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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: Closed

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Debbie C. from Huntsville, AL (Source: Yelp)


This office is amazing! My 3rd child is currently in treatment with Dr Limbaugh and over the years we have never been disappointed. Dr. Limbaugh is a special lady. The staff is always cheerfully helpful and knowledgeable.  When the twins needed to start treatment at the same time the financial staff was incredibly helpful in guiding us through our FSA and insurance benefits. With her help we were able to save thousands of dollars.

Karen Williams (Source: Google)


Dr. Limbaugh and her stellar staff took care of my adult braces and my two sons’ braces. Dr. Limbaugh worked with our dentist and oral surgeons on our treatment plans and kept our family educated on the process from start to finish. The entire staff is extremely caring and compassionate so that all of us felt comfortable at every stage. I really appreciate the explanations along the process so it set appropriate expectations.

Lee H. from Huntsville, AL (Source: Yelp)


I am new to the Huntsville/Madison County area and have been inquiring about orthodontic treatment for my children,numerous referrals were given for Limbaugh Orthodontics. I called the office and was instantly impressed with the talented manner the phone was answered.I was never placed on hold while information was being gathered(which is a big plus for me) so appointments could be made for my children. The day of my children’s appointments was such a grand experience from walking into the door until their appointments were complete. Dr. Lindsey Limbaugh lived up to every expectation I had already heard so much about, Dr. Limbaugh and her entire staff are the most proficient,professional,and most knowledgeable office in the area. I would highly recommend this office for the very best orthodontic care for your family! My oldest daughter is just getting started with braces and my youngest is in a “monitoring” stage, where she will visit every so often and have Dr. Limbaugh look at any changes that may have occurred. Both girls told me that it was so much fun and they loved getting a popsicle at the end of their appointments. I am voting “TOP NOTCH” for this office with a 5 STAR rating!

Jennifer Holt Clark (Source: Facebook)


One of the biggest highlights ..Dr Limbaugh’s personality and overall bedside manner .. she has a great son really likes her and her staff! We’ve had nothing but great experiences in the almost 2 years my son has been seeing them!

Aleisha Chaffin (Source: Google)


Every person I encounter here seems so joyful, and happy to work here. They have been so kind, reassuring, and wonderful to work with so far. Dr. Limbaugh is very nice and is not only a great doctor, but is a great supporter of our community. I love supporting her and her business for all of those reasons!

Verdella Jolly (Source: Facebook)


I was literally in tears listening with excitement in the consultation imagining what I would look like afterwards. Shortly after my consult me and one of her wonderful staff members accidentally bumps into the little bubbly personality in the hall that welcomed me and introduced herself as, Dr. Lindsay Limbaugh! I was overjoyed even more to see the doctor who was about to transform me! I am looking forward to our journey together!!! We are family now…….

Tina Townsend (Source: Facebook)


I moved here from Florida and I was nervous about finding a good orthodontist, but Dr. Limbaugh’s office came highly recommended, I couldn’t be happier with my choice to finish up my treatment with them. Every time I came to the office I left smiling and feeling better about myself. Seeing how the staff treats everyone that comes in is amazing, I’m kinda sad that I’m at the end of my treatment.

Tonya Everleth (Source: Google)


The staff are very caring and professional. My son initially had an issue adjusting to a component of his braces. He was able to work through it, but they followed up with him on his next visit and attempted to make the device more comfortable for him. Everytime I visit Limbaugh Orthodontics, I am struck by how much her staff and her genuinely care about her patients. Having braces can be tough on a middle schooler, but my son always leaves the office feeling better about himself and smiling. They are really encouraging

Laurel McMillan Long (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Limbaugh and her team are simply amazing. From my first visit, I felt comfortable and well cared for. Dr. Limbaugh is an outstanding practitioner and also a warm, wonderful person. If you ever need orthodontic care, you must go to Dr. Limbaugh!!

