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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


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Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Anthony Geiss (Source: Google)


A++ Dentist Office! The entire visit was stress free. All of the staff is extremely kind and professional. If you have any hesitation and/or fear of going to the dentist-I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS LOCATION. This was the 1st time I can honestly say I was relaxed while being at the dentist. Looking forward to my next appointment.

Angie Ricci (Source: Google)


They are by far the nicest dental practice in the area. They also do amazing work. I used to fear the dentist so much so that I simply wouldn’t go but since becoming their patient, I am much better about going because they are so gentle and considerate of my needs. I highly recommend them. Thank you Lifetime Dental

Don S. from West Springfield, MA (Source: Yelp)


I have been a Lifetime Dental patient for several years. Dr. Frank is very good, the staff are top notch. Naomi is very helpful and a pleasure to chat with. Lifetime is outside my network for insurance, so last year I decided to try two other local dentists in my network. They sucked!!! I had a filling crack, I went to one and they drilled it out and replaced the filling. I had significant discomfort and went back twice and still paid more out of pocket then I expected. So still in pain and no cost savings that I could see I went back to Dr Frank at Lifetime. He drilled out the filling that the other dentist put in. By the time the Novocaine wore off I had zero pain for the first time in months. Which is the result you would expect from a simple filling, simple for Dr Frank but apparently not so simple for other dentists. So my family and I are happily back at Lifetime enjoying the stellar service of the Lifetime Dental Team!

Corrine Lindblad (Source: Google)


The saying “It’s Nice To Be Important But It’s More Important To Be Nice.” sounds cliché, but they are admirable goals and words to try to live by! However, Dr. Michitti and his entire staff not only exemplify this saying, but they make it look easy. When Dr. Schmidt retired, he reassured my husband and I that he had hand-picked his replacement with the most knowledgeable, skilled dentist because he knew he had “big shoes to fill” and he emphasized that the new doctor was not only reliable, motivated, hardworking, intelligent, and trustworthy, but also a devoted, kind, thoughtful family man. Dr. Schmidt anticipated the community may make comparisons and be slow to the idea of change, so he went with excellence in all categories, but someone humble enough to allow us to figure it out for ourselves! Well, I’m slow to write this review for a variety of excuses, but mostly because I have so much to say. I’m happy to say with total confidence that Dr. Schmidt was not even slightly exaggerating about Dr. Michitti. In fact, while we always wish happy retirement wishes to Dr. Schmidt and his family, he chose so well that we feel like Dr. Michitti has always been with us! We would trust Dr. Michitti, Dana, Naomi, Linda, and the entire staff with anything and we have (our family, friends, oral health, finances, etc.) because you have to trust your dental family. Your dental family is not just another doctor, they become like family and see you through all your challenges and interpersonal stressors (while quietly dealing with their own) in order to help all their patients with their health changes, financial challenges, and life transitions, including aging teeth. Unfortunately, like with most families, we don’t tell them often enough how much we appreciate them because we assume they know or we don’t want to embarrass them or ourselves, but since they continuously take on the hard tasks of delivering news that isn’t always good honesty about how much they are appreciated seems like a small price. In fact, I describe Dana at the front desk as knowing “everything about everything” with insurance and scheduling and dealing with the personalities behind the phone calls with such kindness, grace, charm, and professionalism, which is so rare! In fact, the entire dental family is excellent at delivering news that can be upsetting, sad, embarrassing, costly, or guilt-inducing with grace and professionalism, without any condescension, because every 6 to 12 months we are usually reminded of what we may have been neglecting or what habits caught up with us. They all make bad news better, and you never leave without smiling and laughing. They are beyond patient, and I just believe Dr. Michitti and his team are unmatched anywhere in New England and the country I’m sure, not just our local area! They are exceptional, and I know this because they have been doing all these things for us and our two sons and our close friend since I was age 18. I will be 56 soon, so they’ve used a lot of patience with me, including how long I’ve talked about writing a review with my procrastination issue. Well, what pushed me over the edge to finally get it done is the superior, caring dental care they’ve given our two sons. There are really no words, but I hope I’ve found a few words to convey our sincere gratitude. To summarize, I hope you’re someday lucky enough to experience the expert dental care from Dr. Michitti and his dental team that provides expert compassionate care, while offering honest advice and hard truths, as needed. In other words, you could never ask for better people to have in your family or any family! With Much Love and Sincere Gratitude and Appreciation, Corrine, Michael and Rich x,o,x…

