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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:15 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:15 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:15 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:15 am to 5:00 pm

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Heidi C. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


So efficient and honest!  Highly recommend Dr. Kunik and his staff for orthodontic needs.  Our dentist suggested we see an orthodontist for our 2 pre-teenagers. Dr. Kunik’s recommendation is to continue to follow our kids as they mature and lose more baby teeth. His “lets wait and see approach” is SO refreshing! AND, very different from other orthodontists we have seen.

Q R. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


Friendly environment, punctual, and honest place. I had to get a retainer replaced (moved here from a different place). Both appointments were under 15 minutes, and having arrived about 2-4 minutes early for each-they were ready for me by the time I got done brushing my teeth. The receptionists and doctors were both very friendly. The ortho provided retainer/appointments for what had to have been at cost. The price to replace was about 1/4 that of places I looked at online. Great service and people!

Victoria Brito Nassar (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Kunik is the best out there, he is very personable and cares so much for his patients. All the staff there is super friendly and I have nothing but great things to say about Kunik Orthodontics. I love my smile even more today thanks to Dr. Kunik!

Jennie B. from Hillside Vista, West Lake Hills, TX (Source: Yelp)


My kids have beautiful straight teeth thanks to Dr Kunik.  That’s was in the 90’s.  My teeth shifted and I started hating my smile.  One front tooth shifted back and was dark in photos because of shadows.  I went to see DR Kunik a year ago and with his expertise my smile is almost done.  By summer, my smile will be complete.  I am thrilled with Dr Kunik and his staff.  His staff is the best.  They are helpful and well trained. I highly recommend Dr Kunik.  5 stars is not enough.  I give 10 stars on this one!

Angela Pringle (Source: Google)


Dr. Randy Kunik far exceeded my expectations! He is professional, trustworthy, and exceptional at is craft! Search no further if you are searching for a first class orthodontist. His facility is state of the art and he works with you to achieve the best results for you and your family! I must also commend his staff for every single person is courteous, friendly and extremely accommodating. The perfect 10 in my book!

Kennbswe . from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


I am extremely pleased with Dr Kunik and his team. I chose Invisalign and I am happy with the result. Dr Kunik is a great professional, detail oriented and outcome focused. The office staff are ALWAYS nice and they are great at what they do. Dr and his team were really patient with me and they continued the treatment till all my teeth looked straight and nice.

Lukas V. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


I had a lot of problems with me teeth, bite, and mouth in general. However Dr. Kunik and the staff welcomed me with open arms. They are very nice, professional, understanding and supportive. Dr. Kunik’s office also has a nice, energetic vibe, which I received from the moment I called. After my journey I have a new level of confidence which I am no longer impressed to smile or show my teeth. More than often when I am having a conversation with someone I notice their eyes look at my teeth and then they tell me “you have a real nice smile”. Dr. Kunik and his staff has also took the time and supported me years after my procedure, which goes to show he really cares and is trustworthy. Weather I am smiling for a picture, or having my smile acknowledged I always think about Dr. Kunik and his staff. In conclusion if you are having some issues with your teeth or bite I would highly recommend Dr.Kunik.

Kala Malini Ranganathan (Source: Google)


My goal here is not to criticize but hope for improvement. I was referred by a primary dentist I respect. Quick to offer expert service in the beginning but after collecting first payment, not that great after. No one followed up even after ONE month after I got my first set of 20. Hubby helped me get set up finally (one month later) and by then my password to the monitor had gone kaput. Emailed and 24 hours after (all day Monday) not a peep. The practice is FULL of staff. LOTS of staff around. Anyone focused on customer advocacy Though? Customer support? **Not able to reply to the note below so adding a new note here on 9/1. THANK YOU Dr. Kunik and Team. You guys are definitely awesome for taking the feedback and being so, so responsive. It’s been a truly excellent experience since then and everything seems to be going so well. The customer service has beenTOP notch across the board. Thank you for the openness and the high quality service.

