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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Pediatric dental care

Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

Sedation dentistry

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: By appointment only

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Tiffany W. from San Gabriel, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Wu has to be one of the best dentist out there.  She is very talented, caring, and professional doctor who listens to patients.  Straightening my teeth was a huge priority before my big day.  At this age, I do not prefer icky metal braces.  Thankfully Dr. Wu is certified in Invisalign and was able to give me straight white teeth before my wedding, and the results are Incredible.  I found them through the Invisalign website since they were listed not just as a certified provider but as top Premier Invisalign providers which means that among all Invisalign providers they are the top 5-10% in the country.  After doing research, it means the providers need to have completed certain volume of Invisalign cases and received additional higher level of training for complex cases.  I’m a snob and I’m very critical and picky with who gets to work in my mouth. Prior to coming here for a second opinion, another dentist had told me I had to get 2 teeth pulled out in order to give me the results I wanted.  Contrary to what other dentist said, Dr. Wu was able to treat my case with no extractions.  She spent a lot of time designing my case to get the end result we both wanted.  After our consultation, in the very beginning, I was given a complimentary 3D video.  It was a simulation of how my end smile would look like without extractions and another 3D video of how my teeth would look like with extractions.  I like how I was given options and how everything was explained to me in detail.  Since we were able to get the ideal results without extractions, I opted out of the option to get teeth pulled.   She’s a perfectionist and showed me the little things she was going to do to my teeth in order to make them perfect. Which just shows how passionate she is about creating the end results. Fast forward I was able to get my dream smile in roughly 12 months.   I also like how they are very transparent with pricing.  Right from the start, they told me how retainers are included and how they were going to include unlimited trays for me without charging extra.  The financial coordinators also really know their insurance.  I never received any surprise bill.  I am very satisfied with the care I have received at L.A. Dental Town!  They are trustworthy, conservative with dental work, and always seems like they have my best interest in mind. I also love how they open on Saturdays- helps out a lot for working people like myself.  Btw, they are so good at comforting kids too as well as anxious adults haha.  They have great staff.  Ed who assists the doctor always offers me amenities and made sure I was comfortable at all times.  That by itself makes whole process wizz by easily and much faster

Elvia Rodriguez (Source: Google)


I came in with much anxiety while my son was super calm to come in for his own appointment.. let me just say from the start to being new client they treated me with care showing me where I was going to be.. I love everything happen in one room I didn’t have to wait which helped with my anxiety. Next they made it as comfortable with a blanket a warm neck relaxer. And staff that spoke to you through the way.. then Doctor was also caring told me everything I needed without making it seem that my teeth were horrible. She still felt the need to ask me as I was leaving if I had further questions and gave me her time. As for my son he too had a great experience and talking to his doctor was great as well. Love how much they care for their clients. I have already recommended the nurse from kaiser as that was our next stop. And then my boyfriend and one of my staff. I’ve had horrible experiences before that led me to fear and not wanting to go back. But this experience was great!! Thank you to all of you!

Frank Shao (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Wu & Jien are a great doctor and friend. The team at LA dental are the absolute best. The staff is amiable, professional, thorough, and 100% focused on your care. Personally, the admiration and respect I have for Dr. Wu & Jien are because of their caring for their patient. They are genuine, caring, and incredibly giving with his time and attention. I would recommend Dr. Wu & Jien if you need an assistant for your teeth

Vu Q. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


I normally don’t do yelp reviews but felt the need to express how beyond Thankful I am of LA Dental Town and their entire staff. I was on vacation with Family through the Christmas weekend and started to feel some tooth pain that I thought I could fight off until we came back home. 3 days into the pain and no longer able function correctly without two days of sleep due to pain. I called around about 7 places to see if they could take me in as a walk in. LA Dental Town was the only place that said please come down and we’ll fit you in due to my circumstances. Dr Jennifer Wu saw my first and knew immediately I had a terrible infection that needed a on the spot root canal procedure. With some very fortunate luck on my side, Dr Lee their root canal specialist was also working that same day and he’s only in their office twice a month. He immediately pushed out his schedule patient, worked on me through his lunch for a 3 hour procedure to make sure that the infection was taken care. I can’t say this enough, lifesaver to help me at least become pain free and actually make the trip back home something I could handle. True professionals from start to finish and their entire staff was very engaged with all of their clients. Unfortunately I can’t have them take over as my primary dental office because of the distance but would absolutely recommend them to anyone for dental consultations. THANK YOU SO much LA Dental Town. Thank you Dr Jennifer Wu and Dr. Lee

