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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Sedation dentistry

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Sleep apnea therapy

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Tuesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (by appointment only)

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Stephanie D. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. lisa nguyen is by far the best dentist i’ve ever had. she cares for her patients and provides a lovely atmosphere. my family has been with dr. nguyen for over three years and we continue to go to her because she is exceptional. we even recommend her services to friends. i have never had any issues with billing and i do not expect any. dr. nguyen genuinely cares for her patients and i believe the previous reviews should not taint her image as a dental physician. i have never had any problems with the work she has done with my teeth and i do not expect any. i have utter confidence in dr. nguyen and i trust the judgments she gives when diagnosing my teeth. i strongly recomend her services. toodles :]

Suzy W. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I highly recommend the work of Dr. Lisa Nguyen. She is unbelievably welcoming and makes “going to the dentist” a lot less frightening. One thing most people fear is getting shot up with a big needle in their mouth.  You won’t have to anymore because Dr. Nguyen is so skilled at that – you don’t feel a thing!  No joke! I’ve been going to Dr. Nguyen for many years now for cleanings every six months and have been very impressed with her thoroughness. She’s incredibly professional, friendly and detail oriented. Making appointments with her are very easy (the staff is super flexible) and she’s always very accommodating and willing to stay the extra hour to squeeze you in on a weeknight or come in on Saturday! Dr. Nguyen really cares about her patients and takes the time to fully explain different treatment options, when needed. I’m so glad that I found her!

Nikki A. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been going to Lisa for YEARS and she’s been excellent every time!   I’ve had a lot of dental work done and she’s always professional, efficient and friendly.   She’s always honest and fair with me about what I need to have done and the most cost effective way to get it done.  I really appreciate this about her.   Lisa is also great when it comes to making me comfortable when getting work done on my mouth – I’m incredibly sensitive and she’s always gentle, yet gets the job done.   I’m very happy with the work Lisa does.   Thanks Dr. Nguyen!

Stephanie D. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been seeing Dr. Lisa Nguyen for 11 years for general dentistry. Her work is great! She always makes time for appointments that are necessary or considered emergencies! She cares for her patients and she is honest with her professional opinion about work needing to be done. I haven’t had any billing issues like how others have mentioned. If you have a billing question, just ask the doctor! She tells you exactly what happened with the insurance company and why things are taking long and etc. The usual timeline for me is I get the work done, the doctor sends the claim, and I receive a bill for the remainder of the service cost that the insurance did not cover – pretty standard. People need to understand that your dental insurance does not cover 100% of the cost, they cover percentages of it, so keep that in mind! Also, you should check if Dr. Lisa Nguyen is considered in-network or out-of-network because that is a factor too! Dr. Lisa Nguyen takes a lot of insurances, but do your due diligence and check for yourself too! Overall, I recommend Dr. Lisa Nguyen for her impeccable dentistry!

Bill M. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


This review is being written at the direction of a family member who visited Dr. Nguyen. This review is in regards to a dental procedure that took a lot longer than originally expected. Dr. Nguyen took the time to explain her process, and made sure that everything worked out.

Michael B. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


So glad I stumbled upon Dr. Lisa! I had a dental emergency that required me to see a dentist ASAP and Lisa was happy to squeeze me in. Admittedly I haven’t been to a dentist in about a year and flinch at the very thought of sitting in a dentist’s chair. Dr. Lisa’s professionalism and humor helped calm my nerves as she went to work. All in all, after 2 visits I nearly fell asleep in her chair each time– all while getting a cavity filled. Thanks Dr. Lisa! ~ Michael

Sofya T. from Orinda, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Lisa Nguyen is a really good, knowledgeable dentist. She was my dentist for a few years while I lived in San Francisco about 2014-2017. I felt that my teeth were in safe hands with her. She did all my cleanings and I had maybe one or two cavities during that time that she filled. I actually found her because a co-worker of mine had really recommended her to me and I was really happy that I ended up at her office. I’ve had no problems with the fillings, and my teeth feel fine even now its 2019. She does everything in a gentle manner and she is super sweet and friendly. I’ve a sweet tooth and also drink a lot of coffee and tea all day. She was really careful about removing all the staining I have. Her office has a great view, and it’s reassuring to know that she had her training at one of the best dental schools in the country. I moved out to East Bay a while back, and its been kind of difficult to find a dentist as good as she was. I even considered staying with her, but it’s just too out of the way for me to go there.

