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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Karen S. from Stowe, VT (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Klein is a phenomenal orthodontist and an absolute pleasure to know!!! We could not be happier with the fabulous results she achieved for our teenage daughter’s smile.  She was always kind and supportive, explained every step of the braces process, and our daughter enjoyed seeing her every time!  When it comes to healthcare especially for your children, you only want the very best, and Dr. Klein is certainly that in terms of her skill, her kindness and her above and beyond attitude towards helping her patients!   Thank you, Dr. Klein!!!!

Sean J. Oppenheimer (Source: Google)


Dr. Klein is incredible. I have been disappointed before by orthodontists that don’t set clear expectations and don’t seem to know what they are doing. It was hard to find someone that I felt really knew what they were doing and could explain what they were doing in a way I could understand. Thankfully, I found Dr. Klein. She is the exactly the kind of orthodontist I was looking for. She is an absolute expert orthodontist, sets clear expectations for how treatment will go, and explains what she is doing in a way that I can understand. When I came to her, she said she gives treatment recommendations for her patients like they are family. Throughout my time as a patient, she treated me like family. If you are in the process of deciding where to invest in orthodontic treatment, I hope you consider choosing Dr. Klein. I am happy I did.

John S. from Jamaica Plain, MA (Source: Yelp)


For a number of years I was aware that my upper and lower front teeth were showing excessive wear, cracking, and shearing. None of my previous dentists suggested a cause or possible solution. On my very first visit Dr Klein explained that my condition was the result of a misaligned bite, and that the problem could be corrected through orthodontics. Having lived so long with this condition I was both surprised and excited. I am happy to say she has completely corrected my abnormal bite, and I am now able to begin restoration of the damaged teeth. Having gone through this process I can attest to Dr Klein’s clinical excellence. I am extremely satisfied with my outcome. I would also like to mention the quality of Dr Klein’s doctor-patient communication. She immediately puts patients at ease, encourages them to ask questions, discusses various options, and clearly explains procedures. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Klein to my family and friends, or to anyone requiring orthodontic care.

Brian F. from Chelmsford, United Kingdom (Source: Yelp)


As International patient with 13 years of orthodontic… experience, I recommend Dr. Klein 100%. She is flexible, patient, and understanding. She helped correct mistakes that were made by one of my previous orthodontist in no time, with tremendous care and consideration to my situation and had me fully prepared for Maxillofacial Surgery. Simply the best!

Rachel Field (Source: Google)


You truly could not find a better orthodontist than Dr. Klein. Not only is she brilliant at what she does, but she is one of the most compassionate people that I’ve met. She comes up with treatment plans that are truly tailored to the patient, both medically and in terms of what’s more feasible for their lifestyle. Plus, she shows up every day with the most warm and welcoming attitude — you’ll never know how much fun one can have at a medical appointment until you become Dr. Klein’s patient. Thank you so much for everything that you do!

Liza C. from Georgetown, MA (Source: Yelp)


Dr Klein is absolutely amazing!  I love my Invisilign results.  My teeth were so crowded and overlapping and now they look amazing.  My guess is most places take your impressions and do whatever Invisilign says.  She knows better she looks at what they recommend and using her expertise works with Invisilign to make adjustments.  When your done she’ll do as many refinements as you want until you love your results.  Please remember though you need to do the work too and wear your aligners.  You get out of it what you put into it.

Ashley S. from Newton Centre, MA (Source: Yelp)


I would highly recommend Dr. Klein. I have been a patient of hers for three years and have completed a successful Invisalign treatment. My case was not easy; I wanted to fix spacing and bite issues. My biggest concern was for the orthodontic treatment to be invisible while effective. After having braces as a child and not wearing my retainers in college, I needed to fix the spacing issues. Dr. Klein devised an invisalign plan that completely closed the unwanted spaces in my teeth and I am very happy with the results. Tip 1: Go to a reputable orthodontist – You get what you pay for. Tip 2: Wear your retainers! 🙂

Kathleen K. from Framingham, MA (Source: Yelp)


I really can’t say enough good things about Dr. Klein. I have been a patient of hers for over two years before and after my jaw surgery last summer and I couldn’t have asked for a better orthodontist. My surgery was extensive and required orthodontic work before to make sure my teeth were ready for surgery and after to make sure everything was perfectly aligned. Dr. Klein made a somewhat scary situation seem more manageable with her attention on detail, devotion, and reassurance. She was always available if I had questions and addressed any and all concerns I had. I feel lucky to have gone through this process with, in my opinion, the best orthodontist you could ask for!