Marilyn R. from Penrose, NC (Source: Yelp)


I was lucky enough to find Lifetime Dental a little over a year ago.. I have been to so many dentists, its hard to remember.. NO ONE,, and I MEAN NO one dentist and TEAM compare to this group.. They are seriously THE BEST !! I have had a very hard time with water leaking down my throat for the past 40 years, from a bad experience with an EX.. This is the ONLY office that I have never had that trouble with… Not sure why, I just don’t.. I’m really not a sissy as I rarely feel pain, but feeling like you can’t breathe is NOT a fun experience.. THANK ya’ll to Lifetime Dental for each and every one of your there.. You are stuck with me now..

 (Source: Yelp)


Jason Galipeau (Source: Google)


I have had many troubling dentist experiences in my younger years. This always kept me away from the dentist unless I was in emergent pain. A few months back I found myself in a situation where the tooth pain was unbearable and I had to see a dentist. I was referred to Lifetime dental by my wife. I called the emergency number due to the Covid pandemic. They responded almost immediately and they got me right in. The experience was great from the start. All of the staff was kind and the Dr made me feel comfortable instantly. Everything they did was explained in detail in a manner that I could understand. I am now working on fixing all my dental issues that I had been putting off because i hated going to the dentist. I feel comfortable enough to go back again and again. This is a huge step for me. The Dr worked out a Treatment plan and walked me through it step by step. I look forward to being able to smile the way I want soon. I cannot thank the staff at Lifetime Dental enough. Its nice to feel like a welcomed patient and not like a number. If you need dental work this is the place to go. They have earned a life long patient in me.

Maria Davis (Source: Google)


I felt very welcomed. Linda the assistant was extremely personable and knowledgeable. Dr. Michitti took his time and explained everything thoroughly. Many thanks to Dr. Michitti, Linda, Dana and the other assistant (whose name I’ve forgotten, sorry!) for a stressless and accommodating visit. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Tracie Colbath (Source: Google)


I would like to say, after being treated like family for a year, that the crew at Lifetime Dental has empowered me to take control of my smile. They listen, they educate, and they actually care about my oral health. Only dentist I ever had who actually called the next make sure everything was ok. I will always recommend them.

D F (Source: Google)


The staff at Lifetime Dental are always happy, smiling, friendly, and courteous ~ they all pay great attention to detail and are great to talk with. Dr. Michitti is very gentle, pleasant, and explains exactly what he is going to do step-by – step. I have anxiety when it comes to things like this, and they always ease my mind and make me feel so comfortable and “at home”. Every time I go, it’s a positive experience.

Roy Chang (Source: Google)


It’s evident that this place is different from any other dental clinic. In my first visit, Dr. Michitti took his time and showed just how much he cared about his patients as individuals. When I was curious about my x-rays, he walked me through the process of looking at my teeth (so cool!). In one visit, Dr. Michitti and staff completely changed my perception of going to the dentists. Absolutely amazing!

Jason Geromini (Source: Google)


I was greeted with a smile and a great attitude by Lisa at the front desk. My Hygienist was gentle, courteous and kind. Explained everything she was doing in a way that I understood. The Dentist also explained everything he was doing and why. Felt like I was part of the family. You can tell there top priority was me, the patient.

Tracey Pullen (Source: Google)


I’ve been a patient of Lifetime Dental for years. The staff is friendly from the minute you walk in the door & are greeted by Dana the receptionist. Naomi the hygienist is very gentle cleaning my teeth and does a great job encouraging me to keep up with my dental hygiene. Dr. Michitti is great too. I’ve had to get a few fillings & crowns replaced over the years. Each time I experienced no pain from the procedure. I wish all dentists had this skill. If you’re looking for a new dentist, I’d recommend Lifetime Dental.