Max S. from Mill Valley, CA (Source: Yelp)


The BEST! Lisa is attentive, fun-loving, dedicated, and a joy to work with. Over a number of visits, we were able to make a comprehensive plan for my teeth and work together to get where I needed to be. She is all about making sure her patients are educated about the work she is doing but also about care moving forward. 10 out of 10 dentists would recommend Dr. Lisa.

Adriana S. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’m really shocked by peoples remarks towards Dr. Nguyen. She is the furthest thing from rude! Whenever I go in she makes sure to answer my million and one questions, and go through the process of whatever I’m having done. Never once has she tried to sell my anything ridiculous or be pushy.

G. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


The first time i went there i hadn’t been to a dentist in four years.  needless to say, it was a highly unpleasant experience!  she poked in my mouth for what seemed like a few hours, creating quite a bloody mess in the process.  my gums were in that bad shape.  then she told me i needed a “deep cleaning,” which came in two separate sessions, with lots of numbing medicine injected. After that, she had me coming in every three months, then every four months.  i’ve been taking way better care of my teeth, and on my last visit she “graduated” me to every six months.  i felt like i had just graduated from college, what a huge accomplishment. for about a year, every time i saw her, she advised me to get an electric toothbrush.  every time i was like, “um yeah, maybe…” (in my head, thinking, who would spend $100 on a toothbrush??!?) finally one day, she just gave me an electric toothbrush.  FOR FREE.  and damnit if she wasn’t right, my teeth started feeling cleaner right away. lisa is very very thorough.  some might even say anal.  but, she takes damn good care of your teeth.  she is also funny, pleasant, and cute. i have referred her to three of my friends so far, and will probably keep doing so.  my girlfriend goes there and loves lisa as well.

Douglas S. from San Leandro, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve had plenty of dentists over the course of my lifetime, from San Francisco to Chicago, and back.  Dr. Nguyen is not the best, nor is she the worst (not by a long shot!).  But I can honestly report she is very good.  I was recommended by a friend more than 10 years ago.  I was not happy with the old-fashioned guy I had at the time, so I tried her out.  I have not regretted switching — ever.  In fact, I’ve been rather happy with the results of the long term care I’ve received. Like others have reported — I suppose it’s not that unusual — I went for a long period of time without going to the dentist regularly.  So, when I started with Dr. Nguyen, my teeth were not in the best of shape.  I remember at least a few of those bloody gum checks, and being asked sternly by Dr. Nguyen, “Have you been flossing?”   I have benefited by regular cleanings ever since, and had a couple of small fillings along the way.  One of my self-interests was to swap-out some of the gnarly old amalgam fillings I’d accumulated among my molars in adolescence.  Dr. Nguyen advised me to leave them be, as long as they were intact.  It turns out a few of these older fillings had cavities developed along the margins, or under the filling, so they have been replaced.  And they were deep!   I’m not the easiest guy to numb (think big), but Dr. Nguyen has always taken care to insure I wasn’t in pain, (even if it meant stopping work to inject another shot. One of the significant factors I appreciate is Dr. Nguyen’s knowledge, expertise and continual learning.  I have enjoyed hearing about her travels about the world (to visit family in France and Vietnam).  More often she has traveled to dental conferences and workshops.  I keep my appointments — three times a year — even though I now have to travel from San Leandro to San Francisco (more than an hour round trip in the best of traffic).   Dr. Nguyen offers Saturday appointments, otherwise I couldn’t do it. I was motivated to write this review after reading some negative reviews for Dr. Nguyen.  All I can say is that I’ve had a really different, and positive experience.  For those who have complained about billing, I recommend you get some good dental insurance.  And for those who have complained about complicated, difficult procedures with less than optimal outcomes, I advise you to keep going to the dentist (whichever dentist) regularly.  An ounce of prevention .

Jen S. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


My favorite dentist EVER! (if you can say such a thing.) She is really knowledgeable and nice. Not to mention, her office has a super view and she let’s you watch movies. I highly recommend her. I used to try to never show my teeth. Now I smile all the time.