Connie Tat (Source: Google)


I would recommend LA Dental Town – the entire staff is very friendly, courteous and extremely informative. They make you feel at comfortable and at home. They have spa-like amenities and a comfort bar – this is unlike any other dental office I’ve been too. You can choose to have a snack, get a neck pillow, have some tea, etc. In addition, Dr. Wu is very thorough and informs you about all aspects of your teeth and dental conditions so there are no unanswered questions, she goes through all procedures with you and tries to ensure that you get the best quality of care. She also tries to give you the best pricing

Lesley G. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve never been more satisfied with my dental visit. It always seemed like a drag to go to the dentist. I expected a long wait another pointless appointment, and average employees. But I was more than pleased with my vist. There was no wait time, paper work takes less than 5min to complete. X-rays and fillings on the same day. Was surprised because most destist I’ve gone to usually takes two visits to complete. I love the way they explained everything. I felt like I was taking a mini dental class, very informative! :DThey go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. I honestly felt like I was home. Dr. Jen, the receptionist, and Charlie attended me that day and I must say all had a warm welcoming personality. I am comming here again. I recommend this place to my friends and family

Jessica U. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Amazing! Please come and visit this facility. My husband referred me and kept urging me to go. I didn’t think much of it but now I know why. Dr. Wu and La Dental run a solid, efficient operation. And who can say no to state of the art technology, tvs while you get cleaned, all with most comfortable cute fleece blankets, eye guards for movie watching, plus heated herbal neck wraps- whilst doing what is typically known as a scary, dirty job. Quite the contrary! See for yourself. You will be thoroughly content and shocked. It’s as day spa as a dentist office as you can get.

Hector L. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had a missing tooth for years and have been wanting to get a dental implant for many years.  After much research, I was referred to the amazing doctors at LA Dental Town.  The whole process was flawless, quick and easy.  From the initial consultation with Dr. Wu to the implant placement, I was at ease with the clear communication, patience, honesty, and gentle team of doctors and staff.  All my anxiety and fears diminished from the moment I was greeted.  I was in and out of the implant surgery within 30 minutes and was able to go to work right after!  I held my pain medication in my hand for the rest of the day in anticipation of pain, but I felt NO PAIN!  I was eating that afternoon.  Today, I’m with a strong and perfect implant that, often times, I forget it’s there! 10 stars for the amazing doctors at LA Dental Town.  +1 for the excellent hygienist, assistants and ladies in the front!  Oh, and my final tip is the pricing is so affordable!  Liz in the front explained to me clearly what was going to happen, how my insurance coverage works and how my out of pocket was going to be.  Everything was clear, easy to understand, and very affordable.  Not once was I rushed!  Since then, my family and I have seen Dr. Jen as our family dentist.  It was the best decision I’ve ever made.   The doctors and team are professional, caring and gentle.  Dr. Jen is incredibly detail oriented, Gentle, and as Honest as a dentist can ever be.  Thanks for saving my teeth.  My dentists for life

Joshua K. Vincent (Source: Google)


Finally find honest and conservative dentist I can trust my mouth with. A couple of months ago my general dentist suggested me to pull out 1 upper and 1 lower wisdom tooth, due to braces. My sister told me to go to her dentist Dr. Wu for a second opinion and if possible, get it pulled out over here. I went in last week and consulted Dr. Wu about it. She told me it is not necessary to have them pulled out since it does not affect my bite nor will it affect my teeth in the future. I was so relieved! The doctor could have made money off of me by telling me to just extract it, but she was honest and told me not to. Another plus is this place is nice and clean. Have sterile instruments go into my mouth is super important

Ariana G. from Downey, CA (Source: Yelp)