Kira Dies (Source: Google)


Dr Klein is an extraordinary orthodontist- reliable, honest and with great bedside manner. She has treated our daughter for palate expansion and braces. She was great to work with, explaining our options and timeline. My daughter loves to go see Dr. Klein as well as she makes her feel comfortable and at ease in what can be anxiety producing. Highly recommend!!

Cudemus G. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Klein is an excellent orthodontist. My case was extremely complex and  Dr. Klein was very supportive, and thorough explaining the process. She took the time to explain every procedure she was doing. Dr Katherine is a professional and has a naturally lovely personality. I would recommend her to everyone. After almost 2y of a very challenging invisaling treatment i can assure you She is the best orthodontist I have ever had.

Stephanie P. from Needham, MA (Source: Yelp)


I have been a patient of Dr. Klein for just over two years. I just finished up my Invisalign treatment and I couldn’t be happier. Throughout the process Dr. Klein was diligent and thoughtful about how best to correct my teeth until they were perfect. I appreciated her candor and willingness to “start over” with a fresh set of trays halfway through so that she could really perfect my teeth once she saw how they were moving. She is also a genuinely nice person who always remembered to ask how my kids and husband are doing. (He’s also a patient – which I think speaks to how much we like her!) I highly recommend Dr. Klein, I’m going to miss seeing her every few months!

Allix Mountain (Source: Google)


Having already had braces as a kid, experiencing tmj pain for years, and bouncing from one oral pain specialist to another, I was extremely frustrated and nervous when it was recommend that along with jaw surgery, I have braces (again) as part of my newest treatment plan. Dr. Klein could not have been more supportive or done a better job easing that frustration and anxiety! She is one of the most kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and highly skilled doctors I have had the pleasure of working with. She truly goes the extra mile to thoroughly address all questions and concerns, and takes the time to explain the best treatment options specific to each individual patient in a clear, concise, and respectful manner. She set attainable goals and gave honest expectations on outcomes and timelines. She maintained constant contact with both myself and my surgeon every step of my treatment, despite the craziness of the pandemic and made sure that there was zero miscommunication. I cannot recommend her enough! She and her team are absolutely fantastic. They are 110% committed to making sure their patients have the best experience available. Once my surgeon gave the green light to remove my braces, Dr. Klein and her team went above and beyond for me! They were able fit me in to remove them faster than anticipated and gave me a beautiful smile just in time for wonderful wedding. I am so grateful and could not have asked for a better team!

Jeff B. from Boston, MA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Klein is incredibly talented and caring orthodontist.  I had an extremely complex case and she tackled it head on and was able to fix my bite, jaw and smile.  Not only is she incredible at what she does, she also is very caring and takes the time to listen and wants to make sure you are happy with everything, every step of the way.  You can tell she also spends alot of time behind the scenes tweaking things to make the teeth perfect.  I just finished up treatment with her and could not be happier. I would highly, highly recommend her to anyone looking for orthodontic work!

Emily E. from Cambridge, MA (Source: Yelp)


I don’t even know where to begin in writing this review. Dr. Klein is the most wonderful orthodontist one could hope for. I was born with two missing adult teeth, which I have needed braces, bridges, Invisalign and braces again to help create space for implants. Not only did she help improve my smile and make room for those implants, she treats her patients as human beings. She held my hand through days where my anxieties about my teeth and the cost of treatment were at a max, and I couldn’t ever thank her enough for that. She is professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. She sets her patients up for success, because she treats everyone as if they were friends or family. Her and her assistants are the most wonderful, caring people, and I would highly recommend her to anyone needing orthodontic work! She is the absolute best and has given me a beautiful smile to show off!

Naomi R. from Fort Lauderdale, FL (Source: Yelp)


The first day I walked into Dr. Klein’s office, she looked at me and said, “I can fix this”. And she did. As a 23 year old woman at the time, the last thing that I wanted was braces.  After 2 jaw surgeries and 2.5 years of braces, I could not be happier with the results. Dr. Klein worked in conjunction with my maxiofacial surgeon Dr. Peacock, also at Mass General. She made each visit enjoyable and her staff is beyond wonderful. Not only did I have the support of Dr. Klein, but over 2.5 years, I formed relationships with her staff members and they were well invested in my journey. Dr. Klein is honest with her timelines and knows that it is a long process, but it is important to trust her and the process of orthodontics. And I did. It was the best decision I have ever made and after seeing several orthodontists in and around the Boston area, Dr. Klein was by far the most comforting and confident. I never have felt like a patient walking into her office and again, her and her staff were very interested in the journey as well as the results. Dr. Klein takes pride in her patients and her work. I could not be happier with my results and with going forward with Dr. Klein in my journey. She truly changed my life.

