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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:30 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 7:30 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 7:30 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm

Friday: (By Appointment only)

Saturday: Closed

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Juv F. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


When I first came to Dr. Kaplan, I had TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) disorder, horrible under bite and spaces where I had lost three premolars. The TMJ had been somewhat treated but left me unable to hardly open my mouth and with an under bite that, well, it looked like the bite of a bulldog which really upset and feel embarrassed about my appearance. Dr. Kaplan installed the Damon System Braces and within a few weeks the under bite was corrected. As time went by, my jaw gradually began to gain its full range of motion. It was really amazing and boosted my confidence. The braces were changing my life. With those two issues out of the way Dr. Kaplan began to focus on the three spaces where I had lost premolars. He decided to allow my wisdom teeth to come and began to pull both the molar and wisdom teeth forward to close in the gap left by the missing teeth. He had to install TADs to help close the big space which gave us a more cost effective option than getting implants. Even my general practice dentist was amazed on what the amount of space the braces was closing. Regarding the adjustments they do, I’d say the pain was minimal. It would probably last 2-3 days, but I, myself hardly notice any pain. I like their Damon System Braces because my mother-in-law even complimented on my progress over her son’s traditional braces which he had been wearing for years already and still was not near completion. It is almost three years now and I think the braces will be removed pretty soon, I’m so excited to see the final result! 😀 They have a great customer service, even my husband said that he like it that he can just visit the office and talk to Dr. Kaplan about my treatment. I also like the easy scheduling and on how they update/remind you of your upcoming visits by voicemail, email, or check your patient login at their website: jkaplanortho.com. The staff are very nice, friendly and their office has a happy atmosphere. Dr. Kaplan and his staff make sure you feel comfortable. THANK YOU Dr. Kaplan and Staff! I’m so happy to be a patient here. I feel lucky finding a good Orthodontist like you Dr. Kaplan- calm, friendly, trustworthy, and happy… you change my life! 😀 I’ve been recommending Dr. Kaplan to people who I met and asked about my braces, and will always recommend him in future! Awesome job guys and keep it up!

Andrea Aragon (Source: Google)


I loved the experience I got here. Everyone is very friendly. They manage appointments through their app which is highly convenient. They text you to remind you of appointments. I started with invisaline and decided it wasn’t for me since I have no will power at all to keep them on. So I decided to go for traditional metal braces. They understood completely and changed my plan accordingly no problems. I couldn’t of had a better experience. They have affordable plans that for most can be paid monthly. I got my braces off today and I love my new smile. And no I wasn’t paid to make this comment. Its my honest opinion.

Kim W. from Stone Mountain, GA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Kaplan and his team are Fantastic!!! I highly recommend Kaplan Orthodontics. Office visits are such a pleasure, from the time you wak through the front door until the time you leave. I recently under went the Invisilign experience, a process that could have easily took two years or more, Dr. Kaplan an his team had me finish this process in less than 1 year using acceledent. Acceledent is a device that uses simple vibrations to move teeth closer together each day. I am so excited to have worked with Dr. Kaplan and his team to improve my smile, he is extremely proactive in his approach to denistry.

Michael Cohen (Source: Google)


There’s a lot for me to say. First of all, Dr. Kaplan and staff are extremely professional and polite. The office uses what I perceive to be the the latest technology for everything from the way they scan your teeth to the digital tooth transformation imagery to their communication platform for scheduling and answering patient questions. Whenever I had a question or concern, I always received practically immediate response (shockingly quick). This is not the typical experience a patient has with other doctors. The field, in general, is known for delayed/difficult communication. Regarding my Invisalign treatment in particular, I am very pleased. I had wanted it for years but was nervous about wearing Invisalign at work, for I’m someone who’s customer facing in my position. My only regret is not doing this sooner, for Invisalign was really a non-issue professionally. Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with my experience

Ellen E. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Kaplan is a superstar in the world of orthodontists. My daughter and husband both went to him for treatment (daughter – 2 phases of regular braces and hubby – Invisalign) and both have incredible smiles now. We loved how personable and professional Dr. Kaplan is. He puts every patient at ease, makes them smile (beautifully!), and is very communicative with his patients. I agree with another reviewer that Dr. Kaplan is a perfectionist and makes sure he gives his patients the results that they want. He also gives you 100% of his attention when he is working with you. All of the staff at his office are very friendly, caring, and easy to work with. We loved the the office is so modern and fun. The kids actually look forward to their appointments! Thank you Dr. Kaplan – we will be back as soon as our younger daughter is ready for braces!