Joey O. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Lisa has been an incredible dentist for me for years. She has been consistently honest, flexible and expressly concerned, not only with the well being of my teeth, but also my overall health. She has great provider to patient discourse, intervention and treatment techniques; commonly called good bedside manners. I put my trust in her; so should you!!

L. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to Dr. Nguyen for nearly 8 years and would never dream of going elsewhere. She is professional but super personable — so much so that I actually LOOK FORWARD to going to the dentist! I would also add that I have had tons of cavities over the years and she has also performed a deep cleaning or 3 on me and she is super gentle and always has the best staff.

M. W. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Nguyen is a great dentist! She is compassionate and understanding of her patients, their fears and/or questions.  She will explain all treatment options that are available for your situation. I have been going to her for over 10 years. She has always provided great service. This is why I drive all the way into the city from Redwood City to keep my appointments.  She even understands when I’m running late, which I ALWAYS am 🙂 She is always availalble for emergencies and is even open some weekends. I’ve referred many of my friends/co-workers to her.

Pennie F. from Palm Springs, CA (Source: Yelp)


2 years ago, I was unable to find a Dentist in my neighborhood and Dr. Nguyen was recommended.  I am so pleased with her methods, style, and commitment that I travel from Palm Springs for my appointments.  She built her practice with the latest and greatest technologies and specialties.  Dr. Nguyen takes the time to explain everything clearly prior to any procedures.  I always feel welcome, confortable, and important. I have never had to wait because she is always on time.  The office is conveniently located close to BART and is clean, confortable and has wonderful skyline views of San Francisco.

Bethany M. from Boulder Creek, CA (Source: Yelp)


Almost three years later and LOVE Dr. Nguyen even more!  I was referred to Dr. Nguyen, by a co-worker and after experiencing her level of expertise, knowledge, professionalism and strong ethics, I am a loyal patient for life!  As the Benefits Manager for my organization, I know first hand that Dr. Nguyen will take great care of all employees and that  is when we do not think twice about referring staff  to her.  She has the ability to work with any patient. of any age, with any need and they all love her! She is an encouragement to many and takes a deep personal and caring interest in all of her patients… I highly recommend Dr. Nguyen!!!!

Cecilia C. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I love Lisa! I have been seeing Lisa since 2004. She is personable, funny, not judgmental about my oral hygiene (I am not perfect but I don’t think I am too bad st keeping my teeth clean and white) and she works with my budget. I would not trade her for any other dentist in the city.

Jim R. from San Leandro, CA (Source: Yelp)


Without hesitation I happily assign 5 stars to Dr. Nguyen based upon the nine years she has been my dentist.  I have read through some of the unfavorable reviews here and can’t believe they refer to the person who has provided me with excellent service on every occasion I have visited her office.  She has always been the ultimate professional, thoroughly explained every procedure she has performed, patiently answered all of my questions and has never been anything but courteous, friendly, cheerful and professional. I am not a youngster so I have had about 60 years of experience with dentists.  By far, Dr. Nguyen is my all-time favorite.  That’s not to say I haven’t had good dentists in the past; it’s just that Dr. Nguyen has shown interest in me as a person.  It’s nice to be in one’s care who just doesn’t care about you professionally but cares about you as a person as well. I have always had double dental coverage through both my wife’s and my employers.  Dr. Nguyen has always unwound the red tape involved and helped me schedule my work to maximize my coverage. Coincidentally, my previous dentist (going back to 1990) occupied the same suite as Dr. Nguyen.  Over the years she has spent a ton of money modernizing and improving the office.  It is far better than it was.  It is clean bright and cheerful. It is certainly not a mess, dirty or unsanitary. I feel Dr. Nguyen has always provided the best care Over the past 9 years.  When necessary, her referrals to specialists have all directed me to the best possible care.  I have never had any problems after any of the procedures performed and have never experienced any pain. Don’t believe negative comments written by disgruntled people.  Take it from someone who has been under her care for almost a decade and his visited many other dentists over his lifetime, if you need a good dentist, rest assured, you’re in good hands with Dr. Nguyen.

Kristen J. from Berkeley, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr Lisa is the best dentist in SF! Super kind human who actually cares about people, healing/helping and gives soooo much value and tremendous advice. Also super fun and engaging, even laughed at all my bad jokes. She is rare to find in SF or in the world. I highly recommend her! Call her today, she will make time for you!