Jaymie Moyers Nunnery (Source: Facebook)


The staff at Klein Orthodontics is amazing! They have incredibly modern equipment to make checking in an ease. The waiting room is welcoming and even my younger son feels completely calm seeing the orthodontist.

Dan A. from Dedham, MA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Klein was nothing short of an extraordinary experience. Before being referred to her, I had already gone through 4-5 years of braces and jaw surgery with another orthodontist and surgeon respectively. It was a long and painful time, and the surgery turned out to be unsuccessful. Going at this for a second time, I decided to go to MGH for both departments. I wasn’t exactly excited, but meeting with Dr. Klein for the first time I could tell she was going to take care of me. My biggest appreciation of her many skills is her patience and attention to detail. She understood everything I had gone through with the previous treatment, and she was determined to make sure I didn’t leave her care unless I was 100% happy with the results. She didn’t waste any time getting to work prior to surgery, worked very closely with my surgeon for the 1-2 years of my treatment, and spent as much time as needed afterwards on minor details and alignment with my teeth. In the months prior to taking off my braces, she had seen me a few times for some tweaks and adjustments, and continuously asked me if I had any concerns. On the day I was scheduled to remove my braces, before doing anything she asked, “Are you happy?”. I gave her a nod and a smile. In no regards did she try and rush me out of the chair, and she worked with my awful work schedule to see me. In a few cases, she even worked me in early mornings before the practice really opened and even during her lunch break. She is extremely kind and considerate of her patients, and treats everyone like family. Surgery this time around seems to have been successful. I now have my braces off and I can’t stop smiling. Surgery might have been the biggest obstacle in my case, but I give most of the credit to Dr. Klein and her staff. I highly recommend her and her practice to anyone looking for orthodontic treatment. You won’t find a more talented, successful, and respected orthodontist in MA, and just flat out a genuinely nice and caring person to work with!

Jimmy Wu (Source: Google)


I had orthodontic treatment with Dr. Klein and was very satisfied with my experience. She is highly skilled and knowledgeable, incredibly kind and supportive to her patients, and has impeccable bedside manners. She is also an exceptional communicator, describing exactly what she is going to do each step of the way and what to expect. I highly recommend her for your orthodontic treatment needs.

Rooz Keon (Source: Google)


I’m a general dentist and I bring my son to see Dr. Katherine Klein. There’s no other orthodontist I’d trust because she so knowledgeable, trustworthy, and kind. She really knows how to connect with her patients and work with the parents as well. In addition to her clinical excellence, she is very passionate about research and keeps up with latest orthodontic developments. She’s awesome and has helped my son not only improve his smile but also his growth and development. Thank you!

Peter J. from Charlestown, Boston, MA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Klein was the savior for our middle school aged son who had gone through over 2 years of braces with a neighborhood orthodontist, and who had reached the point of suggesting we pull 4 of his teeth. After a consult with Dr. Klein, she felt that was an unnecessarily aggressive and irreversible treatment. Dr. Klein removed his old braces, installed a new set and he began treatment under her watchful eye and great bedside manner. Less than 2 years later, our son just had his braces removed after a successful course of treatment with no surgery or removal of teeth. We are so grateful for her experience and thoughtfulness in being successful via a less invasive approach for a case that was on the more complicated side. We just wish we had started with her in the first place! Thanks Dr. Klein!

Regina M. from Mattapoisett, MA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Klein is excellent! She has a great bedside manner, she explained everything to me, we set up a payment plan, and she has a bright and cheery personality.  She recommended Invisaligns for my ortho plan, and I could not be more pleased with the results.  I had braces as a child, but  the teeth in my lower jaw went a bit hay wire as time progressed 50 years or so.  The dental folks at MGH are all excellent, but Dr. Klein is a joy to work with.  I highly recommend her. Thank you, Dr. Klein!

