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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Andrea B. from Savannah, GA (Source: Yelp)


This was the best experience I have ever had at a dentist appointment.  The staff was excellent from the receptionist to the doctor.  The hygienist was through and explained everything she was doing before she did it so there were no surprises. I would have went to sleep but I had to open and close my mouth. The hygienist discussed my gum treatment and my pockets in a way that was understandable.  I will definitely attempt to return to Hawaii in six months for my next cleaning. They also explained my bone loss and why it occurred and gave me a referral before I departed.  I didn’t have any wait time.  I would definitely refer this office.

Scarlet Reinike (Source: Google)


I took myself and my three kids to the dentist this morning. The staff was so amazing. My kids are 6,8,and 11. They loved the staff and had a great experience. While I was back they were very professional and did a great job listenig to my thoughts and opinions on my dental care. We all had an exam, xrays, and dental cleanings. I also had a consult for wisdom tooth extraction, a new crown, and an implant. While they can do most things in the office, they were able to refer me to an ortho surgeon for impacted wisdom teeth, and the crown and implant will be done at a very reasonable price in their office in Ewa. Dr. Kim was very personable and was great at putting my mind at ease. They are family friendly, take my insurance, have super clean well kept tools and rooms. I will definitely recommend Laulani to friends in the area!! 5 stars!

Robin Schmitz (Source: Facebook)


Cannot thank the entire staff enough for our 5STAR experience & welcome to our new “Dental Home!” From our 1st phone call, we knew this was the right choice! The front phone staff answered all my questions, made it an easy, convenient appointment process, (especially because this was a Spring Break visit home for our daughter), made us feel welcome when we got to the office, & then the care we received was truly exceptional! Dr. Kim took time to ask questions about our needs & then addressed some specific things for each of us. Then follow up appointments were made with the same ease & convenience as our original conversation! Really grateful to have found these folks & recommend them highly!!

Joylene M. from Aiea, HI (Source: Yelp)


My Sister in law referred me to you folks because she had dentures done there and was completely satisfied with the procedure done. I was going to another dentist and they had no bedside manners so to speak of and that turned me off. I called to make an appointment and got one really quick and professionally done over the phone. On the day of my appointment I got treated professionally again and my questions and concerns were addressed professionally again. I would refer anyone to his dentist for they have my 5 star rating. The staff is awesome, the office is clean, it’s soothing to go there, they got it on!!!

Jo Ann Gossard (Source: Google)


Very informative, friendly, and doc was direct and forthcoming with procedures, needs and opinions. Gave options and was able to work with any financials if needed. It was a great first visit and I look forward to continued services with Laulani dental for as long as I am on the island. Thank you Crystal for all your help setting up appointment in sick short notice and finding availability to meet my work schedule too.

Marshall U. from Aiea, HI (Source: Yelp)


Its one thing to be a good dentist and its one thing to run a good business. Dr. Kim and Dr. Brooke do an amazing job at both. They have sunday appointments which is very accommodating for people who cant afford to miss work. They have TV’s in every room so that you can watch netflix while they are doing their procedures. They both preform thoughtful work, take their time with you and more often than not go above and beyond to help you and your teeth out, even if it includes attending a tooth that wasn’t on the days scope of work. They also are affordable and work with you and your insurance, and the amount of insurance you have left on the year to make a conscientious choices when planning out work you want done. They have a very friendly staff, all of which seem very competent and know what theyre doing. Laulani dental should be the standard that other dental offices aim to achieve. They do great work and i feel confident in sending any family or friends to this office for dental work.

Alex T. from Ewa Beach, HI (Source: Yelp)