The last time you visited Disneyland, you must have walked through Main Street, where they have a Post Office, a Fire Department, a candy store, and even a mini movie theater.  What you probably didn’t notice is that it is missing a dental office.  Dr. Wu and her team have created the Happiest Dental Place on Earth! They are consistently friendly and helpful.  I walk out of my appointment with the confidence that I received the best treatment, as well as valuable information to improve my dental hygiene between appointments. One positive quality that stands out is, the way she talk you through every procedure, every check-up.  She tells you  exactly what they are looking for and the significance.  No surprises, and that is a good thing when someone is asking you to say “ahh.” If you’re looking for a great dentist, come to La Dental Town They’ll  treat you like family and take care of you

Kailee B. from Irvine, CA (Source: Yelp)


Have to say I am quite impressed by the quality of service and how modern/high tech the place was. Dr. Wu was very patient, gentle, and thorough and made sure I was comfortable all the time. She takes the time to examine and explains the details of what I should be aware of and what she is going to do. It is the first time I get to see my teeth inside and out on the big screen real time! Lol. The extra plus is that they also let you watch fun movies on the big screen during your cleaning to keep my mind off of my teeth. The place also has really cool stuff for kids to keep kids entertained during their dental visit

Mary M. (Source: Google)


Must Go!!! Trust Me!!! This place was great I loved it and so did my daughter. She is about to be 3 and was her first check up. She did great and felt comfortable around the staff. Everyone was so friendly it was unbelievable. She got a few gifts from them: backpack, stickers, toothbrush, & flower balloon. It is super clean and they have flat screens with movies playing and video games. Beautiful place def. Staying there & I have a few co-workers willing to take a drive over there just by the pics I’ve shown them. Everyone is so friendly and patient. Great place for kids!!

Jo T. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Long overdue review.  Mentally strong enough to share what happed to me. I was assaulted and battered August 2016. I got my front teeth knocked out and I was in pain, shock, and felt like it was the end of the world (picture 1). I immediately called LA Dental Town and told Claudia (receptionist) what had happened and she was able to schedule me right away.  Dr. Wu (dentist) went over my options with me and was able to fix me up with a short-term solution since I needed to get my life together and I simply could not do it without the front teeth.  I also don’t have dental insurance so they were able to work out a plan and get me the help I desperately needed. My short term fix was to extract the loose tooth (picture 2) that had been forcefully beaten out of me and use it with my knocked tooth to make temporary dentures (picture 4) until I got scheduled for Surgery.  During surgery, Dr. Wu and another dentist successful placed titanium screws (picture 5) that take about 6-8 months to heal before dental implants are put in.  During the titanium healing process, I got temporary dentures (picture 4 & 6) for about 5 months.  Dentures are horrible, they can fall at any time, you can’t eat comfortably, smile, and for sure not laugh comfortably either.  Not to mention you can’t speak without a slur, but, I didn’t have a choice.  Nonetheless, Dr. Wu and her staff were very sympathetic to my situation and made me feel as comfortable as possible. Once about 6 months passed by (felt an eternity without teeth), I went in to get my final and forever teeth.  I was sad thinking that I will from now on have titanium mental in my mouth, but, it was either that or no teeth.  Dr. Wu inserted and shaped my implants to be as normal looking as possible.  As you can see from picture 7 and 8, Dr. Wu did a phenomenal job and I’m so, so happy I did the process with her.  I really loved how focused, and objective Dr. Wu was during my entire process…I broke down like 1000x, but she didn’t. Thank you, Dr. Wu, for being a women dentist and doing a kick-ass job on your patients, your work and attention to details are noticed and admired

Stacey Y. from San Gabriel, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been seeing Dr Wu for probably over ten years now and have seen Dr Jen a few times over the years. I originally was a patient of Dr Wu’s from when she was previously working at a different practice and followed her when she opened this current practice. She and her team and truly the best and are al always amazing and helpful. The office uses the latest technology to not only handle your dental care with ease, but also to help educate you about your own dental health and show you what is going on. They clearly tell and show you what is going on and what the plan is going forward for your care. ALSO their office offers a comfort care menu so that you are truly comfortable for while you are having your teeth worked on. I’ve never had a bad experience when coming to see Dr Wu and/or Dr Jen. Honestly, I would say that there’s nothing is better than LA Dental Town

Leonard W. from Pasadena, CA (Source: Yelp)


Fellow yelpers, Dr. Wu and the team at LA dental are the absolute best. The staff is extremely friendly, professional, thorough, and 100% focused on your care. This is also supplemented with an extremely clean and updated facility. Each staff member is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cares about the dental health of their patients and the patients themselves. What I appreciate most is their diligence when it comes to working with insurance providers to find out exactly what is and is not covered and clearly communicate that information with the patient. Transparent, highly skilled, coupled with a pain free experience!