Julie T. from Andover, MA (Source: Yelp)


I have been thrilled with Dr. Katherine Klein since I first became her patient in late 2013.  My dentist recommended I see an orthodontist because my bite had changed and my bottom teeth were beginning to crowd.  Choosing to have orthodontic work as an adult could have been very stressful but Dr. Klein immediately made me feel at ease.  She has a great combination of being a highly skilled orthodontist who strives for perfection while being a genuinely compassionate person who really listens to her patients.  She was very thorough in her analysis and quickly provided a treatment plan of invisalign.  I have seen her every few months throughout my treatment and I am almost finished.  My teeth look great.  As predicted by Dr. Klein in the beginning, a few adjustments had to be made during the process and in each case, Dr. Klein made thoughtful and quick decisions.  I have been so pleased with Dr. Klein throughout the process and with my results.  I would highly recommend her to anyone in search of an orthodontist for both children and adults.

Valerie Buckley (Source: Google)


Dr. Klein is amazing with kids, teenagers and parents. My daughter has had a wonderful experience getting braces with Dr. Klein. She is friendly, patient and willing to answer any questions. She also helped us consider options that worked well for sports and school. Her results are amazing-working with Dr. Klein has exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t be happier with the care we have received and highly recommend her.

Jessica Kritzman (Source: Google)


Dr. Klein is wonderful! Her knowledge coupled with her bedside manner made our experience very pleasant. My 8 year old daughter had to start and get a palette expander. She was very nervous going into the situation not knowing what to expect. Dr.Klein’s demeanor calmed her quickly and she walked my daughter through every step of the process. She went above and beyond and made herself available when we had some issues after hours as well! Highly recommend her!

Johanna L. from Hamilton, MA (Source: Yelp)


I recently finished adult orthodontic treatment from Dr.Klein, and I am beyond impressed with the results. Before starting treatment with Dr.Klein, I visited three different orthodontists in the area, wanting their expertise and insight on how we could come up with a plan for treatment based on my needs and goals. None of the consults impressed me nor made me feel comfortable. It wasn’t until meeting the vibrant Dr.Klein, did I finally feel my voice was heard, my concerns addressed, and an efficient plan was laid out I was actually excited about. Aside from being professional, intelligent, and a meticulous mastermind, Dr. Klein’s compassion and love for her patients is evident. She is upfront and honest about expectations and timing. She’s an outstanding, attentive orthodontist who goes above and beyond to ensure her patients are comfortable and satisfied. You can tell Dr.Klein loves what she does. I wholeheartedly recommended Dr. Klein to anyone looking for a stunning smile from a talented, compassionate orthodontist.

Linda S. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr Kline is simply the BEST orthodontist! I saw a couple orthodontist before choosing one to get an idea about their treatment plans. Dr Kline was the most straight forward and encouraging in explaining the course we would follow together. I clearly understood what she was thinking. At the end of my initial visit she smiled and said – I can help you. And she did!!!! I’ve now got the biggest brightest smile I’ve ever had in my life – and it feels so good. Also my teeth are so much easier to clean, and I have full confidence that my smile and teeth will last – probably as long as I will. Dr Kline is exceptionally skilled, supportive and kind. She has the experience to know exactly what needs doing all steps along the way. I highly recommend Dr. Kline and all her wonderful assistants ! As a team they care for you and support you every step along the way to that wonderful heartfelt smile you will have!

Nelson W. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


INCREDIBLE! Dr. Klein is by far the best orthodontist in the Greater Boston Area, not only by her expert professionalism, but her down-to-earth personality. She really cares about you and she always know a right way to help you. Although Dr. Klein has a busy schedule treating various patients (you can tell she is pretty popular), she makes you feel home at all times. I had a tough time due to frequent travel schedules, but Dr. Klein walked me through it and she has been patient and responsible for every single visit. DEFINITELY AMAZING! Dr. Klein has many years of experience in this field and she can always quickly react to your case and adjust the plan accordingly to ensure you have a optimal result in the end.

Mike A. from Cambridge, MA (Source: Yelp)


I had a major oral surgery that required close collaboration between Dr. Klein and my surgical team for pre-and post-surgical orthodontia. Dr. Klein was the perfect orthodontist for the job–thanks to her careful planning with my surgeon, my teeth lined up perfectly after the procedure. Along with being a great clinician, she is also personable and warm. I’d highly recommend her to anyone else needing similar work.

Lily Brigham (Source: Google)


If you need braces or any orthodontist work come to Dr. Klein. I got my braces on 9/28/18 and just got them off today 4/2/21 and Dr Klein made my experience so wonderful. She really connects with her patients and is so sweet you like a person being treated not just a orthodontist problem (like an overbite). She always make sure you are comfortable and is very clear about what she will be doing. I remember when I got my braces and palate expander on she told me stories of when she had braces that helped a lot. Not to mention all of her assistants are wonderful and really make an effort to get to know you. Dr. Klein said I was a wonderful patient but I truly think she is the wonderful doctor.