People may say there’s no such thing as a BEST experience when having your teeth pulled; however, in my case – this was the BEST experience I’ve ever had. I had scheduled to have ALL FOUR (you read that right!) of my wisdom teeth taken out at once. Here’s why I give Dr. Kim and his team 5-stars: 1). There were no surprises – everything was given to me (consent forms, costs, etc) up front. I hate surprises and the fact that there was none is a big plus. 2). Professionalism – The staff is extremely professional in the way they do business – I do love the personalized “Welcome, New Patients!” board as well! 3). Cost – the cost to have all my wisdom teeth taken out was a lot less painful on the wallet than I expected it to be. 4). Process – During the whole process, the most uncomfortable part was the application of the local anesthetic (especially the two front ones, felt like crabs pinching for a split second xD). Dr. Kim works very…VERY fast. Before I knew it, my top two wisdom teeth were gone(I didn’t even notice)! The bottom two, as in any case, are always the most difficult…but he got those out too! I have to say, I really liked that Dr. Kim took care to hold my head steady as he was wiggling those stubborn buggers out – I felt safe. I hope that dental student who was in the room learned a lot from Dr. Kim – especially on how to do a block xD! For one of the teeth, I needed a bit more anesthetic and Dr. Kim was more than happy to oblige. If I remember correctly, Dr. Kim’s office allows you to bring headphones so you can listen to music during the procedure – I HIGHLY recommend this. I did not have music with me and I wish I had – as for the reason, I will keep that to myself so as to not scare readers =P.Within 30 minutes (from patient seat to exit), I had everything out and was headed out the door. 5). Recovery – on the day of, luckily for me, I wasn’t bleeding as much as I expected to. Didn’t really feel any discomfort or pain – in fact, the anesthetic was the most bothersome – I felt like I had the fattest lips ever! Bleeding pretty much stopped when I got home and I just took things easy. As I write this review – bleeding has completely stopped – I can see the blood clot well and intact. No pain, just discomfort and can’t really open wide for that double cheese burger yet. Food wise, I can eat soft foot and whatnot – even had a bit of the solid stuff. For this part, it is IMPORTANT that you stick to the post care instructions. Failure to do so could lengthen your recovery time.

M T (Source: Google)


Excellent neighborhood dental clinic! Exceeded my highest expectations. Much better than my previous two dental clinics. Fast and convenient scheduling, no wait time on day of appointment, very professional and efficient care providers. I completely endorse and highly recommend this clinic to everyone seeking dental care.

Auina K Leiato (Source: Google)


My experience there was awesome. My top right molar tooth was super painful so my wife called and got me an appointment that day to go see Dr. Kim. He took xrays of my tooth and it comes to find out that I had a cavity and the hole was deep to where it was to my bone. My pain by the way was like a 9/10. So he said that I had to pull it out. I figured I’d have to do it another day since he ended up squeezing me in that day. But then he was like, I can do it right now. Thank goodness because my pain was kind of unbearable. I would say that the total time it took me there was about 20 – 25 minutes. Probably the best experience I’ve ever had at any type of dentist or doctors appointment. This will be my new dentist now. Highly recommended!

Junko W. from Ewa Beach, HI (Source: Yelp)


My family used to go some other dental clinic but I wasn’t happy so now I changed this clinic. Easy to make a reservation and all receptionist are so nice and Doctor too!My son needs emergency care and I called, they squeezed in same day. My son was so happy and so do I. I recommend this clinic!also have military discount!!!

Alyssa M. from Ewa Beach, HI (Source: Yelp)


Thank so much to Dr.Kim and his staff!!! Amazing people right here. My husband had a bad toothache over the weekend.  He was able to be seen on Sunday morning. I was thankful to learn that Dr.Kim’s office is open first and third Sundays of the month. He was sent home with antibiotics and pain meds and referred to an amazing Endodontics MD. Thanks so much for helping us get back on track.

R Rennoe (Source: Google)


EXCELLENT!!! I cracked a huge piece of my molar off. I walked in to see if I could make an appointment. They took me right when I walked in, and gave me a temporary crown until my permanent one comes in. I’m so grateful! Another dentist I tried wasn’t going to do anything about my tooth until a month later! Everyone was friendly! Office is new, modern and clean! I was nervous but they were reassuring! Dr. was gentle, I didn’t feel any of the numbing injections that I was so nervous about! I switched my whole family to Laulani Dental! Thank you Laulani Dental! From, Aunty Rhonda.

Jamie C. from Kapolei, HI (Source: Yelp)


Our daughter got 4 wisdoms removed. We were referred by our previous dentist to another location and they wanted $1800 out of pocket with my insurance. Went to yelp, seen the reviews and decided to give Laulani Dental a try. Was quoted less than $350 out of pocket with my insurance. (These rates may very with different insurance providers) They did an amazing job no issues! Our daughter is happy which makes us happy. We decided to have our whole family switch to Laulani Dental!! And I love that they are open at least 2 Sundays out of the month! Mahalo..