Stacey S. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


This has truly been my best experience at any doctor’s office in my lifetime….from start to finish. Just completed my second child’s braces. Older did Invisalign, younger traditional railroad tack braces. Both have beautiful teeth that are complimented by strangers and the whole experience with the practice was phenomenal. EVERY staff member is smart, knowledgeable, delightful, warm, competent…they run on time, they are flexible, they were true to the timeline of the treatment plan…not one single complaint. They work to make sure that you end up feeling great about the cost/investment in braces. I can’t say enough nice things about this practice and experience. Considering going back for my own Invisalign!

Ginger Ashton (Source: Google)


If I could give 10 stars I would. If you are looking for an orthodontist, I couldn’t recommend anyone more. I have always been self conscience about my teeth but opted not to wear braces when I was younger when I was told I would have to wear head gear for 3 years. I decided to see if I was a candidate for Invisalign and Dr. Kaplan was recommended to me. He explained all of the treatment options to me and what the expected results could be. I decided to go the full route and not only correct appearance but my bite. I officially finished my treatment today and after about 21 months I could not be happier with my result.

Madeliene Doetsch (Source: Google)


I had my canines pulled when I was 12, and the adult teeth never came in on their own. I wasn’t able to seek orthodontic help until my mid-twenties, and had consultations with 4 different orthodontists who all told me that as an adult I would not be able to save the impacted teeth, they would need to be pulled and replaced with implants. Dr. Kaplan was my 5th consultation, and he was the only person who said we could save my permanent teeth. We sat down together and he laid out the treatment plan in a very easy-to-understand manner, and his office helped set up financing that would spread over the time of the treatment. Towards the middle of the treatment, my canines decided to be stubborn and stop moving. Dr. Kaplan then scheduled me for more frequent appointments so that we could measure the progress more carefully, and tighten the teeth more frequently to encourage movement. I am very happy to say that a month earlier than scheduled I was able to have my braces removed and my teeth are beautiful! Dr. Kaplan has a great team, they talked me through every procedure, always made me feel confident in the process, and never rushed me through an appointment. I am so happy I decided to trust Dr. Kaplan with my smile!

Kim J. from Buckhead, Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


If there is the option to put 10 stars down I would for Dr. Kaplan and his staff. I am so impressed with how friendly, organized and professional this orthodontics office is. From the moment you walk in you are greeted with a smile and the kids need to sign in the and brush their teeth before they are called back. The waiting room has everything a parent needs i.e. coffee waters great magazines. The children have a wall full of iPads to play on while they’re waiting. The checkout process is been left. Both of my daughters have been to Dr. Kaplan’s office and their teeth look fantasticand I have no problem getting a day and time that works for me. I did ck other dentist. The check-out process is seamless and I have no problem getting amy next appt at a day and time that works for me. I recommend Dr. Kaplan’s office to my friends who are looking for a great orthodontist for their children. I feel lucky to have Dr. Kaplan’s office around the corner from my home.