Brooke Faulkner (Source: Google)


Dr. Katherine Klein helped me to straighten my teeth using Invisalign. The whole experience was straightforward, smooth, and the results exceeded my expectations. Thank you, thank you Dr. Klein! A year out, and strictly following Dr. Klein’s advice, my teeth are still perfectly aligned. Not only did Dr. Klein do a perfect job creating my molds and aligning my teeth she is also a lovely person to talk with and I always felt like she listened and took all the time I needed for each visit. I will now look no further for any orthodontic needs in my family.

Jane M. from Cambridge, MA (Source: Yelp)


The reason that I rate a 5-star is because Yelp does not have a 10-star. Dr. Klein is the best orthodontist. I have consulted with at least 5 orthodontists across the US and China since the year of 2012 when the time I heard about Invisalign. Since I had an impacted canines, I hesitated and decided not to start Invisalign treatment after talking to each of them. Dr. Klein was the first orthodontist who not only gave me a complete plan in terms of different treatments of my impacted tooth, but also referred me to the right dentist to ask for potential solutions. Her knowledge and professionalism made me feel very secure. My Invisalign procedure has taken for approximately one and half year: 18 trays + 18 refinement trays. Even though Invisalign propagates itself as a innovative magical technology, I feel a smooth procedure and successful result still largely rely on the orthodontists. I met Dr. Klein every 2-3 month to make sure the teeth move in the right direction. More accurately, Dr. Klein needed to think hard about how to let the teeth to follow the ClinCheck Animation before next visit, for example, how much space needs to be made between the teeth and which two teeth should leave more space so they can move by following the predicted track in the next few month. People’s teeth hardly to exactly follow the ClinCheck prediction, only well-trained and experienced orthodontists are able to make right decisions during the treatment. Dr. Klein is such an orthodontist. I am on the last tray of the refinement tray. I will start the retainer soon. The result is amazing.

Keren M. from Boston, MA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Klein is a world class orthodontist. From the first consult, through full metal braces and two jaw surgeries, to retainer “tune ups” Dr. Klein exhibited extraordinary skill, knowledge, and compassion. As someone with very high standards, I deeply appreciated her commitment to the best possible outcome. Dr. Klein earned my trust by thoroughly discussing treatment plans, carefully listening to my concerns, and supporting me through a long process. One can have great insurance coverage and go to a stellar hospital, but the clinician who literally holds our head in their hands plays the most important role. I actually looked forward to my appointments because Dr. Klein’s professionalism and bedside manner always made me feel like my health was her top priority. Plus, she is exceptionally easy to talk to and kind hearted. If Dr. Klein’s office was on the moon, I would travel there rather than go to anyone else. She is a perfect example of the best and the brightest.

Ashley Spofford (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Klein was very gentle. Crimson was at ease the entire time. She was so happy to get her braces on. He kept telling her how good she was doing. We are very please with how our first visit went. The dental assistant was very helpful as well. She took the time to explain everything to us. How to brush, how to floss, and about pain management. We want to say thank you so much for everything!

Melis Anahtar (Source: Google)


I very highly recommend Dr. Klein! Despite having braces as a kid, over time my bottom front teeth in particular became very crowded and I had an overbite. Dr. Klein was able to straighten them beautifully through two Invisalign courses. She’s super knowledgeable, very kind, and really dedicated to giving you the results you want. I always had total confidence in her, and after seeing the orthodontic maneuvers she used I don’t know how it could have been done through a dentist or mail order program.

Joslyn P. from Braintree, MA (Source: Yelp)


I found Dr. Klein through my regular dentist, when she came to give me a consult on my shifting teeth. I have always had a few crooked teeth but were more bothered once they started shifting and spacing out. My first impression of her was that she was very professional and personable. She gave me an overview of how she could help me and it was my decision to move forward or not. I made an appointment with her after consulting with my insurance coverage. We decided to move forward with putting braces on my teeth, which was slightly scary to me being an adult and just married. I opted for the clear braces, which were much better, but necessary for my bite. The whole process was “painless’ with Dr. Klein and her staff, everyone is always very friendly in the office. I only needed to have the braces on for a year and a half, it seemed like it flew by. She really knows what she is doing and always explained the process and next steps for each visit. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with her, and continue my follow up appointments. I would definitely recommend her to others. The only slight problem is her office hours as she is only there wednesdays and fridays typically, but I was able to work this into my schedule.