Brooke Waller Schuler (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Limbaugh and staff are awesome! My 10 year old just started and she was very nervous for her first appointment, but everyone was super nice and made her feel comfortable. She especially loved Ms. Kali. My 17 year old went somewhere else for orthodontics and there is a clear difference in service, attitude, and atmosphere. I highly recommend Dr. Limbaugh.

Erica M (Source: Google)


My Appointment with Dr. Limbaugh and her staff was amazing this morning. The atmosphere was very pleasant and great!!! I love how every team member demonstrated with “show and tell”. Dr. Limbaugh has a very energetic personality and a true passion for her patients and their treatment. I highly recommend if you are looking for an amazing orthodontics which you will be sharing a long-term or short-term braces journey with, Dr. Limbaugh and her team should be your 1st choice.

Carrie Sadowski Richey (Source: Facebook)


My husband went to Dr Graham for his braces, and Dr Graham did our initial consult for my daughter’s braces. Dr Graham retired prior to our daughter getting her braces. We met Dr Limbaugh and liked her plan for Audrey’s treatment and her candor with our options and what she would choose. She and her staff are always friendly, efficient and very caring. I have and will continue to recommend Limbaugh to anyone. Their location is also very convenient.

Tammy Owens Klueger (Source: Facebook)


Wouldn’t take my children anywhere else! Perfectionist at work here. My oldest is 24 and had to have jaw surgery and multiple phases of orthodontic work. She has the most perfect smile and is now in dental hygiene school because Dr. Limbaugh’s influence on her. My 13 year old is now in process of getting her perfect smile. We are very pleased with the office staff and everyone is always so cheerful. Highly recommend Limbaugh Orthodontics!

Jennifer Louden (Source: Google)


We had yet another great experience at Dr. Limbaugh’s today. It was my daughter’s first appointment after the office reopened since the COVID-19 restrictions. The staff had a table set up outside screening patients and parents. The screening process was short and easy. Once we got inside, all staff had on their appropriate PPE. My daughter has a cross bite and had to have an apparatus placed to correct that. The assistant was so nice and helpful in educating me on the device. My older daughter had her braces removed in December and received her braces inside an ornament as a gift. We love Dr.Limbaugh’s office staff and environment. I am so glad we chose her.

Holly Baggett (Source: Google)


Dr. Limbaugh is amazing! She has officially treated four of the five members of my family. At every visit, she finds a way to connect with each patient, talking to them about school, their favorite activities, grades, and vacations. In addition, her staff is the friendliest I’ve ever encountered. The front desk is amazing and friendly, the treatment ladies are so sweet, and have I mentioned that the office makeover is amazing? Seriously, you won’t regret choosing Limbaugh Orthodontics.

Savannah R (Source: Google)


I absolutely LOVED my experience with Limbaugh orthodontics! I couldn’t have chosen a better place to get my braces on and off. Everyone was so nice when I went for a visit. I have no complaints about my experience! The appointments were fast and great! I enjoyed everything about going to Limbaugh Orthodontics to get my braces on; I highly recommend going there.

April Walker (Source: Google)


Dr. Limbaugh and her staff are AMAZING! This office is not only fantastic when it comes to beautifying your smile, but also making you feel very confident throughout the entire process. My daughter, Addie and I have both gone through treatment with Dr. Limbaugh and could not be happier with the outcome! Dr. Limbaugh’s office is top notch when it comes to modern technology and professionalism as well. If you are considering any type of Orthodontic treatment, I highly recommend Dr. Limbaugh… I am a Dental Hygienist myself, and have been working in the Dental field for over 16 years, so I feel I can give an accurate and professional opinion. Thank you for taking such good care of your patients Dr. Limbaugh!

Breana Kumke (Source: Google)


Dr. Limbaugh and the entire staff are amazing! We have had nothing but great experiences every time we visit. My oldest has her braces off and they look great. My youngest is due to have hers off in August. Thank you for always making my kiddos feel so special. The sweet tooth and some of the staff even made a surprise visit to my daughters birthday!