Jay Y. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


When I initially searched for dentists around my area, I was skeptical to visit LA Dental Town due to its insane amount of high ratings. After multiple visits in the past couple months, I can see why this place deserves its flattering ratings. Rest assured, this place will blow your socks off. Let me get straight to why I believe this dental office will continue to thrive. The underlying values set forth has been nothing but detrimental to the dental industry. They have set the bar in making their patients feel comfortable. Their constant desire to seek perfection echoes through their high quality of work. As a patient, your needs will always be a priority. Most dental places will start to get agitated if you ask for too much, not this place. They are patient in making sure you are satisfied with the work performed. This review is dedicated to my lovely dentist, Dr. Jen. She did crowns on my front teeth. It looks freaking natural. Highly recommend if you are in need of a crown. Also, got treatment for teeth whitening, teeth cleaning, and mouth guard. Yeah, I’m a total mess. Anyway, this is just my two cent. What do I know? I’m just an accountant

Janus B. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


What an amazing place this is! Went here for deep cleaning and have one tooth that had its filling fell out get checked. As I was greeted a smiling staff, I was led to a room where I was helped by Dr Wu and her assts Ericka and Eddie who were both nice and accommodating. They have this thing called “comfort menu” to make your visit as comfortable as possible. I think this was a nice touch. Who would’ve thought that while your mouth is being prodded by strangers you’re enjoying watching your favorite show on Netflix (I watched Once Upon a Time when i was getting treated. ). Now that’s what I call a pleasant distraction! But alas, Dr. Wu told me that my tooth that had its filling fell out needs to be crowned. Anne, the treatment coordinator, explained what I need to know with my insurance and what options I have. She was very helpful and she explained everything clearly and concise.  And that is Coming from a person that does not understand insurance talk (yeah yeah. Lol). Overall, I can say that this was best dental clinic that I have ever visited! Two thumbs up to you guys!

Eileen Wei (Source: Google)


LA Dental Town has a team full of very caring, friendly and patient professionals who will take great care you. I come here for my routine cleaning and other dental needs. They make sure to be extra careful if I have sensitivity. The equipments and ammenities are all so clean and advanced. There is a comfort menu for you to chose from, such as lavender pillows, warm blankets, and even Netflix for you to watch while you are on the bench getting your procedures done!

Gabby Johnson (Source: Google)


Honestly I was in such disbelief how amazing this place was!. I loved every single staff member. I didn’t hear gossip between employees I saw that the Dr. Wu treated her employees fair.(i hate to go somewhere and feel tension between the Dr. & staff) Everyone should be treated with respect and that’s exactly what I saw. I didn’t feel rushed at all. When the doctor came in to talk to me she walked me through it with videos and pictures of everything they wanted to take care of. On top of that they have a list of complimentary things to make you feel comfortable.  I was so blown away! Furthermore, they were so gentle with me. I personally appreciate it!. They have earned my business I will be recommending my family and friends and I can’t wait for my next appointment. Even if you don’t live close by this place I promise it’s worth the drive

Ivan C. from El Monte, CA (Source: Yelp)