Eric E. from Ewa Beach, HI (Source: Yelp)


I had tooth which had alot of filling crack on a Friday night. I know for a fact that my current dentist does not do crowns. So, I searched yelp for a dentist that’s nearby with good reviews and this one came up.  I then went to their website to ensure they’ll be able to provide the services I need such as crowns/extraction.  Last thing I needed was another dentist that was not a one stop shop. I then messaged on the contact us portion of their website.  On Sunday,  I was contacted and was able to schedule an appointment on the following day. The cool part was that they have a ceiling mounted tv that helps take your mind off the procedure. Dr kim was able to prep tooth and install my temporary crown really fast! He did an awesome job on fitment,  couldn’t have been any better.

Claudia H. from Pikesville, MD (Source: Yelp)


Doctor is great, just got a tooth filling which I was terrified about but everything went smooth and fast. I don’t have nothing bad to say about him. He’s professional, and his office looks very nice and clean. I hate to be in a dirty environment. I Love this dentist office, will be getting braces soon. What I like the most is that, they do ortho by the dame doc which is amazing he does both, not like many places they have you wait to see be ortho for like a year or who knows when will the “orthodontist” will stop by. I don’t have time for. Not here this is AMAZING!!! My kiddos get seen here as well which is AWESOME! Thanks doc see you soon.

Kourtney B. from Kapolei, HI (Source: Yelp)


Let me start off by saying I’m one of those adults with major fears of the dentist! But my experience here has changed all that. I still hate the sound of the drill but I definitely don’t dread the dentist anymore. The front office staff is so friendly and efficient. I called in one day after I cracked my molar really bad. I was about to leave on vacation so I was desperate to be seen ASAP. They were fully booked but they fit me in under a cleaning appointment so that Dr. Kim could come at the end to at least assess my tooth. I was bummed that they couldn’t give me a temporary crown that day so I still had to go on vacation with a really painful cracked molar. They have great office hours, late afternoon and evening appointments for people like me who work late! I was able to schedule my temporary crown fitting and permanent crown appointment with no problems. Dr. Kim is great, he explains what he’s about to do during the procedure and is quick and precise. Thank you for salvaging my tooth! My favorite thing is that they give a 10% military discount to both active duty and retired service members AND their dependents! I’m always bummed when places don’t honor the discount for the family members. The discount helps because dental work is not always the most affordable. Super grateful I found this place!

Jeanna G. from Ewa Beach, HI (Source: Yelp)


5+ stars from our son who is 11 yrs old and has started to get very stressed out before each dentist visit. Saw the reviews and felt like they could really make a difference in his check ups based on the environment and understanding of the individual patient. He had to have x-rays and the flouride treatment done. Which both have become more difficult for him to go through because he has a small mouth and always gags. Before he always had tears when they would call me back which is hard to see. At this appointment he hadn’t been crying and the bonus was the flouride treatment could be swabbed on instead of the trays. It made such a difference for him and they really explained to him what they were doing. The TV on the ceiling was also a great distraction during the procedure. Highly recommended by our son and a very grateful Mom!

Jane Chun (Source: Google)


Dr. Kim is an excellent dentist! He has a very soothing and pleasant manner. I can barely feel when he anesthesizes my teeth and gums. The office is brand new, clean, and bright. There are tvs both on the walls and on the ceiling. And the staff is friendly and accommodating. All you can ask for in a dental office!

Maggie Walker (Source: Google)


I was very impressed with the courtesy and professionalism at Laulani Dental Care in Ewa Beach. The office is brand new and well decorated; there even was a welcome sign with my name on it at the receptionist desk! After x-rays, the dental tech gave me a blanket so I wouldn’t get cold. A small gesture, but such a caring touch! After cleaning, she went over my dental health and any potential issues she had seen. Dr. Kim was very personable. He wasn’t rushed and took his time to get to know me. I appreciate the military discount given. Would highly recommend!