Margaret (Source: Google)


I couldn’t be happier! I got my smile back! The staff and Dr. Frank Michitti put you right at ease and you know you are in good hands. They are accepting new patients and I highly recommend Lifetime Dental. Two other dentists told me they wouldn’t be able to do what Dr. Michitti expertly did to correct my smile. I love my smile again!

Peachesmom1 (Source: Google)


I know some people get nervous visiting any dental office, but I am not one of them! Dr. Michitti and his staff are very professional, however, what I like most about my visits is that I truly feel cared for when I am there. My hygienist, Naomi, is terrific and so knowledgable about how your HEALTH affects your mouth, and how your MOUTH can affect your health. Dr. Michitti is a dentist with an extremely gentle touch who makes your comfort and health his main priority while you are in his chair! I love my dental team!

Jess H (Source: Google)


I have been going to Lifetime Dental for over 20 years. I trust them with my teeth! My teeth and mouth are very sensitive, and I’m always surprised with how pain free they make cleanings and fillings. Everyone in the office is kind, polite, and knowledgable. Naomi is my hygienist and I genuinely look forward to seeing her every six months!

Liz Harris (Source: Google)


Dr. Michitti and his amazing staff are professional, caring ,and committed to providing the best dental care possible. You are always welcomed warmly as you arrive at the office. The staff is helpful and willing to take the time to answer and explain any questions you may have, you never feel rushed. The calm and positive environment allows the patient to relax and feel comfortable before, during and after their appointment. Dr. Michitti is meticulous but extremely gentle and kind. The work he has performed on me is first-rate! On a personal note, I recently traveled to one of our poorest school districts in the south. Dr. Michitti was kind enough to provide the students there with dental supplies which they otherwise could not afford. That speaks to the level of commitment he has not only for his own practice but on a global scale!

Danielle C. from Houston, TX (Source: Yelp)


As a first time patient of Dr. Frank Michitti, he went above and beyond for me when my night guard from another dentist broke unexpectedly.  I heard that Frank was a great dentist, so I asked him if he would be able to help with my broken night guard before I moved to a new state.  Frank’s care, attention, and follow-up to my problem was exceptional.  Frank was able to provide a temporary fix to my night guard issue until I was able to find a new dentist in my new town in Georgia.  My broken night guard was safer at night because of his fix *and* he did not suggest anything to me unnecessarily.  It was the perfect, easy fix for my night guard and brief stay in New England.  I highly recommend Dr. Frank Michitti for excellent dental care that is proactive and of excellent overall value.  Thank you, Dr. Michitti!

Murph A. from Boston, MA (Source: Yelp)


Okay, I hate the dentist. Like, not specifically Dr. M just the entire practice of dentistry. I don’t like their waiting rooms, the smell, the sounds. I have severe situational anxiety and PTSD. I get agitated when I have to lay in the chair too long, I panic if I am being crowded and a bunch of other things that probably make me a difficult patient. I know that and hated trying to explain this in the past so I stopped trying. I avoided the dentist after my last horrific experience at one years ago. I had a lot of work I needed to have done- broken fillings, cavities and not one but TWO root canals. Pain made me seek out a new dentist and finally do something. I read some good reviews on Google and decided to take the leap. I called ahead and explained my issues and was assured Id be taken care of. I was pretty sure she was lying and I had just made an appointment for my own death but I was in a ton of pain and thought- I had to just go. Death or no death- I had to be brave. Dr. M and the awesome team of women in the office laid out a plan that we’ve been able to truck through together. Has it all been awesome? No. It’s sucked. If someone tells you a root canal is fun- they’re lying. But guess what, that isn’t their fault. They’ve made it as painless (seriously very little pain) as possible and they’ve respected me and my needs from start to finish- all my weirdnesses too. I’m almost done with my restorative work and working towards my final goal of Invisalign (again). They’ve allowed me to crack jokes, tell them I hate them and being there (I don’t hate them) and have made it so I am not afraid to keep showing up to keep going and get everything done. If you’re like me and you hate or are afraid of going to the dentist- take a leap with Lifetime. You really will be so happy that you did. If you told me a year ago I’d have done this much and sat in that chair this many times- I would have laughed at you. But don’t be me, stop procrastinating and just call. Hell, I’ll probably see you there – I’m practically renting a room at this point.

