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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: Closed

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

John K. from Macon, GA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Koch is by far the best dentist I’ve ever had – and I’ve had a few. Three different dentists and two orthodontists to be exact. Dr. Koch will be my dentist until he retires – he’s that good. The staff in Dr. Koch’s office is similarly amazing. Very friendly and always helpful. I’m currently in an Invisalign treatment and couldn’t be more pleased with the progress. Anyway I’ll keep this short and wrap it up by saying I highly recommend Dr. Koch for whatever dental needs you may have.

Brad M (Source: Google)


For many years now, I’ve contemplated having several of my teeth repaired/replaced that were broken when I was a child, but I’ve put it off much longer than I ever anticipated. I did a good bit of research ahead of time on my own and also asked several people I know who have great smiles, and several told me they had gone through Dr. Koch to do them. So that was all I needed to pull the trigger and set up my initial appointment. Looking back, I can’t believe I waited as long as I did. I’m so very pleased with my smile and wherever I go I have people make comments about how great it looks. If you’re looking for the best in town and probably one of the best in the Southeast U.S., I would highly recommend contacting Koch Aesthetic Dentistry and going in for a consultation. Their staff is incredibly professional but they also make you feel like a friend. I’ve switched my dental relationship to them for everything and look forward to years of having a healthy mouth and a great smile!

Dianne Boyd Laughlin (Source: Facebook)


After being told all my life the only hope to whiten my tetracyline stained teeth were out of my price range veneers, enter Dr. Koch and Kor Whitening. The results can only be described as life changing, I no longer feel the need to cover my mouth when I smile. I don’t see the instant pity in peoples eyes when they notice my teeth. People see me, not my stained teeth. If you suffer from tetracycline staining, please consider Kor. It is so worth it. Thank you, Dr. Koch and staff.

Liz Hickcox Weber (Source: Facebook)


I would highly recommend Dr. Koch and his staff. I have received the best care for the last 8 years. Recently I traveled to Italy and while there I realized that I had a dental problem. I was able to communicate with Dr. Koch and as soon as I got home they saw me immediately. I had my first root canal and Dr. Koch was amazing! He and his staff are so professional, kind and take Excellent care of their patients. This is truly the best dental care anyone could ever receive!

Michele Imig (Source: Google)


My experience at Koch Aesthetic Dentistry was exactly what I hoped it would be. From the relaxing atmosphere to the kind and knowledgeable staff – it made going to the dentist easy. Dr. Koch is patient and easy to talk to. Yvette, my dental hygienist was so sweet and taught me so much about the importance of gum and dental hygiene. Five star experience for sure!

Julia Lynch (Source: Facebook)


I have major anxiety issues. When I went to Dr. Koch, I had been through 3 or 4 dentists, but never let any of them touch me. I was always talked down to by dentists & their staff because of my anxiety attacks, & the only sedation dentists I could find either only did IV or wouldn’t do all of my procedures while I was sedated. & so I gave up for a few years. I decided to give it another shot last year, & found Dr. Koch. I had 2 cavities & a baby tooth that was still hanging in there after 20 years, & my goal was to be able to get braces. I called the office & the receptionist was so kind & helpful. She said to come in for a consultation, & I was able to sit down with Dr. Koch & one of the assistants & explain my fears. He sat there & walked me through every single process & what to expect. He built trust with me & him & his staff made me feel so comfortable, & they maintained the most upbeat, positive, & supportive attitudes even when I was feeling anxious. I took my small (& inexpensive) sedation pills, went in, had the procedures done, got taken home, & I slept it off. No anxiety, no pain, no memory of anything that happened. Everyone at Koch Aesthetic knows me by name & even where I work & my student life. Dr. Koch referred me to the orthodontist he used for his own kids, & I now have my braces. I reached my goal thanks to Dr. Koch. Can’t say enough good about him & his staff. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to be my dentist.

Erin Bicek (Source: Google)


My family and I call Dr. Koch, Dr. Rolls-Royce, because he is the best of the best! My first impression of Dr. Koch, was that he genuinely cares about people and to this day he has continued to care for me as a patient and a friend. I had to get two teeth implants and multiple veneers. It is always a little scary getting work done on your teeth, but Dr. Koch has a creative mind and is able to envision the end result before the work even begins! Every week I get compliments on how beautiful my teeth are and I owe that all to Dr. Koch and his amazing staff. I have truly been blessed by them and I love my smile!