Dawnathan M. from Ewa Beach, HI (Source: Yelp)


Da best!! Wow is all I can say!! Got a crown done and I was so nervous as I have had them before but Doctor Brooke is AMAZING! She is gentle, like literally no pain, does that even exist for a dentist, well for me it did!! My tooth also looks amazing and feels amazing! I’m just WOWED by this dentist! They truly live up to being the best! The staff from check in to the assistant they are all so friendly and just make you feel so comfortable! Thank you for taking me in so quick and getting my cracked tooth fixed and ready so I can enjoy life!! If you’re are hesitant don’t be they really truly are the best and most pain free place I have ever been to!!!

Annie A. from Waipahu, HI (Source: Yelp)


Absolutely best dental experience ever! EVERYONE is so nice! It makes a difference! From the moment you walk in, you’re greeted with a smile and everyone after that makes you feel comfortable, like they’re happy to see you. You’re treated like a guest, not a patient. I called in with an achy tooth and they got me an appointment the next morning. They were quick and efficient. They took extra precautions for Covid. They even have air purifiers in all the rooms. They think of everything here! They have all the newest equipment. You can tell they invest in their business and don’t cut corners. I felt like I was in good hands. I watched Netflix on the ceiling mounted television while they worked on my tooth. No stress and my tooth feels much better! This is a great place for kids and adults! I bring all my kids here too!

Karen M. from Mahwah, NJ (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Ji Kim is just the best! Every single time I leave my appointment I leave pleasantly surprised at how smooth my visit went! I’ve gone to so many dentists in the past (i have weak teeth) so you can say i know what to look for in one. Took me several dentists to finally find one I trusted. Dr. Kim is very gentle, very professional, very fast but in a good way (you can tell he knows exactly what he’s doing and does it with care), and he’s very friendly along with the whole staff at Laulani Dental! And on top of that, all of my fillings and my crown look great!! Highly recommend him to anyone that’s asked for a great dentist. They also dont try to over charge and convince you into doing anything extra which is such a relief! Hope this post wasn’t too long but I just have to rave about how happy I am to finally find a dentist I actually like for once in my life! Ps. There’s a tv on the ceiling directly above the patients chair so you can tune into a movie or a show while they drill away! Perfect distraction!

March B (Source: Google)


This place was amazing! The whole layout of the office was very modern and clean. The staff was all nice and easy to talk to. I really liked how they put your name under the welcome sign if you have a scheduled appointment today. They were very patient with me and answered all of my questions, since this was my first visit to the dentist in a while. During my cleaning, I really liked how Shannon voiced every move she was going to do and informed me if I might feel any pressure or pain while doing so. That’s a new style of cleaning that I wasn’t used to, and I thought it was neat. Dr. Kim was very friendly and funny. My overall experience was amazing. And the fact that they have an affordable membership plan for a college student like me helps big time!

Amanda Cavaretta (Source: Google)


I had the best experience at Laulani Dental. The front desk lady, I believe her name is Crystal was very kind and answered all my questions regarding insurance. Shannon who took my teeth x-rays and examined my mouth was very very nice. She told me every detail about what she was doing and what she was about to do. It made me way more relaxed!! The Dr was also very very kind! He went over my history with me and came up with an awesome plan to make my teeth look amazing in a short time. I would recommend this dental office to everyone!! Thank you for the great experience 🙂

Caryn G. from Ewa Beach, HI (Source: Yelp)


The Laulani Dental office is very easy to find and if you book your appointments early enough then parking should never be a problem. Their office is located on the second floor in the two story building in the far corner of Laulani Shopping center. It is right above the nail shop. It is very accessible, with an elevator for wheelchairs or for the fit & fab and everyone’s favorite…stairs! If you’re coming from up the stairs you want to make a left, and if you’re stepping out of the elevator then make a right. Go down the beautiful clean and new hall and you’ll see Laulani Dental. Let me tell you, I’ve been for a few dentists in my life and Dr. Kim’s is definitely the winner of the most beautiful. Who ever did the interior decorating or who ever he hired to dream up this lovely office, did an AMAZING job. It takes you away from the normal dentist offices and completely takes your mind off of the fact your even at a doctors office! The offer some cool perks like free WiFi (password is on the wall), water, and hot coffee or tea. Dr. Kim and his staff go above and beyond satisfying and making their patients happy and comfortable. I’ve gotten my teeth cleaned three times here and have had one of my fillings (that was done by another dentist) repaired. Every visit, I have not once ran into a rude or unfriendly staff member. Everyone from Dr. Kim’s receptionist, dental hygienist and Dr. Kim himself, has been amazing! Overall, I think I’m set on Laulani Dental. Nothing can beat the staff and location.