Grace H. from West Lake Hills, TX (Source: Yelp)


Randy Kunik saw me 10 years ago for jaw pain and an “open bite.” At the time, all that could be done to fix my problem was jaw surgery. I just couldn’t do it. I came back to Randy when my son needed orthodontic work. I reconsulted Dr. Kunik, and he told me about new techniques that could fix my bite without surgery. After 18 months of orthodontics, I now have the most beautiful smile and a perfect bite! No more jaw pain! I love the office staff and assistants. All of my visits were quick and easy. I never had to wait or reschedule. I truly recommend Dr. Kunik.

Trey J. from Cedar Park, TX (Source: Yelp)


Kunik Orthodontics is the place to be. I’m not particularly fond of going to the dentist or the orthodontist and I LOVE THIS PLACE! You’ll find the best customer service Austin has to offer and professionalism well beyond my expectations. SO glad I didn’t go with Smile Direct and shortcut my treatment. Second time around for braces (originally had them in my junior high years) and VERY glad my smile will once again be brand new! And painless. Thank you to Dr. Kunik, Mindy, Veronica and Nina! You’re the best!

Margo P. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Kunik and is office staff. I had a bad experience as a child with my braces so I interviewed 3 orthodontists. Dr. Kunik was by far the best and spent several years reviewing each childs growth prior to even suggesting braces. He loves a challenge and both of my kids mouths are very challenging. His staff is so amazing from the front desk, billing and all of the assistants. They are all very caring and make you feel happy to return every 4 weeks. You will definitely make the right choice by choosing Dr. Kunik.

Vivian Pugh (Source: Google)


I am so happy I chose Dr. Kunik! Everyone that works there is so sweet and helpful. They made my 2 year Invisalign experience one that I would do again in a heartbeat! I had a difficult case and was determined to not have metal braces. Dr. Kunik took the challenge and with his perfectionist attitude made sure I ended up with an amazing smile! Highly recommend them! In fact, my two kids will be future patients for sure.

Cindy A. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


Just finished my invisilign program with Dr. Kunik and staff.  They are beyond five stars! I can give this review because I have been to other orthodontists and have seen the difference.  Dr. Kunik is a detail orthodontist from your smile to his staff.  From my experience, he expects the best from his ability as an orthodontist to his staff.  It was evident from my first visit to my last. His staff is amazing, so kind and personable. A big smile and a thank you to Dr. Kunik and his staff.

Hanna S. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


I cannot recommend Dr. Kunik enough. I had an amazing experience with him and his staff while going through Invisalign treatment for just over a year. Everyone went out of their way to remember me (and everyone else who comes into the office) and made note of things going on in my life, asking about my dogs and upcoming wedding at every appointment. In general, they made the process fly by, leaving me with a smile that is truly out of this world. I had my last appointment this week, and I was legitimately sad that my time with the people in this office was coming to an end. As far as treatment went, they paid very close attention to my progress and adjusted my plan according, making the process go by faster, easier and more painlessly than i could have possibly expected. If you have ever considered braces or Invisalign, absolutely set up a consult with him. I have zero reservations about recommending Dr. Kunik to every single person I meet.

Jess M. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


The best! Dr. Kunik and his team are the friendliest, most supportive, not to mention professional group of people to work with! Dr. Kunik and his exceptional team have changed my life and smile forever! Parking is reserved for his patients, I never have to wait longer than a couple of minutes before I am taken to the back to be treated. Nina and “B” are my two favorite ladies to have work with me. Nina has a great hand, always explains what she will be doing for me, & loves what she does. “B” is the most friendly and bubbly of the bunch. Dr. Kunik is very generous, down to earth and on top of all the details when it came to treating me. They are the best & worth every penny!