Where do I begin…I have visited many dental offices in the past and la dental town is by far the best.  I saw Dr Wu and she is truly an amazing dentist.  She is patient, friendly and knowledgeable.  The previous dentist had left me in a state of distress.  I’m a nervous freak but Dr. Wu and her team really takes their time to help me feel at ease. My previous dentist had recommended for me to pull out 5 of my teeth and quoted me $19,000 for 5 dental implants which freaked me out,  not just shocking my wallet but also because I don’t want surgery if I do not need it.   A friend of mine recommended for me to seek her dentist Dr. Wu for an opinion. After the initial exam, Dr Wu took the time to go over the xray with me and made recommendations of what I need.  You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s hard to argue when I can see all the rocks and calcified plack on my teeth.  Few of my teeth were moving.  Instead of telling me to pull out my teeth, she recommended to first get a deep cleaning in order to attempt to save my teeth.  Dr. Wu was not pushy at all, she simply told me why I needed it and the likely consequence if I chose to do nothing. I have followed recommendation by Dr. Wu and moved forward with the deep cleaning.  6 months forward, the 5 teeth that were loose are no longer loose and no longer need to be pulled.  Dr. Wu just advised us to keep an eye on those and to not miss my regular checkup and cleaning appointments. Thank you Dr. Wu for having your patients best interest at heart.  Good dentists are hard to come by these days and I can tell that your guys philosophy is not about getting a one time customer but building a long term relationship with your patients

Mary B. from Monrovia, CA (Source: Yelp)


LA Dental Town provides great service for both adults and children. I recently brought my 3 year here for his first visit. The staff were patient and kind with encouraging him to come in the room and sit on the chair (he freaked out). The dentist did a great job explaining what she will be doing (counting his teeth) and demonstrated on the toy dinosaur. Even though my son was still suspicious about the whole process, I appreciated the effort that went into making his first visit a pleasant one. I’ve also been here for cavity fillings and a root canal. The treatment I received was excellent, and everyone does their best to make sure I’m comfortable and not in pain. They even have lavender eye pillows, blankets, and tv for you to watch so that you really are as comfortable as you can be during an unpleasant treatment. The staff also makes sure that you understand the cost of the treatment before they start any work. I highly recommend LA Dental Town

Cath Frank (Source: Facebook)


I used to be scared of going to see dentists due to trauma in the past, but the dentists and their team here have been very patient, gentle, and kind. They have never forced us into treatment but provided my family and I with all the options as well as pros and cons. I also love how all their technology is geared toward patient comfort. thumbs up for that!

John Y. from San Gabriel, CA (Source: Yelp)


BEST DENTIST EVER!   I’ve been the holding off on writing this review for the last couple years until I was done with my Invisalign treatment.  I’m done and cannot be happier!  I’ve actually been a patient of Dr. Jen and Dr. Wu for the last 7 years and can tell you that they are the most amazing doctors!   They are honest, thorough, patient and true experts in their field.  I see Dr. Jen and Dr. Wu every 6 months for my check ups and cleanings and they never fail to give me the time to patiently address all my questions and concerns.  To me, an honest conservative doctor is crucial.  Read my story below! My previous dentist told me I had a bunch of cavities and that I had to have major gum surgery because of “major bone loss”.  After 3 other doctor opinions, I was finally referred to Dr. Jen and she was incredibly gentle, honest and thorough.  She also told me that I only had 2 cavities and did not need gum surgery!  They have all the legit specialists in the office (by the way I LOVE that so you don’t have to go anywhere else!).  Dr. Jen did my fillings.  She explained everything clearly and was so calm and comforting the whole time.  She has the gentlest hands out there!  I get my cleanings every 6 months and the cleanings are always the best cleanings I have ever gotten! Flash forward a few years of regular check ups and cleanings, I finally decided it was time to get my teeth straightened!  I did  a lot of research and got different quotes.  After 3 different quotes, I still came back to LA Dental Town because it was the BEST PRICE in town!  That, and doctors are incredibly thorough with every aspect of the treatment.  1 year of treatment later, I have a straight smile and am still clean and cavity free!   I had braces when I was a teenager and it was painful–Invisalign treatment here has been pain-free and fast!   It has been such an easy process from the beginning until the end.  Every appointment has been quick, smooth and easy!  The insurance explanation was simple and easy to understand.   Dr. Jen and Dr. Wu are my DENTISTS FOR LIFE!   I have already referred all my coworkers and friends and they all love them!  BEST DENTISTS EVER!

Randy Sandoval (Source: Google)


I’m always scared to go to the dentist. Last time I visit a dentist was in 2014. But I knew recently that I needed to visit one soon. I did my research online and found this place. I was nervous at first. But the dentist is so good she made me forget that I was even at the dentist. And what I like was that I could watch Netflix and turn them earphones to the max so I won’t have to hear any dentist equipment. I really recommend this place to anyone that has fear of going to the dentist. They will take care of you! I’m greatly impressed!. Thank you guys!

