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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Lisa W. from Boise, ID (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Kelson did my braces and my daughters braces. I seriously love this place! I didn’t have orthodontia as a kid, so all of this is new to me. Every time I had questions he was great to answer them and patient with my endless curiosity. Today he told me I had a good question and no one had asked him that before…but then we laughed about it. Such a fun atmosphere and environment for literally every person to be comfortable here!

Tawni Beardall (Source: Google)


After of couple of consultations with other orthodontists we ended up choosing Kelson Orthodontics. It was very clear that this office is top of the line. They have next level care and my daughter has loved every single experience she has had there. That make it so much fun for kids. I cannot recommend Kelson Ortho enough!

Amy Waldram Rice (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Kelson and staff are awesome! We have had a great experience with 2 in braces and a 3rd that loves coming with us to the office so much that he is hoping he gets braces too! It’s a fun environment with no waiting, fun incentives for the kids and monthly themes and prizes in the office. I’ve seen Dr. Kelson support our community, schools and animal shelters and we always feel like we are the number one priority when we are there. Great people!

Natalie T. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I absolutely would recommend Dr. Kelson. When you walk into his office you know that you are going to have an experience unlike any other office! Their staff is friendly and helpful! Dr. Kelson is professional, kind and pays attention to each patient. He provides excellent service and fantastic results! I would absolutely recommend Dr. Kelson Orthodontics!

Yvonne Jason (Source: Google)


Dr. Kelson and his staff are wonderful. My daughter is part of the 7 up Club, which means she does not have braces and, instead, is being evaluated for preventative care. She is a shy kiddo and they make her feel comfortable. Dr. Kelson knows his audience and is able to effectively explain things to my daughter so she understands what she can do to help prevent moving teeth.

Linda Z. from Boise, ID (Source: Yelp)


Both of my teenagers had braces and Dr. Kelson and his office staff took such great care of them. I never minded going in for their appointments because the staff is so friendly and warm. Now I have braces and I get to experience the staff in the back as well. They are all so professional, yet they make me feel very comfortable at the same time. I would recommend this staff to anyone considering orthodontal care. Both of my boy’s teeth look fantastic, I can’t wait to see how mine turn out!!

Kelli K. from Meridian, ID (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Kelson and his amazing team have the best customer service in the industry! I know this firsthand, as I was about to go to a different local orthodontist thinking that was as good as it gets. A close friend suggested I get a second opinion with Dr. Kelson and boy am I so glad she did! It was night and day different! I’m so glad we didn’t pull the trigger on the other office – as we all know orthodontics is an investment and a lot of money spent to ensure we get what we pay for – and for our family Dr. Kelson and his amazing team have made all the difference and more! My kids love coming to their appointments! As do I! We are so thankful for this practice and how well they love their customers.

Nicole Underwood (Source: Google)


Dr. Kelson and his staff were friendly and helpful throughout the entire 2 and a half year process. My daughter enjoyed going to the orthodontist and that speaks for itself. I loved all the trivia, interactive games around the office and upbeat attitudes of the entire staff. Thank you for making this experience an enjoyable one! My other daughter and husband are now looking to get their teeth done by Dr. Kelson!

Katharine Rawlins (Source: Google)


We get wonderful comments about our “family smile” and we owe it all to Kelson Orthodontics. Exceptional care, competitive pricing, and a smile that reflects the joy of heart. Anyone can get straight teeth, anywhere, but Dr Kelson’s asthetic eye is everything in an individualized, final result. Thank you for taking my smile self-consciousness and turning it into something I am proud to show off! We all love our mile-wide smiles!

Courtney L. from Meridian, ID (Source: Yelp)


I had a vastly different experience than the negative report below. I watched gloves be changed frequently and definitely between patients as well as witness hand washing. I was impressed by the staff members and their attentiveness to patients–both on a personal and medical level. And with a kiddo in between treatment (she had an initial treatment phase and is now in guidance mode until her second round) and then utilizing orthodontic care myself, I’ve spent a lot of time in the last 2 years watching the workings of the office. My own treatment plan was exactly as predicted, and when I was ready for my braces to come off but leaving on vacation the next day, Dr. Kelson and his staff went above and beyond to make sure my retainers got turned around same day so I could leave town, enjoy a metal-free mouth, and not lose the structure we’d been working on for months. I cannot recommend Kelson Orthodontics highly enough, and I was not paid to write this review; but in fact, I will keep paying THEM to treat my family.

