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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays



Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Sleep apnea therapy

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm (by appointment only)

Sunday: 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm (by appointment only)





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Katrina Y. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Although I’m currently not a patient of Dr. Feng’s, this review and 5 star rating is for his fast and not to mention HONEST response. I was price shopping this past Tuesday and called literally all the dental offices in the LA area. Pretty much every office I called wanted me to come in to pay for an exam even though I already have my xrays and treatment plan on hand. I understand every doctor has their own opinion and ways of treating, but I simply just wanted a rough estimate to see if prices were comparable. When I called Dr. Feng’s office it was actually the Dr. himself that answered. I asked if I can get a estimate based on the information I already have. He gave me his cell # and told me to text him what I had and he can respond to me within 5 minutes. Sure enough he texted me back within 5 minutes and was so honest in telling me the prices I got quoted on my treatment plan at the original office were great and he honestly can’t price match that. I know he specializes in the cosmetic aspect so I am definitely going to come back for that. Great service and honesty especially from the Dr. himself goes a long way. Thank you Dr. Feng

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Danielle B. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’m so picky about every single tooth in my mouth. James not only listens to exactly what you say, but he also has a good eye for how teeth should look in each unique mouth. He’s knowledgeable and gives really good advice, so you’ll feel comfortable. I was kinda nervous because I’m very picky and only wanted minor fixes, but it came out exactly how i wanted! Will be coming back regularly

David F. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I had a badly infected wisdom tooth that started hurting incredibly bad on a Sunday. My dental insurance wasn’t set to kick in until June 1st but there was no way I could wait that long to have it taken care of, so I started doing some research here on Yelp and came across all the great reviews on Dr. Feng. I generally dislike dentists so seeing all the positive feedback on him and how well he takes care of his patients really intrigued me. I went ahead and called him around 5pm and he told me he could meet me at his Torrance office at 7pm. I made the drive from Boyle Heights down there and he met me just a little bit before 7pm. After taking an X-ray he explained to me that my upper left wisdom tooth had become infected from a cavity and discussed in detail my options of either extracting it or having a root canal performed. He was prepared to do either there that evening. I opted for the extraction since it was faster and given the fact that I don’t really need my wisdom tooth. The procedure took less than 30 minutes and I was out of there in no time. Throughout the procedure he made sure I was doing good and explained everything he was going to do just so I wasn’t caught off guard. This was my first tooth extraction ever and he really went above and beyond to make sure it went as smoothly as possible. I really was impressed by how well he took care of me and performed the procedure. The next day he even sent me a text just to check up on me. He truly does care for his patients and has become my dentist of choice now for any future dental work I need. Just know that he only accepts cash for his emergency procedures, but his pricing is very reasonable in my opinion. Honestly, if I could give him 10 stars on here I absolutely would

L. C. from Marina del Rey, CA (Source: Yelp)


Like all the 5 star reviews, i truly am grateful for Dr. Feng’s round the clock service and care.  I chipped my tooth late Friday night, called Dr. Feng at 7am Saturday and was in the chair at 10 am Saturday.  On top of the rapid response, the quality of care was extremely high – from the painless treatment to his stellar bedside manner.  This experience convinced me to make Dr. Feng my regular dentist going forward. TIP: if you are coming to see him for an emergency, make sure to bring at least $450 in cash for the initial consultation – it’s worth every penny

Nick J. from Destin, FL (Source: Yelp)


We are so grateful for Dr. Feng’s incredible service and care!  Dr. Feng went out of his way for my girlfriend last night when we needed late-night urgent dental care.  She was feeling extreme pain in her molars at 10PM on a Monday and we called Dr. Feng.  He immediately answered the phone personally, and told us he could meet us at 10:45PM.  He came in with the groceries he was shopping for when he called and was happy to help us even though it was the middle of the night. He was very welcoming, gave a well-explained diagnosis and gave insightful recommendations.  He left all decisions in our hands and did not push any unnecessary treatments.  His price quotes closely matched the prices listed on his site and he significantly reduced the service fee, even though we were there past midnight. Dr. Feng performed a wisdom tooth extraction on my girlfriend and administered sedation prior to the procedure.  Everything was done professionally and with precision.  He made sure not to disturb the crown on the tooth next to the extraction and my girlfriend reported no pain during the whole process.  Dr. Feng was very friendly, calming and informative during the procedure and made us feel at home in his office. Dr. Feng is a true professional.  I honestly can’t believe he offers this type of service, performing surgeries at the drop of a hat.  We are grateful for his care and treatment and would strongly recommend Dr. Feng to anyone needing urgent or routine dental care.

Andrew C. from Simi Valley, CA (Source: Yelp)

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Love this Dentist. I had an infected tooth causing a great deal of pain over the weekend. Couldnt find a dentist open on saturday or sunday. Found Dr Feng online and called him up and had set up an appointment 2 hours later (10:30AM Sunday) Gave me a couple options and decided to do the extraction. He really cares about your comfort. Had no pain during the procedure. He even offerd some free tooth paste and tooth brushes for the odopted siblings at home. Just love this Dentist and will be going back. Thank you Dr Feng

