quite a wait. I filled out my paperwork, and in less than five minutes I was back having an X-Ray. After a little stay in an exam room, Dr. Thomasino came in and explained what was going on, and that he recommended removing the offending tooth. I told him I didn’t have the money to pay for an extraction (I have no dental insurance right now), and he was cool with that. Fast forward two days. Still in pain, I arrived at 8:00 am. Another patient butted her way in front of me, but when the girls saw and recognized me from Tuesday, they asked me if I was back for the extraction. I meekly replied that I was, and they got me right back. A few minutes later Dr. T was in the room; a few minutes after that, he began needling up my mouth. During the procedure, which took maybe ten minutes, Dr. Thomasino and his assistant were great. Very reassuring, telling me I was doing great. Bottom line for me is that I received outstanding care from the staff at Jacksonville Emergency Dental, and I would highly recommend them to anyone experiencing tooth pain. These folks are good.

Amanda Peake (Source: Facebook)


I actually would have highly recommended them prior to this appointment. It sucks that one visit can change your opinion on a company. This time around I got through a dental procedure and received a prescription for four pills. I took my script to CVS who did not have it. Then took it to PUBLIX and they mentioned calling Jacksonville Emergency Dental for verification. They called me saying their was a problem. Long story short I ending up calling back to J.E.D I was accused of fraud. After being a patient numerous times and NEVER had an issue. it seems like they would give me the benefit of the doubt. They of course won’t write a prescription which was fine. LISA on DUNN Ave location told me she was the office manager and told me they would no longer see me. I just had surgery and now have no dentist to help. I highly recommend taking a photo of the perscription before handing it over to pharmacy and then when you get it back. I don’t appreciate LISA of accusing me of fraud with no proof I changed it. I went through chemo and radiation without meds so I’ll survive but accusing me and refusing follow up care is unfair and illegal.

Penny B. from Lebanon, ME (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Michael Thomasino .!! He is the Best.. I hate going to the dentist they scare the shit out of me.. I want to let you know him and his staff are amazing! I never felt a thing and they had to pull 2 broken teeth. I would recommend this office and staff to anyone who needs work done !!!  Thank you so very much Dr.Michael and staff !!

Tuesday F. from Asheville, NC (Source: Yelp)


There was a three hour wait, it’s walk in only, but it was great. I had to get a tooth extracted. Not a fun time. But the doctor made it painless. I need an oddly high amount of numbing injections. Not a lot of doctors believe me so I usually end up in pain. But he believed me which was great. The entire process, from check in to check out it was awesome. Very simple. My insurance paid 60% of my visit, but I ended up with exam fee, X-ray, three fillings, and an extraction for 375$. A lot better than the 2k I was quoted at Greenberg last month. The receptionist was great. Dentist kept thanking me for how well I was doing, which was nice. They stayed two hours after closing to make sure my teeth got done. Clean facility as well. 10/10 will be back. Call first and see which locations are accepting walk ins that day and at what time.

Julie A. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


Yesterday, I was in major toothache pain. I had a feeling it was my wisdom teeth. It was Friday. My dentist was closed. The oral surgeons were all closed early. Good thing a friend of mine recommended this place. It was a relief to know that someone could at least take a look at my problem and I would know the best way to fix things. Anything would be better than 3 more days of this pain, suffering with no idea what to do. It had been recommended that I get my wisdom teeth removed but I hadn’t done it yet out of fear. I’ve heard lots of horror stories from people getting their wisdom teeth removed so I basically procrastinated it as long as I could. Well, nature was calling and its phone was ringing loudly. I would have preferred to see a regular dental office, but this was my only option, so I drove myself to the other side of town and checked in. They take insurance, but you can also pay out of pocket. I was the last to be seen out of all of us who lined up at 1pm for our walk-in appointments. They took my x-rays promptly but almost didn’t see me because the dentist had just finished 2 other patients with tooth extractions. This was a recommendation by the nurse. If I waited till the next day (they are open Saturday), I would have not been covered by insurance. This meant instead of a $50 copay, I’d have to pay $290 completely out of pocket. Gawd.. Luckily, Dr. Thomasino is a hard-worker and very understanding. And the way I felt yesterday, selfless. He asked me what I wanted to do: Stay and get the wisdom teeth removed or wait till another day. I told him that I didn’t want to tire him out since he had already done 2 other extractions, but he said it wouldn’t be a problem and he could get it done in an hour. No big. (Wow) The entire staff actually really went the extra mile. They all stayed until 5:30pm even though the office closed at 4pm just to get my 2 wisdom teeth out. One was an easy peasy one which took no more than 10 min to take out. The other was a toughy and they spent the rest of the hour drilling at it and pulling it out piece by piece. Basically part of my tooth had grown underneath bone, so you can imagine what a headache that must have been for them. But they made it sound like it was just a routine for them. What I will always appreciate is that they often told me encouraging words like “you’re doing great.” These 3 words mean so much when you’re terrified of being strapped in while people are drilling away on your teeth. They also let me connect to their wifi to listen to one of my favorite LA radio stations. Familiarity breeds comfort and the familiarity of the music helped calm any worries or nervousness. And when I heard the drill, it was easy, I just turned the music up. After the procedure, he was patient in explaining how to take care of my teeth afterwards. And he stayed patient when I asked him lots of questions, which I really appreciate. I really appreciate how all the staff put their patients first even on this tiring Friday afternoon (when most of us are already in weekend mode).

Rich Hall (Source: Facebook)


Got there first thing after they opened day after Thanksgiving, needed crown reglued, in and out in a little over an hour, very professional and very satisfied with their service. Fee was reasonable for not having dental Insurance. We were on vacation and very happy to have found them.

Edward J Wilson (Source: Facebook)


When you have a Emergency, with your teeth this is the place to go. Staff very freindly and understand your pain. explain every thing you need to know. The Doctor is very freindly and can crack a joke. Thanks guys, hope i do not need you again but if i do will be calling. Love the walk in policy, I was frist and gone in one hour, or less.

Gina Patterson (Source: Facebook)


This office was amazing in every aspect. I had plenty of questions for the receptionist when I originally called. She answered every question and was extremely knowledgeable and made sure I knew what to expect. My actual walk-in visit was very quick. The entire staff was incredibly professional and caring. I was in a ridiculous amount of pain and have extreme dental anxiety. Dr. Thomasino and his staff was beyond patient and caring with me, and made me feel as comfortable as possible. I felt no pain during my extraction. The pricing was affordable, and the office was clean and well kept. I only wish this could be my regular dental office. They were absolutely amazing.

Chelsea Coursen (Source: Facebook)


I was beyond terrified to have a tooth pulled awake, I’m scared of dentists period but this man was incredibly nice and professional. completely understood and worked around it, made sure I was totally numb and couldn’t feel a thing before he touched me. it’s an awful experience to have a tooth pulled but if you’re in pain and you need it out asap, go to this spefic dentist, I wish I could remember his name but I’m pretty sure it’s just him there, with his staff. But very professional and very kind and cares that your terrified and in pain to begin with. would deff reccomend them if your in a bind! Dr. thamisono, he was the dentist who took care of me and sorry if that is spelled wrong lol. But go to him, esp if you are scared! He is BEYOND nice and understands!!