Ry A. from Meridian, ID (Source: Yelp)


I make sure to visit, and speak with, as many orthodontist clinics as I can before making a decision. I do this with many businesses in which I am going to be contracted to pay larger amounts of money for services rendered. This protects me from being duped into paying more than I should AND allows me to choose the right place mentally. I came here from out-of-state with braces and without dental insurance or anything. Paying 100% out of pocket. I needed my braces out and retainers put in. While other orthodontists wanted me to pay and arm and a leg and offered little to no payment options (besides paying in full) Dr. Kelson went on a limb and took me in knowing I couldn’t pay it all up front, trusting me to be true to my word and make correct and timely payments. He was even cheaper than most orthodontist clinics I visited! Now please note that this may not be the case he can give everyone, it was the case he fortunately gave me. And that shows character. If you want a solid orthodontist experience, with experienced individuals who seem to take pride in their job, this couldn’t be a better place. And yes, I waited months to make this unbiased review to give you the full story. And a little note about this clinic; it very aesthetically pleasing, the staff are extremely friendly, and I’m greeted with smiles and the care I deserve. Honestly couldn’t ask for a better orthodontist. Hope this helps your decision

Camilla Orosco (Source: Google)


I had a phenomenal experience at Kelson Orthodontics! Dr. Kelson and his staff were friendly, welcoming, and gentle. I went with the clear braces and loved them. I actually got a lot of compliments while they were still on! And now that they are off I could not be more thrilled with the results. I am so happy with my smile. Dr. Kelson was able to correct my teeth in a fairly short amount of time and went beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Kelson Orthodontics for anyone in the Treasure Valley. Five stars plus!!

Emily Stahmann (Source: Google)


I had braces with Dr. Paul Kelson as a teenager in the 90s. He did an amazing job! I actually get asked every time I see a new dentist or hygienist who did my braces because they are so impressed with the orthodontic work. Fast forward 20 + years… I now live in the greater Chicago area and my own son needs braces. He has teeth like mine! We had multiple orthodontists give their recommendations but they were conflicting and we weren’t super confident with any of them. I called Dr. Kelson’s office to see if by chance they might still have my chart. To my surprise Dr. Kelson returned my phone call. Of course it was Dr. Chris Kelson this time, but I was just as impressed with Dr. Chris Kelson as I had been with his father. He was willing to counsel with me and weigh in on the questions that were bothering me. I was very grateful he took the he time to answer all of my questions and review my options, knowing there was nothing in it for him. We wish we lived in the Boise area so we could use Dr. Kelson’s office for all our orthodontic needs!

Marnie Morales (Source: Google)


Dr. Kelson and his staff are the very best! Both of my daughters have beautiful teeth as a result of his work! Follow up is fabulous! No matter what our issue when we called he and his staff were willing to see the girls as soon as possible. The vibe of the office is always welcoming and positive! Always my first recommendation when people ask where to go!

Amanda Koslosky (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Kelson’s office is amazing. From the front desk and office all the way through the appointment is professional staff. We visited 3 other offices before choosing them and were by far treated the best at this office. At other offices we were told my son needed a bunch of unnecessary extra equipment that would cost us more more money. Dr. Kelson is getting my son the same results with less hardware, less money, and a more beautiful smile. They truly care about your children not the money. I would recommend them 100 more times!

Denys Adams McCall (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Kelson and his staff make going to the orthodontist fun! I’ve got a 10 year old that is not a fan of the dentist, so he was extra worried about the orthodontist. Dr. Kelson and his staff always explain what they will be doing step by step and are patient and kind while doing so. In addition to that, they welcome his conversation telling of movie theories and his latest video game accomplishments. They often chime right in!!! They also sent him a note in the mail asking how his gaming goals were going. They always have some fun office theme and game going on for their patients. In fact, this fall their theme was “Teachers Rock” and I was surprised to see the gang in my school staff lounge one morning setting up a lunch buffet for the staff at the elementary school where I work. I could really go on all day about the positive atmosphere and just how genuine everyone in the office is! Do yourself and your children a favor and give Dr. Kelson’s office a try!