Andrew Z. from Goleta, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had two of my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Feng today and I must say he is the most gentle and caring dentist I have ever visited. Within a few minutes of calling the office, I was on the phone with Dr. Feng and he diagnosed my problem. Never before have I had a dentist actually talk to me about my problem and this reassured me of his capabilities. All my life I have had horrific associations with going to the dentist but one visit with Dr. Feng has completely erased these fears. I genuinely felt as though he had my health in mind, which is really amazing because every dentist I’ve been to up till now has had the demeanor of a car mechanic. With Dr. Feng you truly feel certain that he will do a great job and that he will do it very carefully. I actually live in Visalia (near Fresno) and had to drive about 3 hours for my appointment. The reason why I would only trust Dr. Feng with this procedure is very simple: my wisdom tooth had curved roots which were very close to the nerve. I was prepared for complications and even possible nerve damage but I was truly impressed with Dr. Feng’s abilities. He took his time and was very gentle, there was almost no soreness or bleeding afterwards. I honestly believe if I had gone to a dentist in Visalia there would’ve been some screaming and agony involved. The techniques he used were impressive in that he removed a highly complicated wisdom tooth without any severe pain or danger to the nerve. With Dr. Feng you will feel much more at ease and comfortable than you normally would at a dentist’s office. He is a truly caring and gentle person and will do the best possible job that he can for each of his patients. I will definitely be returning to him for any serious dental work I might need in the future. I’ve never had such a painless and comfortable experience at the dentist before and I truly recommend him for any dental work you might need

C. L. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Have been going to see Dr. Feng since he opened his practice, many years ago.  I am always impressed with his care, personal attention, and professional work.  I would highly recommend to any one (and have in the past – including a client in town who chipped a tooth… he was and is still very pleased with the outcome of this delicate procedure.) This is not a “dental factory” where you wait in line to get cleaned and then maybe you see the dentist.  Dr. Feng is very hand’s on and accessible.  Over the years I’ve had quite a range of procedures and he’s always clearly explained the issue, presented the options, and shared his recommendations.  I never feel or felt any pressure. I relocated from working downtown many years ago but I still make the drive to see Dr. Feng.  You only have one set of teeth.

CT. T. from Oakland, CA (Source: Yelp)


Seriously, I can’t believe I just recently discovered Dr. Feng. He is AWESOME. Not only is he smart and an amazing dentist (can’t even feel front of the mouth shots!), he’s super humble and down to earth. I feel like I could go have drinks with him or something. He’s the only dentist I’ve ever really felt comfortable talking to… about all of my mouth problems. And trust me, I’ve had a lot of problems… from crowns, failed root canals, gum surgery… I’m a mess. He’s also the only dentist I’ve seen who answers the phone at the front desk and gives people really good directions on how to get to his office and park (downtown can be kind of confusing). Also, I love that his office shuns the god awful fluorescent lighting that usually come with dentist offices. It’s a nice, relaxing environment and I feel really comfortable. I almost don’t want to Yelp Dr. Feng because I don’t want his office to get too busy… but he is really a great dentist who deserves as much business as possible. I would also like to add that I’m not even done with my dental work at his office yet, but I had to Yelp him because he is that good

Jangho K. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


We really thank you Doctor Feng. He saved my pregnant wife. She couldn’t talk and sleep well because of toothache. We were planning to go to dentist on wed. However, I couldn’t see her pain anymore, so I called him even though it was around 1 am on Christmas day. I called him twice in the morning. He came alone and did his job carefully like X rays with 2 belly shield for my wife. He explained about a painkiller that she will take. Everything was done by himself. I wish he had wonderful Chrismas with his family. On 11/26, he called us to check how is she doing with the teeth. I really am very touched by a heart. Of course, her face is back to smile. We truly recommend thoughtful Doctor Feng, not just as a normal dentist

Victor S. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to Dr. Feng. I had an extremely bad experience with a dentist years ago which left me incredibly fearful of dentist and dental care. I took dental care into my own hands, with lots of holistic treatments and no preventative or regular maintenance appointments with a dentist for over 15 years. Needless to say, that left me with a number of dental issues that needed to be addressed, one of which (a broken tooth and filling) became acute and had to be addressed in mid-January (2016). During my first appt w/Dr. Feng he assessed the issue, encouraged me to pursue a course of treatment which allowed me to save the tooth and he went to work. He detailed the work that needed to be done, explained the associated fees and listened to my fears about the potential pain associated with the procedure etc. We got through that first “project” and literally the next day, I broke another filling! I texted Dr. Feng, he agreed to see me right away and we started addressing that issue which was more complex. To sum this up, I met with Dr. Feng and detailed for him that I trusted him and wanted to have a lot of work done now that I felt comfortable and had established a great and trusting relationship with him. Since January, Dr. Feng has done A LOT of work on my teeth including: 4 crowns, 6 veneers, an extraction and installing a long fixed bridge and replacement of old metal fillings. He’s also performed a routine deep cleaning which was amazing. We are taking a break while I spend the summer on the east coast and will start an implant as the final procedure when I get back in August. My teeth and smile are transformed and GORGEOUS! I get so many compliments on my teeth and I am free of dental pain for the first time in as long as I can remember. I have dental insurance but am well beyond the maximum coverage limits at this point. Dr. Feng did file insurance paperwork for me but he does require cash payment so you must be prepared to pay cash at each appointment. That will be the only challenge with him if you are short on cash. Fortunately, I can pay the cash fees and I think he’s worth every dollar. Dr. Feng is my dentist now. If you are looking for a professional, extremely knowledgeable, friendly, accessible dentist, I encourage you to contact Dr. Feng

Kathryn A. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I called Dr. Feng on a Sunday morning to see if he could get my boyfriend, Joe in last minute. Joe had an abscess on his gums and was in since Friday, but wanted to try to wait out the weekend. Dr. Feng booked us for an appointment and we were at his office a few hours later. We were quick to get in and get x-rays of his teeth. Dr. Feng gave a few suggestions of how we can proceed to move forward to fix the problem. He was very genuine and did not push for us to go with the expensive option, just helped my boyfriend pick the best fit for his mouth and budget. My boyfriend had an extraction done the same day and we left the dentist with enough medicine to get us to the pharmacy. Joe really liked Dr. Feng and was very impressed with his pricing as well. We were expecting a much larger cost considering we have no dental insurance and it was a Sunday emergency appointment. Joe said he will be going back to Dr. Feng for all future dental work (even though it is not very close to our home) because he was so pleased with his services and pricing. Thank you Dr. Feng! Kate and Joe