Vicki Langone (Source: Google)


Love this Dental office! I was looking for a new place after my last one just had me feeling uncomfortable and not heard, and this place was amazing! From start to finish, I felt like they took the time to really go over my dental needs and want to help! I feel confident going here not to mention, everyone was so welcoming!! Definitely recommend checking them out!

Matthew DiDomenico (Source: Google)


Today I had two fillings done up on the upper right hand side. I’m always nervous when needles and drills are involved. Let me tell you, with Doctor Michitti’s precise technique, I recieved the most painless dental experience I have ever had. His experience and talent shines through his tools. I didn’t feel a thing. He walked me through it step by step and Before I knew it, it was over. If he wanted to rip out the fillings and do them all over again, I’d be glad to. Great experience. 10/10

Linda Lamothe (Source: Google)


What a great experience I had with my dental needs at Lifetime Dental. I give kudos to Dr. Michitti and the staff. Dr. Michitti was an artist when he created a replacement tooth that looked better than the original tooth. Dental Assistant, Linda, was friendly and efficient and always reassuring. Dana, the receptionist, knew that I preferred early morning visits and called if an earlier appointment became available. Hip hip hooray for Lifetime Dental!

International Evangelist / Prophet Deborah Gamelli (ZION MINISTRIES) (Source: Google)


Extremely kind & supportive over my feelings! An amazing Dr who took time to listen! The staff also are absolutely amazing who made me feel respected and deeply cared for! Truly I recommend them and will definitely spread the good news how they helped me get rid of my fears of Dentist!: I came out today smiling wide, for they fixed a cracked front tooth that I had for years! Such an amazing job! I booked my next appointment so I can get my teeth back to 100%! My aim is a Movie Star dazzling white Smile, and they said they will do all they can to help my dreams come true! I definitely recommend them!

Lindsay Tagliapietra (Source: Google)


Excellent dental office! The staff is so friendly and welcoming. Often the dentist can be a dreaded place to be, but I look forward to seeing everyone! I just had two fillings done and it was affordable, considering I don’t have the best dental insurance. If you are looking for a new dentist; who is thorough and knowledgeable, with staff that are held to a higher standard, this is the place to go. Thanks lifetime dental for always making me laugh and creating a great atmosphere!

Carlo Ferreira (Source: Google)


No one likes going to a dentist, but this place makes it easy. The whole staff is so nice and caring. They take great care of their patients. Dr. Michitti is a great dentist. I have never gone to a dentist in where I felt comfortable and without pain, but meet the dentist here! Dr. Michitti is awesome. No matter the procedure, no pain is ever experienced. Lifetime Dental is out of my network, but I come here because it’s never an uncomfortable experience. Do yourself a favor and come see them.

Sam Marino (Source: Google)


Lifetime Dental is nothing but the best and most humane, compassionate, and caring dental practice I’ve ever been to. I live about 45 minutes away and the drive is always worth it. Dana is always flexible with me about scheduling with my crazy work schedule and always is smiling and excited to see me which takes some of the stress of life away. Naomi, I feel like is my long lost sister. Greeted with a big hug every time, to life talks, and genuine kindness, is the sole reason I will continue to go there. I work in customer service and am held to very high standards for making special connections with everyone who walks in the door and I can say with ease that the guest experience I get every time is above and beyond.

Michael Peterson (Source: Google)


Lifetime Dental is an awesome place with the best staff and dentist. Dr. Michitti and his staff truly care about each patient and cater to their individual needs. They get to know you on personal level which makes going to the dentist a great experience. They are always quick to get back to you and follow-up with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Samantha Gray-Ross (Source: Google)


Like most people I have never enjoyed my time at the dentist especially with needing some extensive work done in my past. (eek) However, since being recommended to Lifetime Dental I have never felt more comfortable, relaxed, and genuinely being cared for. From the receptionist, dental hygienists, to Dr. Frank I am always greeted kindly with a clear vision of my dental health and a plan to keep my dental health on track! I cannot recommend this place enough to everyone!