John Knowles (Source: Facebook)


Caring, professional, thorough! My son was hit in the mouth by a baseball on the 4th of July. Dr. Kelson took the time to meet us at the office and made certain that everything was fine. We are truly grateful that he is our orthodontist. Dr. John Knowles

Sean Haire (Source: Google)


I lost my upper retainer on a camping trip. Checked prices online with those mail in impression services to get my retainer replaced. Worried that I’d end up just messing it up and wasting money (I’ve got too much invested), I decided to try out Dr.Kelson. They were able to see me next day! The staff was friendly, building was clean and beautiful, and Dr.Kelson presented himself in a friendly manner. He gave me advice that saved me a lot of money at the general dentist. In addition, the cost of the retainer was cheaper than the online, DIY mail in services! No brainer. To complicate matters even more. I found my original retainer in my son’s car seat the next day after the appointment. I told them that I no longer needed the retainer but expected to at least pay for a consultation and the impression. They refunded me completely. Didn’t expect that at all. All I can say is he has my business and very pleased.

Ashley Feehan (Source: Google)


Amazing orthodontist! We have two kids with braces and we are so grateful we brought our 10 year old in because we were able to get the process started for her! She’s had them on one year and now off till other teeth fall out and come in! They have made the process so simple and easy for our family! The staff has always treated the kids great and they are super kind! With the knowledge and experience of the doc it’s been a blessing to get the process started! Very accommodating also with payments and super understanding with blended families!

Kevin P. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


My wife and I have been very impressed with Kelson Orthodontics. They are always kind and courteous, professional and genuinely take an interest in our kids. I remember walking in with my daughter once and Dr Kelson calls me by name and says hi across the office. I think I had only met him once. I was very impressed. Would highly recommend!

Amanda K. from Boise, ID (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Kelson’s office is amazing. From the front desk and office all the way through the appointment is professional staff. We visited 3 other offices before choosing them and were by far treated the best at this office. At other offices we were told my son needed a bunch of unnecessary extra equipment that would cost us more more money. Dr. Kelson is getting my son the same results with less hardware, less money, and a more beautiful smile. They truly care about your children not the money. I would recommend them 100 more times!

Kevin Pfleger (Source: Facebook)


My wife and I have been very impressed with Kelson Orthodontics. Their staff are always courteous and professional and they genuinely take an interest in my children. I remember walking into one appointment with my daughter and dr. Kelson called me by name from across the office and said hi. I think I had only met him once before. I was very impressed. Would highly recommend!

Lindsey Sanchez (Source: Google)


I chose Dr. Kelsons office purely out of convenience because of their location and I am very happy that it did! Dr. Kelson and his staff are incredibly professional and go above and beyond to make sure his patients are well taken care of and accommodate their needs. I started my treatment with Invisalign for the first year and it went well but it wasn’t giving me the results that I wanted. The trays were not hard to get used to but it was a challenge keeping them in for at least 22 hours a day (I am a snacker). I expressed to Dr. Kelson that I was worried I wasn’t going to have the smile that I imagined and we was willing to go a different direction when it came to my treatment. I just had the standard braces put on and I am excited to see how the results will turn out! Dr. Kelson said that typically the braces can do more of the fine tuning I was looking for when it came to my teeth. I would definitely recommend Dr. Kelsons office because they are extremely flexible and want to make sure all of his patients get the results they are looking and hoping for!

Jenny Samson (Source: Google)


Dr. Kelson is fantastic! Another orthodontist recommended very aggressive treatment for my son at a young age, including drilling an appliance into the roof of his mouth. Dr. Kelson was able to fix the problem with minimal intervention. After only 9 months of braces, my son is now done with phase 1. Dr. Kelson is watching him for changes and has recommended alternatives and things we can do to keep him out of phase 2 braces longer. I’m very impressed at the way he puts his patients first!