Drey S. from Laguna Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


There are moments in life when all the cards seem stacked against you.  Christmas eve 2011, was one of those nights. My wife had been complaining of a tooth ache all day, but as the night progressed, the pain was going from a manageable 4 to an unbearable 10 very quickly. After calling several “emergency” dentists in Orange County – and getting only answering machines, my wife called Dr. Feng.  He answered the phone (ON CHRISTMAS EVE!) at 1am on the second ring.  After a 15 minute discussion, he scheduled an appointment  for her on Christmas morning. I was nervous that the location was downtown LA (BOY WAS I WRONG!) He explained how to get into the closed parking structure – and he was there and waiting for us at 6am. He actually thanked us for being patient and waiting til the morning. One hour and one tooth extraction later, Dr. Feng is our Christmas angel.  His prices were beyond fair and we will start making the 50 mile trip for his great work and professionalism. THANK YOU DR. FENG!

Eddie K. from Glendale, CA (Source: Yelp)


This is the very FIRST time I have ever left a review. I had a top moler that had broken in half a few weeks ago. Within that last two weeks the tooth began to hurt profusely to a point I went to bed in agony. Last week Friday I couldn’t sleep at all. I woke up around 7:30 and came on Yelp! in search for a dentist that had weekend appointments. I read a lot of raving reviews on Dr. Feng and I saw he had office hours on Saturday. I called at 8 and got no answer, a few minutes later I got a call from an unknown number and it was Dr. Feng himself. I told him of my issue with my tooth and he scheduled an appointment for me at noon. His office is very clean and played jazz music in the background. I was escorted to the back where I sat and waited for him to finish up with another patient. He walked in, I reiterated what I described to him on the phone. He was very professional and eloquently diagnosed my symptoms. He gave me two options: 1. Extract the tooth 2. He can repair/remove the disturbed nerve, perform a root canal cleaning, and in a few weeks he can repair the broken tooth. Although the second option was ideal in me saving my tooth; it was also VERY expensive as he explained. I opted for option #1, which he told me will total $420. I wasn’t all too shocked at the price because I knew going in it was going to be expensive since I didn’t have dental coverage. The doctor gave me shots of novocaine in my gums and he walked out to go see another patient. A few minutes later his assistant came in and informed me she will need to collect payment beforehand. (This is where I got really annoyed) I handed her my debit card and she said they only accept cash. Ahhh I’m sorry but I don’t go around everyday with a big wad of cash in my pocket. I wish they would’ve told me this when I first called. Luckily my wife was with me so she went down to the ATM. But guess what…..she could only take out $300. She returned told the assistant, she went and spoke with Dr. Feng and he told her to put the difference on the debit card. My question is if you charge the difference of $120 on the card, why couldn’t you had charged the entire balance? Anywho…..he returned and it took him roughly 45mins. to pull the tooth. He gave me a prescription for the pain. I went home and in less than an hour the swelling had gone down and to my amazement I wasn’t in any abnormal pain. I was able to eat a regular meal. It is now day three (Tuesday) and I brush and floss several times during the day and have absolutely no pain. Needless to say I have no need to fill the prescription at this point. Aside from this slight misunderstanding I would highly recommend Dr. Feng. His professionalism is top notch

Sheila T. from Newbury Park, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr Feng was a really great doctor and he takes care of his patient. He undertand the patient’s perspective and he knows what the patient wants. So I went there for my discolored front tooth. He told me the tooth need to be bleach and refilled the filling on the same tooth. Also that tooth didn’t grow and shorter than the other front tooth. So I really want the veneer instead of the crown. Even though the insurance cover for the crown for 50 percent. However, I only want the veneer. I am only 23 years old and i don’t want my tooth grin down only to a tooth pick. So i decide i should get a veneer. So he told me that veneer is only small millimetert thick and the discolor tooth will show under the veneer. The best thing is the bleach on the discolor tooth so the veneer will show the best result. His option is the best. I trust his intuition and he is done his best. I choose the right color of the veneer. “I am my best self today, everyday after i got my tooth fixed” . I love my tooth and the veneer looks the same with my other tooth. It is so hard to match the color but he did a really great job on choosing the right color and putting different color on certain part of the tooth. He is so helpful and i also make a appointment for the cleaning my teeth. Everyone should go to this dentist

Grace B. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)