Meredith Zimmerman (Source: Google)


Dr. Kunik and his staff are amazing. I went in for my complimentary invisalign consultation and decided to move forward. Then COVID-19 shut down the office and I received all my aligners in the mail for the whole year and started right away and they got me all set up. The staff are super responsive and there for you throughout the whole process and I have only been wearing my aligners for 5 days and it has been a great experience already! Definitely recommend Dr. Kunik for your orthodontist needs and they have a wonderful remote scanning system so they can keep tabs on your progress without having to go in their office-especially during times like this.

Reichle A. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Kunik and his fabulous staff continue to give my family excellent care, and we are all well out of braces. My son’s retainer cracked recently. He drove to the appointment himself, and I hurried to meet him but didn’t need to. Within minutes he was fitted with a mold to get a new retainer, and was walking out as I met him. He didn’t miss a minute of class, and said it was so easy that I didn’t need to go in to take care of anything. This EXCEPTIONAL follow up care sets Dr. Kunik apart from the others. The care received makes the price of braces a true bargain!

D S (Source: Google)


Was referred to Dr Kunik by my dentist (who also does Invisalign) but my case was less than straightforward. Dr Kunik is seriously the best at this and after being a patient of his, i would never recommend going anywhere else. I will also say the other professionals in his office are all so nice, professional and efficient. Its actually a pleasure going there. I had a Face-time appt. today that was easy, prompt and helpful (Thank you Karen!).

Carl Thorne-Thomsen (Source: Google)


Dr. Kunik & his staff are great. I had Invisalign done and it was all done much faster (and more easily) than I expected. They seem to have a good overall process & system for supporting their patients and making sure things are on track. At no point did I have to call & bug them about anything — they seemed to anticipate what I needed before I had to ask. Hopefully I’ll never have to have orthodontic work done again, but if I did I’d work with Dr. Kunik again!

Seth S.  from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Kunik and his team are amazing. I first called to inquire about care for my 16yr old son after moving to Austin from LA and switching orthodontists. They made us feel at home. Our personal schedules were crazy and since they have multiple offices they were able to find a time slot for us. They go out of their way to provide great service, are professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I just wish We could have started from the beginning with them, but happy were in their care now.

Monica A. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


Dr Kunik and his wonderful team are the best! Highly recommend!! Nina, my technician, is a total star and champion – she was always attentive, gentle, kind, and put up with my whining for 15 months of braces adjustments! I went in to Dr Kunik after being told that I had to get jaw (TMJ) surgery to correct my bite. Dr Kunik took a thorough look and knew he could do it just by moving my teeth – he was RIGHT! I will be forever thankful and have a lot more $$ in my pocket – not to mention the pain that would have come from the surgery. I am a HAPPY camper! And my teeth look beautiful. THANK YOU Dr Kunik & Nina!

David Parsons (Source: Google)


This doctors office and staff were amazing, from the moment we scheduled our first appointment to the braces being put on. Mindy and Beverly made us feel like family during the whole process, and our kids really loved picking from all the different color bands available. We were a little nervous about the affordability of braces for 2 children, but surprisingly it wasn’t much more than a normal pediatric doctors office. Thumbs up to Dr. Kunik and his painless process and fun office visits. We also were very exited to learn about the virtual retainer checkups, which is a blessing during these Covid 19 times.

