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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: Closed

Friday: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Diane M. from Kaneohe, HI (Source: Yelp)


I can always get convenient appt time. My son goes at 7 am before work, my husband can go during the day since he’s retired. I like to go at the end of my work day. They always offer a complimentary hand dipped waxing and it is so relaxing. The staff and Dr. Jeff are very nice & caring. Dr. Jeff gives back to the community so I have double the reasons to continue my dental care with them.

Isidro Ramos (Source: Google)


Dr. Miyazawa is very knowledgeable and is the best dentist I’ve been to. He cares for his patients very much and explains things in a way that is easy for us non- dentists to understand. His hygienists and other staff are so welcoming and friendly as well. I highly recommend him. I live in town Honolulu and travel all the way to kaneohe just for him.

Lori K. from Waipahu, HI (Source: Yelp)


Dr Jeff has been my family doctor for about 8 years now. I had a terrible tooth ache yesterday and without any hesitation, Dr Jeff took me in and helped to take the pain away! He is an AMAZING Doctor who sincerely cares about each and every patient! Both my daughters LOVE going to his office (which is really unusual for teenage kids!) He is truly a friend to all as well as giving you the BEST care for your TEETH! I HIGHLY recommend Dr Jeff! Go see him and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about! He’s AWESOME at giving shots too! Didn’t even feel a pinch!!

Maria S. from Honolulu, HI (Source: Yelp)


Dr Miyazawa & his entire office staff are the best! Before coming here I never liked going to the dentist because of having bad experiences with other Dentists! Everyone here are so friendly & professional! After so many years of feeling ashamed of my smile…it literally has changed my life for the better! Thank you Dr Miyazawa!

Susie Miyashiro (Source: Google)


Dr. Miyazawa and his entire staff are awesome!! A couple years ago Dr. Miyazawa helped me when I had an emergency and I will never forget that. Before I would only visit the dentist when I had a problem….but now I go every 6 months without fear!!! I have even recommended him to my co-workers and they love him and his staff as well….

Cathy H. from Honolulu, HI (Source: Yelp)


My parents have been patients of Dr. Miyazawa for many years but I’ve just been going recently.  I just had a cleaning yesterday and felt like I was at a spa!  Loved the hand wax & warm towel face massage you get with cleanings.  Everything is so easy & really pleasant there, from check-in, to treatment, to check-out.  They’re also really gentle with me when I don’t do so well taking care of my teeth, which is nice because I cringe when it’s time for the “talking to”.  Not like any other dentist I’ve been to.  Holy Spirit dwells in that place. Amen!

Matthew W. from Kaneohe, HI (Source: Yelp)


I was very timid going to Dr. Miyazawa’s due to previous visits to others, when I walked into the office I was greeted by shuch friendly staff, who took me in as their own! Dr. Miyazawa is very thorough and gets straight to the point, hes very verbal and gives you step by step instructions on how he will access the situation! I recommend though’s who cant find that Right DR! Today will be your day1. Thank you so much DR. MIYAZAWA and his wonderful staff (Mama) (sister)

Rachael Pahukoa (Source: Google)


It’s about overcoming my FEARS of being in a dentist. I’m a grown adult now and still get the jitters. But my first time experience was amazing. The friendly staffs, a walk through the office, getting a paraffin wax to help calm my nerves, deep cleaning done and I can’t stop there….from – check out it was a smooth ride. I’m looking forward to my continued routine visits and I must say… ” I’m in good hands because I came to the right place”.

Marcelo A. from Kaneohe, HI (Source: Yelp)


Why go town when I have the best right next door! Dr. Miyazawa is personable, ultra professional and an expert. The staff is friendly and couldn’t be any more efficient. Installations are modern and top notch! I have been a patient for almost a decade and would not have it any other way.

Niki M. from Kaneohe, HI (Source: Yelp)


My Dentist retired to my dismay. I’m terribly anxious going to the Denist. Childhood terror. However a friend reccomended Dr Miyazawa after a bad experience at another corporate mainland company. I had my teeth cleaned with that corporate Dentist the beginning of last year and tears rolled down my face because she hurt me terribly. I was a wreck going in to have my teeth cleaned at Doctor Miyazawa’s office. Not one bit of pain at all. She was gentle and kind. Dr Miyazawa is in the process of replacing a tooth that simply broke off. The new tooth will go in next week. Not even a tiny bit of pain. I honestly could not be happier with the care I’m receiving for my transplant. The receptionists are also awesome. I feel so lucky to have found Dr Miyazawa and his entire team. No pain, and they all do excellent work. I’m so thankful.