Emily H. from Alhambra, CA (Source: Yelp)


This is the best dental experience I’ve ever had! The staff is courteous and friendly, and Dr. Jen Wu shared more about my dental health than any dentist I’ve ever had before. My deep cleaning included Netflix on the ceiling, a blanket for my legs, a warm shoulder wrap, sunnies for the overhead light, and water, plus a bag of dental hygiene goodies on the way out. They also contacted my insurance company before my visit to confirm all my coverage limitations and worked with me to build a treatment plan that I could afford. I am already looking forward to my next visit!

Juana S. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’m surprised this place is in East LA! Dr. Wu is not only very thorough in explaining the procedures being done but she also provided great insight on preventative care. What really set her apart from all the other dentists was her keen awareness of the patients comfort/discomfort and recognition of each person and her personable interaction with each. Extremely hospitable, intelligent, and articulate. Edna and Eddie were also very conscious of the clients and made sure each patient had a pleasant experience. The facilities are very clean, well-equipped, and was designed with the patients in mind to promote relaxation and ease anxieties. It was the first time my nine-year old who’s been to 4 different dentist and has bi-annual exams, ever left the dentist willing to return a 2nd time. In regards to my experience, I am semi-traumatized from recent work done in a different facility and ventured to la dental town bc they offer nitrous oxide to adults. During my deep cleaning, Dr. Wu manually worked on the area most sensitive and her hands were so light, I didn’t feel any pain at all and only topical meds were applied. Great work and attention!

Linda L. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve always had teeth that easily get cavities prone and so I have spent a good amount of time in different dental offices. When I relocated to Los Angeles, I tried out a few different clinics but did not feel comfortable. Then a coworker of mine referred me to L.A. Dental Town.  After my visit to them, I have stayed with them so far for the past 4 years. Dr. Jen Wu is incredibly kind and did everything she could to make sure that I felt comfortable.  She is also very honest about which procedures I should get done and always gave me options, as well as different pros and cons.   She also set realistic expectations for the outcomes of the procedure to ensure that it would be worth my time.  I always felt a sense of distrust for dentists since most of them seemed to recommend procedures that are not needed or are aggressive for personal reasons, but I can say that I 100% trusted Dr. Wu’s opinions.  Coming from trying out many different dentists previously, Dr. Wu is a pretty conservative dentist. I also have dental phobia, not exactly the dream patient that dentists dream to have. Example years back other dentist recommended a root canal crown on my front tooth.   I was only having very slight sensitivity.  However Dr. Wu calmed me down and informed me we should be able to take care of the sensitivity by doing a filling instead and preserve my tooth structure.  If sensitivity continues, then we can look into root canal.  The filling that Dr. Wu put on my front tooth is still standing from 4 years ago. I did not need a root canal or crown!  Dr. Wu is not an ethical person but amazingly gentle with her hands. Don’t ever change. Another plus is the hygienist always does the most thorough cleanings compared to cleanings I’ve had in past.  My teeth feel amazing and the cleanest it’s ever felt.  I cannot think of a more deserving office to give 5, if not 10 stars to

Anthony H. from Huntington Park, CA (Source: Yelp)


Hello Everyone ! My company recently changed my insurance provider and I have had the same dentist for years until a few months ago. I contacted my provider and was directed to LA Dental Town which was within my coverage. Initially I was skeptical because I have been with the same dentist for so long but let me just say WOW! to the La Dental Town team ! I was greeted as soon as I walked in and helped right away. I went in for a routine cleaning and to inquire on Braces for myself. I had my cleaning done by Dr. Jen who was amazing ! Very easy to talk to and I couldn’t feel a thing. As we completed the cleaning we discussed the best route for braces or invisiline. I expressed I didn’t want to pay to much out of pocket and was concerned with the pricing of everything. She then handed me off to their person in charge LIZ. I worked with Liz who guided me through the process of how much everything was going to cost for my visit and found me the right price for me and my budget . She was very knowledgeable about their products and really made this process as easy as possible. She was displayed professionalism and really made this processes a breeze. I cannot wait to recommend more friends to LA DENTAL TOWN for awesome service ! If you stop by make sure you ask for the power duo DR Jen and LIZ !!!!! I found my new dental office Thanks LA DENTAL TOWN