Liz Bontempo (Source: Google)


Lifetime Dental is the best! Everyone in the office is so friendly and genuinely care about you as a person as well as your dental health! I recently had a cavity filled and it was by far the most painless dental procedure I have ever encountered. I am considering not brushing after the Easter Bunny visits just so I can go back sooner than 6 months…jk

Marie Richard (Source: Google)


Lifetime dental is a wonderful office. It is a kind and caring group of individuals. Dana handles the billing and appointments. She is a vey warm and personable person and is the first contact you have with the office, so her personality really draws people in. Dr Michitti is very experienced and great at what he does. Linda and Naomi are also very kind. If your liking for a dentist Lifetime Dental is the place.

Zach Seaver (Source: Google)


I am very happy with the work Dr. Frank Michitti and his staff have done on my teeth. I being someone who avoided going to the dentist for a long time, was plesently surprised at how easy and painless Dr. Michitti and his staff made it for me. Lifetime dental is a very friendly environment with an incredibly helpful staff that is ready and able to answer any questions you have. I would recommend Lifetime to anyone seeking a good honest Dentist.

Frank Sacco (Source: Google)


Lifetime Dental saved my face. I am a 67 year old head and neck cancer survivor and life time dental phobic. The keen eyes of Dr. Michitti and his Dental Assistant Naomi caught necrosis on my bone, a common condition after intensive radiation to the head area. He quickly referred me to a facial surgeon, contacted my radiologist, arranged for hyperbaric treatment, and I am on the road to recovery. The staff at Lifetime is unbelievable. The dentist is a sharp, caring, and very human professional whom I have nicknamed “feather fingers.” I have never known painless dentistry. Naomi cleans my teeth and soothes my nerves without mocking my unrealistic fears. This practice is modern, the staff beginning with the pleasant reception from Lisa, is professional and invested in state-of-the art dentistry. They have never lost the “old school” quality of patient respect and human connection. After almost losing my jaw, I have to say that I now look forward to the dentist and have a renewed energy for oral health. Thanks feather fingers, Naomi, and Lisa. Frank C. Sacco, Ph.D. Agawam, MA

Danielle Piascik (Source: Google)


When I first came to Lifetime Dental, I was pertrifed. I had had horrible experiences at other dentists before and thought all dentists were the same, but he came highly recommended from family and other reviews. After my first appointment, I knew that wasn’t true. Not only did Dr. Michetti make sure I was completely comfortable, but he took the time to talk to me, make sure I didn’t have any questions or experience any pain. After quite a few appointments getting my teeth back to healthy, I would never go anywhere else. The entire staff is fantastic, friendly, professional and go out of their way to make you comfortable.

Brooke Patry (Source: Google)


I am beyond grateful for Dr. Michitti and his team at Lifetime Dental for allowing me to extern here, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. I was nervous going into my externship with the pandemic going on but the second I walked into Lifetime Dental all of my worries went out of the window and never came back! Dr. Michitti has taken every precaution one could think of in order to keep all of his patients and team members as safe as possible during this unprecedented time. Being new to the office I was very pleased and grateful for how Dr. Michitti, Linda, Naomi and Dana cared about my safety just as much as theirs and their patients. Patients wait comfortably in their vehicles until they receive a text message that it is their time to be seen for their appointment, this allows for less risk of exposure for everyone and keeps the capacity inside the building at a very minimal amount. The staff all wear N95 masks for the whole duration of the day and then during procedures safety glasses and face shields are added along with lab coats and gloves to best protect the patients and themselves. Once each patient is finished the procedure rooms are misted with a sanitizing solution to sanitize the air while the team members spray all surfaces down to disinfect everything. After speaking with my classmates about what their offices are doing to protect the staff and patients I quickly found out that Dr. Michitti is going above and beyond and taking serious measures to protect everyone while many other dentists in the surrounding areas are not. I highly recommend going to Lifetime Dental even during the Covid-19 pandemic, you will not be disappointed by the precautions, care and safety measures that the staff have ensured you will receive!