Alyssa M. from Kailua, HI (Source: Yelp)


After not having a dentist for a good 2-3 years (as my previous dentist moved away), I found Dr. Miyazawa via Yelp and used the Yelp feature to schedule an appointment–They responded right away and I got an appointment to take care of a pain in my back molar. Always have a dentist and get regular checkups!!! I know that now, after having to get a crown for my poor tooth, haha. Dr. Miyazawa was also nice enough to send a follow up text asking how I was doing after my temporary crown was placed in. Dr. Miyazawa and his team were great! I was worried I would be scolded for not seeing a dentist for so long (as my old dentist used to do–he was pretty condescending), but Dr. Miyazawa was straightforward about my care. I also liked that they offered me options on treatment with different payment plans. The front office is also really nice and try to book my appointments according to my work schedule. Already recommended my dad since he needs to get a new dentist too! Thank you for being friendly and professional, I really appreciate it!

Daniel Kinikini (Source: Google)


DR. Jeffery is the best dentist I have had in a very long time. He works with you and your insurance to give you the best service. He met with me to go over my insurance and what was covered and what wasn’t so I would know everything that would happen. This past week I hurt my tooth and it was extremely painful to the point I had no desire to eat (6’3 Polynesian man not wanting to eat = something is wrong!). I gave him a call and he got me in right away and he looked at it and quickly knew what needed to be done. He acted fast and did great work and the next day there was no pain. I could eat and return to my daily routine. I know he was really booked but he still made time for me which I am forever grateful to him for doing. I recommend everyone to go to Dr. Jeffery.

Keiko W. from Kaneohe, HI (Source: Yelp)


I wanted a second opinion on a filling my regular dentist did. Found dr on yelp, went to his website and sent a question. Dr replied himself later that evening. He said I could call myself the next day or give him my cell and they would call me. I chose to call myself the next morning. I explained why I was calling gave them my name. The doctor had given his staff a heads up that I would be calling so that was a nice service. I was informed that they had a cancellation for the next day and I schedule an appointment. When I arrived staff was friendly I waited a short time and was taken in. Nice young man prepped me and dr came in shortly after. He takes to me took some xrays and said he would be able to fix the tooth. Again, luckily he had time to fix the tooth right then and there! I am very sensitive to pain so I explained that my regular dr “babied” me with Novacaine doctor said no problem he could do the same. Short while later my tooth was fixed and I already felt better! The cherry on the top of this review is that the dr sent me a text later that night asking me How I felt.

Joanne A. from Honolulu, HI (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been going to Dr. Miyazawa for the past few years and have been very satisfied with everything his office has to offer. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. Cleanings and check ups are thorough, and plans for future dental work are discussed and explained clearly. Appointment reminders and last minute openings are sent via emails and/or text messages depending on your preference. Their office also offers notary public services to patients, though I’m not sure if it’s available during all business hours or by appointment. It’s obvious that the staff genuinely cares about their patients and making them feel comfortable during appointments. Prior to getting your teeth cleaned or getting some dental work done, patients are offered a hot paraffin hand wax, which softens and soothes your hands. They also provide a mini hot towel facial massage at the end of the appointment. On a more personal level, they even checked up on me after hours and sent me flowers after a lengthy, complicated dental procedure. So if you’re looking for a dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Miyazawa!

Ed E. from Kailua, HI (Source: Yelp)


I just left the dental office right now and let me tell you, they are all top notch! It’s my very first dental appointment on the island since I just moved here. The front desk staff is super friendly and I even got a tour of the facility and met the team. My hygienist was super nice (forgot her name), but she checked to see if I was doing good throughout the entire process. Once finished, Dr M. introduced himself to me and asked if I had any questions about my appointment. I go to the dentist every four months and this was one of the smoothest cleanings I have ever had. Thank you very much and you’ve gained a new patient! I’ll see you all in four months. Mahalo.