Lou C. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


Braces don’t get better than this. I’ve been seeing Dr. Kaplan and his team for just under a year and a half now. They are absolutely phenomenal. The office is full of intelligent, interesting, and happy people. Don’t bother going anywhere else, even for a quote. You’ll only be wasting valuable time. Dr. K could be fixing up your smile right this second!! Hop to it. As far as the nitty gritty details – the office is beautifully designed, if you ever have any issues they will find a way to fit you in post haste, and I always seem to score exactly the appointment times that work within the confines of my busy schedule. As an adult with braces, I can only speak to my experience and not that of children – but I do see happy kids there every visit! (And if you’re an adult considering braces, but are on the fence, DO IT! You’ll look cute. Swear.) It’s worth mentioning that I had an issue with my gums for which I had to see a specialist, and Dr. K and team assisted me throughout the entire process. No matter what goes down, he is involved and he stays involved to make sure you are well taken care of. I’ve never seen any doctor go so above and beyond what one could reasonably expect. A final point: they care, they really, really care, about the quality of your smile. They won’t cut corners. If you mean serious business about your teeth, this is the only place in Atlanta you need to be. Make it happen

Rebecca A. (Source: Google)


Writing on behalf of my husband’s experience. He had braces as a teenager in the 80’s, but as he grew his jaw became quite misaligned. He was told by dentists and oral surgeons that in order to fix his bite which was grossly incorrect (couldn’t eat an apple or barely bite a slice of pizza) that he would need to have surgery to break and rewire his jaw. However, in his late 40’s, after our sons had orthodontics with Dr. Kaplan, he decided to have a consultation. Well, a couple of years later, Dr. Kaplan’s wizardry and experience and expertise worked to successfully align his jaw. His bite has been correctly without surgery in a way that we never thought possible. What was once a nice smile is brighter and healthier thanks to Dr. Kaplan’s problem solving and vision! Highly recommend.

Carly U. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


2/17/2017 Update: After 3 years of having my braces off I bit into the wrong thing and popped my bottom retainer off. I called Dr. Kaplan’s office and got an appointment right away. I went in for my appointment and it was like I had never stopped going. There were still so many familiar faces! Dr. Kaplan got me all fixed up and in and out of there so quickly. He also 100% remembered me from 3 years prior and asked about school, work and picked up right where we had left off. I fully recommended this office 3 years ago and today I fully stand by that. Hands down the BEST orthodontist you could go to!

Mary G. from Dunwoody, GA (Source: Yelp)


If you’re looking for a great orthodontist, in a great location, with a great staff, look no further. Jason Kaplan and his staff are impressive indeed. The office is clean and efficient (but not opulent, which I personally dislike in healthcare providers), the staff is professional and warm (and with very little turnover – there’s a good yardstick, folks), and Dr. Kaplan himself is accessible and fully explains everything. When our insurance changed just prior to our second child needing a full set of braces we were disappointed that we had to go elsewhere (though, with the office’s help, that too worked out fine). Dr. Kaplan is also a good neighbor and an amazing community steward. We recommend Kaplan Orthodontics w/o hesitation.

Julie B. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


I never write reviews but, since getting my braces off, I kept thinking that Dr. Kaplan and his team really deserved one. I am 25 and came to visit Dr. Kaplan’s office to see about correcting my smile. I had Invisalighn in high school and lost my retainers in college four years after. Since then my teeth had shifted so I wanted to see about correcting the issue. Dr. Kaplan and his team were very helpful and accommodating. They gave me a free consultation and ran me through all of my options. A big factor of this rating is from never having to wait for my scheduled appointments! As a working professional that had to schedule appointments in the morning before work, I was so grateful for this. Even when I broke a bracket and had to come in last minute, they accommodated me. Then I found out I was moving states and would need to have my braces off 3 weeks earlier then anticipated. Dr. Kaplan and his team changed all of my scheduled appointments to accommodate a new date. They did everything right plus some! The entire staff there is friendly and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone.

Keith Warrick (Source: Facebook)


I didn’t know that a wonderful orthodontic experience could exist for a baby boomer who needed to fix a crossbite so when I retired I could still have all my natural teeth could be as great as it was until I selected Kaplan Orthodontics as my provider. From my initial consultation where I was running late due to traffic and his office staff called me to see what was up to all of my visits – the office staff was always positive, pleasant and friendly to his assistants who always took great care from answering my questions and tending to me until Dr. Kaplan saw me who was always attentive and thorough in monitoring my progress in correcting my orthodontic issues. It was always a joy to go in for my appointments. His practice is very hi-tech from doing my paperwork on an iPad to checking in for my appointment, I certainly appreciated that from working in technology myself. I love all the swag you get as a patient, too! Whoever thinks they’ll get swag when they decide to get Invisalign? My treatment was completed on the schedule based on his estimate. I am very pleased with my results and am always smiling now!