Derrick Gould (Source: Google)


This was my visit to Limbaugh Orthodontics and I was so impressed by the experience that I almost felt as though I was on a hidden camera show. They were so unbelievably nice and welcoming it was unreal. The customer service they showed should be used in training videos. Even the COVID safety measures they put in place were done with a smile and a fantastic attitude. I will go back to make payments in person just for the experience rather than pay online. Every single person that I interacted with was just as nice and fun as the last, including Dr. Limbaugh. There was as much laughter and conversation about life as there was about my dental procedures. She is certainly doing it right. I’d give 6 stars if I could.

Cadence A. from Huntsville, AL (Source: Yelp)


I have recently got my braces removed from Dr.Limbaugh and I’ve never been so happy with myself. I was very insecure about my appearance before having braces and when i got them removed I was very happy and content. Time really did feel so fast while I had my braces on. They always made sure I had enough wax, rubber bands, ect. The staff are AMAZING. They are the most sweet, respectful, kind hearted people i’ve ever met. They are very good at what they do, weather that being an assistant, secretary or filing papers. Dr.Limbaugh herself is very nice and genuinely cares about you and if you’re happy with your smile.  Limbaugh’s Orthodontics is very clean and such a beautiful building. They have iPads in the lobby for kids entertainment, a TV, magazines and a complementary mini refrigerator. Candace in the front always has a smile on her face and is very very friendly when walking in and leaving. I highly recommend Limbaugh’s orthopedic.

Madeline E. from Huntsville, AL (Source: Yelp)


I just got my braces off, and it has been an amazing experience. They had a goodie bag prepared for me with popcorn and candy, complete with balloons. And, when someone is getting their braces off, their name is written on a congratulatory board outside their door. Now a few days later, I just received a hand written letter from the orthodontist’s assistant who took my braces off, congratulating me for getting them off. They all go so above and beyond for their patients, it truly makes going to the orthodontist the best experience I imagine it could be. This place doesn’t compare to other doctors and dentists offices I’ve been to- it’s so pleasing to be there, Dr. Limbaugh is always coming up with new ways to make the experience better. I can’t say enough how cool this place is.

Andrea Billy Black (Source: Facebook)


What an amazing experience we have had here! Both of my daughters have a new found self confidence after having their braces removed! I am very thankful for the level of attention and care that was taken in the process of producing their beautiful smiles! Thank you for making this an easy process!!

Lila King (Source: Google)


These people are exceptional. From the safe COVID measures upon entering, to the warm greeting of the team in it’s entirety, Dr. Limbaugh reflects her talents not only through her detailed oral work but also through her professional team. Everyone on board is warm, welcoming, and organized. Dr Limbaugh’s reputation has always been five stars in the Huntsville community and now, having had the pleasure of experiencing it firsthand, I understand why. I would highly recommend this practice for your orthopedic needs!

Sandra Thomson (Source: Google)


Dr. Limbaugh and her staff are going above and beyond to make treatment the best experience possible. Everybody is so friendly and the work they do is just amazing. I love seeing all the different transformation. You will feel like part of the family. Thank you for making us feel so valued and helping so many people finding confidence in their new smiles!

Loretta Lai (Source: Facebook)


Limbaugh Orthodontics is way more than just an office. We were treated like family the entire duration of our braces experience. Every single member of the staff is highly professional and service is amazing. I highly recommend Limbaugh wholeheartedly.

Dawn Brasher (Source: Facebook)


We loved the atmosphere when we went in for our consult. They walked us through what it was gonna take to get everything fixed for my son. Everyone from the front to Dr Limbaugh were so friendly and helpful. Answered all the questions my son and I had. Never rushed us along, like most do. They seemed to care even after first meeting us. My son even seems comfortable, and that isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Kandi Wright (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Limbaugh and her team are absolutely amazing! They are genuinely the friendliest people I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with. The office is beautiful and their focus on cutting edge technology is impressive! They’ve certainly come a long way since I had braces as a child! I’m very pleased with my son’s treatment so far and would highly recommend them to others.