Nicole' N. from Boise, ID (Source: Yelp)


Things I loved about Kelson Orthodontics!! Each time I walked through the front door I was met by friendly staff who knew my name and were interested in more than just the business of teeth, the atmosphere was fun and kept my kiddo(and myself) well entertained, and the decor had a nice contemporary feel, yet still appealed to kids with great colors and toys! There is almost no wait in the waiting room! The area where the transformation takes place is super fun, many opportunities to win prizes, a basketball hoop to shoot for more prizes, video games, and something bright orange at every station in honor of Dr. Kelson’s late father. Dr. Kelson is very down to earth, fun, always gentle with his oral care, and wears fun colored socks each day! Dr. Kelson listens!!! I can’t emphasis this enough…he does it so well, validates your concern and together helps come up with a plan where every concern is met and all are happy!!! This is the place to be…love everything about it!!! All this coming from a 35 year old mom-it’s never too late to get a healthy smile 🙂

Jeannette A. from Boise, ID (Source: Yelp)


I wanted to give a big Thank You to Dr. Kelson for making my dream come true and all the time and work he put in.  Ever since I was a little girl it was a dream of mine to have straight beautiful teeth.  I have very large teeth and was always insecure of my smile.  I was one to never wear lipstick since I felt it would accentuate my teeth, that was something I never wanted.  Now at age 40 almost 41 I can say I have the smile I have always wanted, thanks to Dr Kelson and his staff.  Going through braces was the best thing I did!  Not only has it helped boost my self-esteem but I love to show off my smile.  It’s never to late and your never to old to be on braces. Dr. Kelson has an amazing staff!  It was fun to go through this experience with them.  I am glad I won’t be saying goodbye to Dr. Kelson and his staff.  Since I have two boys that will also go through braces.  Thanks again so much for an amazing experience!!

Amanda N. from Eagle, ID (Source: Yelp)


Both my children see Dr. Kelson. We moved here mid orthodontic treatment from Texas and We have never been disappointed. We can’t say enough about the staff in this office. From the moment you walk in you’re greeted by the friendliest office staff.  The girls in the back are amazing. My son has special needs and Dr. Kelson and his team go above and beyond to meet his needs and make his visits comfortable. My son also has a complex mouth, Dr Kelson always takes the time to go over details, talk us through the next steps and never makes us feel rushed. My daughter was hesitant about getting braces but now she looks forward to her appointments. We can’t say enough about this team and what they do for our kids.

Stacy Attinger (Source: Google)


Dr. Kelson and his staff are amazing! My daughter, son, and I have all been treated by Dr. Kelson and not only have we had amazing results but he really cares about his patients. I came to Dr. Kelson very hesitant about having braces again and in my late 30s. My teeth over years had become out of line and completely messed up my once beautiful smile and as a result I had some issues with jaw pain. My smile has been restored and looks even better then it had before everything was shifted out of place. I no longer have the jaw pain I had before. I’m very happy with my new smile and have remained pain free since. I’m so thankful and happy to have an orthodontist like Dr. Kelson who truly understands and cares. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Kelson and his staff.

Lane Ranstrom (Source: Google)


Friendly and knowledgeable staff, no wait times anywhere. They are a well-oiled machine and it shows at every point of the process. They are busy, but I never felt like I was being rushed and could always talk to the Dr. directly. Dr. Kelson even took the time to laugh at my not-so-funny jokes. That’s a good man right there! I will be bringing the wife and kids back to Dr. Kelson for all of our family’s orthodontic needs.

Kirsten Brockner (Source: Google)


We have been going to Kelson Orthodontics since last year. I initially went to see his office based on a few price comparisons, since we do not have orthodontic insurance. I was really impressed at our first consult visit with Dr. Kelson. He was very outgoing and friendly. He took the time to get to know my kids before even discussing their teeth. I like his aesthetic approach to fixing teeth and doing braces at an earlier age. The staff has always been helpful and accommodating. The new office is beautiful, and I love their approach to community and giving back. My kids always feel comfortable going to appointments. They are always doing fun games/give-aways at the office. I have referred many friends and family to Dr. Kelson, and will continue to do so.