Ashton E. from San Pablo, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been a patient of Dr. Kaplan for almost three years. When I first considered getting braces I saw many orthodontics and out of 5, all located in the Sandy Springs, Dunwoody area, Dr. Kaplan and his staff were the most professional, courteous, and respectful. His specialized plans are great for anyone who is considering orthodontic treatment. He also offers several financing options so that the dream of owning a perfect smile is never out of anyone’s reach. He even treats children from ages 7 and up. I have had nothing but great things to say about this establishment and have even referred three of my coworkers to his location. We all enjoy our treatments at Kaplan orthodontics and I am sure if you go in for a consultation; you will be a very satisfied patient and friend of Kaplan Orthodontics. Thanks Dr. Kaplan Ashton E.

Charsin135 (Source: Google)


I’ve been going to see Dr. Kaplan and his team since I was 14yrs old and in middle school. I had braces for two years and the process was quick and easy (as long as you follow his instructions!) I’m 22 yrs old now and Dr. Kaplan is still my favorite. I recently went into his office 8years later needed a new retainer. I had stopped wearing my old one because it was gross and I was ready for an update. At first I wanted a permanent/“bonded” retainer. Dr. Kaplan and his team were happy to give me one. One of the bonds on the back of the teeth ended up popping off and my teeth shifted even more. Then we switched to having my teeth realigned. 4 weeks of wearing progressing aligners and now I have an updated permanent retainer and an extra just in case 😉 Dr. Kaplan and his team never make you feel bad for your mistakes or accidents (because they do happen) and they always are friendly and accommodating. This office even offers discounts for payments in full! I love this office so much I wish they were my regular dentist too (I even begged them to do my regular dental work haha). The point in having braces and seeing an orthodontist is to not have to see them again and the Kaplan office does such a good job I probably won’t see them again. I’ll always remember how awesome they were and how special and taken care of they made me feel. 

Lauren Ruiz (Source: Google)


Super quality and personal service! Kaplan Orthodontics lived up to my expectations, and then some. The personal care is stellar. Dr. Kaplan is transparent, informative and spot on. He explained where I was in the process, and answered my questions throughout. The process is SO easy. Perfect for a looking to correct or refresh a smile, seamlessly. I had Invisalign treatment. I was done in 14 months. Being I’m a clencher. I asked for a customized retainer. It’s a hard fit. That’s where Kaci and Kristen come in. My retainer had to be thicker, being i’d blow through a lighter, more traditional retainer. It took a minute but the ladies took the extra time, a lot of time and fit correctly and comfortably. They were great! They’re amazing! I really enjoyed the personalized service. Giselle was fantastic, she always remembered where we left off and my name, even if she was not assigned to me. I’d go back to Dr. Kaplan again. And again. Thx Doc!

Jason K. from Tucker, GA (Source: Yelp)


2 years with braces will end this year. Though I will not miss the braces, I will miss my new friends at Kaplan Orthodontics. When I finally agreed to braces, my friend and my dentist both recommended Dr. Kaplan. I still got 3 estimates from different orthodontists and found he was the highest quality for a reasonable price. Each visit he explains what is the next step in the treatment, answers questions, remembers topics from previous visits, and is available for more detailed treatment questions after hours. Kaplan Orthodontics is a great team where everyone works together to make sure braces, appointment scheduling, and finances are easy-breezy. I believe Kaplan Orthodontics is a must have on your list of choices for braces. I expect you will see, as I did, there is no other.