Kay M. from Braselton, GA (Source: Yelp)


We are new retiree residents to Ewa Beach. I have a bad tooth old crown that of all times now wants to act up! Dr. Kim’s office took me in for my emergency within a day and took care of me right away. I was impressed with the prompt call back from office staff. I was impressed with the clean office and the professional manner of everyone. Upon arrival there was a greeting board that greeted me for being a new patient. Totally our kind of dental care office! A small glitch with a script that was taken care of right away. My husband and I are so happy that we found our dentist close by! Great staff. Great office! Great dentist!

Jobe C. from Ewa Beach, HI (Source: Yelp)


Dr.Kim is an awesome man. Got my 4 wisdom teeth extracted by him in a super fast professional way. Later that night my bleeding was still on going from my extraction and it’s the first time I’ve done any type of work in my mouth, and I was worried about it. I gave him a call at his emergency line 1am in the morning to see if it was possible to get checked out to see why it kept bleeding, he responded to me at 1am in the morning and was able to meet me at his office. This man is a blessing! He took care of my bleeding and gave me more advice on how to care for the bleeding as well. I was praying I could get help and God blesses me with Dr. Kim. Amen!

Sharon N. from Ewa Beach, HI (Source: Yelp)


I HATE the dentist. Haven’t been there for a looong time but I had to go. I found Laulani dental Care on Yelp. Perfect 5 stars, love what their customers have been saying so I made an appointment. I’m really impressed once you walk into the office, very cleaned, chairs are comfortable, has free WiFi, computers I guess if you want to go on the internet, helping yourself to coffee or tea, has a welcome board with their new customers names & front desk was super duper nice. Welcomed you right away, filled out paperwork’s. Couple of minutes your in the door. When your laying down theirs a television up on the ceiling which is so cool. When your in there for couple of hours, time will fly really quick. They tell you everything what their going to do. I found my new dentist and of course RECOMMENDING my family and friends.

Libby D (Source: Google)


The service was great. They help me understand what I needed to do more on my teeth. They expressed heavily on their concern on whic particular parts of my mouths that needs to be worked on. The workers where nice, they made me comfortable as best as they could. Overall the appointment was great.

Michelle n Mark Takahashi (Source: Google)


Dr. Kim is so compassionate, dedicated and kind. I felt very cared for and calmed me thru procedure. The office staff and his assistant are very caring and helpful. Thank you for helping me thru a very stressful situation and procedure felt blessed to have found Laulani… Dr. Kim. Feeling much more calm and confidant of the upcoming procedures.

Collin I. from Silverdale, WA (Source: Yelp)


The staff was friendly and welcoming from the moment I step foot inside. Greeted with a smile, comfortable chit chat while getting set up for my cleaning, and very informative while receiving my cleaning. Overall this is how I’d like to think a dentist office would come off as – personable. When someone is gonna have their fingers all in your mouth you’d like to at least feel comfortable with the crew you’re dealing with…lol. I aint been to the dentist in so long that they almost had to bring a jackhammer for my cleaning. All jokes aside – professional, comfortable, and friendly are the words that best describe this place to me. I highly recommend !!

Doni M. from Honolulu, HI (Source: Yelp)