Desiree S. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Kunik is incredible. I got on Yelp to do this review. I didn’t realize the difference between quality and poor work until I met this Orthodontist. He is incredibly knowledgeable, takes a great deal of time and care to be on the same page, and isn’t looking to make a dime on something you don’t need. My story: I recently decided that I wanted to replace my childhood permanent bottom retainer with a removable retainer. I went to my dentist-recommended orthodontist who shall remain unnamed. The retainer they made for me broke within 9-10 months which I thought was very strange given my upper retainer, that was 10 years old, is still in perfect condition. I called the office and they told me they would have to charge me an office visit even just to look at it and that they would most certainly charge the full price of the retainer if they had to make me a new one. Neither one of the two office staff were sympathetic to my objections that both of my retainers had undergone the same care whilst theirs broke in a record 9-10 months. I decided to go to another orthodontist and after carefully considering the options, decided to go to Dr. Kunik. His office is awesome, his staff is very professional and friendly, and he saw me within 5 minutes of my office visit time. IMMEDIATELY it was obvious that this guy LOVES people as well as what he does. After inspecting my broken retainer he explained to me that the Haley retainers with springs are more fragile than the ones without springs (the prior orthodontist had made the spring kind without ever explaining to me why, or from my understanding, without needing it). He informed me that even though it was missing a piece, it would still do the job. He answered all my questions, smoothed out the edge, adjusted the springs, checked my upper retainer etc ….. and I walked out without paying a cent. Talk about 5 star service. I was ecstatic and I will never go to another orthodontist again!! Make the right choice and experience the difference. Go to Kunik.

Lisa Huynh (Source: Google)


I wish I would’ve made an appointment earlier! Dr. Kunik and his team have made this process so easy and enjoyable. I can’t believe all the progress my teeth have made in a year. My teeth (and gums) are healthier than ever. If you’ve been thinking about getting Invisalign, then you need to go to Kunik Orthodontics!

Sherrie W. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


When it became apparent that my son needed braces I set about trying to find the best orthodontist for him. I was volunteering at an awards ceremony at the middle school he attended and I decided to ask the kids I saw with braces who their orthodontist was and if they liked their doc. Every single kid who was going to Dr. Kunik said they LOVED him…and there were over 15 kids that I asked that day who had him as their doctor. (I did not get the same response from other kids who saw various other orthodontists). We went with Dr. Kunik and I can say that from start to finish it was the best doctor experience we have had. Dr. Kunik is awesome with kids and is a wonderful orthodontist…AND…his staff is amazing. They work very hard to get you in and out quickly and are always there to answer your questions, no matter how bit or small. I would give them 10 stars if I could!

Jonathan D. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Just had the most incredible experience at Dr. Kunik’s office. They had the friendliest staff and most helpful experts. I went in to resolve an issue I’ve had with my shifting teeth and they gave me the best advice, which meant in this case I didn’t need braces. Other doctors would say I needed braces just to get money out of me, but I really appreciate how honest and helpful Dr. Kunik and his staff were. 10/10 recommend!!

Terra B. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


I can’t say enough good things about your office and the people! I was a tough patient because of my upcoming unexpected move and everyone assured me that it would work out and it did! The appointment times were very flexible and easy to manage! The atmosphere was very comfortable and I always felt welcome! Also the staff was always running on time and got me in and out very efficiently! Each person I contacted throughout my treatment was warm, professional, and wonderful to get to know! I already sent two friends there before I left and I would highly recommend Dr. Kunik and his staff to anyone! I wish all places were as efficient and friendly as your office! Thank you for going above and beyond for me! My teeth look amazing!

Astrae Lucia F. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


I stumbled across Kunik Ortho when searching for where to find Invisalign in Austin. I am so grateful to have found this gem. The staff are all so sweet, genuinely caring, and always greet you with a smile. They treat you like family! The office is wonderfully inviting and I always walk out of appointments with a smile on my face. I had a wonderful experience using Invisalign, and my results are amazing. I highly recommend choosing this office!

Barbel T. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


my husband and i are very pleased with the results of our daughter under the orthodontic care of dr. kunik and his staff. my daughter was a jaw surgery candidate and he was able to correct her teeth beautifully. the work he did was amazing. we think he is the best orthodontist in the world. if you ever have a problem with your teeth or your children’s teeth, we highly recommend dr. kunik

Suaad Sait (Source: Google)


Dr Kunik and his team are truly outstanding. They are friendly and make sure that your experience is nothing but awesome. Dr Kunik is a perfectionist and so you will not need to worry about the outcome for your Orthodontics. Both our sons went to him (braces) and I am currently going to him for Invisalign for a complex cross bite situation (I am 6 weeks away from completion). We highly recommend Dr Kunik and his team!