Kenny C. from Honolulu, HI (Source: Yelp)


First of all let me say I had the worst tooth ache ever. I’ve had them in the past but this one was really bad, you know the kind that hurts even if you drink cold water (very sensitive). I kind of let it linger for a few days but it kept getting worse and worse. My background with Dr Miyazawa was business related, he was not my regular dentist and I had never used his professional services. However, my insurance changed earlier this year and my previous dentist did not accept my new insurance. Because I knew Dr Miyazawa I figured what the hell, why not ask him if he could give me any recommendations on what I should do, so I emailed him? No lie, less than an hour later he replied back to come in tomorrow around lunch time. “I thought, wow that was fast!” I came in the following day at lunch, grabbed a cup of coffee and before I could sit down to enjoy it, they were calling me in to see them. The doctor was very concerned, he looked at my tooth and said there was a chip in the filing and he would be able to fix it for me. He numbed me up quite a bit because after the first couple attempts I still felt the pain and he didn’t want to do any work on my tooth until I was not feeling anything. He fixed the problem and I’m very grateful for her services. Here’s a few observations I want to add which made a huge difference in my experiences, even though they were small it made me feel more at ease. 1) He was genuinely concerned about my well being. 2) He accepted me right away 3) I did not wait at all to see him once I was there (even though I wouldn’t have mind either) 4) He made sure I did not feel any pain before doing any type of work on my tooth. 5) I complained to the Dental Assistant (Val) that I didn’t know why no dentists don’t have chapstick, my lips always get chapped while I’m at the dentist. She replied, “We do, here you go.” – Again small details but very nice. 6) His gloves smelled very nice and minty. Again, very small detail but it was nice 7) After he was done filling in my tooth, Val came in and used a hot towel over my face and gave me a quick massage that really relaxed me. I was shocked. Small but very nice touch 8) He contacted me back that night or the next day (can’t recall) to see how I was doing. By far the best experience I’ve had with a dentist. Small touches go a long way and Dr Miyazawa’s office was an incredible experience. I may have to get that tooth capped down the road but there’s no doubt I’ll be going back to him. The whole staff and atmosphere was very nice. Mahalo Dr Miyazawa, thanks for making my experience a great one and thanks for making me feel comfortable there.

Mavis L. from Kaneohe, HI (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Jeff, thank you so much for remaining at the office to check my mom-in-law after hours.  When she called us, we weren’t sure the extent of her “emergency” but we are grateful to you for taking care of her.  And to Roxane, super huge thank you for your kindness…”many other front-office duties” and beyond.  Mom expressed how kind you all are and now wants you to be her dentist.

Tina Beatty (Source: Google)


Dr Jeff , his dental assistant, and his staff make sure that your visit is comfortable and always greet you with a smile . Dr Jeff is simply the best dentist…. they offer up to date dental services where the staff truly care . A dentist with Quality and Excellent service . After a cleaning , from a well skilled hygienist, you can get treated to a warm lavender face massage !

Darrell Risko (Source: Google)


Excellent! You know I went in to repair a filling that was dislodged and Dr Jeffrey not only fixed that one but he proceeded to repair another tooth that I wasn’t even aware of. It took maybe 1/2 hour. The results, well, I couldn’t be more pleased. Jocelyn (hope I’m spelling it right) was also great as usual. My hats off to Dr Jeffrey and his crew (Roxanne too) for doing such great work!

Cassi M. from Tampa, FL (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Miyazawa is absolutely amazing. I’ve been to multiple dentists on island for a year-long issue (fractured tooth, to filling, to temporary crown done incorrectly 3 times to crown that wouldn’t get better). I read great reviews and decided to trust Dr. Miyazawa with the final decision on what to do about this tooth when an abscess appeared. I feel like Dr. Miyazawa actually listed to me, the research I’d done and the concerns I had. He helped me make a decision to move foreword with an implant which other doctors weren’t as open to discussing because they just wanted to push the root canal, though it wasn’t the best long term decision for me. I didn’t feel rushed in our discussion or like what I was saying wasn’t worth consideration like I did with the other doctors. I feel so much better & more confident in my decision to get the implant after talking with Dr. Miyazawa about all the pro’s & con’s. He will definitely be my new permanent dentist & I recommend him to anyone who is losing faith in find an awesome dentist who can solve your problem!