Patricia Mendez (Source: Google)


I really do love going there , I really do like both Doctors, they make me feel very comfortable while I’m there. I would recommend them to everyone. I can go anywhere I want, I do have really great PPO insurance, and I choose LA Dental Town, oh and by the way, the staff are very nice and pleasant, very friendly the Doctor’s have a very gentle hand I had intense work done on my teeth and I didn’t feel a thing! Their work is excellent and they seem to be perfectionists and that’s what I like about them. Everyone there is super nice and very professional! Go there, you wont be disapointed!

Iggy (Source: Google)


I had previously never considered implants as a viable option. After some research and number crunching I decided it would be worth the investment. The Dental Surgeon was precise, efficient and pleasant. The whole experience is a “10”. I had no residual pain and so far so good. I look forward to enjoying a full smile in the near future. I have recommended LA Dental Town to a close friend who is considering LA Dental Town for his smile upgrade as well. Also, Liz was an exceptional help with the financing process giving me peace of mind. I am grateful for the complete cast of professionals me and my family have met. Their Customer Service is priority and important not just in speech but in ACTION. Thankyou LA Dental Town

Erika H. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Visiting Dr. Jen and her team was the best choice I’ve made this year! I made an appointment over the phone for 9am today, and due to some issues, I couldn’t come in until 10. They said they could still see me and I’m so glad they did! From the moment I walked in, everyone was so friendly and welcoming. Aesthetically, the entire clinic is so pleasing. It made me feel more at ease, especially since it looked so clean and well taken care of. Every person was engaged and well-informed. From the conversations I had with the x-ray technician, to the dental hygienist Ana (she rocks!) to Dr. Jen herself, I felt that my questions were taken seriously and were answered to the fullest extent. There is some feeling of shame when I go to dentist, like I’m going to be judged for not being on top of my dental care. I didn’t have that feeling here at all – their top priority is making sure you feel comfortable. I want to emphasize how they charged me because it’s really a tough time for patients in the medical world as many places are not upfront with their pricing. I came here because they take Medi-Cal. They were clear and told me that Medi-Cal covers one dentist visit a year, something I did not know as I just recently got it. Dr. Jen was very thorough about what she was recommending in my treatment  plan and why. She mentioned that she takes a conservative approach in her practice and she only offers what she thinks is absolutely necessary for health. This was apparent to me because I had mentioned I was interested in braces and whitening, but by the end of my exam we didn’t discuss those options because they weren’t priority. After getting my exam, Elsa came to talk to me about my payment options. She gave me a paper with the itemized pricing and total cost. Elsa told me what was covered by Medi-cal and what wasn’t. I scheduled my next visit accordingly. I’m looking forward to my appointment, which I never thought I’d say about a dentist visit

Yessenia M. from Irwindale, CA (Source: Yelp)


I am truly happy to have found such a great dental office for myself and my children.  The office staff is very professional from the front office to the back staff and of course the doctors. My sons was traumatized prior to attending this office but once he was seen at La Dental Town, his whole perspective about dental offices changed. He was so happy with his doctor and the child friendly environment that he wont go anywhere else now. All the doctor  there are nice and welcoming but i am grateful for my sons doctor because she was patient and caring during his major dental treatment. The next day she called to check up on my son and make sure he wasn’t in  any pain. It is rare to find a dental office that has that personal touch. For any parent who has given up on other children  dental office, give LA Dental Town  a try you wont be disappointed.  My son is 8 years old and now he no longer fears going to the dentist. That just makes my life easier as a parent. Thank you LA Dental Town!!! He recently

Iris Green (Source: Facebook)


Still recovering from two extractions and two root canals I had yesterday but I can say without a doubt this dentist office has the most caring and compassionate staff. I am terrified of going to the dentist and every single member of the staff from the front desk to the surgeons were considerate and accommodating and dissuaded all my anxieties. I do not have insurance and I found the costs to be reasonable. They got me into the office in a timely manner, were very professional and the procedures I had took less time than expected. Can’t recommend enough!