Sue B. from Tarrytown, Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


At 66 years old, I finally decided to do something about my bite. (I had braces with Dr. Thurman in Fort Worth in 1965. My wisdom teeth messed things up a little in 1968.) Since then my teeth seem to be slowly “caving in.” My bottom teeth touch the back of my top teeth; my bite feels as if it is off; I don’t chew meat as easily as I’d like, and it feels as if my tongue is crowded. Over the years, dentists have said I have no real problem – but that braces could improve it if I want to go to that trouble. (One orthodontist said gum grafts might be necessary. Yikes!) After moving to Austin, I was referred to Dr. Kunik by my new dentist, Dr Cash, who also had Invisalign. Dr Kunik is delightful and optimistic – as are all his staff! I have begun the recommended one year treatment and it is AMAZING! Easy to do. Easy to live with. Remarkable changes immediately. (Already my tongue has more room!) Little to no discomfort. I highly recommend it! Your bite is very important and it certainly won’t get better on its own. I’m so pleased with this decision. My only regret is that I didn’t find Dr. Kunik sooner!

Eric N. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


1. Were appointment times flexible? Appointments were very convenient for me as a businessman. I was always taken right in at the appointed time without a wait. This was very important to me as I have a very hectic work schedule. 2. Was the office comfortable with a good atmosphere? Great staff and nice office. 3. Were the aligners aesthetic and their fit comfortable? Perfect fit every time. 4. Was there efficient office communication between you and your dentist or other providers involved with your treatment? Absolutely, until I was 100% satisfied as promised. Hygienist paid more particular attention to minor imperfections at the final stage than I did. 5. Were you happy with the end results? 100% satisfied. This was a purely cosmetic ordeal for me (and I never do cosmetic things). I am very pleased with the results and it was really a quite easy treatment. I also like the attitude that the staff has about doing whatever it takes until 100% satisfied. Even though the treatment is admittedly somewhat expensive, I was confident that I was going to get great results. I also did not feel like I would be “nickel and dimed” at various stages of the treatment. One upfront price worked out great for me.

Trey Jackson (Source: Google)


Kunik Orthodontics is the place to be. I’m not particularly fond of going to the dentist or the orthodontist and I LOVE THIS PLACE! You’ll find the best customer service Austin has to offer and professionalism well beyond my expectations. SO glad I didn’t go with Smile Direct and shortcut my treatment. Second time around for braces (originally had them in my junior high years) and VERY glad my smile will once again be brand new! Thank you to Dr. Kunik, Mindy, Veronica and Nina! You’re the best!

Juli Powell (Source: Google)


I’m a general dentist. I even provide Invisalign for more minor orthodontic correction for my patients, but I always say there is a reason there are specialists! The cool thing about being a general dentist is that we get to do a little bit of everything, but when it’s a more complicated case, I happily refer my patients out to get them their best care. So when I wanted very complicated orthodontic correction (for something only a dentist would care about – my teeth were straight, I just didn’t like how little of them showed in my smile) I came to Dr. Kunik! He and his staff have been outstanding. It’s been great to experience this from “the other side.” They have not only accepted this challenge, but are responsive to my opinions (because you know I have them)! Six months in and am still enjoying the journey and can see my progress. Can’t wait to cross the finish line and have the smile I always wanted.

Matt G. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


Randy Kunik has worked with my budget, and brought my teeth together in a way that no one has been able to notice. To a girlfriend, every time I smile, she sees my teeth get straighter. I had to get a baby tooth pulled because it just wouldn’t come out, and that caused crowding. Since it came out in January 2012, my whole mouth has transformed and my smile is looking perfect. Only another 2 months left till I’m finished! Can’t wait to see the results. FIVE STARS!!! (yelp won’t let me click 5 stars for some reason)