Charlene C. from Kaneohe, HI (Source: Yelp)


Although I do not enjoy visiting the dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Miyazawa, DDS made my first visit to his office a good experience. His staff is courteous, thorough, and efficient. They text me a reminder about my appointment and the office appeared clean, and the equipment looks “cutting edge,” his staff was ready to receive me as a new patient. People that I spoke to all said that they really liked his work. The only drawback was he does not accept Medicare, so I needed to pay out of pocket for my services. I will say that it was well worth it, as I was in a lot of pain, and he showed such care as he tried to accommodate me and ease my suffering. I needed an extraction done and was quite concerned, as some of you may  have experienced, there’s some pain involved. I will honestly say, it was manageable,  if not completely  pain free. I did not have to take any pain medication afterwards, and could go about my daily routine. Dr, Jefferey Miyazawa is a “class act,” he called me a few hours later to check on me and left a message and his cell number if I needed any concerns, or questions. I would highly recommend anyone to visit his office.

Laurie Pieper T. from Salt Lake City, UT (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Miyazawa has been our family dentist since shortly after moving to Oahu in 2006. We have found him to be very professional along with his entire office. We now view him as a friend along with being our dentist. I have recommended him to friends who have  found him to be just what we promised them – a true professional dentist!

Heidi N. from Kaneohe, HI (Source: Yelp)


wonderful place to be. feels luxurious , staff are very professional and caring of your comfort while being there. not ONE thing i could find to complain about. from service to staff to decor to comfort to professionalism , five stars entirely . super thankful being referred here  mention my name when you go for a referral

Liane Ing (Source: Google)


Excellent experience. Staff is very friendly and efficient. Procedure is done while keeping you comfortable. Questions are asked and information is given to your understanding. When leaving, you feel very comfortable knowing that everything you need to know has been given to you. Highly recommend Dr. Miyazawa for all kinds of dental work.

Christine D. from Aiea, HI (Source: Yelp)


I have had the same dentist on Oahu for the past two years. Unfortunately over the last six months it’s gotten to the point where that dentist became unreliable and the work shoddy enough that I would have to go back week after week after week and remain in pain for a month or more at a time because that one could not get it right. I decided I needed a new dentist to fix the most recent three issues my other one had left for me to deal with, and through his reviews on Yelp here, found Dr. Miyazawa. First: How does this dentist have any available time? How is he not completely booked up through 2020? I ask this because I have never been treated so well by anyone in the medical community as I was by him and his staff at my very first visit yesterday. The moment I walked in I was greeted as though I was a longtime friend. I was offered a choice of free coffees (!!!! In a dentist’s office !!!!) while I waited, escorted back to a chair by extremely friendly people and tended to by Violet and Joc, both of whom were blessedly kind and gentle. Violet was fun and funny and Joc was laid back and calming. I notoriously detest going to the dentist because I’ve always had to be numbed 2 to 3 times for even the smallest things, so I am automatically tense when I go to any dentist’s office…but the staff literally made that melt away from me before I even met Dr. Miyazawa. From the private television above the chair that I was invited to watch and put on any channel I wished (that was fun!) to the hand wax (the first one I have ever had in my life) to the hot towel and facial muscle massage afterward, I felt like I was at a spa, not a dentist! And then there was Dr. Miyazawa himself. Talk about a gentle touch. I had 3 teeth that needed fixing and he fixed all three so carefully and gently that not only did I not require numbing, but I wasn’t hurting for the first time in more than two years upon leaving the dentist’s office! Friendly, knowledgeable and above all, he listens to me and explains things to me. He’s patient and kind and I feel SO blessed to have found him! (Thanks to Yelp users for guiding me to give him a try!) The final thing that made my jaw drop was that Dr. Miyazawa personally called me today to check on me and see how I was feeling, if the pain I’d been experiencing before he fixed me was still present, etc. He took time with me and even made my next appointment for me. I am so happy with him that he is now my dentist and I’ve scheduled a cleaning for next month. I’m not used to dentists NOT being arrogant/full of themselves, but Dr. Miyazawa isn’t. He’s amazing and I want to make sure I let everyone know that!

Katalina T. from Kaneohe, HI (Source: Yelp)


I found Dr. Jeff’s office at the right time and they’ve helped me get back on transforming my smile to where I want it to be! They’re office is so beautiful, super clean and the staff is just phenomenal! I am grateful to have found Dr. Jeff he’s kind and super informative and always tries to help you to get the most out of everything he offers! I love my smile can can’t wait to see the end product! If you are looking for a new dentist please give Dr. Jeff a shot you won’t be disappointed! His front office staff is Wonderful too and most dentist offices I’ve been to that’s not the case! But hope this helps you time your dream team dentist office!