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Dr. Feng was great! Being like many people I know who don’t have dental insurance, I went to Dr. Feng after reading reviews on Yelp. He is everything you would want and need a dentist to be. Professional, calm, polite, sincere, intelligent, honest, friendly,  I could go on and on, but you get my point. Here’s my story … I had a serious tooth ache that hit me around Turkey Day. I went around for days in pain. Because I have no dental insurance, I found a few home remedies online. Which at the time worked. In a few days the pain was gone. 5 Months later the pain came back with a vengenace. Again I went about my day, working, etc. with it. By the time the weekend came I was self medicating with alcohol, which is a big deal considering I’m not a drinker (even on social occassions). By Saturday I could no longer take it, I had booked marked Dr. Feng after finding him on Yelp and gave him a call @10 pm. He picked up the phone, talked to me about my issue and said he was willing to make an emergency appointment. he gave me the option of the emergency appointment or if I wanted to save some money and if I could bear with the pain I could come int to see him during his regular business hours, lowering the out of pocket cost I would also have to endure.  Being the money conscience person I am, I decided to wait it out until Monday. Monday morning I called Dr. Feng’s office and got an appointment by 10 am the same day. Long story short, D. Feng and his team are amazing. They took care of my tooth ache, allowed me to use a coupon that I had purchased through Yelp (which helped to lower my bill), and my experience was over all wonderful. Dr. Feng explained everything, from my x-rays to my options (even saying I could go to someone else to get a second opinion, or even have another dentist do the work) to the procedure. Like other people have said Dr. Feng is sincerely interested in your well being. Unlike othe dentists that I have been to in the past, Dr. Feng never pressured me into getting more work done than what is neccessay. Example, I had a molar that went bad a few years ago, little by little over the years the tooth had gotten rotten and fallen out bit by  bit, leaving me with fragments of a tooth in my mouth. I had gone to several dentists (when I did have insurance) to try and get it pulled, those denitsts would not do the procedure unless I agreed to have other work done (which was unneccessay). And if you’ve been to a dentist especially around the Westside of town you know what I’m talking about. Dr. Feng told me exactly what was wrong and what I needed to get done. He’s honest, which is much appreciated and is a testament to Dr. Feng and why so many people have given him great reviews. I still have to get more work done and I will definitely be going back to Dr. Feng. Thanks Dr. Feng!

Jose B. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr Feng is the absolute best. I came in over night with a tooth ache so horrible I couldn’t concentrate or anything else, much less get any sleep. It has been six months since my procedure, and I am happy to report that i’ve had absolutely no pain, and am back to normal enjoying life. I also appreciated Dr. Fengs professionalism, patience in his explanations, and gentle hands(I know how that must sound, but I’ve had painful dentists before) I’d see him again if I ever had another tooth situation

Marcie A. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been avoiding going to the dentist for way too long. I had a bad experience as a teenager and haven’t been to a dentist since. Well, my filling on one of my back teeth finally gave out on me about a year ago and I’ve been procrastinating the dreaded dental visit for many reasons. #1 being my fear and #2 being the expensive costs. Back to my tooth… So basically, about 60% of my filling/tooth fell out leaving the nerve and nasty cavaty exposed. Over time, the pain went from mild, to severe, to extreme. Excedrin Extra Strength was the only pain reliever short of Vicoden that helped soothe the pain. Ibuprofen worked too, but only prescription strength (I have a high tolerance to medications). Over the last few days, my tooth ache became so severe that nothing was working. I was literally popping Excedrin’s every 2-3 hours. I should add that I despise having to take pills for any reason, so when I do, it’s only because it’s absolutely necessary.Which brings me to last night…. I fell asleep around 10:30 after taking 3 Excedrins only to wake up at 1am. The pain was instant as soon as I opened my eyes and literally dragged me out of bed walking around like a mad woman pulling my hair, crying, rocking myself, taking MORE Excedrins, PRAYING to GOD to PLEASE take my pain away. I finally looked online for a 24 Hour Dentist and found Dr. Feng. Being in this much pain makes for a perfectly vulnerable patient situation which some Dr.’s would probably take advantage of. I woke up my boyfriend at 5:45 am SOBBING to him that I needed to go to the dentist and that it couldn’t wait any longer. We drove to Dr. Feng’s and just have to say that he was the BEST, ULITMATE DENTIST I could have possibly asked for. I honestly believe that God led me to him. He was very kind, honest, caring, concerned for my pain, considerate of my fears, was at his office within 30 minutes to take care of me. I can honestly say that my fear of the dentist has been cured thanks to Dr. Feng. He removed the cavity & the nerve, put in a temporary filling and sent me home pain free within the hour. I need to go back for more work since his professionalism convinced me to save that tooth rather than have it pulled. I WILL BE GOING back to Dr. Feng for all my dental work. I don’t care how much it costs, that’s how serious I am. His service and ethical values are worth far more than any dollar amount spent. Dr. Feng is truly a blessing, heaven sent & I’m so happy I found him! 😀 I can’t say enough good things. From someone who absolutely feared the dentist, to someone who can’t wait to go back, I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Dr. Feng! You’re truly a life saver. Can’t wait to go to sleep tonight

Chris C. from Rowland Heights, CA (Source: Yelp)


First of all, it is a very nice office.  The rooms have window views of downtown with pleasant music playing. The dental equipment is also state-of-the-art.  I had a very terrible pain from a bad wisdom tooth decay.  I called several dental offices and none of them would take me as an emergency walk-in.  Finally I found Dr. James Feng on Yelp.com and read all of the good reviews, so I decided to give it a try since it also had a Yelp deal with pay $26 for $65 credit.  I called the office at 9AM to explain my situation to the receptionist and she put me down as a walk-in at 10AM!  I was seen by Dr. Feng around 10:20AM.  He evaluated my bad wisdom tooth which decayed to a point that the enamel was almost level with the gum.  He explained it required a special procedure to extract it since there was not much left on the tooth for him to pull it.  He was very patient explaining the whole procedure.  He gave me a quote and made sure I was okay before doing the work.  I only had a very basic supplemental dental insurance that was provided free with my health insurance.  He gave me a pretty good discount and he also combined it with the Yelp offer that I bought in the morning.  He took 2 X-rays and gave me the first anesthesia shot, followed by another one 20 mins later.  He made sure I felt 100% painless on my tooth before operating.  He was so skillful that he extracted it within 2 mins and I felt 0% pain the whole time!  He let me see that “sucker” and I asked to keep it as a souvenir so that I can show my little kids to scare them from eating too much candies.  This was my 1st visit and it was a very pleasant one.  Dr. Feng is nice, patient, and professional.  The receptionist is also nice.  That is why it earned my 5-star rating and I am sure it will keep adding to his reviews