Krista W. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Kaplan and his staff are in a league of their own. From the state of the art facilities to the smiling faces every time we visit, Kaplan Orthodontics makes every visit as fun as visiting an Orthodontist could possibly be. We have been working with Kaplan Orthodontics since 2007 and from the initial consultation, I knew this would be where my daughter’s smile would be made beautiful. Dr. Kaplan never tried to sell us on services that were unnecessary to correcting my daughters alignment issues, in fact, he always provided us several different options and price points to consider. She had an expander first and later followed up with Invisalign leaving her with amazing results. We had an issue with her permanent retainer which Dr. Kaplan fixed immediately and without question. This is a practice that stands behind their work. I am also proud to be a client of a practice that takes giving back so seriously. From patient appreciation events to local sponsorships of different teams and organizations, Dr. Kaplan is a star within our community! I can not say enough good things about this practice and Dr. Kaplan. Anyone needing orthodontic care can rest assured you will receive the highest quality from Dr. Kaplan! Kudos to Kaplan Orthodontics! You are THE BEST!

Gail Altman Dryburgh (Source: Facebook)


We cannot say enough good things about Dr. Kaplan and the staff at Kaplan Orthodontics. My daughter was well taken care of from the very first appointment. The office environment is warm and the staff is so caring. They were there when we needed something and responded to my questions quickly and professionally. What really stands out to me is not only how nice the staff is to families and patients who go there, but It feels like everyone loves to work there! My daughter just finished treatment today and she has a gorgeous smile we all are proud of. Thank you Dr. Kaplan and your wonderful team!!

Julie O'Neil (Source: Google)


My daughter was in treatment with Kaplan Orthodontics for 18 months – she completed her treatment on time and has a perfect smile to show for it! The staff was extremely caring and helpful! They guided us through each step of the process and were very supportive! We could not have asked for a better experience! Dr. Kaplan also takes the time to make personal connections with his patients – it doesn’t hurt if you love Disney! Thank you Kaplan Orthodontics! She is so happy!!!!

S M. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


I am a 35 year old female getting my braces done at Kaplan Orthodontics. The staff is very friendly, efficient and just plain sweethearts. I was so embarrassed about getting my braces done at this age, but they made the whole experience so enjoyable. Between the jokes going back and forth between Dr. Kaplan and the staff, I never feel as if I am at an Orthodontist’s. Rather I feel as if I am among friends. I have gotten consultations from four other orthodontists in different areas and Dr. Kaplan’s prices are nowhere higher or lower. I have and will refer patients to him anytime and greatly recommend anyone out there who wants to get a great smile to see Dr. Kaplan.

Lindsay V. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


I was an adult patient of Dr Kaplan’s for approximately 2 1/2 years (two separate series of braces). I am very happy with my overall experience – from office visits and friendly staff, to the end result :). Dr Kaplan is very attentive to detail and a perfectionist about getting my teeth straight. He will err on the side of caution to make sure that he moves your teeth at a sustainable pace. My treatment was longer than initially estimated, and like other patients got impatient at times, but the extra time was worth it for as confident and happy as I am with my smile now!

Orin T. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


My first experience at this place was definitely 5 star. I arrived for my appointment and I was greeted by a friendly receptionist that already new my name. She then introduced me to the person I would be working with (Laura). Laura took me around the office and showed me all of the different things I needed to know and places to go. She was very friendly and did a great job of prepping me for how my appointment would go. She took some xrays of my teeth and showed them to Dr. Kaplan. Dr. Kaplan is also very friendly and inviting. He explained all of the things that he has planned to get me the beautiful smile that I’ve been dreaming of. I’ll admit that my natural color is BLOND so usually I have a little trouble understanding complicated procedures and situations. He explained it to me in a way that left me virtually questionless by the end of our session. So far so good! I havent gotten any of my work done yet but I will definitely update this post as time (and my smile) progresses

Gina W. from Lawrenceville, GA (Source: Yelp)