J. M. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Yes, you disgruntled people have it all wrong.. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Lisa’s for over 5 years and she is by far THE best dentist out there. Not once did I leave her office feeling less than 100% confident in her work and not once has ANY of her work been amiss. My mouth is the cleanest and healthiest it’s ever been. And never ever has there been any issues whatsoever with insurance or payments. Her staff is competent and friendly and her office is always clean and comfortable. What truly sets Dr. Lisa apart is her ‘preventative’ approach; providing recommendations and tips for better oral care to avoid future problems. Also spotting and treating minor problems early before they become major issues later on. Some may view this approach as excessive but that simply is not true. Hey, take care of it now or suffer later, your choice. Dr. Lisa is hands down the best there is. She is as meticulous and gentle as they come. Thanks again DL! Too bad yelp only goes up to 5 stars and not 10..

John H. from Vallejo, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been to Dr. Nguyen 6 times and each time has been great. She listens, and answers all questions honestly. The work she has done on my teeth has been precise and accurate. She goes out of her way to ensure I am as comfortable as possible and also makes the treatment as painless as possible. I would strongly recommend her to everyone.  She is well educated with years of experience. She also has the best of technology at her practice. The practice is very clean and organized. To top it off, the view from her corner chair is amazing!  Thanks very much Lisa! Keep up the great work.  We have our 7th appt on monday and i am actually looking forward to it. What a fantastic Doc! I wish my GP was as attentive.

Rachel C. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Nguyen rocks.  I’ve been going to her for over 5 years and have never had a problem.  I do have decent dental insurance so I’ve never had a billing issue like the negative reviews seem to focus on.  When I have had work not covered by insurance (or work that I’ve considered) she was very straight-forward about the costs and offered to put me on a monthly payment plan.  She is very professional yet friendly and I look forward to going into her office each visit.  I couldn’t ask for more when it comes to such a normally painful and uncomfortable doctors visit — and I’ve had more than my fair share of orthodontics and dental work.

PP. T. from Santa Clara, CA (Source: Yelp)


She is the best dentist I have ever met.  She is honest and saved the work on my gums! I was recommended to get a 2nd opinion with Dr. Nguyen.  Other dentists said that I would need a gum surgery and pull out my teeth.  Dr. Nguyen told me how I had to floss my teeth and take care of my gum.  She was right!  The pain went away.  I still do not need any work done on  my gum and my teeth are in tact.  I have much to thank Dr. Nguyen.   She is not after your money but she genuinely really wants her patients to have healthy teeth and gum (how dentists should be).  She is very patient and explains things to me so that I understand.   A skilled, knowledgeable & trustworthy dentist!

Sergio. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been going to her for 3 years now. She’s always been good about telling me exactly what i need done, with no hidden surprises. She helps me plan my flexpay well, and even cut me a deal (as in gratis!) after my own teeth grinding caused a previous filling to fall off! She also tries to get patients together to enjoy the opera or symphony or other get-to-know-your-fellow-patient events. And she has even come out to a couple of my DJ gigs. A great combination of professional & outside-of-the-office socializing, and an excellent dentist!

Jesse F. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr Nguyen is like going to see an old friend. Then getting your teeth drilled. She makes what is one of my top 2 most unfavorite experiences in the world (dental work and flying) near enjoyable. I trust her, and she’s brought my teeth back to a healthy state of being. I refer all my friends to her. And they love her, too.

Massy A. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Nguyen is the best!!!!! I traveled and showed a crown Dr. Nguyen did to me to another dentist who did not realize it was artificial, He thought it was a real canine. Dr. Nguyen is very nice, considerate, and professional. She puts the health and wellbeing of patients before anything else. I am highly confident that if you see her once, that would be forever!!!!!!!!


Dr. Nguyen graduated from the New York University, School of Dentistry where she received her Degree DDS. She attended a Residency Training at UCLA and has over 10 years experience practicing in the Bay Area. She keeps up-to-date with the latest technologies in the field of dentistry by being a member of the Academy of Osseointegration, American Dental Association, San Francisco Dental Society, and the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Nguyen has been named a Top Dentist in the Consumers' Research Council of America Guide to America's Top Dentists. Consumers' Research Council of America, a Washington, D.C. based research organization, provides consumers' information guides for professional services throughout America. It is their purpose to help educate and assist consumers in obtaining the finest professional services.