Natalie W. from HI, HI (Source: Yelp)


Let’s just start by saying that I have major anxiety when it comes to dental procedures.  I get all nauseous and basically have to spit constantly.  Sometimes I even gag.  Ugh.  But through it all, Dr. Miyazawa and his staff are able to handle my issues with patience, kindness and compassion.  I cannot say enough how grateful I am to have finally found a highly-skilled professional who is also extremely kind and understanding of his patient’s needs.  To top it all off, his COVID procedures are top-notch with sanitation and temperature checks.  I feel so safe and secure in his care.

Christina G. from Honolulu, HI (Source: Yelp)


I visited Dr. Miyazawa recently for an “emergency” case because I somehow managed to chip not one but TWO of my front teeth. I was desperate to find a dentist during the COVID crisis and was beyond thrilled to know that the office would take me the same day! From the front desk, and the dental assistant, to the Dr. himself, this was one of the most impressionable appointments I’ve ever had. I was very candid about my insurance situation given the COVID impact and the office was able to work with me to find a resolution. I thought I would just go in for a consult, but walked out with a smile on my face and new non chipped teeth. Such a kind Dr. and staff, and I will be sure to come back to this office !

Patricia Nicely (Source: Google)


I am so happy to have found Dr. Jeff as our dentist. He always makes my visits pleasant since I told him that I am terrified of dentists! He is always willing to listen to my questions and concerns. Becoming a dentist truly was his calling when he chose this profession. Thanks Dr. Jeff! His staff is also very friendly and always there to answer any questions or concerns I may have.

Corey Kozuma (Source: Google)


My experience with Dr. Miyazawa’s office was exceptional. The staff at the front are friendly warm and welcoming. The staff in the back help to keep me relaxed and get me prepped for the doctor. Dr Miyazawa himself is genuine and answered any questions I had. He was very thorough and I left feeling much better and I would recommend him to anyone I know.

AandT H. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had a previous inlay come out while flossing. Roxane was able to get me in the same day to repair it. Excellent staff, thorough Covid precautions. Dr. Miyazawa was friendly and gentle and worked fast without being hurried. Office was nice. I like the online forms process and check-in.  Will definitely be back as needed.

Lena A. from Honolulu, HI (Source: Yelp)


I suffered a trauma to my mouth when I was 16 which resulted in me losing my front tooth, chipping the other front, and the one next to it. I’ve had veneers on three of my front teeth. Fifteen years later one of my front teeth became inflamed and he squeezed me in without even knowing me. I was miserable but he calmed me. He flushed the tooth out, then I had to come back for a root canal. He and his staff helped to make unpleasant dental experiences as comfortable as it could be. Laura and Roxanne have gone above and beyond to get me in when they can hear pain in my voice. Dr. Miyazawa helped me redo my veneers after a teeth whitening and they’ve never looked better.

Keola Lemau (Source: Google)


Dr. Miyazawa and his staff are great! Appreciate how they are very accommodating, are able to see me right away when there is a dental concern, and are a great group of people who care about my well being and do great work. Would definitely recommend seeing Dr. Miyazawa. I drive from Kunia to Kaneohe just to see him.

Jamie C. from Waianae, HI (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been a patient of Dr. Miyazawa’s for over 10 years. No matter what the visit is for I always receive 100% the best professional care. Dr. and his staff are so warm and welcoming the moment you step into the office. They have a way of truly making you feel like you’re family. Plans and procedures are discussed with you before hand, so there’s no surprises. Everything is explained clearly. Appointments are easy to get, if not same day, some time that week. This is so convenient with a crazy schedule. You can expect to feel pampered! They do hand waxing for softer hands while getting your dental work done and a heavenly mini facial massage with a warm steamy cloth. Up to date technology for instant X-rays and care. Clean front and back office. I highly recommend Dr. Miyazawa if you’re looking for a professional cosmetic dentist.

Barbra P. from Honolulu, HI (Source: Yelp)


After years of feeling skeptical about my dentist’s recommendations (often non-essential items), I decided to get a second opinion. As a result I switched to Jeffrey Miyazawa’s practice. It was gum deep cleaning that my previous dentist had recommended. Dr. Miyazawa did a thorough check and determined this is not where I am at. In addition to appreciating his no-nonsense approach, I also appreciate the entire staff’s bedside manner. I have a very pronounced fear of the dentist, but Dr. Miyazawa and his staff clearly know how to work through visits with folks like me. I had bad dreams the night before my first visit, but none of them came true. My husband has now switched over to Dr. Miyazawa’s practice as well. Quite happy!