Meaghan Harbin (Source: Google)


We LOVE Dr. Limbaugh! I give her all the credit of avoiding a major jaw surgery on my son for a underbite. Other orthodontists said to wait until he was older and she put headgear on him at the young age of 10 and his underbite was corrected within weeks. It was truly amazing how fast his bite was corrected.

Susan Still (Source: Google)


I had TMJ problems for a few decades of my adult life with headaches, neck and shoulder pain that was quite debilitating. Dr. Limbaugh’s plan of treatment restored my bite, and my ability to live pain free! Her staff is professional and courteous and always willing to go the extra mile to help resolve whatever the circumstances when any problem arose. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have the Limbaugh team on my side.

Keesha King (Source: Facebook)


Where do I start? “You had me at hello!” You knew so much about my daughter on consultation day. Her name was scrolling on your computer screen. It said, “Welcome Kaina!” I saw congratulation signs to those receiving braces and congratulation signs for those getting braces removed! Your staff made this momma less anxious through your bubbly personalities. Dr. Limbaugh and Mrs. Michelle , you are making a difference (and not just with teeth). I watched you treat my child with so much love! The best part was that I watched you with others as well. You guys give that same energy to all the patients. The lady that showed us the facility (during orientation) and explained the process of braces and financial options was also amazing! We have already received a phone call just to check on Kaina’s process. Today, we received a letter in the mail!! One last thing, they had iPad stations to keep my other children busy and coffee and water for me!! Thank you ladies!! #lovethisplace #doingthingsright

Christie Congo (Source: Facebook)


They were very friendly, helpful and made Amanda feel at ease about braces and showed her exactly what they will be doing to her teeth at each and EVERY appointment!! The goals and rewards program they have set up when your child does well as at each visit is a huge incentive!!!

L P (Source: Google)


Hard core sales pitch in the beginning (tour, videos on the importance of braces, pressure to sign). Employees are very friendly and appointments are on time and run efficiently. Office is posh and little extras are nice (expected with the price though). I would have given a higher rating but this ortho is incredibly crowded with patients. If you have to reschedule an appointment, good luck. You’ll be waiting a month or more, even on a wait list. Needs another Ortho in the practice. **They have gone above and beyond to make it right and I’ve adjusted the stars from 3 to 5. I appreciate when a business addresses any issue and makes the customer/client feel valued. Thanks Dr. Limbaugh!

Ragne Digre Jordan (Source: Google)


Dr. Limbaugh and her staff are wonderful! My son got his braces off today and his smile looks great! Each person we have met have been cheerful and caring, making this a great experience for my son. The office have always had great infection control. During this time you could see that they’ve gone the extra mile in protecting patients with extra personal protective equipment, temperature checks, Covid survey, hand sanitizers, protective face shields and protective glass at check out. Love this practice and recommend it to all! Thank you for taking care of us!

Jennifer Tucker (Source: Google)


Can not say enough about how wonderful Dr Limbaugh and her staff treat everyone that comes through the doors . We had one get braces and he just got them off and now in retainer. We now have our middle child getting ready to start this phase for braces and we would not use anyone else, but Dr Limbaugh. One, because she is upfront and listens. Secondly, she conveys everything so that you understand it before you leave. Thank you to Limbaugh Orthodontist team.

Marisa Kennemer (Source: Google)


Friendliness and professionalism define every aspect of Dr. Limbaugh’s practice. From your first visit, everyone on staff works to make your experience the best possible, both with the orthodontic procedures and personal interactions. Things are well explained, done quickly and any questions or concerns are listened to and addressed right away. I recommend Dr. Limbaugh often and have the utmost confidence in doing so. Very appreciative of such excellent care.