I had a dental issue that needed attention right away and I was trying to find a dentist near my home in Kapolei. My upper molar had cracked in half and was causing me pain and discomfort. I called a couple of other dentists in the Kapolei area, but they were not able to see me the same day I called and that I would need to come in the next day. I decided to look on YELP to find a dentist and I came across Dr. KIM at Laulani Dental Care in Ewa Beach. I read through all of their reviews and each one was nothing but positive comments and majority of them rated this dental business with 5 stars. I decided to give them a call and they told me that they could take me the same day…I breathed a sigh of relief! Their office is easy to find in the new Laulani Shopping Village in Ewa Beach, 2nd flr. When I walked in the atmosphere was nice and calm and inviting. The staff was friendly when they greeted me. Filled out the neccesary paperwork and waited for only about 10 minutes and I was called in. The dental hygienist I had was very pleasant and through, explaining what she was going to do. After she finished my e-rays and went over what she needed to with me, it wasn’t that long of a wait till Dr. KIM came in. He did explain to me that my molar had cracked in half down to the root and that there was no way of being able to save it. He said that he could extract it in my appt, but he wanted to make sure my blood pressure was ok because I take blood pressure medication. After taking my pressure 2x, it did come down a little bit but Dr. KIM did explain that he was going to use a numbing med that didn’t have epinephrine that would make my heart race. I appreciated that he advised me of that. So no sooner after the 2x time of my pressure being taken he said he would proceed with the extraction. He made sure that I wasn’t able to feel any pain except for pressure. He kept asking if I was ok and comfortable. Being able to watch TV while being worked on did distract me from thinking about what he was doing. It was a little challenging for him to remove my tooth, but was able to do it and completely remove it, in pieces. He left no tooth residue in my mouth where I could have possibly swallowed it. I was very relieved when he was done! The dental assistant explained throughly what to expect and told me that if I had any question or concerns to give them a call. They also throughly explained what my co-pay would be before having me sign a consent form. (this is before the procedure started). Basically from the beginning to the end of my appointment everything went smoothly. I will be keeping Dr. Kim as my regular dentist rather that driving all the way to Waialae anymore. Would I recommend Laulani Dental Care? YES I WOULD! As small pluses in their office were 2 computers if people wanted to go on-line while they are waiting, they have a cute “WELCOME NEW PATIENTS” board recognizing new comers and in their rooms they have T.V.’s mounted on their ceilings so that you can have something to watch. The other plus is that they open 2 Sundays a month to help accomodate people who may not be able to go in on the weekday for an appoihtment. Can’t wait to go back for my 2 week post-op to make sure is healing well. If you need a dentist and you live in Ewa Beach, Waipahu or Kapolei and your looking for a dentist, I would say check out Dr. Kim and his staff!!!

Alyssa Hudson (Source: Facebook)


Laulani Dental Care is welcoming from the moment you step into the office. I appreciated the details, including a written welcome for new patients, coffee and water, TV’s in every room, and they even turned on Little Einstein’s for my daughter in the waiting area. I’ve had 2 cleanings now, and the staff made each visit comfortable. They were very professional, and I felt like I was in good hands. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for dental care in West Oahu.

Nell M. from Ewa Beach, HI (Source: Yelp)


Everyone was nice, friendly & sweet! Even though the office is still new it was still in great condition, small but good. Comfy chairs & nice size clean rooms. Cute how they cater to children. The goodies in their bag & a coin to choose an extra gift. Reminds me of my dentist when I was young. After every visit I got to choose a special treasure in the treasure chest or a “sugar free” lollipop…lol! Love that they are down the road from my house, open in the evening && on weekends. Bonus, they wave out of pocket state taxes if we’re military. Thank you, Laulani Dental for our great first experience with yall! Mahalo

Richard G. from Ewa Beach, HI (Source: Yelp)


I do not often write reviews but in this case, I felt compelled to do so. I have been around the military for many years so we were not given choices of dentists. Since seeing civilian dentists, I have experienced something extremely irritating, time and time again. The first visit to a new dentist has always resulted in a list of dental work that I need to have done, totaling between $6000 and $9000. Subsequent annual visits result in similar list of work that I “should” have done. I have wisdom teeth and are told I should remove them. When I ask if there is a problem with the wisdom teeth, the answer has always been “no, but it is the safe thing to do”. During my visit to my last dentist, I was once again told of tons of procedures but they said “Dont worry, you have great coverage and you wont have to pay anything out of your pocket”, but when I asked to be shown the problems indicating I need the procedures, I was told it was precautionary. In my experience, they all just want to perform any procedure they can to make money. (NOTE: I will admit their actual care has all been outstanding). I recently moved to Ewa Beach and went to Laulani Dental Care as a new patient. Their service was also outstanding but much to my absolute surprise, they informed my of some minor concerns that they will keep an eye on and re-asses at my next visit in six months. This truly blew me away and I am in awe of their service and incredible integrity. I sincerely recommend them. Would give them more stars if possible.