Paige C. from  Lompoc, CA (Source: Yelp)


Cosmetic Dentist Review– Porcelain Veneers. Dr. Feng has great reviews that I agree with and I could go on and write a whole review on him alone, so I will try not to repeat anything already said in other reviews and instead share my experience getting porcelain veneers with him as the lack of yelp reviews on his cosmetic dentistry does not indicate a lack of quality. There were a lot of risky jumps during this process in which had to place my trust in him and the fact that he repeatedly and consistently stepped up to the plate so to speak and relieved the fears of risk speaks to his quality and character. In all honesty, I rushed into the process and instantly signed on with Dr. Feng for my smile transformation. He just seemed honest and reliable and assured me that if any of my fears came to unfold, he would personally address the issue. Not to mention, when I went in for a consultation, a long time client of his voluntarily raved about his experiences with him while we were waiting in the lobby. I pay for college on my own and I told him my budget. He was respectful of my budget and did not try to push me into anything that I did not need.  I was surprised that he thought I needed less work than I did, and he probably could have persuaded me to take out loans and do extra work if he wanted. Instead of an exploitative scheme, I was presented with extreme generosity, empathy, and patience. He was so gracious to offer complementary services in order to ensure a complete smile transformation experience for me and empathized with my position as a college student seeking confidence to enter the professional world. Our plan was to use porcelain veneers for my first four teeth, leave room for either composite or porcelain veneers for the next four later on in the year when I could better afford it. He also took on the additional personal risk of splitting my payments up just so that it was less of a financial burden on me at once. On my second visit, we discussed my future smile and prepped my teeth. I came in on a Saturday and felt that I was offered the full afternoon to mull over my smile if I had wanted; he did not seem burdened by my questioning and time spent deciding. In all honesty, with the smile design process, I’ve seen online seem more thorough in a technical sense and client-directed that mine was. However, this is actually beneficial since I did not know exactly what I wanted and Dr. Feng works with a local designer where the philosophy is that the designer has developed an intuition for what would fit best on each individual (and the definitely delivered!). It’s less of “I want my central incisor to be exactly 10 mm in from my left eyeball and the tip forming a 30 degree angle with the edge of earlobe” -although you could do that and rulers were definitely brought out for my design–and more of “this is the look I’m going for and here are my preferences. This is what I want to change. This is what I like about my smile”.I wanted to keep my front gap, as a character trait, and fix the other spacing issues of my top teeth We created a trace of what my teeth would look like and he involved me on the order sent to the designer with all the different customizations and attached pictures of my teeth. The prepping was probably the most terrifying part to me, but when I went in for my consultation the weeks prior, his wife just had her teeth prepped and I was able to see how non-invasive it was. My teeth were polished and shaped more rectangularish as to provide the best base for the veneer (picture included). My teeth were already small, they did not get ground down like for a crown or anything, just the surface was thinned so the veneers did not make my teeth look bulky when placed. He did not have me wear temporaries which I had seen as a common experience for other people online. He said they would probably make my teeth look more awkward than just having them prepped which seemed to be the experience of other people I researched, some even having to remove the temporaries from discomfort or having them break. It did cut my lip up some during the week since the surface is sort of scratchy so the veneers have something to stick to. In the whole process- the only pain was from a numbing injection before the teeth prep. So I was worried that he did not use temporaries at first but his assurances to me all were validated by the time placement came around. There is not much I can say about placement other than it was quick and easy and that I love my veneers. I am so thankful to Dr. Feng for making the smile I have wanted all my life a reality. I smile all the time now and I feel as though my personality it enhanced. I feel much more comfortable being my goofy, laughing self and more confident presenting myself professionally. Words really cannot express my appreciation for his generosity so I hope this review can help. Thanks a ton!

Brittany B. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had a great experience with Dr Feng. He listens to exactly what you want and then starts creating a plan with you. He’s very honest and straight forward, and always gives you his professional opinion, but without trying to sell you unnecessary procedures. He will work with you for as long as it takes to achieve the best outcome, and he truly cares about the outcome (almost as if he’s working on his own teeth). When it comes to doing smile makeovers, I really appreciate his natural-looking approach. I would highly recommend this dentist!

Tim C. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


GO TO THIS DENTIST!!! About a year ago I had a dental emergency – an absess under an old root canal that formed and suddenly, on a Saturday, started to hurt like CRAZY and swell up terribly.  After unsuccessfully trying to go to a nearby dentist, and even after a trip to the ER, we finally, by EARLY Sunday morning (around 5am) found Dr. Feng’s number.  My wife called him at 5:30AM – yes, 5:30AM on a Sunday morning – and by 7AM I was in his dentist chair and being taken care of.  We woke him up and he rushed to the office, just for me.  Amazing. Not only is he the only 24/7/365 emergency dentist I could find in the Los Angeles area, but he is a FANTASTIC dentist at that.  Very professional, nice, and accommodating – doesn’t ever want to do more than necessary (unless you ask for it), and doesn’t want you to spend money you don’t need to.  But this is not at the expense of the quality of his work – which is simply phenomenal.  He is clearly devoted to his craft. Dr. Feng is by far the best dentist I’ve been to, and after over a year of visits he completely replaced the offending tooth with an implant and has continued to be my normal go-to dentist ever since.  I don’t trust anyone else with my teeth anymore, he’s that good. THANK YOU Dr. Feng for being such a selfless and caring dentist and for saving me from tremendous pain and suffering so early on a Sunday!