Nicole W. from Monterey Park, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve had some horrible dentist experiences in the past so I was extremely glad to have found LA Dental Town. The location is convenient and I’ve never had an issue scheduling an appointment. Unlike a lot of dental offices, they stay open late and I’ve never waited more than 10 minutes after arriving to be roomed. The office is pristinely clean and the staff do a great job of making you feel comfortable. I tend to be quite anxious during procedures but the office kindly offers a heated shoulder pad to relax the muscles, sunglasses to block the bright examination lights, and Netflix on a TV mounted above. It completely changes the dental experience and eases my anxiety. Dr. Wu and the staff are very thorough in their examination and always make sure that I understand their findings and/or the procedure that needs to be performed. I’ve been going to LA Dental Town for about a year now and I highly recommend any interested parties to check this office out. It’s unlike any dentist office I’ve ever been to! 5 stars!

Elizabeth Y. from Monterey Park, CA (Source: Yelp)


I found this dental office on Yelp and thought I would bring my 7 year old daughter here since they had so many 5 star reviews.  They really do live up to their reputation! The staff was so friendly, the venue was so clean and kid friendly with lots of stuff to keep them occupied (toys, tvs, iPads, games, etc) and most of all, Dr Tiff was amazing! My daughter had a bad experience with another dentist so she came very fearful.  Dr. tiff was able to earn her trust, get her to feel safe and comfortable again, and allow Dr Tiff to perform a baby root canal on her!  She got a whole bunch of goodies upon departure too, including a goodie bag, a balloon animal, and more. When she left, I asked if she would return and she said yes. I was so shocked.  She didn’t even know that Dr Tiff gave her a shot because Dr Tiff called it something juice and distracted her by wiggling her cheek.  She was so kind, so patient, and just simply great with kids.  I’m so lucky to have found this dental place near my house and from now on, I’m bringing my kids here!


The dentists at LA Dental Town in East Los Angeles emphasize patient comfort and staying up-to-date with the latest advances in dental technology and treatments. This allows the team of skilled general, family, and cosmetic dentists to offer patients of all ages the latest and most comprehensive array of dental services. The team has a wide range of experience and specializations, including restorative dental treatments and surgical procedures, to best serve individual patient needs. The caring, compassionate team at LA Dental Town takes a patient-centered approach to dental care, listening to patient concerns and ensuring comfort throughout diagnosis and treatments. They offer extensive amenities to make each visit a positive experience for every family member, including optional oral sedation and nitrous oxide (laughing gas), blankets, pillows, and flatscreen TVs. They also provide a play area and PlayStation® for children. Combining their outstanding dental education, the latest dental technology, and an emphasis on an overall positive patient experience, the general, family, and cosmetic dentists at LA Dental Town are changing the way people think about visiting the dentist. In 2013, our group formed L.A. Dental Town. After working all over the greater Los Angeles, we decided to bring our vision of providing affordable and quality care to East Los Angeles. It took over a year to carefully build and equip a truly extraordinary new office. Dr. Jennifer Wu is a co-founder of LA Dental Town. She is a Board Certified general dentist, a certified Invisalign Premier Provider, an active member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association and San Gabriel Valley Dental Society. She was also awarded America’s Top Dentist and Pasadena Top Dentist. As a certified Invisalign Premier Provider, Dr. Jen is your specialist for an alternative and rewarding option for treating misaligned teeth. She understands that regular braces may not be every patient’s preferred choice to recover a straight smile. With Invisalign, patients can experience a more comfortable orthodontics treatment that allows them to continue with their regular day-to-day routines without interruption. She works tirelessly and without making any compromises in order to provide the most exceptional level of dental care. She is passionate about delivering a comprehensive and personalized level of service accompanied with a gentle and personable personality. She enjoys all aspects of family dentistry, but finds smile transformations and cosmetic dentistry to be especially rewarding. Outside of her private practice, Dr. Jen volunteers by providing dental care to the homeless locally and abroad. During her free time, Dr. Jen enjoys good food, relaxing evenings with her husband and beautiful hikes with family and friends.