Christine Nguyen (Source: Google)


Dr. Koch is the best dentist you can ever find! Him and his staff actually cares about what you want and how you are feeling. They take care of you and want to make sure everything you want is met and that you are satisfy all the way. The office is completely clean and atmosphere is indescrible. Dr. Koch and all of his staff were very gentle while doing my services and always made sure that I was comfortable at all times. Its been years since I have been to a dentist office but they never made me feel bad or judge how my mouth was. I am terrified of pain and I must say, the whole process of working on my teeth, I have never felt a thing. If you are scared of the dentist because of past expericense, you need to give Dr. Koch a visit. He will NOT disappoint you. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Elizabeth Hamn (Source: Google)


I was born with Hypodontia, the developmental absence of one or more teeth. In other words, one of my permanent teeth never came in. Consequently, I had a baby tooth until I was 20 years old. It was a major insecurity for me as it was a glaring imperfection right in the middle of my smile. I had seen several dentists in the Birmingham area that all gave me the same disappointing news– there just wasn’t enough space to fit an implant in the space between the roots of the teeth on either side of what was remaining of the root of my baby tooth. I don’t know all of the dental terminology, but basically everyone told me that not much could be done about my situation without me having to get braces again for another 2 or more years. I had already endured braces for 2 and a half years, so I was intent on finding another answer. I did extensive research online for other dentists in the Birmingham area who could potentially help me, and when I found Koch Aesthetic Dentistry on google and read all the positive reviews, I decided to schedule a consultation. It is now two years later, and I am so glad that I did! Dr. Koch was the first dentist to take on my tooth and explore all of my options with me. Equipped with all of the latest technology and techniques, Dr. Koch and his amazing team were able to give me the implant of my dreams! Finally, I am so happy with my smile! I am so thankful for Dr. Koch & his team, and I have taken the time to write this review in hopes that it will help someone out there looking for help just like I was when I came across Koch Aesthetic Dentistry!

Always Hisbg (Source: Google)


Kor Whitening. Dr. Koch. I cannot say enough good things about both of them. My teeth were horribly stained via tetracycline as a child. I had always been told, so sorry, veneers are your only choice. Well, veneers are well out of my price range, I’d rather travel. Enter Kor Whitening. While not cheap, it was worth every single penny. I was totally skeptical about the whole process. Sure, there were before/after pictures but were they real? And my teeth were horrible. Four weeks later, my teeth are white. Not perfect, but white. And I still have two weeks of treatments left, they will get whiter!! No way!! It is the most life changing, amazing thing I’ve ever experienced and I’ve lived a full life. Don’t hesitate, make the appointment. Life changing. Pinky promise.

Cheryl Hadden (Source: Google)


Sad to say, I hadn’t been to a dentist office in years due to abnormal fears. I searched online particularly for a dentist offering conscious sedation. Dr. Koch’s Dentistry did! I found his staff to be so down to earth, truly a precious group of ladies. Dr. Koch’s way of explaining every aspect of my procedure eased my anxiety. This is a dentist who truly cares about people and does exceptional work! P.S. I would definitely recommend conscious sedation to those with fears like I have. It was an awesome, pain free experience! Yup, going to the dentist can now be awesome!

Jay Tatum (Source: Google)


Dr. Koch & Staff, I wanted to shoot you all a quick email and thank you for taking good care of me yesterday. It was really great to be treated as a patient for the first time in over 10+ years of me working for Dr. Koch. From the time I emailed with Dr. Koch about the procedure, and especially when I called in yesterday to make the appointment and got to speak with Sarah and hear her personal testimony over the phone without her even ever haven met me! Her excitement about the procedure was infectious even over the phone. She worked me into the busy schedule yesterday and just told me to come on in. She really helped my decision process because I had put it off for weeks and wasn’t sure even when I called. If she had not done that I would have likely just put it off again. From the time I walked in the lobby door everybody called me by my name as I noticed they also did this with everyone else, which goes a long way with folks. Sarah again disarmed any anxiety I really had by just having nice conversation with me while I waited. My consult was superb with Dr. Koch and all the knowledge he was able to share with me was wonderful. I know he spent extra time with me and I didn’t feel rushed even though I knew he had other appointments stacked behind me and he also needed to check on his wife. So I realize I was basically a “work in” type appointment. By the time I was lead to the Opp room and actually set me in the chair for the procedure I was totally at ease. Let’s face it, who wants a bunch of needles stuck in their face?! The discomfort was so minor as I found myself relaxing to the spa music with no background noise and distractions, which was truly helpful for me!! It was so different than my last experience with a different practice. The difference was the people that cared and didn’t over-stack the appointments, make you wait 20 + minutes in the lobby with 10 other people reading those boring magazines. But the ultimate difference was I never felt like I was in a Doctor’s office like those other places that feel so “clinical” and uncomfortable. As I left Melissa greeted me out front just like I had been greeted when I came through the door. I could go on but I will keep it short. So thank you all for such a great experience and I will see you on my next appointment in a few weeks!