Eren K. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Here’s what you’re getting with Dr. Feng: A dentist who is personable and hospitable. He listened to my concerns, made sure I was comfortable and explained (in detail) the procedure and pricing. A dentist who has emergency room experience. If you’re in extreme pain and reading reviews (like I was a few weeks ago) – call him! I called at 2am and he was able to meet me at his office by 3! A dentist who works efficiently and painlessly. I’ve never had a more pleasurable dentist experience in my life! My first visit was an emergency service (pulpectomy on a molar) and then I had a scheduled root canal with him the following week. Both were totally painless. Note: + He is cash only for emergency services + The parking garage and the office building are well lit, so even if you’re there early/late – it’s safe. For the people who are in pain and googling right now (I feel, well, felt your pain!) : emergency dentist in Los Angeles, 24/7 dentist in Los Angeles

Nova N. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Feng puts patients first! He takes a similar approach to dentistry in comparison to the originality of the artist known as Prince. As such, I knew he was giving me the best attention to ensure his quality of work. Another wonderful aspect of his prioritization of patients is Dr. Feng’s availability to see patients and adjust his schedule accordingly. He doesn’t brush you off to someone else and he is very dedicated. It’s worth the cost because it prevents the need to see another dentist over time. I highly recommended Dr. Feng as my dentist

Jess V. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Over the past few weeks, my mouth has been in a bit of pain but being stubborn i thought I would just push through it and  take over the counter pain medication and be OK, then… Monday morning my mouth was KILLING me, i had what seemed like a migraine, my sinus are on that side of my face hurt and it was miserable… and AGAIN, I was stubborn about it and waited all day until I just couldn’t stand it. So it being 9pm on a Monday night I googled “emergency dentist” and found Dr. Feng. My boyfriend gave him a call and talk to him, and next thing i knew we were on our way to his office downtown! He showed up very quickly, and got me in the chair, took ex rays, and diagnosed the issue. It was a wisdom tooth causing issues and lots of pain. We decide to go with an extraction of the tooth, and i opted for the sedation (laughing gas) to calm my nerves. the WHOLE process only took an hour and a half to two hours. He gives you a quote before getting started and his prices are very reasonable for being in an on call emergency type of situation! I am pain free now! and its only been 24 hours since we made the call!!!! Thank you so much DR FENG!!!! This is a great option for not only emergency dental problems but he also offers regular dental services as well. here is the website i found for him.

M. O. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)

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I can’t recommend Dr. Feng enough!   I live in DC and dislodged a crown on a Saturday night before traveling to LA for work the following morning.  I called Dr. Feng on his emergency 24-hour line to ask if he could see me the following afternoon when my flight landed in LA.  He completely accommodated my request–and then some!  He gave me advice on what to do for the 24 hours prior to meeting him for my mouth and tooth.  Then, upon arrival in LA, Dr. Feng took his Sunday afternoon to meet with me and fix my tooth perfectly.  What’s more–he was extraordinarily professional and expert in his craft.  I was in and out of his office in a matter of minutes.  Dr. Feng was patient, friendly, and reassuring.  I feel extremely fortunate to have found him and would recommend him to ANYONE in LA looking for a dentist


Kristy K. from Bend, OR (Source: Yelp)


We discovered Dr. Feng during a desperate internet search late one night. My BF was having severe pain in his jaw, which had worsened over a couple days. The emergency visit was not cheap (about $700), but the service we received was outstanding. It was actually a very serious jaw infection and needed to be treated right away. Dr. Feng followed up the next day to see how my BF was doing, and made space in his schedule for us to see him for another emergency visit just a couple days later (tooth pain is no joke!). Thankfully, about a week after the first visit, the infection cleared up and we were able to do the root canal. All told, we visited the office 3 times. Dr. Feng is very thoughtful and caring, and he truly wants to do good work and help his patients. He went out of his way to meet with us and took calls from my BF late at night. He followed up with us to see how he was doing and was genuinely happy when my BF was feeling better. He patiently explained everything that was going on in my BF’s mouth in language we could understand. He answered all my insane questions (I like to know EVERYTHING). He also detailed all our options for the other issues going on in his mouth (it’s going to be an expensive grill!). I truly appreciate his work and trust his expertise. Also, his attitude and personality is very humble, positive, and non-judgemental. It’s very refreshing. It’s so difficult to find a good dentist and I am really happy we found Dr. Feng, even if my BF had to go through a couple nights of hellish pain to get here! A couple of notes: the office is located in the World Trade Center downtown. It would be helpful to map your route if you’re not familiar with downtown as some streets are one way. Parking is expensive in the building but you have no choice, really. Usually it was $8.00 flat for us as we went very late at night, or early in the day. If it’s not an emergency visit, the Dr will validate for $3.50, but you still have to pay the difference