Shantell Carman (Source: Google)


I have known both Kelson Orthodontists on a personal level. I worked for Dr. Paul Kelson during my internship from assisting school and was immediately offered a job. This man had the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met. He took very good care of all of his employees, and patients. To hear so many negative things about him and his ability as an orthodontist are just astonishing. I can tell you the biggest memory I have of him and his practice and you can decide for yourself the rating…when I was completing my internship with his office (this is pretty much free work that you provide for experience) Dr. Paul Kelson gave all of his assistance a three hour paid lunch and $100 to go out shopping. I remember when I returned he asked me what I had bought…at this time in my life, money was very tight for myself as I was a single mom and wasn’t working a full time job because time didn’t allow me to. I had responded to him and told him that I took the $100.00 and applied it to my power bill and keeping my power on for my son was the best thing I could by for myself at that very time. Being the caring man that he was, he stopped treating the patient he was with, walked into the office mangers office, and had her write a check for all the intern hours I had worked in his office, had her pay off my utilities, and he immediately offered me full time employment. I couldn’t of ever thanked him enough for all he did for my family. The only way I could do so was by making sure that everyone knows how amazing he is with his practices of life. So in return, I have now referred a total of eight treated patients to his office. Dr. Paul Kelson did all of my orthodontic work for me and I get so many compliments on how amazing he has done. Dr. Chris Kelson has also been my complete savior, although in different ways. About three years ago my husband decided that he was going to finally have his ortho work completed, but because of the insurance we had at the time he was required to go to Wilmette Dental for his treatment. After a year of treatment he had pretty much made it no where except into debt with a huge ortho bill that wasn’t getting his treatment done. After listening to him complain for several months about the little amounts of progress he was making with them I had made the decision to take him to see Dr. Chris. Knowing that orthodontic treatment was very expensive, my husband was very resistant on starting with another office. But when we went in to talk to Chris his mind was completely changed. Dr. Chris had agreed to take over treatment and at a competitive rate, and promised to have him finished up in a year. I know that what he charged us was not covering all of the expenses of his treatment, but he was willing to do it because he could see how frustrated we were and although he wasn’t required to, he cleaned up a mess that another orthodontist had started. He has kept his word to my husband and although he is still in treatment, he will have his hardware off in just a few weeks. I really hope that each and every person that takes the time to read this review is touched by hearing is as much as I was by feeling it. I feel that it has been a blessing in my life to of ever had the opportunity to meet this family and be involved in their practices. If you just take the time to go in for the consultation, you will be blown away by the experience you have!

Robert Espinueva (Source: Facebook)


Dr Kelson and his entire staff are the BEST!!! We were educated on everything that needed to be done and as an adult, it was even easier to see the benefits of getting braces. I would recommend Kelson Orthodontists to anyone who is think about getting braces to go in and chat with the staff and see for yourself. You wont be disappointed.

Natalie Tingey (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Kelson is an amazing doctor! He is the perfect mix of professional, friendly, kind and fun. As soon as you walk into their office it feels welcoming and an office that you actually want to stay in. The staff is friendly and easy to work with. Dr. Kelson does excellent work! I definitely would recommend Kelson Orthodontics!

Jason Johnson (Source: Google)


We have 2 teenagers with beautiful smiles that receive complements all the time. Just wanted to leave a review, since it seems most are not familiar with Dr. Kelson. He’s been nothing but fun, professional, friendly and meticulous with the details. The old reviews must be before he took over his father’s practice. We recommend Dr. Kelson because he does an amazing job and is so humble! You’re gonna love him!

Celeste Thompson (Source: Facebook)


Exceptional !! Who knew an all inclusive experience at Dr. Kelson’s meant along with a unique beautiful smile created just for you { even for identical twins } that there would be such a thorough , F U N , cheerful , friendly & technology driven orthodontic treatment office experience to be had! Be prepared to feel genuinely welcomed & individually cared for every single visit .