Pamela Sparks (Source: Google)


I’m so happy that I found a new dental home! After having the same dentist for close to 12 years, she moved and I began a search for a new dentist. I’d visited with a few dentists prior to finding Dr. Koch through a Google search. I have been 100% pleased since day one of being a patient of Dr. Koch! The staff is friendly, professional and very knowledgable about all of the procedures that they perform. They are careful to answer all of my questions. I love walking through the door and being greeted with a smile! I was initially apprehensive to give them a try because of the insurance filing procedure. After my first appointment, I was sold! Let’s talk about my white teeth! I decided to try their recommended whitening system and I could not be more pleased! It was so easy to use and delivered dramatic results in just 2 weeks! No sensitivity at all. Dr. Koch and his staff are amazing! When it comes to physicians, I want the best. This office represents excellence in every way! Dr. Koch is confident in his work and that brings me joy. I love authentic confidence. I’m happy with my new dental home:)

Ceola Mccurdy (Source: Google)


I hadn’t visited a dentist office in several years due to bad experience, insensitive staff and inpatient dentist. I found Koch Anesthetic Dentistry on line. Wrote the number down and held on to it for a couple of months. When I finally made that phone call it was the best call I could have made. Welcoming voice, engaging in conversation, starting out with asking me how I was doing that day. I expressed my concerns about the insensitively of dentist as well my fears. The Koch staff ease all that from that first call to the first appointment. Meeting Dr. Koch was a pleasure with his firm hand shake, which meant a lot to me. His explaining what I need to have done in detail. Then being patience allowing me to ask questions. I had to have several surgeries and he assures me my comfort level was as important to them as it was to me. It was the greatest I had experience. After each surgery Dr Koch would check on me by calling my home and speaking with my husband and later that night he would call and speak with me after some of the anesthesia had worn off. Finding out my pain level and how I was feeling. Dr Koch and his staff kept close tabs on me through each procedures I had to have done. If I had an issue they would get me in that day I never heard we can see you until next week or two week. They address my issues promptly. Even now when I go in to get cleanings Dr Koch comes in and check to see that things are going well. I have never had such confidence in a dentist and his staff. Dr. Koch and his staff are the greatest. I would recommend anyone who has to have any dental work done and wants to have a great outcome with a great experience call to Dr. Koch’s office. CM

Cody Candler (Source: Google)


Dr. Koch and his staff are amazing. If you have major problems with your dental health, or need medical attention because of your teeth, make an appointment to see Dr. Koch. He truly cares about his patients, and wants you to have your teeth in your head for the rest of your life. He saved my teeth, and he’s made me a healthier person!

Kimberly Hunter (Source: Google)


Dr. Koch and his staff were welcoming and very knowledgeable about my mother’s oral prognosis. The entire staff, especially Rosemary, gathered pertinent information that will assist in this comprehensive dental assessment. They were all very respectful and showed genuine concern about my mom’s overall oral care and her desire to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. I was so pleased with my visit that I have told many about this incredible facility.

CJ H (Source: Google)


Dr. Koch is a wonderful dentist, artist and man who is full of integrity. His staff is fantastic! They are all so warm and caring! Dr. Koch feels his purpose is to help people have not only beautiful smiles but also a healthy mouth. I was in a very serious situation with the health of my mouth and he transformed my mouth and gave me gorgeous teeth- I would recommend him to anyone!

Katrina Dewar (Source: Google)


Dr. Koch and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and very thorough. I had cracked a veneer and delayed fully addressing the issue for at least two years. I finally decided to do something about it and found Dr. Koch through a Google search. After reading his reviews, I made an appointment for a consult. During the consult, I could tell Dr. Koch was very detailed and he even pointed out an issue I had not considered. From the first appointment until the last, I was completely comfortable and felt at home (as much as one can feel at home in a dental office). 🙂 Dr. Koch answered all of my questions and kept me informed of every step along the way. I highly recommend Dr. Koch for any of your dental needs.