I came to Dr. Kaplan in April for Invisalign. One of the best decisions I have ever made! Dr. Kaplan and his staff are not only knowledgable, but they have always been consistently friendly and helpful. For instance, I needed to lower my monthly payment and the assistant I spoke with did it for me with no problems and was super accommodating and nice! Even when I said I could go back up in January, she gave me until February just in case. Iit is completely worth the drive from Gwinnett for him to be my orthodontist. I recommend him 100% and hope he expands his practice

Jason T. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


Kaplan Orthodontics is a great choice to make a change for the better. Their staff is extremely friendly; they’re always punctual to your appointment times, and whenever you need to make an early appointment–they’re always accommodating! The intake process is simple and you’ll be very well educated as to the different treatment options to choose from. Definitely consider the Acceledent as it can reduce your treatment time tremendously (My total treatment time was 24 months–as opposed to approximately 36) They also have a points-oriented rewards program which you can rack up quite a bit–makes it a great opportunity to get your youngins’ to look forward to their appointments rather than dreading them! Many different gift certificates are available to redeem your points for on their website. Thanks Dr. Kaplan for a terrific experience, and keep up the great work!

Jarifa Purna (Source: Google)


From my first consultation to getting my braces taken off today, I have been in awe of Dr. Kaplan and his crew’s level of service! They are so friendly here and on top of that they will make sure you know exactly what to expect from every procedure. The customer service consistently exhibited by this practice is phenomenal- you are always greeted with a smile and Dr. Kaplan always has a joke or two. This office doesn’t just fix your smile with orthodontics; they give you many reasons to smile with their top notch care. They also finance certain procedures!! I will be recommending Dr. Kaplan to everyone looking for orthodontic care. Thank you so much for your service, Dr. Kaplan and team!

Jazzmaray Fofana (Source: Google)


This is the best orthodontist in Atlanta by far. I have the best smile anyone could’ve asked for. I was in braces for 2 years but everyday was absolutely worth it the. the staff is astounding very sweet, polite and attentive. They make going to the Orthodontist fun. Dr.Kaplan is very dedicated and he will work round the clock to make you pleased and extremely happy with the progress in treatment. I would like to give a huge thank you to the staff and Dr.Kaplan. This is an all-star team they’re mission is truly to make you impressed by they’re outstanding service and to love your new beautiful smile. Thanks so much Jazz 10/10 ⭐️ would recommend

Jared B. from Savannah, GA (Source: Yelp)


Kaplan Orthodontics makes going to the dentist a very enjoyable experience. Everyone beginning with the front desk to leaving the office has a beautiful smile on their face and consistently provide excellent service. While undergoing my invisalign treatment I enjoyed my office visits. Near the end of my treatment I am consistently told by people that I have a great smile and I always thank Kaplan Orthodontics for doing such an amazing job. I would recommend all my friends to go to Dr. Kaplan for any orthodontic needs. You guys rock! 🙂

Robyn G. from Dunwoody, GA (Source: Yelp)


I visited Dr. Jason Kaplan’s office this morning for the first time under special circumstances. My niece and nephew are both patients, but we live abroad (and, in fact, we are moving from one country to another abroad). In the meantime, we wanted to keep our daughter’s treatment progressing. His staff is very friendly, professional and highly efficient. Although we are not going to be regular patients, Dr. Kaplan was extremely attentive and took the time to thoroughly review my daughter’s particulars and provide her treatment. In addition, he was kind towards my daughter as well as took the time to review her situation with me to provide me guidance for her new orthodontist. His assistant was very friendly to my daughter and even had her laughing and smiling while be treating (imagine that)! She also gave us feedback and noted that my daughter was doing an excellent job caring for her teeth — this comment, un-prompted by mom, will go a million miles towards keeping her focus on cleaning her teeth. If we were living in Atlanta, Dr. Kaplan would be my #1 choice for an orthodontist! It is a pleasure to have such a professional doctor’s office combined with such a great staff and nice environment

Sharri Wang Shpigler (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Kaplan provides a warm and welcoming environment. He is on-time 98% of the time and when he isn’t it is made clear how long the wait will be. The staff is professional and polite with patients and this reinforces that I made a great decision to bring my child to this practice. She now has the straightest teeth in town! Thanks to the whole team!!!