Kailea I. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


One word about my experience with Dr. Feng – amazing!! I had a tooth ache that started about two weeks ago that I was able to keep under control with clove oil and ib profen. The pain subdued over the next week and thought it had went away for good. Well yesterday, the pain came back and was unbearable! I was in tears form how much agony I was going through. I tried using my clove oil and ib profen routine and nothing was working! My boyfriend suggested I keep cold water on it consistently. That seemed to be the only thing that helped but I was drinking water every 5 seconds!! I gave Dr. Feng a call around 9:30pm Sunday evening and explained to him everything I was going through. He was very throughout on the phone with me and just talking to him reassured me everything was going to be alright. He quoted me for a partial root canal as well as a possible extraction. Prices are fair in comparison to other dentists. He allowed me to think over if seeing him would be the right thing for me and told me to give him a call later that evening for an emergency visit or to call the next morning for an appointment that day. I thought things through and decided to wait until the next morning. . In hopes of getting me through the night, I got a hold of some Vicodin which I was sure would do the trick! After two nothing seemed to let up! I was up all night every ten minutes swishing cold water around in the mouth. It was the WORST night of my life. From not sleeping all night and in excruciating pain, I called Dr. Feng the next day and I set up an appointment and they were able to see me within the hour! When I arrived at the office, the ambiance was great!! Relaxing, meditative and reassuring! Exactly what I needed. I was greeted by a cute receptionist/ dental assistant who was very helpful. I met Dr. Feng and he remembered who I was from our phone conversation. At this point, from all the pain I was in, I wanted the tooth extracted. Dr. Feng gave me alternate suggestions in hopes of saving my tooth. I wound up gong with a root injection for relieve the pain and a temporary filling. Financially, this is what I was looking for. Total cost $460.00. The procedure was quick and painless! I have never been happier with a dental procedure in my life. Dr. Feng is honest, understanding, charismatic and professional. I’m recommending all of my friends go to him!! You guys are the best!! Thank you Dr. Feng!

Irene G. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


VISIT THIS DENTIST!! Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let me take a few moments to tell you about a story of good and evil….of a damsel in distress, a dedicated hero, and an unspeakable terror that rained down pain and suffering. I was scheduled to visit LA just after Christmas when the pain from a missing filling in my lower right molar became unbearable. Two days before my flight I saw an emergency dentist in TX, who recommended an extraction or root canal, but who could not perform the procedure in the interim. A few days after arriving in LA, the pain was  again excruciating–that’s when I found Dr. Feng on-line. I called around 9 or 10am on a *Saturday.* Dr. Feng agreed to see me at 11am. He was swift, but thorough in getting me into the chair and administering an anesthetic. Likewise, he was exceptionally quick in performing my X-rays, and diagnosing an infection that spread into my jaw under the tooth–a villain I will now refer to as “The Jerk.” Dr. Feng explained that given my relative youth (I’m 35), he wanted to save “The Jerk”  and elected to perform a “pulpotomy” (a sort of root canal). Everything was fine, w/ Dr. Feng even calling me on subsequent days to check up on me. Unfortunately, two days later I developed complications, which were related to my own health problems and not at all with Dr. Feng’s care. After an evening spent  at the ER, Dr. Feng saw me the following day. We both agreed that given my health history, and potential for developing more complications, we should extract “The Jerk”. Removing a tooth is not the most pleasant experience one can have, but Dr. Feng made it bearable. Bottom line:  Dr. Feng is a hero for our times. He’s knowledgeable, efficient,  has a lovely office (w/ a wide array of nice magazines) and takes time to ensure his patients’ satisfaction. So go ahead, make that appointment!

Christina S. from Newport Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was out to breakfast with my husband this morning when suddenly he said we had to go because his tooth broke! He’s leaving on a business trip tomorrow and at noon on a Saturday I didn’t think our options were very good. We found Dr. Feng on yelp and he was a god send. He told us to come in as soon as possible. I was immediately impressed with the clean and calm office( I enjoyed reading People magazine and listening to classical music). Less than an hour later, my husband came out and voila… tooth fixed! He said Dr Feng was very professional, eager to help, and the procedure was pain-free. His tooth looks better than ever. I was worried because we don’t have dental insurance, but the price was very fair and he even let us post date our personal check until after payday. Seriously, this guy was a dream dentist. We will most definitely be going back…. and my husband will be getting dental coverage. Thank you Dr. Feng!

Kate W. from Topanga, CA (Source: Yelp)


So, my teeth are short and fat and my roots are abnormally long – lol… I had gone to many other dentists and they just didn’t cut it. Enter Dr. Feng. (My mom picked him out over the internet – Good Job Mom!) Seriously, Dr. Feng is the best dentist I’ve ever been to. He’s kind, professional, affordable and accommodating. His staff is so sweet. They give you headphones with symphony music so you can ignore the drilling! 😀 And they validate! He was the only dentist I’ve found who accommodates my weird roots w/ proper tools (he had to order them… lol) And he’s always willing to take the time to talk to me about my questions/concerns. As long as I live in LA, he’ll be my dentist

Rick S. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Ever google “Emergency Dental” before? Yeah, not fun. My wisdom tooth has been acting up the past few days and I woke up this AM and couldn’t take it anymore. Advil and Orajel was not doing the trick. Saw some reviews on Dr. Feng so I made the call at 9am. “Can you be here in 30 minutes?” was the answer I got. AMAZING. Do you know how much of a pain in the ass it is to book a dentist appointment in this city Headed downtown. Office is in a big high rise on the 5th floor. (I only mention this because some people have the wrong idea about downtown LA. This is in a very safe business area.) Relaxing waiting room.  Very friendly front office staff. Dr. Feng was great. Checked out my situation and gave me two options. Deep cleaning and meds or pull the wisdom tooth. He didn’t pressure me at all for the more expensive procedure. Explained the pros and cons of both. Showed me the x-rays and explained them in a very simple way. We went with the deep cleaning and he told me to call him tonight if it didn’t help and I wanted it pulled. He offered to come meet me in the middle of the night if I couldn’t sleep through the pain. Seriously. Who does that? So far so good. Just popped a vicodin so I think I will be ok. Will definitely go back to Dr. Feng when it’s time to get it pulled or any other dental needs. Really great guy. Make sure you bring cash if you are coming after hours or on the weekend. Insurance will reimburse you, but you have to pay cash on site. ATM in the lobby downstairs

John B. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Feng has been my dentist since 2004. I was recommended to him by one of his clients when I had a tooth break suddenly. He saw me immediately and took care of it. He is the best! He is very professional with a gentle hand and an impressive knowledge of his craft. He is affordable, friendly and extremely nice! 😉 He is complimented by a friendly and caring staff in the office. He has perfomed all of my general tooth cleaning as well as much more involved dentistry (tooth extraction, root canals, crowns…etc.) and I have never experienced any out of the ordinary pain. It has always, surprisingly, been minimal discomfort. I have been back to normal within a matter of hours after having intricate procedures perfomed by Dr. Feng. A great dentist! I have always recommended him to people who are looking for a new dentist. And now I have put it out there for all to see on YELP! Oh yeah, he has the coolest retro dentist chairs in his downtown office. Very cool! Parking in the building is covered by the good doctor! Go see him!