Jake Cook (Source: Google)


My experience was amazing from the video consultation to getting my veneers and teeth whitened. Everything was done with such care and precision. I was really happy with how I was treated, and Dr. Koch said he wouldn’t recommend anything that he wouldn’t first recommend for one of his own children. The end product was exactly what I imagined and more. My teeth look so amazing, and I can’t even express how happy I am to smile now. I couldn’t even imagine going through this process with anyone else. Koch Aesthetic Dentistry has such amazing people, and everyone cares so much, and does everything to make sure you are always comfortable. If you’re considering getting any work done on your teeth, you need to definitely look into Koch Aesthetic Dentistry, you will not be disappointed!

Laura D. from Madison, AL (Source: Yelp)


My experience with Dr. Koch and his staff has been phenomenal. They are all extremely professional, kind and helpful. I have been driving from Huntsville to Birmingham to see Dr. Koch because I believe he is the very best in our area. The drive is worth receiving his care.

Vance Ballard (Source: Facebook)


I’ve had the pleasure of both working for Dr Koch and having been worked on by Dr Koch. Let me start with his fair and honest demeanor. Very friendly and kind with a rare sincerity that radiates from somewhere deep inside. Secondly, his office staff is fantastic and the attention to detail is off the charts. You instantly feel like family. I highly recommend his services. He is not only a great dentist and a great person but he and his staff are now my friends.

Kingsley Cottingham Buitron (Source: Facebook)


I always have a wonderful experience at Dr. Koch’s office. I originally went because I heard they are able to fill cavities with no numbing required – it was truly miraculous – a pain free filling. I have continued to go to the office for my regular cleanings and have received the best dental care ever. The office staff are warm and friendly, the hygienists are helpful and knowledgable, and Dr. Koch is a true professional. I recommend this office to friends and family often. I have never been a fan of visiting the dentist but the spa-like atmosphere mixed with friendly personalities has kept me coming on a regular basis.

Laura Bowen (Source: Google)


I had a really great experience at Koch Aesthetic Dentistry. Dr. Koch and his staff are extremely nice, professional and knowledgeable. The environment there is thoroughly pleasant so the process of getting my teeth done was very easy from start to finish, and I am extremely happy with the results of my new smile. Highly recommend!

Kristi Love Hudgins (Source: Google)


If I could give Dr. Koch and his staff a million stars I really would! Pain I’d experienced almost my entire life has finally subsided!! I’ve been grinding my teeth since I was a child. As I near 40 the muscles causing the pain were only growing stronger and the pain greater.. I’d been researching Botox for TMJ for over a year and finally decided to make the investment. What I didn’t know was that by choosing Dr. Koch I wasn’t only going to get the temporary relief Botox provides. I was going to get an action plan. I’m now a little over a month in. I’m near totally pain free (the remaining pain is more residual and I expect it too will heal over time). My jaw has relaxed. My bite has even shifted to a more comfortable position, something I never expected or even knew needed to happed. In closing, not only do I feel better than I have in years. I feel hope. I feel this because Dr. Koch’s goal is to correct the issues holistically not provide a quick fix. Thank you Dr. Koch and Team!! I’m so grateful I found you!!

Sacha Pair Skinner (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Koch is absolutely the best dentist ever, especially if you are afraid of the dentist. He and his staff are an absolute delight and are very caring. He did a lot of work on me back in December and I haven’t had a single problem since. He was able to get everything done in one day and I did not experience the least bit of discomfort. Would never go anywhere else!

Tammy Joyner Woodard (Source: Facebook)


Koch Aesthetic Dentistry is, hands down, the best dental experience I have ever had! Dr. Koch & his staff are absolutely wonderful! Attentive, as well as, personable. Going above & beyond to make you feel relaxed during the painless procedures!

Samer Rafeh (Source: Google)


Dr. Koch is one of the best dentists. if you have a difficult situation in your teeth, he is the person you should seek. even if you don’t, you won’t regret having him as your dentist. too many dentists out there. very few are on top. Dr. Koch is one of them. He saved my tooth when all other dentists said it can not be saved. I was able to talk normally right after a two hours surgery. this is how good he is! He will give you his honest opinion and best thing about him, he can make the right decision while operating on the tooth. this is a unique quality. You definitely get your money worth. Staff are great too, very friendly and helpful. Great experience with Dr. Koch Dentistry 🙂

C Williams (Source: Google)


I absolutely LOVE Dr. Koch and his lovely staff. Dr. Koch is an excellent dentist who is kind, attentive, and puts his patients first. The staff is delightful and I truly love going in to see them. He is the very best dentist you could find. If you want to love your dentist, have amazing teeth, and be treated like a VIP, you must go see Dr. Koch. I don’t even live in Alabama anymore, but I make special trips back to continue to be a patient (that is the level of confidence I have in Dr. Koch). He is the best!!!