Amaris Frenchman (Source: Google)


My experience at Kaplan Orthodontics has been beyond incredible! I came to Dr. Kaplan with hopes of improving my smile and after treatment, I can completely say that I am absolutely grateful and happy with my new perfect smile! I went through a long duration of treatment, and if I could do it all over again, I would choose to visit this office in a heartbeat! I was always greeted with the best staff and received the most incredible care possible every visit. The kindness I always see and welcoming and inviting atmosphere in the office is only an added bonus! I could not be happier with my new smile! Before treatment, my smile was always a very big insecurity and when I saw my teeth for the first time after treatment, I was absolutely amazed at how perfect they looked! My teeth look wonderful and Dr. Kaplan and his staff will always go above and beyond any expectations to treat any and every patient with the best care and work to correct and detail every aspect of their smile until both they and the patient are happy. Every visit I had, I was completely comfortable and knew that I was at the best office to receive orthodontic care. Every concern I ever had was addressed and all of the assistants, staff, and Dr. Kaplan himself are the most incredible and talented group of people to treat your Orthodontic needs. If I could give this office infinitely many stars, I would. I know that they will only continue to create perfect smiles and happy patients! I highly recommend this practice to anyone at any age who is looking to perfect their smile! They will care for your every need and their attention to detail and a strive for optimal results is unbeatable. Thank you so much to Dr. Kaplan himself and to the entirety of the staff at Kaplan Orthodontics! I am so pleased and excited to have my incredible new smile! This office is a true gem and it has brought me so much happiness! I am a firm believer that people always remember how you make them feel, and this office has made me feel cared for as a patient and as a person. I am so thankful to have chosen Kaplan Orthodontics and I know that the office not only offers the best treatment and knowledge, but also offers the best service! If you are ever in need of anything related to your smile, Kaplan Orthodontics is the best and only place to be! I am never going to stop smiling thanks to them, and for that, I am eternally grateful!

Melissa M. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


This is how ALL medical practices should be run – a very well-organized office, excellent communication, and top level care. Highly principled caregiver. Before starting braces from our oldest daughter – she has a very complicated set of issues including jaw alignment and palate problems, not just crooked teeth – we asked for recommendations from friends. EVERYONE said “Kaplan”. We checked into one other place before starting at Kaplan, and trying to get the technical information about my daughter’s case was like…well, pulling teeth. At Kaplan Ortho, they will give you the information you need up front, as well as keep you updated all the way through. Our first round of braces finished up several months ahead of schedule, so in NO way do I believe that this practice would somehow try to drag out treatment for money reasons. We are now on round two and handling the tougher issues of the jaw, and again, the flow of information is great, and we can clearly see improvement in our daughter’s smile. Daughter #2 also is headed for braces and the initial evaluation and follow-ups every 6 months don’t cost a dime – so they are waiting for the time to be right for us to start. Aside from all of that, Kaplan Ortho is active in our community as school and sport team supporter, both in money AND his time. Dr. Kaplan himself has come personally to Girl Scout meetings to talk about healthy teeth, and brought fun visuals for the young girls. I cannot recommend this practice any more highly

Adina K. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Kaplan and his team are fantastic. I was an adult patient who needed a full set of braces for two years. I was nervous and self conscious about the entire process however Dr. Kaplan and his team made the process absolutely seamless. They were incredibly responsive and accesible, something many people don’t factor in when choosing an orthodontist. You spend many days in the office and the parking was easy and I never had to wait longer than five minutes for any appointment. My questions were answered in detail and I was always given additional appointments if needed. I would not hesitate to recommend Kaplan Orthodontics to anyone who is looking for a fantastic experience in Dunwoody or Atlanta. I will bring my children there when the time comes and I will refer my adult friends who are looking for advice on braces as well. My teeth have never looked better! Overall a fantastic experience. A+++