Shannon J. from Glendale, CA (Source: Yelp)

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After accommodating me (a first time patient!) on a Saturday, I knew Dr. Feng was above and beyond any other dentist I have seen in Los Angeles. After dealing with ongoing pain following a root canal for a fractured molar and subsequently, really terrible tooth and jaw pain that my regular dentist brushed of as TMJ this past week, I woke up on Saturday in pain and in a panic, assuming that the ER was my next destination.  A little last ditch effort search for Saturday dentists yielded Dr. Feng, with glowing reviews on Yelp and so I gave him a call.  He offered to meet me in the evening and when I showed up at his office, with my toddler and husband, his office was clean and comfortably lit and there was Dr. Feng to greet us.  He took me right back to an exam room and was efficient, gentle and straightforward.  He took x-rays (I wasn’t pressured, but rather I requested them) and discovered an infection under my troubled tooth.  He inspected my tooth and suggested a treatment plan.  Dr. Feng presented me with my options and had the prices detailed out for me to choose from.  He wasn’t pushy with the options at all and he didn’t suggest on pulling out my tooth straight away either, as he believes in keeping teeth if you can (which is a great thing in the dental world, trust me).  We opted to clean around my tooth and start a regimen of antibiotics (took the first one right there in the office) to get me through our vacation this next week and upon our return, I will go back and have Dr. Feng remove my current crown, clean up my tooth and create a new zirconium (metal-free) crown. Needless to say, I will bid adieu to my current dentist, who I have been with for the past 5 years, in order to be a patient of Dr. Feng.  A final and important plus for me, is that his office is amalgam free and practices “safe” amalgam removal, which (if you are as holistically health focused and toxic material picky as I am) is difficult to come by as well. I am a difficult patient to please and I cannot recommend Dr. Feng highly enough!!  Thank you, Dr. Feng for taking time out of your Saturday to see me and take care of my tooth!

Elizabeth B. from Mid City, Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I chipped my two front teeth around 1:30 pm on a Saturday (during a global pandemic!) and by 4:30 pm I was leaving Dr. Feng’s office with bonded and filed teeth! He was so kind and told us to come into the office to fix the chip. He stayed later than he planned to make sure I was able to get everything fixed. It looks great and I feel great! I would 100% recommend him to anyone and will definitely look to become a client


Cosmetic dentist specializing in porcelain veneers. Home of the 3 day smile makeover! With Saturday and Sunday hours available. You can preview your new smile by computer simulation. No prep/Min prep veneers, BriteSmile II and Zoom teeth whitening, reverse aged-looking teeth with younger smile, younger look straighten teeth and Invisalign, zirconia/ceramic crowns, dental implants. Dr. Feng specializes in Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry in Downtown Los Angeles using top technologies to create a personalized smile for each of his patients. Known for Beverly Hills results with down-to-earth prices, he’s helped people with their smiles from all walks of life. He takes time with each person to discuss what he or she wants before customizing an individualized smile design. With his expertise (based on over 18 years of cosmetic experience,) he delivers fantastic results every time that is customized to each individual. Dr. Feng also does all work himself from complex smile makeovers to simple teeth cleanings, which very few dentists would do these days. He believes in quality and he takes great pride in his work. Dr. Feng is Trusted by business professionals, Hollywood celebrities, and anyone who had the privilege of working with him. He’s been known to help hundreds people yearly with their emergency dental pain during the day, nights, weekends, and sometimes holidays. Unless he’s under-the-weather or cell phone reception problems, he will answer your call. Located in one of the original dental offices in Downtown Los Angeles est. 1974 in the World Trade Center Building, Bunker Hill, Dr. Feng started his dental career in UCLA School of Dentistry. Graduated in 2000, he went on advanced degree in Hospital Dentistry which prepared him to handle any and most type of dental emergencies. Due to this advanced training, he now offers after hour (24 hours) emergency dental care. As a emergency dentist, he has helped countless of individuals with their tooth pains and infections. He also has the latest tools and works with the best dental laboratory to deliver the most natural smile makeover cosmetic dentistry can provide. He received his undergraduate degree from University of California Irvine with honors and graduated cum laude. Early in his career he volunteered in mobile clinics in undeserved areas of California and more recently he also participated as a volunteer dentist in an LA Free Health Care event at the former LA Sports Arena. Dr. Feng specialize in Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry. He is highly skilled and experienced in Porcelain Veneers to enhance or create a dazzling new smile. He only uses the best laboratory and material for his patients to create the perfect smile. Dr. Feng is certified in treating Dental Implants, Braces, Invisalign, and all aspects of general dentistry. He also one among few sleep disorder dentists who treats snoring and sleep apnea. Dr. Feng now resides in Pasadena on the weekends and Palos Verdes during the week for his 13 year-old daughter’s school. Dr. Feng is a UCLA dentist with over 18 years experience in Cosmetic Dentistry and Smile Designs. He was also recruited as a clinical and restorative faculty at UCLA. He gave up his lecturing position to be full time in private practice and to be available for his patients.

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