Kingsley Buitron (Source: Google)


I always have a wonderful experience at Dr. Koch’s office. I originally went because I heard they are able to fill cavities with no numbing required – it was truly miraculous – a pain free filling. I have continued to go to the office for my regular cleanings and have received the best dental care ever. The office staff are warm and friendly, the hygienists are helpful and knowledgable, and Dr. Koch is a true professional. I recommend this office to friends and family often. I have never been a fan of visiting the dentist but the spa-like atmosphere mixed with friendly personalities has kept me coming on a regular basis.

Kylie Dazzo (Source: Google)


Dr. Koch and his staff were wonderful to work with! They are friendly and caring and take the time to make you feel comfortable from start to finish. Dr. Koch is very knowledgeable and is great at making sure all of your questions and concerns are answered. Truly a great experience at Koch Aesthetic Dentistry! After returning to Koch Aesthetic Dentistry for a follow-up, I still can’t say enough about how amazing and accommodating this team is! Dr. Koch went above and beyond to make sure I was completely satisfied with my results and followed through on his promises.

Ryan K Jones (Source: Google)


You guys are incredible. From the moment I walked in, I felt like I was at home. Sarah was super helpful on the phone and working with my crazy schedule. I came in and was educated on what was happening with my smile. I’m very excited to see what the future holds. Yvette did such a great job on teaching me how to properly floss! I’ve never been taught that before. Dr. Koch is so nice and has made the process of getting my smile back so easy and fun. I would HIGHLY recommend these folks to anyone who is looking for someone who is not out just to get your money. They truly care and want to make sure you are educated and equipped to take care of your mouth and be healthy!

Jobie Lynch (Source: Google)


I really don’t know how to put into words how incredible Dr. Koch and his entire staff are. I have been a patient for over 10 years and am consistently blown away by the quality of care I receive; it is truly unparalleled. It’s such a rarity to interact with group of people where each person there is literally- doing. their. best. Continuing education and staying on the cutting edge of technology and advancements in the field of dental medicine is one of the many things that sets this practice apart from others. Dr. Koch’s thoroughness, his attention to detail, and genuine care for each individual patient paired with the refreshing atmosphere of his practice make an hour at the dentist’s office something I look forward to! I leave each visit feeling informed and confident about my oral health. My husband is also a patient and neither of us would ever consider seeing anyone else. We always joke that if Dr. Koch was a general practitioner we’d both live to be 120! He’s truly the best.

Andrew DeAtkine (Source: Google)


My experiences with Koch Aesthetic Dentistry have only been positive. Dr. Koch and his staff have been taking care of me and my family for quite some time. And after roughly three years, Dr. Koch has substantially improved the health and appearance of my teeth. He’s provided me a wide range of services and procedures, ranging from extracting my wisdom teeth to putting me on Invisalign. He’s excellent at his profession, and Yvette, the hygienist, also does a fantastic job of making your regular clean-ups a smooth experience. I’m thankful for their top quality care. Melissa, Sarah, and the rest of the staff also make setting up appointments an easy process. They send you reminders and are incredibly kind and flexible with your work schedule. After a couple dozen visits, I’ve rarely ever experienced a waiting time. And the facility and clinic rooms are very nice with their own personal TV’s. Above all though, Dr. Koch and his staff put your needs first and carry a hospitality that always makes you feel welcomed. I couldn’t recommend a better dentistry! Thanks.

Jan Jones (Source: Google)


Dr. Koch and his entire team are fabulous! He is always on the cutting edge of the latest diagnostic tools and he constantly seeks new ways to serve his patients. The team will go above and beyond to coordinate your appointments so that they are convenient. Everyone is personable and professional and they offer outstanding skills. The environment is very warm and relaxing. Dr. Koch is a wonderful dentist, but he is also a wonderful person. I know I am receiving the best care for my dental health when I see Dr. Koch.

Tarheel 988 (Source: Google)


After years of saying “I should…” I finally made an appointment at Koch Aesthetic Dentistry to have my teeth whitened. I cannot say enough about the professionalism of the entire staff! From the receptionist, to the office manager, to the dental assistant, to Dr. Koch, they make you feel welcomed, appreciated, comfortable and relaxed! It is truly like going to a spa! The offices are beautiful, truly first rate! The first day, they sampled the color on my teeth and I could not believe the dingy color that matched mine. In just two weeks and one chair sitting, my teeth had lightened 14 shades!! Dr. Koch took a lot of time explaining things to me and made every question I had seem important. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, skilled, kind professional for any kind of dental work. Call him today!